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is a lying POS. He opposes the border wall, and he voted against the Obamacare repeal.
He flew in to stick it to you mofo.. Before you start winning on taxes and border wall like you re…
Trump's border wall prototypes face setback after companies that lost contest to build them protest the decisions https:/…
By the way, the House just passed funding for the border wall inside a Pentagon appropriations bill.
Everyone that voted for Rump signed you up to pay for a $1.6MM border wall to block 30% of the poss…
House passes 1.6B down payment on Mexico border wall; part of $788B military and veterans spending bill.
And Liberalism BE DAMNED!!. . Quote: "The House approved an appropriations bill that included $1.6 billion to...
The Latest: House OKs $1.6B down payment for Trump's border wall. SENATE had better agree by also approving funds. https:/…
U.S. House of Representatives has approved legislation to provide $1.6bn (£1.2bn) down payment to begin construction of M…
Do you honestly believe all that 💩 comes over the border where you want the Wall? 😂. It comes in t…
Trump is a Disaster for All Living Things, But Especially for the Environment. .
Trump's Mexico border wall prototypes in San Diego delayed until the winter.: via
Once again fails to lead on a border wall. He is the architect of this illegal alien nation.
The will vote yes to fund the border wall so this won't last long.
.attorney Brian Segee on House border wall vote: Bulldozing beloved wildlife refuges won’t make us safe…
Cuts education but he has Billions in the budget for a border wall!!🙄🙄
72 miles are budgeted at $1.6B. Also, it has, "virtually no chance of becoming law.".
Great news that the House has voted to allow funding for the border wall!
Um Chapo money alone shall pay for it...add solar panels...armed guard towers... Like Mexihole has on their...
Anthony says 'is on missile lock' to build border wall
The best part of the border wall is that it's widely known that the cartels are VERY GOOD at making tunnels. Remember the El Chapo escape??
The bill includes the $1.6 billion dollars requested by President Trump for construction of the wall along the Southern bo…
US House approves spending bill to fund Trump border wall - The bill was passed yesterday by the Republican- co...
- House passes bill to boost defense, fund border wall
House passed a $788B spending bill. With $1.6 B down payment for border wall with a budget increase for the Pentagon h…
🚨The House just passed a security bill that fully funds request for a wall along our southern border.🚨
Anticipate that may ask that Arizona be placed on the other side of that border wall he plans to build!
Then how come he got funding from Congress? Plus, there's already…
More expensive than transgender people in the military. •A border wall with Mexico. •Keeping Guantanamo Bay open. •4 trips t…
Congress voted Thursday to back first installment of money for border wall
House GOP passes $788B bill for Pentagon, border wall.
The House just voted 230-196 approving the $1,600,000,000 down payment for the southern border wall! !!!…
Most estimates are around 20 billion for a wall much smaller than the one you show.
Im Happy helped to hill "Border Wall" It would made americans poor, and ruined our economy. We need
Congressman Wants to Take Money for Border Wall “Out of Planned Parenthood’s Budget”
New post: "Trump at G20 with Mexican President: Mexico ‘Absolutely’ Paying for Border Wall"
Hillary loses 6B from the State Dept,Obama gives 10B to Iran,& Demos threaten Shutdown over Border Wall, seriously .
Listen up goyim: You won't get a Border Wall, but you'll get to celebrate Judaism every May from here on out.
Ranchers living on the border fire back at Nancy Pelosi. She is an *** Wall
Mexican border wall funding and $20B in "swamp" budget cuts to domestic agencies - were left to the Sept 30 showdown. (2)
⚡️ “Trump says border wall can be built for less than estimated”.
Border security contractors + private prisons are spending millions trying to get Congress to fund Trump’s wall
Trump courts showdown over border wall via
So Mexico thinks that a wall on our border somehow threatens THEIR sovereignty? More like their paycheck. Tax *** out o…
We must enforce our immigration laws! Secure the border and keep SAFE! Build the WALL!
.Donald Trump says his Mexican border wall is "way ahead of schedule".
Congress can't fund a $12B border wall but agrees to pay Puerto Rico $295M Medicaid?
Spending deal reached, will not pay for wall
The implosion of Trumpcare and Trump's border wall funding cap his 100-day debacle of a debut
Pelosi: 'We have eliminated more than 160 Republican poison pill riders...The omnibus does not fund Trump's immoral and u…
Planned Parenthood, sanctuary cities and refugee resettlement funded despite the need to fight courts. Border wall not…
You threatened a Trump wall & troops at border. Cost you any goodwill from Scot in 2014. Scared to admit m…
Democrats win as Donald Trump caves on threat to shut down government over border wall
Republicans blocked your healthcare plan & refused to give you funds to start your border wall. Your par…
New polls out today are very good considering that much of the presidential permit for the badly needed border wall.
Better to get 15 billion for defense that is, bombs&death 4 my enemies at the 4 corners of earth then 1B on a wall.
Seems Trump's first budget as president is a failure: for Trump. No border wall. No Planned Parenthood cut. No defund of sanct…
Deal reached to fund the government through September; it includes no money for a border wall.
‘If I have to get a lawyer, I will’: Trump voter upset the border wall will put her house on Mexico side
Private Prison and Border Security Contractors Lobby Congress Over Trump’s Border $1 in brings 100$ back
Mexico vows to suit to block border wall. Remember: Mexico's main export is its citizens.
Instead of cutting meals for the poor, here's a way he can pay for his so-called border wall.
You really would rather be in the minority, eh? You have no leadership courage. *** ?
US Congress reaches agreement on a $1 trillion-plus spending bill - but funding for Trump’s border wall is denied.
Flashback - Watch All the Democrats Call For a Border Wall and Deporting Illegals:
Hillary "loses" $6B in State Dpt. Obama gives $10B to Iran. & Dems threaten Shutdown over a Border Wall that El Chapo's…
Build It They Won't Come👉Ted Cruz calls for the 14 Billion seized from El Chapo to fund Border Wall. . https…
A modest Border Wall proposal straight out of Judge Dredd
Trump’s Border Wall to Kick Off in San Diego California – Walls Up to 30 Feet High.
Scoop: Kushner to design Border Wall, star in remake of Casablanca, on shortlist for Spacex Mars Mission
Border Wall: Protesters call on San Diego company to withdraw bid
The RNC/Trump bigotry, "Border Wall" along with their hatred of education, arts etc., shows they are useless.
OMB Director Shares More Details on Border Wall - *** Mulvaney, the new director of the Office of Management a...
Oscars: Mexican Actor Bashes Trump's Border Wall well then take your doors and fences down at your homes!
How about "Trump Breaks Promise to Force Mexico to Pay for Border Wall"
Yes, America can Build a Border Wall since Congress Passed a Bill in 2006
Here's our piece on the Border Wall from last night...
Hillary Clinton was for the 'Border Wall' .before Trump mentioned the wall .
Continental Divide: Wildlife, People and the Border Wall, as read by its National Outdoor Book Award-winning author.
"There ought to be a law.and yes a Border Wall on both sides if necessary" Increase the Coast Guard too.
Like the Viet Nam Memorial ... yes . One life saved - Pays for the Border Wall . Donald Trump & Ted Cruz Committed!
BS! Obama Constructs WH Border Wall as He Continues to Ignore US Southern Border | Vision to America via
Mexico–United States barrier Mexico-United States barrier at the pedestrian border crossing in Tijuana. The Mexico–United States barrier – also known in the United States as The Border Fence or Border Wall – is a collection of several barriers, designed to prevent illegal movement across the Mexico–United States border. The barriers were built as part of three larger "Operations" to taper transportation of illegal drugs manufactured in Latin America and illegal immigration: Operation Gatekeeper in California, Operation Hold-the-Line [1] in Texas, and Operation Safeguard[2] in Arizona. The barriers are strategically placed to mitigate the flow of illegal border crossings along the Mexico–United States international border into the Southwestern United States. Construction supporters cite the ongoing escalation of national security risks, relating to Cartel border violence, and their possible co-operation with overseas terrorists.[citation needed] Opponents claim the barriers are a taxpayer boond ...
In Nogales, Arizona - On April 1, His Eminence Sean Cardinal O'Malley will lead seven other Catholic bishops, including Most Reverend Gerald F. Kicanas, Bishop of Tucson, in commemorating the death of migrants who have died trying to cross the border and praying for immigration reform. The prayers will be at an outdoor Mass by the Border Wall. A press conference will follow.
So while Obama is at it, why not buy Mexico? Drug lords already have our guns. And a Border Wall with Guatemala and Belize would be easy.
iLCP photog book "Continental Divide: Wildlife, People and the Border Wall" reviewed in Tucson Weekly
In 2080AD Sedonia City has passed its peak, having burned through a thousand years of Helium-3 miracle fuel in less than a hundred. 40 million people swarm together inside the half-mile high Border Wall. As the citizens dwell in their promised Future, every distraction is fed by their Neurals: Socia...
Five things I'll hear at the GOP Convention that will make my skin crawl.1. "Return to the gold standard, abolish the FED." (instead, support the Audit the FED bill sitting on Harry Reids desk.) 2. Sarah Palin and Michele Bachman.for the love of God don't let them open their mouths, if I want to hear talking points, I'll watch Hannity. 3. "Border Wall" (waste of $$$) 4. "Guest Worker Program" (no, the front door is open, walk through it!) 5. "Obama" (I have lived in the USA all 4 years of his Presidency. Thanks for pointing out that he is a failure, but I want to hear about you Republicans, not him!)
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