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Boris Johnson

Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson (born 19 June 1964) is a British Conservative Party politician and journalist, who has been the elected Mayor of London since 2008. He was previously the Member of Parliament for Henley and Editor of The Spectator magazine.

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Boris Johnson in row with Vince Cable over resignation rumour
Boris Johnson rows with Vince Cable over resignation rumour.
Boris Johnson and Vince Cable in row over rumours Foreign Secretary is to resign…
Boris Johnson and Vince Cable trade barbs over resignation rumours via guardian.
That's the reason why Boris Johnson, Gove, et al are Leavers, is it?
Boris Johnson's ally attacks Hammond's plan which could see thousands of EU citizens move to Britain after Brexit.
This is the little, narrow, pinched Britain Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson, Gisela Stuart, and the rest of them have deliver…
At 1:30 this morning, total stranger who said they work for Boris Johnson sent a message saying "Show me your dong?". I love the internet.
Irish want sea border with UK after Brexit (if you want to realise just how stupid Boris Johnson last para)
Boris Johnson plays down Tory leadership bid rumors... again: Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has once again played…
Just what IS that purple emoji Julia Bishop is using to welcome Boris Johnson???
Boris Johnson, the UK's Foreign Secretary, is talking-up relations with NZ.
UK Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, welcomes Darktrace's strategic partnership with NESIC in Japan
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Boris Johnson, our Foreign Secretary... "Thank you very much for having me here...
BORIS BLITZ: The UK’s flamboyant Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson visits Sydney for top level talks with the Turnbul…
sydney: Boris Johnson, British Foreign Secretary, is in town...
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(Puts on pedantic Kiwi hat). That's a Tuatara, not a lizard. (and that's Boris Johnson, not a Foreign Sec…
Britain's Boris Johnson jokes about New Zealand greeting British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson on a visit to New…
Boris Johnson lands in Sydney: Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Boris Johnson in…
Boris Johnson talks wildlife and obesity in New Zealand: Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson muses about wildlife and…
Writing "Boris Johnson is a pure fanny" is traditional in Glasgow. As is writing "Boris Johnson is still a pure fanny" w…
Boris Johnson got 8 times as much abuse as Diane Abbott!
Off to campaign for Labour in Boris Johnson 's constituency today. He's only got a small majority we can get him out at the n…
Boris the Diplomat: UK FM Likens Maori Greeting to Scottish Headbutt on NZ Trip: via
As BoJo winds up his visit, is renewing calls for a free movement zone between NZ and historic allies.
Boris the diplomat: FM likens greeting to headbutt on NZ trip
Boris Johnson MP: Nigel Farage must be involved in the Brexit negotiations in Brussels - Sign the P... via
UK Foreign Minister Boris Johnson deflects questions about whether he intends to vie for Conservative leadership.
Boris Johnson suffered 8 times more abuse than during the election campaign but didn't make a song and dance…
Still can't believe Boris Johnson is a Foreign Secretary in charge of maintaining Britain's foreign policy. Bizarre…
Gerry Brownlee told Boris Johnson is genuine about maintaining Kiwis' access to the UK
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Boris Johnson compares traditional Māori greeting to a headbutt, in his latest gaffe
Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson's brush with reptilian overlords in New Zealand (News)
Ask Boris Johnson what he really thinks about U.S. Extraterritorial Law. .
I'm embarrassed and ashamed that our country is represented internationally by Boris Johnson and disgraced former e…
Boris Johnson is like the strange love child of Donald Trump and Ozzy Osbourne.
If Junior Ranks Mess became PM, I'd be smiling for a month. Imperiously, of course. . Please let it happen.
Do you think if the Kiwi, you know, really tried, it could fly? Boris Johnson to Conservation Minister Maggie Barry
Boris Johnson met our PM and it was Boris who was far more embarrassing. . Oh Britain, I'm so sorry.
Why does Boris Johnson’s hair look like he scalped Justin Bieber’s over-bleached scalp!
UK's Boris Johnson has been in NZ on a whirlwind visit? I feel so... dirty... 😞
Boris Johnson plays down Conservative rift, NZ near top of trade deal queue
For people unfamiliar with UK politics, Boris Johnson is the one with the floppy blond hair.
I've just seen a trailer for Despicable Me 3 - why does it have Boris Johnson in it?
Boris Johnson yet again inserts foot in mouth with Glasgow kiss gaffe with Maori
Boris Johnson DENIES leadership bid vowing to end the 'political kerfuffle' since election
On trip to New Zealand, UK Foreign Secretary says a traditional Maori greeting could be misinterpreted as a headbutt
Owen Jones leads unseat Boris Johnson rally in west London is that 10x criticiser of Corbyn Owen Jones
Boris Johnson: Hongi greeting could be mistaken in Glasgow pub
Well done to the hundreds who campaigned in Uxbridge! We have Boris Johnson and the Tories on the run 💪
Donald Trump, Rob Ford, Boris Johnson, Mike Harris, John Tory, David Cameron.there is no meritocracy, only gilded mediocrity
Dan Hannan made clear they wouldn't leave the single market and Boris Johnson also said he supported…
UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson visits Tokyo Olympic venue and meets British sailing team
Boris Johnson just released a list of human rights abusers. We've approved arms sales to 20 of them
Boris Johnson's constituency is firmly in our sights. Here's why you should join us on Sunday - and make history
Nobody can stop you from being blessed. keeps right on happening to me!!
TOKYO - British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson shook hands with one of Japan's high-tech robots, a humanoid...
"Austerity goes on, but its rationale is in retreat.". Fine piece on the Conservative chaos from
Interesting developments with Boris Johnson in the last couple of days. Can't believe his choice.
While you're all at it can we get a side by side of Boris Johnson and Garry Busey?
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Boris Johnson and Theresa May are still recovering from these burns.
Three grand now raised for the campaign to defeat Boris Johnson at the next election. Please give whatever you can!: https…
Boris Johnson meets robot in BIZARRE pictures during diplomatic visit to Japan
Boris Johnson's spine found washed up on French beach - NEWS CRASHER via
Boris Johnson has met some Japanese robots and the photos are as brilliant as you think. https:/…
Weird dream about Brexit. Boris Johnson..' Follow the yellow thick toad..Follow the yellow thick toad'. Etc etc...
Oh god, what if Boris becomes PM? Imagine Boris Johnson and Donald Trump being the most important men in the world. Th…
i used to work at city hall believe it or not, I moved Ken Livingstone out and Boris John…
_ Coincidentally, Boris Johnson is going on a three week sho…
UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson in full flight this morning at the British Chamber. Look for…
no it doesn't - it comes down to being able to CHOOSE those who govern you.  . If the entire UK disagrees with...
rubbish - what 'protection' has the EU offered the people of Greece, Italy, Spain or Portugal as their economies...
twaddle - UK is the 5th largest economy in the WORLD . there are plenty who will deal with us ... ...
DT Boris Johnson: Promoting and protecting human rights and democracy worldwide is core part of ...
I find it incredible you can believe this cartoonish reporting ...
Amazing: is joining us campaigning in Boris Johnson's seat this Sunday. Don't miss it!
Welcome that Boris Johnson is visiting Japan, New Zealand and Australia to discuss post-Brexit trade opportunities http…
Boris Johnson & Donald Trump, they're both embarrassments to the entire world but one of them does it with hairspray.
David Davis, Liam Fox and Boris Johnson struggle to overcome the first hurdle on their way to EU Brexit negotiations. https…
6 countries on Boris Johnson's human rights watch list that Britain has sold arms to.
Due to the goodwill of staff I think you'll find Boris! Only the sta…
the Spectator (UK) editorship went downhill after Boris Johnson left 😂
Latest from me: on the dead-end of continuity Thatcherism & the delusions of the Brexit Bolsheviks
In other than eating olives straight up referenced Game of Thrones in the piece about Boris Johnson not running
I would say best option for PM Is Jacob Reece-Mogg or Boris Johnson. .
Liam Fox says the Brexit deal will be the easies...
I regret to announce that Boris Johnson is in Japan.
VIDEO. in Japan, awfully funny with the robot. johnson
What is he doing now? Boris Johnson shakes hands with robots in bizarre Japan trip
Wow: is the latest MP joining our Sunday's star-studded campaign to replace Boris Johnson with a Labour MP! https…
London thought: does Boris Johnson cut his own hair… in the dark… with garden shears?
Revolutions are for zealots and fools – as the Brexit Bolsheviks will find out | John Harris
Boris Johnson's majority halved this year. We can defeat him next…
Cabinet row hots up amid claims Boris Johnson plots to wreck Brexit talks
We can replace Boris Johnson with a Labour MP. Just imagine. Please donate here - and make history ✊️
Jon Stewart teases Boris Johnson about drugs on the Daily Show | Political Scrapbook
A Labour MP is trying to force Boris Johnson to act over a massive human rights crackdown via
He skewered Boris Johnson last month, in what was widely reported as a 'car…
Yeah, Bond sounds a lot less sexier when you realise he's from the same institution as David Cameron, Boris Johnson, and Jacob Reese-Mogg.
We all wish we had a Boris Johnson.
Trouble is Boris Johnson has got absolutely no reputation to lose.
May no longer commands the authority to rein in Boris Johnson.
Theresa May, Boris Johnson, David Davis, Liam Fox … could hardly have had a less impressive three months …
David Davis branded Boris Johnson "a failure" and "toxic to his own sister" when the met at Spectator party. See Sunda…
This was basically a crime when David Davis and Boris Johnson said the same.
Or to put in another way: Boris Johnson is responsible for now looking more than ever likely to ruin the UK.
Attacks on Angela Rayner's accent as Boris Johnson is lauded for spouting posh gibberish sum up class-ridden land
Breaking: As Britain concedes it will have to pay the EU's 'Brexit bill', Boris Johnson's new bus is spotted on the M20. htt…
It's wat happens a few days after that worries people. Boris Johnson, David Davis et al with Henry VIII powers.
If you want to split hairs, Boris Johnson has had countless outbursts on TV, and in the chamber when he was London Mayor.
Danny Murphy with his best Boris Johnson impression 😂
Jeremy Clarkson, Rowan Atkinson and Boris Johnson are among VIPs at book launches in London this evening – details on site.
Boris Johnson 🇬🇧& 🇴🇲 Yusuf bin Alawi at the Foreign Office
Firefighter Lucy Masoud blames Boris Johnson's cuts. "Crews didn't have the right resources to fight fire". https…
Buy one minute of Boris Johnson's time for a public egging in central London.
That night where Boris Johnson's cutbacks will likely kill at least one child. Stay safe. Remember: no-one…
Boris Johnson referred to black people as piccaninnies with "watermelon smiles" in an article in the Daily Telegraph.
Boris Johnson cut £130M from firefighters in london. Closed ten fire stations.
There will be a lot of postulating. It doesn't help when Boris Johnson is using languag…
Boris Johnson blasts London Assembly members after being thrown out of m... via 2013
A Boris Johnson lookalike singing a parody of wrecking ball to protest Brexit. God London is the best sometimes
Boris Johnson: "There is no plan for no deal." Might it be easier to list the things the Government *has* considered? ht…
June 2016, London. Boris Johnson: Let's make 23rd June our independence day! [Rapturous applause]. 23 June 2017: [crickets] .
Boris Johnson should hang his head in shame Re the cuts to fire station in London.
Let's also remember the word Boris Johnson used:
Brexit: Downing Street slaps down Boris Johnson after he said there is 'no plan' for leaving EU without…
Britain has had a disastrous start to Brexit deal making, says former UK negotiator to the EU
Boris Johnson, like Theresa May, seems totally devoid of the mental capacity to tackle the complex…
Boris Johnson says there is 'no plan' for leaving EU without a deal
Do they have a plan for No Deal or not?
How can Gov't negotiate with the EU when its Ministers don't seem to know if it has done any contingency planning? https:/…
Read my letter to the Prime Minister about her government's latest Brexit shambles in full here:
Boris Johnson says EU can 'go whistle' on Brexit settlement bill
These people who told us lies, who diminish our friends and allies & impoverish us with reckless abandon. Patriots?.
From the man who blew £100m+ on a fantasy airport, white elephant cable car, broken bus, & to nowhere. https:…
Jeremy Corbyn slams Boris Johnson for remark that EU can 'go whistle'
This is a new negotiation technique: insult your partner and make no plan for negotiations to fail.
Boris Johnson - EU can 'go whistle' for large sums to settle Brexit bill
David Davis laughs off Boris Johnson's 'go whistle' remark over Brexit bill
Apparently David Davies and Boris Johnson are contradicting each other again.
'We will re-join the EU' Heseltine bashes older voters saying young WILL reverse
Labour’s told that Boris Johnson sounds like Trump’s ambassador, not Foreign Secretary
Boris seems happy with No Deal on leaving Europe and no plan for one either
Boris Johnson says can 'go whistle' on settlement bill
QUOTE OF THE DAY. Boris Johnson tells the EU "To Go Whistle' after reports of an exorbitant Divorce Bill. I bet the…
UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson tells parliament EU can "go whistle" over "extortionate" bill proposals. https:…
NEW Boris Johnson: Britain has 'no plan' for leaving EU without a trade deal
Boris Johnson the BJ, a man that has not worked a day in his life, who has been appointed as FS, t…
I still find it hard to use the words Boris Johnson & diplomat in the same sentence, I mean come on, do…
Boris is right the EU demanding a Brexit bill is extortion.They are desperate for UK money as usual,give them zero htt…
European leaders can “go whistle” if they expect Britain to pay a large bill to leave the EU, says
Nice one whistle Juncker. Brexit: Boris Johnson on UK paying any exit bill to EU
'GO WHISTLE' Boris Johnson tells EU where to stick its 'EXTORTIONATE' bill
Boris Johnson says a lot of things to gain popular support whilst delivering none of them.
Boris Johnson accuses EU of 'extortion' over Brexit divorce bill and says it can 'go whistle' 
Imagine Boris Johnson's face when he loses his seat. You can make that happen. Join us on 23rd July.
Boris Johnson says the sums of money the EU is proposing to demand from Britain for Brexit "seem to be extortionate"
They told us Scotland refusing to take a portion of UK debts made us a pariah state, shunned. Really? htt…
Boris Johnson has agreed with a Tory MP that the EU can "go whistle" for any final payment from the UK.
Someone put this clown back on his lead... European leaders can ‘go whistle’ over EU divorce bill
Ex Mayor BORIS JOHNSON 'defending' his CUTS to before a Fire-SAFETY panel of Lon *** Mem.
Boris Johnson says there's no plan for no deal on Brexit via
Eddie Mair's famous interview of Boris Johnson on his 'Integrity' - "You are a nasty piece of work aren't you!"
This is totally wrong approach in my view. . Boris Johnson: EU can 'go whistle' over Brexit divorce bill
A year on from when she first became Prime Minister, Theresa May is about to be replaced by someone even worse
Govt in chaos as Boris Johnson says there is ‘no plan’ for 'no deal' Brexit, but David Davis said there was
LOL. . Looking forward to seeing Brexiters like Boris Johnson, Jacob Rees-Mogg and Lord Rothermere 'raging and revolting ag…
Boris Johnson has met with Qatar's Emir Sheikh Tamim in the latest effort to mediate the Gulf diplomatic crisis.
Boris Johnson flies in to Qatar to discuss Gulf crisis
Looking ast this pic, I can't help thinking of Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and David Davis ... jostling for positio…
Fabricant's is the most fascinating. He looks like Jeffrey Archer doing Boris Johnson cosplay.
Fake news matey. She was an IT consultant but she was led astray by Boris Johnson and his big red bus.
David Cameron, Boris Johnson, George Osborne, and now Theresa May all poached their spindoctors from that "leftie" BBC
Interesting that Michael Gove is cosying up to Boris Johnson again. Perhaps this time he's going to stab him in the front
Boris Johnson 'felt somewhat disturbing that he seemed so caring of the North Koreans as in "just want to help them" 🤔
Nice use of a rhetorical chiasmus. Winnie (and Boris Johnson) would be proud.
Er... Dopey, If YOU actually read what Boris Johnson says in the article...
Boris Johnson NEVER puts others before his OWN career
Kirsty Strickland: Ruth Davidson is the Boris Johnson of Scotland ... and her schtick will get old just as quickly
Boris Johnson doesn't know his *** from his elbow. The parents should have every right to do what they think is right…
Boris Johnson has stood by his pre-referendum promise to provide the NHS with an extra £350m a week af…
I would love to be SO posh that I'd have to go to the zoo to meet my relatives. Like Boris Johnson
Tories only care about stopping austerity when it threatens their own careers |
It's oddly reassuring that it's not just TM who's failing. GE has highlighted that this entire govt is incompetent. https:/…
I welcome this. Now, can we surcharge Boris Johnson for the £46 million the taxpayer stands to lose please?
"The fiction that Britain will somehow be economically better-off after Brexit looks more like a deliberate lie"
We're getting dangerously close to humanising Rees-Mogg. Remember what happened when we did the same with Boris Johnson? B…
Boris Johnson: Hundreds are backing a campaign to unseat the embarrassment of a Foreign Secretary.
Charlie Gard: Boris Johnson says terminally ill baby can't be moved to Vatican - The Independent
Theresa May and Boris Johnson both REFUSE to step in to help Charlie Gard get treatment abroad
Boris Johnson: "The JIT to prosecute MH17 suspects in the NLs is a critical step in holding to account those respon…
Not Boris Johnson's missus at any rate.
This MUST be read & RT. This is where Britain currently stands with its Brexit deal. It's not good | The Independent https:/…
BBC News - Charlie Gard: Boris Johnson says baby cannot be moved to Vatican
We should be wary of just treating Jacob Rees-Mogg as an amusingly eccentric posh person. Look how far Boris Johnson got u…
Civil servants gently break the news to ministers that Boris Johnson is a babbling charlatan .
Both Rees-Mogg & Boris Johnson are opportunists whose goal is to become bigger fish in a red…
You ain't heard anything til you've heard the boris Johnson song!!!
Happy Monday everyone. So, now it's Boris Johnson adopting Jeremy Corbyn's policies. Looks like Labour won the…
Boris Johnson: Hundreds back Owen Jones' campaign to unseat Foreign Secretary | The Independent
There's an event to unseat Boris Johnson and hundreds of people are going
Boris Johnson backed pay cap & austerity for 7 years. Would another 5 had voters not whacked the Cons. Not a penny's cre…
Hughie Green risen from the dead & is Boris Johnson "its make your mind up time" why did you not vote for pay cap to be lifted in 1st place
Just a reminder-today's TdF Grand Depart was supposed to be in London until Boris Johnson backed out because he wouldn't be mayor.
David Davis and Boris Johnson 'want PM to loosen Brexit stance'
Boris Johnson left Foreign Office to mop-up after Iraq trip, emails reveal
Boris Johnson repeats his apology for Hillsborough slurs 2004 & 2016
imagine my confused face trying to work out what Boris Johnson and Tony Blair have to do…
Boris Johnson talking to Corbyn about Glasto in the commons today
Caroline Lucas is more than a match for Boris Johnson
Next targets: Boris Johnson in Uxbridge and South Ruislip, and Iain Duncan Smith in Chingford and Wood Green. Labour can t…
You're working class if you're blamed for Brexit and you're not Boris Johnson - Kate Fox
Did you see the Boris Johnson interview? He forgot his own manifesto.
Interesting fact for the day: Boris Johnson's middle name is Pfeffel...
"The hot, wet lie-farts of the liar Boris Johnson, trapped in the glamping yurt of his trousers since last year’s referendu…
Hmmm, what would be the two main reasons Boris Johnson is not being treated as badly as was Diane Abbott?
The treatment of Boris Johnson by the press is so different to that of .
Brilliant Potteresque battle between Diane Abbott & Boris Johnson for worst political interview award - had to pull car over.
Hmmm, why does this bring Boris Johnson to mind 🤔
One law for Diane Abbott, one law for Boris Johnson
How come Diane Abbott gets vilified but Boris Johnson gets away with this! via
Spare me racist, misogynist rants about Diane Abbott when Boris Johnson is the real incompetent interviewee
Boris Johnson should be treated with the same amount of criticism as Diane Abbott
. Forgot about this spoof video - very funny. Boris Johnson's Brexit HQ.
How people try and tell me the Tories will get a better Brexit when Boris Johnson, a bumbling fool is at the negotiating t…
On Theresa May's departure, a thought occurs. Boris Johnson's car crash interview gives him an incentive to delay, to reb…
I turned up the mic on the Boris Johnson interview. Enlightening.
If Theresa May had any decency, Boris Johnson, Brandon Lewis & Gavin Barwell would all find themselves jobless in the mornin…
Boris Johnson says to internet giants: 'no safe space for terrorists'
LISTEN: When it come to car crash interviews, this is going take some beating. Boris Johnson is all over the place. Future PM?
Boris johnson stance puts him at odds with Theresa May and...
Sam Leith: Boris Johnson has turned a dull campaign into Star Wars
Boris Johnson on the brink of saying yes to Brexit
Boris Johnson's Brexit declaration could be 'career-ending', his father claims
David Cameron says Boris Johnson is 'making it up' on Brexit
Boris Johnson says Trafalgar Square fountains will be 'flowing with the black
Donald Trump’s UK state visit has not been canceled, insists Boris Johnson -
06-23 Boris Johnson backs Britain leaving the EU
Boris Johnson just had a terrible interview, but he's not being treated like Diane Abbott was
Boris Johnson supplants Osborne as bookmakers' favourite for next Tory leader featured in NBC s Science of Love
Boris Johnson expected to reveal EU stance tonight
Fire station shut by Boris Johnson to be turned into luxury flats by company run by Tory donor vi…
‘Conflicted’ Boris Johnson expected to back EU exit...
London's chided over 'Garden Bridge' design contract
unveils road tunnel plans to ease London congestion
Holidaying Boris Johnson identified as source of Australian hairy panic
Boris Johnson says Trafalgar Square fountains will be...
Bumbling Boris Johnson. As car crash interviews go this must be gold medal material.
TODAY'S DEBATE: What does science say about the cause of Boris Johnson's Radio 4 meltdown?
attacks Obama 'hypocrisy' over Brexit warning
Boris Johnson in 'worst interview by a politician ever' after Queen's Speech
Such as May's threat to scrap human rights laws & Boris Johnson's comment that people have had enough of free speech
Not the same Boris Johnson who, less than two months ago, called Jeremy Corbyn a "mutton-headed mugwump"?
Boris Johnson reveals he will NOT challenge May for Prime Mi
Boris Johnson will NEVER be Prime Minister. His love for his own voice GREATLY exceeds his empathy for citizens. http…
Wow...This isn't a car crash. This is a 20 car pile-up. Boris Johnson has just about blown his chance of being PM. ht…
The worst interview from an aspiring Prime Minister you will ever hear. Boris Johnson is finished. Listen to this...
And now, for your viewing pleasure, I have transcribed that Boris Johnson first sentence in full.
It is a cause of grave national humiliation to Britain that Boris Johnson is our Foreign Secretary.
From 26 minutes in Boris Johnson has an absolute car crash of an interview.
For those of you who missed Boris Johnson's interview with Eddie Mair on today.
Boris Johnson on Trump and London:. 'The visit will go ahead, believe me.'. Sounds sure enough to put in on side of a bus.…
...grotesque spectacle of David Davis, Philip Hammond and Boris Johnson .. most modern dinosaur on the dance floor.
Bank of England chief expertly trolls Boris Johnson in a dire warning on Brexit
Brexit watchers can't fail to have noticed Bank of England governor Mark Carney's swipe at Boris Johnson 🍰
Mark Carney swipes at Boris Johnson, as he warns Brexit will make UK households poorer.
Boris Johnson could lose his seat due to Tory-led boundary review, analysis suggests
The Governor of the Bank of England is now trolling Boris Johnson and the 'We Can Have Our Cake And Eat It' Brexiteers http…
Terrifyingly, he says nothing can stop Boris Johnson leading the Tory party eventually...
Counselling services for firefighters were drastically cut under Boris Johnson by
Photo of the day in . Boris Johnson & Michael Fallon weren't plotting against May near a Kent pub. Oh no http…
London mayoral election, 2008 for the office of Mayor of…
Tories tell Me, Me, Me May she has 10 days to save her leadership. Stuck - between a rock and a hard Brexit place. https:/…
Managed contagion Rk&cc,Boris Johnson & Theresa May are responsible. The polices of Tories since 2010 & before that Labour. 1/2
There's a lot of stuff that gets little publicity. Boris Johnson's binning of a report in…
Boris Johnson accused over sales of London fire stations 2014
Boris Johnson says "get stuffed!" when questioned about cuts to fire services.
London mayoral election, 2008 for the office of…
Boris Johnson's sister hits out with the worst take on anything ever...
Ten days too many. Get her and the incompetent, self-serving Conservatives OUT once and for all.
Boris Johnson's sister tried to lay the blame on these guys on LBC radio.
What's this rubbish now? What two sides? The two sides in the referendum were David Cameron (resigned) and Boris Jo…
Boris Johnson trying to shower himself in self-cleansing foam - and a firefighter pointing out the truth.
*** .Listen to Boris Johnson's sister spark outrage by saying Theresa May is 'victim' of Grenfell Tower tragedy
That's not what Johnson said prior to the referendum.
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
and Boris Johnson tries to.undo it all
Boris Johnson's sister blames the fire brigade & says May is a victim ,blaming all but themselves for
In fairness to so old, mind gone THINKS HE ACTUALLY DID WIN.
Would anyone who knows where Boris Johnson is hiding please contact the Metropolitan Police. He's out there somewhere https…
This is not in the interests of the country only the Tory party. This is not acceptable.
2013: Boris Johnson tells Labour opponent to "Get stuffed" when questioned on Fire Service cuts. Thanks to http…
Boris Johnson said safety fears were making UK safe for 'stupid people' via
BAD NEWS FOR FOXES & BADGERS! Gove is DEFRA secretary he is for badger culling and pro-hunt ht…
Ask Boris Johnson why he voted against sprinklers. via
No doubt Boris has his eye on May's job: the share the same lack-of-values!.
Theresa May told she has 10 days to save her leadership as hard Brexit supporters warn of challenge
Hard to imagine anyone saying anything as inhumane and disgusting as this. Boris Johnson's sister just did.
I'm starting to believe that Donald Trump and Boris Johnson are one person.
african uncles getting into politics like... "Jeremy Corn on the Corbyn". "Theresa Mayweather" . "Donald Trumpet". "Boris Johnson's baby oil"
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