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Borrusia Dortmund

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Borrusia Dortmund will win the this year!
That is more irritating that Don't Borrusia ya teeth Dortmund ruining my day
Good morning to every Barcelona and Borrusia Dortmund fans all over the world, the rest of u can get urs from Arsenal football club.
Borrusia Dortmund and Barcelona last night joined Bayern Munich and Real Madrid in the quarters of the UEFA...
Just in case you feel less important, remember Borrusia Dortmund played Benfica last night as well but almost no...
I wasn't surprise about that Borrusia Dortmund victory they were fantastic through the night..I'm happy for them
Thank God for my newest obsession, Borrusia Dortmund and my greatest club of all time Fc Barcelona, I love u both with my heart
So currently Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Borrusia Dortmund and Barcelona are qualified to the quarter finals 🔥
Arsenal, Barcelona, Napoli and Borrusia Dortmund were all group winners. . They have all lost their RO16 match 😦
let me tell you why Ederson should be IF - He saved a penalty he saved about 6 shots from Borrusia Dortmund(1)
Still trying to recover from the shock that Borrusia Dortmund and Barcelona couldn't score a goal each.😭😭
Benfica narrowly edged Borrusia Dortmund 1-0 and will need at least a draw to seal qualification into the quarter…
Thomas Tuchel, the Borrusia Dortmund coach, looks like he could get a role as a Gestapo officer in a film about WW2
Borrusia Dortmund will move through to the next stage of the champions league, Benfica was just lucky tonight.
The Benfica keeper saved Borrusia Dortmund's penalty tonight by not diving and staying in the middle. Never understood why more don't do it.
Borrusia Dortmund . Huddersfield. Hamilton. Bristol city . Barcelona. You people should score for the love of my ticket.😭
Barcelona and Borrusia Dortmund really about to spoil guys' tickets this night 😂😂
Can Benfica and Borrusia Dortmund score goals for me??
Nice dude, wish I could be there, is that the Benfica and Borrusia Dortmund game?
Real Madrid vs borrusia Dortmund in 2013 UCL SF was great too ! Ofc Dortmund won that one 🐝
estadio des luz (stadium of light) where benfica will host the Germans borrusia dortmund.
Let it be said Benfica are on a better chance to win tonight against Favorites Borrusia Dortmund.
boiled up for UCL tonightcomes the champsDortmund
Borrusia Dortmund have revealed that there has been no communication between the club and Arsenal over rumors that manager
Benfica doesn't ve what it takes to stop dis strong Borrusia Dortmund team it will end by 3 goals to 1
Brilliant weekend away on tour with u10s Frankie's penalty against Borrusia Dortmund admire his confide…
How Borrusia Dortmund got whooped by last on the table Team still baffles me
Borrusia Dortmund really are in a spot of bother aren't they
What the *** has happened to Borrusia Dortmund!? Such a mediocre team again, so hard when Bayern buy your best players every summer.
Borrusia Dortmund is a disappointment this season.
Freddy Adu wouldn't have sniffed minutes at Borrusia Dortmund, but keep trying.
17 freaking years old! USMNT's Pulisic just opened his account for Borrusia Dortmund with a great goal. So exciting to watch him develop!
Watching Borrusia Dortmund just waiting to see Christian Pulisic get a first team goal.
Borrusia Dortmund jersey is hard to find
Today we lost like Borrusia Dortmund against Liverpool , they scored in the last minute 4-3 smh
Dejan Lovren scored the winning goal for Liverpool against Borrusia Dortmund
U sure say yr own team fit beat this ordinary borrusia dortmund
Liverpool FC awesome won VS Borrusia Dortmund, " you will never walk alone LFC " !
Philippe Coutinho's superb goal to start an unbelievable comeback against Borrusia Dortmund.…
Disappointed my German club Borrusia Dortmund are out of Europa Cup but what an amazing come back by Liverpool. Well done Scouse.
Y is everybody bitter with fans!? Let them enjoy once for beating Borrusia Dortmund. Thats an achievement to them.
what do you think about liverpool vs Borrusia dortmund match
today I need u to punish borrusia dortmund, I wana see u go to the next stage
Borrusia Dortmund's front 3 have all scored tonight. Lethal
They stun Borrusia Dortmund in Second half in additional time WOW! Again reaching Semi-final
2005-Against AC Milan. 2016-Against Borrusia Dortmund. show how to make spectacular comebacks
Report- Daniel Sturridge to be benched for Borrusia Dortmund clash while Divock Origi starts
Dude, did you even see the match? Liverpool was 2-0 to Borrusia Dortmund...NOT SOME LOW KEY TEAM.
Borrusia Dortmund are a class act. Superb players and better behaviour from one and all. Respect
yeah. Liverpool go through on aggregate 5-4 over Klopp's old side Borrusia Dortmund.
The Match Against Borrusia Dortmund,was Infact Klopp's Biggest Test! Imagine the TALKS If he Couldn't Beat A Team he Last Managed!
That liverpool vs borrusia dortmund game was one of the best comebacks ive ever saw in my life ⚽️⚽️
Liverpool came from behind to win Borrusia Dortmund
Borrusia Dortmund's social media team is probably the best and most classiest there is!
🔴 | 4-3 to Overcoming Borrusia Dortmund and we are through to the semis of the Europa league!
Borrusia Dortmund results in 2016. WWDWDWDDL" we're LFC the kings of comes back"
Telling you that Liverpool has just beat Borrusia Dortmund in an incredible match at Anfield
All those who always complain abt the quality of the Premierleague won't Congratulate Liverpool for beating the 'Almighty Borrusia Dortmund'
I can watch this Liverpool vs Borrusia Dortmund game again
Hats off to in one of the great comebacks in absolutely SPEECHLESS and against the favorites Borrusia Dortmund ⚽
"I think together it's a win for the Liverpool country" Mamadou Sakho after Liverpool bring an amazing comeback against Borrusia Dortmund!😂
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Now my dream has been fulfilled twice . Liverpool vs Borrusia Dortmund . Klopp's business
Borrusia Dortmund and Liverpool are a *** couple basically
Congratulation to Liverpool FC for winning against borrusia dortmund
Fair play that was a classy Borrusia Dortmund side. Fans were amazing too. You can't write a script like that
What a classical Liverpool comeback. What a game! Thank you boys and thank you Klopp. Respect for Borrusia Dortmund. Onwards Reds
I wonder when the Liverpool v Borrusia Dortmund DVD will be released?
goes to the Europa League Semis, beating Borrusia Dortmund 4-3!
Liverpool vs Borrusia Dortmund . Best match this week yet again. . Liverpool we winning this Tim Tim cup
It finished. Liverpool's comeback from 3 deficit goals eliminates Borrusia Dortmund. The is now airing in Anfield.
One of the many reasons why I love Borrusia Dortmund
I'm going to go with Borrusia Dortmund to win the Europa League
Man Utd . Borrusia dortmund . Porto . Lazio . Tottenham . Liverpool . Napoli . All in the europa league
Atletico and Borrusia Dortmund as 'sub top' lmao
I will go watch a borrusia dortmund match next season
Liverpool to sign Borrusia Dortmund midfielder IIkay Gundogan as contract negotiation stalls via
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Borrusia Dortmund in every transfer window...
having a *** in Borrusia dortmund and see this so fair play to the city fans
. Odds on Everton, Brighton, PSG and Borrusia Dortmund all to win?
I added a video to a playlist Marco Reus - Borrusia Dortmund - Skills Show
on your full squad reviews please do Man City and borrusia. Dortmund
. Lolzzz. Man United has stolen my heart since so I can't leave them for anyone else. I also fancy Borrusia Dortmund.
Hey does Borrusia Dortmund have a game today since i have checked on all live score apps but have not seen it
S/o to my boy for making the the bench for Borrusia Dortmund! Keep it up son!
Reminds me of stuttgurt vs borrusia dortmund couple of years ago
they said Borrusia Dortmund is the football team to follow and i looove the voice LOL
Just had borrusia dortmund to score 3rd. did the bet and 2 mins they score lol BOM!
Borrusia Dortmund is playing gave it as home team !!!. Confusing
Jurgen Klopp agrees Liverpool deal Former Borrusia Dortmund manager Jurgen Klopp has reportedly agreed to become...
Sport: Do you think former borrusia dortmund manager "klopp" is all Liverpool needed?
3 Africa coaches Liverpool FC should consider for the job: Former Borrusia Dortmund coach Jurgen Klopp mi...
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will Borrusia Dortmund get into a champions league spot this season?
I hope didn't just do Borrusia Dortmund like that..
Borrusia Dortmund coach told me brother he was a good player, just packing the families bags now going to Germany
Jurgen Klopp to get the Liverpool job & sign a few Borrusia Dortmund stars.. Now that would be not bad 👌
Rodgers sacking has actually taken away the attention of Bayern Munich thrashing Klopp's former club Borrusia Dortmund by 5goals to 1
So do you think they have someone lined up to replace him. The German chap from Borrusia Dortmund perhaps?
Chelsea are pulling a borrusia Dortmund of 14/15 on us
Man Utd lost. Borrusia Dortmund lost. I got two goals scored on me...what is life right now 😔
Full time results. Bayern Munich 5 :1 Borrusia Dortmund. Two goals for Lewandowski and Muller each. One for Gotze.Massacre.
Man United and Borrusia Dortmund lost... Let's hope Real Madrid don't later on 😔
In other news Lewandowski and his Bayern Illuminati members completely dissecting Borrusia Dortmund.
Now if the competition is getting brushed aside like that😒 Borrusia Dortmund still remains my German team tho.
God bless you Aubameyang. C'mon Borrusia Dortmund,we can make it.
Muller gets the Alianz Arena on fire as Bayern Munich take the lead over Borrusia Dortmund 1-0
Meanwhile its 29 mins in the Bundesliga super game today. . Bayern Munich 1: 0 Borrusia Dortmund. Goal scored by Thomas muller.
Borrusia Dortmund vs Bayern Munich what a game so far!!!
I cant even watch Borrusia Dortmund play smh
The biggest match in Germany! Bayern Munchen vs Borrusia Dortmund!
Can't find a live stream for love nor money, so about to sit back and watch Bayern Munich - Borrusia Dortmund; "could be a classic"
I remember when Madrid lost to Borrusia Dortmund 4-1, Ozil was the only player who looked alive in that match for his team
Borrusia Dortmund went through a bad patch last season but still managed to beat Bayern Munich.
Bayern Munich are on an imperious 100% record but Borrusia Dortmund are not an easy opponent. Particularly for Bayern.
After that turgid Derby now for the real thing @ Bayern Munich Vs Borrusia…
In few minutes from now, the biggest game in Germany will kick off. It's Bayern Munich Vs Borrusia Dortmund.
Not forgetting Bayern vs Borrusia Dortmund comes off 30 mins after Arsenal vs Manchester Utd kicks off.
Next up Bayern Munich vs Borrusia Dortmund and Arsenal vs Manchester United
Manchester United vs Arsenal at 10 and Borrusia Dortmund vs Bayern Munich at 10:15, soccer dreams coming true
Something tells me Borrusia Dortmund are gonna win today
I actually wanna see the Bayern Munich vs. Borrusia Dortmund game because of Lewandowski and Aubamayang
I would have loved to see Borrusia dortmund vs Bayern Munich 😭😭😭
Chelsea resembles last year's borrusia dortmund
Wow we need help...we are borrusia dortmund V2.0
Chelsea are moving like Borrusia Dortmund last year
Can Coutinho scored the goal Ozil scored vs Poland or Borrusia Dortmund ?
Excellent analysis about Borrusia Dortmund first game | via
Borrusia Dortmund line up a move for Man United's highly-rated star! -
It will be tight, but this could be the year where Borrusia dethrons Bayern to bring the title to Dortmund
When you realise that Borrusia dortmund has scored 12 goals in their last 3 games
Great start for Borrusia Dortmund. They've won 2, scored 8 and conceded none.
The emphatic 4nil victory takes Borrusia Dortmund to the top of the table. They've displaced Bayern Munich on goal difference.
Arsenal, Real Madrid, Borrusia Dortmund... please make my weekend
Borrusia Dortmund under pressure to avoid ano... via |
Borrusia Dortmund stressed to keep away from another Odds shock
If continues playing this style, Borrusia Dortmund will surprise them this season.
Please stop telling me how much foreign season tickets are. Unfortunately I don't support Borrusia Dortmund
Breast Cancer Awareness
How the *** did Borrusia Dortmund go 3-0 down against 'Odd Ballklubb' in 22'm in the first place nevermind the comeback 😮
That was a credible comeback for Borrusia Dortmund. 4:3 win. Bravo
Borrusia Dortmund fans are extremely loud. They are mental
That Borrusia Dortmund Comeback just made my night... vreizt Dortmund!!
Someone needs to save Reus from Borrusia Dortmund. That is no place for such a gifted footballer
Borrusia Dortmund Please its to early for this mess.
How are Borrusia Dortmund 3-0 down after 22 mins when they smashed it 4/5-0 the other day?
Borrusia Dortmund currently losing 3-0 to Odd BK in the 29th minute!
not even close to the atmosphere at borrusia Dortmund
set to sign Henrikh Mkhitaryan from Borrusia Dortmund.
Arsenal drawing Borrusia Dortmund in this year's group stage of the CL would be the most Arsenal thing to happen.
Liverpool are in talks with Borrusia Dortmund for the transfer of Marco Reus. €53m asking price met.
I'd love to watch Borrusia Dortmund at home. Their fans are insanely 🔥 B, I'd love to be part of such a crowd.
he would be better in Borrusia Dortmund or Atletico Madrid, since he's that kind of fighter player, who's not afraid of going
Borrusia dortmund- Werder bremen- Borrusia dortmund to have an easy win/safest bet-DC1X
My team of the season have to be Barcelona,Juventus and Chelsea why d worst team have to be my AC Milan&Borrusia Dortmund
Despite the rumours that are interested in Mat Hummels, the player has expressed his desire to stay at Borrusia Dortmund.
Klopp is amazing considering he had a less than average squad in Borrusia Dortmund.
Mats Hummels has turned down the chance to join Manchester United and will continue with Borrusia Dortmund next season (via
Borrusia Dortmund has a Sickass squad idk why they sucked so much this season lol
Buy Petr Cech then loan Szczesny to Borrusia Dortmund for 2 seasons before his loan spell runs out Ospina might be done.
Where did Borrusia Dortmund finish this Season? He isn't any better that ARSENE!
Welcome Borrusia Dortmund as in Gundogan & Hummels to teams that are actually good 💁
Top three most disappointing clubs this season... Liverpool, Newcastle and Borrusia Dortmund. Apparently
Real Madrid, orlando pirates, borrusia dortmund and liverpool no team won a trophy worst season ever to me
PSV just made an Offer for a Mexican Player. Borrusia Dortmund just made an Offer for a Mexican Player . & US Players just head back to MLS
Does this mean I need to grow a beard and start supporting Borrusia Dortmund?
Throwback to the same feeling of 2013's semi-final against Borrusia Dortmund ..
Liverpool have lost the battling to sign Henrikh Mkhitaryan. He is set to join Borrusia Dortmund. [Liverpool Echo]
Watching the German Bundesliga German Cup semifinal match between Bayern Munich and Borrusia Dortmund! woot woot!
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It's like Ilkay Gundogan and Mats Hummels are coming to Man United, having played worst season for Borrusia Dortmund.
Arsenal and Manchester United in battle to sign Ikay Gundogan after Borrusia Dortmund confirm exit.
NEWS- Manchester United have entered advanced talks with Borrusia Dortmund over the transfer of Guendògan
Borrusia Dortmund have confirmed that Ilkay Gundogan will not be signing a new contract with them. Does this mean his move to us is done?
So,Gundogan decided not to renew his contract with Borrusia Dortmund..
Go and do your research well then.. "GhettoHolic I'm not sure it's Dortmund fans. Borrusia Mochengladbach"
I'm not sure it's Dortmund fans. Borrusia Mochengladbach
Wolfsburg thrashed Arminia to set up a date with Borrusia Dortmund in the DFB cup finals.
Wah I manage Fulham for 3 months and then Borrusia Dortmund offers me the managerial position
Real Madrid is fast becoming what Bayern municipal club is to Borrusia Dortmund to Manchester United.
Glad to see Borrusia Dortmund are in the cup final. If ever a manager deserved to go out lifting a cup it's Jurgen Klopp
Kind reminder and just in case you missed it: Borrusia Dortmund beat Bayern Munich last night.
For Germany, Borrusia Dortmund no gree Bayern Munich carry treble of trophy dis season after Bayern don...
Bayern Munich were dumped out of the Germany cup by Borrusia Dortmund as the yellow men beat them 2-0 on penalties after playing 1-1 (AET)
Congratulations Borrusia Dortmund for beating Bayern and are through to the final ! 👏
Borrusia Dortmund go,.Good luck on the finals Bayern Munchen hold back
Its been a disappointing season for Borrusia Dortmund that cup win will make a difference
At least, klopp now have the opportunity to give Borrusia Dortmund fans a trophy before he leaves officially.
Fantastic win for Dortmund over Bayern Munich tonight. Hopefully Klopp can sign off his Borrusia career with the Deutscher Pokal.
Every great coach signs off with a cup Jurgen Klopp will do so with Borrusia Dortmund
Borrusia Dortmund cruz into the DFB POKAL final as FC Bayern players all missed their penalties.
So no treble for us this year vhele? I'm always bitter whenever we lose to Borrusia Dortmund BvB bruh...
Bayern Munich have contrieved to hand the to Borrusia Dortmund as a tribute to the departing Klopp
Borrusia dortmund winning this baby ♡♡
10 minutes of extra time to go in the and Bayern are down to 10 men, still 1-1 against borrusia dortmund
Borrusia Dortmund are piling on the pressure here!!
Borrusia Dortmund playing well in the final minutes
Anyone want a stream for Bayern Munich v Borrusia Dortmund. Compatible with iOS, Android & our new XBMC/Kodi app.
I hope this time around if we score they count
Borrusia Dortmund just need to hammer Bayern tonight...twil give me the best of nights.
Looking forward massively to covering Bayern Munich vs Borrusia Dortmund this evening, the last for
BREAKING: Manchester United are in talks with Borrusia Dortmund over the possible signing of Marco Reus. More to follow this hour.
Manchester United are prepared to make bids for Borrusia Dortmund's Mat Hummels and Schalke's Howedes.
YES PLEASE!! But I want a healthy Marco Reus if this gonna happen. He's a key player in Borrusia Dortmund both...
Talking about Marco Reus and related news surrounding him and Borrusia Dortmund. s4s?message the page if interested.
Manchester United have agreed a £28 Million deal for Mat Hummels of Borrusia Dortmund. Source:
FT AET 1-0 (Di Maria 118’) The players in tears and it’s the last act for their coach Ottmar Hitzfeld who retires from football after a stellar career that includes UEFA Champions League wins with Borrusia Dortmund and Bayern Munich.
Watch all the highlights from the Champions League Finals 2013 between Bayern Munich and Borrusia Dortmund - Legofied!
Well done to my SUN.Djed Spence and FULHAM CHAMPIONS AND WINNERS OF the Jeno Konrad U14 cup...beating Bayern Munich, Borrusia Dortmund..and Paris St Germaine 1-0 in the final.yay championi championi OLAY OLAY OLAY.Bringing back the cup from GERMANY.Absolutely proud of you SUN
Series of Games to b played today. firstly Arsenal v/s Hull City... FIngerz crossed... Gunnerz rock em up...A golden opportunity to lift up a trophy aftr a long course of 8 years... Secondly.. Atletico Madrid v/s wud b really great to see... da top 2 teams of la liga struggling for victory.Atletico still has a long way to go... cuz aftr dis.. Real is awaiting em. last but not da least one... Bayern Munich v/s Borrusia Dortmund.. Ahem.. da match b/w finalists of champions league last season.. Fingerz crossed.. :/
Bonfire of football tomorrow. Hull City vs Arsenal in the FA Cup, Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid in the La Liga title decider and much later, Bayern Munich vs Borrusia Dortmund in the DFB Pokal. All things been equal,I won't miss any of the action and here's hoping all the teams am supporting comes out good.
Where did Chiefs lose it? When Josta Dladla (our own Scholes or Giggs) got banned for use of illegal substance. When Lehlonolo Majoro was dumped instead of letting him honour his contract (play) just as Lewadosnki of Borrusia Dortmund who signed pre contract with Bayern but continued giving his all for his team Dortmund. Majoro would have committed because he's ambitious person (to win) irrespective. When we let Ngcobo go when should have foreseen that injuries to other strikers were a probability. When we forced Kaizer Junior to retire without replacement. When Musona got injured resulting in drought in front of goals. When Nkatha missed clear chances every game but continued to play however undeserving ahead of other potential goal poachers. When Gaxa kept on costing us but kept on the field day in and day out. When Yeye kept puffing and hoofing but was kept on the field ahead of deserving players like Maluleka. When Gould kept denying Mathoho a starting berth owing to favouritism. When Parker became Al ...
Sergio Ramos actually cried last year in the semi-finals against Borrusia Dortmund, but this year he came back like a beast and scored two wonderful goals! I'm feeling very bad for Xabi Alonso. :| Zidane scored the winner in 2002 CL final for Real Madrid. And now after 12 years he'll make his team score and he'll be on the sideline. Cristiano Ronaldo will be going to his home country for the CL Final. Hala Madrid!
Liverpool and Tottenham Keen to sign AC Milan Star Mario Balotelli. Manchester United Looking to Sign Gareth Bale for a fee of £120m. Manchester United To sign Borrusia Dortmund star Marco Rues and Bayern Münich Toni Kroos. Real Madrid looking for a scooping £80-90m move for Liverpool superstar Luis Suarez. Paris-Saint German plotting £220m for Barca star n four times world player of the year Lional Messi. Everton are targeting Manchester United midfielder Tom Cleverley for £15m. Manchester United have reportedly agreed a £37m deal for highly rated Portuguese midfielder William Carvalho in principle with Sporting. Roma are targeting a shock move for Galatasaray striker Didier Drogba, who is available on a free transfer at the end of the season. Inter Milan are targeting a move for Atletico Madrid captain and midfield general Gabi in the summer according to reports. Chelsea's pursuit of Zenit striker Hulk has been boosted after an agent said the 27-year-old Brazilian wants to move to England (Metro) ...
Real Madrid are reported to have ruled out the prospect of signing Ilkay Gundogan from Borussia Dortmund, perhaps leaving the door open for Manchester United to mount their own transfer pursuit of the player. Gundogan is out of contract with Borrusia Dortmund at the end of next season and, with no clear indication that he will sign a new deal, the Germany international has been linked with a number of clubs. Real Madrid and Manchester United have been mentioned as potential suitors, although the former appear to be out of the running. According to El Confidencial, Real Madrid will not pursue a move for Gundogan and have gone as far as to rule it out completely. The acquisition of a creative midfielder does, however, remain a priority, although Real Madrid will instead reportedly focus their attention on the recruitment of Toni Kroos. Gundogan has not played for Dortmund since the opening day of the season due to a long-standing back problem, and Real Madrid are not prepared to risk signing a player whose ...
The reason I'm starting to loathe Bayern Munich is the state it's greed has left Borrusia Dortmund this season.
Tonight match Real Madrid vs Borrusia Dortmund.hala madrid!! Show dat u r the best team in europe!!
Man Utd eyeing Carlo Ancelotti as David Moyes' replacement : Manchester United board have been reportedly eyeing up former Chelsea boss Carlo Ancelotti as a contender for the club boss if they decide that the current boss David Moyes has to go. The United board is currently weighing up options they have for the summer should the members decide that Moyes has to leave Old Trafford. According to the Daily Star, Borrusia Dortmund boss Jurgen Klopp, along with Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone, is also in the running to succeed Moyes at United. Moyes is reportedly under-fire from United fans as big concerns were again raised about the Scot's ability to motivate the club's dressing room following the club's derby crushing at home to Manchester City. If United suffers another loss in front of their increasingly unhappy fans when they host Bayern Munich on Tuesday, it will be the final nail in Moyes' coffin, the report added.
Ben Lederman at Barcelona, Kyle Scott at Chelsea, Junior Flores at Borrusia Dortmund, and all of the Parkers (not shawn) at Mainz
QPR's wage bill is higher than Borrusia Dortmund's. Remember that when the media are agitating to replace Hodgson with R…
Champions league continues tonight with Zenit St Petersburg v Borrusia Dortmund kicking off at 5pm before Man Utds potentially tricky tie with Olympiakos at 7.45. As always, both games will be Live on our 4HD screens. You can even give the old grey matter a workout while you watch as Dave will be testing our general knowledge with our pub quiz from 8.30. Special guest round this week too! All about the Royal Family..
Polokwane City > "This is true "The best counter attack is done by Borrusia Dortmund"
Borrusia Dortmund are looking for a striker to replace Robert Lewadowski, who will move to rivals Bayern Munich this summer. Aston villa's Christian Benteke and Michy Batshuayi of Liege are top of their wish list.
MY JOY AND BITTERNESS AS AN ARSENAL FAN It all started in 1996, Arsene Wenger a coach I followed passionately during his days in France with AS Monaco has just dumped the Japanese club Grampus Eight for England. I was not skeptical of his abilities, I had been a fan of his for many years because of a Nigerian player I loved so much. Take a bow, Victor Nosa Ikpeba. He was the best I ever knew, his football gives me joy and because of Ikpeba AS Monaco became my darling club. I could recall Ikpeba, Thierry Henry, David Trezeguet, George Opong Weah, Davor Suker, Enzo Scifo and the mercurial Jurgen Klinsman all played under the talismanic Arsene Wenger at one point so I was hopeful the tradition will continue when he eventually dumped Japan for England. Yes he signed Thierry Henry, Ikpeba was rumored to join later but instead went to Borrusia Dortmund and later Scotland where his football faded with age. However, I retained my love for Wenger and kept a close eye on Arsenal until another golden boy of Nigeria ...
Germany boss, Joachim Low claims he would rather concentrate on his upcoming friendly contest against England than getting goose bumps over the much talked about Bundesliga clash with powerhouses, Borrusia Dortmund and Bayern Munich. The 53-year old who…
First English side to beat Borrusia Dortmund at the Signal Iduna Park!
good article about Borrusia Dortmund in today's Telegraph. Worth a read.
People in my news feed be like: Today I want to see my teams win COME ON Pirates, Bayern Munich, Man City, PSG, Ac Milan, Rollers, Corrinthians, Ajax, Fc Twente, Santos, Barcelona, Tottenham, Supersport, Brugge, Borrusia Dortmund, Southampton, Monaco, As Roma, Juventus, Bordeaux & Motlakase MAKE MY DAY!! Lol & I'm just here only thinking about an Arsenal win.
its Schalke 04 vs Borrusia Dortmund...for me. Its your Schalke versus my Dortmund...Who's going to win?
It just going to be a footie, classic, and football fild weekend. Barcelona V, Chelsea Vs Man City Schalke 04 V Borrusia Dortmund. So what are your predictions?
Arsenal FC and Borrusia Dortmund. still a better love story than Twilight
Is not only Township Rollers vs Mochudi Centre Chiefs this weekend. Here are other derby games around the world: South Africa -Kaizer Chiefs v Orlando Pirates Zimbabwe - Highlanders v Dynamos Spain -Real Madrid v Barcelona England - Newcastle v Sunderland Germany - Schalke v Borrusia Dortmund Which Derby will you watch ?
So a website called Sports Witness describes Celtics support as the 3rd best behind Boca Juniors (1) and Borrusia Dortmund (2). Give us your world top 10.
I'm ;nw th official manager of Borrusia Dortmund!
What's the name of Borrusia Dortmund's stadium? If you can honestly get this without any help, you know you're a true soccer fan
Per mertesacker, want the club to improve after losing to borrusia dortmund on tuesday night.
How many Borrusia Dortmund fans do we have on this page?
Borrusia dortmund fans are the best fans in the world,
Arsenal's capability was put to a stern test by Borrusia Dortmund in the CL.
if you cried when you realised LCB tried to make their badge look like Borrusia Dortmund's.
Just off the phone to Borrusia Dortmund. They can't send my order out because they have no R's! Jesus... I thought they were a big club
Viewers Sport Extra: Back to this week UEFA Champions league table for the first three matches of the group stage* In the group that consist of Arsenal FC of England ,Napoli of Italy,Borrusia Dortmund of Germany and Olympique Marseille of France which the first three aformentioned are in a tie of *6point each*,and as such what could be your own view towards the next three matches.WHO WILL BE THE SUCCESSOR?
I really don't mind Shinji Kagawa leaves Man Utd to join Borrusia Dortmund
I'm nw th official manager of Borrusia Dortmund!
Arsenal must beat Borrusia Dortmund in Germany which will be tough but Arsenal have a chance especially the way they've been playing.
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Had the weirdest dream last night that i played for borrusia dortmund and balloteli was my best mate ***
ONE GOOD TURN*THE CURIOUS CASE OF MOYES AND KAGAWA:Comment by: Hassan Frimpong Loveman~When Jurgen Klopp learned of Sir Alex Ferguson's decision to lure Shinji Kagawa away from Borrusia Dortmund in 2011-2012, he casted his mind back at his on-going project at Signal iduna park and wondered why the so-called Europe's Elite clubs had cruelly hindered his plans of building a formidable side that could be capable of conquering Europe and the world for some periods of time. Inside the corridors of Old Trafford though, fans and senior figures hailed SAF's decision of bringing on-board one of Asia's midfield messiah's who could/would sooner than later acumulate the title of one of world's finest midfield maestros. Nevertheless, it all illuminated at his first Old Trafford debut, justifying himself to be at the heights the world had expected him to be. But following his heroic performances hampered by an injury-spree season last year, coupled with SAF's decision to dis-stool himself from the managerial seat of Ol ...
Still sat at Heathrow airport amongst the Borrusia Dortmund players. Who did they beat the other evening? Pmsl
An Open letter to Arsene Wenger. My Dear Prof. Arsene, I send you greetings and felicitations from Lagos Nigeria. I write on behalf of your numerous admirers and millions of Arsenal faithfuls. On Tuesday we lost to Borrusia Dortmund by a very slim margin in the ongoing UEFA Championship thus ending our enviable unbeaten run in all competitions (13 games). This letter is firstly to reassure you that in you we trust (after God) and to pledge our unflinching and unalloyed support for you and our great club despite this blight. We wish to encourage you and the boys to get back to your winning ways on Saturday and vent the anger on Crystal Palace, deal with Chelsea on Tuesday (for refusing to sell Damba Ba to us) and flog Liverpool upper Saturday for refusing to sell Suarez to us) Please don't change our sexy style of play, that's what sets us apart from the pack. However remember to get active in January and buy another TOP striker to support Giroud (please not under 18 abeg!). I won't forget to congratulate ...
Wait! wait!! wait!!!. All the haters here saying we faced our first tough test,against Borrusia Dortmund and we failed. But we havent. Spurs you lost to us. And dont forget u got hammered by the hammers as well,Kool. United fans you dont really have anything to talk about i guess, Everybody Beats You these days,even West Brom,i'd say worry about yourselves. Chelsea? Well, playing well but losing to below par teams already. Liverpool? Remember southampton? Couldn't even beat 10-men Newcastle. Man City? U must have remembered who u have lost to? They were not the champions. So anyone else? Shut up and just watch what's coming next. I kinda feel sorry for what's going to happen to Crystal palace on Saturday as we take out our frustration. Could hit double figures. We sure missed Flamini on Tuesday! COYG!!!
Congrats big team Manchester United for beating laligas real sociedad how about Arsenal did they beat borrusia dortmund?
Are you Hotspurs fan or what? Can I hate your friends because I am Borrusia ones :3
To those of us who saw Tomas Rosicky at Borrusia Dortmund..One of my Favorite players..but he betrayed me..Lol
Eziokwu oo! I cease to be manu fan Am a full borrusia dortmund fan!!
We shall beat Borrusia Dortmund at there home next two weeks. Warned!
Borrusia Dortmund is on top of their table in the Champions League Bossing RL9
I'm nw the offcial manager of Borrusia Dortmund!
Arsenal 0-2 Schalke Arsenal 1-3 Bayern Munich Arsenal 1-2 Borrusia Dortmund It seems that German opposition are boggy sides to Arsenal at the Emirates
Blake Smith's insight: London, Oct 23 (IANS) Europa League holders Chelsea got their Champions League campaign back on track with an impressive 3-0 win over German club FC Schalke 04 while London neighbours Arsenal went down at home to last year's beaten finalist Borrusia Dortmund 1-2.
(91') Borrusia Dortmund minutes away from an Away win over Arsenal 2:1
Tonight on Soccer Central we ask : losing at home to Borrusia Dortmund... Is this the beginning of Arsenal's downfall? Join us from 830pm
You still think so?"Borrusia Dortmund are just very unlucky to be playing against Arsenal at this particular period."
Borrusia Dortmund..Mamelodi Sundowns hehehe yeah dats hw w do it ma boyz
wwats with german teams beating us at home,NKT..1st shalke 04 then Bayern Munich now borrusia dortmund,its soo ANNOYING
“Might go watch Arsenal u19s V Borrusia Dortmund”where is it?
My new friends fr.o.m. Borrusia Dortmund!
Too many pple 2 Cc mehn! they knw themselves sha"Coachless Borrusia Dortmund beat Arsenal at the Emirates
Borrusia Dortmund - Arsenal London. Lewandowski scored the goal. Szczesny was a goalkeeper:-)
I luv d dual of Arsenal N Borrusia Dortmund.,Both clubs're Amazing going by their latest form in their leagues.But what i do not understand is this:Borussia Dottmund coming all d way 4rm German Bundesliga 2 triumph against the leader ofthe English Premier league.Although such is a game of football,but dat does not rule out d fact dat they(D Gunners) ll strugle 2 qualify 4 next round of d tournament since d trio're
Arsenal vs Borrusia Dortmund"Anyone know a cool movie, I could watch??"
you won't be feeling 100% because of that loss last night to borrusia Dortmund
Arsenal 1-2 Borrusia Dortmund Oliver Giroud 41' Henrikh Mkhitaryan 16′ Robert Lewandowski 82′ Henrikh Mkhitaryan opened the scoring for BVB before Olivier Giroud equalised, but the Polish striker had the final say with a late finish at the Emirates.
Mxm borrusia dortmund ya bora. It was supposed to be a draw... Am changing my avi anyway
know you'll appreciate this picture “Borrusia Dortmund kop
Lmao @ coachless "Coachless Borrusia Dortmund beat Arsenal at the Emirates
That football for u"Coachless Borrusia Dortmund beat Arsenal at the Emirates
"Coachless Borrusia Dortmund beat Arsenal at the Emirates lmfao!!!
Shebi its *** anal"Coachless Borrusia Dortmund beat Arsenal at the Emirates last"Coachless Borrusia Dortmund beat Arsenal at the Emirates
That happened 22-10-2013"Coachless Borrusia Dortmund beat Arsenal at the Emirates
Wenger for the ladies! > "Coachless Borrusia Dortmund beat Arsenal at the Emirates
West Brom Vs. Arsenal - Review & Analysis Hey guys, sorry for this late post we've been quite busy lately and as you know this game was very late for me and JS, we barely managed to squeeze in 3-4 hours of sleep before school! It's fair to say this was a really long game and we managed to dig out the win in the end! We really did grind out the win in the end and I don't think many of us will argue against it. Bendtner's return was quite significant after having not played for us for 2 odd years or so. The reception from the fans was great, exactly what a striker needs- confidence. The youngsters were very good for me, having to come into the side so quickly and adjusting fairly well. Gnabry was always looking lively along with the likes or Miyaichi and Eisfeld. Thomas Eisfeld was always destined to be a star when he arrived from Borrusia Dortmund. He proved his class with his goal. Great little ball from Bendtner and with a brilliant first touch setting up a cool finish to the left of the keeper. The firs ...
First love AS Roma.. Now and everlasting love Chelsea FC.. But if I allowed to cheating, I would date Borrusia Dortmund :P
Klopp : How? Well,the balloon was yellow,and who plays in yellow? Yeah,Borrusia Dortmund. And who used to play for Dortmund? Shinji :(
Got some beats and a Borrusia dortmund top 👌
*** yeah they are. Real Madrid. Chelsea. Brazil. PSG. Italy. Borrusia Dortmund. Barcelona. In that order lol
ahh. Lol u trippn!!! Pick Real Madrid!!! PSG. Borrusia Dortmund. We need to hangout, so I can FIFA 101 you lol
I don't know what you're talking about I love Borrusia Dortmund
who are we kidding, tomorrow Costa is having a medical with Borrusia Dortmund after his 6weeks summer schedule Klopp gave him
Borrusia Dortmund Black and Yellow (what was the first thing that came into your mind?)
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Ranked first in the world, not surprisingly, for the second year in a row is Borrusia Dortmund, who average 80.558 a game, 100% of capacity.
My next football jersey is Borrusia Dortmund !
Need to get a Madrid kit and a borrusia dortmund one saying LEWANDOWSKI
I wanna go Borrusia Dortmund's stadium someday
Forget Bayern Munich who have made unnecessary signings. Borrusia Dortmund are such an impressive team, well organised
Borrusia Dortmund is a way better team than all 4 playing here, anyday.
This Villa fan is comparing them with Borrusia Dortmund, such a comparison that is!!
Please don't tell me you have just compared Aston Villa with Borrusia Dortmund.
Borrusia Dortmund is the Arsenal of the Bundesliga
So is Marco Reus going to be a thing? I feel really sorry for Borrusia Dortmund if so. Team being torn apart unwillingly.
Man Utd Star Shinji Kagawa has rejected his move back to Borrusia Dortmund . [ via sky sports]
Borrusia Dortmund have failed in a bid to re-sign Shinji Kagawa from Manchester United.
Someone with a normal name at Borrusia Dortmund
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