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Boris Becker

Boris Franz Becker (born 22 November 1967) is a former World No.

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Boris Becker on : "I'm a believer in a second chance. Hopefully, she will be received with the welcome…
In 1985, Germany's Boris Becker won the tournament at the young age of 17.
I remember the day Boris Becker ate an orange or was it an apple or was it a pasty on co…
for example if u play tennis w/ Boris Becker he will win+is superior in that respect however you are two equal beings+also need 2b
Who did Boris Becker beat in his first Wimbledon Men's Singles Final in 1985?
Agassi talks about a tell he had on Boris Becker:
Andre Agassi talking on how he beat Boris Becker.. excellent.. via
Tennis Magazine hosts a debate between Boris Becker and Greg Rusedski over whether Jelena Jankovic should just retire already.
What does Malcolm Gladwell have to do with Boris Becker's tongue? Find out here
Read up on how we managed to raise over €15,000 for a fantastic cause over the weekend with
And yesterday they were talking about this. Andre Agassi and Boris Becker's tongue (Ok. No more free AIR publicity)
Boris Becker knows the real champion because he himself is the champion
. Take Boris Becker & shove him up your *** where half of the Manchester United fans have already visited
Boris Becker: not worried about Novak Djokovic's form - he "definitely has the quality to return as the No. 1". .
Boris Becker winning Wimbledon was one of the greatest sporting moments ever.
You missed the Charity Event last Saturday? Here is what happened!
Thanks to and more who helped support charity
Boris Becker: ´Federer is the GOAT, his 2006 season was better than Nole´s 2015´ - via
Boris Becker: is the favorite to win | via
. that match vs Waw..jeez. Two UEs on volley to gift the match and all the Boris Becker jokes after that..
Today's quote goes to I love the winning, I can take the losing, but most of all I love to play."-Boris Becker
imagine boris Becker leaves before the final set while watching Novak.
Playing the Boris Becker Charity Event and in to the next round. Watch the stream in 30 minut…
Live commentating the HU game with Boris Becker with , join us here:…
LIVE on we have some high stakes poker action with Sam Trickett , Rob Yong, Boris Becker an…
Catherine, David, John McEnroe and Boris Becker look ahead to Nadal vs. Federer on the . Listen -
Boris Becker questions Novak Djokovic's desire and tactics in shock defeat via
You see Boris Becker, Mats Wilander, Nadal, Pete Sampras - they wer...
True that remember the days when Richard krajeick Carlos moya Boris Becker all came here 😇
Boris Becker fires blunt parting shot as he offers an explanation for Novak Djokovic's dip in form…
Boris Becker no longer coach to Novak I've put a wee fiver on Stuart Baxter. Heard he was in Argos looking at rackets...
Novak Djokovic splits with coach Boris Becker after three years
Novak Djokovic has split from his coach Boris Becker after 3 years & 6 Grand Slam titles. His spiritual guru will n…
In search of lost form, Novak Djokovic splits with coach Boris Becker
World No. 2 Novak Djokovic and coach Boris Becker have gone their separate ways.
Novak Djokovic splits from coach Boris Becker after three years (via
Boris Becker and Novak Djokovic have let themselves go
World number two Novak Djokovic of Serbia has parted ways with his coach Boris Becker.
TENNIS: Novak Djokovic and coach Boris Becker are splitting up after three seasons and a half-dozen major titles.
Novak Djokovic has split with coach Boris Becker. Djokovic enjoyed enormous success since teaming up with the...
Boris Becker and Novak Djokovic have split after three years:
Novak Djokovic has announced the end of his cooperation with Boris Becker.
confirms split with coach Boris Becker: AFP
So here's what Boris said on Sunday re Novak. The 'worst ever match' comment unlikely unless writing was on the wall h…
📢 Twelve-time Grand Slam winner Novak Djokovic has parted company with coach Boris Becker.
As thought, Boris Becker and Novak Djokovic have split. Hugely successful three years together and Becker brought more…
Novak confirms split with coach Boris Becker
"Every time you are not practicing someone else is." - Boris Becker
Not as amicable as expected? Boris describes last few months with as 'challenging':
Novak Djokovic splits with Boris Becker: 'We fulfilled all our goals'
"After three very successful years, Boris Becker and I have jointly decided to end our cooperation"
BREAKING: Novak Djokovic and Boris Becker have ended their coaching relationship. Story coming on
Novak Djokovic parts company with coach Boris Becker
It's the end of a (very) successful era as Novak announces a split with coach Boris
Novak Djokovic will no longer work with Boris Becker
Novak Djokovic splits with coach Boris Becker after losing world No. 1 spot to Andy Murray.
Djokovic confirms split with coach Becker
With Boris Becker gone, what's next for Novak Djokovic? |
[Washington Post]Novak Djokovic and his coach of three years Boris Becker have parted ways. The 2…
They won six Grand Slams together over three years, but Novak Djokovic and Boris Becker have split. h…
: . Novak Djokovic splits up with coach Boris Becker. . . Djokovic spent three successful years with the …
.DjokerNole confirms split with coach TheBorisBecker
Novak Djokovic has split with longtime coach Boris Becker after 3 years of working together. . More soon.
Novak with Boris after three years - BBC News
Novak Djokovic announces split with coach Boris Becker after three years
Novak Djokovic and coach Boris Becker part ways - OneClickEnt
After three years together, Novak Djokovic and Boris Becker are going their separate ways. More >>…
Novak Djokovic, Boris Becker split after wildly successful partnership |
.will try to re-claim World No. 1 without the help of coach Boris More:
Justin Bieber gets into the spirit of things at Oktoberfest in Munich as Boris Becker enjoys…
Richard Wilkins reporting that Boris Becker has killed GWS coach Leon Cameron
'I'm a better coach than player', Becker says after Djokovic win. German tennis legend Boris Becker says he considers himself a better coac…
I didn't even mind the modern version with Lee Mack, Ian Wright and Boris Becker! It's time, man!
Exactly what Tagliabue envisioned out of . NFL Europe. Always cited impact Boris Becker had on Germany.
Chelsea does one thing right and Leicester City wins! Most unexpected outcome since Boris Becker winning Wimbledon in 1985.
triumph of reminds me of Boris Becker winning at 17 as an unseeded player in 1985 ..
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Savage must go to the same salon as Boris Becker
My love for Boris Becker is seriously taking a hit now I know he's a Tory. I thought he was better than that.
Is Steve Davis the best ginger sporter of all time? It's him, Boris Becker or P. D. Collingwood, isn't it?
I can't change history, I do not want to change history. I can only change the future. I'm working on that. -Boris Becker
"I'm good friends with SRK. I like & trust him. I'd do anything for him." - Boris Becker, former German tennis champ https…
A win to have royalty (Prince Harry) and legends like Terry, Ozil, Boris Becker and Martin Johnson cheer
I don't care if George Clooney, Boris Becker, Harrison Ford have all recently got goatees they are for my Naughty Step. Are you with me?!. Lx
Boris Becker: 'Djokovic gets tested a lot! Nadal will not win Roland Garros this year'...
Tennis great Boris Becker makes bold prediction for Nick Kyrgios' future...
Anyone else think that Boris Becker is slowly morphing into Rocky Dennis from "Mask"?
Last 2 players to lose a first set 6-1 in an men's final - Marat Safin (2005) and Boris Becker (1991) - both came back to win
Happy faces! Former champions Boris Becker & Kim Clijsters at the gate opening ceremony…
Kim Clijsters and Boris Becker with the trophies. gates mins away from opening on day 1
I now have something completely in common with Wayne Sleep, Boris Becker, Evil Knievel, Van Halen, Heston...
Boris Becker's lovechild Anna Ermakova hits the runway at Berlin Fashion Week -
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Also, that one guy looks like the lovechild of Benedict Cumberbatch& Chris Evans, w/a little bit of Boris Becker thrown in?
Boris Becker on education, Novak Djokovic’s diet and sparring with Steffi Graf
Djokovic's coach is Boris Becker, so to win the 18th Grand Slam Federer should have a coach like Ivan Lendl, Pete Sampras or Andre Agassi.
Of Course, you're Boris Becker on a German airline. That's like Pat Rafter flying QANTAS.
Becker backs Beckenbauer in World Cup graft row: BERLIN: German tennis legend Boris Becker on Friday lent his ...
"Not a single bad match." Boris Becker on Novak Djokovic quoted by Vincent Cognet in today's l'Équipe. Is (cont) https:/…
Boris Becker and Marat Safin have each won three Bercy titles. Novak going for quatre.
Boris Becker has no chance against Andre Agassi, lets ball girl play for him
If u were wondering Boris Becker is not in Shanghai to watch this beat down- he's at White Heart Lane watching Spurs Liverpool...good choice
*** is Boris Becker doing in white heart lane when Novak is playing a semi final in Shanghai?
let's see...Luke Donald, Paul Casey, Boris Becker (lower left) and one of the BeeGees, is that a young Robin Gibb on the left?
Is that Dr. Jim Yong Kim - president of the World Bank - sitting behind Boris Becker at the Guess he's a fan.
Coach Boris Becker backs the worlds number one to
Boris Becker smiles all the way to every place. Djokovic is doing him proud. Bravo Nole!
Nole & Boris Becker on practice court Wed at
i missed that match :/ djokovic is annoying me no end this year! And boris becker comes as an add on to just tip you over the edge
Boris Becker's tennis elbow is absolutely grim!
is also making Becker bite his nails.
The Boris Becker first serve rated all time by Steve Flink in THE GREATEST TENNIS MATCHES OF ALL TIME
We had more matches than Boris Becker -
I could be wrong, but I'll take her against Boris Becker, Ivan Lendl, Connors etc. McEnroe is 56 years old & would be gassed
I hate Boris Becker. Especially after he started coaching Djokovic. Also I hate Djokovic.
sepp clatter? A man that has done more backhanders than boris becker.
Just ran into Boris Becker & asked him if he could have any element of any player's game what would it be?. Boris: Novak Djokovic's physique
it has to be said is right up there with Steffi Graf,Boris Becker &Katharina Weiss in my honest opinion.
Not sure if Boris Becker or Let's do this 😂. 😜 ❤
A 17 year old Boris Becker stormed to a historic in 1985.
Roger Federer: 'Boris Becker has no idea about my relationship with Djokovic' - Sports Mole
incredible match!! We know ur not 100%.I hope ur healthier for Novak.He needs another beating.Yelling at Boris Becker.Not cool
always screaming at ur box and the great Boris Becker. I don't know why he doesn't tell u to FO. He must need money, sadly. Douc
kiss goodbye to your ambitious aesthetic aspirations and share a pint with Boris Becker, for only £79
Walked right by Boris Becker, barely realized it was him!
watching and Boris Becker in star in a reasonably priced car in series 16 & great review on the Ferrari 599 GTO
Sitting behind Boris Becker, Djokovic's coach watching phenomenal tennis...doesn't get better than this!
Boris Becker's stunning wife Lilly celebrates Sabine Lisicki's victory at Wimbledon by...
Just met Bernard Tomic in the lobby, and just talked to Boris Becker.…
Andre Agassi's story on importance of 'watching' - video of Boris Becker's tongue showed way he was going 2 serve
Q: a leader who inspired you? A: Boris Becker, Gary Ablett Snr, my grandfather
Boris Becker. John Barnes. Phil Thompson. Lindsey Parry. The stage is set for an impressive
Novak Djokovic joins Roger Federer, Pete Sampras, Bjorn Borg, Boris Becker and John McEnroe as 6th man in Open Era with …
Boris Becker looks like a Bond villain
Boris Becker winning Wimbledon at 17 will be my favourite sporting moment ever. Ajay Jadeja against Waqar in 1996 comes next.
Boris Becker story to become TV film: To book him as a
Why does Boris Becker look so much like Hank Scorpio??
Ever noticed that Boris Becker looks like a ginger Nick Knowles?
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Andy Murray beats Kevin Anderson to join the likes of John McEnroe and Boris Becker as a four-time Queen's Club champion.
Tonight's host Boris Becker arrives at the Summer Party
German legend three-time Wimbledon champion Boris Becker is seeking British citizenship. "Could be worst I suppose, could be Andy Murray?"
The year Boris Becker won Wimbledon as 17-yr old, Junior Wimbledon champion was a year older than him...
Would this now make Andy Murray the first British Wimbledon champion since Boris Becker?
BBC SportBoris Becker seeking British citizenshipBBC SportThree-time Wimbledon champion Boris Becker tells the...
VIDEO: Becker to seek British citizenship: Three-time Wimbledon champion Boris Becker says "eventually" he wil...
» Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic don t like each other, says Boris Becker 664…
Djokovics shares the frustration of Pete Sampras, Boris Becker, Stefan Edberg & Jimmy Connors, who won everywhere bt on d Roland Garros clay
Few things confirm the indefatigable ravages age imparts more than the transformation of Boris Becker into a sort of ginger David Boon.
Nick Kyrgios in same company as young Boris Becker: Scott Draper
Just realized it's Boris Becker vs Michael Chang. Like back in 90s.
From Top Gear to top goal: Jeremy Clarkson takes his mind off BBC axe by chatting to Boris Becker at football match 
I saw Boris Becker on Lincolns Inn Fields earlier. He was limping.
David Beckham and Boris Becker visit Stamford Bridge to see Chelsea play Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League
Novak interview for Reuters where he speaks about his family, Boris Becker and his childhood: “My father never...
Boris becker at wembley supporting chels
😂😂😂. Who are we?🔝. What do we do? Dislike Boris Becker. What do we want? Idk 🙊🙈
Amazing pics coming out of Moscow rally in memory of Boris Nemtsov via
lmao i didn't know captain seve and boris becker took a pic after the dubai finals!! that's so cool XD
Becker team. Keep thinking of Boris Becker and imagining some MS tennis team.
Putin's Russia: "This is a Weimar atmosphere. There are no longer any limits.”
yup who wants to watch boring predictable base line game on top of that men shrieking mildly would watch Boris Becker any day
Boris Becker won Stockholm 1994 beating the top 3 ranked players in the process - Sampras 1, Ivanisevic 2, Stich 3
Boris Becker sounds like he's saying merkin when saying American. Hugely amusing.
Castaignede learnt his English at the same school as Boris Becker, clearly.
Djokovic predicts more success to come from Becker link. DUBAI (Reuters) - Novak Djokovic has hailed the influence of his coach Boris Be..
This is my evil plan Novak Go down! 😂😂"Boris Becker looks like he's enjoying this...
Boris Becker looks like he's enjoying this...
I can't stand this racist Boris becker
captured Boris Becker's face when the crowd chanted Roger's name! lol
Someone should tell boris becker what puma stands for.
is it just me or would Boris Becker make a great German Elvis!
PM: Appalled by callous murder of Boris A man of courage and conviction. His values will never die.
Rafa Nadal surpasses Boris Becker and becomes the 10th player with the most wins in the Open Era.
Q How are Boris Becker and President Clinton alike? A Both arent as successful when theyre not on grass. :0
Jul 7 1985- Boris Becker becomes the youngest player ever to win Wimbledon at age 17
Throwback to hanging with Boris Becker. Thanks to my dad for making us take a picture together. I…
Boris Nemtsov told today's FT: "This is what we need to make people aware of: the crisis, that's Putin."
Boris Becker needs to be tied down...with a tape over his non-existent lips
Is that Boris Becker beside your grandmother?
Movie News: Boris Becker announced as cast member in "Top Gun 2".
714 and counting. Nadal passes Boris Becker on the Open Era match wins list, taking sole ownership of the No.10 spot. http…
Just Pass By SR today and got these new Boris Becker Leather with a secret bag... New exclusive…
watching the camera person cut to Boris Becker repeatedly picking his nose is so much funnier stoned :D
I am sure they thought you were more Boris Becker….
Boris Becker tells SID that Djokovic doesn't get enough respect, people only talked about Federer/Nadal before the Australian Open. (1/2)
I don't think I've ever seen Boris Becker smile as long as he did last night.
My workspace just got a whole lot more street cred courtesy of my new Boris Becker OG Classics 👊…
Boris Becker's influence on .has been on full display during his run. |
VIDEO: Novak Djokovic pokes fun at Boris Becker in comical on-court interview
BG, is Boris Becker morphing into Ion Tiriac? Or am I just imaging it? 'stach is growing.
looks like Boris Becker is in full transition into his old buddy Ion Tiriac, 'stach and all.
25 years ago, the worst version of what Boris Becker would like in 25 years is what Boris Becker looks like now.
are having a Boris Becker lookalikes party on Sunday to coincide with Men's final, that is just
Boris Becker, Novak Djokovic's coach, said in an interview with ATP to Serbian tennis player was not (cont)
Boris Becker reveals why he and Novak Djokovic share the same mindset at every tournament.
Novak Djokovic | Boris Becker is the latest person to declare himself less than enamoured with Jim Courier's on-cou…
Boom times for Novak: Twelve months after adding Boris Becker to his coaching team, Novak Djokovic – and his i...
Here is full transcript of Novak Djokovic’s interview. Talks about today match, Wawrinka and Boris Becker
"I feel like Boris Becker on the court !", Djokovic about his serve and fact he lost it only once since the start.
'I feel like Boris Becker on the court.' - who has dropped serve ONCE so far at the
Djokovic acknowledges that Boris Becker has a huge part in the service efficiency we're seeing here. Some hard work ha…
"There were not many tournaments where I dropped serve only once. I feel like Boris Becker on the court."
Novak Djokovic is in action right now at the Australian Open, but just before you tune in to the LIVE match on FOX Sports, have a look at his impersonation of Boris Becker last year!
hehe, I once was in love with Steffi Graf and Boris Becker. :D
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Boris Becker's influence on Novak Djokovic is 'more than people see' - BBC Sport
Puma 'Boris Becker OG' drops tomorrow - hit UPCOMING RELEASES on our blog for release details -…
Make your viewing a satirical experience by shouting BORIS BECKER!! at the tv after every question.
he just called Benjamin Becker 'Boris Becker' get him off our world feed!!!
In 1985 when Boris Becker was 17, he wore this PUMA mid and was the youngest player to ever win…
getting my drink on to the sounds of at the PUMA X BORIS BECKER REISSUE PARTY AT…
Tonight exclusively at Excelsior Milano the myth lives again on Antonia Uomo floor. Puma Boris Becker OG reissue...
Boris Becker OG (reissue). Available now. Call or Email us. 📞(305) 864-1099. 💻 info
The party never stops! Tonight PUMA X BORIS BECKER OG Reissue party at antoniamilano with DJSET…
Puma Boris Becker OG drops tomorrow instore first at Titolo Zurich!
Our ambassador talks to Boris Becker about never giving up on your dreams
Let's go back to tennis icon...Boris Becker for Puma will launch today excelsiormilano 2nd floor…
4. What two word nickname (again, Diwali friendly) do Boris Becker, Shahid Afridi, and golfer Fred Couples share?
So u r back on duty. From dublin to gujrat. Boris becker to IK. And brownie to saag. So can we say east or west. Home is best.
Get ready to say hello again to a shoe that marked the history of tennis: PUMA BORIS BECKER OG. 24/10, from 7pm... htt…
As if my parents are on holiday and just saw Boris Becker, and are having a drink with him, couldn't be more jealous
George Groves next opponent lottery...I'm going for someone German. Maybe Boris Becker.
There's a man who's just walked in who looks like Boris Becker and Richard Branson made sex and generated a human life form…
Tennis player Boris Becker and his children. All of their mothers are black
Jack Whitehall, Boris Becker and John Gregory all present in the same room as Rio Ferdinand is set to publish his autobiography.
"It was fifteen years ago exactly. Boris Becker and Steffi Graf had just retired a few weeks earlier, Roger Federer was just beginning on the tour, Rafael Nadal was losing against Richard Gasquet in junior tournaments, and Grigor Dimitrov was starting elementary school. It was summer the 1999 and Serena Williams, not even 18 yet and not a good little girl, won her first Grand Slam title at the US Open" ^^
Watson & Oliver (UKTV)'s Steffi Graf and Boris Becker sketch was superb - in almost perfect German, no subtitles. Can't find it on YouTube.
Boris Becker: Why I had to work with Djokovic
"Boris Becker: Why I had to work with Novak Djokovic"
Boris Becker: I burn like a volcano: As a player he was as fiery as his hair -- and as…
Who is the youngest men's singles champion at Wimbledon ever?. (a) Bjorn Borg. (b) Boris Becker. (c) Fred Perry . Which one is correct :-)
Republicans need to get over their '47 percent' obsession Mitt Romney's defeat in 2012 had many causes, but the one that crystallized his reputation as an out-of-touch plutocrat was the "47 percent" tape. In case you've forgotten, he went on at awkward length about how those who pay no federal income tax are ... Read more on The Week Magazine Wimbledon: Novak Djokovic revels in Grand Slam win over Roger Federer (CNN) -- It was, said Novak Djokovic, the highest level of Grand Slam tennis he had ever been involved in, an unquestionable highlight of his career. No wonder after the Serb surpassed such luminaries as his head coach Boris Becker on the all-time list ... Read more on CNN
So this was why Novak Djokovic recruited Boris Becker to his coaching team. The 27-year-old Serb had feared he was becoming a serial loser on the world’s greatest stages, but with one of Wimbledon’s legendary champions in his corner he found a way to win again here on Sunday.
Saw people like Bernie Ecclestone, Chris Hemsworth, David Beckham and Boris Becker at today's
Two of the greatest ever grass court players Stefan Edberg and Boris Becker who fought bitter three consecutive finals at the Centre court (1988-90) are now coaches of Fedex and Djoker... 1985-95 saw an avalanche of Tennis players you dont see now-a-days - Edberg, Becker, Mats Wilander, Ivan Lendl, Pat Cash, Michael Chang, Michael Stitch, Andre Agassi, Jim Courier. Unfortunately the competition now-a-days is between a maximum of 2 or 3 players... Till mid 90s, any of the top 8 seeds had the potency to win a Grand Slam title... The serve-and-volley era of Becker and Edberg would be missed forever not to mention of John McEnroe (a natural serve and Volleyer).
Still remember the days when Stefan Edburg and Boris Becker enthralled everyone with some heart stopping 5 setters... Today they watch their protégés on centre court putting up an equally heart stopping performance.. Tennis at its superlative best!
Into the fifth. I predict Djokovic will win 10-8, by which point everyone except Boris Becker will have lost the will to…
David Boris Becker . in. Bradley but d real stars r dazzling at d centre court! Djokovic vs Federer @ another epic unfolding!!
The Wimbledon men's title prize $ is worth 512% more, factoring for inflation, than it was when Boris Becker won it in 19…
some facts about the king Tennis star Roger Federer was born on August 8, 1981 in Basel, Switzerland, to Swiss father Robert Federer and South-African mother Lynette Du Rand. Federer's parents met while on a business trip for a pharmaceutical company, where they both worked. Federer took an interest in sports at an early age, playing tennis and soccer at the age of 8. The young athlete excelled at athletics, and by age 11, he was among the Top 3 junior tennis players in Switzerland. At the age of 12, he decided to quit other sports and focus all his efforts on tennis, which he felt he excelled at more naturally. By the age of 14, he was fully immersed in the game, playing 2-3 tournaments per month, and practicing six hours of the game a week, along with up to three hours of conditioning. To perfect his technique, he often imitated his idols, Boris Becker and Stefan Edberg. At age 14, Federer became the national junior champion in Switzerland, and was chosen to train at the Swiss National Tennis Center in ...
Latest news: Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer in battle of the coaches as Boris Becker targets Stefan Edberg revenge - Live Press from UK
TODAY it's Novak Djokovic Vs Roger Federer Showdown for the Wimbledon title!! Currently Boris Becker coaching Djokovic & Federer has Stefan Edberg as a coach. Back in 90's Boris Becker & Stefen Edberg had a legendary rivalry. I must confess back in those days I was HUGE...HUGE Stefen Edberg fan...!
Team Roger vs. Team Nole, Roger Federer vs. Novak Djokovic, Grass Court Champion Coaching Stefan Edberg vs. Boris Becker, there is a Lot on the line... I believe strongly that Roger will win this one... featured in NBC s Science of Love
Roger Federer or Novak Djokovic Stefan Edberg or Boris Becker . When will the clock strike 6.30pm .
It,s again Edberg vs Boris becker today evening in wimb. final.who could forgate the three conse.finals in late 80s. Edberg had upper hand.hope again he will bt.becker. Come on fedex.Now or never.
Magnificent performance by Petra Kvitová today in the Women's Final at Wimbledon! It was power and more power! Congratulations Petra! Tomorrow we not only have the dream Men's Final of Novak Djokovic versus Roger Federer but we also have the sub-plot of Boris Becker battling Stefan Edberg again at Wimbledon. Wow. Its a must watch.
Stefan Edberg v Boris Becker in the 1990 Gentlemen's Singles final at Wimbledon. SUBSCRIBE to The Wimbledon YouTube Channel:...
Roger Federer vs Novak Djokovic,the ultimate showdown at's also a battle within a battle,it's Stefan Edberg vs Boris history says,Stefan defeated Boris twice out of three times at wimbledon😁..Federer holds all aces,I guess Federer lifting his 8th Wimbledon today is inevitable...Roger today could well separate from Pete...the trick is to keep the rally short and visit the net often,if this is done,Novak is in for a real tough time..Novak isn't as great a passer or a lobber as Rafa,Stepanek showed it in the 2nd round,Novak has great trouble negotiating volleyers.having said that,it's hard to accept Pete's Wimbledon record being shattered,but,no record is eternal..hope this would be a final for the ages..with that note,let the battle begin..ROGER that!
Stefan Edberg and Boris Becker, who coach Federer and Djokovic, respectively, should get together and play a friendly before the men's final
They never show the homie Boris Becker in the champions montage. Sup wit dat?
what are you gonna do to prevent Boris Becker and Stefano cat fight tomorrow???
I have a crush on Boris Becker please don't ask how or why
New York Times - USA - No. 1 Novak Djokovic is coached by Boris Becker. -
Great to see Boris Becker back at Centre Court Tomorrow!
Boris Becker chooses World Cup over post-match briefing with Novak Djokovic - via LOL
Boris Becker blowing kisses to Brooke Shields after winning a point against Agassi - they don't have tennis rivalries li…
no chance. My doppelgangers include Paul Bettany, Boris Becker and Bastian Schweinstagger
Good luck for the final against Boris Becker ;-)
He remains the only Indian to play wimbledon since Boris becker days. from commentary box
Tennis is a psychological sport, you have to keep a clear head. That is why I stopped playing. Boris Becker
german tv asked Boris Becker why there are so many fantastic czech tennisplayers.his answer:one reason,one name: Navratilova.
Love seeing Boris Becker at Wimbledon, reminds me of when we saw him at the airport😂🙌
It's already the finals of Wimbledon I havnt even watched a game this year and since when did Boris Becker team up with novak
Boris Becker is looking a bit like King George lll nowadays .
a German on pole,a German currently leading the stage,Germany in semi-finals.. Boris Becker out of retirement?! *facepalm*
I think it's safe to say Boris Becker's win in 1985 was pretty good
g8 to watch having a relaxed warming up with Boris Becker during women's final
After undergoing some final preparations with Boris Becker, takes time to sign autographs
how much were tickets to today's 2set blowout though? You could probably hire Boris Becker for a private lesson cheaper!
ooh, Stefan Edberg and Boris Becker. Gah!!! So many of them! The true greats!!! Just not the same anymore. Lol
Some Key Stats from the match ::: ■71st match win at Wimbledon equaled him with Boris Becker for the most number of match wins... (Jimmy Connors has the most number of match wins at Wimbledon with 84), followed by Sampras who had 63 wins and McEnroe had 59 wins at SW 19. ■42nd time when Roger Federer has reached the Quarter-finals of a major. He held this record jointly with Connors. The others in the list are Jimmy Connors: 41, Andre Agassi: 36, Ivan Lendl: 34, Novak Djokovic: 29, Pete Sampras: 27 & Rafael Nadal: 27. ■Federer now holds the record of winning the most number of Round 1, Round-2, Round-3, Round-4, Quarter-finals, Semi-finals, Finals & winning titles at Majors. ■12th successive 4th Round match that Federer has played and won at Wimbledon in his 16 championships. ■Federer is now 42-8 in 4th Round matches at majors. ■Federer is the only player to reach quarter-final without dropping service even once. ■129th match win on grass courts ■961st career match win. ■860th ma ...
Nick Kyrgios May you go the same way as Boris Becker & from World Junior No 1 to World No 1. Love your attitude, game & spirit.
. You cannot be serious. Boris Becker jumps in on Sue Barker's televised discussion with Lindsay Davenport and John McEnroe.
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Novak Djokovic: I hired Boris Becker to gain that mental edge over my arch-rivals
lead the British athletics team, helping Olympic gold medallists such as; Daley Thompson, Sebastian Coe and Boris Becker.
LTA brings in Boris Becker's former coach to find young British prospects to carry flag in post-Andy Murray era -
Nice to see Boris Becker taking the Ivan Lendl approach to coaching
I wonder if Boris Becker and Ivan Lendl could have hung with Nadal or Djokovic? I think so.
French Open 2014: Time to see if Boris Becker can help Novak Djokovic get over the final push
Tennis is part of my DNA. My grandfather watching the Davis Cup final between the US and Romania in 1972 is one of my earliest childhood memories. I watched Nastase winning the French Open, losing in the finals at Wimbledon. In primary school I passionately played with an old Chinese wooden racquet on a hot, melting asphalt court using just a white cotton string as "the net" in a run down park in old communist Bucharest. I became a Boris Becker fan after watching him win Wimbledon at 17. I always loved Steffi Graf. As a poorly paid sports journalist, I spent a good part of my 20s covering tennis in Romania when no-one really cared. I was in the stands when Ruxandra Dragomir lost in the quarters in Paris. I was in the stands when Irina Spirlea beat Seles and then literally bumped into Venus Williams at the US Open. I've alienated countless girlfriends (and occasionally my wife and son) with my imposed regimen of thousands of hours of tennis watched on TV. But I could not help getting the shivers and mildl ...
12 Grand Slams combined on one side of the net, 1 on the other side: Novak Djokovic and Marin Cilic joined by their coaches Boris Becker and Goran Ivanisevic
Hey You wanna play at my birthday gala? I'm Boris Becker lol.
1st win for Boris Becker in the Djokovic coaches box. Shared with Marian this week also. Well played Novak Djokovic. Bring on Paris!
Forced Hair-Cut First I thought it is a Parody gag on North Korea's Kim Jong Un, but this insane autocrat is serious: everyone should look like He. Psychologically, I'm going for a extreme inferiority complex, as Boris Becker look, the ridiculous Expire obsession with youth, with a matching pot-on-the-head hairstyle. The ridiculous doctrine that hold the potentates of the mirror, seem really far-fetched, but who knows, maybe I need to now also fear for my life, although, or perhaps because my hair does not want to grow where he wants. Kim Jong Un, you, my hairdresser and of thy people haircut let grow the splendor that surrounds our main erotic, your sick thoughts that want to wipe everything will be truncated who looks like you, disappearing into the dustbin of history! All rights reserved Floy Dy Ra, 04/26/2014
Antonio Banderas, George Clooney, Eva Longoria, Boris Becker and many more Love Marbella - Welcome to our World.
Fantastic day at Monte Carlo Rolex Masters. Watched Nadal, Federer and Djokovic games. Tried to play against Jarkko Nieminen but i didn't even see the ball, he hits pretty *** hard! Met legendary people like Boris Becker. Hit the Casino after the games. Priceless.
Adnan Januzaj, whose emergence this season is one of the few positives for Manchester United, is going down the David Beckham route for off-field advice. Januzaj has a Belgian agent but has signed up with sports investment group Doyen for his commercial and PR business. Doyen’s founders include Simon Oliveira, who remains Beckham’s publicist despite Oliveira leaving Simon Fuller’s XIX Entertainment a year ago. Doyen, whose other clients include Neymar, Xavi, Alvaro Negredo and Boris Becker, will play a part in deciding which country Januzaj represents. He is eligible for Serbia, Albania, Belgium, Turkey and England if he stays in the country until 2018. -360
Marian Vajda, Djokovic's co-coach, said both he & Boris Becker are planning on being in Monte Carlo
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16591209 EDITORIAL USE ONLY Boris Becker shows his support for Bayern Munich ahead of the UEFA Champions League final against Dortmund on Saturday, at the launch of his partnership with at Wembley, north west London. PA Archive/Press Association Images
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