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Bottom Line

The Bottom Line was a music venue at 15 West Fourth Street between Mercer Street and Greene Street in the Greenwich Village neighborhood of Manhattan, New York City.

Thierry Henry

Liga MX scores on the Bottom Line during a college football game between top 5 ranked teams in the year 2017. Me encanta.
*Name Spelling Correction needed on Bottom Line in Boxing - "Anthony Johnson" should be Anthony Joshua. Keep up the GREAT work!
Bottom Line stood before America & Lied Lied Lied for the President; he is shameful a disgrace to his family & America
Bottom Line. If Akhlaq's murderer was not draped in a tricolour by a Union minister, Pehlu Khan and Junaid could just have b…
I think she has a mix of emotions and bottom line is scared more than anything. She may not know what to say.
Some yes, but bottom line for me is they enabled tories & I'm sick to the back teeth of the…
It's about buy in. Build the T&L model together and agree on the bottom line collectively. Being 'done to…
Nobody likes a cheater. hurts the business bottom line by those who don't play by the rules.…
.Nunes lied about recusing himself from the Russia probe. Bottom line: he needs to resign.
The end result when greed and the bottom line is the motivator. Good for them, gad for everyone else. 😞😞
Hey here come the Deplorables 2 ruin you profits and bottom line unless you fire
Bottom line:. 1) Don't pollute your body and your life. 2) Don't pollute the planet you live on. Neither has a backup. Neither c…
businessinsider: NOW on 'The Bottom Line with hblodget': EurasiaGroup's ianbremmer, and the most important chart i… http…
Are you really this dim? Zucker said out loud that Trump was bad for America but…
can have a big impact on your bottom line. Findings from our research with
They do a great job. Many others across the country as well. Bottom line the HS team/coa…
In lead-up to news, shareholders demand disclose how impacts its bottom line.
Where are your fleet vehicles? Learn how fleet monitoring will save your bottom line
Bottom line is your children's children will I inherit one Zimbabwe. Make it worth their while. Hate&unnecessary argum…
A budget isn’t just about the bottom line, it’s about social impact too.Adopt gender-responsive budgeting!
Denial Aziz & Ephedrine Abbasi can scream at top of their lungs & jump up or down.Bottom Line. Game Over. IK has money tr…
If someone really loved you their actions gonna match their words.. bottom line
For the long term, they need to ban Trump. Short term, they will lose millions and crush bottom line, but…
Bottom line Tom, how much is it costing you?
(kendo) stick with Bottom Line for all the results ahead of 😏
NOW on 'The Bottom Line with and the most important chart in the world https:…
Other 2 are 'end ECJ jurisdiction' (on which she'll compromise because trade rules) + 'more control on immigration'. So tha…
Great usecases in to have in family.
Millennials care about what brands stand for, they want a triple bottom line - people, planet & profit
And that's the bottom line, 'cause Mr. Met said so! **glass shatters**
The bottom line is not to get distracted from your purpose
Triple bottom line: homeowner, community and tax base
Bottom line: GOPers still care more about the source of leaks than leaks showing Flynn lied & Trump people may have intera…
Bottom Line of ; NS close aide & minsters Pervez Rashid , Fatmi found guilty for…
explains the House's tax package and an update on workers' comp on this edition of the Bottom Line.
"Sales and Marketing Misalignment Impacts the Bottom Line. " by on
The Liberal Media was always a myth. Media is corporate. Corporate media is about the bottom line and promoting corpora…
... Not to be mean, but I don't care if manson is alive, he should be dead -- bottom line !
Trump’s agenda would boost his bottom line via
The bottom line is GDP. You took over at 6.8% in 2014, what will it be in 2019? Will GDP double or not?
. Gradual Crescendo of "Displeasure" with Madam Theresa May. Lips sealed on Immigration.the bottom…
Trump’s agenda would boost his bottom line It was never about the people. It has always been about Trump.
Thanks Er . Trump’s agenda would boost his bottom line
The bottom line is always follow the money "global warming, Palestinian refugee camps, USA inner city ghettos" a fe…
Shining a bright light on how a can pad its bottom line & enhance its quality of service |
Bottom line: look around P(E)OTUS. And regarding Trump: ignore him right now. He's dancing before your eyes for a reason !
Thierry Henry: "Why don't Arsenal start like they finished? 1 point from 3 away games. Bottom line, no pressure put on Chel…
I want two cheeseburgers and that's the bottom line!
Execute points of value realistically to cross off the bottom line when you can!
You're hotter than the bottom of my laptop — this is probably my favourite pickup line thing ever
Why go digital in the oilfield? Boosting efficiency 10% can raise the bottom line of an asset by up to $260M
That articles bottom line. Have a plan if your info is on soundcloud
agenda would boost his bottom line - Politico
Bottom line the DEMS practiced horrible security and revealed despicable behavior. DEMS lead in fake news!
bottom line, don't allow failure 2 determine your future. You gotta stand up no matter how hard you fell. There lies the glory.
Wise are those who learn that the bottom line doesn't always have to be their top priority. William Arthur Ward
College football attendance dropped again this year, and it’s starting to hurt the bottom line https:…
"Bottom line" is that their "holy book" directs them to wage war on all non-Muslims. Plus vile example of Mohammed himself.
Don't look at climate change as affecting your bottom line If u don't do something you bottom line…
What is the bottom line to all the educational "reform" for the last 50 years? It is a means to the end goal of...
Bottom line is, we are all just strategically shaved apes in shoes.
Order Miche Bag Online!
Regardless of who did the hacking. Bottom line is, it was all true. DNC rigged the primary election against Sanders.
bottom line & I don't care if you are a Jew or any denomination of Christian or a Catholic you are seeking God U R…
Great article on submitting on government RFP's. Bottom line, Late is rejected. .
Thierry Henry: "The question is 'why they didn't start like that'? They bottom line is they didn't put any pressure on Chelse…
Blame Troika. Blame FG. Blame FF if u like. Bottom Line Labour "Lied" to the People.
bottom line is the polarization is true. He's a unique figure in league because of stature, resume, position & race
The Sales Cycle: A Profitable Plan for 2016. 12 steps for the next 12 months designed. to bump your bottom line,...
Bottom line - I blame FO AND BM.. You just can't name a FA the Starter & Players can't overly Stan for a FA!!
Phil Mudd on Hannity's Assange interview: "They skirted the bottom line"
How to get a personal $4 billion tax break. Trump’s agenda would boost his bottom line
MINDEST must be LIMITLESS. You have to be creative and ask yourself what you can create to add to your bottom line.
which also means around £180K into TFLs bottom line. Wonder why they do nothing
ly both, I ship the photo is the bottom line
Mariah Carey is lost w/out Nick Cannon. *** Clark Productions is lost w/out Clark! Bottom line is they both desperately…
Mark Gottfried: You come out with your cool jacket on, you're going to get your *** kicked. That's just the bottom line in t…
Hour 2 The Bottom Line LIVE! getting started on Austin Sports Talk Leader AM1300thezone and streaming live on the i…
Benchmarks can have a real impact on your future bottom line. Our tips on tracking what matters.
Why are yall talking about church? You should go to church if you're Christian bottom line
Bottom line: "The 'Russia Report' was ordered by WH. It has to go to Pres. Obama first. It will go to Obama on Thursday ~US o…
"God is speaking to us all the time. God is talking to us all the time because the bottom line is, God is crazy about you…
People divorce after 20 years, people dump each other after 8 years of dating. Bottom line, there is no set rules. It'…
Training benefits the bottom line as well as staff skills set
Trump’s agenda would boost his bottom line
Bottom line. We see victory over sin when we begin to love Jesus more than we love our sin and you can't love someone you don't…
Bottom Line: Virtual software company adds iPhone keyboard app to its lineup
Bottom Line: MG2 digs into urban renewal in Worcester's Grid District ... is negotiating leases for four other rest…
Bottom Line: I see Nate Parker's acquittal from rape charges the same way I see George Zimmerman's acquittal from killin…
Falling in and out of Love / Amie - Pure Prairie League . Dressing room at the Bottom Line in the Seventies. Hazy,...
B3 Executive Office Chair SLB3 Going to Work Just Got More Comfortable for the Employee and the Bottom Line!
Bottom Line: NEW FIRM. *** Nardelli, who spent seven years at the law and lobby firm Nelson Mullins Riley & ...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
We saw Leo Kottke once, many years ago at the Bottom Line. You should check his calendar.
Just played: St Mary's of Regret - Susan Werner - The Last of the Good Straight Girl(Bottom Line)
ATTI: Blue Line bus 124 has arrived at the bottom of Easton Hill headed to UHS: 4/5/2016 11:54:54 AM
Ok but bottom line whether u THINK i stole from people or not why was I brought into this lmfao
Bottom line on Trump: . We shouldn't have a president that's been roasted on comedy central
michelle. over reacted..Bottom line
The importance of creativity to your bottom line: Is your business paying you a “creative dividend”? [Infographic]
Employers are directly linking poor employee to bottom-line performance.
that's where the $$$ aspect could come into play. Yao was far more lucrative for the NBA's bottom line than other guys.
Apprenticeships don't just offer life changing opportunities, they also deliver for the bottom line.
Bottom line of the address is that I and my family is innocent and what report says is all a lie
The bottom line is this people are tired of the left wing ***
Win some. Lose some. Bottom line is you tried.
Bottom line -- the two records remain. Most points (103) and widest margin of victory (30) in a Title G…
Corps standing up to North Carolina anti-LGBT laws tells me that fight is closer to being over than ever. Is moral bottom line a thing?
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
How to Increase to Boost Your Bottom Line via: Read at:
Rethink patient paperwork and online forms. It's good for the environment and your bottom line.
Did you know you can give back to the world AND improve your employee's health?
sameee! I'm feeling that bottom line of artists!
With in town tonight, I sat down with to talk etc.
Look, I'm new to the economic stuff. Bottom line, if Trump doesn't put his $ where his mouth is I can not trust him.
Bottom line: Sanders camp won't take yes for answer on NY debate bc they wld rather have excuse to falsely attack Clinton…
Read our latest blog post on The Bottom Line with & Gavin Patterson
.The bottom line is we still live in a country where if you grow up poor your chances of graduating from college is 9 in 100
Bottom line: it's too dangerous to replace an inadequate system with something better.
If you ain't getting to know money or trying to find a way to get money by now you just in the way & that's bottom line !! 🤔
Sad that the family nature of my old employer has become replaced by excessive love of the bottom line
Bottom line: stop blaming women for things that you are an active participant in
Bottom line, he was atrocious for two years. Then has had two GREAT years. If you can’t see that, you’re too stupid to talk to.
Started the final day of with Dude was on an episode of Sense of humor is good for the bottom line.
bottom line, we here. We there. We're above you. We're behind you. We just passed you up twice before you saw us
Bernie Sanders would say no. Question: Do you work for top dollar? . Slippery Slope but the bottom line is bottom line
Bottom line!. Trump is the ONLY one who can go up against Hillary. Cruz, no contest. FOR USA!
Bottom line: . has destroyed the GOP for a generation. . Alienated, insulted, degraded millions of our most reliab…
Bottom line: Kurt Cobain never got a true death investigation and deserves one, until then...cause of death should be decl…
Find tax exemptions for your business to keep taxes low and improve your bottom line.
Bottom line, just be with who you wanna be with and who makes you happy. As long as you two have an understanding nothing else should matter
Ford only concerned about that bottom line figure. Profits over patriotism. It is a business.
Bottom line? doesn't want YOU to see what Betsy Benjaminson posted on her blog! https…
Use the Groupon model to increase your bottom line
bottom line is fury is a false champion and AJ will knock him out. plain and simple
Reminder: money is the bottom line, "...the technology was worthwhile and could be successfully marketed."
If closing Metro is what it takes to have a world-class subway, do it! Well put by
Bottom line: FCC doing nothing to stop outrageous 34 dollar a month Lifeline subsidies to all eligible individuals in Tulsa, OK.
Initial report from National Farmers Union bottom line? Direct Support Payments matter more than In/Out move.
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
I think wages can go up when the companies bottom line goes up. U tax them & still expect higher wages? Idiotic
Business owners only care about their bottom line.They should be given no more weight than a citizen, who also only care about themselves.
My Bottom Line on Autism Awareness - We don’t need awareness, we need Acceptance of Difference.
Endo: Shift over time from "my boss told me to organize things" to "I choose to help because it affects our bottom line."
Welp. I see NC changing their "bathroom law" when it finally hits their bottom line aka dem pockets!
Bottom Line: FOOD. Hampton Creek has registered its own in-house lobbyist, former Department of Agriculture of...
Pastor Jeremy's Bottom Line for Sunday's message...known to cause goosebumps! Check it out!
black QB's. I made this comment because I also heard a race debate on Bottom Line yesterday about the Oscars and Will Smith. My bad
Bottom Line: Don't tell me I'm perfect. Nobody is.
Gloves off: in Hollywood. It is the bottom line.$ Speaks Volumes.
Who the fis bhuchowbey!! We love you Sunny and that is the bottom line. Gutsy women like you make the world a better place.
Bottom line with Nadal is the ball is too short. Short ball. You lose.
The bottom line is that we cannot and we should not sweep up millions of men, women, and children and throw them out of the…
Nope, I asked, you deflected, bottom line is you accept a fabricated claim by Islamic terrorists who want to destroy Israel.
A coal-dependent economy is harmful to our health, our climate AND our bottom line
The bottom line is. I want you. . In fact. every line is . I want you.
Deb the bottom line is each argument you tried was smacked down. I just gave u the noose love
PLL returns tonight. And that's the bottom line, because Kiran said so.
The bottom line about this match is that Nadal was rarely able to hit through the court. Footspeed might be a concern, but it's not No. 1.
bottom line of this all is that Greg needs mental/psychiatric help and assistance because this is something beyond a small family argument
Bottom line of the pic tells another story...she was Muslim.
I might have contributed to this bottom line!
no one will ever be a better passer than Stockton. Ever. We will never see it happen. Bottom line.
If a person want you they will act right bottom line.
That little nub thing on the bottom line:
yes then! Even more so now! Dawn Marie will always be absolutely beautiful inside as well as o…
Thank you for using my sticker!. Thanks from the bottom of my heart!. [Joshi shodou-bu 1&2]
Any female who was raised spoiled to things cannot compromise in a relationship. Bottom line
it's time to reflect the beloved community in every aspect of life for real. OMG black are only good for your bottom line
Former CIA chief in Benghazi challenges the story line of the new movie ‘13 Hours’
Bottom Line, if you don't except Jesus as your Lord & Savior & ask for forgiveness your no CHRISTIAN.
"Thething. What d'you call it in your colorful idiom?The line at the bottom.". "Thebottom line."
ROI is in the I of the Beholder: Increase your bottom line - WEBINAR!
Bottom line , don't stop when flagged by traffic cops around Sagana
“The bottom-line is you have to build a lens to allow users to see a new world rather than features to help them see an old …
listen to illiterate. And that's the bottom line... You get the rest.
You don't give up on anyone you care about.. Bottom line. You just don't.
Bottom line~ It's all about the choices we make.
The bottom line baksheesh on route to call up when preparing la pure cv array: nNwCH
I'm just so screwed. Like bottom line screwed.
👑A Queen knows her bottom line, she know while she isn't better than anyone else her royal…
whatever good interview it was ; bottom line I it couldn't create controversy . So deemed to be call as dud
I don't see where Aunt Viv is holding a grudge, etc. She just don't like them cause they fake 2Her. Bottom line. .
I used to do my eyeliner in one straight long line, and do my bottom lids. Ahhh. I've come a long way.
Five questions that will add value to your bottom line
Bottom line never give up until you stop breathing.
There will not be enough space to say what needs to be said here but bottom line is Ms. Smith is you divided a nation again.
"Local television is falling off the same cliff that destroyed newspapers but it hasn’t shown up on the bottom line"
Bottom Line... Let's hire the RIGHT coach. We aren't going to know if he is the "right coach" for a year or so. Get it right the first time!
New Article: The Bottom Line: The Sobering and Inspiring Truth about Salvation In the Spiritual World and Here
Christmas present from us to you. Sip some egg nog to this 🎅. Bottom Line by Trump (on
I love Andrew Marr, but Dragon's Den is cartoon capitalism. It is an entertainment show, after all. Bottom Line is great...
If you support Trump I'm fairly certain you hate blacks, Mexicans, Chinese, all non Christians, etc, etc. Bottom Line: you're a bigot.
Chippewa County EDC featured in latest "Bottom Line" publication, read more here:
Bottom Line, Black People must always be ready to "show your papers" because we're all suspects until proven otherwise
$SCTY and $RUN are suing Hawaii PUC for ending "net metering". Bottom Line: They don't want to lose their subsidies.
Nichols College is proud to have been a part of Bottom Line's Get In, Graduate & Go Far Reception
Bottom Line: offers the best prices in the region!
Yikes, also been to Ritz, Knitting Factory, Danceteria, Bottom Line, Filmore East (when it was "The Saint"), Limelight, Paradise Garage
Follow the rules. Your religion is not state/federal law. Or quit/resign. Bottom Line. 15
Bottom Line. “As a means to building wealth, there is no practical substitute for homeownership.” If you are a...
Bottom Line. Perhaps it is time to sit with a real estate professional to determine the actual equity you have in...
Bottom Line. Sit with a real restate or mortgage professional to truly understand whether you should buy now or...
Ricky Craven's Bottom Line: Aggressive driving and a great spotter keys to winning at Bristol
Bottom Line: What you need to know about long tail keywords
On this day 1974, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band played the first of a 3 night, 6 show residency at newly-opened Bottom Line, NYC.
Well this is frustrating to say the least, talk about affecting the bottom line.
We need to check ourselves & our friends when posting negativity onto the internet. Bottom line is that hurt people, hurt …
Not embracing a diverse workforce could have real consequences for a business’ bottom line.
No rational ppl wld agree with u & 4 the record politicians don't work hard Bottom line she's not suited as a TD
Bottom line is... Girls, when you receive gifts, especially expensive ones, keep in mind you gonna pay back somehow. Society's Theory.
Executive tips on internal communication via
I feel comfortable in the New & New part of politics.My bottom line: I am totally opposed to appeasement on terrorism.
He doesn't have much staying power though. Bottom line is a lot of people (including myself) are fed up with 1/3
All of our serves are at no charge. Delivering excellence to your bottom line!
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Returns, out-of-stocks and overstocks are costing retailers $$. Correct these mistakes and add to your bottom line.
looking forward to updates from $DSKX on how new sales through their Costco ($COST) deal are adding to the bottom line
“The bottom line is that we never fall for the people we're supposed to.”.
Less than 2.5 months until our 3rd Annual Race for the Bottom Line. Dust off those running shoes and sign up today!
Marketers note: Real time personalization works
The bottom line is, ISIS are primarily a product of warmongering and climate change driving people to desperation.
Invest in a double bottom line I'm sure wasn't thinking of farming but advice applies
Bottom line: The EU will need more money to fund the and some will come from us.
Personalizing websites in real time? It pays off!
"Columbus Tops in Ohio among Tech Occupations" and is a major supplier of tech jobs.
So my bottom line is - no to austerity, yes to welfare states. But foot the bill yourself then. Enough with degradation.
Bottom line it's a show that enjoys to show real peoples misery
5.Make humanity bottom line of business.
AMS Partners - Join us for the July Citrix Channel News TOMORROW with host Klaus Oestermann. Register now:
Keep up with Legislative Issues that affect your bottom line ...w/ host …
"Bottom line: If you love yourself, it will all work out."-Britney Spears
I actually have no bottom line here. There are many angles of that story, that's the one I chose to speak on.
anyway, I enjoin u to research the NPF. Lots of published works on them. Bottom line is que sera sera.
Ideally they'll be using drones more and investing the $800/hr saved back into journalism, but suspect bottom line instead.
How your planners positively impact your bottom line - via
Note to self: the bottom line is that losing weight isn't always easy: don't give up.
"The bottom line is this is a great day for clean water."
How do your planners positively impact your bottom line? View our comic strip:
Bottom line in a relationship is, everybody needs to be happy. If u can't make that happen, u should probably find someone new!
Losing Eric Fehr *** but if MoJo's on the third line, that should make up for it. Definitely adds offense to the bottom six.
I cannot and will not train for free. bottom line that's it.
Don't miss out! New episode of Citrix Channel News on July 8. Boost your business - Register now:
If 69% of us think that an improves efficiency, why isn't everyone doing it?
Bottom line: how can you call yourselves Teachers of the Deaf, an experts in deaf education, if you repeatedly exclude deaf ppl? …
Investing in can be good for the bottom line:
Want more customers? Lower your CEO’s pay.: Your CEO’s paycheck may be hurting your company’s bottom line. . Th...
Bottom line; either you are prepared to fight for survival of your profession or let it die from apathy. Now is not the t…
Women in Tech: Changing the Conversation via the Bottom Line
Bottom Line: Voke schools confront a new rule with limits on students - Worcester Telegram
Bottom Line. If you are ready, willing and able and are thinking of buying a home over the next twelve months,...
A new favorite: Electric Wire Hustle - Bottom Line (Flako Remix) by Red Bull Music Academy on
Please note, Bottom Line is broadcasting live from Eden Groove. Kgalema Motlanthe (SA States Man) will be delivering a lecture
St. Vincent Healthcare is teaming up with March of Dimes Montana to host "Babies, Business and the Bottom Line"...
Marketing that Moves the Bottom Line: My Deck on Growth Hacking via
Bottom line: 40.3.3 has to go. Only then can we properly, compassionately + comprehensively deal with complexity of abortion
Today CEO discusses the coming future of smart interactive
The only tweak for me with 2 player Shipyard is to remove the bottom line of ship parts after someone finishes buying them
This Valentine’s Day, fall in love with the social platform that will love you right back + boost your bottom line!
Win32 Form app, how do you get a multi-line textbox to scroll to the bottom?
I guarantee nearly every last penny of that TV money will end up in players pockets, you'll see nigh on 0 increase in the clubs bottom line.
Well, it's like politics: If we can prove our bias to ourselves, we win! Bottom line, it's faith - not science, not math.
ATTI: Bus 144 on the Purple Line is at the bottom of Valley View returning to Downtown:2/10/2015 12:36:44 PM
If he wants to keep you a secret it's because he's protecting someone else's feelings. bottom line .
Improving Your Bottom Line Conference...listening to discuss the Ag industry.
Bottom line is, good form or bad form, you want committed owners who are actively invested on a daily basis to improvement.
If she did perish as a result of Jordanian bombing, (not certain) the bottom line is she was kidnapped by ISIS first!
bottom line is the Patriots once again are on top of the mountain and there ain't nothing anyone can do about it except cry!
Big thanks to for having on to chat + .
I've heard of not answering calls after xPM, not checking emails in w/end etc but haven't found bottom line that works for me yet
Bottom line: If your iPhone has more than 6 apps waiting to be updated, I do not trust you.
There are only a handful of plugins that make a direct bottom line increase to income. Popup Domination is one them
The bottom line: the vaccine does not make teens more promiscuous + it prevents HPV-related
The more cash ya got the longer you'll stay fine. Bottom line and that should motivate ya.
have no hate 4 DT, get they against DP, but respect for Alexander family bottom line. Common decency. No less.
intelligence software can have a big bottom-line impact. Read 3 easy ways to fund your investment:
Hamilton Collection
It's always about the bottom line right? One day you'll find out that you can't eat money!
High the bottom line lead runner so that amicus curiae jobs: iFdQN
The bottom line in leadership isn’t how far we advance ourselves but how far we advance others...
Dollar-focused is hurting your mission! Join our Jan 24 and get back to the goal:
The SEC regulates non-GAAP financial measures, but do some companies omit too much to boost their results?
The bottom line the goods - the critical relative to the picture website: sbPdVUA
I meant the stuff that rids u of ur libido. But sex still doesn't = love so bottom line ur right and I'm doomed
Bottom line, ISIS could not exist if some major global power brokers weren't allowing them.
Bottom line: you're never gonna get anything fairer than what Obama offers you, iran. And the next president wants to …
Keep your bottom (& top) line of your red lipstick by applying a lip primer.
Thanks for helping me make the wonderful firm it is today. 40 years later we make quite a team!
We'll empower you with the focus, training and accountability you need to achieve grow your bottom line.
Bottom Line. The economy is definitely improving and, more importantly, the American consumer is beginning to feel…
Sitting through the "Improving your bottom line" conference by Interesting to hear their focus on feeding the world
"The bottom line is there is not going to be a lot of room for growth in the budget," City Manager Jim Couch.
Equivalency Test Loses Status. If it adversely affects society, it will do the same for your bottom line.
So the bottom line is to study is just same as to get a continuous awareness that you're wrong.
Small to mid sized businesses can grow their bottom line with done the right way!
You ain't getting rid of me, that is just the bottom line.
ESPN was nice b/c they treated it like a big deal (no Bottom Line during games for starters). *** no to FOX. NBC blows them both out, tho.
"Bottom line is no means no and some people just don't understand that"
She know I got ah bad temper sometimes love her grandchildren to death bottom line
I'm gonna do what I want, idc if you like it or not. Bottom line: your opinion is irrelevant
has nothing to do with position. Bottom line: he lied to get elected. He wasn't honest on issue
iPhone 6 Android Conversions Could Benefit Apple’s Bottom Line Long Term - Apple has been lapping up the...
Bottom line - people pass however they pass and Cisco is just fine with this - in 2009 the CCIE program turned a profit and so it is history
Ineffective The Aggressor They win every point but do they help your bottom line!
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