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Boris Karloff

William Henry Pratt (23 November 1887 – 2 February 1969), better known by his stage name Boris Karloff, was an English actor.

Bela Lugosi Vincent Price Peter Lorre Basil Rathbone Colin Clive Jack Pierce Elsa Lanchester Jack Nicholson Christopher Lee James Whale Val Lewton Tom Cruise Lon Chaney Jr Black Sabbath Abe Vigoda Brendan Fraser Santa Claus

The strange collaboration of Boris Karloff, Val Lewton, & Mark Robson in ISLE OF THE DEAD and BEDLAM
I only just noticed Abe Vigoda's resemblance to Boris Karloff. It sort of blew my mind.
1887 Boris Karloff with horror film producer Val Lewton on the set of "Bedlam", 1946, directed by Mark…
Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff and Lon Chaney if only the all appeared together, and a few other familar faces…
The Comedy Of Terrors, starring Vincent Price, Peter Lorre, Boris Karloff and Basil Rathbone, was released on this…
Well it's Christmas and Micheline Labelle-Jackman's happy now. Why? The Grinch (Boris Karloff version) is on TV.
TV's 'Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas' is turning 50 and totally keeping it 100
“'James Comey: The Grinch Who Stole the Election' by Bill Clinton Read it as Boris Karloff...
Boris Karloff film, and don’t really can’t wait for blood you’ve been to get spam emails me being right.
If we have to riff holiday movies, can't we watch the ones with Boris Karloff in them?
Tell me that Clarissa Ward and Boris Karloff don't look related. 🤓 She has reported from all over the Middle East.
he was in Dracula with Boris Karloff, pal.
Boris Karloff now doubling as home secretary. Aye, where's the Rudd?
Boris Karloff's legendary portrayal of the Frankenstein monster is the latest 1:12 Collective figure ($110). Also c…
Day 11: Inspired by the movie poster for Carl Laemmle's "The Black Cat" (1934), featuring Boris Karloff. https:…
Boris Karloff, the man who became the face of Halloween and the voice of Christmas.
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he was real, then as I got older and saw Boris Karloff and fell in love all over again
Wait hang on there's a new Mummy with Brendan Fraiser instead of Boris Karloff???. (Sorry, couldn't resist)
thought you watched the real version. I bet less know about Boris Karloff
If it was up to Boris he'd Karloff Christmas.
Itzik Gottesman reviews Boris Karloff's new collection of Yiddish poetry "Stretched String"
The monster was the best friend I ever had.
FILM FRIDAY...First talkie made in Hollywood but set in Wales was 1932 comedy The Old Dark House, starring Melvyn Douglas and Boris Karloff.
The long and terrifying career of horror legend Boris Karloff
Anck-es-en-Amon, my love has lasted longer than the temples of our gods. No man ever suffered as I did for you. -Boris…
Boris Karloff & Elsa Lanchester photographed on the set of 'The Bride of Frankenstein' | 1935
1887 Boris Karloff drinks tea on the set of Unconquered (1947, dir by Cecil B. DeMille) while he gets…
I want friend like me. -Boris Karloff as The Monster in Bride of Frankenstein
Remembering the birthday of Boris Karloff (Nov 23, 1887 – Feb 2, 1969), pictured here with Elsa Lanchester in 'Bride of Frank…
1887 Boris Karloff as Morgan pictured on the set of The Old Dark House, 1932, directed by James Whale.…
I am one of that very small family of the human race who happens to thoroughly enjoy his work. -Boris Karloff
When I was nine I played the demon king in "Cinderella" and it launched me on a long and happy life of being a monster…
Colin Clive lends Boris Karloff a light on the set of Bride of Frankenstein:
Rare footage of Boris Karloff having fun with Make-up artist Jack Pierce on the set of 'Son of Frankenstein' (1939) https:/…
"It is not true that I was born a monster – Hollywood made me one." - Happy birthday, Boris Karloff (aka: William Henr…
The Great BORIS KARLOFF born a day like today Nov.23 1887 "Monster of Monsters!"
Horror icon Boris Karloff was born on this day in 1887. (23 November 1887 - 2 February 1969)
On this date in 1887, William Henry Pratt was born in London. But you might know him better as Boris Karloff.
As Frankenstein's monster, Boris Karloff breaks your heart with nothing but grunts. He made the unbelievable believable. W…
Remembering star Boris Karloff seen here with his daughter who is now in her late 70s.
If I can't find a reindeer, I'll make one instead. -Boris Karloff as The Grinch (poor Max!)
Happy Birthday Boris Karloff from the At Home with Monsters exhibit
Film actor Boris Karloff born 1887 in London. Starring as the Monster In Bride of Frankenstein with Elsa Lanch…
Snake People (1968) starring Boris Karloff as a Colonel Sanders type but instead of fried chicken, he can control snake…
Alfred Hitchcock movie marathon followed up with the classic Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, Lon Cheney movies? Sign me up! 😁🎥
📷 mothgirlwings: Bela Lugosi, Fredric March (as Mr. Hyde), and Boris Karloff in Walt Disney’s Mickey’s...
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Remembering Mae Clarke on her birthday, here with Boris Karloff in FRANKENSTEIN ('31)
It's a TV series from the 50's based on John Dickson Carr's books and starring Boris Karloff! Never really been released. 🤓
Salute to Stan Laurel a roster of comedy stars from Lucille Ball to Boris Karloff and of course *** Van ***
Colonel March of Scotland Yard (50s Boris Karloff tv series based on John Dickson Carr stories) has appeared on Amazon Prime.
Looking for more Bela Lugosi, fans? Here he is in a trailer with Boris Karloff on
Watching The Comedy of Terrors tonight starring Vincent Price, Peter Lorre, and Boris Karloff. Highly underrated movie.
The kind ofrole he played in The Raven with Boris Karloff, Vincent Price & Peter Lorre based on the poem by Edgar Allen Poe which truthfully
How cool is that. Vincent Price reads to Peter Lorre, Boris Karloff, and Basil Rathbone. . https:/…
So many horror greats in one shot: . Boris Karloff, Basil Rathbone Peter Lorre
Elke Sommer and Boris Karloff looking at the script for 'The Venetian Affair', a 1967 spy film.
We named him Boris Karloff, but when he's bad he's BORIS YELTSIN. When he's in the box he's Gary.
apparently Boris Karloff's last words were "Walter Pidgeon" - why this was will forever remain a mystery!
Tower of London (1939): Basil Rathbone & Boris Karloff in Richard III story - makes clear warring nobles are just crime families of thugs.
What about the old Universal Horror films Boris Karloff, Lon Chaney Jr etc, you like them Jayne?
Boris Karloff, Lew Ayres, Mae Clarke George Raft and the musical numbers are by Busby Berkley? Have I died and gone to Heaven?
nice letter from Boris Karloff's Wife. . Made me wonder if Bauhaus received similar from Bela Lugosi's Dad.
Peter Cushing/ Christopher Lee/ Boris Karloff/ Lon Chaney Jnr.. Pure classics of horror & a big part of my childhood
Mario Bava and Boris Karloff on the set of 'Black Sabbath' (1963)
. Today's History of Horror Cinema is Charles Laughton and Boris Karloff in THE OLD DARK HOUSE:.
26 March 1949: Production ends on Abbott and Costello Meet the Killer, Boris Karloff
Boris Karloff & Leslie Nielsen together in an episode of the CBS show Suspense. Yes please.
Hugh Laurie needs to star in a Boris Karloff biopic.
Boris Karloff with makeup artist Jack P. Pierce on The Mummy, 1932.
Saw the Boris Karloff version of on for the first time today. They don't make em like they used to.
Got to do this awesome Boris Karloff as in the…
Why is Ted Cruz speaking like Boris Karloff? What a psycho...
Bela Lugosi THE worst Dracula regardless of time. Christopher Lee was best, & Boris Karloff best everything!
Horror film star Boris Karloff loved cricket and gardening and had a pet pig called Violet.
Hairdresser Babe Carey prepares Boris Karloff as Guyasuta for a scene in the Cecil B. DeMille film Unconquered, 1947
Boris Karloff. Dance of Death. Boris was happy to be working cause he was dying Jack Hill .
OMG Boris Karloff made up as a Chinese Warlord.
Basil Rathbone, Boris Karloff, Peter Lorre and Vincent Price on the set of The Comedy of Terrors, 1963
Behind The Scenes: Jack Pierce & Boris Karloff on the set of The Black Cat (1934)
'Sorry, probably too much wine on my part to provide good clues. Boris Karloff's The Mummy (1932)
Two photographs with Boris Karloff from 'Abbott and Costello meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde' (1953)
We wrap with the trailer for the 1931 version starring Boris Karloff
At one point the sniper shoots through a cinema screen playing one of the Boris Karloff characters old films...
Based on the real life UoT sniper the film features Boris Karloff as a horror movie star who wants to retire as horror is no longer scary
I think it's a time-travel thing, cos all the JERSEY BOYS billboard changes to TAXI DRIVER, Blu-ray to a Boris Karloff film
It's from "Ed Wood": Bela Lugosi says it about Boris Karloff. I only steal from the best.
'Son of Frankenstein' (1939) would be the final time Boris Karloff played 'The Monster'
Boris Karloff, the original Frankenstein, with his wife Evelyn Helmore.
In 1931 Boris Karloff gave us the most iconic and enduring monster in film history
Boris Karloff in Jack Pierce's makeup studio preparing for The Mummy
Basil Rathbone and Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi in 'Son of Frankenstein' (1939) Rowland V. Lee. Classic horror movies
Boris Karloff and Make-up Artist: Jack Pierce Passion for ones craft!!
Boris Karloff being made up as "The Mummy" (1932). Jack P. Pierce is the artist at work. The process
Bela Lugosi & Lon Chaney Jr are in it, but Boris Karloff isn't? boo :(
Wow! Looks like Boris Karloff one of my favorite Kings of Horror.
Some stunning covers from Boris Karloff "Tales of Mystery" .
The band Black Sabbath was named after a movie of the same name. The film was in a Creepshow format and starred Boris Karloff.
The Monster and the Man underneath Jack Pierce's masterful creation Boris Karloff no CGI needed
Bed time with Jack Nicholson and Boris Karloff ... The Terror .Jack was very young... Great Actor!
What to watch this evening? I have been favoring the dark motivation of Boris Karloff, the shrewd cynicism of Basil Rathbone,
Boris Karloff as Frankenstein's monster towers over a frightened Bela Lugosi, Jr.
R.I.P., the great Boris Karloff, who died on this day in 1969. (November 23, 1887 - February 2, 1969)
Movie of the Day: forgotten but great John ford gem featuring a wonderfully over the top turn by Boris Karloff.
you forgot the original classic, The Back, starring Boris Karloff's back.
I liked a video The Terror 1963 with Jack Nicholson and Boris Karloff - Good Quality Full Movie -
In a meeting with a guy who is identical to Boris Karloff ... I don't know if I should be scared for my life or get his autograph
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Basil Rathbone is wonderfully villainous in this film and is ably assisted by Boris Karloff.
Wait, huh? Tom Cruise was cast in the Mummy remake? As a fan of both Boris Karloff and Brendan Fraser, I am not sure how to feel about this
But the cast is great. Besides Sanders and Lucy it includes Charles Coburn, George Zucco, and Cedric Hardwicke. And even Boris Karloff!
Very much enjoying Hank Azaria's Boris Karloff impression in Night at the Museum 2. . I suspect he is too.
Tom Cruise stars in a reboot of the 1932 Boris Karloff film the Mummy but I like to think that he’s inheriting the role from Brendan Fraser.
hehe! I just have never seen one go full-on 2-legged Frankenstein/Boris Karloff like that. Amazing!
Tom Cruise in a reboot of The Mummy? . That sound you hear is Boris Karloff rolling over in his grave.
Boris Karloff is rolling in his grave ... or tomb.
Nobody replaces Boris Karloff. I will still see this though
the dictator and his Boris Karloff may supply the food banks with pigs trotters ? Oink oink
I hope it's more like the original with Boris Karloff.
When I worked in the classical dept of a record shop someone once asked me for a recordings Carmina Burana by Boris Karloff...
Good choices. A lot of exceptional Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff films in that time period.
A startling critique of science's hubris and of violating the natural order. Boris Karloff = Incredible.
Boris Karloff's Work Ethic teaches artists to be serious about their work. -
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Allegedly, it took hours for Boris Karloff to get made up as The Mummy, which could explain his fatigue;...
Today is the 80th anniversary of THE INVISIBLE RAY starring Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi (as Karloff's sidekick)!
Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff, appearing here in Universal Pictures’ The Black Cat and The Raven (by E. A. Poe).
You mean this one? It's in Peckham Rye, London SE22. https:/…
The Invisible Ray, starring Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi, was released on this day in 1936.
Quite possibly... Try reading it in Boris Karloff's voice instead... It may help.
Thought for the day - who said in 1989 "A Test match without Botham is like a horror film without Boris Karloff?"
The world is always looking to turn someone into Boris Karloff and chase him up a mountain with lit torches.
I just discovered that he did a TV production of Arsenic & Old Lace in 1955 w/ Boris Karloff, Peter Lorre, and Helen Hayes.
In its review, THE CHICAGO READER stated this film featured actor Boris Karloff's "last great role" -
Mario Bava - Black Sabbath (1963) - I believe this to be Boris Karloff only role as a vampire https…
Fun fact: Noah shares his birthday with Boris Karloff, Miley Cyrus, and Harpo Marx. (It's also the anniversary of...
Photos: Boris Karloff and Elsa Lanchester in a publicity still for The Bride of Frankenstein (1935) -
Behind the scenes photos of Elsa Lanchester & Boris Karloff while filming Bride of Frankenstein (1935)
yes!But I still consider the best Dracula is Gary Oldman! Don't you? Apart from Boris Karloff, Ch. Lee and Lugosi! Love you!!
Wish I'd found this performance of Little Darlin' by Boris Karloff, Dinah Shore, Art Carney and Betty Hutton sooner:
Which would he hate more...Judd Hirsch or Boris Karloff?
Easier said than done, but I'm sure somebody can make up a Boris Karloff joke?!
Wonderful recording of the gr8 Boris Karloff narrating Prokofiev's Peter & the Wolf just now on Worth listening to on catch-up.
Colin Clive obliges Boris Karloff (reclining on a slant board) with a smoke on the set of BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN.
Colin Clive and Boris Karloff reprised their roles from Frankenstein as creator creation, respectively.
Boris Karloff and Colin Clive on the set of FRANKENSTEIN
Movie Frankenstein, 1931; starring Boris Karloff & Colin Clive and directed by James Whale
How about a couple of oldies but goodies that put Universal on the map.Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff
“My dear old monster. I owe everything to him. He's my best friend” (Boris Karloff)
50 years ago today, 1965 and Boris Karloff recorded his work for Rankin/Bass’ Mad Monster Party?
Can't wait 4 "Crimson Peak" but 4 now a classic will do! Boris Karloff Mummy's much scarier than the crap CGI one:
I just noticed something Boris Karloff has very long fingers
HOTTT!! You're like..thee DREAM character actor! Our generation's answer to Lon Chaney/Bela Lagosi/Boris Karloff!
why does every psychobilly act's singer feel like he needs to sound like Boris Karloff?
Photoset: Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi and Basil Rathbone celebrate Boris’ birthday on he set of “Son of...
Not to mention India's best known Boris Karloff celebrity impersonator.
Boris Karloff and a creepy friend,..
There is a reason you have a big screen and a Youtube app. Boris Karloff's Thriller may be the spooky stories...
Watching "Targets," Boris Karloff's last great movie. In light of the past week's events, the scariest film you'll see this October. See it
So in the wisdom that was showing The Invisible Ray(1936) to my friends today we ended up shipping Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff: SO CUTE!
... The Mummy (1932) with Boris Karloff = an astonishing, beautiful, perfect movie in every way. The sequels are irrelevant
Saw a boy & his dog today. Set me thinking about Beddlingtons. Have one Boris Karloff & two dogs.
Martin Milner and George Maharis (Buzz and Todd) with Boris Karloff, Peter Lorre, and Lon Chaney Jr.
Tonight's movie: Bride of Frankenstein from 1935 starring Boris Karloff and Elsa Lanchester.
The Bride of Frankenstein (1935) Boris Karloff cult Horror movie poster print 55
I'm giving away: Frankenstein Boris Karloff Bottle Cap Beaded Bookmark. Check it out -
Now available at Editions Dedicaces : "Two sacred monsters. Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi", by Thierry Rollet :
James Whale (rockin' the round sunglasses) with Boris Karloff on the set of FRANKENSTEIN:
Karloffian - Referring to things related to and concerning horror film icon Boris Karloff.
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Looks like Boris Karloff to me. I think we need some cinema savvy archeologists on the case
Else Lanchester & Boris Karloff doing the mash.They did the monster mash. Apparently a graveyard smash! 😊
, hope to vatch the thriller mit Boris Karloff. . .
"He went for a little walk...-The Mummy 1932 age of horror Karloff
She looks like something from a Boris Karloff movie
Publicity still of Boris Karloff & Erich von Stroheim for stage version of 'Arsenic and Old Lace'. Quite a combo.
I added a video to a playlist Snake People (1971) - Watch Full Length Horror movie with Boris Karloff
Promotion Photo for Son of Frankenstein featuring Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi
NICE! My horror stuff has been banished to the closet shelf. Do you watch the old series "Thriller" with Boris Karloff?
Boris and Bela star in The Raven from '35.
Vincent Price reads to Boris Karloff, Basil Rathbone and Peter Lorre on the set of "Comedy of Terrors", 1963.
Report oddly akin to Boris Karloff screenplay warns unprepared for spooky blackouts
The monster was the best friend i ever had ~ Boris karloff. Thanked to Mrs for u…
Boris Karloff takes a lunch break during filming of Son of Frankenstein (1939)
Today's arrival from the UK! Boris Karloff in T. Hayes Hunter's "The Ghoul" (1933) on BD
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Boris Karloff and Edward Everett Horton differ on the merits of German Expressionism.
Boris Karloff rec'd a Grammy (the only major performing award of his career) 4 his work on this films soundtrack LP-
All I can think of is Martin Landau as Boris Karloff in Ed Wood saying "Bevare! Bevare!"
Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi Jr. behind the scenes of Son of (1939).
Petition to have Boris Karloff receive a Lifetime Achievement Academy Award
10 August 1949: Abbott and Costello Meet the Killer, Boris Karloff opens at Keith’s in Washington.
Before Vincent Price ever made a thriller, there was the great Boris Karloff!
Fact: Peter Lorre and Jack Nicholson were fond of ad-libbing their lines in The Raven (1963), much to the annoyance of Boris Karloff.
Have a good week, AMH. -- hints of Boris Karloff and Vincent Price? Ken R.M., OCT
The dive bar had The Terror on - I recognized Boris Karloff, before the young Jack Nicholson. The people there thought it was Abe Vigoda.
Jack Pierce applying make up onto Boris Karloff for 'Son Of Frankenstein' 1939
Christopher Lee, Boris Karloff and Barbara Steele. Based on Lovecraft. Never seems to show up on lists of noteworthy movies.
Peter Lorre, Vincent Price, Boris Karloff, & Basil Rathbone serenade us. That should be enough for anyone's Sunday.
Also starring Ian Hunter (the actor not the leader of Mott the Hoople) Vincent Price and Boris Karloff.
Sure he left a will ( Pedro Pablo Hernandez ) for his estate. . As sure, as my name is Boris Karloff. featured in NBC s Science of Love
The fact that Boris Karloff has played with both Bela Lugosi and Vincent Price. B O S S
from Boris Karloff & Bela Lugosi, famously known as original Frankenstein & Dracula
if you like old movies check out Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi movies, The Black Cat is a good one.
MT Boris Karloff & Colin Clive behind the scenes smoke break on the set of Frankenstein 1931. http…
On the set of Frankenstein (1931) with Boris Karloff and Colin Clive
Boris Karloff in a color test for 'Son of Frankenstein' (1939)
Captured! Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff and director Rowland V Lee with Jack Pierce in their grasp!
I would send you a bouquet of Boris Karloff movies and Tootsie Rolls if I knew your name and address,
awesome!. I love the classic horror movies too!. Boris Karloff is awesome 😊
Today's a day is THE MUMMY (1932) Boris Karloff stars as the original Egyptian bad guy. Curiously lacking in actual mummies!
BORIS KARLOFF - Boris shows of a neck bolt. Shocking!
Make-up artist Jack P Pierce transforms Boris Karloff into the monster for "Bride of Frankenstein".
A look at THE SORCERERS (1967) w/ Boris Karloff - from the director of WITCHFINDER GENERAL (1968) from
A Boris Karloff film I had not seen until last week on Turner Classic Movies: TCM
Boris Karloff takes a break on the set of The Mummy (1932).
Boris Karloff was so lucky to play Frankenstein. What an honor
BORIS KARLOFF just so stories CAEDMON TC 1038 orig 1958 Kipling
“Love that one! Yes, kinda strange.” Right? Lucy working for Scotland Yard, Boris Karloff...HA!
Oh, it's great fun and on YouTube (I think). George Sanders being all Sandersy, a blip of Boris Karloff looming/mad.
The Mummy, first played in 1932 by Boris Karloff.
Do you ever have moments where a random name gets stuck in your head? I keep thinking the name Boris Karloff and I have no idea who he is
boris karloff playing Frankenstein used to scared the crap outa me so I his behind the sofa lol
Available on Unabridged audiobook read by the ever talented Jack Nolan. £4.37p
(And every so slightly more like Boris Karloff)
It's weird to tell a stranger they sounds like Boris Karloff, right? And you definitely shouldn't ask them to sing the Mr. Grinch song?
Isle of the Dead (1945) with Boris Karloff, Produced by Val Lewton
Boris Karloff stars as twins in the superb but oft-forgotten 1935 THE BLACK ROOM:
Photo: vintagegal: Boris Karloff in a promotional photo for The Bride of Frankenstein (1935)
“Anthony Hopkins narrated "how the grinch stole Christmas".” Boris Karloff narrated the original
THE SONG "how grinch stole xmas" was actually sung by tony the tiger not boris's great
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Boris Karloff is transformed into the monster for 'Bride of Frankenstein', c.1935 via
circa 1935: Greece-born make-up artist Jack P. Pierce works to transform Boris Karloff into the monster for...
Rare Photos of Boris Karloff Relaxing during Filming of the 'Frankenstein', ca. 1930s
Boris Karloff, Christopher Lee and Barbara Steele star in 'Curse of the Crimson Altar' (Vernon Sewell, 1968)
Speaking of Prokofiev, there's a great version of Peter and the Wolf narrated by Boris Karloff. Great for kids.
photo Boris Karloff made up as the Mummy 943-02
J. Carrol Naish also played Boris Karloff's hunchback sidekick in "House of Frankenstein," and Charlie Chan on 50s TV,
Boris Karloff's aunt is the chick from the King and I. what.
Boris Karloff, forever to be remembered as Frankenstein’s monster, was born this day in 1887. http:…
of the day is the actor Boris Karloff, who died in 1969.
Today we remember Boris Karloff. Watch him and Jack Nicholson in this classic thriller:
(and yes, Sax Rohmer was a terrible writer, fine, I admit it. But… BORIS KARLOFF. I shut up now.)
46 years ago today we lost a true icon in the entertainment industry... R.I.P. Boris Karloff.
Who lived in a house like this? Only Boris !Turns out he lived in my village and I had no idea http:…
I see your Powell and Asta and raise you Boris Frickin Karloff as Fu Frickin Manchu. :)
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In memory of Boris Karloff, who died this day in 1969, I am watching this ***
On February the 2nd 1969 we lost the legendary master of horror Boris Karloff R.I.P
💀 Boris Karloff died on this day in 1969. @ San Lorenzo Atemoaya
Boris Karloff died on this day in 1969.
William Henry Pratt (23 Nov 1887 – 2 Feb 1969, better known by his stage name Boris Karloff, was an English actor.
On this day in 1969, actor & film horror icon Boris Karloff succumbed to emphysema at age 81
2Deb/1969: Boris Karloff dies of pneumonia at King Edward VII Hospital in Midhurst Sussex. He's 81
Finished two art pieces this weekend I took one of my graphite portraits of Boris Karloff and reworked it digitally. htt…
2 February 1969. Boris Karloff died, aged 81. Best remembered for his roles in horror films. .
Today we remember the great Boris Karloff, the original Frankenstein🌹 November 23,1887- February…
Today in Comics History: Boris Karloff, the voice of the animated Grinch, died Feb 2, 1969. Here, with Chuck Jones:
TODAY'S DEATHS | In 1969, Boris Karloff died on this date in Midhurst, Sussex, England, UK.
Foto: evilsupplyco: Today in History via Evil Supply Co.: Rest in Peace, Boris Karloff.
On this day in horror history, the legendary Boris Karloff past away on the 2nd February 1969. He was 81.
No, that was Boris Karloff. John Kerry plays the Secretary of State.
Even Frankenstein breaks for afternoon tea - 1935 English actor Boris Karloff (1887 - 1969) relaxes on the set of ...
Sooo, either murky, with a chance of hairballs - or a love of Boris Karloff *might* be a bit excessive.
"Mary Shelly's Frankenstein" 1931 Film ... who played the role of the creature?. A. Boris Karloff. B. Charles Ogle...
Why does Kiefer Sutherland sound like Boris Karloff in Pompeii? :/
Initially, the studio announced that Boris Karloff and Colin Clive would play supporting roles in this film -
Some of the classic horror films of Boris Karloff, Vincent Price, etc. are fun to watch.
Aside from Boris Karloff's character being killed, I was totally happy with the ending.
I thought it was a good role for Boris Karloff. He was believable as the nice, if sometimes creepy, old doctor.
photo candid Hollywood Boris Karloff and wife at home in backyard 1989-12
Boris Karloff gives a palm reading to Julie Bishop on the set of THE BLACK CAT:
Ty, would you consider portraying the late legendary actor Boris Karloff?
Is it weird that he asks me to call him Boris Karloff... — Nah, it'd be weird if he asked you to call him Ernest...
go_life_stuff: I was never interested in being a rock star. I always wanted to be Boris Karloff. - Gene Simmons
Hi Tim, it's one of Boris Karloff's final films. Michael Reeves the director also did Witchfinder General. If you like the...
30 DAYS OF FIDELITY: DAY 4 Based on the film High Fidelity, 30 days of lists that accent the positive! There are no wrong answers and no particular order on how you list your 5! Answer and share to keep the positive spirit alive on the Internet. TOP 5 CHRISTMAS SPECIALS *Star Wars Christmas special - come on Disney, release the BluRay all ready! *Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer - Bumbles bounce! *How The Grinch Stole Christmas - It's not Christmas without Boris Karloff and Chuck Jones. *A Wish For Wings That Work - Opus the Penguin's one and only TV special. *Santa Claus is Coming To Town- Mickey Rooney, Fred Astaire, it's the granddaddy of all Christmas specials.
Boris Karloff's greatest role: The Grinch, made at a time when cartoons were creative, hand-drawn sketches for amusement,
Nope.Because Ravenscroft was not credited in the closing credits, it's mistakenly attributed to Boris Karloff
Video: Part 2 of the original Year Without a Santa Claus poem by Phyllis McGinley, read by Boris Karloff,...
Your soul is an appalling dump heap overflowing with the most disgraceful. assortment of rubbish imaginable. - Boris Karloff, on the Grinch
What film was Boris Karloff working on when director James Whale asked him to do a screen test ...
Boris Karloff reading the book he would immortalize on film, How the Grinch Stole Christmas (1966)
Photo Day 8 Boris Karloff As Frankensteins Monster Ruined this piece with too Much Ink wash but it was,,, t,co
That's right, he sounded like Boris Karloff. It was favorite as a kid, Frankenstein was telling the Grinch story
Why do I give gift cards for Christmas?Tried wrapping my niece's present and the box has more bandages than Boris Karloff as "The Mummy."
One year after playing the Frankenstein Monster, Boris Karloff cements his role as Universal’s horror king as THE...
On set with Christopher Lee and Boris Karloff From the curse of the Crimson Altar.
I am listening to How The Grinch Stole Christmas on Christmas Radio
your anthem lil bro! Lol – How the Grinch Stole Christmas by Boris Karloff, from
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