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Boss Hogg

Jefferson Davis J.D. Hogg, better known as Boss Hogg, is a fictional character featured in the American television series The Dukes of Hazzard.

Roscoe P Coltrane Hazzard County Luke Duke Boss Hogg Outlawz Daisy Duke Burt Reynolds

Don't try and be someone else. You are enough
And you guys welcomed Boss Hogg into the party? Somebody explain to…
She will either take your focus or make you focus
Good ole boy network led by Boss Hogg who can’t figure out which party he belongs to.
Not made for everybody, but built for whatever.
Remy Ma: “I really changed the game for female rap in 2017”. Everyone to Remy:
Once u find out yo purpose for being on this earth u gone move different and be a better You
You gotta have my back and always protect each other.
"Do you think you can make nautical noises until we drop off?". Number Two really underestimated his new boss after…
check out the excitement in the onesies! Check out the Boss Hogg punching bag!
Not only the worst president, but the worst politician EVER. Makes Boss Hogg look like a boy scout.
Ok Boss Hogg. Go see if you can find the Duke Boys in Hazzard County. That’s not far from your house…
That’s not my wife in that picture and I’m not married. Try again. Your wife likes me though. She sa…
Tribute to Sorrel Booke (as Boss J.D. Hogg in Dukes of Hazzard) via
Boss Hogg doesn’t know he’s bin whopped and whooped real good, Yeee Haa!
When y’all got in an argument 10 min ago, but she realizes you were right, so she just wanna act like nothing ever happen…
"Who played Boss Hogg on Dukes of Hazzard?" . Best $1.99 I ever spent.
Boss Hogg had more sense than this crazy pedophile.
He looks like someone tried to clone Boss Hogg in an incubator made of lard and desperation.
The face of the Boss Hogg south. Looks just like just as corrupt too.
He’s too contrived. Can’t trust that. Boss Hogg comes to mind.
What is your favorite Boss Hogg quote?
Hey, f *** By the way -- ALL of Congress is sick of your pathetic impersonation of Boss Hogg.…
In Houston, either you boss hogg or you will get boss hogged
More like Boss Hogg and Sheriff Roscoe with Eric as Barney Fife.
Fave prime minister... 🤢 . Fave character on Dukes of Hazzard - Boss Hogg
Bo & Luke know Daisy of the pants that are…
Trump’s Moore endorsement sunk the presidency to unplumbed depths
THIS is what's scary for the Redskins
Have you guys seen this guy I swear to God he looks like Boss Hogg from The Dukes of Hazzard
Sadly, if media moguls who run the world in future are the same ones as today, the movie…
Margot Robbie, Danny DeVito, & Bradley Cooper. Why? To hash out a “real” Dukes of Hazzard movie and cast my Daisy,…
Just shocking that vote in was even close. is a Deliverance version of Boss Hogg
I can’t speak for someone else, but as an independent, I’…
WHAT WE'VE LEARNED THIS PAST WEEK: Donald Trump loves Boss Hogg as much as he loves the Duke Boys.
I hear that the Dems are now sending Boss Hogg after the Duke Brothers because they think…
Even by Trump standards, this guy (who looks a cross between Boss Hogg and Jabba the Hutt) is particularly awful.
There hasn't been this much corruption since Boss Hogg made Cletus Hogg a deputy after Enos left for a…
Burt Reynolds played Boss Hogg in one of the movies, not fat!
.I'm watching the / Trump news conference. It's like having Christopher Plummer on stage with Boss Hogg.
Boss Hogg and Roscoe P(ence) Coltrane are constantly coming up with hair brained schemes tht backfire
This lineup looks like the Dukes of Hazzard. Daisy in mid, Roscoe P Coltrane on right, Boss Hogg in left. Yehaw
German police are coming across like Boss Hogg and Rosco P Coltrane.
Today's new Boss Hogg & Throwback Thursday are now available in Gridiron!.
If Bo, Luke, Boss Hogg, and Enos let him out of his Hazzard County contract, I agree.
When did Boss Hogg move to the UK from Hazzard County to stand in the Richmond Park by-election?
I always wondered what had happened to Hazzard County's Boss Hogg!
Off one ...headed back to the other ⏰💸
The boss hogg is an old curmudgeon who won't financially support the team when they need it. The WSox org ***
you do realize you're going to be destroyed too. That's what dictators do ***
Mentor vs Protege. Boss Hogg & try to show ReShar how respect works.
Early exit poll has winning ground game
: Shame on America for allowing Donald Trump to get this far
I’m one of the Central Park Five. Trump has never apologized for calling for our murder. by
Hey Nevadans, u know why Trump is suing? To keep Hispanics from polls b/c he knows we're voting against him. Redouble your…
Finally have the bed of "Boss Hogg" painted. A fresh coat of black is vital in Houston...
When I got to 'immigransts' Boss Hogg's voice kicked in.
Boss Hogg looks pretty good for his age. Oh wait, that's Chris Christie.
Hard to imagine that little pink number costing > 50c. The deepens. b…
This says it all about the election... Donald Trump getting a Stone Cold Stunner at WrestleMania smh 😂... https:/…
I thought Dixville Notch is where Bo and Luke Duke went to hide from Boss Hogg
Whatever happens tomorrow, I'll never forgive the Republican Party for nominating a scoundrel like Donald Trump. They'…
At least today the Dukes of Hazzard, Rosco and Boss Hogg can all unite in friendship and vote for Trump.
/u/FF0it cleans up /u/dakine879's pic of he and Boss Hogg at the Edmonton Auto Show (1985)
I really need some chips right now.
The power of speaking things into existence is so real y'all. Please try it
When you get in a relationship that's when they want you
Shawty you deserve what u been missing.
You lurking so you might as well follow me, RIGHT
If u wanna know anything you can alway @ me
Anyone who has ever driven through GA beyond ATL knows that. Boss Hogg country.
If you experience any issues when voting in the U.S. election, let us and know. Text TIMES to 69866.
My brother reports from this tiny town in the Shenandoah Valley and the Boss Hogg *** mayor is constantly trying to own him personally
u no whats great as Margaret Hoover said if HRC was running against any but Boss Hogg she would b n jeopardy but America is petrified of him
He didn't name the member, so here are my guesses:. Thurston Howell III. Mr. Burns. Boss Hogg from the Dukes of Hazzard
It appears that Bo and Luke Duke or Boss Hogg have taken over the SM now.
📷 I never realized how much Boss Hogg and Daisy Duke look like Mike Huckabee and Michelle Bachman...
did Roscoe P Coltrane and Boss Hogg get resurrected for this law? In case you were wondering, google GOP Pervert Hall of Shame.
How many cars did the Hazzard County police department go through in a week? Good job Boss Hogg was rich from KFC profits.
Boss Hogg would kick your butt for voting that brown guy. Cubans are your enemy
I don't want to ruin it for you but you'll never look at Boss Hogg the same way again.
Getting a Boss Hogg burrito from . This thing is amazing!
For those interested, we have detailed info for the KAEG ARPT here:
Does Trump want to be BOSS TWEED..when he's really more like BOSS HOGG?.
If the arrests Obama, can we exchange him for the equivalent of 5 undesirables--in other words, Michael Moore? https:…
yes I hate how Texas was scammed with a Canadian citizen..What were we thinking…
I hate how Trump has scared the conservatives to thinking he's…
About to watch the rest of this documentary!!
I don't want my dog to sleep in the bed with me tonight!!
Trump now talks about an urban legend of John Pershing ordering mass executions in the Philippines
Goodness. Read what Donald Trump said to close his South Carolina campaign tonight.
As a white man, you can get away with it too
Tax document from Hope Mob that shows that made $160k salary that he just denied one-air
Hey since you love citing court documents do you want to cite the one where your mom said you were white? https:…
The beats on this song from Jazzy Jeff...
Set your alarm! See rare 5 planets in the pre-dawn sky Saturday. Use the moon as your guide:
In 1980 the FAA designated the Coffey Fix as a WYPT on the VICTOR 7 AWY over Lake Calumet to KMDW htt…
1919: Charlie Chaplin’s bro., Syd Chaplin formed an airline which flew passengers from LA to htt…
Didn't the Duke boys used to cook that up in their garage? Moonshine I think Boss Hogg called it...
Fun fact: VC coach Matt Combs once completed the 'Boss Hogg Challenge' at Kiser's in Athens. I saw the framed photo.
Serve & Collect by the Boss Hogg Outlawz is a classic album.
I would say Boss Hogg dont like him but the duke boys are all behind him eha
Not our photo, we just like Harleys ..ENJOY! Boss Hogg Outlaw!!🏴.
Thanks for including me, Boss Hogg. I can't promote your music but I like being included in things.
I'm really need to get in more shape, having a basket body is the best body!!
That's where my puppy went wrong, we don't still mommy chips.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
I had chips in my packet & my dog decide to try to steal them
Everyone should watch brotherly love on netflix!!
Why oh why do so many of these men at look like Boss Hogg?
Proud to say that I didn't vote for Barack Obama twice.Guess liberals will call me Uncle Tom or Sellout, like I care https…
The most brutal ad of the year. Watch Marco Rubio parrot Barack Obama word for word on his immigration bill.
Seen this before? Herron Airport (7G1) has a public road crossing at the CTR of Airfield; Do Not Taxi on public road htt…
FEB-2009 1st all-female African American crew operates commercial flight from KATL to KBNA. http…
My addiction to ID is so bad that I’ll lay here and watch episodes I’ve already watched.
Mistakes make you a better person in the long run.
I'd be shocked if Wade Philips has never dressed as Boss Hogg for Halloween
Is there any way to impeach Judge Mark Soble, even though he's an administrative judge? He's like Boss Hogg.
THEY BOOGIE. Brand new single by CPO Boss Hogg featuring on HipHopGods Radio …
Great team win against Athens tonight! 91-74🙌🏾
Jay Gruden might want to exchange his headset for a helmet after making this gorgeous one-handed sideline grab.
But for now ill settle for lotus or anywhere i can get rice.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
My gf from the nola so i know she know how to throw down in the kitchen.
I stay with my gf so she needs to cook more instead of letting me have take out all the time.
This cat is the neighborhood bad *** stray, but he always Boss Hogg's his way into my house.
Nessler & Blackledge bout as annoying as Boss Hogg & Roscoe
We got the shout out from Thugga himself, thanks Boss Hogg 🐾💯
I love the image of Boss Hogg-lookalikes pushing piles of money at Herman. (Yes, Hazzard County was not in Texas, but it works)
Is a Boss Hogg, Luke, Daisy, Rosco, *** hand good? I like my chances.
Chip Kelly, gone the way Riley Cooper should've been.
sure it's Cameron?. Corbin looks more like uncle jessie but Eric pickles does look like boss hogg! 😎😉
The day i see im dropping down on one knee 👑💍💐
I ain't suppose to tell you i still love you, aint suppose to tell u im still hurting 🎶
The world treat you different when you make it
Henry Ford receiving the Grand Cross of the German Eagle from Nazi officials, 1938.
History will look back on this moment as the turning point of the Redskins' season
Lol yess i have my gf name on the side of my head.
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Im loving the dreads in the bun look.
I never needed him like I do right now but I promise you he will bring me through
No, bigots think the lack of an indictment in Cleveland makes sense. Cleveland isn't Hazard, Boss Hogg.
I'm shocked there hasn't been a National Review article about how Boss Hogg was right.
Sometimes you just Boss Hogg it. Last night was one of those times.
via Captain Stubing, Boss Hogg, middle of the ocean club...
Good morning! NFC East Champs 2 times in 4 years!
Lyon must boss Hogg in fight for T20 call up
...or like Dukes of Hazzard going from Boss Hogg to Enos (Cruz wishes he was Roscoe P. Coltrane)
MUST SEE- Kirk Cousins with most upbeat response after loss.
please tell desean that I'm very thankful for all he's done for my favorite team.
hang in there boss, I'm still thankful for all you do for my favorite team.
and that south dakota sheriff sure reminded me of Boss Hogg
the 2007 squad had a HOF coach and a running game
Skins don't deserve to win the east. This is awful
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It would be quicker if the refs just escort the Cowboys to the end zone.
I seriously think this lawman has a "Boss Hogg" complex.
East Texas players cut from a different cloth I promise !!! Small city kids born with out a silver spoon!
my friends childish af, but I love em all 🙃
is doing everything he can to ensure Hillary is president! GOP is killing itself by having this bigoted b…
and welcome WWII veterans of Honor Flight DFW to FedExField for game.
Josh LeRibeus blown up on the first play, Cousins dropped for 5-yard loss.
Like when Boss Hogg teamed up with the Dukes of Hazzard to stop the sheriff from the next county over.
ESPN wants the Cowboys to win so bad
I don't have time for someone like u.
Was saying the same thing last week.. there's only one Thugga and that Slim Thug the Boss Hogg.
Spokeswoman for GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump confirms authenticity of statement calling on US to bar al… https…
Odd that you'd have Ma Barker and Boss Hogg on the cover?
Do French Bullies shed? It's been over a year since my pug 󾆷 Boss Hogg passed away and I I'm ready for another...
I had the Boss Hogg with saurekraut, said I would run "Texas Chain Slaw" soon.. ... BBQ based Texan chilli with Ranch and jalepenos.
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Of course we shouldn’t mistreat Muslims — but we aren’t. I’m not. Are you? Quit slandering Americans, Pres. Obama.
Obama talking about discrimination against Muslims when, according to FBI, jews are victims of "hate crimes" 4 times mo…
when did the state of Washington control a football division?
Think I've just seen Micky Gray speeding away from Boss Hogg's men in Hazzard County
understand that if I could rock that look, I probably would. . I’d end up looking more like Boss Hogg though than Ring Lardner.
Kall me Yxung Boss Hogg wit da money, lurk like a dawg I be huntin
on pace for 6.8 wins. Today is further evidence that strides are being made. Don't keep demanding firings afte…
Disclaimer: Boss Hogg has communicated no sentiment or judgement on PwC, its biz practices, or its employees.
If yall so fed up then stay at home. We lay it all on the line every time we play. The opposing teams get paid too. It…
Minnie thought this was a game I'll pull up right next to yea & say hello.
Girls always want me to call them, ugh the Phone works both ways.
DOWN south, more than any other place in the U.S., the GUBMUNT is still nothing but a branch of the "Revenuers." All of them are Boss Hogg
Minnie think im playng with her duck *** !
I think they refuse to cover the team because of the name. Bob Costas move
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
the Carolina Panther's owner looks like BOSS HOGG's brother
This is now only my second favorite Kirk Cousins vine
You just dey form Boss Hogg for this your new avi
victory was the largest comeback in history. READ |
Kirk was the number one fantasy QB today!!
I've always wanted to work at Wernham Hogg personally - I've heard the boss is a chilled out entertainer.
Kirk Cousins today: 300+ yards 3 TD no INT and a win. Last Washington QB to do that? Brad Johnson in week 4 of 1999
This is the thing.. You can fire Gruden and insert Callahan and not miss a beat.
You fans thinking RG3 will get in this game are crazy. Jay's plan is to start him against New England so he can get hi…
So far the only enjoyable part of this game is that it is laying the groundwork for the end of the Gruden experiment.
glad you like losing. Cuz I'm sick of it. Sick of poor effort, sick of stupidity, sick of being treated like s**t by this team
I'm as hardcore of a fan there can be, but how some people still use hard earned money to go to these games is beyond me
Gruden- what adjustments? we are usually leading at the half, oh wait, so maybe this week he makes some adjusments?
*** shame spend months waiting for football. Now looking forward to offseason
RIP Flip Saunders cancer takes too many good ppl too soon
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
This is telling for the They look uninspired on a week they were apparently supposed to be fired up and in a stat…
My daughter is playing in a softball tournament, one son in a baseball tourney, and the other two sons in soccer tourney…
Having someone that can make you smile all the time is so special ☺️❤️
that also means we have players with character flaws. Gruden isn't the one not tackling.
I'm not talking QB.. But I feel like Jay has lost this team. Skins didn't come to play at all today. Or last week at h…
Sad watching Cousins out there. You can tell the kid is mentally beat and has no confidence.
How long till Jay Gruden realizes that being a good practice player doesn't always translate into being a good Qb in th…
No run game. Pass game stinks. Defense can't tackle. Giving up big plays. Gruden is done. ✌🏻back to arena league you go.
Hopefully this is the game that gets Jay Gruden fired
In the immortal words of the homie "Be Careful Tho"
For those who didn't know this is boss hogg on candy 👔🐖🍬
Early listener suggestions for favorite boss: Mr. Burns of the Simpsons fame, Boss Hogg from Dukes of Hazard, & "The Boss" Bruce Springstein
Dem Duke boys are back in again? I best be reportin' this to Boss Hogg and Enos
Listen to Hogg - Motions by BOSS LYFE MUSIC GROUP on
My skin needs to quit playing and clear up already
I was suppose to clean my room like 3hrs ago but this girl been distracting me.
Promethazine I'm pouring up boss Hogg I'm throwing up
I just want Someone to be obsessed with me.
Indy car driver Justin Wilson passed away tonight after suffering fatal injuries at Pocono this weekend. he leaves behind …
I've been working on getting this girl attention for two weeks. She better be worth my time.
Dont have me waiting on u girl i will swoop on your ***
How many times im going to tell your *** to come over?
But if she wants me to beat it up, well dammit Ima beat it up
Tonight im making a fried steak toaster for dinner.
Pray for anybody going through depression or going through something right now life is too short. 🙏🏽
Rule says a concussed player needs to meet w neurosurgeon before returning to practice or play. Jay said RG3 had…
Im not going to get home tell 6 then i have to workout then clean my room & get ready for school.
I should definitely get a workout in today
Ppl love telling me they love my hair.
is good friends with current Skins OC Sean McVay (his former TE coach). Stop hating and LISTEN. You may learn something
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Hey, if Ol' Boss Hogg is counting. well you just might win *** .
Can Hazard County be North Carolina? If so Roy Williams is Boss Hogg who is always trying' to get them Duke boys.
The boss hogg sandwich is everything. 👌
Who is the fall guy in Colonel Sanders' crew? Boss Hogg, Foghorn Leghorn or Dabo?
Whoaaah there Boss Hogg, he be way too "Greasy-Pig" for us! And you portray childlike utterances? Europe says OINK!!
It is very possible that you will achieve greatness in your lifetime.
We hope you enjoy performing the this week. Pop up Reform Street and we'll hook you up…
I hate doing my hair but i think i will love it when it can go up in a bun.
Growing my hair out in the middle is the worst.
God the real mvp 🙏. I gotta give thanks, I'm so far from where i used to be and for that I'm grateful af🙌👼🙇
I wish i could walk in the store with my boxers on & white beater.
“WANa girl that's blows me up 24/7 tags me in erythg like thinking bout bae miss bae ! I want all that swee…
I hate when ppl peep in my room then close the door .
I have an obsession with wanting what I can't have
She is the queen of the lightskin hive
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Barker Family theory: Ceremonial position, like Mayor of Hollywood. Ronald runs the town like Boss Hogg.
Need to be sleep but I can't put my phone down 😊😊😊
I bet if i give u all my love then nothing going to tear us apart.
When you give someone the world it shouldn't be because that's what you do it's gotta be because they deserve it
I might be ugly but I'll treat you right 👍🏿
I want to be the Original Boss Hogg from Dukes of Hazard for Halloween... GREATEST IDEA EVER!
They're pandering to the audience. That site has more racist commenters than
I just wanna a freak to come over every now & then.
yep. Garcon could've moonwalked into that end zone. Rob would've been 5-8 100 yds and a TD
That's the game where Garcon dropped the 60 yard TD too right?
Police & crime commissioners are a joke, they're like Boss Hogg from The Dukes of Hazzard,but more clunky
the thrill of Bo and Luke Duke saving the day and stickin' it to Boss Hogg again.
Master grilled Dec works the rib sauce at Boss Hogg's BBQ at Millenium Park. Live music great weather
looks like Boss Hogg & Roscoe P Coltrane have been at hard work & got them Duke Boys!
Hmm... Ailes as Boss Hogg, doocey and the other one as the Dukes, Megan Kelly as Daisy, and Hannity as Enos?
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Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane, Boss Hogg, and Uncle Jesse Duke are rolling from their graves!
And so, farewell Boss Hogg. Goodbye Miss Daisy and adieu Bo and Luke Duke. The Dukes of Haza...
You gonna tell me Boss Hogg and Roscoe P Coltrane were racist? Nah didn't think so
I guess "racism" got to the Duke boys before Boss Hogg and Roscoe P. Coltrane ever could
TV Land has done what Boss Hogg and Roscoe P. Coltrane never could, put an end to the adventures of those Duke boys.
PC and over reaction managed to do something Roscoe P Coltrane and Boss Hogg could never do.
But that 1 episode is so good! I mean, they jump things, and Roscoe P Coltrane looks dumb, and Boss Hogg stammers, and Daisy...
Why they messing w/ the Gen. Lee? The Duke boys ain't done nothin' to nobody...'cept to Boss Hogg & Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane
Do you think you're Boss Hogg and why are you really Roscoe P Coltrane?
yep, it was always the Dukes vs. the tyrannical Boss Hogg and Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane
YeeHaww! I only wish Boss Hogg and Roscoe P. Coltrane had lived to see this day.
I bet Boss Hogg is so happy he can finally marry Sherriff Roscoe P Coltrane.
Liberals are rich, white, racist, lonely, spiteful people and they hate General Lee. Just like Boss Hogg. h…
Boss Hogg was an elected official. . At some point, the citizens of Hazzard County must take responsibility for his reckless b…
...when big Joe Hockey struts into House of Reps 7.30pm next Tues with Boss Hogg like cigar & 'doesn't scare the horses', sky stays where is
Mrs. Daisy Hogg 👰🏽🙈 Daisy Duke and Boss Hogg's visiting nephew Jamie Lee fall in love and plan to marry.
Boss Hogg Outlawz here to serve n collect
Rest in peace James Best. Rosco is with Boss Hogg and Uncle Jesse. He will be missed. We love him, we love him.
About to drink the last of my NyQuil...and wait for dreams of Nomar Garciaparra and Boss Hogg.
Super stoked to have finally met the boss hogg of ctrlindustries today at the Gustavo Dantas…
I liked a video The Dukes of Hazzard - Rosco pranks Boss Hogg
Orson Wells, Angela Lansbury, Tony Franciosa, Lee Remick and Paul Newman all doing their best Boss Hogg impression in The Long, Hot Summer
When you boss Hogg all the hot water and your parents have to shower with cold water after you 😂😂💀💀
My niece boss hogg'n the TV. She say it's Yo Gabba Gabba time
Boss Hogg is Still Missing! Please share and help him get home to his family!
Boss Hogg, aka Hayley Barbour, professes total fake surprise that questions about the President's religion are really about his race.
I have never hated a Burt Reynolds character in a movie... Until he played Boss Hogg
Boss Hogg Your update is picked Claim at our website in profile.
Get home, had to boss Hogg my lil bro off the ps4..then he walks away and says.."I ain't scared of you" 😠😭
I couldn't even get on the Adidas website... I think their servers are down
Happy Birthday Boss Hogg, we love and miss you! ❤️😊
Town need 3 points today, like the team, Boss Hogg back and Scannell at 15/2 Anytime, 20/1 1st and 100/1 2 or more for the jackpot
I've just rediscovered an old Roscoe P Coltrane from the Dukes of Hazard impersonation. Can you be my Boss Hogg?
Middle-age alert: You remember Bo and Luke Duke, Daisy, Boss Hogg, or - worst of all - what Sheriff Roscoe's full name was.
only if we can flip Boss Hogg Outlawz' "Recognize A Playa" for our "Terrorize A Hater Freestyle"
Thought of the day - As my esteemed associate and Friend The Great Frank Gore has taught me & tells me "These haters can't…
he is negotiating with Bo Duke? If he gets Boss Hogg to negotiate for him he could get Roscoe type money, 10% of 10%
And I most def will dip on you and boss hogg thru traffic.
why do people cough when I pass them is it because Iam living one of your songs CPO mR by the way do u no?
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