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Boston Harbor

Boston Harbor is a natural harbor and estuary of Massachusetts Bay, and is located adjacent to the city of Boston, Massachusetts.

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Deloris Weber. Thought ed might be interested in this article.
The Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum is an interactive high tech floating museum on a barge in the Boston Harbor.
Has anyone cleaned up the nuclear waste that was dumped in barrels into Boston Harbor back in the 70s?
After 26 months in dry dock, the Old Ironsides, returned to Boston Harbor waters last night.
The USS Constitution, U.S. Navy frigate built to fight Muslim SLAVERS off the coast of AFRICA, back in service
After 2 years, USS Constitution floats on its own via
On day that Old Ironsides was back in Boston Harbor, two big MA constitutional decisions &
Huzza! America's oldest commissioned warship, "Old Ironsides," returned to Boston's waters in shipshape last night.
Hey we see your and we raise you a boat cruise through Boston Harbor…
"As we know from whites destroying property by throwing tea in Boston Harbor, rebellion is in the eye of the beholder. Especially in a
in Boston Harbor designated high security risk = to Super Bowl .
At the Boston Harbor reenacting the Boston Tea Harbor. Pretty sure I would have just fought with the British.
Who's thirsty? I hear a tea shipment just arrived. Let's make it a costume party!. Checked in at Boston Harbor
Guarding against the tea party members throwing their supplements in the Boston Harbor
Sounds like some people need to be invited to a dumping of tea into Boston Harbor. We need to remember our roots!
Decomposed body found in Boston Harbor, police say.
Body found in Boston Harbor on Thursday, police said
Body found in Boston Harbor, police say
Such an amazing night on the Senior Dinner Cruise in Boston Harbor! A beautiful night with the Class of 2017!…
There's nothing like taking to the streets and exploring a new city. @ Boston Harbor
This Day in History, April 10. In 1790, merchant Robert Gray docked at Boston Harbor, becoming the first American...
Didn't we have a REAL Tea Party in Boston Harbor to protest unfair taxes by ACTUAL royalty?? Not the fri…
This June, Sail Boston 2017 will collect the largest fleet of tall ships in Boston Harbor si http…
Bush families invited them as a war game with General Green and Boston Harbor since the 1950s. Wallis Simpson as well.
Two powerful advocates for Boston’s waterfront and islands — The Boston Harbor Association and the Boston Harbor...
The history of the United States literally starts with rioters dumping someone else's property into Boston Harbor
its a part of the conspiracy. LOL. The first Fort on the mainland to the revolutionary islands in Boston Harbor is named after
related to the conspiracy. His fort is on the mainland and the first hop to the islands in Boston Harbor. He was an orphan n
Flooding from sea level rise is threatening to wash away Native American artifacts out on the Boston Harbor Islands
Threw tea in the Boston Harbor and visited the Edward M. Kennedy Institute. Having a great time.
A child at work today was studying the Revolutionary war and tried to tell me cats were the ones who threw tea in the Boston Harbor.😣
What is it like to own a lighthouse in Boston Harbor? Just ask Dave and Lynn Waller.
Don't make in oosaka City Council who will make what?If you like enemies do floating in Boston Harbor
Boston Tea Party 2? Throw the city council's insane proclamation into Boston Harbor and oust every last one of them…
“The Wasp ” and “The Serapis” in Boston Harbor at Night - Charles Dorman Robinson. 1881. Oil in Canvas.
comes to Boston on June 1st! Followed with a cruise on the Boston Harbor https:…
Airplane over cruise ship in Boston Harbor, Oct 21,2016
Someone to on a Boston Harbor booze cruise with me
Famtrip Boston 2016 RMP Travel & MMC, great first evening on a dinner cruises! - fantastisch hier: Boston Harbor...
We went on a little cruise around the harbour today ⚓️ @ Boston Harbor
me and Kierkegaard will be in our floating fort in Boston Harbor if you need a le-uhhh break.
Boston Light has been guiding ships into Boston Harbor since it's construction in 1716!
“The Blueway” could be Don Chifaro’s answer for approval of proposed tower
should be pushing for more of this Glad the Aquarium isn't budging unless it benefits ALL of Boston
Look who’s breaching up in Boston Harbor? It’s Chris Knight aka Peter Brady from The Brady Bunch!
New England Aquarium offers a way for Don Chiofaro to finally build his Boston Harbor Garage complex.
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Lyft for free to 8 - Harbor Point/UMass Kenmore Station via B.U. Medical Center & Dudley Station! Use the Lyft Code LINX
New England Aquarium wants ‘Blueway’ in exchange for supporting Harbor Garage plan
New England Aquarium wants 'Blueway' in exchange for supporting Harbor Garage plan
Greenway extension could clear the way for Harbor Garage tower(s)
Proposed Blueway: Aquarium seeks park with harbor views in exchange for backing Chiofaro high-risesThe Boston Globe
📹 Coast Guard Station Boston on security patrol in Boston Harbor by Coast Guard Via Flickr: Petty...
Speaking of Boston development, here's something potentially interesting regionally and particular interest to...
Spent Wed at Boston Harbor & Public Garden. Jacob Hooker has real deal lobster rolls. Then off to Old Sturbridge Village
it was the Master Mason's who threw the tea into the Boston Harbor, they created this event called the Boston Tea Party.
Patriots burned hay and seized livestock on Long Island in Boston Harbor in 1775. (via .
The beach water temps have come up and its far different then the Boston Harbor temps sampled at 62F, Im going to buy a pool thermometer.
Thank you to Marilyn Turnbow for glorious images of Friday night's sunset from Boston Harbor. . Learn more about...
Kick off your summer with a Boston Harbor cruise! Join us Thursday, June 9th for a cash bar and music out...
Beautiful view of Boston Harbor from the JFK Presidential Library. @ John F. Kennedy…
ROOFTOP SAILING...Harvard University sailboats in Boston Harbor by Union Wharf seem to be sailing on the rooftops.
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A short stretch up the Mystic River from Boston Harbor, an oil transfer and storage station operated by...
Here's a hint! Name that Boston Harbor island that once was part of the City of Dorchester.
1936 news poster: Shipwreck off Boston Harbor; Winthrop; Wickens SS Romance sunk
Day trip to NYC, Boston Harbor night cruise, and game night at Dave and Busters for UML senior week, pumped!!
Contrary to popular belief, the Boston Harbor does not actually taste like tea. @ Boston Harbor…
Dinner Cruise on Boston Harbor for junior class trip
After an overcast week, a spectacular sunrise over Boston Harbor and the islands this morning. via
View of Boston Harbor and islands from Houghs Neck near Nut Island via CBythrow
I was so excited to hear about the until I found out that it's NOT about throwing tea in the Boston Harbor again.
Bernie can't have a revolution without winning Mass. I expect Boston Harbor to be flooded with Chai tea before midnight.
Get on board for the annual boat cruise from Boston Harbor this June! Early-Bird tickets are available until Feb.
very nasty out; can't see across Boston Harbor from my office building (across street from Rowes Wharf)
Will we ever know why a dead toddler was found in a bag on a beach in Boston Harbor?
Boston and the Harbor is closing in 2 weeks.
Okay so I've had a lobster, drank a sam adams, saw the harbor, used the T, gotten coffee, and parked a car in Harvard yard. Boston is cool.
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.The Hyatt Regency Boston Harbor is at the top of my list.
Love running in Boston along the harbor.
Boston Harbor sunset. Photo taken on a day when I didn't spend almost 13 hours in a windowless room. Fingers crosse…
Angelique Stanley your New England realestate# agent keeping you current
$4 million modern estate on Marblehead Harbor beat out the competition last week
Tranquility at Boston Harbor?: Boston Harbor is a natural harbor located at Boston, Massach...
Throwing tea into the Harbor. by livinunderwater
My Infographic On the Boston Tea Party! 92,000 pounds of tea were dumped into the harbor. 😀.
The Boston Tea Party dropped tea bags into the Boston Harbor.
I've been in Boston for like 24 hours and I have yet to see any tea in the harbor.
Contrary to popular belief the Boston Harbor doesn't still taste like tea :/
I added a video to a playlist Boston Harbor History and Cartograph (1899)
Ran outside because there's a ton of BPD boats escorting this NYK tanker out of Boston Harbor.
Glad to be back in Boston and the Bacchanalia that is the @ Boston Harbor Hotel
recently named us one of the "6 Buildings to Keep an Eye on in https…
Personally, I wish thecould be tossed into Boston Harbor.
Personally, I wish the could be tossed into Boston Harbor.
"What if the entrance fee for the aquarium was 1 caught fish from the harbor?" by nancy_liuzer
Love. The tall ship Sagres of Portugal escorted by Boston harbor pilots by on
Seagulls cry at the seaport harbor in Boston ((Vine by
With the Boston Harbor water airport taxi comes a blurry photo moment captured by our fearless captain. ⚓️
On a water taxi crossing Boston Harbor. I wonder where the tea is.
BOSTON (AP) — The mother of a 2-year-old girl dubbed Baby Doe after her body washed up on a Boston Harbor island inside a bag has pleaded
We provided Child Services on Video to be released w Cop witnesses proving NOW their Doctors harbor TERRORISM w Boston Bomb & this Water!
A Man in Green is eating your toast the next day, I'm throwing every Brit I know into the Boston Harbor.
Taylor10Rich : on the boat cruise with my dillons babes 😘 kaypbabyy cjmcniff emkowal @ Boston Harbor …
OMG I've lived. I've seen the sun set over the Pacific and kissed at Boston Harbor. I've marched and fought and won and lost. I've survived.
BOX continues Gale Warning for Boston Harbor, Coastal waters east of Ipswich Bay and the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary, Massach…
Ocean Prime Opens Today in the Seaport District: Fine dining and seafood on Boston Harbor. Ocean Prime, a high-end… https:…
- Maps of Boston Harbor and the islands .
Tea leaves steeped in Boston Harbor after being dumped overboard during the Boston Tea Party.
Thanks for showing us the New England Aquarium, Wallace. 🐧🌆 @ Boston Harbor
Mother, boyfriend charged in death of toddler found on Boston Harbor beach
Boston Harbor. Best flight delay and airline hotel ever. Boston is one of the cities I gladly accept…
[A member of the Coast Guard’s Maritime Specialized Resource Team looks out over Boston Harbor durin…
On this day, Oct. 21, in 1797, the USS Constitution first launched from Boston harbor.
1797 The USS Constitution a 44-gun US Navy frigate is launched in Boston Harbor was nicknamed "Old Ironsides" during the War of 1812
Wed:. 1797: The U.S. Navy frigate Constitution, also known as Old Ironsides, was launched in Boston Harbor. 1849:...
In 1797 - "Old Ironsides," the U.S. Navy frigate Constitution, was launched in Boston's harbor.
Mother and boyfriend due in court in death of girl found in trash bag on Boston Harbor beach:
Raccoon Island-one of 30+ in Boston Harbor. At low tide you can walk there
Hope you & Mika are thrown into the Boston Harbor so we won't have to listen to you talk about Trump or e-mails for 3 hours
Hermosa Beach, Boston Harbor, San Diego then the last one is Chicago. You didn't even have to leave.
Had a great time yesterday sailing the outer Boston Harbor in a J22. Got my last sunburn in before the winter ;)
When the mug says 16 oz but really it's like 14.99, overload alert. Tea spillage worse than the Boston Harbor.
Thurston County's Boston Harbor will honor old Main Street with new signs:.
Not my photo, just sharing the sites taken by others in Boston. Stay safe everyone. Sunset over Boston Harbor
We were on the Eleanor to throw tea into Boston Harbor and we heard Sweet Caroline being played, too. I miss the fam!
Everything cascade in this vanilla sky (even tho it's more of a creamsicle) @ Boston Harbor
Ok Julian Edelman does not sprint alongside the Boston Harbor in Pumas doing juke moves.
Today, buy local farm goods off a ship in Boston Harbor. has arrived:
More exploring at Boston and looking at the hotel pool ! @ Boston Harbor
Coast Guard responds to medical emergency in Boston Harbor
Another tough view to wake up too...Boston Harbor from our hotel room..
Ms. Plante was cruising through Boston Harbor, diligently reading the Oil and Honey by Bill McKibben, when…
Mass. State Police have ruled out Ayla Reynolds as match for Baby Doe, girl found dead in Boston Harbor last month.
Boston men charged with stealing, vandalizing boat in Boston Harbor - Boston Globe: Boston men charged with st...
Nearly two weeks after the remains of a toddler washed ashore near Boston Harbor, Randi Kaye reports on the efforts to identify 'Baby Doe.'
Gonna be an interesting nite. On the party bus. Reminds me of the Boston Harbor booze cruises
Me at the Boston Harbor in 1773: Yaaasss honey spill that tea!
sponsoring historic talks and music across from dock at Boston Harbor Hotel.
Nice view from our hotel. Boston Harbor. Tea anyone?
Cheering the Swim Across America Team as the 22 mile relay swim in Boston Harbor is happening today!
Ipswich's Schwenkmeyer prepares for Boston Harbor swim as part of Swim Across America
URGENT: Mystery girl, 4, found dead in trash bag in Boston Harbor. FULL STORY:
Police get tips on girl found dead in bag in Boston Harbor - Quincy Herald-Whig | Illinois & Missouri News, Sports
Tornado Watch in effect for Boston Harbor & Cape Cod Bay, and for Bristol, Essex, Middlesex, Norfolk, Plymouth, & Suffolk counties
Awesome summer nights ahead. Imagine a fun cruise on Boston Harbor w/your friends! Win your tix w/the at 7:10
Friday June 19th, Boston Harbor cruise, Ayers Army fighting against PKD! Tickets are still available, click on...
"A modest suggestion: Celebrate the Tea Party by tossing Sarah Palin into Boston Harbor."
happy early mom's day to fundebleo - love you lots lady! @ Boston Harbor
More photos of the zoo ship City of Salisbury as it broke up in Boston Harbor in 1938 via .
A ship carrying monkeys, snakes, and birds ran aground in Boston Harbor in 1938. Most animals were saved.
I intercepted a large shipment of lenses and threw them all into the Boston harbor because they're trash
Sam just suggested we take Mr. Mark into the Boston Harbor & swim with him. I'm in
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Boston hasn't had such a surprise win since they threw Britain's tea in the harbor.
Hey , there's a storm brewing in Boston Harbor. Prepare yourself for the Olynyk Clinic.
Taxes filed yet again, I understand the impulse to throw tea in Boston Harbor.
john henry owns all of the following: giant yatch he docks at boston harbor, the red sox, boston globe, nesn, a soccer team, a NASCAR team
view from the chart room tonight. good spot for a little creative hour. @ Boston Harbor Distillery
Boston harbor... Can't wait to be back in New England in June!
we didn't dump coffee into Boston Harbor, Felton.
Stopped down at the fish pier in Boston harbor before heading to the air port today for some sea…
Thought you were making some bad parallel between Rio & Boston Harbor.
The Mass 54th was mustered out of Gallops Island.
.meanwhile Two decades of change have Boston Harbor sparkling! via
taking on the first day of Boston with one of my fav pals 🇺🇸💙 @ Boston Harbor
Robert V and the Vamps in the gym. @ Boston Harbor
Every day spent with you is the best day of my life💕 @ Boston Harbor
Nope, not slang. Crazy ignorant people who want to go back in time. Wear teabags (British Tea Party Boston Harbor) on hats.
Vote for Meritage at Boston Harbor Hotel as the Best Hotel Restaurant
Vote for at Boston as the Best Hotel Restaurant I voted!
Meritage at has been nominated by 10 Best Choice for Best Hotel Restaurant:
Boston harbor...feel like something significant happened here. by sparso_
Thank you USA TODAY 10Best for the nomination- Please vote for us today!
Thrilled to have been nominated by USA Today's 10 Best for Best Hotel Restaurant! Don't forget to vote for...
Went for a walk along the harbor at lunch. So glad it's finally warm! @ Boston Harbor
"Most don't leave it in long enough." . "How long should it be left?". "The tea in Boston Harbor is just about ready."
Mrs. Springer spills so much tea her class is like Boston Harbor in 1773
We should never forget The Boston Tea Party, Pearl Harbor, or 9/11? But we should get over and stop mentioning slavery?
Casual reminder that if Prince George ever wants tea he can dredge it from Boston Harbor
Its business was taken within 10 years by the Middlesex Canal, connecting the Merrimack river to Boston harbor
It's British royal tea month? Where can you experience that here in the US? Boston Harbor! 🇺🇸
Just in: List of schools receivng 2014 Washington Achievement Awards. Congrats to Capital HS, Jefferson MS, Reeves MS a…
The moment you find a pair of running shoes and see they only made them for women, WTH!?
Lindiwe, ninjani sisi, I'll be at Harvard Medical School in two weeks time, I'll be at Boston Harbor Hotel. Let's have dinner
Gale Warning for Boston Harbor extended to tomorrow Mar 19, 2:00 AM via
1) Get them all into the same train car. 2) Drive it to Boston Harbor. 3) Lock doors and run car into harbor. Done.
The Stamp Act. Being taxed for that letter i twice was unfair. Dumped a bunch of aluminum in Boston Harbor in protest. ;-)
Better Know an Island: Land’s End: the Five Smallest Islands in Boston Harbor
The Great Lakes freeze – in pictures: It isn’t just Niagara Falls, Boston Harbor and the Hudson and East River...
PHOTOS: Ice in Boston Harbor, and in Hull Bay via
ICED TEA The ELEANOR at The Boston Tea Party Museum with frozen bags of tea on the waters in Boston Harbor
Found this cool photo by the Harbor: "Old Ironsides" stands sentry in Boston Harbor, as she has since 1797.
The dumping of the tea in the Boston harbor wouldn't have happened if they would have filed their taxes. Crazy
Throw TurboTax's marketing team into the Boston Harbor.
That Boston Tea Party commercial, I asked my sister what event that was, and she said Pearl Harbor. Fail!
So during the Boston Tea Party, when they dumped the tea into the harbor, did it turn into tea?
Why didn't patriots nation get together and dump all the Starbucks in Boston in the harbor?
Wait a minute, there's no ice in Boston Harbor, this ad is historically inaccurate there TurboTax.
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Penn Graduate singing the National Anthem, The Seattle Space Needle, Boston Harbor - one of these things is not like the other
Fog in Phoenix causes flight delays, cancellations: Officials Phoenix Sky Harbor International ...
Found this cool photo by the Harbor: 😙💨 by marchfort…
to Boston because the Patriots play tonight 💙❤️⚓️ @ Boston Harbor
Deer Island and the other Boston Harbor Islands are great place to see - snowy owls!
Claude Ships in a Harbor, c. 1873, . Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Found this cool photo by the Harbor: twenty-second floor view - all the way to the harbor .
Found this cool photo by the Harbor: Trespassing with my Boston tour guide 🚧 thanks Mr. Nice Fireman for taking thi…
Had a dream last night that I flew across the Boston harbor with a full deck of yugioh cards in my left hand
Found this cool photo by the Harbor: 👌
Boston Harbor flying the red, white & blue. http:…
The Boston Tea Party poured tea into the Pearl Harbor.
I think this plane's trying to throw us into the Boston harbor like their tea party
Back on the 7:30 PM flight to SYR. However the storm may make that moot. Backup plan: reservation at Hyatt Boston Harbor.
Seattle fans have been awful for 5 years, Boston fans have been awful since they throw their tea into the Harbor.
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Found this cool photo by the Harbor: Wishing for summer
Found myself playing in a beautiful space last night. @ Boston Harbor Hotel
Found this cool photo by the Harbor: Its only right...
We are ready for some football at the Boston Harbor Islands!. . .
Found this cool photo by the Harbor: http:…
Found this cool photo by the Harbor: Flying into
Found this cool photo by the Harbor: Winthrop by castle island
Start true Boston Marathon at Copley and end it at Copley. For TV, nothing would show off Hub better. Gold. Tall Ships in harbor, etc.
Looks like a Boston harbor fog rolled in to Phoenix this morning if you're wondering who's going to win the Super Bowl today.
Nothing wakes u up faster than having the entire zipper of ur wetsuit fall off& having ur entire suit fill up w unheated Boston Harbor water
So there's ice on top of Harbor, which is saltwater.
Taxation by Democrats without representation. Should we meet at the Boston Harbor and dump 1040 forms in?.
Somebody tell my boyfriend seaport and Boston harbor is the same *** thing!
Found this cool photo by the Harbor: by britbrwn
Found this cool photo by the Harbor: Boston Harbor (Olympia, WA). by pnwfirefly
and instead of riding into Boston Harbor, we are riding right into a or , right?
Sam Adams throwing all of the tea into the Boston Harbor so more people would be drinking his beer.
Wasn't the King's English, along w/ the tea, tossed into the Boston Harbor???
One of my latest skyline photography images showing downtown and the harbor at twilight. Happy day...
PEOPLE OF BOSTON! Take all the Starbucks coffee you can find and pour it into the harbor.
342 chests of tea were dumped into Boston Harbor during the Boston Tea Party.
BOSTON — Sailing in Boston Harbor. Baseball at Fenway Park. Beach volleyball on Boston Common, the oldest public park in the United States. The organizers of Boston's Olympic bid unveiled their plans for the 2024 Summer Games on Wednesday. Those plans include a pedestrian boulevard along a channel…
Old Ironsides being escorted out of Boston Harbor.
Watching Chara on a breakaway reminds me of when I stood on Winthrop Beach watching the U.S.S. John F. Kennedy chugging into Boston Harbor
Coast guard out on Boston Harbor in force due to the trial at the federal court house
A view of the Boston Harbor from our room ⛵️⚓️🚣 @ Boston Harbor Hotel
"The Destruction of Tea and Mob Violence" "Those who rebelled here in America were convinced in their own minds that they were very miserable, and those who think so are so. There is nothing so easy as to persuade people that they are badly governed. Take happy and comfortable people and talk to them with the art of the evil one, and they can soon be made discontented with their government, their rulers, with everything around them, and even with themselves.” - Loyalist Governor of the Province of Massachusetts Bay, Thomas Hutchinson On December 16th, 1773, a mob of roughly 200 or so lawless radicals, under the direction of Samuel Adams' Whig-supporting Sons of Liberty disguised themselves as Indians, and boarded East India Company ships in Boston Harbor, throwing crates of tea overboard. This famous protest later came to be known as the Boston Tea Party (the term did not exist until the early 1830s). Adams swiftly defended the actions of the protest, and created mass propaganda throughout the colonies ...
241 years ago today there was a Tea Party in Boston Harbor.
Boston Harbor Distillery to Open in Early 2015: And we're off. Thanks
Dec. 16, 1773: Colonial activists dump 45 tons of tea into Boston Harbor
Today in History: December 16, 1773 The Boston Tea Party Smugglers in Boston were making good money by-passing British tax laws in the late 1700's. But when Britain permitted the East India Company to sell tea to the colonies without paying taxes, the smugglers' livelihood was threatened. More importantly, John Hancock and Samuel Adams were two such smugglers. When the cargo ship Dartmouth arrived in late November 1773 filled with tea, the situation reached a crisis point. Negotiations to force the Dartmouth to leave Boston Harbor failed. On the night of December 16th, a group of colonists disguised as Indians boarded the ships and began dumping the tea from the ship overboard. By morning more than 90,000 pounds of tea were destroyed. The reaction of King George III was angry with additional taxes being imposed on the colonists. The Boston Tea Party, and similar acts of defiance, preceded the American Revolutionary War.
Pretty excited to check this place out | Boston Harbor Distillery to Open in Early 2015:
Today in 1773 members of the Sons Of Liberty disguised as Mohawks dumped hundreds of crates into Boston Harbor.
Today in 1773 the Sons of Liberty disguised as Mohawk Indians dump crates of tea into Boston harbor as a protest against the Tea Act.
On this Day in 1773 The Boston Tea Party occurred: Men dressed as Indians, dumped tea chests into harbor
.set to open in early 2015. Here are the details:
Good Morning Crazy Cousins…. We have about 42 degrees at the Brimfield Police Department. We will be at about 52 degrees today with a 90% chance of rain. There are no incidents or arrests to discuss at this time. Today is December 16th, 2014. The 2015 Brimfest Crazy Cousins Reunion and Veterans Welcome Home Parade is Saturday, September 19, 2015. On this date in the year 1773, the Boston Tea Party incident occurred. The Sons of Liberty protesters threw tea shipments into Boston Harbor, in protest against British imposed Tea Act. I would have joined them, primarily because I am a coffee guy. I don’t think much of tea or taxes. The word for the day is… tax (taks). The word means, “a burdensome charge, obligation, duty, or demand, usually enacted by the government.” We use it in a sentence as follows: “While I believe paying any tax is my patriotic duty, I sure would like to have more of a say on how the money is spent.” Boy howdy. And now the Brimfield Police Department American Flag Etique .. ...
12.16.1773: Boston citizens boarded 3 ships & threw the cargo of tea in the harbor in an episode that became known as T…
"Hey England, Know what oday is?". "Where's the T?". "We threw it in the harbor. 241 years ago. Boston Tea Party, son". Me…
Boston Harbor resident (and outstanding photographer) Chris Hamilton captured these images of Orcas yesterday. Thanks, Chris, for sharing.
16 Dec 1773: Boston Tea Party: 'Sons of Liberty' dump crates of tea into Boston harbor in response to Tea Act http:…
Dear Friend, I remember watching the ticker go up and up. And then it just kept going. Two hundred thirty-four years after the Sons of Liberty helped spark the American Revolution by dumping British tea into Boston Harbor, you and I made some history of our own. My supporters raised over $6 MILLION…
Boston Harbor, a teapot tonight! Join us tonight at Old South Meeting House around 6:30pm, at 7:30pm march down to the Boston Tea Party Ships to destroy the tea!
241 years ago today; the original Tea Party. December 16, 1773: Colonial patriots, disguised as Indians, dumped nearly 350 chests of tea off British ships into Boston Harbor. Little did they know that 236 years later people would disguise themselves as colonials and descend on Capitols across the country.
Dec 16, 1773: More than 5000 people from Boston and the surrounding areas pushed their way into the Old South Mtg House. The Sons of Liberty demand that Francis Rotch send his vessel back to London, but he says they won’t let him pass the guns of Fort William without paying the duty. The meeting adjourned until 3 pm after sending Rotch to demand safe passage for his ship from Governor Hutchinson. At 5pm, with the people getting tired, a one hour extension was granted for the return of Rotch. Finally at 5:45pm Rotch reappeared with the Governor’s decision. Rotch stated that Governor Hutchinson had rejected Boston’s demands to send the ships away. He stated the Governor is “willing to grant anything consistent with the laws and his duty to the King, but orders that the vessels cannot leave unless the cargo is unloaded as the law demands”. Dr. Thomas Young quickly came to the defense of Rotch, insisting that no harm come to his person or property. The body of the people put Rotch on the spot by a . ...
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in 1773, the Sons of Liberty protested the Tea Act by throwing tea into Boston Harbor.
Today in 1773, colonists boarded three British ships in Boston Harbor and threw tea overboard to protest the Tea Act
It happened 241 years ago today: The Boston Party took place in Boston Harbor on December 16, 1773. A band of American patriots hoping to bring down the British government's control of America. Now a group of anarchists,calling themselves, "The Tea Party", is running around ,shooting off their big fat mouths and trying to bring down our own American government.
Found this cool photo by the Harbor: by...
Found this cool photo by the Harbor: by jonlapearl
Largest container ship to ever dock in Boston Harbor arrives from New York.
[The Boston Globe]Of course, many foreigners who harbor similar feelings about Tokyo, by far the w...
Take a trip back to colonial times at Boston Harbor. Detials at 1:30 on
Winter Fun for Less! Ice Skating and High Tea at the Boston Harbor Hotel. Save 57% now ...
Hurry to for Cyber Monday deals before your favorite chart is gone. We are sold out of Boston Harbor and Florida Keys
Found this cool photo by the Harbor: Boston's Atrium.
Colonial Capers by Henri Bauhaus: In a darkened boathouse on the edge of Boston Harbor, Phineas...
The Drinking Fountain has food again! via
.No one was allowed to loot/steal when they dumped the tea in the harbor at Boston.
Lots try to equate this with Boston Tea Party. Dumping tea into the harbor a bit milder—but that's just me.
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Found this cool photo by the Harbor: by wagdy_moussa
Some people refer to it as the "Blood Bar." MTThe Drinking Fountain in JP is serving food again
The Drinking Fountain in JP is serving food again
Found this cool photo by the Harbor: Boston Duck Boat Tour. Abigail was driving the boat with Flo.
Destroying Tea in the Boston harbor was then a communist action.
The tea dumped in Boston harbor in 1773 belonged to the powerful East India Company, not ordinary citizens.
Is the revolutionary war the one that started after they threw all the stolen cigarillos into the Boston harbor?
It's only "good" when rioters dress as Mohawk Indians to obscure their identity and dump tea into Boston harbor.
Found this cool photo by the Harbor: by theve...
Why was a house being towed through Boston Harbor today?
wow, how many jobs were lost when patriots dumped tea in Boston Harbor? JapAmer jobs when placed in interment camps ?
One of the ships arrived in Harbor on this day in 1773
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Chaos, property damage in Boston as violent white looters riot, throw boxes of tea into harbor. Action deemed "counterprodu…
Its like they washed the whites in water from Boston Harbor circa 1988.
did Boston Tea Party care about those who were missing the tea they dumped in the harbor? No.sorry had a bigger point to prove
Found this cool photo by the Harbor: It's A Massachusetts Thing Boston Harbor is home to the first lighthous...
Why was a house being towed through the harbor today?
Found this cool photo by the Harbor: Waiting for my Friday night date. http:…
1773: 6am: The Dartmouth is spotted in Boston's outer harbor, carrying 114 chests of East India Company Tea. The tea had arrived.
Why is there a house being towed in Boston Harbor?.
Getting My Radical On: Quiz: Which of the following actions was legal under the law: Dumping Tea in Boston Harbor; Shooting at British police at Faneuil Hall, or Concord bridge; Shay's rebellion in western massachusetts; stealing slaves and transporting them north on the underground railroad; Raiding the federal Arsenal at Harper's Ferry; Occupying and shutting down the Mills in Lowell; Killing General Custer at Little Big Horn; blowing up railroad tracks by the Molly Maguires; Clogging the highway from Birmingham to Selma; The Detroit Riots of '67; The Stonewall Riot of '69; The Attica prison Riot; Blocking access to Badlands Park to prevent the looting of Native graves; Occupying Zuccotti Park off of Wall Street. Oh, you say there's law-breaking [gasp!] in Ferguson?! This IS the American way: the disenfranchised simmer and fester until they explode at the treatment they receive at the hand of Police and the State, while the comfortable, conservative middle class clutches at the pearls and clucks about . ...
USS Kitty Hawk 1/1350 Scale (35.89”) Diorama The USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63), formerly CVA-63 was both the first and last active ship of her class, and the last oil fired aircraft carrier in service with the US Navy. Kitty Hawk was commissioned April 21, 1961. With the decommissioning of Independence on 30 September 1998, Kitty Hawk became the United States warship with the second longest active status in the Navy – the USS Constitution sailing ship in Boston Harbor is still retained on active Navy status. At the start of 2013, this status had been surpassed by only one other ship, the USS Enterprise (CVN-65) prior to her inactivation in 2012. Kitty Hawk was officially decommissioned on May 12, 2009 after almost 49 years of service. SD Model Makers offers made-to-order museum quality replica ship models of ANY Naval Warship in ANY size or scale, from ANY country and ANY service era.
Boston Tea Party: . Does anyone want any tea? Well look in the Boston Harbor! ☕️
City officials were scrambling Thursday to find shelter for more than 400 homeless people and as many as 300 others in recovery programs on Long Island after a state inspection found that an aging two-lane bridge connecting the small Boston Harbor island to the mainland was too dangerous for vehicle…
I have such a strong passion for this city 😍💙🇺🇸 @ Boston Harbor
Remembering Old Ironsides today: on October 21, 1797, the USS Constitution was launched in Boston Harbor
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