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Brad Gilbert

Brad Gilbert (born August 9, 1961) is an American tennis coach, a television tennis commentator, an author and former professional tennis player.

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Woodbridge:"I've been listening to Brad Gilbert too much.". Koenig:"Never a good thing.". Lol
There is only 1 person who annoys me more than Piers Morgan and his name is Brad Gilbert 😐😖
I've said this from the beginning. Trump is doing the Brad Gilbert.
Winning Ugly: Mental Warfare in Tennis - Lessons from a Master (Unabridged) - Brad Gilbert, ...
Brad Gilbert: Is indecipherable ATP stats graphics to blame for Sharapova speaking to young players about doping?
Update on Friend. His first day here was yesterday. Got his much needed medi bath (thanks Brad Gilbert for...
Brad Gilbert predicts: Sterling Finch Haas will take Giraffe Water Pouille to the woodshed
WOW. Brad Gilbert and Patrick Mouratoglou together right now commentating. Who scheduled this? Awful.
Brad Gilbert wants to coach Nick so bad. It's so apparent. Lmao
"Any time you idolize a player, it's tough to beat him" - Brad Gilbert on ESPN on Mischa Zverev playing Roger Federer toda…
Olivo Oil... Brad and his nicknames😀 Mr. Gilbert, you are a f... genius!
And of course.. Brad Gilbert for some faulty Psychoanalysis more like Tauntonalice's 🐁
Enter to win tickets to see Brad Paisley!
Has Brad Gilbert ever gone with "Come on shake your body baby do the Tsonga"?
Rafa played even better than what Brad Gilbert had predicted for today Gilbert: 18-8. Rafa: 18-6
It has me in stitches! The funniest thing is Brad Gilbert gets tagged with that parody account but pre…
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
what's with the Brad Gilbert parody account?😕😅
Agreed Dan Gilbert or Pistons owner will scoop em up
Watching Anasimova for the first time. . Predicted Brad Gilbert nickname: Anasimova's First Law of Robotics.
Brad Gilbert predicts: Muhammara Monitor Djokovic will take Egg Beater Llama Murray to the woodshed
I loathed Brad Gilbert and Doris Roberts on that show.
ever hear the tune he did with Brad Gillis?
ever hear as special guest singer on this Brad Gillis tune? Love it.
There's also the video of Chris Fowler and Brad Gilbert. And Nadal himself, of course. 😀
Subtle reminder that Gilbert Arenas was whyling back in the day.
Thanks, I'll have a look. I don't think Agassi is the answer for ND, Brad Gilbert might have been the better option
Novak Djokovic's switch to Andre Agassi as coach for French Open intriguing to ESPN's Chris…
Djokovic’s switch to Agassi for intrigues analysts via
Boris Becker and Brad Gilbert give the Agassi/Djokovic dream team their stamp of approval. via
The crew talking about the upcoming French Open with &
Brad Gilbert on the "These last 3 years have been the biggest joy of my sports life, watching them play."
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Brad Gilbert tells Tennis Now how Andre Agassi can help Novak Djokovic and why he declined prior offers:
Brad Gilbert: Call me crazy, but it's obvious to me that Nick Kyrgios should serve-and-volley more often.
[WATCH] Andre Agassi to coach Novak Djokovic - Tennis coach Brad Gilbert tells CNN that it's an "exciting oppor...
CONGRATS to our Athletic Trainer Brad Gilbert as he was recognized as 2016-17 North Star Athletic Trainer-of-the-Ye…
Brad Gilbert on French Open women's draw: "I would put my money on the field. I would not be surprised if an unseeded player won."
must read: Winning Ugly by Brad Gilbert; Marketers are taking risks all the time. Our mindset is key for bouncing back from fails
There's always a learning curve, where you've got to learn what your subject is all about.– Brad Gilbert
Our own Brad Gilbert writes about the impact of IT/OT Convergence on
ON 3/22 at 9am MT, join Brad Gilbert for a presentation on Point-2-Point Communications for networks…
yep. Well aware. Brad Wanamaker, Nasir Robinson, Jaylen Bond, Malcolm Gilbert and John Johnson all from my back yard.
Brad Gilbert predicts: Bangle Bracelet Coric will take Giraffe Lemon Sock to the woodshed
Brad Gilbert predicts: Wallet Ferrer will take Iron Chinchilla Klizan to the woodshed
how on earth did I do that, surely it couldn't have been Brad Gilbert
Brad Gilbert predicts: Lace Squirrel Djokovic will take Popcorn Seasoning Newt Pouille to the woodshed
Nice! For sure, man. Good to hear from you.
your flywheel slide about revenue synergies between Disney Studios and Disney Theme Parks. On point - thanks for the assist!
Join for happy hour at while supporting & National Tennis Foundation!
Brad Gilbert has been reading my texts to again (that usually have nothing to do with tennis)
Managed to cite high school classmate in a presentation today. Small world.
Brad Gilbert predicts: Shrew Pepper Shaker Sock will take Snowglobe Guinea Pig Willis to the woodshed
Brad Gilbert predicts: Ring Isner will take Murri Umbrella Wawrinka to the woodshed
I just want someone who will jam brantley gilbert, chief keef, brad paisley, lil wayne, and 2000's hip hop all in one car ride with me
Brad Gilbert is complaining about the net and how loose it looks. It is really sagging in the middle. This net was put up in a hurry!
Do you travel for work? We spoke to Arabella Gilbert and her work on Bond films, sand dunes and Panama!…
was watchin tennis piece & guy hasslin Brad Gilbert for American hope was annoyin!! Who cares? as long as the players r excitin.
tennis coverage is an embarrassment. Too much talk, not enough tennis. Brad Gilbert just gave Darren Cahill an on-air hug. Ugh.
Come learn about alternate power systems from FreeWave's Brad Gilbert |
Join me for Lunch and a Hit on my court for a great cause. Bidding is now open!...
Brad Gilbert gives his expert verdict on the leading ladies ready for battle at Wimbledon -
I remember Agassi playing Federer in Basel, Switzerland in 1998, and An...
Interview after Lendl's win over Brad Gilbert at 1987 Masters semi-final:.
Brad Gilbert predicts: Llama Toy Soldier Murray will take Iron Dog Berdych to the woodshed
BEin Sport hosts a debate between Brad Gilbert and Brett Haber over whether Samantha Stosur should just retire already.
Brad Gilbert predicts: Canadian Bacon Cat Puig will take Pepper Jelly Buffalo Errani to the woodshed
Twenty years ago, you'd see guys busting rackets in locker rooms. Today...
Racquet Magazine hosts a debate between Brad Gilbert and Carole Bouchard over whether David Goffin can be the next Elena…
Oh yea. Like, idk how you decide whose the worst of him, Manziel or Gilbert.
Wishing Brad Nessler would call games by himself next season
Brad Gilbert predicts: Mouse Shopping Bag Tomic will take Tin Warthog Goffin to the woodshed
Is Brad Gilbert taking over the WTA account now?
You see Boris Becker, Mats Wilander, Nadal, Pete Sampras - they were al...
Brad Gilbert predicts: Chili Oil Squirrel Bencic will take Canadian Bacon Ocarina Halep to the woodshed
Brad Gilbert predicts: Horseradish Hair Tie Gasquet will take XO Sauce Seat Belt Cuevas to the woodshed
Brad Gilbert predicts: Tartar Sauce Thread Pouille will take Silver Cat Fognini to the woodshed
Brad Gilbert predicts: Khrenovina Rhinoceros Stephens will take Fish Sauce Football Svitolina to the woodshed
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good afernoon. . I ll be glad to make a purpose for your brad. Would you mind to give me an e mail to send it? Thanks you
As punishment for Texans losing Brad, Longhorn Scott and Gilbert host PGS
Brad Gilbert predicts: Titanium Fox Wawrinka will take Sterling Frog Murray to the woodshed
Brad Gilbert predicts: Flashlight Rhinoceros Lopez will take Book Lynx Nishikori to the woodshed
hi Esther, check out Brad Gilbert's timeline, when you wanna hit ?
Gilbert Arenas is the illest, i've never seen a man flex this *** his baby moms 😭
[VIDEO] Stefan beats Brad Gilbert and celebrates n.1 with 1990 Cincinnati title htt…
% chance of a win for Dan Evans over Jack Sock? Here's Brad Gilbert's verdict. . Ps I'm going 34.6423%
got some airtime and love from Tom Rinaldi and Brad Gilbert!!!
[Tri-County Sun Times]Brad Gilbert rates Andy Murray as a likelier victor of the French O…
Tennis Channels coverage of Roland Garros is already 5000x better than ESPN's. Thank God no Chris Evert, Brad Gilbert, or Pam Shriver.
wonder if Andy Murray played Rabbit by Chas and Dave when Brad Gilbert came downstairs in his dinner suit.
Never ever found Brad Pitt attractive.. I just don't get it
Brad Gilbert with some excellent advice
Thunderstorms in forecast in the morning so maybe a little cooler by the p.m.? (Not to get too Brad Gilbert-y but)
Only valentines I got it Brad he's my lover
Gilbert arenas is one of the best on instagram
Order lost by your Gilbert store. I won't be burned again by this. Customer service horrible as well
Brad Paisley & Brantley Gilbert two days in a row at the rodeo 😍 happy bday to me
Brantley Gilbert, Justin Moore, Brad Paisley, Toby Keith lol thats just a few, we always get the same singers here
Amazing talk from a legend. Brad Gilbert: "Winning Ugly" | Talks at Google via
throwback to when I met Brad Gilbert a year ago!
More action from the Indonesia tribe compliments of Joni Gilbert and Brad Goar.
Brad Gilbert after winning his first atp tournament ever. Wow
Andre Agassi's Open is without doubt the best I've read.From his dad to Brooke Shields, Brad Gilbert & Steffi Graf it's captivating
"Federer set the bar to make guys better". - Brad Gilbert
Shades of Gilbert Brown in the '97 Super Bowl!
Brad you better have room for Ron in the car
A voice that sounded like Brad Gilbert called him "Kony Island Ealy" in my head...
BRAD GILBERT: Two aspects of Murray’s play in this tournament have impressed me: the way he is being more aggressive on his second serve
Brad Gilbert doing coin toss for semi's. 1 more guys!
I liked a video from Brad Gilbert Presents 'The Price is Right' @ Chateau Vanier
Patrick McEnroe & Brad Gilbert r kinda dorky, but main guy is Chris Fowler, of CFB fame. John McEnroe calls w Fowler in semis.
Patrick McEnroe and Brad Gilbert doing the commentary for ESPN on Sousa vs Murray with Murray leading 2 sets to 1. Now, back to Laver
apparently he knows now, Brad Gilbert told him
Brad Gilbert still giving false info!! SHUT UP until you know what's going on! Such a drama queen all the time!
Chris Fowler justasked Brad Gilbert if he knew of anybhealth problems for Nigel Sears. That's far out of bounds.
"It's strange that he went out at 6-4, 1-0 in the match" - Brad Gilbert on Nigel Sears collapsing in the stand. Gilbert is incredibly dumb.
5. The best thing Gilbert has going for him as an NBA owner is the Browns.
Mute is the only way around Brad Gilbert's indecent blabber. Shut him down. No talking during points, please. What a tool.
wins easily and Brad Gilbert says this is the best he's seen him all around. He could make a big run at the
The is finally on ESPN & of course Brad Gilbert is commentating. Four football metaphors so far.Also STOP SAYING BACKHANDERS
Is Brad Gilbert being paid by the word tonight? Good lord.
Feel awful for Jason Goodall. ESPN is pairing him with Brad Gilbert. Ridiculous. Put Goodall with Cahill. Now that's a duo
Chill the f~>¥ out Brad Gilbert and let us watch the match in peace.
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I like the Cavaliers, I just cannot figure out what goes through Dan Gilbert's mind. He's like the Jerry Jones of the NBA
Boy, Dan Gilbert is batting 1000 when it comes to finding a head coach.. Mike Brown, Byron Scott, Mike Brown and a guy that lasts 18 months
*Dan Gilbert approaches the back of a large chair in a dark room. Chair spins to reveal LeBron James*. Gilbert: "It is don…
How long must we suffer Brad 'King of Petty' chiding the WTA seeds while the men struggle returning serve!?
Cool, now, if you wouldnt mind, please tell Brad Gilbert that we have heard his "subtle" pt. re: women's seeds.
# Australian open so funny Brad Gilbert didn't call lleyton "rusty " once last year now it's like he made it up. I could gargle drano.
Coming up shortly, Brad Paisley, James Otto & Brantley Gilbert. Listen at
Brad Gilbert definitely makes tennis more fun to follow on line & watch. Always enjoy his nicknames for players.
I don't appreciate Brad Gilbert pushing his Dub Nation on me.
*** I misplaced my English - Brad Gilbert dictionary. Why does ESPN stick with him?
Not a surprise that Brad Gilbert drinks SIX espressos in the morning.
Tsonga saves set point, Brad Gilbert cannot believe it
Why is Brad Gilbert calling this guy 'Hair Bear'?
I swear Brad Gilbert just talks because its in his contract. Doesn't have to say anything relevant
Coach Brad Gilbert called Verdasco's forehand the "biggest he's ever seen"
Brad Gilbert saying Verdasco is injured. As if that's the only way he could ever lose a tennis match
Gilbert backs Kyrgios to star in 2016: BRAD Gilbert has tipped Nick Kyrgios to star in 2016 but his prediction for Sam Stosur isn’t q...
Revered tennis coach Brad Gilbert says Nick Kyrgios is poised for a breakout season
I added a video to a playlist Brad Gilbert: "Winning Ugly" | Talks at Google
we need to start a Brad Gilbert for Davis Cup Captain campaign. Someone needs to fire up the US team.
How rude😂 my nan thought Brad was Gilbert O'Sullivan 😂😂😂
Browns have had some horrible high draft picks since '99 & passed on some great players but Justin Gilbert might be worst of…
According to Butch Gilbert, that is a look out block "tiger"!
I'm so excited to go see Brad Paisley and Brantley Gilbert 😍😩
Where were you guys on that day? Marc Pizzella Johnny Gilbert Sergio Escoto Rob Emig Rob Weaver Brad Clanton
Brad Gilbert: With Ljubicic, Federer thinks he can beat Djokovic in Slams again...
I'm a bit behind on DVR, and nothing against Tom Rinaldi, but Brad Gilbert is much better at on court post match interviews.
Djokovic! For the win! Woo! But please Brad Gilbert is The Man for post match interviews, Not Tom Rinaldi!
Photos from Brad's adoption ceremony. We are so happy for you Brad. Look at his huge smile! http:/…
Brad can sleep easy knowing he's found a wonderful forever home. Happy Life Brad. We love you
Love Brad Gilbert's "Halepeno" for Halep, and Stanimal for Stan the Man. How about Roger "Federikov"?
Match continues - Lindstedt serving 15-30, 2-5, 0-1 and injured. At least he's going to avoid a Brad Gilbert interview.
I didn't like how Brad Gilbert told him to rip his shirt of or give a little bit more after a 4 hour 30 min match
He should win an award for not knocking Brad Gilbert's block off.
great book but all i can remember from it is that Brad Gilbert loves Bud Ice
Congrats to the UNDEFEATED DISTRICT CHAMPS and Bailey Gilbert for their win today!
Really enjoy the US Open commentary with John McEnroe and Brad Gilbert, esp. when Gilbert interjects almost in a whisper.
Brad Gilbert's annoying self needs to stop calling games and doing on-court interviews gilbert
I don't have any other examples except for when Brad Gilbert was calling him "Ralphie Naydull"
"Anderson's feet were stuck in mud" says Brad Gilbert on ESPN2 as Anderson wins 5 points in 3rd set in 64 64 60 loss to Wawrinka
I've read Brad Gilbert's nicknames for years now, and I always tolerated but... I suddenly can't anymore.
Gilbert says Anderson is "flatlined on the court" but it is Brad who is braindead with his inane comments.
Brad Gilbert - please please stop calling him Stanimal. Please? My ears thank you.
Dear Brad Gilbert: Please understand what "a little juiced up" means.
Gilbert's comment about Anderson being "flatlined on the court" is so inane. Brad is insufferable.
Someone tell Brad Gilbert that there is still a women’s doubles match to be played on Louis Armstrong Stadium...
Brad Gilbert is getting really, really weird ...
OK. Halapeno is the most annoying nickname even by Brad Gilbert's standards😒
I think it's impossible for Brad Gilbert to talk about Vika without mentioning her grunt.
Patrick MacEnroe, Brad Gilbert, and various members of the ITC speak about the Foundation and its impact on Israel and its children.
Does this have more Brad Gilbert than in the past?
When Brad Gilbert asked Djoko how he regrouped after Set 2, he should have replied: "Because, Brad, I am the best in the world." ;-)
Djokovic just ripped his head back when Brad Gilbert started talking...
Is Brad Gilbert drunk? He seems like he's slurring his words during this interview with Could be just tired, I guess.
Chair of our dept interviewed elite coach Brad Gilbert for her series
Always enjoyable to watch the timeless charm and class of here poking fun at Brad Gilbert.
"He should have done the rip, that was weak!" Brad Gilbert just wants everyone to take their shirts off.
Brad Gilbert kissed Trump's ring last year, now McEnroe. No surprise from Gilbert but.
How're you gonna put a video of Brad Paisley singin from the concert the other night and say "Brantley Gilbert last night"? 😒
FAB audio interview w tennis great Brad Gilbert about the mental game by my friend and colleague !!
Brad Gilbert is as annoying as Chrissie Evert. Geez.
Feliciano Lopez about to play Djokovic and tells TV interviewer Brad Gilbert: "You're the coach, give me some tips!"
What a fun guy is!. Who wore the headband best, Brad Gilbert or Roger Federer? . Check…
Please, ESPN, do us all a favor. Don't let Brad Gilbert anywhere near the microphone after the Serena/Venus match. A little dignity.
Love it when sportspeople r fans of other sports. No denying tennis coaching star love of
Brilliant tennis coach Brad Gilbert has pet peeves, tune in to find out what some are
Anyone else driven demented by Brad Gilbert's use of the English language and nicknames?
One of the most fun interviews 4 Wee Chats so far, with Brad Gilbert If you love you will smile
Wee Chats with Brilliant People available on YouTube, and all Podcast platforms
Listen to Brilliant on mental prep 'Every other day'
Brad Gilbert and Pam Shriver and equally annoying
0 - the number of times I want Brad Gilbert to start talking over Chris Evert.
Chris Evert and Brad Gilbert discussing what Venus must do to beat Serena. Like an alternate reality.
That's Brad Gilbert, and he's always a moron.
"I wanna get into Brad Gilbert's alleged bad breath. We'll do that in a minute." You gotta love show. No topic too smelly.
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Excited to welcome Brad Gilbert, admissions counselor for Gardner-Webb, back to HG today. Talk to him in the cafe at lunch!
Kevin Anderson showing tremendous class, despite Brad Gilbert imploring him to be an ***
Federer on Brad Gilbert donning the headband - "Yeah, it's not a good look. Put the cap back on"
Breadsticks and bagels: tennis pro and commentator Brad Gilbert compares these two scores to unwanted carbs.
State of Brad Gilbert. Still can't stick him 😠 I'd rather lose beautifully than win ugly.
It's about these characters that do this stuff in this place. Then the do stuff at a different place. Thats about it.
never heard of it. Save me the googling & tell me about it 😉
I just switch to books. But the book is al the way down at my feet and I'm holding my phone so.
I've actually switched back to my original Kindle because of that.
Apparently, we've got a floater. And I'm pretty sure it's not a Baby Ruth.
He does better with his momma, I guess.
I'm waiting for the next pick of the fat & happy Buddah and bowl of fortune cookies.
Today is another reason why millions of right-leaning people like me are more and more politically apathetic and/or "over…
that Eastern Mysticism stuff fits well in your liberal church!
Looks at Gil and Brad. Comes to conclusion Brad nuzzles people who aren't clingy. Time to stop being clingy. Thanks Gilbert.
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"Hey! That looks like me! With short hair.. But he smiles a lot! Brad, Gilbert and Antonio take pictures like us!"
"Ah, Brad, you must have missed it. Gilbert had bunny ears for a couple days!"
Allo. I'm the awesome Prussia otherwise known as Gilbert, and the better look alike of Brad. Nice to meet you David.
I'm not talking about having a sponsor. I'm talking about Red Bull having no other interest than advertising its brand.
SuperWoman making visits this morning.
Hi, Brad. What is ur product Use this link to find it. ^Bernie
Let's pray & talk Wednesday what we can do as a church to help out General Baptist mission work.
"Misery loves company and it also recruits it." -
"The best thing to give a foe is distance." -
I really loved the old one (been using it for four years) but people say it looks like Mickey Mouse. So...
yes, I try to make it so that it always works in one color.
I figured that. Do you have your logo in diff. colors, i.e. black on a lighter background.
I use all kinds of backgrounds. I keep four or five to use as slides when nothing else is going on.
left. Font is easier to read & cross makes it look more like Bible than just book w/word bubbles. Though I like solid background
Sitting courtside with tennis legend and commentator Brad Gilbert watching the BB&T Atlanta Open…
Dust Bowl was God's judgment for prohibition. .
Funny story: I forgot to buy the juice & sent an older man to go get it. He came back & said...
Only if it was Sunkist, none of that Fanta and it's foul temptresses.
I've actually conducted the Lord's Supper with grape soda.
I get that here in NE AR. I reminded someone that there was a Dust Bowl in the '30s, which is when most think church was great
Carl Thomas and Sean Gilbert renew their contracts
Hey Pastor,. If you try to get rid of the mess you'll get rid of the mission. Be OK with your church being in process.
But Gilbert's loquacious orientations would interfere with match play?😊. "Hey,..shut up over there Brad!!!" 😜
Let's clone Brad Gilbert, put him at every tournament and get rid of Hawkeye. Guy never misses a call.
Thanks for the reply, & looking forward to an answer on Monday.
Monday to see if they may be able to help troubleshoot your trakpad's control zone issue. Thanks! ^Eddie 2/2
Do you need one of these for back to school?
there you go! Principals and Superintendents make the big money!!
I'll start my own school in 4 years when all 6 are in school
I can't imagine having to buy stuff for 4!
thanks to you the American economy continues to move.
shopping today for school supplies at Walmart.
brad Gilbert said it looked like he struggled while serving.
I've not played solitaire on my laptop so not sure.
I heard rumours of that. Wasn't sure if true.
So far, seems decent, but my "Control Zone" is not working on my TrackPad for my Envy laptop.
- Tennis has best announcers in sports and has for years. Also great are Martina, Brad Gilbert, Pam Shriver, Cliff Drysdale.
As Serena Williams attempts her 2nd "Serena Slam," Brad Gilbert has nothing but high praise in
I think it had more to do with Brad Gilbert's involvement, but sure, credit media opinion if you can
bring Brad Gilbert to analyze more basketball along with Coach Edwards that's usually missing
Chris Evert & Brad Gilbert agreed with me & disagreed with Rusic. In ur face Rusic!
Sam Stosur needs a coach. Sam Stosur needs to be coached by Brad Gilbert. Am I right or am I right?
Nice to hear Brad Gilbert give some love to Chris Mullin & on the # tennis coverage btw Djokovic down an early break
Do not refer to Brad Gilbert as BG. The only man who should be referred to as such is Barry Gibb.
True mark of adulthood: instead of your parents scheduling your doctor's appointments; you just avoid going to the doctor …
Meet Black Singles 300x250
In years past the Cowboys/Giants fought for a playoff spot. This year he'll be fighting for the 1st pick.
As a bitter Cowboys fan, let me caution my friends who are Lions fans: The new staff is making a difference but you are playing the Giants.
Just read where an author tried to describe the Trinity like a pretzel - one dough, 3 distinct holes.I think we are trying to hard.
"Remember, Ray Rice was not cut because they saw that video. He is cut because you saw that video."
Brad Gilbert just called Nishikori Special K and now I never wanna call him anything but Special K
That's my old pal and doubles partner Brad Gilbert ! B G nice job at the Open again !
I'm sure he does a pretty good curtsy.
He doesn't know them even! He should know Brad Park, Giacomin, Gilbert, Bathgate, Richter, Leetch, Messier, Graves, Lundqvist...
So much "church work" is like a squirrel in a circular cage—plenty of activity but no progress.
All kids have a unique chance to meet the one and only Brad Gilbert Sunday Sep 14th, Have you signed up?
I like Ty Lawson a little more today (from his Instagram)
Mary Carillo is the worst. I hate when she commentates. And Brad Gilbert. Not my fave.
If I was ESPN Tennis, I'd be trying to trade Darren Cahill and Brad Gilbert to Tennis Channel for Jim Courier
It's true guys .is the best thing going on in dfw
The are averaging a point for every 4.4 seconds of possession after the 1st quarter.
At this pace we'll replace Intentional Grounding sometime around Thanksgiving.
am I to assume you preached on divorce a few weeks back which led to today? ;)
Sending out resumes. Nothing concrete yet...
sorry to hear that. Will be praying. Any leads?
They obviously refers to her delusional fan base or Brad Gilbert? :). Elena Dementieva and Dinara Safina, just a reminder. :)
i get so sad when you go from tennis to football. thoughts on Brad Gilbert calling Peng a cheater?
If Brad Gilbert calls Nishikori ''special K '' again I'll shoot myself
This is great: Out for months, Salt Lake's Álvaro Saborío comes on, scores game-winner on 1st touch
My OTA is not picking anything up, so I must follow the Cowboys via today.
Brad Gilbert, blissfully unaware that the Bryans have played forehands in since 'Nam.
Oh Brad Gilbert doesn't mince his words 👍
got a response from brad Gilbert no biggie
Brad Gilbert keeping it all the way real in that clip too lol
Many have suggestions. Few have burdens.
Tough loss. Next game is a week from today at home against Vancouver. Need a win.
right, but I am comfortable enough to say the college kid played well w/o people assuming I think it is apples/apples w/NFL
I think all things are relative. MLS fans hate this truth, but perspective is ok. 275 yds in college FB is not NFL, right?
sure. But that goal against San Jose earlier in the year definitely would have beat world class keepers.
can't we compliment w/out a qualifier? It's no big deal, I shouldn't have responded. Don't want yo be a whiner.
Stretching. Can’t we just live with him being fantastic for where he is?
I realize it's not the EPL, but why can't we compliment w/out the qualifier.
he scored on Rimando, who plays on the world stage occasionally
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