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Bowling Ball

A bowling ball is a piece of sporting equipment used to hit bowling pins in the sport of bowling. Ten-pin bowling balls are typically hard spheres with three holes drilled in them, one each for the ring and middle fingers, and one for the thumb.

I'm going to Rio so I can catch a dratini and then after, mari will hit me with a bowling ball :)
I have a scar on my chin from bowling and I tripped and fell onto a bowling ball
I made a new friend of which I am happy for and I won a most excellent bowling ball at the event of which I love but honestly.
If you have the money make a giant bullet proof hamster ball! It's the best way to travel heavy zombie areas! Zombie bowling anyone?
Feather. Bowling ball. Which falls faster, without air resistance?. Brian Cox gets to have all the fun (from "Humaโ€ฆ
lol but would you do it?:) The bowling ball question โ€” Honestly If i was pretty lit maybe? ๐Ÿ˜‚
Would you do it with someone if you had a bowling b... โ€” A bowling ball stuck on my toe? Jesus lol. I'd prob...
You look like you've had a bowling ball thrown at your face
OU weighted ball bowling. What are the benefits and why I champion it? As part of a periodised bowling plan it hasโ€ฆ
I wish people who cut the lettuce for salads at restaurants would take into consideration that my mouth isn't the size ofโ€ฆ
How about a sport where you can win a trophy by drinking, and rolling a ball while wearing bacteria infested shoes?. - iโ€ฆ
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Yall know that sound when u throw the bowling ball down the lane?
Comparing Apples & Bowling Ball. . We still had a chance to win the East, even after the SC loss.
Fibber McGee and Molly - Fibbers Thumb Caught in Bowling Ball on Old Time Radio USA
Take a little Kevin James The Inventor and add it to James Corden and you get Corden performing the Bowling Ball...
I should be sleeping but I should also be watching this video of this guy cutting open a bowling ball so
Can someone tell the commentators that the reason rashid is bowling googlies all the time is a grip issue because the ball iโ€ฆ
Bowling ball has a safe search lock on her phone
Sometimes I just wanna not let go of the bowling ball, slide down the lane through the pins and into a new life
Why is there a bowling ball emoji...? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
Can you crush a bowling ball with a hydraulic press? Video shows what happens when guy tries
When your baby thinks 3 am is great time to practise gymnastics and it feels like there's a bowling ball in your crotch too
Dropped my phone on my already broken tooth, it felt like a bowling ball
Crushing bowling ball and pin with hydraulicย press
I liked a video Crushing bowling ball and pin with hydraulic press
Bowling ball is eating a HOT DOG and nacho Doritos
There should be a stronger penalty for bowling a no-ball as it can cost a match and break the hearts of millions of fans.
I'll put 3 holes in your head like a bowling ball
Bowling ball will do a random dude tho๐Ÿค”
Move ile put three holes in ya head like a bowling ball big boy ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ T.I funny man
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
"Imma roll over your feet like a bowling ball"
Its lunchbreak so its time for lunchbreak interesting youtube videos. Todays feature "What's inside a Bowling Ball?"
Me: I don't wanna go bowling Saturday . : just hit somebody in the face with a bowling ball
Congrats to the winner of last week's Pyramid Path Rising Ball, Cass Johnson!. Stay tuned for this...
Grizzly bears have a bite-force of over 8,000,000 pascals, enough to crush a bowling ball.
Two student volunteers having a ball (pun intended) at COC's Friday bowling at
1st Step: Ball moves out 2nd Step: Ballโ€ฆ
What would you do if your big toe did get stuck in a bowling ball โ€” Idk??
It's bowling wicket. Peshawer has best bowling-Wahab Tate Junaid Afridi & the real find-Asghar, the Pathan who never let's go a ball in hand
I once kicked a red bowling ball while running full speed down a river bank thinking that it was a playground ball. A metaphor for life
I had show and tell about a bowling ball in public speaking today life is good
Here is the bowling card of both the teams. Young Asghar is impressive with the ball, Wahab riaz and Shaun tait...
he's so ROUND I just want to use him as a bowling ball
felt and sounded like someone dropped a bowling ball in my house here in Torrance
Legalize rape for women? "Learning purposes"?? Let's stick a bowling ball in your *** for uh. Uh.. For math purposes.
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If U wanna be sexy - be bald as bowling ball. What do the scolars say on this topic?.
: You suck at bowling. Just let go of the ball like your slapping butt and you'll get a strike
New League now forming! Starts March 13! Get a brand New bowling ball at the end of the league for FREE!! Call...
MISBAH gone on the ball of He is surely the Future of Pakistan spin bowling (y). (Asghar is from Hub, Balochistan). (Aqib)
When Pakistan ask for review of Amir bowling, everyone looking at no ball line like
Good bowling so far by Asghar as he picks up two wickets in two overs. Dropped on the very 1st ball of his 1st over
But this morning, everything feels fine except for my head. My head feels like a bowling ball ๐Ÿ˜ข
Painting a bowling ball is a scumbag move.
A cabbage is round like a bowling ball but he is not a fat *** like one trust me
When she got her head on your chest and fall asleep that head turn into a *** bowling ball.
The most difficult ball to face from Shaun Tait is a good length ball. And with 145+ bowling pace will never be an easy task for batsman
my boy Tito was built like a bowling ball but surprisingly not very flabby
It's like we bowling cuh we came straight out the gutta n now we ball hard
I'm childish af. I wanna go on bowling, arcade, skating, paint ball, museum type of dates.
If only I could use your head as a bowling ball...
Moreki strikes with his 2nd ball, bowling Mosehle for 14. Titans 37-3 in 10th, chasing 247 in 42. Pitch juicy, but Cobras bowling better
"Want to feel a rush have a bowling ball come towards your face" -Metcalf
Ok first let's start at your mf head it look like a lop sided bowling ball then ya nose look like ya breath in trees
Pregnant is having a bowling ball busting up your uterus
Bowling Green wins toss and defers. Fern Creek will get ball to start the game.
how did you get it off your toe โ€” Had to cut the bowling ball in half
Goose Creek has some huge kids, including a pair of running backs. The "small" one runs like a bowling ball. The other like a wrecking ball.
Am I the only one that gets weak hands when bowling and accidentally throws the ball behind me ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ฏ
Leftovers make me feel like a bowling ball
Kingston bowls Ross but it's a no-ball to and the ball races for a boundary sums up Tas bowling display SA 4-512
wait are you the girl that got her big toe stuck in a bowling ball? โ€” Omg yeah! How did you know? ๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ™Š
Tony romo is out due to a hairline fracture? Bruh.. Lebron James been playin ball with his hairline fractured for years โ€ฆ
So I pretty much sucked at bowling until my sisters friend showed me how to hold the ball correctly..
Love throwing the new iq 30 bowling ball.
I think extreme bowling from as In chucking the ball
Whats the difference between a prostitute and a bowling ball?. You can't fit a prostitute in a bowling ball.
what's the difference between a blonde and a bowling ball?? Answer: You can only fit 3 fingers in a bowling ball... n/a to just blondes
Had a ball with my dam 4 thanksgiving now part 2 Finns go down at the bowling alley
Hi I'm drink and I have a heavy bowling ball you better watch out
I remember when we went Bowling when we were like 5 and you'd roll the ball and fall and called it you "signature throw"
I will never live down the time I rolled the bowling ball into the pin sweeper on our senior trip ๐Ÿ˜…
On our way to bowling ball with natedabogster _aaronbailey17_
I did, thanks. Ate too much, because I really don't much normally, so I felt like I swallowed a bowling ball.
How to Properly Hook a Bowling Ball - BowlVersity Article by ... -
Happy birthday to my bro aka the bowling ball
Said you are a bowling ball round, fat and we can stick three fingers inside. ๐Ÿ’ฐ
If you are going to this Saturday. Stop by say hi and check out our bowling ball packages.
My dad is a bougie bowler. He has his own bowling shoes and ball
Ball State vs Bowling Green: GAME INFO. On 2015-11-24, at Muncie-IN. Who wins, and why?.
I might have explodified a bowling ball.
And that's the ball game folks! WPS, All that's left is where Hogs go bowling! Hopefully the Liberty Bowl so I can go lol or Nash
The shirt is isotoner size. The cap is a thimble on a bowling ball.
Life without is like going bowling without the pins.. You're just rolling a ball down an empty lane.
I don't think an off spinner could bowl a better ball than the one with which snared Mark Craig!
Are you a bowling ball?Because I want to pick you up and stick my fingers in your holes.
[polishing my custom bowling ball that's painted like a big pokรฉ ball]. ME: i haven't made love in years. SON: can i go play wโ€ฆ
I'm that person that brings their own ball to the bowling alley
My bowling ball just dumped out of the gutter and hit my last pin over! And no one saw it! Why?!?!?
Open left 4,6,7,10 - ball stuck in pit. Launched spareball to knock it loose. Made split...both balls now stuck.
tm_180787_1 Beverly Turner Sports Design - Man on Bowling Ball with Bowling Pin Backg
'ajenda'? Son, you're about as sharp as a bowling ball.
I might slip and toss a bowling ball at your head
It sways but doesn't have the drop. When Lowe was on it fell like a bowling ball.
LIKE_CLICK_CHARE - This was last weeks top selling ball for us, have you checked it out?
Sound like these people upstairs picking up and dropping a bowling ball repeatedly. What the ***
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10: Picking Up the Spare, featuring as a down-on-his-luck everyman who finds a baby in a bowling ball bag.
Yall this *** looking like a bowling ball & she almost got my man stabbed today ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜‚
I be wanting to go the museum , go karts , paint ball shooting , bowling & shxt all mfs want to do now days is chill get drunk & catch stds
B-Bomb: Last night at the bar Jihoon was going up to people and pushing through them like they were bowling pins and he was a bowling ball
Betty Griffis plays racquetball with a waffle iron and a bowling ball.
I swear to god there is a bowling ball in my throat.๐Ÿ˜ง
I found my bowling ball from middle school lol
I love bowling but I've never been the bowling ball so well see
oh yeah I finally bought me a Bowling ball
Bad Bowlers League, you don't have to be good to bowl in this league and you get a bowling ball!! gather some co...
Rooney looks as sharp as a bowling ball again.
Schooner Gulch along the Mendocino coast is home to Bowling Ball beach
stop in and pre order your new DV8 Thug coming out October 29th and pick it up for the super low price of $179.95, also the New Radical Guru which will hook more than any other bowling ball does in the back end, its only $189.95.
So if you are ever going to get your stitches out remember three very important things: 1. Eat breakfast before. 2. Ask to lay down while they take the stitches out. 3. It is going to hurt like you would not believe, so prepare yourself! I almost fainted once again. But quite the "funny" conversation between the doc. and I after the pain began and he yanked, and I mean YANKED them out-- Doc: "Does this often happen to you?" Me (trying my best not to pass out or vomit, reeling from the excrutiating pain now, with my head down on the desk): "Ummm considering I have never cut my finger before and needed stitches there, no..." Doc: "Did you eat breakfast?" Me (very faintly) "No, not yet." Doc.: "Let me get you some juice." Doc comes back: "Here drink this." I barely lift my head up and drink but then my head feels like it is a bowling ball and down it goes again. Doc: "You are experiencing low blood sugar, you really need to drink." Me (inside my head cuz I can't even muster out a word) "Well, y ...
I feel like I just got hit in the face with a bowling ball . Lol
A5. It soothes the throat and loosens up your head they feels like a bowling ball
Well, went to Sanford Fast Track today, and sounds like I may have a torn rotator cuff... It is the left shoulder, BUT, when you bowl, you tend to EXTEND your left arm if you are a righty... which I am... so it is very painful when I bowl... but I have been trying to hold my left arm in... they are trying to schedule an MRI to verify, but the doc says the signs and symptoms are there... Oh what fun... and here I am thinking I need to back off on the size of my bowling ball since I do have a bit of arthritis anyway... down to a 14.. try explaining to a non-bowler that you can not use a house ball to see if that will be enough... umm... I use a finger-tip ball... they do not have that in a house ball... it does not work that way... oh my goodness... it is a good thing I love my hubby... he makes me laugh...
My new bowling ball is home love it! So Happy!
all throughout my elementary school days I literally looked like a bowling ball
We have a city with a drug addled Mayor and a brother who is a bully, a liar and has a bowling ball for a head.
Incase a bowling ball wants to Frick around and get dunked on
So for Halloween I want a bowling shirt where the pins are exploding out of the back with a giant E in the middle and a bowling ball. I want to go as the E bowler...
"We'll have a French Minnie Mouse, with armpit hair, smoking, saying 'I never loved Mickey. He has 3 fingers, what am I, a bowling ball?'"
hopefully I don't get a bowling ball to the face
McLaren just needs that one good ball. At the moment he is bowling NZ back into the game.
Ok I can't even swallow a pill and the doctor expects me to swallow a pill the size of a freaking bowling ball ๐Ÿ˜‘
"Got my fingers in my grandma like a vintage bowling ball."
dude. I will drop a bowling ball on your hurt foot ๐Ÿ‘Š
Where my dad at I saw his bowling ball headass driving earlier
.. Well technically both the truck and bowling ball are used. That probably emphasizes your point.
This is a ball given to me last night by my very dear friend I knew he wasโ€ฆ
.I came home to a new truck and a new bowling ball. My life is veering into country song territory.
Getting ready for the World Series of Bowling. What's the first ball in your bag for a tournament? Right now mine...
My head feels like it weighs as much as a bowling ball ๐Ÿ˜“
Photo: flattoper88: As smooth as a bowling ball
my kid was bowling ball size. God bless the csection
I scored 1,180 points in Bowling. Can you beat my score?๐Ÿ‘…
Me :"Dr. I can't seem to swallow. My throat really hurts.". Dr: "Oh okay here's a prescription to 3 bowling ball...
โ€œCongrats to me and the sound of a bowling ball ๐ŸŽณ๐Ÿ˜‚
Hold up wait a minute, just put a few fingers in it. . -bowling ball sext . Aand send
I got stuck walking behind a waddling bowling ball & I never wanted to punch one so badly before.
my fingers fit perfectly in the first bowling ball I chose, does that mean we're soul mates?
AB following the ball, I'm sure 1st thing you learn as skipper is don't set a field for bad bowling
Cant believe i drove 20 mins to bowling and didn't even throw one ball .. ๐ŸŽณ๐Ÿ˜‘
Still amazed that I managed to throw a ball into the next lane when bowling ๐Ÿ™ˆ
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This week we are giving away a Roto Grip Sinister What current ball...
Has the strange habit of licking his bowling ball.
Fawad Alam with a Double Century and Hammad Azam bowling with new ball taking wickets and also scoring runs. Good
Like I care if he did follow me you bowling ball head
We talk about Solarbabies... quite possibly the best film starring a white bowling ball since... ever! Check out...
Gyazo until your diabetes ridden heart is content you bowling ball.
Feel like there's a bowling ball in my head ๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ”ซ
Air hockey, skee ball, bowling, bocce, big (big!) screens and more, with beautiful boats in theโ€ฆ
โ€œI hate males with hairless, shiny, bowling ball heads with huge thick beards like rick ross. They look like pedophilesโ€
Moms making me go bowling does she know I'm most likely going to drop the ball on my head omg
That depends - does it come with its own bowling ball? - G
Chris Grayling plans to crack down on Internet trolls. Best point out how much he looks like a bowling ball now then: httpโ€ฆ
The people that live above me are so loud. What are they doing up there, tossing around a bowling ball?
Its that time of year for the Del Guy Sports Trio bowling ball raffle! Stop on by Corbin Bowl to get your raffle...
Would you let someone drop a 14lbs bowling ball on your *** head from 10 inches above for 1500$ (on soft)
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
notice how I kinda wanna throw a bowling ball at her
The 2014 Highlight of the Year voted by YOU is...DERRICK ROSS BOWLING BALL TOUCHDOWN!
Need some help to properly hook your bowling ball?
Jim Laker was a bowling record question, Warne was about the Ball of the Century, Ponting century to draw the 2005 test match.
DV8 Hooligan Bowling Ball Video Review - The DV8 Hooligan looks to be a great addition toโ€ฆ
ISO: i'm looking for bowling balls- all colors not black ... my dad is making a senior projects 575-302=0352
Next Dhonut will throw the ball to a 69 year old with one leg bowling donkey drops.
definitely not in then plans lol. It looked more like a weirdly shaped and hairy bowling ball. ๐Ÿ’ฉ
The rough that Vijay is bowling into would be perfect for an offie with a carom ball. If only India had one of those. Oh, wait ...
Clever of Robson getting out to Jadeja's 1st ball. Suckered Dhoni into bowling 2 spinners.
When the ball is scooting along the pitch a seamer bowling on the stumps has a better chance of hitting the pads/stumps than Vijay
A new poem I wrote today, yet again about depression but the more we talk about it the quicker we can break down the barriers surrounding poor mental health, please share, LET'S STOP STIGMA!!! The Forest. I used to have a forest Full of mighty trees A hurricane from nowhere Brought me to my knees. The trees, they were my future Dreams, held in my hand The only thing I'm left with A piece of barren land. I'm just a ten pin bowling ball Without a single hole I'm just an empty vessel Depression stole my soul. It stole away the things I loved And butchered all my dreams Makes me pace the floor at night And wakes me with my screams. A shadow of my former self I'm barely skin and bone And though my world is crowded I'm standing all alone. The sky is growing darker As I ride that old ghost train Chemicals and future hopes Missing from this brain. I wish I had my forest back And all those mighty trees A life again, worth living No longer on my knees.
Vijay bowling too much too early. Use him by all means but not so early, let the ball get a little older. Use the seamers now.
I scored 120 points in Bowling. Can you beat my score?
Why is he bowling spinners with a new ball?
Breast Cancer Awareness
Honestly it'd hurt less if you just threw a bowling ball at my face.
At the risk of precipitating a Murali Vijay hat trick I'm not sure he should be bowling with such a new ball on a pitch that assists seamers
Threw a bowling ball yesterday and it felt great really miss my bearcats
"I don't like bowling, man. You throw the ball down there and it keeps coming back... It's spooky, man" -Leo
Pat and I went to the Serenity Springs Wildlife Center in Calhan yesterday. This place takes in any large cats that are not wanted, needed or sick from anywhere in the world. They have also taken in black bears, Coati (often mis-named Coatimundi), Lemurs and in the last photo a Liger. The Ligers only live to be about 10 years old. They continue growing their entire life, often getting up to 900 pounds and a body length when standing on their hind legs of 10 feet. They could not survive in the wild account they do not have the speed of a lion or the stealth of a tiger (hard for a 900 pound cat to be quiet). When we went in went in we had to put the soles of our shoes in an anti-bacterial solution. Even though Parvo is mainly a canine disease, it is also a deadly disease to the large cats. And for a $35 dollar fee you could go into a cage and interact with 2 9 month old lion cubs for 5 minutes. It was a worth wile trip and I enjoyed it very much. Pat did not, she was allergic to something there th ...
An OLDER model exercise bike. Sears model $5 (Speedometer works but timer does not); Bowling ball with bag, weighs around 10 pounds, has initials "RML", has not been used in over 10 years--asking $5. Two lamps--asking $2. The one on the left has a small chip out of it by where the light bulb goes in, but lamps work fine.
Its his fault I was a bowling ball till 6 th grade
Sometimes you go bowling, and sometimes you win a bowling ball!!!
This woman at Costco...about as sharp as a *** bowling ball ๐Ÿ˜‘ . I need a nap! I've lost any patience that I once had.
So do I give back the bowling ball I accidentally stole Monday?
Kids bowling ball, holes drilled, never used. $10
Jadeja bowling in the rough..Cook and Balance both flicking the ball to fine leg.A leg slip , A leg gully & fwd short leg in place
Im too scared of that bowling ball head
As you may have noticed by the crafting pictures I have posted lately, I am looking for BOWLING BALLS ... if you have any in the basement, garage, closet ... that you want to get rid of, PLEASE let me know! I want to start working on Christmas gifts! Thanks in advance! XO
Bowling injury! Messy. The staff member I asked for a plaster off asked me if I'd left any blood in the ball.
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Enter to a pair of moon shoes and skittles bowling ball by taking a
hbd I hope u kicked a bowling ball disguised as a soccer ball today
today I woke up because my brother dropped a bowling ball on my foot.
"I hate open bowling because people always stare๐Ÿ˜" And they're loud, dont use lane courtesy, try to use your ball, etc.
I was weak when the bowling ball fell on Kierra toe ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฉ
Same Same old from Ishant Sharma.Wasting the new ball by bowling it wide
haven't touched a bowling ball in 2 months and I'm about to bowl a tourney. ๐Ÿ˜ณ
Sir Jadeja proving himself in bowling as well... Wicket on his first ball...
YES Brilliant bowling from Sir Jaddu. Strikes Robson's pad first ball.
What a bowling change from MS, First ball from Jadeja gets a wicket. Brilliant
Even bowling short with new ball today. The disease is contagious
Shami again bowling 1bad ball in an over. His place is in danger for third test. But who will replace..Aaron also have same issue
Yes Bhuvi is bowling with the new ball. Hats off to his dedication and fitness! :)
England's inability to take wickets with the new ball hamstrings their first changes. Bowling at set batsmen all the time.
WHO IS NICOLE KIDDING?. Like when Homer bought Marge a bowling ball for her birthday... With 'Homer' engraved on it x
So clueless use of new ball? Check. Bowling like drains? Check. Failure to learn? Check. Ineffective defensive fields? Checโ€ฆ
"Barry Roux came in like a Wrecking Ball" No ,like a Bowling Ball ! Gerrie Nel came in like a Wrecking Ball !
So I was finely able to get a ride to the hospital to get my bowling ball size knee checked out and the swollenass foot I had taken care of. I want to give a big THANKS to the people that said they cared about me and would help me if I truly needed it. Today I learned I have arthritis in my knees, just when I said it couldn't get any worse...
Do not call, knock on my door or toss a bowling ball at my window to get noticed Wed. S28 starts. If you're bleeding, call 9-1-1.
My future bright and its shining like a Bowling Ball, respect the real so they see me and never notice y'all -Tate (Hystori)
still not a bad night of bowling. I've had 2 of 'em with that new ball. I feel like 800 is close to being in my future.
After angrily leaving the office, with the papers from the upturned mahogany filing cabinet floating serenely in the calm breeze, he tried the next office, belonging to Seymour Hexner, Lead Surgeon. Inside of the office was a large oak desk, cluttered with half completed paperwork. On the left wall was a Garfield wall clock, which usually made a barely audible click whenever the secondhand floated past the twelve-o-clock mark. In the silence, now, the small click more resembled a bowling ball falling onto concrete from a fourth story window. Excerpt from the upcoming novel (or Novella) "One Match"
I feel bad for my kids cause I know they're gonna have big heads, because mine is like a big *** bowling ball, Lmao.
Bret's throwing my right handed 16 lb bowling ball and I'm throwing his left handed 14 lb ball. This is a disaster!! ๐Ÿ˜ท๐Ÿ™Š๐Ÿ™ˆ
Cousins! I have had my laughs, but it is time for me to put the bowling ball down and move on, it was fun while it lasted, my family. Do not let me discourage you, keep on bowling
Watch our Band saw blades cut a bowling ball in Half in about 30 seconds
Fell on the ice again tonight. That makes the 3rd time during this god awful winter. This time I was carrying a 15 lb bowling ball. I hate winter!
Either somebody dropped a bowling ball down the steps next door, or somebody got beat like a drum...those are not friendly sounds...
time to smoke a bowling ball. BOWLING.
Probably won't ever buy Old Spice for fear that my Mom will be forced to sing a creepy song in a bowling alley ball return...
Little Giant Ladders
Just threw my bowling ball backwards. Instant classic.
Looks like God is bowling tonight. He's got a mean curve ball.
anyway my head feels like a bowling ball and my nostrils mad dry. I have horrible sinus problems. ๐Ÿ˜ฉ
Trying to put on your socks is like trying to fold a bowling ball in half
The project 10 Challenge, Take the Challenge and lose your first 10 pounds of Fat. Don't think 10 lbs is a big deal? Here is a list of items that weigh 10 lbs. At home: Laundry basket filled with towels or jeans Medium size bowling ball Small microwave oven Medium size cat or small dog Most vacuum cleaners Large garbage bag (filled) At the grocery store: Large watermelon Large bag of sugar or flour A sack of potatoes 1.25 gallons of milk Three two-liters of soda A holiday ham or turkey Im trying to lose 40 lbs to start with. Thats 2 holiday hams, a medium size bowling ball, and one large watermelon, that are currently occupying some serious real estate in the back of my jeans, and under my shirt. No wonder my clothes were feeling a little snug. Now ask yourself one question.. How many holiday hams do you need to remove from your jeans? If you answered anything more than zero, maybe its time you took the challenge.
Nick Ripley I found a bowling ball for you
Soo does anyone else see the little bowling ball kid in the weight room or is it just me?
This is how I bowl in style ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐ŸŽ€ I just walked up and flicked the ball out of my hand ๐Ÿ‘Œ
And u all loud about ur bowling attack?" but u struggle to reverse the ball? Now u blame ball tactics andโ€ฆ
Although it does feel like someone is constantly throwing a bowling ball at my face
There is a special level of *** for someone who steals a mans bowling ball
Best part of tonight was falling down with a bowling ball and type writer in my hand
The commercial where the mom comes out of the ball return at the bowling alley freaks me out!
yes it's weird. The only thing that I like about bowling is chucking the ball
I'm not putting my fingers in the holes of the bowling ball cuz my claws are way too important lololol.
I hate bowling when I don't get to use my lucky bowling ball
If is anything to go by, it sounds like Titan is smoother than a bowling ball...
The old spice commercial where the old lady comes out of the ball thing at the bowling alley creeps me out.
does anyone have an extra or not in use one ball bowling bag I could use until I get a 3 ball roller
The Old Spice commercial with the Asian lady being pushed out of a bowling ball thingy >>>>>
That old spice commercial where the Asian woman comes out of the bowling ball machine >>>> ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
The old spice commercial with the Asian lady coming out of the bowling ball dispenser thing makes me feel some type of way ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ™ˆ
โ€œ"I bench press elephants and bowling ball juggle"โ€ who's that
For the record, while I'm on my winning play of my entire life rampage: came into my life like a bowling ball
"I got my finger stuck in a bowling ball" is not how I want to tell the story of how I broke my finger
This bowling ball gots my room smelling like blueberries. Da fucc
if I owned a bowling ball I would. I'll throw my shoes at the ceiling
My ankle looks like the size of a bowling ball..๐Ÿ˜ณ
Oh might howdy and gee bob is that a bowling ball case lol
How are an Auburn football cheerleader and a bowling ball similar? You can put 2 fingers in them and throw them in a gutter, but they keep coming back. -Beretta
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Same ol Hoosiers in the second half ball poundin on offense lazy on the other side of the ball.
Some people have their own bowling ball and bowling shoes and no friends ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
"I bench press elephants and bowling ball juggle"
Together you stand,. together you fall,. Choo choo!. I am a bowling ball >:)
I bowled with a different crew tonight. Had a rough start. 159, 158, 228. Just could not get nothing to carry during the first two games. Switched to my backup bowling ball and everything started working. Oh well.
Ghost Adventures is my life! Favorite E: When Aaron gets called a bowling ball! xxx
Bowling ball ...this poor child wasnt ready-
Remember when you used to make her laugh? But then casual delirium set into relationship jello and you realized you'd just mistaken nervous laughter for affection. Then you find out how much you suck. Then a 16 pound bowling ball rolls through your table-top zen garden and she calls it divorce.
This guy had a dragon ball and pokeball as designs of his bowling balls. . What a champ
Your like a door nob everyone gets a turn... or r u a bowling ball everyone gets too figure... i make myself laugh...
I need a guy with a bowling ball size *** cause that's all that fits in me I think I need the back black torpedo:)
My lovely husband is now the proud owner of his first bowling ball! Happy St. Patricks day sweetie! Lol;)
Kristopher Dobbs here is a cool bowling ball
A car mechanic received a repair order that said to check for a clanking noise when going around corners so he took the car out for a test drive and made a right turn, then a left turn, each time hearing a loud clunk. When he arrived back at the garage he returned the car to the service manager with this note: 'Removed bowling ball from trunk.'
Current "Unofficial Results" after Squads 1 - 4 Congratulations to Alex Cavagnaro, Jason Wertheimer and Darren Barlow on their 300 games. A lot of good scoring going on. Looking forward to seeing everyone this coming weekend. Saturday Squads: 4:00pm & 7:00pm - Drunkathon is the 7pm Sunday Squad is 1:30pm ONLY!! 4:30pm has been postponed. Winner of the 1st Bowling Ball donated by Ebonite Bowling and Epic Edge Bowling Supplies (Pro Shop) was Jason Wertheimer with an 854 Series. It was a tie between Jason and Darren Barlow, both bowling a 854. They also both bowled a 300 game, it was determined by second high game, Jason with a 268 to Darren's 258.
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I have a 12 pound bowling ball, size 9 shoes and the bag for sale, am asking 75.00 for all if interested you can message me.
That feeling when your head feels like a bowling ball and your nose feels like it's rubbed raw. Yeah, not fun. Guess I was due.
I ALWAYS hit my leg with the bowling ball at least once. It never fails.
Oh yes, always reminding patients about that bowling ball head! :)
Ebonite bowling ball bag never used $5
Anyone have a bowling ball for sell.
Anyone have a bowling ball for sale
I got my fingers up my grandma like a vintage bowling ball
*Thanks to TeknoAXE for the music* Bowlers with lower rev rates need more help from the bowling ball than anyone, the reason we've developed the brand new Lx16. In order to achieve our targeted ball motion, we've armed the Lx16 with Track's latest and greatest in both core and coverstock...
Yes, our head is as heavy as a BOWLING BALL! Check out this quick vid that we made.
Why is it so hard to find a bowling ball that looks like a dragon ball from dbz? I want one
I need a bowling ball for a project at school if anybody has one they would like to get rid of or donate to me. Thanks in advance.
Nothing like getting hit in the ankle with a bowling ball while trying to work on a machine.
Guess who has been lazy all day (except my morning run on the treadmill) has a water eyes was feels like a bowling ball and threw up?!!?? ME :'( I hate being sick luckily both the boys seems perfectly fine... So far!!
Im now at war with the fat bowling ball lady at sav a lot in new Kensington pa. She doesnt know what she is up against maybe me triping and falling on top of the egg cooler will help her figure it out or me loading groceries and leaving the cart in the cashier lane a few times will fix her
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Did they catch the black guy that slammed the old man at Perry Plaza in the head with a bowling ball, or find out where he lives?
So here's what happened last night, more or less in full: For the last several weeks, I've been battling the post-vegas sinus infection, and the bronchial spasms (ie bronchitus) and related cough that came with it...I've had my Z-Pac and a course of prednisone to knock the cough away...that was pretty much over other than a minor residual cough and some muscle sorness in the lower left ribs, presumably from coughing so much and violently I pulled it or bruised it or something. OKay, no big deal...cheritussen with codeine and advil and inhaler shots per the doctor, all was well. Last night I did all that at around 12:00 AM, when I got back from a curling game (we won, btw...I love my Monday Men's team, they rock)...sleep followed soon, as expected. Around 4AM, I awoke with a sharp throbbing pain all over my felt like a 30 lb bowling ball was trying to come out of my belly button...alternatively, the alien was about to burst out of my of the two...either way...not cool. My brain . ...
Does anyone have a bowling ball I can barrow for school tomorrow ?
Im not saying your a *** but yet you have had more fingers in you than a bowling ball... Go figure ...
Clearing stuff out yet. Does anyone want a 12-pound bowling ball?
The bowling ball tumbles down the lane. strike! this is just a reminder for all those AHN students that have signed up for bowling tonight at 8:30 at Woodlawn bowl. The 2A bus from the UC leaves at 8:00! Please be at the bus stop no later than 7:50. :)
For all of you looking for a new or used bowling ball. please look them up on the web before you get scammed from a lot of these people.
Bees. Lots and lots of bees. Our pool guy came today. Two minutes later he came up to the house and said he couldn't get to the chemicals because of bees. We opened up the cupboard door of the bar and found a nest about the size of a bowling ball full of swarming bees. Not really a nest just a swarm. oh my, what to do now? Hm
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