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Bottoms Up

Bottoms Up is a song by American recording artist Trey Songz. It was produced by Kane Beatz, and features Trinidadian recording artist Nicki Minaj.

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Roswell Park is like the Bottoms Up of hospitals.
07:04, 4/13 Canada Geese forage in the North Pond area. "Bottoms Up"
This Saturday, join us for a night of fun at Bottoms Up for Prostate Cancer Awareness beginning at 6pm! . The...
Bottoms Up: Backstage at the Something Rotten! Tour with Rob McClure, Episode 6: We're in Disney World!
It's not my fault Bottoms Up by Trey Songz ft. Nicki Minaj is the best song ever made
My moms like "I hope that *** Trey Songz actually hard... they gone be in jail telling that *** Bottoms Up" 😂😂😭😭
Gettin down to Bottoms Up by Trey Songz in the truck while drinking Red Bull because I am but a teenager
If you can't rap the 2010 smash hit Bottoms Up by Trey Songz ft. Nicki Minaj then what you do?
So my waiter at Bottoms Up just back handed me in the face.
you don't understand, I had a fat juice one crawling up my Leg under my pj bottoms 🐨🐨🐨
Double Coffee Brown Ale by Little Machine Beer found at Little Machine Beer. Bottoms up!
I'd love to win a pair of Bottoms Up jeans. My butt isn't as shapely as it was when I was younger.
Rio 2016 finally bottoms out organizers announce Paralympics will b downsized needs 2 step up & make this right
Brantley Gilbert - Bottoms Up but this is my favorite video & song 😛💚
I just checked in at Bottoms Up Tavern with Download today!
iv just witnessed a young girl come up to her mum sunbathing on the beach, pull down her mums bikini bottoms, n lick her bum :) SUPER
I had a dream last night that The Front Bottoms played a secret basement show and I was at it. But I woke up before they played.
Bottoms up! The countdown for this year's has begun. . Learn more here:
I say 605 tonight st germain bring to the min/wage exchange savings account from bottoms up stand buy i matusha
roam wild and free… like Becca in our SUPERCHEEKY BOTTOMS & PIN-UP TOP
BOTTOMS UP: Not what you'd normally see mid match
I feel like there's no "cute" way to get on a pool raft. It's a beached whale plop, while pulling yourself up and keepin…
Find me a better verse than Nicki Minaj's feature in Bottoms Up
Small Batch Brother Noah by Thirsty Monk Pub & Brewery found at Thirsty Monk - Downtown. Bottoms up!
I go so hard to bottoms up by Trey Songz, why am i like this
Today - Saw Biker on a sports bike, wearing jogging bottoms. I'll never forget picking up a Bikers knee off the road
4- 110😻😻 I'm bouta get me some bottoms and let my cousin hook me up 😜
What is the deal with pulling up your bikini bottoms till they reach your underboobs
Toronto's 1st & only cider fest is next weekend. Guess who’s in charge of payments...
Bottoms need to know how to clean out and stuff and have it done before trying to hook up or at least ask for help on how to do it Jesus
😎 Taxiing, preparing for take-off. BF009 picking up speed, BOTTOMS UP...I mean WHEELS UP!
Stoutella by Knee Deep Brewing Company found at Raglan Public House. Bottoms up!
Bottoms up! Great places for booze and beers in Salt Lake City via
Raspberry Dark Origins by Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project found at Crooked Stave. Bottoms up!
Pernicious Weed by Garage Project found at Hops & Pie. Bottoms up!
Del Mar and the race to Whole new meaning to Win, Place and Show! Bottoms up! Two new meanings to Track
Bottoms up 👙 .. Can't make me leave .. Crazy glued myself right here…
Bottoms Up Blues Gang turns 15 with concert at Broadway Oyster Bar
There is always so much fuss especially from bottoms about huge *** but some end up being disappointed.
Who would want a BOTTOMS UP jeans that would give that extra shaping! Count me in!
Pj bottoms for a grown up and a reversible dress for a little one. Recent orders 󾌵󾌵
The next 50 tickets are available for Whiskey Pig 2016 - sold only as a joint with our new Wednesday night event,...
Hop-15 Ale by Port Brewing Company found at Ritual Kitchen. Bottoms up!
Ceremonial Session IPA by Burial Beer Co. found at Tasty Beverage Company. Bottoms up!
Pitching a buddy comedy with Nate Parker and Bill Cosby called "Bottoms Up".
Can you say lit? Outta Road's King Studda and Mix-A-Lot along side Fadda Warrior will be taking over Bottoms Up...
i haven't been there in years, so don't take my word, but I think Bottoms Up in Shockoe Bottom was deep dish and pretty good..
Adam Schefter reporting that Shaq Lawson has already been spotted at Bottoms Up. More details to follow
Listen to "Bottoms Up (feat. T.I.)" from Just as I Am (Platinum Edition) by Brantley Gilbert on Apple Music.
This Day in Country Music History, March 15. 2014. . Brantley Gilbert's "Bottoms Up" reaches on the Billboard...
I added a video to a playlist Bottoms Up - Brantley Gilbert - LYRICS (HD)
Legendary bottoms for on the homepage. is up
TURN ON. TUNE IN !!! IT'S A RADIO THING !!!. Bottoms UP: Appetite for Discussion hits the airwaves TONIGHTt at...
Waiting my turn to teach kore7fitness . Bottoms up on my water! How much have you had?…
Shannon don't you work at bottoms up 😂
Greasing the Groove with some 24kg Bottoms-Up Presses today. Gotta work on that grip!…
Drinking coronas looking for my beach but all I see is snow.maybe somewhere underneath there will be my paradise until then bottoms up!
Working from home? You definitely need sweats to keep up with your inbox.
Beyoncé @ ticketmaster: Throw a lil event up on yalls website so these annoying bottoms stop stalking my video shoot
Rotation 1: Heads in:Bottoms up! Top ten things needed to survive in the wilderness. What's important to you?
Realised I had been walking round the house in pajama bottoms without the button flies done up oops
Nccc soccer invades bottoms up Thursday 😏
also animals bottoms up I always think of something else when I here it everything I wanna do fight 4 all the wrong reasons sex
Bottoms up!!! Here's to a successful and long day!!
Bottoms up! Still in a good mood on the second day of our juice cleanse.
We compiled a solid list of tips for the Home Brewer. Bottoms up Beanhunters!.
📹 hungboys: kik/skype: kevinkaye95 snapchat: sedates hung guys and hot bottoms ONLY hit me up!
Half way done highschool bottoms up 🍾🍑
Burn serious calories with this move! Bottoms up Oxygirls!
Meeting up in tracksuit bottoms on a Saturday always at 12 ? Bit weird.ha
Got our red bottoms on with our feet up 🤔
Ahhh the chaos of morning and more water drinking start early maybe I can survive more than a gallon. Bottoms up chug chug chug
12 reasons why you shouldn't give up drinking in January - Bottoms up!
UK government fears Donald Trump ban petition could potentially end up as a smack on their bottoms
I've been to the tip/felt/household waste recycling centre and picked up my tracksuit bottoms, they're too big, I've ordered a smaller size.
M4L , Truffle Butter , Only , Make Me Proud , A$$ , Bottoms Up , Girl On Fire . it's more their all p…
Hamilton Collection
When I reopen Spotify after waking up and more often than not I fell asleep to The Front Bottoms I am never surprised
Your performance has me so excited about & !
I'm also going to the tip today, off bathroom shopping picking up some tracksuit bottoms from JD and having a steak and Stilton pie for tea.
I restarted because my bill went bottoms up
Bottoms up! Drinking in Slovenia's intoxicating countryside on a wine tour with a visit to the world...
Happy birthday to this pretty lady. @ Vodka Soda / Bottoms Up
Past is the past. CHEERS to new beginnings 🍾 bottoms up. 😜
Because tonight is bottoms up get em up get em up
1:18 coming up from drunk and thinkin bout how I don't like The Front Bottoms or Say Anything, and can't remember why I used to.
Every time I hear "bottoms up" I think of tj and Jr singing their lungs off while getting us lost 😂💀
These bottoms be acting up and these *** be letting em.
"Bottoms Up" Zumba routine (this song is a guilty pleasure but it's got such a great groove!!!)
//You should see the music video for Bottoms Up by Brantley Gilbert, once you do, you'll understand why.
West African capital, Abuja you're listening to with ♪: - Bottoms Up
Bottoms Up! 20% OFF all denim in the VAULT this week... including NEW ARRIVALS! Your fall wardrobe should start...
I don't care what you're drinking right now or where you're at. GET THEM BOTTOMS UP!!
There's only one thing to do after a long day of moving in: bottoms up 🍻
Thursday riding bottoms up at sunset. Amazing trail!!
'Find a keg and fill your cup cause tonight is bottoms up
*looks at Jack Daniel's Honey* This is hilarious! LOL!. "Over the lips and pass the gums. Look out stomach, here it comes..." *bottoms up*. 😁🍻
Wrapped up an engagement shoot today in the west bottoms! Pictures to come soon!
Pretty little mama lookin at ya like that. Make ya wanna slide on in like, "Girl, what's up". Yeah tonight is bottoms up🎶🎶
Tonight is bottoms up. Find a keg and fill your cup.
Make sure you pull your bottoms up real high so your butt cheeks show! Otherwise, people might think you really LMAO'd that …
I still turn up to Bottoms Up like no ones business
Soya Concept has arrived !!!. Lots of great blouses in.. Pair them up with your favorite bottoms.
Finally have some jeans where I don't have to roll up the bottoms
I liked a video BOTTOMS UP on Chatroulette
New addition to the Bottoms Up! performers directory. Introducing Burlesque Belle and Cabaret Chanteuse Holly...
NO. I can take pills though so bottoms up this water to wash it down
I can't roll up the bottoms of my jeans anymore because my calves are too big 😂
It's the weekend, but before you go bottoms up on that drink, get the 411 on how to toast around the world.
*he pulled away once he was done, pulling her panties up but not the bottoms* Don't you just love me?
happy bday to the greatest mom on earth, you rock 😘 @ Bottoms Up Pizza
In other news, I haven't wore my hard bottoms in a while, I feel like dressing up!!!
Why do the girls at bottoms up espresso have such dry *** personalities? Can we just put the people from Dutch in their underwear Plz
This is how father and I remodel my bathroom, bottoms up
Can you guess the top 5 breweries in Arizona? --
Save up to 50% at this weekend on jeans and bottoms. Sat & Sun only.
Bottoms up! 🍺 Missing my toast partner, but not enough to wait on…
Bottoms up, bottoms up, throw your bum up, let's go a couple rounds but it'll never be enough~
Seeing video of teachers line dancing as a back to school staff activity makes me so happy...that I'm not there. Bottoms up!
Bottoms up is probably the gayest place ever if you go there you're a child.
Bottoms Up in the Shockoe Bottom neighborhood of Richmond, Virginia, has outstanding pizza!…
Bottoms Up and Blooming: Nexus Press & Atlanta Zine Fest: Do the Nexus Press alums ever mix it up with the zin...
This model just leveled up to High Demand, congrats to Horny Kevin
The new Brantley Gilbert and T.I bottoms up song is awesome
Thanks, Ryan, take it easy. Bottoms up.
[Grunting as he gets up, Dean wipes at his pajama bottoms, watching the exchange between Jared and Castiel. He stepped >>
We always end up driving with no pants just bikini bottoms
We're about to play BOTTOMS UP by Listen & Vote 4 More:
"Rusty Bottoms" slipped up at last light for Shawn Luchtel. He's second velvet buck of the season!
- greeted with the sight of her kneeling over his face. His hands gently slid up her thighs, hooking her bikini bottoms and -
Ride ur bikini bottoms up ur crack I promise it will make ur *** look better like cheeky panties instead of a full bikini…
Gonna tip the bottle. Bottoms up. For reaching rock bottom.. ..Of my life - abuse + riches =thank you Universe..everythi…
Coming up 12:20 from 9/13 band let us know if you like http:/…
Girls shove their bathing suit bottoms so far up their *** I'm surprised they don't come out of their mouths
Bottoms up baby I've been drinkin, let me tell you about what I've been thinkin
here's to hoping the future is kind to you. Bottoms up Donna. Enjoy 
All these females (except rasheeda and erica 😂) are corny as mess all they ever wear is red bottoms like *** switch it up please 😭😩😴😴
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Bottoms up, bottoms you, up throw yo hands up.🍻
LACED UP BIKINI highwaisted twopiece with criss cross back and laced up bottoms/ fatkini
Nothing worse than the girls who buy regular bikini bottoms then pull them up their *** trying to make them look like they're cheeky.. Stop
happy birthday! you can now legally drink in the U.S.!! bottoms up 🍻
Imogen Anthony flashes her shapely posterior in itsy-bitsy bikini suit bottoms as she laps…
Just impressed myself that I still know every word to the Nicki verse of Bottoms Up
Clean up is easy w/ the Bow-Tiger activity mat. I just entered to one, you can too!
Grab your other half, friend, or that cute guy or girl you’ve had your eyes on. Bottoms up for
Having Brantley Gilbert go from bottoms up to *** of an amen my heart couldn't handle it
Went into Victoria's Secret for bathing suit bottoms that matched something I already had. Ended up with a totally new swimsuit. 🙈
I changed my mind again I hate this bottoms up song lol
Bruh t.i did a remix to Brantley Gilbert's bottoms up 😂
If you and her drinking together that ain't the same as dropping GHB in her drink and telling her "bottoms up"
It took so long but here is Obie Trice-Bottoms Up .
Punjabi Bagh’s Club Road comes of age with Bottoms Up! Read 's review
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
When Vincent said, "Bottoms Up," I thought he was making a toast. I was wrong again.
I need to get a hair cut, plus this pedal bike got my joggin bottoms teared up
Why are you pulling your bathing suit bottoms up so high lmao you look like you're in pain
Bottoms Up.. Sun is out in Melbourne today!
the fact that Ericks ringtone is bottoms up😂😭
Hmmm maybe 2 bottoms can have fun together but who gets the load up his *** “
New blog up, celebrating bottoms, bums, and ***
Finished my workout today with a couple sets of 5 reps of Bottoms-Up only going…
"I don't mind, but..." Haru hummed, pulling up his pajama bottoms and turning around to face him. "You didn't bring a bag,
Bottoms up: Powdered alcohol legalized in U.S.
New version of "bottoms up" from Brantley Gilbert featuring T.I.
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Fire water. Truth serum. Liquor. It'll get you through the bad times (and occasionally cause them), soothe the...
I liked a video from 'BOTTOMS UP' ON CHAT ROULETTE
Oil double bottom may go bottoms up
I don't know how to feel about Brantley remixing bottoms up with T.I.
“Bottoms up, Monsanto. supersize this please..
Brantley Gilbert put T.I. on the remix of Bottoms Up.
Can't wait to hear new music, especially Bottoms Up remix with
There's a remix of Bottoms Up with BG & T.I. This is the greatest thing ever 😂
Lmao I can't wait to hear this remix of Bottoms Up with T.I.
. Time for these Round Up advocates and Monsanto ghouls to take the . Bottoms up!
It's good to focus on those that stand up tall after the dust settles like we see from last week at the index Double Bottoms
"I like you early morning natural... Go ahead and rock your bonnet and pajama bottoms, baby. Make up…
"But tonight is bottoms up, up, up, get em up"
“These bikini bottoms 😍 feel like these would not be comfy and end up looking like a diaper when wet
celebrate every moment Christine , and enjoy these , moments, 3 words , bottoms up, oh & laughter all good wishes X
I'm on the nightrain, bottoms up. I'm on the nightrain, fill my cup. I'm on the nightrain. Ready to crash and burn, I never learn
I swear tesco copdock staff must think I'm a right tramp. Either go before/after gym or in my jogging bottoms and hoody with no make up 😶.
Brother about to go on stage! Bottoms Up! (@ Boot Hill Saloon in Daytona Beach, FL w/
A builder mentioned to someone that Bottoms Up is being divided into 3 shops, good move if so.
Gotta finish this Sam Adams Winter Lager so I can break into the Summer Ale Stock, Bottoms Up
Bottoms Up is proud to announce that we are sponsoring as City Council!
Bottoms Up!: This is what they call sweatpants at the Burlington Coat Factory store.
Catch me at "Bottoms Up" in Fort Pierce Florida on January 7th! I will be opening for Afroman!.
Watch the that's called the Star Wars of Indian theatre! Book your tickets for Bottoms Up, NOW:
Bottoms Up will be at Innovation Alley at the Manship theatre! 11/17 1-3pm, come on by!
Bottoms Up! Best Bartender shows how to make the perfect julep — with a bit of spice
Don't forget the annual Cruise At The Bottom Saturday, June 28 starting at 5 p.m! This year the Lions Club will be sponsoring a Spaghetti Dinner in the (Air Conditioned) Community Building. And for dessert, our 2013 Hill Climb Queen Colby Pomar and her Court will be hosting an Ice Cream Social! Don't forget to get your tickets on that beautiful blue 1941 Chevrolet 2-door sedan we"ll be giving away at the Hill Climb! Hope to see you "At The Bottom!" Bottoms Up!!!
Sometime back I mentioned that the Kalamazoo area fans of the Blues Shed should save the date, July 12. It is official. We will be playing a one hour set at the KVBA Annual Blues Festival starting at just after noon on July 12. Here is the full schedule. KALAMAZOO, MI -- Marcia Ball, Tinsley Ellis, Coco Montoya, Dana Fuchs and Brandon Santini are some of the headliners for the 21st annual Kalamazoo Blues Festival. The event put on by the Kalamazoo Valley Blues Association will take place July 10-12 at the Arcadia Creek Festival Place. The lineup consists of 23 bands, from national acts to well-known local groups. Advance weekend passes will go on sale on June 1 online at, as well as several local retailers, including The 411 Club, the Kalamazoo State Theatre, ECCU locations, Marshall Music, the Union Cabaret Bar & Grill, Bottoms Up, Green Light Music and Salut Fine Wine and Spirits. Weekend passes are $20, while daily passes are $5 for Thursday, $10 for Friday and $12 for Saturday. Here is the .. ...
How bout a little Bottoms Up for you Brantley Gilbert fans!!!
Who's ready for Brantley Gilbert at Mohegan Sun?! Tonight is "Bottoms Up" for sure!
Remember this weekend its Bottoms Up at Corner Spot. Tonight we party with Rout 38 Tomorrow we have our first parking lot party with a band straight from Nashville Tennessee Jacob Stiefel and The Truth we will have $2 drafts $2 cans $3.50 UV $3 Fireball shots all day long. Also joining us will be the mcgillicuddys shot girls. Can't wait for you to join us for some good times and great memories!
I'm listening to "Bottoms Up" by Brantley Gilbert on Pandora INVALID_APIKEY
Happy Tuesday! We hope to see you tonight on the dance floor for. 6-7 Turbo Kick 6-7 Polercize 7-8 Pilates Phit 7-8 Bottoms Up (Pole II)
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Nashville News Brantley Gilbert may only be 29 years old, but he's got a lifetime of memories covering his body in the form of tattoos. The country star considers his body to be a canvas telling the story of his life through body art. Like most parents, Brantley's mom and dad weren't happy when he started getting tattoos. It looks like Brantley has converted his father to the "dark side," though. Look for Brantley's new album, Just as I Am, to be released May 19, featuring his latest hit, 'Bottoms Up." Florida Georgia Line has joined the performers lineup for the 2014 Billboard Music Awards. FGL is up for four Billboard Music Awards including Top Country Artist and Top Country Album for Here's to the Good Times. They join Luke Bryan on the bill for the show, airing Sunday, May 18 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. OneRepublic, John Legend and Imagine Dragons are also set to perform. More than 50 country stars have signed on to perform at the Chevrolet Riverfront Stage at this year's CMA Music Festival. Big & Rich w ...
Awesome day for a ride. Come on out and support Obion Co Rescue Squad for bike run. We are at Sues place, Bottoms Up and Pool Room just getting to these 3 stops and leaving here going to SnackShop BarGrill and Dot's, Smoke House in Fulton and then to Little Darlings back to Fairgrounds
Walked by three restaurants on campus, their choice of music Bottoms Up, How We Roll, and Dirt Road Anthem
Arctic Monkeys " who is that girlfriend " by VIDYA at Bottoms Up 2014 La Crosse Wisconsin
*** No Chaser presents: Bottoms Up. Bottoms up will be a bi-monthly mini-cast (published on the opposite Tuesday's of full shows) where you, yes YOU, the listeners get ten minutes or less to talk about a subject of your choice. You simply record and we produce and publish. You can do commentary on politics, pop culture, non-profit work, LGBT issues,etc ...anything (there will be small content rules). Now is your chance to join us and have a mini-cast. Message us to find out how.
Lots of businesses participating in our Easter Event next Saturday. Be sure to stop by Paper Lace, Spark - Smart Toys for Cool Kids, Kawartha Credit Union, Mom 2 Mom Boutique & Consignment,, Woody's, From the Bottoms Up, Kittens Den, Edward Jones, Ten Thousand Villages Cobourg, All Creatures Great and Small Cobourg, Twice As Nice Consignment Shop, Cobourg Paint & Wallpaper, RBC, Peter's Barber Shop, Insight Optical and more...we'll keep updating as info comes in.Tell your friends:)
Every time I listen to that Tonight is Bottoms Up song, I think of that guy from north Oconee lol
Jammin out to a little Bottoms Up by Brantly Gilbert, think the squirrels ran for cover, lovin the country life
Brantly Gilbert is *** sexy, but I don't like his 'Bottoms Up' video.
Flashback Friday. Only because Brantley's newest song Bottoms Up just played and I love it. I'll always be a part of BG Nation.
Is it weird that every time I hear "Bottoms Up" I just wanna crack a cold one open 😂
Bottoms Up a Great Way to end Walking Dead Sunday at Monster-Mania Convention! Friends at Nevermore Designs...
It’s Wednesday Whiskey Barrel night! We’ll be teaching: Goodnight Kiss (beginner) by Randy Houser. Then we’ll review; Gin & Tonic (beginner) to Love Drunk by LoCash Cowboys,Bottoms Up (easy intermediate) by Brantley Gilbert, and Friday Night (low intermediate) by Eric Paslay. Class starts at 7:30 p. m. Don’t forget Friday Review Class at 7:30 p.m. See you there.
Farah just sang along to "Bottoms Up" by Brantley Gilbert and did not even realize it. My work here is now done.
Buy TicketsBrantley GilbertMay 2, 2014Brantley Gilbert is kicking off 2014 in high gear with new music and a headline tour. Impacting Country radio today, "Bottoms Up" is the first new music the Georgia native has produced for his loyal BG Nation fans in over four years. The lead single from Brant...
Breast Cancer Awareness
The Universe is an ornery wench with a cruel sense of humor. She timed it so today, the section I'm editing in the book is Valentine's Day three years ago. I'm not superstitious in the least but I do know symbolism lives all around us. Its up to us to remain open to the messages we're meant to receive. Three years ago, this day was significant. It was the night I realized I had to find a way to leave. Three years later, here I am. Healthier. Happier. A bit worn in and all the more grateful for it. I'm dating someone. We're a month in. He's intelligent, handsome and kind. He's pretty amazing. I love men. I love human beings in all our uniqueness. I love that every man will have a different term of endearment for you. Baby. Honey. Sweetheart. Girl. Beautiful. I love that each person has his own way to take off his t-shirt. There's the Reverse Arm Slip. It starts with the arms. He slips one out of its sleeve, then the other. Then the t-shirt is pulled up, over his neck and off. There's the Bottoms Up. He pul ...
Had a great lunch with Gene Olson John Malone and Jeffery Watson at Bottoms Up
Bottoms Up by Brantley Gilbert is the new best country song
"Bottoms Up" Brantley Gilbert. All night long. You and me Sarah Marshall. Watch it and love it! Let's dance!
RULES: In your status update, list ten albums that have stayed with you over the years in some way. Don’t take too long on this list - just a few minutes, tops. These don’t need to be “great” records or critical darlings. Just records that have meant something to you personally. Then tag ten (or more!) other friends, including me so that I’ll see your list. 1.) BOB WELCH - "French Kiss" (Capitol); 1 of 1st cassettes owned 2.) VAN HALEN - "II" (Warner Brothers); had it before I had the debut...I know, weird. "Bottoms Up" is on "II" and it's running time is 32:00. EDDIE! 3.) DEF LEPPARD - "High n' Dry" (Mercury); Thank You MUTT Lange! 4.) THE BABYS - "Union Jacks" (Chrysalis); "Midnight Rendevouz", 'nuff said 5.) BRYAN ADAMS - "You Want It, You Got It" (A&M);...just can't stand another - "Lonely Nights" 6.) PAT BENATAR - "In The Heat of the Night" (Chrysalis); "Heartbreaker" was the 3rd single from the LP...and her husband is cool. 7.) SCORPIONS - "Blackout" (Mercury); Betcha' smile when you say . ...
My favorite country songs right now: 1. Jason Aldean, 'When She Says Baby' 2. Dierks Bentley, 'I Hold On' 3. Brantley Gilbert, 'Bottoms Up' What are you diggin' right now?? -Amanda
Gonna miss Pink Ladies darts at Bottoms Up today. No Sunday Funday today.
I added a video to a playlist Brantley Gilbert - Bottoms Up
You can't beat Brantley Gilbert's new song Bottoms Up. 👍👌
Bottoms Up by Brantley Gilbert is amazing! My fav!
Bottoms Up x Brantley Gilbert is quickly becoming my favorite song
Brantley Gilbert is back - what do you think of 'Bottoms Up' - we are loving the video! Check it out now!
Country bad boy Brantley Gilbert finds that sweet spot between rowdy and romantic with his new single 'Bottoms Up.'
Check out Brantley Gilbert's new video for 'Bottoms Up'!
Bottoms Up! WSRQ Talk Radio Hosts Raise Awareness and Blood Alcohol Levels Tune in to WSRQ 1220 AM & 106.9 FM on Friday, Dec. 6th from 4 - 6pm Sarasota, Fla. - WSRQ Sarasota Talk Radio listeners are in for a holiday treat with a sobering message this Friday. Local radio personalities Bill Robertson, Susan Nilon, John Tortorella and Kirsten Sponseller will hit the airwaves on Friday, Dec. 6 from 4pm - 6pm to demonstrate how alcoholic beverages stack up against breathalyzer tests performed by Sarasota County Sheriff Tom Knight. The radio hosts will become intoxicated by consuming varying forms and amounts of alcohol prior to going on the air and over the next two hours, the hosts will demonstrate how alcohol effects their abilities to function normally as they continue to drink. Sheriff Knight will administer breathalyzer tests to determine their blood alcohol contents during the live broadcast, which will also be videotaped for online viewers to watch at a later date. “The idea for this show came from a ...
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Official weekend liqueur time has reached! Bottoms Up ni Ijebu igbo =))!
That morning you're head-down storming out of Sbux trying to sing the Nicki Minaj part from Bottoms Up and you run into Michael C. Hall.
In the Theatre Royal Bar today it's that's a great 10% off all drinks until 9pm. Bottoms Up!
I favorited a video from Nickelback - Bottoms Up (Official Lyric Video)
Time to go all Jedi Masterclass on those youngins in the San Juans. Have fun and Bottoms Up!
Anybody in the New England area?? The Minor Cuts are going to New Hampshire this Saturday!!! GO TEAM DEAD!!! Bottoms Up . MANCHESTER!
Monday nights at GRANDBAR continue! It's Bottoms Up - Booze & Rock N Roll!! Tonight we have a great one for you! We've got Today's Hits, Gospel Truth, Uh Bones & Ultrathin perform @ 9p. Then guest DJ Miss Alex White (of White Mystery) spins ROCK tunes until 4am!! Oh, and our pals at Sailor Jerry sponsor us. Drink up! Only $4 Sailor Jerry drinks tonight!! GET THERE!!
Get her early to get a great seat for game 5 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs! Blackhawks vs Bruins at 7pm on the Big Screens & all the Flat Screens Too Rocking with the Dirty Mac Band AFTER the Game in the Beer Garden :-) Full Slab Baby Back Ribs $16 Goose Island Matilda Drafts $4.50 Martini U-Call Its* $5 Jim Beam Red Stag $3.50 Smirnoff Flavor Drinks $3 Apple Bombs $1 COMING UP: Super Moon Sunday Funday in the Beer Garden & Bottoms Up vs JJ Kelleys Sunday Funday Softball Game! ALL @ Bottoms Up Bar & Grill
Already thinking about Happy Hour? Us, too. If you're around Cool Springs today, stop by for a $3 Fat Bottom pint. Bottoms Up!
Sofia Vergara -- Bottoms Up - Sofia Vergara posted this photo on the Internet over the weekend.There were no survivors.
Like Clockwork, same place n time every single Thur night. MADD TWISTED THURSDAYS at Bottoms Up. PYT's all over the building. DJ Madd Rich from Power 98.3 in the mixx. Bday bash for Gabriella Sierra. 2-4-1 beers / $3 AMF / 3 stages / DJ DirtyD on mic / NO COVER B4 9pm. The HOTTEST Thur night in town. Come party w me and the crew - team LP Promotions baybee!!!
VIA: Nick Cialdella Transparency is how I think business should be done. You've seen my motives. I want to legitimize local hip hop... almost a year running and Hip Hop Hooray remains centered around local artists as it was intended. Skitzo Flowz, Baggz MaGee, the whole Hexx Krew, Lucci Wiz, Retro Heir, Andreww Deuc'ix Wolff, Jeffery Jerome Williams (Stackz), and Jay James... I'm excited to have you in the building this Saturday. This is more than a show. This is where we congregate. Where we network. Where we show people our craft. But most important, this is where we set the stage for tomorrow. We're always building. Thanks Jason Gere for that inspiring status about the leaders of the Hip Hop Movement. InJeanious, Bottoms Up, and HEXX are among the hardest hustling and most influential cliques in the city, and without you I wouldn't feel as optimistic as I do about the future of hip hop here. I hope to see you all at this event!
That Tre Songz joint "Bottoms Up" just came on in the spot. Reminds me of Muay Thai class. Hope you're well brother. 👊
Had a FREAKING blast at that little dive last night. Some guy was acting up and about ten big hillbillies literally picked him up and carried him outside. Not sure what happened then. Bottoms Up!!
CATTS UPDATE - OPENING TODAY AT 12 NOON It's the big day after a long haul, a few bits 'n pieces missing but we're just about there. TREAT FOR REAL ALE FANS Harveys Best Timothy Taylor Landlord Castle Rock Harvest Pale Moorhouses Blond Witch Black Cat Original and Thatchers Heritage cask cider There'll be nibbles on the bar all day (or til we run out) New range of lagers, lots of fruit ciders and some really good wines Hope you can come up and join us. Cheers and Bottoms Up!!
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Bottoms Up by Keke Palmer will forever be my jam.
Finally a six from Chris Gayle and Vijay Mallya stands up, raises his glass and tells the cheer girls *Bottoms Up*
Why do I love Bottoms Up x Keke Palmer so much?
you've got a ticket to see Bottoms Up at the Crowne Plaza Sat. nite, why not stop in at the pub for a pint before the show!
Just found the sloe gin I laid down two years ago ,Bottoms Up.
Good day to all. FAT LIZZY will be supporting our good friends Bottoms Up on 4/20 at The Shamrock Pub in Waterbury, CT. Come on out and see two of the areas best guitar players Derek Darley and Jimi Bell. It will be an epic night of hard rock for sure. Come early and stay late!!! Hope everyone is having a rockin' weekend and is enjoying the spring like weather. Don't forget to set your clocks ahead one hour tonight. "It won't be long till summer comes now that the Boys are here again"
Enjoy the weekend all, just don’t party TOO hard, Monday is going to be a very busy day - until then .. Bottoms Up!
Bottoms Up is the answer to that tiring question - Do I wait 'til half time to refill my beer, or do it now and risk missing a key moment ...
dont forget Langdon Hall we have the 07 Bottoms Up, Cab Franc & Syrah
South Texas BBQ will be at Bottoms Up tonight... Come support the best BBQ in the south and get tipsy while doing it
Today is my Friday. Let's get this day done and bring on the weekend. Bottoms Up breaker.
At thee movies having a drink, movie is badass just wish i.had my baby Looney Tune Rodriguez with me tho. Love u..Bottoms Up?=)
Sick as a dog. I've been playing music for so many years. I have never cancelled a gig for any reason, ever! But I had to cancel jamming with my friends Jerry, Jeremy, and Karp tonight at Bottoms Up! What a drag. This has been a brutal cold and flu season for me!!! See ya'll next time!
Rhonda's Karaoke will be playing at the soon to be remodeled and reopened under the name of Bottoms Up, formerly Misfits and Hard Times on Friday nights. The Grand Opening will be March 1, with karaoke from 7:00 pm until 10:00 pm, at which time a band, which will be later announced will be playing. It's all going to be clean and brand new! It's going to be nice! Come join in the fun with us!
Are you ready for Valentine's Day Massacre at Bottoms Up?!?!? The Thirsty Thursday Massacre starts now with $1.50 bottles of domestic beer, free pool and the $2.00 Massacre shot --- Chocolate Covered Cherry. Get on down here and party out the Massacre the right way, the only way with Hammer Entertainment.
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'Bottoms Up' An invigorating, sweet-tart concoction with a lovely high note of ginger. Tart at first bite and then sweet, Pink Lady apples complement very well with fresh ginger root and parsley, t...
Willow J from Bottoms Up! Burlesque & Pole School performing her latest rendition of Domestic Bliss!
Dear My Luvly Friend , BottomsUp Thonglor have a special menu set for Valentine's Day by Chef Kent Master Chef Thailand : only 30 first reservation !! Valentine's Day : - Have a special Menu Set By Chef Kent Master Chef of Thailand - Have a special A La Carte by Chef Kent for Lovely Fern Month - Have a Family Lovely Set - Celebrate at Bottoms Up : Get Prize and gift Furby Tiny Bear Ps. This is a last event for meet me at Bottoms Up na karb . I would like to enjoy with all of you in Bottoms Up for the last chance
Where would you like to see Bottoms Up! perform?
... and the winner by just one point for the Jan. Boomer prize package is. Catherine Fraser-Dery You've won a Bottoms Up T-shirt, Bottoms Up ; Shelter from the storm CD & an autographed 8x10 color photo of bass monster Billy Sheehan (David Lee Roth & Mr. Big) Congrats!! Stay tuned for the February game where more great prizes and autographed pics will be up for grabs.
Just when I thought all that pompous nonsense was behind us, some very dapper young man pulls up a stool at my bar and orders a Vieux Carre, a *** fine libation, to be sure . . . . but calls every single ingredient by brand! Yes, you read that correctly. "Oh, Carpano Antica will never work in that drink". After a short chat he tells me "I worked out East at the Pegu Club". "Well by golly gosh, So did I". I smirked. He almost fell off his chair. "Oh, then you've earned your stripes with me". Oh, bless your heart. "This drink's on me. My bosses allow me to give away one free drink a night to any *** I choose. And tonight, junior, that person is you". Bottoms Up!
CKG and Pink Flash Productions Present FUSION FRIDAYS~ LGBTQQAID's hottest party @ Bottoms Up! Every Friday you will have a place to call home! A place that takes you back to the good ol days, a place that accepts you for YOU, a place you can socialize with old and new friends, a place you will be entertained, and a place you can DANCE! The last friday of each month will be special themed parties! DJ Carly Mesnick will be spinnin the hottest beats and CKG will have some hot spot entertainers. $2 Miller Light and Amstel Light all night long plus $3 Three Olives Cocktails. Party starts at 9pm so come early or after happy hour~ we will be going all night till close! No COVER 21 and over
Oh Itunes, how is Bottoms Up by Trey Songz&Nicki an R&B Hit? On behalf of Otis Redding & Roberta Flack I kinda want 2 punch u in the throat.
I got a million ideas from Pippa's book (Celebrate) and I like her attitude: "Maybe I'll call the sequel, 'Bottoms Up'"
Home from an awesome night from Mos Wanted Crew to Bottoms Up to a house party in Sucat. I love my job!!!
Us, We (Bigtop Band) will be at Bottoms Up in Lansing this Saturday night. 9 p.m. "MMM" Ranger ipa on tap !! New tunes for the new year, and, as usual, we will be playing without a net..
My momma cook OX TAIL SOUP. Pregame dinner so Bar Louie my stomach is lined her I come. Bottoms Up. Lets go Isrish
I was kind a bummed mot to have my regular Saturday night show tonight at KLN (Kelly's Little Nipper). I figured if I am not doing a show I am going to at least make the rounds with Marci Camp and glad we did. We started at Kelly's Little Nipper to get a drink and say hi to people like Christina Collett and Brandon Larsson, Cameron Hollander, Denny Harvey and Jennifer Leetch. Next we headed down to LT's Bottoms Up for drink with Kylie Miller
If the U.S. House keeps messing around on fiscal cliff legislation, expect $8-$9 a gallon milk very soon. The house leadership also has refused for months to allow a vote on the farm bill. Speaker Boehner said Frank Lucas, a very conservative Republican, was putting forth "communistic" ideas in the bill. Both sides are not equally at fault. It is the Radical Republicans in the U.S. House who will be the cause of the huge price spike. Bottoms Up?
Happy New Year. I hope 2013 brings you every happiness and success! Bottoms Up.and be safe tonight!
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
My dad's friend at the yacht club just told me how he named his boat "Bottoms Up." Can't handle conservatives...
Only one hour left to try 1800 Coconut @ WB locations (Montwood/Joe Battle, Zaragosa, Airways/Montana, Lee Trevino/Trawood and N.Mesa/Balboa) Then from 3-6 stop by those same locations to try Grey Goose Cherry Noir and original GG. 4-7 We will be sampling Republic Tequila @ Costco. 5-8 Finally, for you West siders, we have promos @ both Specs locations. Rebecca Creek Whiskey/ Enchanted Rock vodka and Balvenie scotch 12yr. @ Specs on Sunland Park Balvenie 12 yr. Single Malt scotch will also be at the further west Specs on N. Mesa. Hope to see you all out today! Bottoms Up!
Never mind James ~ "Put on your 'Peter Pan Quick Get A Way Boots" and beetle down to the pub! :) "Bottoms Up"! :)) LOL
Guess who's playing at Bottoms Up in La Crosse tonight! Come on down
I'm back at the "Bottoms Up".. Hernando Beach Marina Tiki Bar Tonight and Tmw, 6-10. Layin' down some Acoustic Rock.
"JERKEY TURKEY!"!!!..LoL.. Good to see you ALL Today! We had a great time! ...Still time on those drink specials for those "late howls"...($3 Jack Daniels .$3 hourly shot specials on the hour,every hour..$4 Shot belt specials till 2am!!!)..BUT all aside , All of us from Bottoms Up, Wish each and Everyone of You a great Thanksgiving! Be safe, Dont drink & drive..We will call you a cab!...WE want to see ya next year! Xoxoxo
Oops (again), forgot Day 20: I'm thankful for freakin' Little Caesars! In my opinion, there is no better deal going. Can't beat hot pizza and hot breadsticks for under $8. Who cares if its not Bottoms Up or Pizza Hut.IT WAS UNDER EIGHT DOLLARS!!!
Looks like Christina Ricci has some plans laid out for guys... I know I did when whipped Barry White for the ladies. Bottoms Up...
White Cup Friday at my job! Secret holiday lls. Lets get it, bottoms up
every time I hear trey songs bottoms up I think of you loool hope your well xx
Its almost the weekend. pencils down, bottoms up...?
Omg I just remembered Trey Songz sung abit of Nicki Minajs bit in bottoms up!
Weekend, boys and girls. Pens down, bottoms up. That's more than enough work for one week.
I have to share this recipe for the hot buttered rum. 1 C sugar, 1 C brown sugar packed, 2 sticks butter. Melt over med heat in saucepan. Heat until butter is melted and is well mixed. Remove from heat and add 2 C vanilla ice cream. Mix all together with mixer until well blended. Put in container and freeze. When you are ready...use ice cream scoop and put a scoop in mug...add shooter of rum (you dont even need rum...excellent with just hot water) and fill rest of cup with hot water and stir. You will have the treat of your life. Bottoms up.Enjoy!!!
Had a ball last nite at bottoms up certified cuttin
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This trip has been both relaxing and fun but I'm looking forward to the upcoming birthday weekend.I got a feeling..woho! Bottoms up!
Bottoms up tonight in summer for Ty's birthday
your ''ATTITUDE can hurt me,but mine will ''KILL you...for you better watch out.. bottoms up NM ft.KW.
It's FRIDAY (Insert Cheers) let the weekend begin ... TONIGHT @ George St. Pub for Karaoke / DJ ... 9-Close and Saturday at Bottoms Up ~ DJ 9-Close come check us out
Let's get this Friday knocked out because it's a Black Ops/Wii U kinda weekend followed by a 3 day work week then a Thanksgiving/Black Ops/Wii U kinda 4 day weekend. Bottoms Up.
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Mornin u'all.sip'n on sum ndn joe.bottoms up 2 all u coffee drnkrs wit ur piny out...ah hooo.
"Bottoms up tonight. I drink to you and I. Cause with the morning comes with the rest of our lives..."
Happy 21st Birthday Heather Berry you are still by far coolest btch I.knw.. .today ya day . I'm tryna make it to fast eddies. ..bottoms up Honey ..You deserve it . Ily -;$
happy happy birthday Sha may u have more b-days to come... wish u all the best and may u found the real happiness in ur life we would like u to be happy forever and im praying that u will find the perfect one for u! i love u so much im always here to support u.God blesss enjoy ur night bottoms up later see u...
Alyssa will be going on a Field Trip today to the Richmond's Landmark Theater & will be eating lunch at "Bottoms Up" Pizza. Hope she has a great time!
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