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Boris Johnson

Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson (born 19 June 1964) is a British Conservative Party politician and journalist, who has been the elected Mayor of London since 2008. He was previously the Member of Parliament for Henley and Editor of The Spectator magazine.

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Boris Johnson is largely toothless. And that’s just how Theresa May likes it | Martin Kettle
Boris Johnson, Joanna Lumley, and The Garden Bridge Project. Recover the money, then move it up North, to small communities that need it.
Responding to Johnson's announcement, a Russian Foreign Ministry representative described his reason for...
I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:. Boris Johnson calls off Moscow visit over Syria -
Boris Johnson pulls out of trip to Moscow via
"I deeply regret that Boris Johnson, the London Mayor ultimately responsible for all the decisions and actions taken..ref…
Boris Johnson criticises Russia's ongoing support for Assad regime? What about OUR ongoing support for murderous dictators…
Russia at the point of collapse on hearing of Boris Johnson's decision to cancel his visit there.
Boris Johnson cancels to Moscow. Previously said would be friendlier to Russia, as US was. UK Gov…
Yes, had to cancel Russia trip following order... er, sorry, I mean request, from Trump. via
He would have gotten a hiding, naughty school boy that he is. Oh what clowns these "Western leaders" are...
British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson cancels his visit to Moscow because of Syria.
Remember when you called Theresa May, Boris Johnson, and my grandma, daddy?
The Russians respond to Boris Johnson's announcement that he is cancelling his trip to Moscow next week...
Britain's Boris Johnson Scraps Russia Trip After Airstrikes , hey Rex, did you see this?
To avoid any confusion when it comes to Tories they care about only 2 things politics & profit not innocent life. http…
British FM Boris Johnson cancels Moscow visit over 'developments in Syria'
Farron: "Boris has revealed himself to be a poodle of Washington, having his diary managed from across the pond" https:…
After Syrian airstrikes, British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson skips out on Russia trip
BREAKING: British foreign minister Boris Johnson cancels trip to Russia scheduled for the 10th of April
British Foreign Secretary cancels Moscow trip over Syria
Boris Johnson cancels Moscow trip after "Russia’s continued defence of Assad regime even after chemical weapon attack…
Boris Johnson cancels trip to Moscow next week over Syria
British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson cancels Russia trip after US strikes on Syria .
Boris Johnson cancels trip to Moscow after US strikes on Syria
Farron and Boris in HUGE ROW after Lib Dem leader labels Johnson "Washington POODLE"
Boris Johnson's father calls for 'cruel' halal meat to be either banned or labelled
The Tories may as well declare war against the British people if they keep mass immigration after Brexit
Boris Johnson cancels trip to Moscow following Syria missile strikes. the wrong way, you need to talk
Well why not? Now we've conned people into Brexit we can do as we long as the Daily Mail says it's ok.
BREAKING: Russia says cancellation of Boris Johnson's trip is not a big loss
Boris Johnson is latest MP to admit unlimited EU immigration will continue after Brexit
The Russian embassy just trolled Boris Johnson for cancelling his Russia visit
At times of maximum tension precisley the wrong call is to stop talking. Johnson
Russia calls the West erratic on Syria after U.K. Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson scraps trip to Moscow
Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has cancelled a visit to Moscow next week as tensions grow over events in Syria
Johnson + Rex Tillerson discussed Syria and Russia strategy last night. Decided Tillerson would go; Boris to build int'l supp…
Boris Johnson calls off Moscow visit over Syria
BBC News - Boris Johnson calls off Moscow visit over Syria
'Boris Johnson is great big bouncy castle with Alzheimer's' bloody *** 😂
So presumably that's that. And presumably Boris Johnson will called upon to explain such good use of £46m ?
Got to love Martin Rees - not shy of giving his view on everything from alien life to Boris Johnson & Jeremy Corbyn.
Should Gibraltar remain British? Yes – It's been an overseas territory since 1713. What do you think?
The people of Gibraltar think of themselves as British and have repeatedly made this clear
'Gibraltar not for sale', says Britain's Johnson via
Gibraltar 'not for sale,' Boris Johnson tells Spain
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MP Tulip Siddiq accuses Boris Johnson of "smirking at the British public" as she asks about his pledge of 350 mn extra pe…
A message from George Orwell - to Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson and all the other dead-headed l…
'Programming' by Boris Johnson is my jam.
Boris Johnson apologises after activist targets Saudi general at London event - Belfast Telegraph
This guy sounds like he knows as much about the EU as Boris Johnson. Either way, basically means…
Gibraltar 'not for sale', Boris Johnson declares as Tories hit back over 'Spanish land grab'.
Gawd, Boris Johnson manages to be more ethical than our government. The shame!
Gibraltar ‘not for sale’, Boris Johnson declares as Tories hit back over ‘Spanish land grab’
not sure how to express that I mean this as a compliment, but you look like Boris Johnson less 30 years of cocaine and fast food
Wrong again Cameron never mentioned WWIII. That was Boris Johnson.who also said this ,lets have the truth…
Sometimes when reading 'Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson' in the news I think they're joking, then I remember that they're not.
Boris Johnson's mother robbed after answering advert in magazine | UK | News |
If Brexit willy-waving does lead to war with Spain, can we at least call it the 'War of Boris's Johnson'?
Boris Johnson formally apologises after egg thrown at Saudi official.
Boris Johnson's mother lost her Faberge egg after answering scam ad in the Lady magazine, sister reveals
domain names
Brave Boris Johnson gets his war head on! Our enemies must be petrified.
The UK also speaking out against Israel's new settlements.
Used to. You can't be too harsh on people when the entire media have presented a creep like Bor…
Maybe we should have paid more attention to Theresa May's campaign slogan: "The Heart and Stomach of a King!"
'The apology Boris Johnson should be making is for the devastating impact British bombs have had on Yemen'
Of course there is. Like "bendy bananas" rubbish was a lie. Boris Johnson admitted making stuff up
Brexiters: In future stick to playing Ludo instead of taking geopolitical advice from Boris Johnson and Donald T…
'HANDS OFF' Gibraltar will NOT be 'bargained away' in Brexit talks, Johnson warns Spain
.criticizes FM over lack of action to save citizen imprisoned in
12 people, things that ruined the EU via
No-one wants it, they don't care: the story behind Britain’s most-hated £42m cycle path
Amnesty International criticises Boris Johnson for lack of action over British mother held by Iran for a year
Dangerous buffoon Boris Johnson tools up for war with Spain.
Boris Johnson"s mother targeted by conmen advertising in upmarket magazine.
"UK’s support for Gibraltar will remain 'implacable and rock-like' during Brexit" Boris Johnson
If you hear anyone say Nicola Sturgeon or the SNP don't speak for Scotland, remember Scotland's Foreign Secretary curre…
Boris Johnson accomplice war criminal offers apology to Saudi genocide general because of attempted citizens arrest for war crimes in London
Good that we have such an expert in diplomatic affairs as our esteemed Boris Johnson. *Slow clap UK, you complete & utter…
Our protest against Ahmed Asiri rattled the Saudis so much has apologized to them:
I haven't laughed at anything so much since Boris Johnson was made Foreign Secretary
make video of u photoshopping Boris Johnson, Donald Trump, and Ainsley Harriot together into one ball of strangeness
I didn't like Boris Johnson but he was still my Mayor. Democracy kind of fails if you…
Central and borderline Zone 2 was lucky that Boris Johnson became London Mayor, but him and his squad mashed up TfL smh.
Boris Johnson: We really are moving forward now, there is a lot of goodwill
And I look at Liam Fox, David Davis, Boris Johnson, & Theresa May and consider their attributes and I think:. maybe I'm b…
👏🏻👏🏻 Mayor Khan, Boris Johnson might also be worth an invite
Sometimes I wonder why Boris Johnson was able to become Mayor of London then I remember who the Labour candidate was
Never owned it but I spot Mike Haggar! He's as much a mayor as Boris Johnson ever was!
If only Have I Got News For You had booked Richard Blackwood that week instead of Boris Johnson none of this would have happened.
In regards to the £350 million I'd like to recreate the opening scene of the big lebowski with Boris Johnson as the dude
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
ach Derek it was on the side of the bus you must have seen it, big red bugger I think Boris Johnson was driving it
2/2 Sadiq also told me Number 10 pressure is a matter for Boris Johnson and George Osborne to answer. More on htt…
Had I seen this video before the vote, I'd probably have sided with Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage, Ian Duncan-Smith a…
Cameron ‘lobbied on behalf of Uber’ in London - Ex-PM said to have urged Boris Johnson, then London Mayor, to d...
Boris Johnson also promised "Having out cake and eating it" too.But he's already been sacked twice for lying. So why trust him?
'does weight of Boris Johnson & his experience as Mayor in London open Labor Policy on terror?
Online tool to FORWARD RSS TO EMAIL. | Boris Johnson and Amber Rudd attack…
what about that "David Davis, Liam Fox, Boris Johnson" are "cheap chancers"?
sounds like Boris Johnson. You can't not look but it's a horrifying train wreck 😭😭
Personally, I'm hoping Boris Johnson becomes PM so that Jamie Oliver stays true to his word and leaves the country.
Boris Johnson moved to regulate Uber in 2015, calling them 'bumptious'. The then London Mayor faced a barrage of...
CAMERON London Mayor? - Boris Johnson and David Cameron put aside Brexit differences as they enjoy New York dinner
Boris Johnson has just told the HoC he'll support plans to build a new Royal Yacht Britannia. Boris also supports a £3…
Did David Cameron and George Osborne lean on Boris Johnson and Transport for London after the former mayor of Lo...
{Cameron and Osborne made] the Mayor [Boris Johnson] drop each and every policy that might threaten the finances of…
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. *Cough, cough*. Why ever did Boris Johnson permit this threat to our health?. Shame on the tory former Mayor.
NEW: Boris Johnson suggests that David Cameron consider a job at NATO according to the FT
Boris Johnson & David Cameron criticized for New York night out in wake of Westminster...
Boris Johnson and David Cameron spotted ‘dad dancing’ in New York hours after Westminster attack vigil…
Best of Brexit pals as Tory toffs David Cameron and Boris Johnson kiss and make up after EU fall out…
to sell Boris Johnson's controversial water cannon
Boris Johnson to meet with former right-wing news boss Steve Bannon this week
'TAKE IT DOWN' Boris Johnson reminds internet giants of duty to tackle extremism in wake of London terror attack…
Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson on the fact that those injured came from 11 countries: "An attack on London is an attack…
Watch: Boris Johnson condemns 'cowardly' attack on London, calls London 'greatest city on earth' https…
Utterly laughable. The fact he thinks Boris Johnson & Theresa May can somehow 'respond' in an adequate way to what happ…
Family photo at ISIS coalition summit at State Department. Missing is Boris Johnson, perhaps dealing w/ London attack h…
Politicians are enormously expensive to train. Boris Johnson is only half-trained and already cost us £100Billions
As an English man. I find it excruciatingly embarrassing whenever Boris Johnson has to speak publicly on our behalf.
take your mother's advice hon, u need to get yourself a Boris Johnson tbh
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The has announced a £700m foreign aid fund for & to combat influence in the region: https:…
UK Column News 5th Dec 2016: Boris Johnson lies about it
"My policy on cake is pro having it and pro eating it" In my opinion this quote by Boris Johnson is spot on…
LONDON ATTACK- BORIS JOHNSON- VO/SOT THU0197-British Foreign Secretary says people of London were attacked in "cowa…
Greater London has a population of 8,673,713. Israel 8,630,000-about the same.FM Boris Johnson, think about a 2 state solution in London !
PICTURED: THIS is the moment Boris Johnson was told about Westminster horror
Can someone please get Boris Johnson a comb?
Boris Johnson on terror incidents says "we need period of reflection on how we transmit images of these events in real…
News Update: Boris Johnson: Attack on London is an attack on the world
Boris Johnson in Washington talks to counter IS threat
Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson says Churchill's message to the people of Britain would be: "Never surrender, never…
Boris Johnson leads minute of silence at U.N.
He will NEVER win. Powerful condemns Westminster attacker
The brexit express, now leaving for Boris Johnson's "sunlit uplands".
inaccurate. technician and master diplomat. outmatching Wang Yi and Boris Johnson and the equal of gifted Sergei La…
Boris Johnson in Washington for talks to tackle threat of Isil
Boris Johnson press conference: Watch live as Foreign Secretary and former London Mayor speaks about… News
Boris Johnson says the wide-range in nationalities of the Westminster victims shows an "an attack on London is an a…
'His idea of the world WILL NOT prevail' condemns Westminster attacker
Boris Johnson calls for debate about whether it's right to allow pix of terror attacks to be broadcast in real time http…
Boris Johnson: internet firms need to do more to tackle extremism online
Johnson"The world is united to defeat the people who launched this attack and to defeat their bankrupt and odious…
Boris Johnson calls the attack in Westminster "cowardly" and calls for a minute of silence at UN Security Council meeting http…
Chancellor Philip Hammond and Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson join the Tory landlords club
Ruth Davidson =. Boris Johnson's lost twin. connected by the bond of stupidity
Boris Johnson is undercooked version of Donald Trump.
and Ian Davidson ended up sharing a Brexit office with Boris Johnson.
The restored Mary Rose will be waiting to carry it across the Channel, captained by Boris Johnson and the newly exhumed…
Click to tell Boris Johnson to be a statesman, not a salesman and push Saudi Arabia to let aid into Yemen: .
I disagree, when Leave campaigners like Daniel Hannan and Boris Johnson clearly said leaving the EU did NOT mean leavin…
Ruth Davidson called out Boris Johnson's lies and got the biggest cheer of the night
Boris Johnson to meet Steve Bannon in White House visit
Before she turned her back on the 62 % Ruth Davidson told Boris Johnson he's peddling lies over EU referendum
James - PLEASE invite Boris Johnson and David Davis onto your show!
To put it in UK terms, he makes Boris Johnson look like Churchill and Corbyn look like David Lloyd George.
Authors reflect historic EU departure with a number of Brexit-based novels - including one by Boris Johnson's father
Andrea Leadsom, Boris Johnson, George Osborne, any one of the might have been PM by now, its a funny old world
. Did George Osborne lobby Boris Johnson on behalf of Uber ?.
NS: A Tory government, dominated by the likes of Boris Johnson and Liam Fox, deluding themselves about rebuilding the empire…
theguardian: 'EU referendum: Boris Johnson v Nicola Sturgeon in ITV debate - as it happened'
Boris Johnson pulls ahead of George Osborne among grassroots...
Nope, probably never will. Unless Boris Johnson...Still... roll on the FULL UK State visit huh?
Boris welcoming the grateful returnees of the British Empire
Boris Johnson pulls ahead of among grassroots Conservatives
Johnson: Russia up to 'all sorts of dirty tricks'
no this is Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, Iain Duncan Smith and Jacob Reese moggy poison & doing.
Boris Johnson, Micheal Gove and Nigel Farage's political ambitions come first in England, the interests of the youn…
7)also lift sanctions and will trade directly w Russia, Mao Zedun China and the gutter journalists like Boris Johnson:)
_ I'm sure Boris Johnson did as much 'Editor work' as George Osborne will.
HE may not share his son’s eurosceptic credentials, but even Stanley Johnson admits that Brexit is a “juggernaut...
Why would it be wrong to send Boris Johnson? He knows more about British history than the Guardian.
Boris Johnson on behalf of May flies as special envoy to Africa to arrange new trade deals on Brexi…
my grandpa casually slid into convo how he had lunch with Boris Johnson last week ***
UK's Boris Johnson in Somalia highlights famine threat
Curious discrepancy then between you and Boris Johnson.
I even forgot Boris Johnson's the Foreign Secretary😂. Like what's the man been doing?
.couldn't help but ask Rachel Johnson how her brother Boris coped with being Editor at The Spectator
Boris Johnson owes our NHS £13.032 billion. Hold him and his friends to their promises. via
03-18 EU referendum: Will Boris Johnson be the big loser if Michael Gove and George
Video: Boris Johnson goes to see elephants in Kenya
Never thought I'd literally bump into Boris Johnson, here in Venice 😂 it was so random, he was just in a suit strolling around with his wife
After calling for a new royal yacht, Boris Johnson reveals the official design. (HT )
We cannot ignore Boris Johnsons track record on Africa. It's shocking. My column in today's
Right Honourable BORIS JOHNSON MP Secretary of State for Foreing and Commonwealth Affairs at the Foreing,
Britain’s Johnson welcomes army deployment to Laikipia via
Boris Johnson: Ethiopia Allows Lawyer for British man who is illegally held on death row
EU referendum: hits out at Boris Johnson for backing Brexit as
Donald Trump's like Boris Johnson's evil twin, they both have wacky hair. Also, I just heard the bad news about Chuck Berry ☹️
George Osborne can still see off Boris Johnson. Here's how
To judge by the oafish behaviour of when meeting Angela one might think he was taking lessons from Boris Johnson.
Just corrected one of those walking tours. Dude said the mayor was Boris Johnson...
Interesting that they exclude Andrea Leadsom, who would have been Chancellor in a Boris Johnson government.
So, Boris Johnson decided not to support any of these things he promised and to buy the Queen a new boat instead.
Boris Johnson fingered a goat while staring longingly at a picture of Teresa May
Boris Johnson's announcement that he backs the construction of a new royal yacht truly is the perfect end to a big day for…
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Boris Johnson's a better defender than Gabriel, TBF.
Sadly that small group is Dan Hannan, Michael Gove, Boris Johnson, Dominic Cummings and Matthew Elliott.
Mayor of London, (Livingston, Boris Johnson, and Khan),hand pick the TFL board!. FACT# UBERED # TFLPH
Just noticed that the mayor in Ben and Holly is Boris Johnson :)
Says the mayor who is enabling Boris Johnson's environmentally damaging vanity Garden Bridge!…
Boris Johnson visits Mayor Vitaliy Klychko, expresses support for
Greed as a religion Boris Johnson's speech at the Margaret Thatcher lecture in full - Telegraph
I voted Remain and I still think the New Routemaster is the worst thing Boris Johnson has ever done.
Arranging the meeting to present my plan ( not 'an Idea' Sadiq Khan) to Boris Johnson and Anthony Browne in Commerc…
is it Geoff boycott or Boris Johnson (ping pong champion) 😉
They should bring back Challenge Anneka but with Boris Johnson as the new Anneka.
."I accept I may have been wrong. Boris Johnson may not be a lying opportunist but an authentic *** " https:…
reacts to the crowd booing Boris Johnson: "Never boo or hiss at my rallies. That is for…
Boris Johnson describes Tony Blair's brexit speech as an insult to the intelligence of the electorate
EARLIER Boris Johnson - Blair Hypocrite: dishonest EU backer who got the Iraq war wrong? THAT WOULD BE YOU, BOZZA
This time last year buffoon Boris Johnson said it would be a disaster to leave Europe.
Boris Johnson: Voters should 'rise up and turn off the TV' when Tony Blair is on
’Give President Trump a chance’ Boris Johnson gives his support to US President
BBC News - Boris Johnson: Turn off 'condescending' Blair campaign Right on, Boris.
Boris Johnson said we should rise up ! Off our seats and turn the TV off when Blair's on ha ha
The utter gall of Boris Johnson to claim Blair is 'insulting intelligence' - coming from the man who backed a campaign based on overt lies.
Boris Johnson urges the British people to "rise up and turn off the TV when Tony Blair next appears"
BREAKING: ’Give Trump a chance’ Johnson gives his support to US President
.saying Blair is insulting people’s intelligence. Remember this Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson?
Johnson who dragooned UK into Brexit on a false prospectus leads Brexit backlash against Tony Blair
Boris Johnson dominating the evening news with Blair rebuttal. 'Rise up and turn the TV off'.
Boris Johnson today asked Britons to ignore Tony Blair, because he took the UK into the Iraq war
I can see why Boris Johnson is cross, if he thinks Tony Blair is insulting the intelligence of the electorate. That's his job.
Boris Johnson says that Tony Blair is "insulting the intelligence of the British electorate".
But here's the thing: just months before the EU Referendum Boris Johnson was saying exactly what Blair said today.
I'm no fan of but for (350m a week to the NHS) Johnson to accuse him of insulting voters' intelligence is priceless
Boris Johnson lied as did politicians and supporters of both sides. Think the UK electorate is now better informed, why not re-referendum
How long before Theresa May and Boris Johnson are also referred to as 'toxic' for their role in misleading the public on Brex…
Latest: Boris Johnson crIticises Tony Blair for insulting the British voters' intelligence, saying that's his job.
Ghana to enjoy 90 days visa free to the United Kingdom from June – Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson will never crit Tony Blair on war crimes arising from his lies about WMDs. They're birds of the same feathe…
‘I’m still clearing up your Iraq mess!’ Boris Johnson blasts Blair for anti-Brexit rant
Boris Johnson questioning the integrity of Blair over Brexit is an early contender for Hypocrite of 2017. Shame is absent i…
Brexit Liar Boris Johnson accuses Tony Blair of insulting voters' intelligence about Brexit
Blair is 1 of the worst Prime Ministers in history he has ruined many countries
The BBC news has Boris Johnson telling me that Tony Blair is insulting Britons intelligence over Brexit. . Really? Really you…
Boris Johnson: Blair is 'insulting the intelligence of the electorate to say they got it wrong' over Brexit
Boris Johnson urged UK to continue Saudi arms sales after funeral bombing. Boris Johnson pressed Liam Fox to...
“Boris Johnson pressed Liam Fox to continue exports of weapons to Saudi Arabia”
New revelations show just how shockingly messed up Boris Johnson's priorities are.
Boris Johnson urged Liam Fox to continue signing off weapons sales to Saudi after Yemen funeral bombing
News follows report that Boris Johnson pressed Liam Fox to continue arms sales to Saudi after bombing.…
Boris Johnson, Britain's foreign minister, has finally given up his US citizenship - Washington Post
PressTVUK Foreign Secretary gives up American citizenship February 09, 2017 at 07:02AM
the one in the Caribbean. It’s quite different to London. Less pigeons. No Boris Johnson.
UK Foreign Secretary gives up American citizenship
Americans no longer have Boris Johnson, the British Foreign Secretary, as a fellow citizen.
Boris Johnson, Britain’s foreign minister, has finally given up his U.S. citizenship
British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson, who was born in New York, has renounced his US citizenship.
UNITED STATES: British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson is one of 5,411 people to have renounced their US citizenship in…
Tory MPs including Boris Johnson have blocked a bid to reveal if Brexit will give the NHS £350m a week.
Boris Johnson might well scratch his head he made so much fuss about Brexit - Give NHS all the money it needs stop…
Boris Johnson among record number to renounce US citizenship in 2016 • •
Boris Johnson and other Brexit MPs have voted against the £350m a week for the NHS that they promised in the . Ne…
When Boris Johnson is embarrassed of *you* it may be time to reevaluate some things.
Boris Johnson and other Vote Leave MPs just voted against the that they promised in the It is a dis…
Boris Johnson has just voted against amendment to give the NHS an extra £350m a week after Brexit. I'll…
But Michael Gove and Boris Johnson are in the government. It's not as if the pledgers are totally separate.
Would you like to be known as Labour's Boris Johnson or Labour's Michael Gove?
Would anybody be up for Flash Mobbing Theresa May, Michael Gove & Boris Johnson with renditions of 'Ode to Joy'?
So did the bumbling toff sickbucket Boris Johnson, the alien Michael Gove and several other prolapsed Tory anuses. They loved that turd.
267 v 330. Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and Co walked through the lobby to vote against their own promise.
Boris Johnson, obv Bernard Bresslaw in a blonde wig.
Dennis Skinner smashes Boris Johnson as he compares Trump to Hitler and Mussolini and demands that Trump is not...
that would be a lie by one Boris Johnson.
nonsense - it was a story made up by Boris Johnson years ago
Donald Trump's travel ban: Boris Johnson lobbies president - as it happened on Sunday January 29 (via Telegraph)
When Article 50 is triggered, don't forget who started the breakup of the UK. David Cameron, Boris Johnson and the Tor…
MPs who didn't go through Lobby with Michael Gove,Boris Johnson.. Thank you. via
I'm realistic and I can never be on the side of Nigel Farage or Boris Johnson or Michael Gove
Boris Johnson responds to the petition to cancel President Donald J Tru...
Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg are particularly similar to Trump in the sense that all three are so ludicrous and yet so dangerous.
There is absolutely no reason why Trump's state visit to the UK should be cancelled' Boris Johnson tells MPs
Sickening to see Tories like Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg dismissing the protests and pretending Trump is just fine and dandy. Weasels.
If you don't get the Boris Johnson reference, here it is in all its glory...
Boris Johnson's mealy-mouthed remarks and pantomime performance are completely at odds with the gravity of Trump's racist…
Boris Johnson. The ultimate making it up as he goes along buffoon.
Boris Johnson said last year that Trump was a "liberal guy" and those worried about his presidency were engaging in a "whi…
Theresa May tells Boris Johnson and Amber Rudd to contact US peers over 'Muslim ban' via
Tory Govt says discrimination is perfectly OK as long as it's not against British citizens
No, Boris Johnson has not won an 'exemption' for the UK on Donald Trump's travel ban
Big win for Boris Johnson. Seeds of his visit to the US when he met Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner are bearing fruit
Like there was no other way. Back to underground journalism.
Foreign Sec Boris Johnson clarified the Muslim travel ban with Donald Trump's son-in-law. We're living inside Chris Morris'…
Boris Johnson talked directly to Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner to clarify Brits like Sir Mo Farah not affected:
Support for regime change in Syria is eroding internationally in capitals and newsrooms.
Australia does not have this commitment Boris Johnson got for UK dual nationals
Bad idea, that only made Boris Johnson more powerful than we could possibly imagine.
I understand Labour will be tabling an urgent question in parliament tomorrow morning about Trump’s Muslim ban
Boris Johnson confirms exemption for British citizens from Donald Trump's 'Muslim ban'.
. When you are reminded that Boris Johnson is still UK…
So Angela Merkel, Theresa May, Boris Johnson and many others were out of line in doing exactly that? OoK.
‘We NEED strong borders’ Trump fires back and says Europe has become a ‘HORRIBLE MESS'. True, thanks to leftists. https:/…
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