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Brad Nessler

Bradley Brad Nessler (born June 3, 1956) is an American sportscaster, who currently calls college basketball and college football games for ESPN with occasional appearances on ESPN on ABC.

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Did Brad Nessler slit his wrists yet?
Brad Nessler said it best: "Kentucky at the 2 minute mark is starting to style and profile." Beastie Boys style!
Brad Nessler is making excuses for Florida now. Lol
Brad Nessler just said Kentucky is starting to "style and profile" -- Ric Flair approves, no doubt. UK is pulling away late against Florida.
Brad Nessler may very well cry when this game is over. He is so openly cheering for Florida, it makes *** V look objective.
Brad Nessler and Sean Farnham think literally everything is a foul
Brad Nessler can nestle up to these
you guys need to make Brad Nessler pee in a cup. We deserve better.
Never have heard an announcer talk as bad about Kentucky as Brad Nessler has today.
.If stupid sports comments were a virus, then Brad Nessler would be the perfect host.
Btw, I've about had it with Brad Nessler today. Think he may be drunk.
it's all Nessler. Begging for fouls on UK and calling that KAT post move an wasn't. Brad needs to go away.
Brad Nessler sounds like he spent a couple hours on music row before the game.
Brad Nessler basically begging for foul calls against UK.
I don't know why everyone is hating on Brad Nessler, he's right. Karl got lucky he didn't get called on that elbow
Did hire Brad Nessler to referee or do PBP? I can't tell! I don't think he'd be any good at either one. What a joke!
Brad Nessler really cute in his little Florida cheerleader suit. also he seems to hallucinate.
Brad Nessler, KAT has used that same move all year. No reason why it should be a foul now
Can we muzzle Brad Nessler and his sidekick? Announcer, ref and coach.
Ok, Brad Nessler we get it he cleared out with his elbow. Jesus, wasn't any worse that Finney-Smith throwing Harrison outta th…
Brad Nessler and Sean Farnham are appalled by the physical play in this game. Go call intramurals, brother.
Brad Nessler has been begging for a elbow call on UK all game.
Brad Nessler you may have been doing your job for 30 years but you SUCK at it! They haven't called that clear out all season loser!
Brad Nessler has to be the worst announcer in college basketball
Brad Nessler, it's called big boy basketball.
Brad Nessler is not hiding anything today.
Love how Brad Nessler calls fouls on UK's bigs every time we get the ball in the post. We get it man, you want FLA to win.
Brad Nessler is awful today. And I'm usually a fan of his.
Brad Nessler hates him some UK. 😂😂😂😂 And we have to listen to this for three days.
In addition to Brent Musburger -- Joe Tessitore, Sean McDonough, Brad Nessler and Mike Patrick are all superior PBP voices to Chris Fowler.
and Brad_Nessler gave no quarter to Ohio State till it was obvious they would win. Who's resilient now MFR'S?
Brad_Nessler it was pathetic to listen to you guys tonight,obvious you wanted Bama,praising them as they failed,all night.
Watching other college games on New Year's Day and then Ohio State defeating Alabama make one appreciate just how good Brad Nessler and Todd Blackledge are as an announcing team.
Brad Nessler said it best: "It's not that Alabama is overrated. It's that Ohio State is underrated."
Gald to hear Brad Nessler calling the Sugar Bowl tonight. Class act play by play analyst & I have never heard bias from his mouth.
Ahh ok. I haven't checked, yet. Only going by what Brad Nessler said after the game.
Why did Brad Nessler say Alabama was going back to a nightmare??? ESPN announcers suck 🐘
Can we please not have Brad Nessler commentating the title game?
Mark May has locked himself in the bathroom with his imaginary friend, Scarlett, and is refusing to come out. Reportedly, Lou Holtz was taunting him with a hearty chant of, "Nanny nanny boo boo, thhhtick your head in doo doo." In other news, Brad Nessler was pleasantly tickled when he realized that Alabama's punter, the "tall drink of water," is now available for the remainder of this winter. Jameis Winston was seen running off with the headset that Urban Meyer chucked behind him in the fourth quarter. Although no explanation has been given as to how he made it from LA to NOLA so quickly, several fans reported having seen him don the headset and yell his personal mantra, "F her right in the p...!" All class, Mr. Winston. All class.
Brad Nessler and were great on the broadcast tonight! Nessler closing it out calling Blackledge "bro"... Priceless.
LMAO at geezer Brad Nessler getting all street calling Todd Blackledge "Bro" and calling Kordell all game!
I like the phrase coined by Brad Nessler "the streak by Zeke". Don't look Ethel (if you are from Alabama anyway)
Another great call by Brad Nessler and Todd Blackledge!
Wow can't believe you just announced that BAMA wasn't overrated?? Seriously like who honestly gives you a paycheck Brad Nessler?
Todd Blackledge and Brad Nessler now heading for French Quarter to play drinking games
Brad Nessler: "A pretty nice day for the Big Ten." 5-4 in bowl games with one later today.
Great game call tonight by Brad Nessler and Todd Blackledge.
"Bama is no more." Are you shutting them down Brad Nessler? No Bama school would ever shut down their football program. Oh w…
“Excellent Sugar Bowl play-by-play tonight by ESPN's Brad Nessler, the pride of St. Charles, Minnesota.
Either brad nessler or Todd Blackledge just said "good working with you bro" On their ending statement. I sure hope it it was nessler!
There ya go Brad Nessler. Make da case for the w/ the and wins today and the matchup in 10 days
Thank you Brad Nessler, The Big Ten is for real!
Brad Nessler throwing Blackledge the"Bro" literally mad my everything.
Brad Nessler saying bro makes up for Mark May being on the post game set.
I'm pretty sure Brad Nessler just called Todd Blackledge a bro... Good way to end the telecast lmao
Enjoyed the call & Brad Nessler, you guys are my favorite crew. Looking forward to hearing you next back next season.
Did brad nessler host love connection?
Brad Nessler just said "bro"...I don't know if I'm impressed or worries that the word is now dead
Brad Nessler is such a cool dude. One guy id like to have a few brews with and just shoot the breeze.
Brad Nessler just dropped a "bro" on Todd Blackledge. Keep on keepin' on, 2015.
Brad Nessler saying bro is the cherry on top of a crazy wonderful night of football
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Brad Nessler saying Bro really was the icing on the cake of a fine day of sporting
Brad Nessler just called Todd Blackledge "bro"...I'm so flustered by that I don't know what to think
Brad Nessler struggles throughout the broadcast but saves it by signing off calling Blackledge "bro".
Kudos to Brad Nessler and They were fantastic on the call. Young broadcasters should take note.
The fact that Brad Nessler called Blackledge "bro"...
I don’t want this to go unnoticed:. Brad Nessler just called Blackledge bro
• Time for bed. Brad Nessler just said "bro."
Brad Nessler just can't stop saying "bro," bro!
Something about Brad Nessler dropping a "bro" that might be too much for me.
Brad Nessler just ended his broadcast with a "bro" comment, time to go to bed
Brad Nessler just called Todd Blackledge bro. It was weird
Listen to Nessler talk about the on damning with faint praise. They're 2-1 vs. your beloved BRAD!
Brad Nessler just said "Bro" That's enough of this for tonight.
Brad Nessler dropping the "bro" capped off the perfect night for me. I'm done
Brad Nessler just said bro. Now I can go to sleep.
Brad Nessler said they're going to call Ezekiel Elliott's long TD run in the 4th quarter the "streak by Zeke!"
Brad Nessler just went "Bro" on Today was everything. I will sleep happy tonight.
I'd love to have a beer with Brad Nessler. I've heard him dropped "man" and "bro" to Todd Blackledge.
Brad Nessler must be a communist ... he said that the Bucks upset the Tide ...
Brad Nessler said it best, the nightmare begins for Alabama. Not number 1 anymore!
"Maybe Ohio State was under rated." - Brad Nessler. Yeah, that's the understatement of the year...,
Brad Nessler looks like William McKinley in that outfit
Also beyond my control. With all due respect to Brad Nessler & Chris Fowler, Brent Musburger still gets it done.
Weird to see Brad Nessler looking old. He the next elder statesman a la Keith Jackson, Pat Summerall, and Brent Musberger?
Brad Nessler and Todd Blackledge have both mispronoucned Cardale Jones' first name. We're three and a half minutes in.
Understand where folks are coming from wanting Musburger, but Brad Nessler is an OUTSTANDING play-by-play guy. Very underrated, IMO
Brad Nessler is the co-best announcer in college football with Rece Davis.
ESPN's Todd Blackledge on (He's calling the game with Brad Nessler): If Baylor wins tonight, they're my 4…
Announcers for game are Brad Nessler, Todd Blackledge & Holly Rowe." anyone not named Rod Gilmore will be an improvement.
Announcers for the game on ABC are Brad Nessler, Todd Blackledge & Holly Rowe.
Brent Musberger, Joe Tessitore, and Chris Fowler calling the SEC games tonight. Brad Nessler calling ABC game. Doesn't get much better
the only ones I can say I honestly like are Brad Nessler and Kirk Herbstreit
And I thought the combo of Brad Nessler & Mike Mayock was great.
I want Brad Nessler and Mike Mayock back on Thursdays! is not the same without Brad and Mike.
Edit: Brad Nessler talked about partying in Athens last night, not Mike Patrick. But still a super accurate statement.
Chris Berman is a car crash tonight. ESPN have Sean McDonough, Dan Shulman, Brad Nessler, anyone but him... but nope...
Morgan Freeman, Mike Tirico, and Brad Nessler have the best voices ever
The fact that ESPN's Brad Nessler happened to be there only added to the awesomeness. WOO!!!
I may be the only person in the world who prefers Joe Tessitore or Brad Nessler to Brett Musberger.
“Latest: Chris Fowler ready for new role as voice of college football. Brad Nessler got ripped off.
Brad Nessler 1999 Nebraska-Colorado,"I don't what it is, but Ralphie won't run today. Nebraska has... 288 yards at the half."
Brad Nessler will be between the hedges for Clemson-Georgia
Glad I'll be inside Sanford on Saturday so I won't have to listen to Brad Nessler, Todd Blackledge, and Holly Rowe.
Brad Nessler, & Todd Blackledge will be on the broadcast saturday for the game. Holly Rowe will report from the sidelines.
At least UGA fans get Brad Nessler and Todd Blackledge on the broadcast Saturday. Consolation prize is Holly Rowe on the sidelines.
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Brad Nessler and Todd Blackledge will be in Athens to cover which is a great call if you ask me.
Brad Nessler cameo! “Kinda disappointed that Ric Flair didnt blade for his ice bucket challenge
You and Brad Nessler are the best CFB broadcasters in the business. Always excited when my team gets you guys on Saturday.
Broadcast team for Ole Miss vs Boise St on ESPN Thursday night: Brad Nessler and The duo also will have Georgia/Clemson.
“r u calling the Clemson vs UGA game?”Yes with Brad Nessler and Holly Rowe
That likely means Todd Blackledge will make the 70-mile, 5-hour trip from Atlanta to Athens to call Clemson-Georgia with Brad Nessler.
So if Thursday Night Football will be on CBS, does that mean no more Mike Mayock and Brad Nessler?
(Charles Davis) is my favorite color commentator. Brad Nessler is my favorite Play By Play.
“what “mainstream” sports broadcaster do you think would have been great in wrestling?”. . Brad Nessler
If Beth-Lebron and Berman-Croshere, where does that put Brent Musberger and Brad Nessler compared to Beth? Joke of a column
Joe Tessitore , Brad Nessler, Mike Patrick, Brent Musburger, Verne Lundquist, and Mike Breen are my favorite commentators 🙏🙏
Give me Mike Tirico or Brad Nessler over Pam Ward on a regional final any day. Just simply better announcers.
Ellen introduces Brad who introduces U2 who introduces 'Mandela'
Someone please tell Brad Nessler that South Carolina is most assuredly NOT Carolina. *** even Cody Beasley would agree with that. :)
I would now like to imagine Brad Nessler on the witness stand in the O'Bannon case. And...go.
Bobby knight and rece Davis. I can't stand listening to these *** I want jimmy *** and brad nessler.
That game was so good, two networks aired it. Jefferson Pilot and the Deuce. A young Brad Nessler and
world renowned sports broadcasters? Please tell me Brad Nessler will be on sometime?!?
You won't hear many better broadcast teams than Brad Nessler, and - all 3 are always interesting.
If ESPN doesn't renew Bren Musburger's contract, I don't understand why Brad Nessler wouldn't be considered for the job.
Think I just heard a reference by Brad Nessler on ESPN.
Don't question the omnipotent Brad Nessler and Jimmy ***
always love listening to Brad Nessler on
Brad Nessler & Jimmy *** are as good as it gets commentating college hoops. Until tourney time - then it's Gus Johnson's time to shine!
UF at Vanderbilt tonight at 7pm on ESPN with Brad Nessler, and
Yeah, I do not enjoy Beth Mowins. She sounds like Brad Nessler on helium.
Jimmy *** just kills me with his plethora of phrases like "a desperate team is a dangerous team" and "if you permit it, you promote it." He seems to love alliteration. I wonder if Brad Nessler ever thinks "I just wish he would shut up for 60 seconds."
It took exactly 13 seconds into the UK/Ole Miss broadcast for Brad Nessler to call Jimmy *** "partner." New record.
Well, UT did pretty good against the Gators, but as soon as I saw Brad Nessler and Jimmy *** calling the game, I knew we were doomed!
Yo Brad Nessler supposedly doing play by play on ESPN for Fla at Tenn, please don't disrespect Wilbekin contested 3 from top of key--please review what a bank shot, vs what's just clutch!
Jim Nantz & Phil Simms or Brad Nessler, Mike Mayock & Alex Flanagan on Is there any doubt?
Sportscasters are in the sky today. Ran into Brad Nessler at the airport. Then later...Tim Brando.
To those that watch a lot of college football like myself does anyone remember college football announcers ron Franklin, Mike gottfried, and Mike Patrick all three were ESPN announcers they used to cover a lot of games a couple of years ago but I haven't seen them cover a game in a long time just wondering if they retired or something personally my favorites are Brad nessler, Todd Blackledge, and most of the gameday crew just had that on my mind.
Man.when Brad Nessler says UK is playing with no gumption and flat footed you know it's bad. Too bad the NBA draft doesn't start in January.
Your University of Kentucky Wildcats face off against the LSU Tigers from Baton Rouge tonight at 9:00. The game will be televised on ESPN. Announcers Dan Dakich (yawn) and Brad Nessler with the play by play.
The news that Dan Dakich will help Brad Nessler call the UK/LSU game tomorrow night has sent sales of the SportsSync radio skyrocketing this afternoon.
If Mike Mayock and Brad Nessler did the Pro Bowl, it would be twice as more watchable. Fact.
Thank u Brad Nessler and other ESPN guy for acknowledging the UK CHEERLEADERS tonight! They deserve it!
Hearing Brad Nessler talk about Jamal Jones on ESPN is pretty badass just gotta say! Especially when he says "Kentucky can't match up with him" KENTUCKY people. That's big time.
anybody who is watching it on TV do you notice Jimmy *** getting up from his Play By Play Chair and going to the Sideline View of the game!? Uh Sit back down Jimmy you Letting Brad Nessler Do all the Work!
They are all bad except for Brad Nessler, Al Michaels, and Greg Tirico.
The Nature Boy Ric Flair at the at the fights.Brad Nessler, Herschel Walker.good turnout
I don't about the rest of the Cats fans but I love listening to brad nessler and Jimmy *** announce our games. It's MId January, and these Cats will be in the the Hunt come March... Make free throws count. Just watch these guys.. They lose focus a little on the first foul shot..The need to move away from the line take a deep breath and then nail it.. They all have the ability to knock them down.. I am so proud of the way our team played. Yea maybe if a call went our way here or there and maybe if a few of the foul shots dropped we would have won. But that Kid for Arkansas Jumped out of the gym and made a nice play.. Coach Cal will light a fire under there *** and these kids will be men come March. We are UK and we will be there when it counts.
Every time Brad Nessler announces a Tuesday night espn UK road game Kentucky always loses in some lucky fashion.. good game
"I don't know where the foul was?" Um.the replay shows him grabbing his arm. Brad Nessler you are getting on my nerves.
Brad nessler and jimmy *** are killing me... I want them fired...along with the refs.
Brad Nessler and Jimmy *** the best ESPN college basketball announcing team in my opinion.
What kind of jab was that Brad Nessler!!? I didn't see one person in a wife beater or overalls!!!?
Brad Nessler sounds like Brent Musburger if Brent spent time with Henry Higgins on elocution lessons.
I'm not sure who is a worse broadcaster, Brad Nessler or Brent Musberger... And we all know how I feel about musberger.
Glad to see Jimmie *** and Brad Nessler back together to call the Cats game!
Getting ready for the Kentucky / Arkansas game. Brad Nessler and Jimmy *** are calling the game. When our beloved Travis was still around, once he heard their voices, he would scurry upstairs! Knew there would be some strong language out of his master! Go BLUE!
Getting ready for the game. Just saw ESPN's Brad Nessler in the lobby
I know college football season is over, but now we must turn our attention to Tiger Basketball. It's a huge one tonight! Started off 0-4 in SEC play last year, but that was last year. This year is gonna be different. Big one tonight at the PMAC!!! 6pm vs Tennessee. If you can't make it out, it's game one of SUPER TUESDAY on ESPN with Brad Nessler and Jimmy *** on the call. Tune in or show up!!! Geaux Tigers!
JIM ROSS DISMISS RUMORS OF STARTING NEW COMPANY WITH TOBY KEITH & JEFF JARRETT WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is back with a new blog on Here are some highlights: - FYI...I have not had any conversations with anyone about starting a 'new' pro wrestling promotion. I have not spoken to Jeff Jarrett since he left WWE on a day that doesn't rank too high on my list of fun days at work. Some websites are irresponsibly running with the story that just because Toby Keith and I are friends and fellow Okies who both follow the Sooners that I'm about to do business with Toby and Jeff Jarrett which isn't true. Toby and I had dinner at the Sugar Bowl, he's a wrestling fan from the old days and, a helluva entrepreneur with deep pockets. Nonetheless the reason that we were there was to support our Sooners vs. Alabama in the Sugar Bowl and not talk about pro wrestling. We did talk the wrestling biz some but that's not unusual for me in any conversation after a 40 year career within the genre. We also talked cou ...
What a game!! Now I need to try to calm down to go to bed. Night one and all! Always remember that Brad Nessler said that In the winning drive that Brad Nessler said that Florida State was heading to the Vince Young end zone!
Several things to say about the game tonight: 1. Nick saban is the better than any analyst on tv 2. I hope they let chief osceola throw the spear into the middle of the field...One of the best traditions in college football 3. I cant stand Brent Musberger...they need to put brad nessler in his place next year 4. FSU wins 35-24
Some people have been highly critical of me being highly critical of Braxton Miller. I want to clarify something:. I was at the game, sitting up high and didn't realize he was injured until the next day. He is a player with a great heart. I was aware he got planted, but again, I was sitting upstairs. He is an all-time Buckeye. That being said, I was ticked off because Miller talked to the press about perhaps going pro. No. 1, he's not ready, and No. 2, we had enough headlines going on. He didn't need to create headlines. He is the QB, the team leader. You might think I'm crazy, but I think he's a RB at the next level. I watched the early part of the game on TV the first time last night, and heard Millan, the color analyst, say Braxton is the best runner he's seen all year. Earlier, Brad Nessler said Ohio State had the two best RBs in the B!G: Hyde and Braxton. For those counting, I think it is only 87 days til spring game. Go Bucks.
Favorite quote of the game came from Brad Nessler "if you told me that OU would score 31 points in the first half. I would say you have been on Bourbon street to long"
I'm becoming a huge fan of ESPN play-by-play guy Joe Tessitore. Love his passion. I can see him (or Brad Nessler) taking the reigns from Brent Musburger when he decides to step down. But Joe Buck (Fox Sports) is my dude!
Ok Matt Schultz, You were less than kind to Brad Nessler last night. Get back to me after the Cotton Bowl and tell me you would not choose Nessler over the screaming histrionics of Gus Johnson.
Nice of brad nessler to shout out on the sideline last night on ESPN
Your broadcast crew for SEC-opener on Tuesday: Brad Nessler, Jimmy *** and Shannon Spake.
Is it just me or was brad nessler pulling a Brent Musberger last night on McCarron's gf...she too young for y'all old heads.stick to.commentary
I heard he stole the LSU tiger and it ended up in the bathroom of Brad Nessler's suite
you and your partner Brad Nessler do a GREAT job calling games. My favorite CFB announcers.
and Brad Nessler. You guys are the best in the business in my book. Always enjoy your input.
Hats off to Brad Nessler and Todd Blackledge for an excellent job in calling the game. I thought they were extremely even for both schools tonight. True class act.
When I hear Brad Nessler while watching live TV, I feel like I'm playing NCAA Football and want to grab a remote.
Lol are you trying to be Brad Nessler or something?
rolling right, pump fake, throw almost at the sideline. Looked a *** of a lot like it to me. And Brad Nessler for that matter
Does anyone call a game better than Brad Nessler? He is the Keith Jackson of our era.
With Brad Nessler on the stick, I knew I couldn't lose.
I love the fact that Brad Nessler said A.J. McCarron's career has been brilliant on & OFF the field, immediately after getting a shot of his sexy *** girlfriend Katherine Webb.
BTW, if Musburger retires, I want Brad Nessler to fill his seat.
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Did I not say that we would shock the world? Take that Brad Nessler w/ your Alabama *** riding telecast.
AJ Macarron has had a brilliant career on and off the field-Brad Nessler
Brad Nessler said Stoops will smile... I don't believe it
Is Brad Nessler crying? Can't wait to watch Mark May and stuttering Lou Holtz eat crow on the win they all but guarenteed in the pregame.
Even in a loss, Brad Nessler continues to praise McCarron. Was he riding the jet ski too?
Did Brad Nessler try to make a lame reference to Katherine Webb?
That was the most anti-climactic call i've ever heard for such a big play. Brad Nessler I have no idea what you are doing.
LOL Brad Nessler "Been brilliant on and off the field"
I feel like Brad Nessler watches games on a 4 inch black & white with the sound off and guesses what is happening.
No matter how badly Brad Nessler and ESPN don't want it to be so, this game is over.
Brad Nessler is right, this is a chess match between two extremely good college coaches.
"If you told me OU would score 31 on Bama at half, I would say you were on Bourbon St too long" - Brad Nessler. Awesome.
THIS JUST IN: Brad Nessler reports that BSC Championship is for marbles, no longer crystal football.
It doesn’t get said often enough, but Brad Nessler is just an exceptional PBP guy — maybe the best in the business.
Brad Nessler said Drew Bree's was a San Antonio native. I thought he was born in Douchelandia, Texas.
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I know Trevor Knight has had a great game... But Brad Nessler just compared him to Drew Brees. Im done.
I just wish Brad Nessler was watching the Alabama/Oklahoma game.
Did Brad Nessler just say Drew Brees was from San Antonio? Really?
Brad nessler just said working the play *** down as far as he can...and you could tell in his voice he knew he f'd up
Brad Nessler has compared Trevor Knight to Drew Brees more than once tonight. No... Just no.
Brad Nessler just said that Oklahoma is "workin that play *** on
Please tell me I'm not the only one who just heard Brad Nessler say "play *** in this Alabama/OU GAME???
Brad Nessler just said what you always fear saying: Play ***
Credit to Brad Nessler and Todd Blackledge, who have done a great job calling this game tonight
Quote of the night so far... Brad Nessler: "This is probably 4 down territory. Alabama doesn't have a kicker that can kick it this far."
Per Brad Nessler, is back in the thanks to scoring a TD.
Brad Nessler just said "AJ McCarron isn't used to being behind" ha I get your innuendoes
Brad Nessler is an underrated broadcaster. He isn't amazing but he is definitely better than good. Steady, professional, gets the job done.
How much longer can Brad Nessler stroke with these reach arounds.
Camera Crew spotted you out and big wrestling fan Brad Nessler. Called you biggest OU fan
Brad Nessler: "AJ McCarron's not used to being behind". Katherine Webb: "yes he is".
Brad Nessler sounds like Brent Musburger when talking about AJ's Girlfriend, and
"It looked like Joe Montana to Dwight Clark!" - Brad Nessler a wee bit carried away on that call
No mention of Rhett Bomar from Brad Nessler just now..
Brad Nessler is such a great announcer
Brad Nessler-" Alabama doesn't have a field goal kicker who can kick it this far." buddy, alabama doesn't have a kicker.
Now Bobby gets to slowly rip out Brad Nessler's soul
Brad Nessler kept it cool when they showed you in the crowd 😍
Brad Nessler may have to go into Musberger territory for this last 9 minutes... He already mentioned Katherine a couple of times.
with the lame puns, I think it's more likely you and Brad Nessler are related than you and Trevor Knight.
This duo of Brad Nessler and Todd Blackledge is solid as always. One of my favorite teams.
"SHADES OF JOE MONTANA" - Brad Nessler of ESPN talking about Trevor Knight!!!
Something makes me think Brad Nessler has a shirtless picture of Nick Saban pinned above the bed in his hotel room. Holy SEC homer.
I imagine Brad Nessler and Todd Blackledge were advised not to "pull a Musberger" on Katherine Webb tonight.
What a great line. That's a lot of Kouandjio a whole lot of it 667 lbs of it. Well said Brad Nessler
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Brad Nessler and Todd Blackledge are top notch college football announcers. I believe they are my favorite.
Man, I actually started listening to Brad Nessler's commentary tonight. I slipped in my concentrated Zen zone of tuning out his horrid statements of the obvious and erroneous, that are also devoid of actual knowledge.
After an entire season of hearing Brad Nessler silenced by the obnoxious Mike Mayock on Thursdays, hearing him voice this game does justice
Did Brad Nessler (Play-by-play commentator) really just say that OU is trying to pull The Shocker on 'Bama"?!
That first half couldn't have gone any better for Oklahoma ... besides the initial interception off Jalen Saunders' hands. The offense has been able to move the ball & eat the clock. Trevor Knight has scattered the ball around the field with ease & passed well both in the pocket & while scrambling! The Sooner defense began to get pressure on AJ McCarron late in the first half and they need to keep it up in the 2nd frame. Only negatives is that Brad Nessler seems to have had a 30-day layoff, just like the teams. He has called Bama DB Ha Ha Clinton-Dix - Clinton Ha Ha -Dix & he hasn't been able to say OU co-offensive coordinator Jay Norvell's name correct once!
how bout them sooners, aint been a fan all season, was so glad when they lost to texas...called that one but if you would have told me they would have put up 31 in the first half on Alabama, I would have told you the same thing brad nessler've been on burbon street too though they will fold in the second half...bama starts running it, they'll get tired...a.j. is just too good.roll tide the only reason I didn't want bama to win, is because if auburn beats florida state, bama ends up number 2 and they get a share of the national title with auburn.don't want that.
I'm pretty sure Brad Nessler and Todd Blackledge could find an Oklahoma Sooner doing something worthy of a penalty on every single snap.
How come last year Brent Musberger was all up about AJ McCarron's hot girlfriend but Brad Nessler hasn't said a peep!??
Good announcers can make a bad game watchable, just as bad announcers can make a good game unwatchable. Brad Nessler is one of the best. He CORRECTLY called the last OU scoring play an end-around, not a reverse as most PxP guys tend to do. Dude gets it.
Todd Blackledge and Brad Nessler or Brent Musberger and Kirk Herbstreit?? I go with Blackledge and Nessler...
Brad Nessler had a great bourbon street line.
So I'm watching the Sugar Bowl and they cut to a nice shot of Jackson Square and the St. Louis Cathedral and I hear the play-by-play commentator Brad Nessler tell the viewing audience that they are looking at "The castle at Jackson Square." Please would someone smack him for me?
Brad Nessler and Todd Blackledge announcing a college football game is as good as it gets.
Brad Nessler is calling the Bama-OK game and it sounded like he said (players name) stepped out to get a burrito. What he really said - he stepped out to get a breather.
My apologies to Verne. It's Brad Nessler I need to mute!
Brad Nessler is a great play by play guy!!
Am i the only one who thinks Brad Nessler sounds a little like Keith Jackson? All he's missing is one good "whoa nellie!"
Man I love brad nessler and Todd Blackledge
I am really enjoying the Alabama Oklahoma bowl game but something is missing. Maybe Brad Nessler or Todd Blackledge will channel their inner Musburger.
How embarrassing. Brad Nessler commenting on a image of Jackson Square just called St Louis Cathedral a castle.
Brad Nessler just called St. Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square a castle, come on man.
Apparently Jackson Square has a castle in it, at least according to Brad Nessler
Thank you Brad Nessler for calling Adrian Peterson, AD... Unlike the rest of your co-employees who call him AP.
Did Brad Nessler just refer to St. Louis Cathedral as the "Castle of Jackson Square"?
That's right Brad Nessler it's AD you hear that NFL?
Brad Nessler and Todd Blackledge are slacking.only one Katherine Webb Cameo! Musberger would just say forget the game let's show Kathrine!
Why is Brad Nessler not showing McCarron's girlfriend like Brent Musberger did last year?
The big focus for both teams and coaches will be defense. What's the one thing we haven't seen. DEFENSE! Thanks Brad Nessler for previewing this game for
Could Brad Nessler slobber over Saban just a little more, good Lord, Eli Gold is more objective
Earlier in the game when they showed the replay from the Ala/Au game, Ron's exact words were "now why do they want to show that again." Right after he said it, Brad Nessler said, "I know the Bama fans are saying why do they want to show that again." That was sooo funny!!!
I am convinced that Brad Nessler is an *** Also, three coaches in modern football history with 9 wins each of their first six seasons: Tom Osborne, Barry Switzer, AND Bo Pelini.
It'd be really nice if Brad Nessler at least did his job well enough as an announcer to not get OUr player's confused.
Listening to Brad Nessler call a game is like listening a classical sports symphony.
I will give Brad Nessler $1 to fawn over Katharine Webb tonight.
Brad Nessler: "What Alabama does not let you do is run the football?" Really?? Tre Mason? Nick Marshall? Anyone?
For an entire calendar year, Dee Dee Bonner, the mother of A.J. McCarren, has felt that she should be more appreciated. With that in mind, Brad Nessler has promised to droll all over her early in the second quarter of tonight's Sugar Bowl. Allstate has approved the script in advance.
It's a good day for College Football!!! Brad Nessler and Todd Blacklidge are calling tonight's game between OU and ALA.finally ESPN got the announcers right for a big game. Enjoy the night off Brent and Kirk you will not be missed. Go FSU...
Cleveland Browns: Jaelen Strong, WR, Arizona State 2014 NFL Mock Draft selection: Derek Carr, QB and A.J. Johnson, ILB Greg "Mr. Dependable" Little stinks, despite what Brad Nessler may think. Davone Bess can't catch anything either. The Browns have just one downfield threat, so they'll need to add a second receiver sometime soon. I really hope this happens for this young WEST CATHOLIC grad!!!
Win or lose, I'm still gonna be in the dome and I don't have to listen Brad Nessler on tv!
Brad Nessler here too must be calling our game w Amy Reilly Sallusti
Which pair are the best commentating duo? A. Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth B. Brad Nessler and Mike Mayock C. Dan Fouts and Ian Eagle D. Jon Gruden and Mike Tirico E. Joe Buck and Troy Aikman F. Other -DRE
Brad Nessler & Todd Blackledge are the best college announcers on TV, not bias to either team. Just a great call of the game with a lot of info!!
Brad Nessler should call the national championship with Kirk. I'm just saying he is one of the best out there!
If I here Brad Nessler tell me one more time how great Mack Brown is and then tell me all the sweet receivers on Oregon's team are from Texas I swear in gonna F'in snap
OK, does anyone else think that Brad Nessler and Todd Blackledge are pulling for Mack Brown (as opposed to texass, spit)?
Brad Nessler, the announcer for the Oregon-Texas game, forgot the Alamo.He calls it the Alama.he says "The AlamaBowl".
I hear you brad nessler sticking up for ole Mac brown
Brad Nessler just said tally wacker!!??
Definitely just heard Brad Nessler call Oregon's punt a "tally whacker"... lol
Brad Nessler just said that punt was "kind of a tallywhacker." I can't stop laughing omg.
Hey look, it's Brad Nessler. Good to hear him again. :)
Brad Nessler...good start...please Oregon-Texas get the bowl season started off right...
Brad Nessler and Todd Blackledge has the call for the Alamo Bowl! Nice!
To a video gamer, the pairing was so natural that I didn't recognize how unusual it really was. On Oct. 12, ESPN broke up its top two announcing teams to put Brad Nessler and Kirk Herbstreit in the booth for the network's Texas A&M-Ole Miss nightcap.
so John Kucko I think Brad Nessler's immortal words would sum up the weather in Foxboro: "a great day for pneumonia", huh?
I presume the voiceovers for the BCS Bowl promos are calling the game. Which means Sean McDonough has the Fiesta; Brad Nessler, the Sugar.
i LOVE the rose bowl , Musberger makes it feel so authentic, so Musberger lol . I want Brad Nessler on the Nat. Championship
Brad Nessler or Brent Musburger commentating for the Rose Bowl?! Who you want?
"Brad Nessler"??!! "Shannon Sharpe"?? Was someone joking putting them on this list?
Brad Nessler is THE BEST in college football. By far.
“New Post - The Top Ten Announcers of 2013 Great to see my pal Brad Nessler make this list.
Ducks get Brad Nessler and Todd Blackledge for the Alamo Bowl. Nessler has great pipes, and they're a team that's always prepared, loves cfb
Brad Nessler, Todd Blackledge and Holly Rowe assigned to call Sugar Bowl...
"Gotta play keep away, and work that clock" - Brad Nessler - NCAA Football
If you did that on NCAA on Xbox, cyber Brad Nessler would call you an ***
*Brad Nessler voice*RT What an uncharacteristic drop from Mr. Dependable.
.."straight up the middle and he meets the defense" -Brad Nessler
Glad we don't have to listen to Vern & Gary broadcasting the Sugar Bowl. Brad Nessler & Todd Blackledge. Where you eatin' in Naworleans Todd? Needed a break from Vern & Gary. Who is doing the Auburn/Seminoles game ?
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