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Bowling Green Massacre

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Did go to the memorial service for the Bowling Green Massacre?
When you can make up terrorist attacks (*cough* green bowling massacre *cough*) you can justify anything
I bet the air in WH is polluted to a level that when someone steps in, they enter world.
like the fake Bowling Green Massacre that never happened???
so there were other Bowling Green Massacre's? *** you media for not reporting about those!
Also, how many of your lying media types covered the Bowling Green, set and match Trump! 😛
What you have here are people personally invested in believing their own lies .
Well, the very dishonest media totally missed that Bowling Green massacre story, so...
Last week wasn’t the first time Kellyanne Conway mentioned the made-up "Bowling Green massacre"
Oh, swell. Now we learn Conway was lying about lying about the Bowling Green massacre only the once. Down the damned ra…
Kellyanne Conway has claimed there's been a 'Bowling Green Massacre' more than once
Matthews interview was not the 1st time Kellyanne Conway mentioned the (which never happened) https:/…
Honest mistake also means deliberate and more than once now.
Just realised it is basically the end of the world if it turns out MI5/6 have prevented us from finding out about Bowling Green Massacre.
.reportedly cited 'Bowling Green massacre' in previous interview
Kellyanne Conway actually referred to "Bowling Green massacre" twice BEFORE her MSNBC interview .
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Yeah, but NONE the Bowling Green massacre perps were NOT from those countries. So there’s that.
1. Here's story proving Conway talked about the entirely fictional Bowling Green massacre before:
Turns out that referenced the "Bowling Green Massacre" in multiple interviews before the latest reference. The true con-way.
u & w/ BOWLING GREEN MASSACRE - eventually people will realize that electing a Banana 🍌beats u
finally, more details on the Bowling Green Massacre. if you want to honour the victims, you can do so at the Tomb o…
Conway talked about Bowling Green massacre in an interview with Cosmo four days before she brought it up on MSNBC
Don't you remember? The Bowling Green Massacre happened just before the Jade Helm 15 military takeover of Texas.
Kellyanne Conway's 'Bowling Green massacre' wasn't a slip of the tongue. She has said it before.
We now have a THIRD instance of Kellyanne Conway citing a terrorist attack on Bowling Green.
It was already pretty clear, but now we know: this is the case Kellyanne Conway's "Bowling Green Massacre" talking poin…
Kellyanne Conway pushed her fake 'Bowling Green Massacre' story at least 3 times
The house should wait until he finishes his investigation on the, BOWLING GREEN MASSACRE, I herd he's close to solving the case!
I gather this explains the complete absence of coverage of the Bowling Green Massacre.
The coverup of the Bowling Green massacre is particularly glaring.
Kellyanne Conway has peddled fear about the fake 'Bowling Green massacre' more than once:
Conway used 'Bowling Green massacre' days before MSNBC interview No one bothered to check her lies. Poor model!
Seems that has peddled the fiction to at least *three* media outlets
There was no "massacre" in Bowling Green, as falsely stated.
Trump's latest lie - the "dishonest media" don't report terrorist attacks. Is he thinking of the Bowling Green massacre?
Kellyanne Conway made the 'Bowling Green massacre' a go-to LIE before she got called on it
The first victim of the Bowling Green massacre has been identified.
So when explained she wasn't lying about "The Bowling Green Massacre"? She was lying. Said it before ht…
It really wasn't a one-off mistake. Conway also referenced the Bowling Green Massacre in a TMZ intvw—. http…
.reportedly cited 'Bowling Green massacre' in previous interviews
I heard Frederick Douglas died at the bowling green massacre. Lots of people are s…
The Bowling Green Massacre is just one example of the millions of things that never happened that my Administration wi…
I am with Eric Bolling – let us grieve for the victims before we politicize the Bowling Green massacre
How could we ever expect the media to tell the truth. They didn't even cover the Bowling Green Massacre!
I wish the Media would that "Bowling Green Massacre" comment from CONway was not an mistake, it was an outrigh…
Patriots win. Lady Gaga crushed the halftime show. And not even a moment of silence for bowling green massacre. Disgraceful.
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Everyone made the same joke about the Patriots getting massacred in Super Bowl LI
Kellyanne Conway correctly spoke about Bowling Green Iraqi terrorists, misspoke on ‘massacre’ - -
I'm convinced best way to fight fake news is to make fun of it, i.e. "Bowling Green Massacre" and Lady Gaga Super Bowl "satanic ritual"
SNL skit just in time to display the infamous 'bowling green massacre'
Bowling Green Massacre was terrible I watch that on Lord of the Rings.
They still regret not postponing that game because of the Bowling Green Massacre.
The real massacre was Europeans (not Muslims) killing natives. Perhaps we should rethink Trump's ban.
Join us tonight for a Bowling Green Massacre vigil. A "so called" judge and Frederick Douglass will be speaking.
Kellyanne Conway made a mistake with Bowling Green Massacre. Libs attacked her as if she committed the most horrible cri…
There will be plenty of "alternative facts" and an announcement honoring the lives lost in the "bowling gree…
New Yorkers hold a vigil for the imaginary victims of imaginary Bowling Green Massacre.
In other news claims she "made a mistake" by LYING TO SUPPORT THE RACIST FASCIST IMMIGRATION BAN.…
I'm as excited for the Super Bowl as I was sad for the victims of the Bowling Green massacre.
There was a Bowling Green Massacre after all—of Lenape Indians, in 1643.
Reagan is explaining to me in detail the process of personal metamorphosis. this is worse than the Bowling Green massacre
On another note, praise whomever put the "R.I.P Bowling Green Massacre" gravestone at the bottom of Old Main.
The Bowling Green Massacre isn't a hilarious story about a lie. . It's a warning that the Trump admin will make up history…
Where can i buy a shirt that says "i survivved the bowling green massacre"? Or do they not exist?
Has anyone, since stuck her foot in her mouth, actually researched The Bowling Green Massacre?
I'm ultimately just really upset that there was absolutely no tribute to the victims of the Bowling Green Massacre. ***
There was actually a real massacre at Bowling Green—in 1643, of Lenape Indians.
Why I don't watch football: The NFL has no respect. No moment of silence for the Bowling Green Massacre victims after…
Kellyanne Conway admitted her mistake in falsely referring to the "Bowling Green massacre"
My bit on Kellyanne Conway and the "Bowling Green Massacre"
Kellyanne Conway lashes out at 'haters' who won’t let 'Bowling Green Massacre' story die
*** I haven't seen a massacre like this since Bowling Green.
Forget Kellyanne Conway has a lot of in store for you, like the Bowling Gr…
24 hours later and there's once again media silence on the tragic Bowling Green Massacre. Sad.
That was a courageous performance by the Falcons, though, considering they just lost five players in the Bowling Green Massacre.
Didn't he die in the Bowling Green Massacre?
chicken wings were served following the Bowling Green Massacre.
@ you make me laugh... I am guessing you believe there was a massacre at Bowling Green 😜
Kellyanne Conway lashes out at 'haters' after citing terror attack that never happened…
So that's what was used to end the standoff after the Bowling Green Massacre.
We couldn't cover the Bowling Green Massacre because it didn't happen, but this newspaper has written close to 100 stories a…
saw her shadow yesterday... 6 more weeks of riots Bowling Gre…
If people in US heartland naive enough to believe in Clinton pizzeria sex-ring they will also believe in Clinton & "Bo…
I died in the Bowling Green Massacre. Believe me! It was very, very painful. So, so sad.
like has a clue ... She was probably at the Bowling Green Massacre
Today there will be a moment of Silence at the Superbowl for the. Bowling Green Massacre ✔
Can you believe it's been 9 years since the Pats Perfect Season Super Bowl win completely overshadowed news of the…
I missed the Bowling Green Massacre because Luke Skywalker and I had to bring our adopted son to his Hogwarts open day. We…
WKU are playing Marshall in the NCAA men's basketball next Saturday. Win or lose, "Bowling Green Massacre" headlines all round.
Lady GaGa will do a tribute to the victims and families of the Bowling Green Massacre.
You can feel the horror in their voices.
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BREAKING: The 1.2 mill ppl missing from your inauguration were tragically killed at the Bowling Green Massacre pe…
The Bowling Green Massacre started over a hot wing recipe and ended when there was nothing left but celery & carrots.
What say you is this not a ban like Bowling Green is a massacre
Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway blamed Iraqi refugees for the "Bowling Green Massacre," which never happened
The Trump team is looking like the gang that can't shoot straight
Wings are processed once a year in Bowling Green, KY in a massacre of small chickens. .
I've been asked to improvise at The Bowling Green Massacre Fundraiser. Said no. Figured makes stuff up bett…
More people would have attended the inauguration but they all died in the Bowling Green Massacre. Sad.
Many chickens died in the Bowling Green massacre.
What's all this bowling green massacre thing about? I must've been on the other side of the world when it was happening.
Bowling Green Festival, Bowling Green Massacre, just one word different?
Why Kellyanne "Altrenative Facts" Conway doesn't get a break on her Bowling Green massacre lie # via
What’s being massacred is the truth and, once again, it’s not immigrants that are doing it.
Don't you have the Bowling Green Massacre to worry about?
There's a guy standing on the corner with a sign that says "survivor of the bowling green massacre"
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For every subscription we get today, Haaretz will donate $1 to victims of the Bowling Green Massacre! Act now:
Not even cats were safe from the chaos of the Bowling Green Massacre.
Son on Bowling Green Massacre: “Say what you like about the Reichstag fire, but at least there was a fire”
Well excuse us for actually caring about the not-victims not-lost in the not-'Bowling Green Massacre'
This is how it's done. New Yorkers are right now holding a mock vigil for victims of the Bowling Green massacre..
I will root for whichever team wears green armbands to commemorate the Bowling Green Massacre.
Here's the memorial plaque for the Bowling Green Massacre, courtesy of Wow, that went up quickly! 👻
When will address the nation about the Bowling Green Massacre? How did his administration allowed this to ha…
Somebody created the Bowling Green Massacre Fund website to redirect to the ACLU:
all the visas revoked and it still didn't stop the Bowling Green Massacre
Frederick Douglas has been silent on the Bowling Green Massacre, where is the outrage?
Trump Aide "misspoke" when citing massacre that never happened. US English "misspoke". UK English "talking $hite". . ht…
Wow! Incredible! Alternative facts just in stating that the Bowling Green massacre was actually like done by two leprechauns. Stay tuned.
Sure but that was in 2004 before the Bowling Green Massacre alerted us to the risks
OMG too good! New Yorkers hold vigil for Bowling Green Massacre AT Bowling Green
Dallas tries to remember the victims of the Bowling Green massacre w/ a tribute to those who perished. http…
Funny to see Trump say is fake news: their coverage of the Bowling Green Massacre won the Pulitzer prize!
[Mike Huckabee five days after the Bowling Green Massacre] We will strike back and spare no expense!
did this happen at the Bowling Green Massacre? You're either liars or morons.
Malcolm Roberts desperately wants to know on which day The Bowling Green Massacre occurred so that he can remember the victims every year.
Bowling Green Massacre Victims Fund website says it is raising money for the victims of the now famous fake tragedy
Warning: Not for small children! . Never expected to see ACTUAL footage from the Bowling Green Massacre! Oh the Humanity!…
Hopefully it won't lead to another Bowling Green Massacre.
The Bowling Green Massacre of 2013 was nothing compared to the Bowling for Soup Massacre of 19, 19, 1985.
Got pictures of that Bowling Green massacre yet, Kelly?
First it was the Bowling Green Massacre. Now, Trump is citing a non-existent visa ban as support for his
Actual photo of one of the terrorists from the Bowling Green Massacre shortly before the horror began. h…
I understand these lies are funny. But my question is, what are the ramifications of these "slips"? 1/3.
How to Talk to Your Kids About the Bowling Green Massacre -
The ACLU isn't letting Kellyanne Conway off the hook on this one.
Never mind the Bowling Green Massacre. We have worse problems. like the Agent Orange Massacre being. conducted from…
Anyone know what the NFL is doing during the to honor and remember the victims of the Bowling Green Massacre?
I'm here for the Bowling Green massacre protest. Where is everybody?
I'm so sorry to hear about this Janet. I pray they find him. *** you, Bowling Green Massacre!
"Considered to be the first post-Bowling Green Massacre novel, 'Once, We Smiled' tells the story of a group of friends…
Here's what actually happened in Bowling Green
My pug just reenacted the Bowling Green Massacre on my lawn with the neighbors poodle and some turds
Kellyanne Conway cites ‘Bowling Green massacre’ that never happened to defend travel ban via
Like the Bowling Green Massacre, the story last week of a bacon shortage was fake news. We can all take a deep breath!
fake or not, I thought Mark Wahlbergs performance in the Bowling Green Massacre biopic was astonishing
I like going to your hotel in Bowling Green for the annual memorial of the massacre that took Frederick Douglass' life.
Tee hee. You gotta love New York at times.
KC didn't mess up, she knew "Bowling Green Massacre" is how to make Trump trolls turn on Muslim-Americans.
Our worst defeat since the massacre at Bowling Green
But you did you cry after the bowling green massacre. Never Forget.
Dear What is the "Bowling Green Massacre?" None of us have ever heard of it. . Sincerely,. America
We asked Bowling Green residents what they were doing on the day of the 'Bowling Green Massacre'
I think that was after the Bowling Green Massacre
"My So-Called Judge" has spoken. Will the so-called-president please get back to handling the so-called Bowling Green…
The Bowling Green Massacre has its own Wikipedia page summarizing it as a fictional/fake story. That's our Whitehouse f…
I lost a lot of friends I never met in the Bowling Green Massacre.
Grateful... To be One of 7 Billion people on earth not killed in the Bowling Green Massacre.
I don't know why everyone is so making fun of the Bowling Green Massacre. I am just grateful that both Katniss and Peeta made it out alive.
Since the Bowling Green Massacre was an can we have an and election where Bernie San…
Kellyanne misspoke on Bowling Green Massacre but there was a Massacre plot by 2 refugees. Fortunately, law enforcement broke i…
Never remember: City of Bowling Green laughs along at massacre that wasn't
Bowling Green Massacre? That was the 2016 game where they lost to Ohio State 77-10, no?
On a serious note, the Trump administration has officially spent more time on the fake Bowling Green Massacre than the real Q…
btw the real Bowling Green Massacre was in 2006 when my middle school speech team went there and swept state 😎💅☠️
As we enter the Twilight Zone of the Trump era, New Yorkers hold a vigil for victims of the fictitious massacre
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Contact Frederick Douglass NOW to demand that he break his silence on the Bowling Green Massacre.
So I get why people want to talk about Bowling Green, but please don't forget the real massacre that took place this week…
The Bowling Green Massacre is terrible... we can't even find the bodies.
.clarifies 'Bowling Green Massacre' comment after sparking uproar
A resident quipped the only massacres in Bowling Green have been football victories
Has James Comey caught the people behind the Bowling Green Massacre yet?
Miss Conway, could I ask you contribute to my fundraiser for the victims of the Bowling Green Massacre? 😀
Bowling Green massacre? Kellyanne Conway has taken alt facts up a notch
The Bowling Green Massacre did, in fact, occur. George Soros deviously removed it from the memories of all Americans sav…
Disappointed that all the truthers haven't seized on the Bowling Green Massacre as evidence 9/11, Sandy Hook, Burke St et…
I'm waiting for "My Butt is Haunted by the Bowling Green Massacre"
BREAKING: Rare footage has just been released from the Bowling Green Massacre.
when's the White House going to release a statement for the victims of the Bowling Green Massacre?
New Yorkers hold vigil at Bowling Green for 'massacre' victims
One of those pivotal historic moments. Everyone remembers where they weren't when the Bowling Green Massacre didn't happen.
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We held a vigil today at the Bowling Green for all those traumatised by The Bowling Green Massacre
I survived the Bowling Green Massacre by hiding behind a Polybius machine when the first shots rang out.
"Never remember:" City of Bowling Green revels in jokes about fictional massacre.
The Bowling Green Massacre was a very serious massacre that did an amazing job of massacring and is getting recognized more an…
Hearts go out to the Victims of the Bowling Green Massacre, all 0 of them. Trump has no tolerance for the 0 Refugees w…
This is just phenomenal. New Yorkers are holding a vigil tonight for the Bowling Green Massacre AT Bowling Green
Conway made up a thing called the bowling green massacre that literally never happened
where were you on the day of the Bowling Green Massacre? I remember clearly, I was weeding the garden.
It's not just the Bowling Green Massacre. Refugees were also behind the Narnia Bombings, the shootings in Atlantis and…
When the Truth is manufactured by those who are supposed to be stewarding it—we're all screwed.
On Time's Person of the Year 2006 was named as a victim of the Bowling Green Massacre.
Bowling Green Massacre is funny, but it's terrifying our president is calling real news fake while his advisor literally mak…
My alternative thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the victims of the Bowling Green Massacre.
RIP, 3-5 million illegal voters lost in the Bowling Green Massacre.
She said you haven't heard of the Bowling Green massacre because it didn't get covered. In fact, it never happened. http…
"I send my thoughts & prayers to the victims of the Bowling Green Massacre who died so young they never even lived." http…
I was wounded in the Bowling Green Massacre, but Frederick Douglass carried me out and healed my injuries with his phoenix t…
Chelsea Clinton takes swipe at Kellyanne Conway over "Bowling Green Massacre"
Kellyanne Conway slams the media for failing to cover "the Bowling Green massacre," which actually isn't a thing
you really want to see fake news? Just ask Kelly Ann about the bowling green massacre
I was a student at BGSU when the Bowling Green Massacre didn't happen. I'll never be able to not forget what I didn't see tha…
Not a single country star has written a song about the Bowling Green Massacre. Unprofessional.
did you hear about The Bowling Green Massacre at Trump University?
Betsy DeVos is having the Bowling Green Massacre added to history books.
so you're saying the bowling Green massacre was a drug induced pipe dream? Lol
It's sad that the day i got my Doctorate and walked on the moon was the same day as the Bowling Green Massacre
We should all take Kellyanne Conway's Bowling Green Massacre lie VERY SERIOUSLY:
A moment of Silence for all the Victims of the "Bowling Green Massacre". May they Rest in Peace ♡♡♡♡
The Bowling Green massacre is the Shibboleth of our time.
I Ain't paying for Butthead aka "Eric Trump" to have a Pee Pee Party in Uraguay. Not while Widows of Bowling Green Massacre…
So I'm beginning to suspect the Bowling Green Massacre was a false flag operation.
The Bowling Green Massacre affects us all. It shows how casually the Trump Administration will lie to us to justify the un…
Can we please get some news on the Bowling Green Massacre? People are waiting with baited breath on your soothing voice.
Bowling Green Massacre isn't a thing, but in 2012 a few miles north of BG, Ohio a white Christian terrorist tried to bu…
My GF that nobody believe I had was in the Bowling Green Massacre . RIP Esmeralda
I remember the Bowling Green Massacre like it was yesterday. Cause that's when it was made up
since we're on the topic of fake news, can you tell us more about the Bowling Green Massacre? Media says it…
It's no bowling Green massacre but it doesn't push the envelope.
For those who were there, the Bowling Green Massacre included unspeakable horrors.
I weep for those who were lost at the Bowling Green Massacre
.lifelong resident of KY here. When was that Bowling Green Massacre? I missed it.
If ever there was an Education Secretary born to teach school kids about the Bowling Green Massacre, it's Betsy DeVos.
Amazing: New Yorkers held a mock vigil tonight at Bowling Green subway stop to honor the 'massacre' victims.
There is now a "Bowling Green Massacre Victims Fund" website and it redirects to the ACLU donation page
FACT CHECK: Bowling Green Massacre didn't get covered...because it didn't happen. Thanks for another lesson in
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Of all US massacres, the Bowling Green Massacre was truly caused by mental illness.
Beryl Cook's depiction of the Bowling Green Massacre is particularly moving.
SEE IT: New Yorkers gather for a mock vigil at Bowling Green in Manhattan for 'massacre' victims
BREAKING: Survivor of the Bowling Green Massacre bravely recounts his experience
Conway defends Trump ban by pointing to 'Bowling Green Massacre' that never happened:
February 3: the National Day of Unrememberance for the Bowling Green Massacre
Conway cites ‘massacre’ in Kentucky to defend Trump's travel ban. Such a massacre never happened.
Weve seen a lot of talk lately of the Bowling Green Massacre. Kellyanne Conway cited this tragic event as a reason for securing our borders.
Haramilarious. "The Bowling Green Massacre" commemorates the day truth died. cc/
if you'd like to donate to the fund for the victims of the bowling green massacre please PayPal me directly
Conway defends the Muslim ban by making up a "Bowling Green Massacre." Caught in a lie, she says she meant "The Yonkers Uni…
It's hard to believe it's been 24 hours since the Bowling Green Massacre didn't happen.
Btw everybody here LOVED the Bowling Green Massacre moment. Kellyanne is not well liked here by staffers. Treats people…
People are hilariously trolling Kellyanne Conway over the nonexistent "Bowling Green Massacre" ht…
3 times in my life I will never forget, Space Shuttle Columbia disaster, 9/11, and the Bowling Green Massacre
During the Bowling Green Massacre, I only remember the feeling of pride as a Mastodon in a BGU Falcons helmet car ran over the shooters.
Bowling Green Massacre happened twice. Once in 2010 and again in 2016. Both when Rand Paul was elected to senate.
In defense of KAC, there was a Bowling Green Massacre! The football falcons beat Findlay College 151-0 in 1921. Ouch!
So many being unfair to There WAS a Bowling Green Massacre. It was when the BGU Falcons lost to Miami of…
Let us remember the Bowling Green Massacre. Twenty years ago today that the Bowling Green Falcons lost to the Evergreen G…
I did comedy in Bowling Green, Kentucky one time but I wouldn't call it a massacre, but I did kill.
The Bowling Green Massacre will be mandatory reading in alternative history class if Betsy Devos becomes Secretary of Educ…
Thoughts and prayers for the victims of the Bowling Green Massacre actually worked! They're all fine!
Bowling Green massacre before-and-after photos. Really puts it in perspective.
So what Bowling Green massacre were you referring to? You do realize educated people will check your BS? Liar.
that will continue 2 make up facts like Bowling Green Massacre because she can, no penalt…
The reason there's so much is because the real journalists all died covering the Bowling Green Massacre.
The Bowling Green Massacre mistake is very symbolic. The Trump administration literally has to make stuff up to justify the…
Every football writer in America is hoping for a blowout loss by Bowling Green this year so they can use headline "Bowling Green Massacre".
This year, Trump will commemorate Bowling Green Massacre Day by laying a wreath at the Tomb Of The Untrue Event.
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Would not be surprised if she doubled down and set up a fund to help the families affected by the Bowling Green Massacre.
More people were killed in the Bowling Green Massacre than were killed in the French Revolution. Period
What should happen: Kelly Conjob's reputation is destroyed. . What will happen: This gets swept under the rug.
The road to alternative heaven is paved with alternative facts -> Bowling Green Massacre
Donald Trump & the White House have now talked more about the fake Bowling Green Massacre than the bigot who murdered 6 Musl…
My imaginary friend was killed in the Bowling Green Massacre.
In fairness, Dodd-Frank failed to protect us from the Bowling Green Massacre.
Thank you for bringing the Bowling Green Massacre to America's attention! O…
We were told to but we forgot! We completely forgot the bowling green massacre!
When Trump mentions millions voted fraudulently in the election, remind him millions also died fraudulently in the Bowli…
Proud to say that I stood tall and put up a fight in the Bowling Green Massacre! ✊🏾🇺🇸
Saddened and sickened by Frederick Douglass' silence surrounding the Bowling Green Massacre.
Why didn't call Conway on "Bowling Green Massacre" lie? would have demanded facts immediately
"They were the masterminds behind te Bowling Green Massacre" was the sentence. And thus this "clarification" sound…
Because everyone behind the real news died in the Bowling Green Massacre.
BREAKING- Officer Carl Winslow will be holding a press conference at 12:00pm to release names of victims in the Bowling…
Can I apply for federal aid as a survivor of the Bowling Green Massacre? Kellyann has given me PTSD.
Kellyanne Conway is right. We did not cover the Bowling Green massacre -- because it never happened https:…
You guys are being really callous. My then-boyfriend, Christian Bale in Little Women, was killed at the Bowling Green Massacr…
Please get some sleep This job is weighing on you already and you're making up phantasmic stories.…
that terrible, now what about what your advisor Kellyanne Conway told early about that massacre in bowling green?
"I bet it's brand new information to people," Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway said of her false claim …
Very grateful no one seriously hurt in the Louvre attack ...or the (completely fake) Bowling Green Massacre. Please don…
Trump has Alex Jones to deny real tragedies like Sandy Hook and he has Kellyanne Conway to make up fake ones like the Bow…
Just Beware... if they'll make up tragedies like the Bowling Green Massacre, they'll make up triumphs too like, "Million…
I can't wait for Kate McKinnon to do this Bowling Green Massacre parody on SNL
"Relics from the Bowling Green Massacre belong in a museum." -- Indiana Jones.
Tickets for Bowling Green Massacre benefit concert go on sale at 7am EST Jimmy Hendrix, Mamma Cass, Elvis and, Jim Morrison playing w/others
Bowling Green Massacre did happen if you live in the Bizzaro World where alternative facts are a reality
Let's take a second to recognize Gilderoy Lockhart for his bravery at the Bowling Green Massacre. Mr.Lockhart saved countless lives that day
She literally just made up a “Bowling Green Massacre.” Lucky for her, the interview was with Chris Matthews, so, no followu…
Bowling Green Massacre is Trump regime testing how far they can push the Alternative Facts envelope.
We all know today Kellyanne Conway will figure out a way to make the Bowling Green Massacre an actual thing and Trump supporters will agree.
There was no Bowling Green Massacre. Kellyanne Conway invented a massacre. Meanwhile the people who believe her still cal…
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