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Boss Hogg

Jefferson Davis J.D. Hogg, better known as Boss Hogg, is a fictional character featured in the American television series The Dukes of Hazzard.

General Lee Jefferson Davis Tom Wopat

I'm ravenous, the Lord, insane dawg, crazier than a mix of Ayatollah Khomeini and Boss Hogg.
Cool post from with a sneak preview of Boss Hogg.
I was more Dukes of Hazard myself, Boss Hogg could take Lee Majors any day of the week
Adrian Monk came in and as soon as he saw the bodies (several innocent civilians, Boss Hogg included, were killed in th…
What's that SOUND? It sounds like Boss Hogg cackling after hatching a plan to catch the Dukes! Oh wait, it's Dan Hawkins.
The perfect businessman: . The charm of Nucky Thompson. The hunger of Boss Hogg. The ambition of JR Ewing. The heart of Tony Soprano.
Looks like Boss Hogg ...Sheriff Buford T Justice and Slim Pickens came to haul her away. (
One year ago today began a nightmare for us. These puppies were about 3 1/2 months old and weighed about 25 -30 pounds. Danny came home from work and Duke, the white puppy was dead. Enos was acting sick, so , we took him to the vet. Turns out they had parve. Enos died on the 7th and on the 9th we lost Jessie, then Lulu, then Boss Hogg. Terrible, terrible experience. Hope to never go through that again.
Alright guys, it's contest time! My piggy needs a name! Sp whoever comes up with a winning name will receive a $20 gift card to Vineyard Farms Market! He's a pink potbelly, and his parents' names are Bacon Bitz and Hamlet! We've considered Link, Boss Hogg, Chops, and Oscar.
This guy came all the way from London, Ontario for the Boss Hogg ribs at :)
The Dukes Of Hazzard Review In 1979 a show called The Dukes Of Hazzard came on as a midseason to replace The Incredible Hulk and it became an instant hit. The Dukes Of Hazzard lasted for 7 seasons 147 episodes, made two reunion movies, three video games, and some books. The Dukes Of Hazzard is about two good ol' boys named Bo Duke (John Schneider) and Luke Duke (Tom Wopat) driving around Hazzard County in an orange 1969 Dodge Charger named The General Lee. Bo and Luke also get help from their pretty and beautiful cousin named Daisy Duke (Catherine Bach) and their wise Uncle Jesse Duke (Denver Pyle). Along the way through their adventures, the Duke Family also fight the corrupt politician in the form of Jefferson Davis (JD) "Boss" Hogg (Sorrell Booke) and his right-hand man (brother-in-law) Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane (James Best). Boss Hogg for some reason has hatred towards the Dukes especially Bo and Luke and always tries to get them out of the picture (charging them, breaking their probation, etc.) so hi ...
What it do? Boss Hogg, the Iceman and the Stipes Man?
i saw a boss hogg car today in saarbrücken
Hopes my Boss Hogg gets better soon! Lord, take care of my big boy and see him through his sickness! Mama misses you buddy!!
Lunch with the mayor. Gotta love small town life
so you can't see up in my window these *** don't understand me I'm boss hogg
This *** pants tighter than my boxer briefs...
Let me make this money so i can party later.
When in relationship enjoy catering to their lover's needs.
Draw boss hogg for tomorow fun fun im a lil nervous. anyone know what he does???
Draw boss hogg for tomorow. anyone know what he does???
I envision a world where every person flipping burgers, digging ditches, and cleaning toilets has a bachelors degree.
Being born is the ultimate participation trophy.
If a teacher falls out of their seat during professional development speeches, does anyone hear it?
went to Brixton Village for the first time last night. If that's a ''village'' then I'm a chinaman...
I have to say that I have the most amazing man in the world, everyone can stop searching, I found him ;) hehe
I liked a video from Slim Thug Presents Boss Hogg Outlawz - Outlaw Wayz (Video
Mayne...S/O Big Earl from the Boss Hogg OutLawz. He was tellin me bout him & J-Dawg new album & um tellin yall,...
"Bandit! This is Beaufort T. Justice and I'm gonna git you, boy!"
My momma needs to go on somewhere, she can't be coming up in my room thinking she can boss Hogg ✋ some of us have work!
d Hogg took Sachin's wicket. At the end of the match Hogg gave that Ball to Sachin for his autograph. Sachin put his sign with one beautiful sentence, "IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN" Till today Hogg could not take his wicket for the second time After this incident Hogg and Tendulkar came face to face 21 times..but he could never get d MasterBlaster out "THIS IS CONFIDENCE" "THIS IS TENDULKAR"
"too many jumpers bailing out defense. You must force the issue and get the Spurs in foul trouble." U R amazing
I always wanted to have boss hogg status
These *** don't understand me. Im boss hogg on candy.
These *** don't understand me cuz I'm Boss Hogg on candy.
Need some new music to listen too. Any ideas? (Nothing Creepy Or Sad!!) lol. :P
Trying to keep a smile on my face but thinking bout my two brothers that's gone RIP Dry and Boss Hogg
I always try to walk in the dark & i always trip or fall before i get to the bed Smh.
He is tha best .. Juss wasn't superman tonight
"Everybody loses .. ?" Ik that much ...but errbody act like lebron da best he unstoppable ...NOT
Bron still the greatest. They got next game.
It was great shot .. U can't play it any better
That ain't tha first time we lost game 1
"Is it funny" *** yea cause yo beast got beasted llah Tony Parker said suck his french ***
Shid...up here at Time Out Sports Bar on that Northside. Watching the game...watching people thanking bout this $$$. Wisdom Calloway & Ponder workin the crowd. Stop 2 take a pic with Big Earl from the Boss Hogg Outlaws. He tell me they workin on him & J-Dawg new album. We talk bout a collabo. He say its his 1st time here. I tell him it's mine 2 & that I don't believe n coincidence. He agrees. We also agree on how fine this *** bartender is & we part ways. This is me livin that rap life. This is the Breakthrough.
Damnit nice shot...Die slow..but nice shot..
“Heat have 5 turnovers in the 4th. Spurs have 4 in the game.
Asylum Presents: Cheech and Chong in THC Tornado also starting as Boss Hogg
I will not ever wear that polo again.
If everyone just pulls their weight the are unstoppable..
My Vin after his stroke one year ago. Boss Hogg by his side. Super cute. Been a year! Said no to those no/no needles even after signing off. We all good now. See Vinny run? Stop on over! Calvin Harris says we"ll be coming back for you one day, well I wake up and come home every day to my Vinnsters happy.
When Lebron sits down doesn't mean tha whole team does. 😠
If could stay healthy, he would be a huge threat...
I tell ya man, I had some of the best times in my life, getting drunk and blowed wit my real niggaz, my brothers, Boss Hogg,Manton Blackmack Mapes, and that *** Beej, Big Vy, Mays.
Hey Laycie 'Keller' Haas~it was wonderful to see you and the kid's and you look great! Hope the new shirt's work for you that we brought down to you. Take, squeeze those adorable kid's for me.
You're in a mental hospital, use the first 6 people on your chat list .. No cheating! Your roommate: Natasha Kellar Licking the window: John Locke Helping you Escape: Michael Mikus Person running around naked: Cameron W Hogg Person yelling non-sense about clowns: Judge Boudreau Person you went Crazy with: Ryan Boomhower
Signs that your vet might be *** (a) he remembers both daddy's names even though only one is on the chart, (b) he uses the term 'bubble butt' when talking about your dog, (c) you think of him as Boss Hogg with a heart of gold and serious scalpel skills. I thought it was strange that about half of the male vets or veterinary assistants that I've seen in Vegas, but then I realized that in Boston, they all were...
using old computer...and my screen saver is the General Lee.i wonder who used this last
old Boss Hogg is at it again..if he's so concerned about new jersey voters and what they deserve how come his appointment to the senate is another republican instead of a democrat as we voted for and also another one of his "paisan" like he seems to appoint to every post available..wake up about this character NJ HV
praying don't help feel like I'm talkin to myself
Kaydi points at the picture of my brother on the wall and says "is that Clint?" And I replied yes, and then Kaydi says "I like him!" I just thought my bother would like knowing his niece loves and misses him!!! Clinton Getzfreid
Found out today I had my part in the apprehension of a wanted murder yesterday. Pat on the back for me :)
I got something good in my life . Boss Hogg?
Commissioner HOGG can shove it lol lol
Eewww wweee!! Roscoe and Boss Hogg wasn't playing with those indictments. Oxy charges and tapping phones!?!? Sounds like conspiracy charges to me. 100 meter dash money will get you every time!! I'll stick to the marathons!!!
Kinda thinking of buying an suv. If I get a big one I'll definitely stick a "no war for oil" sticker on the back so that the irony will make people behind me in traffic punch through their own windscreen.
CELEBRATING 7 YEARS OF DEDICATED SERVICE FROM ME-ME, Yvonne Cain, aka 'BOSS HOGG'. Thank you so much for all the love you have given to the children of Windsor!
Hit my inbox for verses from Too Short E 40 and Boss Hogg for the low price of 20 dollars! Hit me by 5pm
Hope y'all are ok down there in Florida. Love y'all and thinking about you.
Headed to the vet with my Boss Hogg. I hope my boy is ok!! :(
110mph on a Harley heading into Las Vegas New Mexico today those things arnt made for that speed, but it was cool doing that only metres away from the others. We ar in the Santa Fe Hilton for a couple of days, we need the rest. Big night last night celebrating my birthday, A big thank you to all the nice messages I received, its really great to have so many friends and family. Ive had a big few days heading from Oklahoma City to Amirillo Texas, to Santa Fe New Mexico tonight. I have seen first hand the terrible damage a tornado does, very sad, a barbed wire museum, real life charactors depicted in the "Cars" film, a paddock with Cadillacs buried in them, covered in graffiti, and a bit more now, had a meal at the The Big Texas Steakhouse, where *** try to eat a huge steak in 60 mins, we got dropped off in limos with the horns on the front and a driver who spoke just like Boss Hogg. It was great !! We made the halfway point today and have a day off tomoz. Might try to detox for a day.fark !!
Saw a white, two door Cadillac circa 1972 today. No big deal. The big deal was the set of longhorns on the hood. Hook 'em Horns. Getcha sum Bubba. At Park and Woodlawn. Long way from Big D.
My oldest at A-Kon 24 with an Enderman (a different one than the one I encountered) and what I guess is Boss Hogg with a Ghast mask.
Boss Hawg from Hottie Hawgs BBQ is in da house!
The worst part of my side work is that Boss Hogg doesn't understand what "running side work" is. Boss Hogg refuses to read betweens the lines of openers and closers. He doesn't understand the million things that need to happen between the open and the close. Check out for more details.
This old witch in a Cadillac just passed my Dodge pick up like I was backing up she was even older then I am that's pretty old I'm going to trade my pickup in on a Cadillac I'll look like Boss Hogg
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Boss nite tonight glad I'm of tomoz glad me lil chick is ok and aw are Tina's pup Tia is fab I want one lol nite all more vodkas with Anne Norah Knight and nina Hogg
Who do I call to get rid of groundhogs??
I wanna thnk SoFoucedradio for allowing us to take over their airwaves today for this special show. I want to thn Boss Hogg Cash especially for all his support. I would like to give a shout out to Factory-Boy ImOncHollins aka MannG Dogg and my girl Shaunda King-Ayala and all the underground Artist tht send in their music and a special thx to their fans for calling in and listening to the show, if you missed it you can check it out by going to
This show is dedicated to unsigned Artist whos on their grind puttn in tht hard work everyday and starting to feel like its for nothing !
A young female friend of mine put out there a post about her frustrations of the lack of good men ,I try to look at things from both perspectives but yet again I'll probably start some mess with this one ,but you know I'm a risk taker , So ladies and gents check it out ,understand the statistics of it for every one man there are ten females .not making up numbers these are statistical fact . everyday is a competition ladies ,you can either be angry lonely and frustrated ,or step up your game, I'm not saying be a *** and f*** every dude you see. you clearly outnumber us, you are the majority so you really call shots, everything that has been invented or discovered was for a woman , men come from women not the other way around ,and over the last 20 years it has been a single mother raising young man in there household, I'm sorry I got sidetracked here's a little key for you ,men are planners ladies, most not all, so I'm just talking about the good ones, their looking towards to their future, I'm sorry t ...
Man, I hate job hunting! I got 2 companies that i may have an oportunity with. Glad i dont have to know how to spell!!! lol
Rest n Piece Uncle Fin I had my chickens for today just for you. Always your BOSS HOGG LOVE U UNCLE U WILL BE MISSED
This is nice weather to take a romantic walk alone lol
Everyone, please watch what you say. I am almost finished with season 2, so PLEASE don't spoil The Dukes of Hazzard for me.
Havin a heart leaves u standing alone, in a world dts so cold or maybe im jst to demandn maube im jst like my father to bold maybe im like my momz she neva satisfied, y do we shoot at each ada# dis it wt it sounds like when thugz cry.NINO.
Thought for the day from Pastor Mike Hogg: “A Microsoft researcher recently suggested that many people today suffer from what she described as "continuous partial attention." We are working on our laptop when someone comes to speak to us and, at precisely that moment, our cell phone rings. We are then engaged in a series of conversations, but only partially concentrating on each of them. In such a world, attentive listening is getting more and more difficult. Yet God is a speaking God, and he calls for a listening people. Psalm 19 introduces us to the ways in which--for those who have ears to hear--his voice can be heard.” [Encounter with God 6/2/13] “Continuous Partial Attention”, I guess you could say is a product of our convenience- culture. Computers, email, texting, and smart phones all provide for instant communications and allow us all to share snippets to thousands in an instant. But how many times have you been texting or emailing and have your message misinterpreted or misunderstood, and ...
I wish I had been able to say that we were able to save Boss Hogg, but he passed away at 9:31am, our hearts are sad, the other babies seem to be ok, just praying right now, I just want to go to sleep for awhile, thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers, God Bless You All!
Amy Kurt Anne Wolfer Doug Hohman Drew Hohman, any ideas on some photos we can recreate?
J.R. Ewing was voted the Nastiest TV Villain of all time by TV Guide! Who gets your vote for the Meanest TV Villain ever?
Taking a Jager shot with caitlin hogg
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Why do ppl care what others will think nd say... Rather then simply choosing to be happy. (Smh) ...
According to mayoral challenger Sandy Stimpson, the city of Mobile’s current administration keeps spending records not only from the public, but the city’s own financial oversight committee.
Big ups to Adam Boss Hogg Wells for playing Ian Sb Hwang song Open Your Mind at Suite B lounge !! I appreciate the love !!! BLESS !!
Direct TV customers please tune to channel 254 for a off season showing of Christmas Vacation.
I just wanna say for the record the coolest realist dude I ever met is Antwon Boss Hogg Tate, this man is the best hands down, he always keeps it real no matter what, good or bad, I got nothing but love for u boo, real talk!!
it was about this time that them Duke boys went from bulls-eyeing womprats to flying against the empire
Boss Hogg Outlaws!! Wearing badges like the rollaz, the laws cant control us! Slim thug BHO
It's been another rough 2 days, now Boss Hogg is fighting for his life, we did the I.V. fluids today and hopefully he will beat this, thanks again for all your thoughts and prayers, all we can do now is leave it in Gods hands, the other babies so far so good!
shot out to my lil bruh DA ORIGINAL BOSS HOGG, get it my *** stay focus you im wit'cha!!
June 04, 2013CPO Boss Hogg Addresses 2010 “Heart Attack,” Working With Death Row Engineers by MBIZCPO Boss Hogg clears up misconceptions about his originally-reported heart attack.In April 2010,. CPO Boss Hogg, (aka Lil Nation), suffered what was originally reported as a heart attack. While the West...
Well Thursday is my last day at the Tom Thumb in Southlake. Going to be hard to leave, almost 7 years at this store and work with some of the greatest people I have ever worked with. Our store director Mr. Hogg is absolutely the greatest boss I have ever worked with. I have learned a lot from him and Greg the Produce Manager. Going to be tuff.
Just finished JoJo's sign up for the fall football stocked:-) :-) :-) :-) ...JoAngel is ready aswell to play him some football
Your in a mental hospital. Use the first 7 people in your chat list and no cheating. Your roommate: ian boss hogg Licking the windows: Cassie Long Person helping you escape: Sara Eaton The doctor: Matt Rush Person running around naked: John Peake Person yelling nonsence about clowns: Jason Ryals Person you went crazy with: Patricia Pruitt
So... Me and Mike Bubba Anderson are sitting around the campfire at Silver Lake campground about 11:30 last night and we heard a loud crash. We look up to see what was up and saw a big truck bouncing off my truck! Sideswiped the whole drivers side and drove away! Bubba saw that the truck turned into the next camp so CHP was able to find him :-). He admitted to doing it and tested over 3 times the legal limit. Luckily im still able to drive the truck home and nobody was hurt. Caught that fool and 3 fish! Justice is served.
Guess i can get on my own freakin laptop.My oldest son likes to boss hogg my laptop.I guess desktops are out of great workday today.
Responding to a question from Matt Katz of the Philadelphia Inquirer about the Drudge Report’s critical coverage of his behavior with regard to both President Obama and the upcoming special election to fill Sen. Frank Lautenberg’s Senate seat, Christie reportedly shot back that it didn’t matter.
Obama secret email: Presidential cabinet secretaries and other federal government employees are using secret email accounts, according to the Associated Press. Obama appointees using secret email runs counter to the President's pledge for an open government.
Nobody else would or just didn't want to haul it . The load had shifted to one side inside the container and it was leaning to bad to move but we do what they say can't be done. Delivering from Intermodal in Bessemer to Mercedes in Vance. With Ronnie Grady and Boss Hogg.
What your favorite jig and color and what's your favorite trailer to go on it.
What are the best collaborations of all time in rap in your opinion?
Hot Topic! How long can you say in a Car Club with know Car on the street? Or putting it together how long should it take? I know thing are thight but your club member's are ridding! It cost them every weekend to keep the club alive! So you were a shirt and yell is that your part for the club? Ijs NoChippin from the door!!!
I don't own any rights to this song. 1080p HD Download: This is the only 1080p HD Download you will find of this mega mix. Foll...
it is a gorgeous day outside. sitting on the porch with boss hogg enjoying the smell of flowers and the breeze blowing through your hair. I love days like this. hope you all have a great day.
Preview and download Ima Warrior an Shark (feat. Boss Hogg & Don Toriano) - Single on iTunes. See ratings and read customer reviews.
Gettin a black woman prego Is the same as 18 to life in prison this Is science
Sometimes I forget that your a modern day Boss Hogg.
New song: "You came twice last year, like a Sears catalogue, 'cause your last boyfriend makes love like Boss Hogg..."
.discussing the complaint - "It doesn't matter what lane you're in on a restart. Make your move."
So i should Be happy when think someone cheats the game and costs you a win?!?! “Dude! You're a Champion; act like one”
This is what is talking about. That's David Ragan on his outside before green.
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
From Kevin Harvick after David's 2011 win: By the way congrats to awesome 1st win but Adam is still our favorite Ragan!!!
amazing victory. I'm sure Adam must be happy!
If you watch some of the videos from peru and stuff no where near as mental obviously because of smaller arenas Uk tour is Boss
Listen to FlOeTiK BeATz / Floetik Beatz Instrumental | Explore the largest community of artists, bands, podcasters and creators of music & audio.
why do everyone of your candidates delight in dressing like bloody Boss Hogg from the Duked of Hazard
I goin take a dip in the sea .boss hogg
You got to kno how to swang yo whip, & boss hogg to get yo *** thru Austin traffic
Even my mama know I'm so she prayin for ya'll mamas...fathers, sons, and daughters cause she know ill
Nonconformist...I dig..but not when it goes against logic...
LeBron joins Bill Russell as the only 2 players in history to win 4 MVP awards in 5 years.
Has never liked Tequila...Some things never change...
All the girls hash tagging are sexy as fugg...You wouldn't happen to be down for some casual sex would you??? No?...Ok...
Have you heard ‘Li'nell- What It Is BOSS HOGG OUTLAWS REMIX’ by Official Linell on
Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the LORD, she shall be praised. -Proverbs 31:30
Ham Radio Operators: Ham Radio Operators Boss Hogg is gonna love this…
Today would have been the perfect day for the Beach 😿
Police boss Tony Hogg attacks plans for privatised probation contracts | This is Cornwall
When a is silent. . . That's when you should worry ;)
Southdown X Boss Hogg daughter from Burch. 400 at the farm I hope that covers some the questions. Thank you
Grateful for the things he has done.
New NRA Prez: Meet The New Boss. He's Crazier… || Boss Hogg wants another Civil War. More $$ for him and the NRA.
Terry Butcher praises Billy McKay and Chris Hogg after home win: The Inverness CT boss was delighted wi...
That's how we do it in the Sip Boss Hogg!
u gonna need more than steroids to help u when I smack the the rat fur off yo *** pt 2
ill beat your *** rat boy the whole world saw u run from hung man Choy. Set it up ill break your jaw
When is gonna blow! For real though, bars don't get much harder...
She going to ride this face i had along day.
When they asked you about you looked then a MF..They already beat you because you admitted they are the best
Everytime i see this girl at work she always tell me she wants to put me in her pocket... Lol Y?
PF DJ Hogg (is a boss for Texas Titans, posting averages of 15.7 PPG & 5.1 RPG while shooting 40% from 3
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Mayweather always beating some Mexican up on or around cinco de mayo lol he so disrespectful
Kev Green and Ears 2 Tha Street Radio take you inside the Dungeon with this in depth interview of Money Mook and Boss Hogg courtesy of
If you like Iron Man you'll love Iron Man 3. If you're a comicbook purest you'll hate it. The movie doesn't do Mandarin any justice.
I swear she looks like a cat lady in this pic.
You leave your feet way too early and the only time I've seen it work out for you is in Game 5..Get yourself under control..
Video: wonkette: Boss Hogg Takes Over As NRA President Alabama, you have given this nation so much: George...
I still *** in the pool & the shower. Only god can judge me.. lol...
HOUSTON (AP) — The incoming leader of the National Rifle Association has a long history with the powerful gun rights lobby and a penchant for bold statements that are sure to enflame an already explosive national debate over gun control….
Are all of my relatives are named Bob Rogers...? Maybe not all of them but most are. Meet Bob Rogers (cousin) and Bob Rogers (brother). Family reunions are interesting. Don't ever call Bob or the entire room come towards you. lol
I hope this will be the start of decline for the NRA!
Authorities arrested former Brownsville Mayor Pat Ahumada after a raid at an eight-liner parlor. Ahumada is accused of operating an illegal gaming parlor.
Several generations of “Dukes of Hazzard” fans will gather in Nashville, Tennessee on Saturday, June 8th to celebrate “Dukes of Hazzard Fan Fair”
never mind Boss Hogg...look at Debbie Mcgee's spray tan!! Paul Daniels won't like that a lot
It would present a genuine challenge to any amateur historian to unearth a more succinct tale of greed and corruption than that of William “Boss” Tweed and his cronies at Tammany Hall. Not often do...
Reese Witherspoon's arrest video is now pubic, and it is a DOOZY. The mother of three was arrested two weeks ago in Atlanta for disorderly conduct following her husband's arrest for driving under the
Listen to the song Off That Purple (feat. Baby Bash) by Bigg Boss Rydaz on Music Unlimited.
Missouri Congressman Billy Long was in the Joplin area today. He received an award in Carthage from the National Association of Manufacturers for legislative excellence. Long tells News Talk KZRG what he did to get the award. "We do a manufacturing tour, for one thing, every year and promote manufac...
Boss Hogg band playing 2 songs: - Deep Purple - Demon's eye - Santana - Hope You're Feeling Better All credits go to the songwriters
just found my hog wrestling shirt and realized how much I miss my Boss Hogg-its😭
I could of SWORN this was Boss Hogg's but its a 1977 Eldorado in
"Stayve Jerome Thomas, better known as Slim Thug, Boss Hogg or Sheffield Wednesday, is an American rapper."
Dukes of Hazzard Sext: Being cousins is General Lee only a Hazzard if I put my Boss Hogg in your *** not your Enos.
Morning Sunday Morning-ers. A- Show. *Growls* Leading off with 60 Minutes was the downturn. Favorite piece was Hands on a Hardbody - shout out to cast member old bud Jim Newman - when Sunday Morning profiles it means you're bonafide CONGRATS! LOVED the Rita Moreno piece - I mean it is friggin' Rita Moreno and the same with the bravery of Valerie Harper. The Monitor's funeral piece was wonderful! Also loved the Girls piece great lil show. Special mention was the short reunion piece on the Today Show about Dukes of Hazzard and reunion with everyone but the deceased Boss Hogg! Thoughts Ann Miller, Christina Stopka Rinnert, Maria Pupo, Carol McCann Butler Erica Ratiner and Robby Sobotka
If only Boss Hogg had hired Raylan Givens instead of Roscoe P. Coaltrain.
He's so inspiring. Elmer Fudd, Nikita Khrushchev and Boss Hogg, all in one package.
Once they get rid of that pesky Section 5 of The Civil Rights Act, here are some poll tests I'd like to see initiated down south to make sure only the 'right' people vote: 1) If your waist is size 44 but your pants are size 38. 2) If you ever wrote a fan letter to Boss Hogg. 3) If your TV is worth more than your home. 4) If you think someone actually lives at The Waffle House.
I said reall as in street *** Slim thugg is the realest *** frm texas if ya dont believe me do some homework on the Boss Hogg
pretty sure the 2nd Ranked Gonzaga VS BYU game on espn2 right now is featuring 9 white guys of the 10 on the court at this moment.
Its hard to let a person go sometimes.
$..The boss still tippen money running threw my mind like a marthon throwing racks in the air i should of been a ball player i be gettin it. No sleep im a hogg till im dead all for the love of the bread..$
ps yes I love Dukes of Hazzard, and yes Boss Hogg = Boss Hog shshshshshhh
My gf stays going to sleep on me when we on the phone .
Boss Hogg Outlaws roll like The Mob(Thugga voice) Everybody paid cuhz we stays on the job
Just turned on the telly to find Boss Hogg trying to get an election win. I wondered what had happened to him.
Joke candidates? Celebrating or insulting democracy? Normally the latter IMO but the Boss Hogg dude in Eastleigh livened up the speeches!
"I would like to thank the police" he says - with a Boss Hogg clone leering over his shoulder.
Why do no one tell me that Boss Hogg was standing?
Justice Scalia was a judge appointed by Boss Hogg in the Dukes of Hazzard, before joining the Supreme Court.
I'm pretty sure I've just seen Boss Hogg from Dukes of Hazard wondering round the count at
Boss Hogg appears to be standing in Eastleigh
Another stressful day at school is quickly relieved by another possum shoot tonite. This possum came after me though.
I miss Mardy so much =( he use to make me laugh just sitting talking about ppl. or how all my boy cousins would be together and they would just blaze everybody. Martell why'd you have to leave so soon i can still hear you saying lil girl/boy MAD MAD lol i can't forget how over protective they were over me use to have me dying laughing at them but with that said Boss Hogg ain't a gang were a FAMILY cause WE GOT WE (mardy voice) !
Boss Hogg and j diggs will be Cali Underground ! 7-9pm come meet him and get all the underground music you want ! They have all CDs j Stalin, hd, shady, jacka and much more !
debadging *** but it looks good when your done, no more emblems on boss Hogg!
Is that boss hogg behind john pienaar?
why is Boss Hogg from the dukes of hazard at the eastleigh count?
Was that Boss Hogg in the background.
There appears to be a candidate at Eastleigh dressed as Boss Hogg
I really don't eat plastic food but I guess this will do (at
some days you just dont want to get out of bed because you know what you have to face. sure am glad God loves me
Had a great day now bout to go chill n eat at Da Boss Hogg house
Shout out to the people who matter in my life... I know I don't see y'all as much as should but I'm not being distance it's Just thing's ain't going my way Right now... Much love
Saturday Night.. "BANDZ FOR LIFE PARTY" @ Cash's Nightclub in Crestview hosted by BOSS HOGG & SPONGEBOB celebrating DRIAN Birthday! Rockn with DJ.AJ on the 1s n 2S..
Fuller to step down as AOPA president and CEO
Lol i told my gf i forgot to ring her up .
The boss hogg platter for me please
Sunday March 3, at Big Peach Antique Mall, from 1 pm til 3 pm, ROCK 105 FM live remote, with Vance Shepherd !! Chris Jennings will be there, along with the General Lee car, Rosco Sheriff Car and the Boss Hogg Cadillac, Mr Moonwalk, and Marco's Pizza ! stop by and visit, see the cars, shop at the Antique Mall,let the kids enjoy the cool things Mr Moonwalk has and register to win tickets to the Dukes of Hazzard Georgia Reunion, & grab a slice of pizza !!
*** don't understand,me Im Boss hogg on Candy!
It looks like a car that Boss Hogg would drive!
I work with diverse groups of passionate people of all races, ages and income levels who are challenging the status quo and trying to create a more just, progressive and inclusive region. We have a rare opportunity to right a great, regressive wrong and nudge this region toward a 21st Century progre...
Update your maps at Navteq
28 seconds in and at 1:58 is my late cousin Ken "Boss Hogg" Harris from Chicago (
NORTH Herefordshire MP Bill Wiggin has announced he will contest the next general election.
Off to a late start and in a bad mood...
At headquarters interviewing Find out what he thinks of his nickname "Boss Hogg" on tomorrow 0630am!
Likewise my friend. Have a good one
Ok, so I need some ideas for a fancy dress party this weekend, quickly. The theme is 80's.
Ima boss thats why they call me boss hogg.
Check out our company's website - Twelve Stars visited Corydon, Indiana to film an interview with James Best, who portrayed Sheri...
Imma hot boy. Im steaming. Run ya over like runn away train. Im gunna. not a runna. But i run up on ya full force. no remorse. I get get get it when im in it. Beat down, till brakes fall off. Im in the trap and runnin the block. When im whippin you know i got the glock. We bust first, no askin. Run up in your house no maskin. Im killing everything no beats when leave ya house im taking everything. Its the cash flow im use to. Big faces in so many places. Burning rubber cuz im bout that fast life. Boss hogg. Treal talk. Me. im fool & out of control. Blow dro & smackin stupid *** Bubba with no rubba. Call me straight shoota. I snipe that *** One shot, red dot, big clipp that clip clip clip ya. to be continued
To my sister, Patricia A. Bibbs/Wilson, tho we fall down we get back up again, remember what Mama and Daddy taught us about prayer and Jesus, dust yourself off, and know there is a message in your mess. You're the Boss Hogg" always, your brother, Clarence Bibbs,Jr.
Just said my prayers and got in bed at 9:42! *** I'm gettin old!!!
Si, Mountain Man, Boss Hogg, Miss Kay, Jase...if you don't know, you better ask somebody.
THIS GUY NEEDS A BYE BYE is this America TODAY?? or is this the 60's all over again. SHAME FOR SHAME SCALIA
If I gave u my heart how would u treat it ???
So the owner of Los Arcos Hotels in Puerto Vallarta just offered up his 60 foot yacht for us to use tomorrow for whatever we want. Nice!
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Fabian Hernandez & Amanda Hernandez lets go get crawfish, i'm having a withdrawal and my dang phone is dying like always lol
A QUESTION OF THE DAY!!! What was Sheriff Rosco's sisters name and who was she married to?
Reports are all done thank jeebus ! Still need to format the photos for them but that can wait for the weekend :)
I have to research this, but it makes you look at your local Sheriff differently.
Why does "Boss Hogg" seem to be the model for politians??!!
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Check out the new song from Boss Hogg - Cold Game [audio:Hogg - Cold Game]
In this article we compare the Link Graph vs Social Graph in an effort to help our readers better understand where search and social are headed.
Up early thank you Lord for a new one lot on my mind stressing but then I thank GOD for been able to wake up so let's not be to down their is a lot of stuff to be grateful for let's get it grind time
Today's Trivia Question: Who Am I? In January 1913, Aaron Drumright and I platted the town now known as Drumright. I was also a major developer of Drumright's commercial district, and I built several of the first commercial structures in the city. I had seven sons, and some of my descendants still live in the City of Drumright. Who am I?
dj wendel demp ...warming it up shad ike and boss hogg .taking us home Turn up ...yall kno how we doo.and we thank yalll .bring the Peace
I don't why, but I dreamed about racing all nite long!
Can't sleep. Me and my daughter, Brittany Nichole Stratford on r way to 24hr Walmart before we go to work.
So I see alot of people are jealous of me have a rap career to bad I am staying
Son wake up wake up God calling you he need you to come help weak because the strong on earth ain't doing so good can you please send down your angel to help your father deal with the pain he feel inside today mark's a most heart filling day in my life the pain that I feel won't bring you back but I tell you this my son I love you till it's my time to come join you
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Congrats to one of the dopest artists in the U.S. Big Flipps. International air play all day
Anybody knows how to keep a bm off *** cause *** cause mines is all on my tip
Why do gangstas think pontiacs are cool? The company doesn't exist anymore but they're not great cars or the fastest it's just puzzling to me
Time-lapse of my family vacation shot in Providenciales on Turks and Caicos Islands in February, 2013.
Question? Why do these young girls from high school be calling themselves BOSS ok do you run a company are you a OG i think not and bossing ur right now boyfriend dont count lol please stop the only BOSS i know is BOSS HOGG watch Dukes of Hazard look at that man that what u calling yourself lol
If your ready for the mixtape P.A.I.N (PRESSURE AND INTENSE NEGATIVITY) like this post! Lie Yat
I want to know what's your favorite Hollywood song?¿ or Hollywood and Dirty D song?¿
Just confirmed Dre Day of Boss Hogg Outlawz on my mixtape
Court this morning, I'm looking at 27 months- Pray for Me! Please.
Many of you know I don't drive. But I was driving like a boss in my dream lastnight. And do you know what I was driving? "No, Nikki, what were you driving?" I was driving the General Lee, and frankly I was an absolute menace to public safety... LOL!
Heavenly Father ,Thank You for Allowing all thats reading to See Another Day to day.Lord Thank You for All You Have done And Thanks in Advance for what your going to do.Lord I would Like to Pray for Traveling Mercy for those on the road this Morning.In Jesus Name I Pray I Love You,Amen.
It's a good thing I like doin fishys up the edge of the road at 80k taking out guide posts or I would be very cranky with you mister black commie Ute with no lights on pushing me into a big puddle
Burt Reynolds would make a better sheriff than a boss Hogg !! Oh the things my husband has me watching.
From all the homies inside we wish u a happy b day... Homie take a cold drink for us. Love you cuzz Boss Hogg stunna
Shouts out to my brother my round my nerve Garry MrCirclecity KwodLivin! P.P.V. holds it down very rip no doubt. We KWODLIVIN! Its not a swagger.ITS A BRAVADO! WE LIVE IT!
-Ok,Ok.. so me nd my cuzo Shavon Lovinthajunior Tatum tried to keep it a surprise but,, Yes its official we turning up for her Bday!! FRIDAY MARCH 1, 2013 PARTY BUS ACTION!!! so everyone cancel all yo plans.. just have $15 nd ByoB to get on.. Get ready to turn up if yu Tagged in dis stat... Allmenjoi Lonjay Sharnee Vs NayNae MsKajara Beena Richgurl'Duh Shanieka MissPiggy Bew Ileshia Lovinglife Matthews Kela Dru Ramon MrPatron Lee Boss Hogg LemonNayed Jazmeen Simmons
Happy birthday to my oldest son Colton who turned 23 today. He's been in the navy for 5 yrs and we miss him terribly. But I couldn't be prouder of the young man he has become. He's about to go to Japan and we will see him even less for a couple to 3 yrs. it's sad on one hand , but I'm excited for his opportunity's and the things he will accomplish on his journey to becoming an even finer young man. I love busting with pride when I think of colton and his brothers. I look forward to seeing you soon , Colton , before you ship out. I Love You ! Dad
Love Scott's new logo for Miss Piggys Debut on Pitmasters, go Boss Hogg, British BBQ at its best!
Dear Friends, Please share my YouTube video's! For each view I get closer to a contract with Starstruck Records!
So, seeing as I'm a little busy, and my site is getting more likes and shares etc, i have made Keith Johnson and Sue Lowen as Moderators.yay congrats still boss hogg though ;)
We needed a new logo for our appearance on BBQ Pitmasters and following a quick call to Charlie Langridge at Ganda Media he came up with this. I would highly reccomend their services. What do y'all think?
So I'll be hosting my own radio show on kcod college radio in palm desert an independent review called " Finn Nation",starting March 7th. I want to show case local talent from the desert area and independent artist throughout the country. So anyone, and I mean anyone please send me an mp3 and a small bio (if your interested) to newmusicor richaard_finn009
huge birthday wishes goin out to boss hogg today..the best there is. happy birthday dad, love you..xo. -Charl Picco
An irreplaceable and senseless loss. 7 Mulefoot piglets. Sadly, maybe more will die. Dugan and Beth are doing the best they can to save others that got into trouble. I place much of this loss at the doorstep of North Stonington. For their own reasons, the Town has drawn out this issue for 18 months. No bank will mortgage a house on land that might be taken away. I have to be careful what I say, but we have been given reason to believe that a building permit would not be granted. What does this mean? Because Dugan has no farmhouse and he is not allowed to live in a trailer, he could not be at Firefly 24/7. He might have helped those babies. He might have saved them. Mothers needed help. Babies got lost outside of the huts. How do you replace piglets that rare? The majority of those lost were females, what we need most. I am having trouble with my compassion for the Town and its opposition to our farm. I have a lot of anger right now. Those piglets were innocent of the Town's agenda, they wer ...
Straight out of Dukes of Hazard: Roscoe and Enos were transporting a prisoner via airplane from LAS to MIA but couldn't keep him from beating his head into the seat in front of him (I think the guy was behind me on my flight back from LGA but I digress)...anyway, they get kicked off the plane and resort to ground travel. They get all the way to Grapevine and poor Roscoe has to take a leak and stops at Wal-Mart of all places. The prisoner commandeers Enos' sunglasses and stabs poor ol' unsuspecting Enos *** near to death and flees in shackles, one shoe, and plain clothes (guess Boss Hogg didn't want to spring for laundry and shipping charges to send a prison uniform back to Vegas). I saw a Mexican in shackles running around Grapevine but he had two shoes so I figured it wasn't the same fugitive.
I give props to my boo for being able to sleep with me... I boss Hogg in my sleep... And drool... Whoops 😁
How fans, how about you all win another Lombardi trophy so you can be in the same class as the
Boss Hogg deluxe and sticky chicken wrap with fries ( pics as requested , btw one of our pics are staged this is a normal portion being eaten right now !)
Your relationships will grow much more responsive than they have. This is because U R feeling much more affectionate & warm.
dogg, boss Hogg, Eric Clapton is god
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
*a tru leader dosnt leave a member behind cz he's wounded(kick his mate when he's down)that's what cowards do. Tru leader kno's how2communicate n be diplomatic when he has a grievance wit a fellow member. A tru leader dosnt create followers,A tru leader creates more leaders! ¤MusiqMafia let's Lead the League!
It takes true and unconditional love to be in a relationship with a
Kisses to him even though i don't see him .
Woke up this morning with my mind stead on Jesus!
Routh's mother told police her son had been drinking and became upset when his father said he was going to sell his gun. She said Routh began arguing with them and said he was going to "blow his brains out."Chris Kyle's death seems to confirm that "he who lives by the sword dies by the sword." Treating PTSD at a firing range doesn't make sense — Ron Paul (February 4, 2013
Black history month my favourite month africa awaits rastafari
Covering swim suit party at the Standart hotel for
Just to let everyone know, I just seen the Jello pudding commercial. Be warned, If anybody even thinks of giving me a cup of Jello pudding is going to wish they hadn't.
The economics of the Island of Sodor as shown in Thomas the Tank Engine don't make a lot of sense.
Why is it when we watch movies and entertainment, we are never surprised or find it "outrageous" that folks like Boss Hogg, Sheriff Roscoe, B.T. Justice, *** even the sheriff of Nottingham abuse their power. But when we are discussing gun control or anti terrorism, suddenly a rogue cop gone wild is completely beyond reason and imagination?
What an *** He's not like us. He's a muslim. He's like THEM.
Get ur CD's singed by the artist. J-Diggs, Boss Hogg, Shigady, Sav of the CrestCreepas, Coolio Da Underdog & a special appearance by
Berkley County WV where the Sheriff forgot he is supposed to uphold all the law's not just the PC one's!!Second amendment big boy a part of that constitution you swore an oath to
Shout Out To My Dawg Maceo Boss Hogg Harris, The only Cat I know who has been a Day 1 Ravens Fan.CONGRATS WHOA!
And NO she did NOT have a sister named Ura. She was the only girl with a couple of brothers.
Website Builder 728x90
Ever had a day where you feel bad enough to call in sick but you go to work anyway because you know they need you there, but when you get there you realize that half of everyone called in.that day is today.
Stay tuned for Week 5 of the Boss Hogg Challenge- coming up NEXT!
One Arnold City Council candidate had his name removed from the April ballot for not paying his 2012 property taxes. However, that wasn't a disqualifier in the 2011 election.
Money is never an issue to Boss Hogg.
Well I have decided I'am becoming a Gypsie. Once a year on Halloween is not enough to wear ridiculous, outrageous outfits, seink, fight &act a fool. I want to do it Thanksgiving, Christmas, kids birthdays, family reunions.ect...wait. I may be a Gypsie :)
Hanging out at the hoggpen the old Pete and Rita with Dj shad ike and Dj Boss Hogg. Watching the game and free food. Oooh weee baby.
Some of us were talking last night about the ground hog seeing his shadow. Lets not go into the names of them again, but let me tell you this. Even tho Groundhog day was yesterday, this morning I walked over to the shop and as I walked through the yard area I heard leaves rustling, it sounded like a dog running up to me. No, not Marshal Bill or Deputy Sadie, they stayed at the house. I turned, expecting to see the neighbors dog but what did I see? A gray furry and fat groundhog, hereafter known as Boss Hogg, out for a morning jog I guess. So, there, locally the ground hog didnt see his shadow yesterday or he wouldnt have been out today. Spring is coming.
What would the D&D alignment of the Dukes of Hazzard be? Chaotic Good? Lawful Good in a Lawful/Evil Province? Hard one to pin down. Yeah, there were moonshine issues and speed limit issues, but they were largely obedient to the law.
Mme Nguyen is out with Jack in the driveway washing her car. I told her by law all hot chicks South of the Mason-Dixon line are required to wash cars outside in a bikini or halter-top and daisy dukes. Can I get a legal ruling to back me from anyone versed in the Law?
Go add my my homiegirl asap. 'cause we the movement 2 move with.
Just FYI, the word "Boss" when used to refer to something that is considered good or cool is very much back. Try to implement it in to your next conversation.
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