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Boyz N The Hood

Boyz n the Hood is a 1991 American Drama film written and directed by John Singleton. Starring Cuba Gooding, Jr., Ice Cube, Laurence Fishburne, Morris Chestnut, Nia Long, Angela Bassett and Regina King, the film depicts life in poor South Central (now South) Los Angeles, California and was filmed and released in the summer of 1991. It was nominated for both Best Director and Original Screenplay during the 1991 Academy Awards, making Singleton the youngest person ever nominated for Best Director and the first African–American to be nominated for the award.

John Singleton Cuba Gooding Jr Ice Cube Morris Chestnut Furious Styles Poetic Justice New Jack City

He played the guy that killed Ricky in 'Boyz N The Hood' AND Janet Jackson's boyfriend in 'Poetic Justice'.
Watching Boyz. N the hood in my film class 👌🏼
Forget about war with North Korea. Here’s a jungle track that samples the Ricky murder scene from Boyz N the Hood.
Can't believe my roomate has really never seen Boyz n the Hood
Tyler Farr sang boyz n the hood and I was way too excited
I just watched Boyz N the hood and realized a hidden message I never realized
I think I need to watch boyz n the hood
I hate watermelon & bbq. I never watched shottas. I hate boyz n the hood, menace II society, juice and the show "Ma…
Came from the hood,. I throw it up2 the real boyz n da hood,homies float around with them toys n bud,thats gats n green know what I mean
You're an intelligent young man. Interstellar. Boyz N the Hood. The Daniel Craig Bond movies. The Gree…
Snoop trying out for Boyz n the hood 😂😂
you should listen to us because - BOYZ-N-THE-HOOD is coming up next. Stream it here
Lmao feel like All Eyez On Me should've been directed by John Singleton (Director of Boyz N The Hood)
watch hood movies like Paid In Full, Juice, Boyz N The Hood, Friday, Fresh, New Jack City, In Too Deep and all them class…
I like Boyz N The Hood also, Ice Cube's the best in that movie.
I was watching sister act 2 with my mom yesterday and she kept crying so I turn on Boyz N The Hood after it lmao
Me x John Singleton on set of Boyz N The Hood.
Other top films are Juice, Boyz N The Hood, Fresh and Adam Sandlers Jack and Jill (I'm joking about the last one)
An oral history of Boyz N The Hood, by Ice Cube and John Singleton. Great read.
Eazy E called Boyz N The Hood an after school special 😂😁
Wonderful discussion tonight w/ the cast and crew of Boyz N The Hood!
I'm sitting in the Sam Goldwyn theater waiting for 25th Anniversary of Boyz N The Hood to start.
25th Anniversary of "Boyz N The Hood" theacademy with John Singleton, Morris Chestnut
No but have you seen Boyz N the hood when ricky Dies?🤔
As of late, 'Boyz n the Hood' really impacted me because I grew up in ...
I feel like Trey off Boyz n The Hood living with my father out here.
My gpa just said I'm having a *** movie marathon" cause now I'm watching Boyz n The Hood
They need to make a Boyz n the hood 2 but settle all their disputes using kung fu
I watched Boyz n Da Hood and cried immediately after listening to Good Kid Maad City. That's the power of the album.
I've been wanting to watch boyz N the hood :/
Charly out here rapping Boyz n the Hood while also being the whitest person I know 😂
Meet Black Singles 300x250
The best thing about graduating tomorrow are all the Ricky from Boyz N The Hood and Cochise from Cooley High death jokes I make about myself
Someone is literally BLASTING Boyz n the Hood down the street 😂
I heard you're like Mr. GQ Smooth now. - Doughboy, Boyz N The Hood
i've always liked that scene in Boyz N The Hood when Tre's father started preaching to the hood about gentrification
Its some Boyz N Da Hood sell anything for profit . Five in the morning on the corner clockin. Yeah we're wrong but dare a *** try to stop us
the quintessential NWA rock cover Boyz-N-The Hood by Dynamite Hack ♫
Ice Cube was 16 years old when he wrote “Boyz N The Hood.”
American History X for me and Boyz N the Hood😭
John Singleton wrote the movie Boyz N The Hood 😑
And it was on boyz n the hood, come on now
When I wear my Dodgers jersey to class, it's only right to listen to Boyz-N-The-Hood by Eazy-E. You just have too.
Blu - Boyz N The Hood on GH2 efX Radio the home of underground Rap/HipHop 24/7/365 (GH2R efX)
A coworker basically reenacted the "I'll suck your *** " crackhead scene from Boyz N The Hood waiting for her coffee.
Watching Doughboy kill Ferris in Boyz n the Hood made me a fan of revenge films.
I still can't get over this loss man, I feel like Tre in Boyz N The Hood after that cop put the pistol to his neck 😭
When told me the Popeyes lady was dead, I started swinging at the air, like Tre did when Ricky got shot in Boyz N The Hood
I think I'm about to stay up and watch Boyz N The Hood, no classes tomorrow 🤔😂💁🏾
Really writing a paper on boyz n the hood
if you from Baltimore you have to have seen Boyz N the Hood, Juice, Paid In Full, New Jack City & all 5 seasons of The Wire or its just me 🤔
I aint never seen no black hood movie where it wasnt a female by a *** side regardless of his struggle! belly,boyz n the hood,etc..
They kinda nice. They had a song in Boyz N The Hood
Boyz N Da Hood, we catch em' down bad, shoot em' in the back like Ricky.
Why my teacher felt that we needed to read a 21 page article on the deeper meaning of Boyz N The Hood is beyond me, but I am fed up!
Forgot about Broken City. Menace 2 Society was just as visceral a blast to American Cinema as Boyz N The Hood. Crazy.
I feel like Cuba Gooding, Jr. after Ricky died in 'Boyz N The Hood'.
What fictional Black kid in LA didn't go to Crenshaw in the '90s? Moesha, Q & Monica, *** even Cuba Gooding Jr. in Boyz N The Hood.
You honestly think the crooked'Black cop' scene in 'Boyz N The Hood' just came out of nowhere from John Singleton's imagination??
Boyz N The Hood: Shia LaBeouf as Tre Styles, Jonah Hill as Dough Boy, Channing Tatum as Ricky, Liam Neeson as Furious Styles
"Black man ain't got no place in the army". Furious Styles - Boyz N The Hood 😴🙅🏾
And I'm reminded of Furious Styles' advice to Tre in "Boyz N The Hood": "It's (2015). You can't afford to be afraid of your own people."
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and I did some more eazy e songs like 8 ball, boyz n the hood, Eazy-er Said Said Than Dunn, and we want eazy
The F bombs paled in comparison to the N bombs. It was like watching boyz n the hood if it starred Webster.
Should of listened to Trea's dad off boyz N the hood
Cause the boyz n tha hood are always hard. You come talkin that trash we'll pull your card. Knowin nothin in life, but to be legit.
*fights air like Cuba Gooding Jr in Boyz N the Hood*
Check out what I found. Boyz N The Hood (DVD, 2006, 2-Disc Set) via
Listening to Boyz-N-The Hood by Eazy E on Beat Junkie Radio -
How they gonna make Boyz N The Hood 2 when Doughboy dies in the first one 😒
So my pops pick me up I the mustang bumping 'Boyz n the hood' by jeezy 😂😂😂 this *** think he a G
Met Cuban Gooding Jr today. He looked so old I couldn't figure out who he was at first to tell him how annoying he was in Boyz N The Hood
Hakeem just had a moment like Cuba Gooding in Boyz N The Hood.
"I'm boycotting Chiraq cause it depicts my city in a bad light" (presses play in Netflix for Boyz N The Hood)
This semester is the end of Boyz N The Hood and I’m Cuba Gooding Jr. and my grades are Morris Chestnut.
I hate it when people try talk like boyz n the hood isn't a good movie tho
Lmfao son I had to be like 11 and my sister was 8 when we first seen Boyz n the Hood...
Remember in Boyz N the Hood when Tre answered "who dis" to his Mum, she was furious
laying down watching boyz n the hood because I love this movie
Lucky!! I want to see it so bad!!. I have been obsessed with Morris Chesnut since Boyz N The Hood.
I'm just like Dough Boy in "Boyz N The Hood" minus the curl, '64 Impala and the whole black thing. I guess I'm just a…
"Straight Outta South Gate!" Greenspan's sold clothes to the movie "Boyz N The Hood". That was because Ice Cube... http:/…
Astro Jon Singleton was born 2 months after director John Singleton's Boyz N The Hood was released.
To be honest, I was sold as soon as a pre-Boyz N The Hood Larry Fishburne popped up in the trailer. Also, I get excited by.
Boyz n the hood will always be fire. And snow on the bluff
Any fool with a *** can make a baby but a real man can raise his children -boyz n the hood
That face u make when tre on boyz n the hood said let me out
Je viens de regarder Boyz N the hood!!
Gonna have to watch boyz n tha hood tonight again for the 27th time tonight
Boyz N the Hood are always hard, just like us new review here
A huge THANK YOU to all who came out to last night, we had a blast! Next week: Boyz n the Hood!
Most black cops remind me of the cop that played in Boyz N Hood
Its been crazy over here lately man. It doesn't make the news though because the beloved "boyz n day hood" phase is over.
John Singleton blessed us with the classics that are "Boyz N The Hood" and "Poetic Justice".
Love Jones, Boyz N The Hood, Just Another Girl on the IRT, Poetic Justice, Love & Basketball and now BTL
Does this generation have a cult classic movie like Menace, Juice, Boyz N The Hood, etc?.
Boyz N The Hood revisited with Curtiss King as Tre Styles -
Laurence Fishburne in Boyz N The Hood is pretty much black Atticus Finch
the radio version of Boyz-N-the-Hood is so dumb but I still used it for my all about me
Its all good got homies like Boyz n the Hood
i think the movie is supposed 2 bring attention, a Chicago type Boyz N the Hood...
Why does Boyz N the Hood still matter?.
"Hood movies be like... 😂 Boyz n the hood final scene lmaooo
I liked a video from DVS Boyz N The Hood
last 2 weeks of school is a cross between Boyz N The Hood & the riot scene in Mean Girls
Ironically, hearing Oscar rap to Boyz-N-The-Hood was so much more satisfying than running a 4:35.
top black movies to see: boomerang. Brown sugar. Best man. Boyz n the hood. Higher learning. Malcolm x
I only got 3 movies I can watch a hunnid times n still cry...boyz n the hood, ATL, & Notorious.
I cant sleep because I can hear my brother watching boyz n the hood 😒
saddest past on boyz n the hood was when ricky's mama opened his SAT score letter
Who doesn't love the movie Boyz N The Hood
Tre in Boyz N The Hood was ligtskinned and they made him seem soft since he wasnt mislead by the streets.
Menace 2 society, Boyz n the hood, The Wood, Waiting to Exhale, and Juice are classics!
somebody gotta make the movie channel that just shows classics all day. boyz n the hood, Friday, etc.
So my roommates have never seen Boyz n the Hood 😱😭
My fear is they will find Boyz N’ da Hood and Biker Boyz in someone’s Netflix queue that was the negative influence
Boyz N The Hood: The trials and tribulations of teenage Ku Klux Klan members in Mississippi.
Ricky's death in Boyz N The Hood is tragic, because you could tell he was naive to the streets, he said "they just showing out"
Freeview (UK) of the day : John Singleton's remarkable debut feature Boyz N The Hood (1991) [BBC2 11.35pm]
FSU = Young Trey from Boyz N The Hood...UF = Old Trey after he that run it wit da cops
If you haven't seen Boyz N The Hood, idk if we can be friends anymore.
I'm too good, these brothers good and high. Boyz N The Hood don't rock with you Cuba Gooding guys. - featured in NBC s Science of Love
I remember back in 1988 I told John Singleton to make a movie called Boyz N The Hood ...😒 still waitin on my check
Likewise with John Singleton. The best thing he's done since Boyz N The Hood was Shaft.
Hood movie G Battle. Doughboy from Boyz N The Hood, Nino Brown from New Jack City, Bishop from Juice or O-Dog from Menace 2 Society, who's coming on top?
I wanna know how that guy in Boyz N The Hood shot Ricky with that sawed off from all the way down that alley
At the age of 22 John Singleton directed the film Boyz N The Hood. Very inspiration for me.
Lol This dude looking like Cuba Gooding Jr. from Boyz N The Hood just tried to talk to this girl. I felt sorry for him because she didn't give him the time of day.
Boyz N The Hood director says black culture depicted on film has been 'homogenised', writes Ben Child
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