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Brad Garrett

Bradley Brad Garrett (born Bradley H. Gerstenfeld; April 14, 1960) is an American actor, voice-actor, stand-up comedian, and professional poker-player.

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Trivia point ; Brad Garrett from Everyone Loves Raymond was the voice of the Hulkster
"Brad Garrett gives a breathtaking performance as Paul Manafort in 'Road to Impeachment'."
Jason Garrett nearly became emotional when talking about how Dak Prescott continued to battle Sunday. "No. 4 is a special p…
The latest on Jose and Maria coming up, plus your chance at tickets to Brad and Rita, as in Garrett and Rudner at...
Here's a special recording of my VO lesson that I worked with & on. Enjoy!.
Me and the angels of Brad Garretts. @ Brad Garrett's Comedy Club At Mgm Grand
What instinct? What little flicker of thought? What muscle memory could compel you to clap right there Jason Garrett?
Just watched Mother! Intense, hard to watch? Sure, but having Jennifer Lawrence in love with Brad Garrett (Robert Barone) was unbelievable.
Why can't Raymond be nicer, like his brother, Brad Garrett?
Really I watched the old cartoon a lot more than real wrestling as a kid. So I guess I was more a fan of Bra…
Brad Garrett is lovely, but really - unnecessarily tall.
A Night of Comedy & Charity with Special Host Brad Garrett is coming soon to The Comedy and Magic Club​, Hermosa...
Actor Brad Garrett engaged to woman 24 years younger than him
I believe we learned that we finally found our QB & that D is special. Garrett needs to get healthy &…
Who wants the secret formula for connecting with business owners? Get it in my conversation w/
I saw Will Self talking to Brad Garrett about UrbEx once and WS explained that he once lay down in t…
the Quote of the Day is from Brad Garrett:. "It's all I have left in my life, caffeine and a poodle."
Comedy Club Of The Week: Brad Garrett's Comedy Club - Go to to check out our…
I might go to at Brad Garrett Comedy Club at MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV...
Jason Garrett must not have Zeke on his fantasy team
We lost a legend of comedy today. Jerry Lewis has passed away at 91. (Photo: Sammy Davis Jr., Brad Garrett and Jerry L…
Brad Garrett, and Rob Riggle were awesome. Just luvin this show. Almost caught up
Jackie Gleason and Brad Garrett are 2 of my favorite comedians. Great talent!
Problem is Leo's only 5'9 (at best). But if 6'6 Brad Garrett can play 5'9 Jackie Gleason, then why not.
Brad Garrett posing on a Hard Rock motorcycle at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tampa in January 2007.
Brad Garrett & Matt Lloyd! Stop what ever you are doing and get to Mercer Market immediately!! Panic has set in!!
so, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Brad Garrett are the same guy right
Jeffrey Dean Morgan looks like fellow actor, Brad Garrett, of Everybody Loves Raymond. They should now call the show EVERYBODY HATES NEGAN.
Just another trip to for my co pilot. all this week w/ Brad Garrett 8pm shows…
Dude me and Brad Garrett from Everybody Loves Raymond are such homies. I serve him coffee and I'll be like oh Brad and he's like my girl!
Candidates launch new line of attacks following first debate
Dr. Robert Goforth and Brad Garrett with Project Daris brought a great message about drug prevention and awareness…
Las Vegas! I'm coming back this week, all week at Brad Garrett's Club inside the MGM Grand. Week after that catch...
I was very, very large as a kid and never athletic, and my home life was a little upside down
Brad Garrett at Zucker's Bagels NYC April 2016. Brad was in NYC to film guest appearance in NBC SVU
Brad Garrett at the premier of Casper (1995) (sorry couldn't resist)
Brad Garrett: Everybody Loves Raymond, but we love him more
Went to Brad Garrett's Comedy Club and was hilarious. Best act of the night.
Sounds like a great show at Brad Garrett in Vegas this week!
Yes. Brad Garrett is also in it. He's looking old.
Seeing brad Garrett on this is us made me LOL. That mf called me a hooker
Brad when you get a chance, reach over and slap Major Garrett for me, that *** lies about Trump😂👍
I come from the world of improv; I love any show or any vehicle that gives me an oppor~
I've got to agree with you and . Those are sick as ***
Watched ep.2 w. Brad Garrett ! Fantastic show with a fantastic actor!! Loved it!!
Garrett was put in a bad spot by Dez, but agree with Brad, no other team would suspend for this
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
It's fun to play people who are flawed.
It's so great when Brad Garrett guest stars in a show you like and you have his email address.
to when we honored Brad Garrett w/ the Rodney Respect Award. Support a great cause at the UCLA Visionary Ball. ➨
Why does Then by Brad Paisley gotta get in my emotions. Just let me be an existential cynic please and thank you
he also had terrifying Brad Garrett there to keep him in line
what are my chances of getting BGCC tickets on a night when Brad Garrett is performing?
Brad Garrett is the single greatest part of This is Us and I'm worried he's only going to be in that one scene.
I forgot all about Brad Garrett until he popped up on
busy with what? lol ;) This doesn't give it justice, but it's all I can find
Just watched This Is US and so enjoyed seeing Brad Garrett!!
Brad Garrett from Cloverfield, stars in Stay Alive about a realistic Optical mechanic named Karron
Had a great week with these two guys at Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club. Miss em already. Vegas,…
Katey Sagal and Brad Garrett guest starring on this ep of is excellent 👌🏽
Dr. Laurie Garrett will share her story on the at in Baltimore:
So it’s been decided that Fake Freeform airs “The Manny.” Still, kinda can’t let go of Brad Garrett as Darkest Timeline Landgraf.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
My very early favorites in this draft are Myles Garrett , Jarrad Davis, Brad Kaaya, Chad Kelly, Sidney Jones
has cast and Brad Garrett for guest roles in Season 1
Katey Sagal and Brad Garrett to guest star on 'This Is Us':
'This Is Us' taps Katey Sagal and Brad Garrett as guest stars:
"Sons of Anarchy" star, Katey Sagal and Brad Garrett from "Everybody Loves Raymond", will guest star in the...
Katey Sagal & Brad Garrett will guest star on - playing a talent agent and network exec respectively
Katey Sagal and Brad Garrett are heading to NBC's
I always thought Brad Garrett from tv's "Everybody Loves Raymond" would be the perfect Herman Munster💚
I think if you crossed Brad Garrett with Jason Statham, you'd have Rory McCann.
Peter Gallagher, Mariska, Raul Esparza, Brad Garrett they had the A Listers on hand for the finale. Kept Rollins & Carisi where they belong
Brad Garrett plays strip poker with Esther Ku
That would be an AWESOME remake. I think Brad Garrett or Vince Vaughn would be great as the coach.
They should remake the movie Young Frankenstein , with Brad Garrett as the Monster and Ray Romano as Dr. Frankenst…
Ray Romano gets a dramatic role, and it's alongside a guy who could stand in for Brad Garrett.
I feel very, very grateful. I'm a lucky guy, you need a lot of luck, and then wh...
Watching a movie with Brad Garrett, girlfriend goes: Isn't that the guy from That's So Raymond?
SKCNation, help welcome We've had some epic battles, but now I look forward to playing with a great competit…
Providing you haven't linked a pic of Brad Pitt and said "I want him" you'll be just fine x
"States with more gun background checks, more than the fed requires, have less gun violence." Crime expert Brad Garrett
*Brad Garrett, clinically a giant, watches through the window and sighs that yet again, Everybody Loves Raymond*
I will be with Brad Garrett at valentines week. crew should come out and play!
I spoke to Brad Johnson at the Garrett State Bank and decided it would be best to have the Fund...
Had a lovely time ditching high school Christmas plays with and Brad Garrett in Dreamland last night. . 😴💭
Richards hits Larkin with the pass they don't want you to have. 🔑
Who's your best friend(s)? — Garrett, Megan, Luke, Brad, Isaiah, and Tanner.
Pitch for The Next Big TV Drama: Bobby Cannavale and Brad Garrett play brothers in 1970s New York. . That's as far as I've gotten.
When you get a chance, make the most of it.
The nicest surprise about where I'm at in season 2 of FARGO so far is Brad Garrett.
Tonight you can catch me live, onstage at Brad Garrett's Comedy Club 8:30pm showtime...
Brad Garrett of Everybody Loves Raymond fame wandering in town. Can someone try to corroborate this?! Last seen near the abbey
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
"Brad Garrett's Comedy Club with and having great... https:…
"Brad Garrett's Comedy Club with and having great...
I wonder how Brad Garrett feels about this.
Excited to see some Merco bball tonight!
Brad Garrett's Comedy Club with and through Sunday. Laughers welcome!
Brad Garrett's Comedy Club with and having great shows through...
Enjoying the comedy show at Brad Garrett's Comedy Club.. thank you
I wish the burbies were in person, so after lost comic of the year, he'd storm out, while screaming "I OPENED FOR BRAD GARRETT!"
I haven't gone to the bathroom since last year
I often hear Mr. Fish's voice as similar to Garrison Keillor's; but you're right, a Brad Garrett voice is perfect!
My family used to be friends with Brad Garrett/Ray Romano and I found a pic of my grandma Brad Garrett
.Brad Garrett is on now to talk security throughout the U.S.
Just saw at Brad Garrett's Comedy Club in MGM Grand Las Vegas. Hilarious and talented. Thanks Butch!
I channel Brad Garrett when I read The Pout-Pout Fish. If Mr. Fish had a voice it would be his. Blubbluubblub
It's official: Brad Marchand has been suspended 3 games. He will miss the Winter Classic.
Update your maps at Navteq
saw you perform at the brad Garrett Comedy Club in October. Killed it! Best wishes for NY.
so like if Terry Tate was Brad Garrett.
Eh heck, I'd take the entire cast of Spirited away plus Brad Garrett and Greg Ayers and have that be my winning team.
I'm hoping for a Michael Malone type character to buddy up with a Brad Garrett type character.
Idea for a sitcom: Brad Garrett and Brett Gelman are friends. That's all I have so far.
I can't be the only one to get Brad Garrett and Bobby Cannavale confused, can I?
I thought last year with Billy Bob was excellent. This is better. Brad Garrett has been awesome as a bad guy
Kenny vs Spenny but with Ray Romano and Brad Garrett
Isn't Brad Garrett the brother from Everybody Loves Raymond? He's so deep! lol
Happy to be playing in my pal Brad Garrett poker tournament for his great charity…if in Vegas Sept 19th, come on by!
i've got a dream - Brad Garrett, Jeffrey Tambor, Mandy Moore, and Zachary Levi
fantastic set tonight at Brad Garrett's Comedy Club!
Oh boy, totes thought Halle Berry was done for, but then whammo, better looking Brad Garrett came out of nowhere to save the day.
Brad Garrett or Doris Roberts.They would be good as Officer Brennan and Sheila Canning.The latter as a very overbearing mom.
Jesse Plemons, Nick Offerman and Brad Garrett too. It's going to be wonderful.
Brad Garrett at the table beside me yesterday. Now Ray Romano today. Everyone Loves Raymond is taking over the
I thought Patrick Warburton and Brad Garrett were the same person
I want to see Brad Garrett as an Indiana highway patrol/state police officer give you a ticket for speeding.
Big day for everyone. Rock N Wrestling in its entirety is on the Thank you Brad Garrett!
Prince DK voiced by Brad Garrett and Big Sexy voiced by The Rock
Great episode of WIN, LOSE OR DRAW from Philly: Mr. T, Nina Blackwood and Brad Garrett...
24/7 any day of the week I'll wash any one of Garrett's bikes tho 👀😏
Looking forward to a top show at the Brad Garrett Comedy Club with and Nanna Joey.
So apparently Illinois can't win when it matters in baseball either
that's be a nice power to have. As an aside, Patrick Warburton and Brad Garrett always sound great.
A RB won't go No. 1 in the 2017 NFL Draft, right? Could Leonard Fournette make teams think?
More lookalike going on here with Ben Brad and Garrett
"I would probably be a teacher if I weren't a comedian." - Brad Garrett
Angeleno it is, Unless you're married to Brad Pitt, in which case it's Brangeleno.
ever do stand up at Brad Garrett's club in LV? $20 for a Coors Light.. Everybody loves $, eh?
Some celebrity action from last night: Steve Carell, Sarah Silverman, Alex Trebek, and Brad Garrett.
We are having a drawing today for Brad Garrett tickets every hour for his show on June 12th, starting at noon!!
As far as celebrities go, I can 100% confirm that Jeff Garlin, Brad Garrett, Kevin Nealon, Sarah Silverman and Conan O'Brien are DELIGHTFUL.
Brad Redford won Mr. basketball over Draymond Green...And Green is playing in the finals rn...crazy
is our bad movie night. We are watching Delhi Safari. Second music number so far. Brad Garrett is playing a bear, I think
Today: Brad Garrett explains why there is a spike in the national homicide rate.
in this episode it is revealed that Dieter is not like Q as much as he is like Brad Garrett's character from Seinfeld
Watching the episode that Brad Garrett won his first Emmy for.
Former FBI Agent Brad Garrett: "I am very optimistic we are getting closer to solving the mystery as to what happened to Lauren"
Bernie Yuman, Matt Goss make a splash at Caesars; Brad Garrett (and his book) headline MGM Grand
Brad Garrett is pretty good in this Marilyn Monroe movie on To think all those years he was just Ray Romano's big dumb brother.
The folks at Brad Garrett's Comedy Club love me so much they got me TWO birthday cakes! Thanks Brad!
Vince Vaughn is the poor mans Brad Garrett
Wait, Brendan Gleeson Eric Bana Brad Pitt Garrett Hedlund and the guy who was Michael Myers die but Sean Bean makes it? How did this happen?
In big roundup of new humor books, Michael Ian Black reviews Dave Barry, Brad Garrett and more.
I'm leaning toward Garrett Richards on tonight. Frees up some cash for the lineup. Thoughts?
2 yrs ago today at Quivering Pen: Franzengroin, Brad Garrett, and the Fate of Quality TV God, I still miss that show!
Whoa, they got Brad Garrett on Talkin' Toons. I kinda want to listen to that to see if he talks about his old VO works.
Movie Idea: Remake Multiplicity, but with Robert Downey Jr, Javier Bardem, Brad Garrett, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan as the clones.
How Brad Garrett ticked off Cosby, Sinatra and John Gotti via
Just dreamed I went to buy some Jockstraps and met Brad Garrett there and we hanged out
Garrett was better than the billionaire
ramen noodle shop. Call it "Everybody Loves Ramen". Brad Garrett and an angry Asian yelling "CHICKEN OR BEEF?!" to each customer...
New Releases in Humour & Entertainment. When the Balls Drop by Brad Garrett.
I've only got into it this last year or so. That big fella Brad Garrett is superb. Great character. Like Peter Boyle too.
Photo: I didn’t know Brad Garrett was a wrestler.
I didn't know Brad Garrett was a wrestler.
OMG, that segment with Brad Garrett was the best! As good as the show can be, I've never laughed that hard. What a riot!
Brad Garrett, still recovering from that interview. Here's our dear, sweet "Goth Mom" & her pups:)
I think Brad Garrett would make a great co-host!! Hillarious! .
I loved that segment with Brad Garrett. He was the funniest guest yet.
bring Brad Garrett back on. That was the best segment ever. segment ever
One awkward selfie coming right up, Brad Garrett is cracking me up! ...
Enter for your chance to win a copy of by Brad Garrett here:
and Everybody Loves Brad Garrett! Just wait until you hear about his new book:)
love Brad Garrett. One of the funniest comic actors. Miss Raymond Show.
I am so happy I can watch today's show I see Brad Garrett is on.
Everybody loves Brad! Brad Garrett guest stars on The Talk today at 2! .
Really enjoyed comedian Brad Garrett on his new book When the Balls Drop. via
lols. Can't be for science. Brad is banned from Vegas. 🔫😏
Chip inherited a 4-12 team. With Vick at qb.. Chip better than Garrett bruh. On mommas he is
"It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice.". Brad Garrett as Robert Barone, "Everybody Loves Raymond"
just got a s/o by for being his favorite Aledo knight
just listening to yesterdays podcast. Brad Garrett was hilarious!
Dellitt were repping the 3 on 3 look
Comedian Brad Garrett talks about his new book When the Balls Drop now.
Next: Brad Garrett has a warning of terror threat for the holiday weekend. 820-
Live on Brad Garrett talking about US raising alert level going into the Memorial Day weekend.
crime & terrorism analyst Brad Garrett sits down now with PJ Maloney to discuss Memorial Day terrorism threats.
Bill gives thoughts on Cavs Win and Promotes Comic-Actor Brad Garrett @ 8:40AM.: Bill gives thoughts on Cav...
Brad Garrett's new book "When the Balls Drop" is available for preorder now and will be released May 5, 2015
You think you know horror? I've seen Brad Garrett do a drag act as Bea Arthur in a mini skirt.
Brad Garrett hosted the Beverly Hills Fire Dept "Backdraft Ball", June 11, 2013 at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel
only 2. Wanted to see a season 3 where JD Morgan WAS replaced by Brad Garrett and Olga was nekkid in all her scenes.
MAGIC CITY: You get Danny Huston doing the most overacting in history, Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Brad Garrett, tons of hotness.
Just watched - if they made a bio movie about Raymond Burr, Brad Garrett would be perfect casting.
Just ran into Brad Garrett at the Blue Bayou and we discussed the hat he was representing. Awesome.
Ed Sullivan at Brad Garrett, Blake Lively and Randy Houser Visit "Late Show with David Letterman" - August 28, 2008
Brad Garrett, David E, Kelley lead a fast break back to network TV
Press a button to choose your narrator: Julie Andrews, Fran Drescher, Patrick Warburton, Brad Garrett, or the Frozen soundtrack
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
The next group of stars to be banished to the frozen wilderness of Fargo has finally been confirmed, as FX has announced that Patrick Wilson, Ted Danson, Nick Offerman, Brad Garrett, and Jean Smart will all join the previously announced Jesse Plemons and Kirsten Dunst in the second season of its Coe
Also Fargo Season 2 is going to have Dancin' Ted Danson, Nick Offerman AND Brad Garrett? TV's golden age continues!
My impression of Brad Garrett ordering at a Japanese Noodle House.
Great time at the PALS luncheon with comedian Brad Garrett and
luncheon, Brad Garrett, thanks for the laughs!
In honor of his show this weekend, here's Brad Garrett doing standup on *** Clark's Nitetime in the mid 80s
Undy Run, Woofstock, Brad Garrett are among a list of things to see and do this weekend around Phoenix
Technically didn't 'practice' yesterday. He was 'out there,' Garrett says. Same plan today
Who said Garrett Davis is authority on anything football? I certainly didn't defend any of his points
According to Garrett Davis the other games dont matter.
Garrett Davis was being hypothetical. Fact: his stats were not impressive vs an FCS foe in the least.
Best pizza I ever had made by Lee's newest employee Garrett Huff if you haven't made supper yet, treat yourself...
why are you missing them and garrett? Really
were also missing kam and Garrett who are two good varsity players
“*Drives off in my Lamborghini with a super model in the passenger seat*”
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Any day you don't yell "Robert you're driving me crazy!" across the diner to Brad Garrett in your Ray Romano voice...that's a good day.
Speaking of guest stars, any chance Brad Garrett will be on the Middle?
BOOKED: Opening for Brad Garrett at the Ice House in Pasadena December 6th. Get tickets TODAY at
When we die, I our group text should be released to the youngins as a book of life
Brad Garrett puts Ita to sleep, and outs Joe as the Volunteer Walking Contradiction. 10 mins, so SD on the Download.
celebrating at Craftsteak and now time for some laughs at Brad Garrett's Comedy Club.
Great Show!! Brad Garrett is a funny & genuinely nice guy! . And, Thank you to Hector Saldana for the great articles!
"I'm gonna take some shots, go into Brad Garrett's Comedy Club in the MGM, and I'm going to pee all over the floor."
Only one person can give Nick Wallenda goosebumps other than himself, and that's...Brad Garrett
Photos of this weekends Humor For Heroes comedy show at Floores! Thank you Brad Garrett󾌸
OMG😂😂 guys Garrett is known as brad from GameStop
Waiting for the comedy act to start Brad Garrett Comedy Club @ mgm, what a great staff here!
Missing my guys from Merco today as basketball season starts in Illinois.
Hey Brad Garrett saw you at El chaparral yesterday. How was dinner?
Brad Garrett receives guitar at comedy show
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Bobby Henline performs for a rowdy crowd of about 600 at John T. Floore Country Store show with Brad Garrett
Bobby Henline and Brad Garrett do a little dance on Sunday
Brad Garrett. You are not a consultant.
Comics Joe Kashnow, Brad Garrett and Bobby Henline and Chico the service dog
VEGAS!! Ill be at Brad Garrett's Comedy Club ALL WEEK Nov. 10-16 showtimes nightly at 8pm at MGM…
Need a favor. Could someone flip through "The Interpretation of Dreams" and tell me what Freud said about reoccurring Brad Garrett hugs?
Memo to Jason Garrett: Let Brandon Weeden hand off to Joseph Randle the rest of the day.
Really hope Brad puts his car in the wall today.
Humor for Heroestonight 8:30-10:30pm. Brad Garrett, bobby Henline .$20. Support our Vets/WW. Join us.
I'm too busy watching Brad Garrett play Jackie Gleason on MoviePlex. Oh, late-night cable TV, you're the best!
"I'm the worst sports fan to ever exist." - Brad Hockaday
At Brad Garrett's Comedy Club in Vegas to see Can't wait!!!
Aggie flight delayed out of Auburn as Myles Garrett is held at the the gate
We're now watching the movie Planes. Brad Garrett, whatta cast!
Everybody Loves Veterans: Brad Garrett on supporting the troops:
"Dan unger in a previous life hopefully not a future life
WATCH: This uncalled holding on Myles Garrett is insane.
Just show up laughing, making inside jokes that they wouldn't get."Mom, is it cool if Brad Garrett comes over?"
Humor for Heroes Comedy Show with Brad Garrett @ Floore's Country Store Nov 9 at 8:30 pm via
If you can make someone smile and laugh, you have given the most special gift: happiness - Brad Garrett
Crunch Time!! BRAD GARRETT performing for Humor for Heroes THIS SUNDAY!! Tix at:
2 men on TV most like me are Tim Allen in Last Man Standing & Brad Garrett in 'Til Death.
Sullivan boys soccer players named to all district team. Dalton Conrad,Brad Jones,Matt Waller,Garrett whitener
Just got done watching "Gleason". Superb made-for-TV movie from '02. See, Brad Garrett plays this one dude, whose name is Jackie...
Planes is a 2013 American 3D computer-animated sports comedy film produced by DisneyToon Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures. It is a spin-off of Pixar's Cars franchise and the first film in a planned Planes trilogy. Despite not being produced by Pixar, the film was co-written and executive produced by Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios' chief creative officer John Lasseter, who directed the Cars films. The film stars the voices of Dane Cook, Stacy Keach, Priyanka Chopra, Brad Garrett, Teri Hatcher, Danny Mann, Cedric the Entertainer, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Roger Craig Smith, John Cleese, Carlos Alazraqui, Val Kilmer, and Anthony Edwards. Running time 92 minutes
.Brad Garrett should do "The Poor Soul" Tv or movie.Jackie Gleason's character.Garrett's facial expressions =FUNNY
If "The Lego Guys" were to go w/ Ken Jeong to star, as suggested, my first thought for the Robert Culp role? Brad Garrett. Typecast?
An open letter from Brad Garrett to Michael Richards.
Brad Garrett, tho. He's like, enormous. Ray Romano is 6'2" and Brad Garrett towers over him.
Just realized that the new supervisor in my office looks and sounds like Brad Garrett. Hope Patricia Heaton comes next.
Brad Garrett wins the 2002 Emmy Award for Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series for his performance as Robert Barone in Everybody Loves Raymond.
Jim Parson is currently with the likes of Rob Reiner, Jean Stapleton, Laurie Metcaff, Brad Garrett, Jeremy Piven in 3-winners club.
I'm at the MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas October 13-19, with Alonzo Bodden. Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club.
You take away all the other luxuries in life, and if you can make someone smile and... - Brad Garrett at BrainyQuote
Some hotness: on the Cover of Flaunt. The Lullaby DVD is on sale from 29th July via
Today, see what Brad Garrett knows about “Everybody Loves Raymond”! Watch
hotels app is a given, should we buy brad Garrett's tickets now or can we buy when we show up??
Catch me this week at Brad Garrett's Comedy Club at The MGM in Vegas!
I love going to Mercer Market to boss Brad Garrett around. He better win employee of month.
Tuesday, Brad Garrett plays for charity w/ Celebrity Week on Don’t miss it:
Just spoke with Brad Garrett from one of my all-time fav tv shows , "Everybody Loves Raymond" here Nice guy!
Garrett and Brad are downstairs cleaning up while blaring "We Dem Boyz"
This is Brad Domke, tackling the biggest wave ever ridden on a skimboard. Watch the video:
.How about a Ray Romano, Brad Garrett & Kevin james TV show? something about 3 screw ups or always getting the short end
Seats at cards brewers game. Happy bday to my dad! Brad Garrett the living legend!
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
1-2-3 inning for Brad Hand. Garrett Jones leads off in the top of the 2nd.
Why is everyone leaving this week (garrett, kevin, vinny, stewy, brad, nopper)
Since NBC (HOPEFULLY) learned from the Mockingbird Lane debacle, can we still hope for a proper Munsters reboot with Brad Garrett?
You should both be slapped for the names of your teams.
Rooney had 4 goals and 2 assists lol
My husband is a percussion tech, wedding is in New York, first child's name is Brad, he has Garrett's personality, my wedding is in NY,
I liked a video Brad Garrett on NOT being nominated for an Emmy Award -
Dale-you look like brad Pitt with that hat on. Me-*gets big headed*. Rich-nah don't tell him that YOU LOOK LIKE A DEAD SQUIRREL
Garrett Hedlund Looks Hot on the Cover of Flaunt, Talks Brad Pitt and the ... - E!...
Garrett Hedlund sizzles on cover of the aptly named Flaunt magazine via
"Hey Brad Garrett, how long are you going to be on this sitcom?". "'Til death"
the only one I ever caught is where I think it was snooki that got punched in the face lol not my show
shoot, probably. You know me lol couldn't hate a show worse
Lol doesnt jordan like actually like the show I feel like I remember that
I'm now the Duke of Brad Garrett's Comedy Club on
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Garrett Hedlund smoulders in new shoot
Going to see my favorite funny man tomorrow at Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club. Because, I'm LIVING MY LIFE LIKE IT'S GOLDEN...GOLDEN.
we understand LeBron is going back to Cleveland, please show anything else on Sportscenter
"Happy Friday! Quick reminder that Garrett Hedlund is all kinds of attractive. ENJOY:
I was at the Pacers draft party the year Scott Haskin was drafted. Brad Garrett was there doing stand up and heckled him.
I don't know. That's a step below hosting a show with Landry Fields looking like Lionel Richie and Brad Garrett's love child.
I am glad I thought to set up the DVR for tonight's tribute to Don Rickles, because I forgot it was on. I'm watching it now, though. I only wish they could have gotten some big names to show up; they had to settle for David Letterman, Jerry Seinfeld, Jon Stewart, Robert De Niro, Martin Scorsese, Tracy Morgan, Jimmy Kimmel, John Stamos, Bob Newhart, Regis Philbin, Ray Romano, Brad Garrett, Johnny Depp, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Brian Williams.
The time has come for history & hysteria. In just a little while on Spike TV what may be the greatest assemblage of comedic talent ever gathers on "One Night Only: An All-Star Comedy Tribute to Don Rickles." Letterman, Seinfeld, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Jon Stewart, Johnny Depp, DeNiro , Scorsese, Tracy Morgan, Regis and Brian Williams are in the house and there'll be special moments from Newhart, Cosby, Eddie Murphy, Kimmel, Ray Romano and Brad Garrett. And, of course, closing the show as only he can, "Mr. Warmth" himself. Watch'll thank me in the morning.
Not the best burn out in the world but here's my 24 hour burn out challenge. I was called out by Cory Redman. I'm calling out Landon Eurek , Brad Garrett, Josh Bivens, chancey Holbrook, Carter Prince, and Justin Mcnichols. You all have 24 hours to do a burn out post a video and tag me in it or donate 100$ to a charity of my choice. Have at it fellas, good luck!
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