Boys Town & Mickey Rooney

Boys Town is a 1938 biographical drama film based on Father Edward J. Flanagan's work with a group of disadvantaged and delinquent boys in a home that he founded and named Boys Town . Mickey Rooney (born Joseph Yule, Jr.; September 23, 1920 – April 6, 2014) was an American film actor and entertainer whose film, television, and stage appearances spanned nearly his entire lifetime. 5.0/5

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Rainy dreary Saturday , good time to relax and watch an ole fav, "Boys Town" with Spencer Tracy as Fr Flanagan Mickey Rooney
Boy's Town This was a classic film of 1938 that starred Spencer Tracy as Father Flanagan and Mickey Rooney as juvenile delinquent Whitey Marsh . The film was based on Father Edward J. Flanagan's work with a group of underprivileged and delinquent boys in a home that he founded in Nebraska. Nick Clooney wrote in his book, "The Movies That Changed Us: Reflections on the Screen" (2002) that "In February 1939, when he accepted his Oscar for the role, Spencer Tracy responded graciously by spending all of his acceptance speech talking about Father Flanagan. "If you have seen him through me, then I thank you." An overzealous MGM publicity representative announced that Tracy was donating his Oscar to Flanagan without confirming it with Tracy. Tracy's response was: "I earned the...thing. I want it." The Academy hastily struck another inscription, Tracy kept his statuette, and Boys Town got one, too. It read: "To Father Flanagan, whose great humanity, kindly simplicity, and inspiring courage were strong enough to s ...
Spencer Tracy and Mickey Rooney on the set of Boys Town (1938)
Since when has become that children are saviors of the world with the knowledge to direct adult matters cort blanch sending repercussion through out that make differences. I had a young person not yet ten years old tell me that he knows more than any adult and that they all should listen to him. The children get it from the movies and I blame Mickey Rooney for this with the movie "Boys Town". It all started there. Don't believe me? Watch the movie.
The passing over the weekend of veteran actor Mickey Rooney at the age of 93, brought back memories for many of his visit to Ballymoe in 2007, when celebrations were held there to mark the 90th anniversary of the founding of Boys Town in Omaha, Nebraska, USA by one of the village’s most famous sons,…
Just watched Boys Town on TCM with Mickey Rooney and Spencer Tracy. What a great movie.
On TCM Channel 608 in the L-P area. "Boys Town" is on with Mickey Rooney, I've never seen it before but heard so much about it. What a classic. Anyone know if it still is in business??? For those of you who don't know the story it's about a priest Father Flannagan who built a home for boys with troubles or no home in Omaha, NE. Love the little boy who plays pee wee! Cindy
Watched the Mickey Rooney marathon on Sunday. Most hysterical scene was in Boys Town when he and another kid did a slow motion wrestling match. I feel sad for anyone that did not take the time to watch some of Mickeys work. It's good clean fun even the kids can watch
watching AMC celebrates Mickey Rooney, Men of Boys Town, why oh why does the puppy have to get run over, balling like a baby right now.
For the first time ever tonight, I watched the movie Boys Town with Spencer Tracy and Mickey Rooney. I sat here and just was so sweet and I couldn't believe I'd never seen it. Forty years ago our family lived in Omaha and were lucky to have some very special boys in our lives. Every week, our parents, Jim and Sylvia, invited boys who shared a cottage at Boys Town into our home. They brought with them a sense of humble gratitude for the fried chicken Mama prepared, the games of Ping Pong and driveway basketball games we all played together. I was blessed to know both Steve's and Mike and Dewey...and call one of them the first boy I ever loved. I wish I knew where all of them were today but know that one of them grew up to be a good and successful man.
Loving Turner Classic Movies channel... Boys Town with Mickey Rooney is on. Haven't seen it in SO long!
Just watched "Boys Town" with Mickey Rooney & Spencer Tracy for probably the millionth time. It never ceases to amaze me how I cry 💦 EVERY SINGLE TIME! I know what's happening & yet it reduces me to tears💦. Both of these men were such FANTASTIC actors!💦
Well, I'm bawling again! Watched movie "Boys Town" staring Mickey Rooney and Spencer Tracy! My kind of movie!
Just finished watching Boys Town. Lots of Mickey Rooney movies this weekend. Although a sappy, overacted movie, still made me cry.
Bawling like a baby watching "Boys Town", with Mickey Rooney. They just don't make movies like this any more!!
I am so sad, put the grand babies to bed and now I have been sitting here crying while I watch the last half of Boys Town!!! With the great Spencer Tracy and Mickey Rooney of course!
Mickey Rooney Tribute on TCM. The Human Comedy (a coming of age story about the life at home during WWII) and now Boys Town. Pass the tissues, please. (And, yes, I've seen them before.) As many have pointed out, he and Judy Garland are putting on a big show in heaven with their old pals from MGM.
Mickey Rooney marathon! Boys Town movie... Pulling my heart strings! I remember watching these on the old black and white tube TV in a cabinet!
Boys Town with Mickey Rooney and Spencer of my favorites.
I loved Mickey Rooney, Im watching Boys Town. A true movie, this was acting!!! Spencer Tracy was also great in this Oscar nominated movie!
We are watching Mickey Rooney and Spenser Tracy in "Boys Town".
Watching me some Mickey Rooney, Spencer Tracy." Boys Town". great film.
Boys Town with Mickey Rooney is on TCM at 7 pm tonight if anyone is interested.color me there!
I've been watching Mickey Rooney movies all day on TCM. Boys Town on at 7:00pm. Great tribute to a great man.
Mickey Rooney's ties to Boys Town will endure - BOYS TOWN,...
For those who did not hear about the passing of one of the great actors, Mickey Rooney, on Sunday, 6th. April, at the age of 93, I would like to share a little about his life... It was a career that spanned 80 years and a couple of hundred films, including Boys Town and The Black Stallion. He won two honorary Oscars, the first in 1938, the second in 1982. Laurence Olivier called Rooney "the greatest actor of them all," yet he was the unlikeliest of stars. At 5-foot-3, Rooney was short, with pointy, elfin features and a spirited, in-your-face energy more suited to selling cars than starring in films! Yet during the Depression, when jobs were scarce and the national mood grim, audiences loved his joie de vivre and his down-home appeal. Born Joe Yule Jr. on Sept. 23, 1920, Rooney made his first stage appearance at 17 months as part of his comic father and dancer mother's vaudeville performances, switching to the silver screen at age 6. He was good friends with Judy Garland, with whom he co-starred in 10 fil ...
I first saw him in National Velvet. I also saw him in Bill and in Boys Town. He was a very good actor. In Memoriam Mickey Rooney September 23, 1920 – April 6, 2014 For over nine decades, Mickey Rooney had an iconic career and profound effect on Hollywood as a superstar and prolific artist. As the last star of the silent film era, he successfully transitioned into television and stage and became an international celebrity. Statement from Mickey Rooney’s family: “Mickey passed away from natural causes at the age of 93. Two years ago he requested through the Superior Court to permanently reside with his son Mark Rooney and Mark’s wife Charlene. With them he finally found happiness, health and a feeling of safety and was able to enjoy life again. In an effort to provide Mickey with a better life, Mark and Charlene reunited him with both old and new friends. Even someone of Mickey’s iconic statue was quite star struck and was extremely thrilled to attend Vanity Fair’s Oscar party recently. Just l . ...
Mickey Rooney was born Joe Yule Jr. on September 23, 1920 in Brooklyn, New York. He first took to the stage as a toddler in his parents' vaudeville act at 17 months old and made his first film appearance in 1926. The following year, he played the lead character in the first Mickey McGuire short film. It was from this popular film series that he took the stage name Mickey Rooney. A Family Affair in 1937 introduced the country to Andy Hardy, the popular all-American teenager. This beloved character appeared in nearly 20 films and helped make Rooney the top star at the box office in 1939, 1940 and 1941. Rooney also proved himself an excellent dramatic actor as a delinquent in Boys Town starring Spencer Tracy. Teaming up with Judy Garland, Rooney also appeared in a string of musicals, including Babes in Arms (1939), Strike up the Band (1940), Babes on Broadway (1941) and Girl Crazy (1943). During that time he also appeared with Elizabeth Taylor in the now classic National Velvet (1944). Rooney joined the serv ...
Time to watch 'Boys Town' and remember what a star Mickey Rooney was -
Mickey Rooney, another icon of the golden age of Hollywood, passes away at 93. Boys Town and Andy Hardy movies put at the top of A-list
RIP Mickey Rooney. Andy Hardy and Boys Town, some of my favorite movies ever.
This fellows name is Whitey Marsh. He is affectionately named after Mickey Rooney's character in Boys Town . Remember Father Flannigan? "There is no bad boy".
1938 Oscar winner is on right now starring Spencer Tracy, and Mickey Rooney, yes Boys Town
HOST OF OUR UPCOMING SUNDAY MARCH 30TH WINGS OF LOVE INTERNATIONAL CHARITY EVENT: World Famous Hollywood High School Theatre. Here are pics of some of the most famous grads of Hollywood High. As a volunteer for our charity event, you will have the chance to learn a lot more about this fabled location, and hopefully invite lots of friends to join us for our fundraising event!! We need LOTS of help to transform the 1700 seat, balconied theatre into the Hollywood venue we want to show off our models, with the help of Fashion Designer Parris Harris and all of our volunteer models! We will even be having a Red Carpet and Step & Repeat with celebrity DOGS making their appearance! Although this large school looks a lot like many other old high schools, in fact this is where dozens of movie stars attended high school, including: James Garner ("The Rockford Files"), Mickey Rooney ("Boys Town"), John Ritter ("Three's Company"), Scott Baio ("Charles in Charge"), Mike Farrell ("B.J." on "M*A*S*H"), Laurence Fishburne ...
Ninety-six years ago today, Father Edward Flanagan founded Boys Town in Nebraska. He firmly believed that: “There are no bad boys. There is only bad environment, bad training, bad example, bad thinking.” In 1938, Hollywood told Flanagan's story in the classic film 'Boys Town', which starred Spencer Tracy as the priest and Mickey Rooney as troubled boy Whitey Marsh. The movie went on to win two Oscars: one for Tracy as Best Actor and one for Eleanore Griffin and Dore Scharey for Best Writing, Original Story. The film was also nominated for Best Picture, but lost to Frank Capra's 'You Can't Take it With You' (1938).
Classic movie fans: 'Boys Town' (1938) with Mickey Rooney and Spencer Tracy is on now on TCMHD (DirecTV channel 256).
Alright. So to those who follow along, I warn you that as we slip into the holiday season, my entries might tend to get sappy. But anyway, here it goes. This is part of something I was playing with this morning. In 1938, Spencer Tracy and Mickey Rooney did a film known as Boys Town. Father Flanagan, played by Tracy, was a priest who believed this: “There is one thing I know, that I really know. And that is there is no such thing in the world as a bad boy. I’m sure of that.” Father Flanagan built a home for troubled boys. He helped them and taught them how to work and to help themselves. He lent redemption to those who found themselves irredeemable and I know what this means because I lived in a place like this. Rooney played the part of Whitey Marsh. Whitey was a street kid, sent to Boys Town by his older brother, an otherwise gangster, with hopes that Whitey could live a clean life But marsh was cocky and he didn’t listen. He was a young con, trying to beat the system, and towards the end of the ...
It's Spencer Tracy night on Turner Classic Movies. Just finished watching Boys Town. Hadn't seen it in a while and had forgotten what a ham actor Mickey Rooney, who played Whitey, could be. Thankfully Spencer evened the pace. Still to come is Father of the Bride, Bad Day at Black Rock, Old Man and The Sea, Captains Courageous, and The Mountain. I'll be recording them all so I won't miss them.
My boys are watching an old classic movie called "Boys Town," (Spencer Tracy, Mickey Rooney) towards the end of learnin time, to help build character and compassion. It's excellent!! Adults should watch it too..They can't wait to watch the rest of it tomorrow!!Today they learned how to make their own compass and how to tell their location by the sun, all while in and near their tent in our woods. I surprised myself on how much fun it was. :)
I love watching Mad Men and old movies on Sunday. I'm watching Boys Town for the first time with Spencer Tracy and Mickey Rooney. It makes me greatful to God that boy doesn't need to live there. But this movie makes me think about how many boys and girls need to live there now.
Boys Town: Spencer Tracy and Mickey Rooney both won Oscars(R) in 1938 for their work in this touching and inspir...
Spencer Tracy won Oscar in 1938 movie: Boys Town. Mickey Rooney was outstanding as anti hero.
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