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Both Sides is the title of Phil Collins' fifth studio album. It was recorded in 1992 and released in the autumn of 1993.

White Sox

Passing under London Bridge on the tube. Shuffle gave me Phil Collin's Both Sides of the Story. I actually loled.
Check Point Charlie was the Politicians best way to End WWII? Both Sides of were responsible for that mess.
I am always moved by Joni Mitchell's Both Sides-the new rendition was horrible and brought me to tears for destruction of a classic
Happy Holiday Season to All of our Niagara At Large Readers on Both Sides of the Peace…
Both sides of the argument aren't garlanding themselves in daisies with their behaviour tbh (I haven't seen it yet).
31' with a looping cross over into the box, collects. Lot of opportunities for both sides so far.
no, Trump cheated enough for both sides
It's snowing in *** and I agree on something. . BOTH sides of the aisle should be furious!. AND... take action!
Same. Till the formula changes, till the "both sides" partisan punditry panels disappear, it's not worth it.
Congratulations on a great result today 17 - 12 win v . Well played both sides.
Preclearance is a win-win for enhanced security and prosperity on both sides of the border.
You have to be able to understand both sides in order to make a better judgement.
"Gently, gently. Make sure they're even on both sides, and that it's deep enough to pierce the dermis."
SNL swiped both sides..not funny..wouldn't waste ur time .. really gone downhill last 10 years
Both sides is so baked into their journalistic norms. No plan to handle Pres who's pathological…
Full time at Suncorp! Brisbane manage to hold off Adelaide in the end. Interesting match from both sides
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Academies want both sides: Full College Experience but also the most experienced, hardened leaders upon graduation.
No knees will be bent during the anthem at Thats bc its a game where heroes line up on on both sides of the…
ABC balance: both sides shown, only one tested | Herald Sun
I think it did exactly what good music should do - force a strong opinion on both sides
I never said they did. Just pointing out both sides have ***
I get so annoyed with people being able to speak out of both sides of their mouths & demand to be taken seriously.
so sad to think society has learned NOTHING from this ... all those men on BOTH sides ... such a waste.
Lol dawg both sides could be you. No questions asked and always down
Yo mama got one ear, talking about she wants to hear both sides of the story!
If Americans on both sides of the aisle let this slide, here's the real result: Russia will aim for 2018, 2020, "etc et…
Oh, I know. and on both sides of the aisle, even. Now's their time, I hope!
lol I hate when ppl play both sides.. 🤔🙄
Since our Souls are a part from GODs Soul he never wants us far, but it's a kind of alternate Love between th…
I'd swim in the butter mixture, while it after removing from heat and season chicken on both sides over the Banner, Jackson
Really NYT? You're seriously going to frame up "both sides" reporting on the CIA's Russian hacking report?
I've come to the conclusion that both sides are arguing past each other, never really trying to understand the other view
I feel "I Won't Say (I'm In Love)" from Hercules on a personal level. Except both sides of the song are me. Kind of like the Kermit meme.
It definitely should be examined/hashed out, I think. But the narrative on both sides is polarized.
Both sides of the political spectrum in America fall for fake conspiracy theories with sometimes gross over persistence
Why do people stand on both sides of a hallway and have a convo? It's so awkward to walk through.
I'm getting he's playing devils advocate for the most part giving positions on both sides. Other than that I'm lost.
Weigh up both sides cuz yo life ain't like mine
fowler big market only and said no to STL already. Both sides moved on.
39' - Concern for both sides as Kyle Magennis and Lyndon *** are both checked by the physios after colliding. Both on their feet.
True confessions from BOTH sides of the therapy couch. OUCH! A “Life Tools” Book Recommended by therapist Abe Kass…
Glad to discuss reunification with at key moment. Convinced that both sides will keep strong wil…
Any time someone tries to get the convo started in a place where both sides feel comfortable, we shut each other out completely
FOOTBALL North and Bels level at 0-0 at half time of tonight's Priaulx League clash at Northfield - both sides have created multiple chances
Negotiating does tho need both sides to respect each other - obvious problem.!!!
lololol. Nah girl both sides are great 😂
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... (2/2) population should have their views dismissed - Compromises should be made on both sides.
These are the worst of both sides of the spectrum. I would choose neither.
Had a tough Loss against we showed great signs of improvements on both sides of the ball !I'm impressed and the f…
“Cultural sexism in the world is very real when you’ve lived on both sides of the coin."
at this point i think both sides need to curb C,R material
Great appeal to both sides of their user's brain
don't assume the MSN harbour any legitimate feelings. Conflict = money. The MSN are pragmatists who feed both sides for $$$
Sure yeah let's reconstruct both sides of Camellia for fun when nothing was wrong with them in the first place
I liked the Nats return more, but this gets the job done for both sides. I think they both won this one.
very true. Good for both sides, but I think ultimately I would choose the White Sox return. Close though! Cardinals turn now😀😀😀
ICYMI: Incoming RSC Chair spoke at of his caucus's commitment to holding both sides accountable.
The" I Feel sorry for you " can sometimes be mixed as love / friendship for both sides . So don't hate them, they meant well.
as long as you can see both sides I respect your opinion
Banner preview for has been submitted for a final approval. Thank you for designing both sides!
there yet. Still good move for both sides though. Sox will be a force this year.
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it's not a political difference if scientists on both sides agree the earth is warming. FOH
Provided there is fair input from doctors on both sides of the debate and not just 's view of the world.
That Moncada and Sale trade was gold on both sides honestly
exactly. Which goes back to my point. It's from both sides, a minority or not.
I disagree with the occupation of the West Bank,but agree with the right of Israel to exist,innocent people die on both sides
Racism on both sides of the spectrum
True, Herod was Arab on both sides and considered a Convert. The Hebrews aren't Arabs, nor white
the 'lukewarmer' thing is having trouble catching on. I get yelled at by both sides :)
both sides to it...he goes there and wins nxt yr hes not gonna get all the cred...might be about to have his breakout year at Tulsa
Must allow Drs to have feelings. Experience on both sides & agree with this article on Drs caring for dying patients http…
Please can you get your gritters to do both sides of the Kelvington Road/Brenchey Gardens pavements. Currently an ice…
Yeh, maybe. Also, I assume once you hit Irish on both sides, there's not going to be much else before that.
yeah that's true.But there'd be a lot of anger from both sides if they try. I wanted to remain but would be furious if they did
see both sides? Stop pandering to the Burmese military.
Tough call. Both sides have their case. I would separate out the leaders of the tribes from the protesters and nego…
Her camp put out 1 statement on it which was "both sides come together" nonsense just as she did w/ police shootings.
You obviously trust that source. Get it on the record and then we've got both sides on the record contradicting each other.
Proof that Political Correctness is an issue on both sides of the political spectrum.
big trade for both sides, we needed pitching now. White Sox needed young talent, win win.
[Placing his hands on both sides of her face, he moved his face down to kiss her briefly one, two, several times.] Mmhm?
Good question! There are already too many people speaking for both sides, so I'm going to let to answer.
and that's just a natural feeling and it'll come from both sides. You won't like the "little brother" being above. Like perhaps >
I'm just disappointed but Im not gonna judge him, that's his preference we cant do anything about that. But please pay respect to both sides
You're right. And many people think pizzagate is fake. We need to see both sides before having opinions.
Here's official confirmation of how both sides line up for tonight's game.
Stop equating "fascism" with "populism" on the Right. Maybe JUST MAYBE both "sides" *GASP* have something in common
Iconic matchup with cool uniforms on both sides every year
Rahm says his time working with Obama taught him how to work with both sides of the aisle - LOL
when both teams raised strong sides it was excellent. But some days it was woeful
In return they get really solid young talent. It works out for both sides.
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Another example of where a players union would benefit both sides .
Could you shut up for a moment and let hear both sides?? Why you keep asking questions and answering them??
Saudi Arabia plays both sides in Afghanistan, backing government and aiding Taliban
Palestinians are not allowed to go near their olive groves on both sides of the road to the Elon Moreh settlement
singing "Both Sides the Tweed" in Edinburgh's Festival Theatre last night, with Phil Cunningham listeni…
Mos Def's 'Black on Both Sides' reinvigorates who we are
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