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Border Protection

The Border Protection Corps (KOP) was a Polish military formation that was created in 1924 to defend the country's eastern borders against armed Soviet incursions and local bandits.

Border Patrol Otay Mesa Scott Morrison Peter Dutton

BREAKING: We just sued Customs and Border Protection and the Office of Refugee Resettlement to demand they release 10-year-old Ro…
The Department of Immigration and Border Protection has brought in the Australian Commission For Law Enforcement In…
Turnbull has elevated the evil Lying Dutton to Grand Poobah of Border Protection, seemingly in return for fending off any Abbott renaissance
THANK YOU to all of the great men and women at the U.S. Customs and Border Protection facility in Yuma, Arizona & arou…
Man charged with spraying manure on US Border Protection car
Customs and Border Protection seized over six-hundred thousand dollars’ worth of cocaine over the weekend.
Similar strategy here in the US per our Customs and Border Protection
Hardly a dilemma. Border protection is clearly federal.
It's a pity we don't have good old fashioned terrorists in 🇦🇺After all were immune to this sort of thing & need lit…
Lefties care about protection for *** because of diseases, but not protecting our border and vetting people that may have diseases.
Border protection is essential. A wall, like the one Trump's fantasy, is not. Smarten up Paul!
Our friends at US customs and Border Protection decided to take a cigar out of one of the boxes.…
US Customs and Border Protection meets with privacy groups to discuss biometrics
Airports have been a parasitic beureacracy between TSA and U.S. Customs and Border Protection:
Hmm. Look at the gigantic salary range. Anyway, if you want to be a Border Protection Officer, they're hiring.
Border Agency Set to Jumpstart Trump’s Wall in a Texas Wildlife Refuge. Customs and Border Protection indicates...
July 31, 1789 US Customs Service was formed. It became part of U.S. Customs and Border Protection in 2003.…
Conservationists are working to stop private contractors & Border Protection from starting the TX
Women are vital to mission in facilitating travel/trade & securing 1,200 miles of the coastal border https:…
What does the digital agency of the future look like?
What does the digital border agency of the future looks like?
Another affront to environmental protection by the current administration:
The process of transferring personal data is changing under Don't worry, has advice:
(Smuggling cowards get older woman to take on risks!) US Customs and Border Protection Newsroom Update via
do u have an estimated time PAXs will be able to use the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Mobile Passport Control (MPC) app?
U.S.Customs and Border Protection answers FAQs about its hiring:
OMARA is an ‘office’ which forms part of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP).…
Check the Mexican border I heard there isn't any backside protection 😂😂
& this is what Palantir is already doing “created a system for the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency to track a…
Electronic solutions to border was ROI policy until recently. ROI pushed csl to include protecti…
Federal police fear criminals are infiltrating Australia's major airports and border protection agencies.
The Minister of the Immigration and Border Protection: Please support David’s family, now fighting... via
The Honorable Peter Dutton, MP, Minister for Immigration and Border Protection: Life hanging in th... via
The man was taken into custody after the United States Customs and Border Protection inspected a package from...
U.S. Customs and Border Protection sets a date for completion of border wall prototypes in Otay Mesa:…
Immigration and Border Protection: departure cards to be axed | Daily Telegraph May 16
“We need a physical barrier, a wall, that is backed up by the great men and women of Customs and Border Protection.” - Se…
Alles served 35 years in the Marine Corps and retired in 2011, but joined Customs and Border Protection in 2012.
Imp. to note that Amir Khan,Cat Stevens& Tariq Ramadan fell prey to US Border Protection before
SAN DIEGO (AP) — U.S. Customs and Border Protection said Friday that it plans to start awarding contracts by mid...
“The Department of Immigration and Border Protection has refused Bhajan's application for permanent residency,...
BREAKING: Customs and Border Protection told US airlines that it's reinstating visas following a federal judge's halt to T…
SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico - U.S. Customs and Border Protection announced today the 2017 open period for applications...
Sen. Tim Kaine: Customs and Border Protection says green card holders are subject to executive order
US has a legal & moral obligation to provide those seeking asylum at our border w/ a chance to request protection.…
U.S. Customs and Border Protection computers crashed causing significant delays at Southland airports - ...
domain names
And you thought your holiday was ponderous?.
US Customs and Border Protection outage frustrates travelers - VIDEO: Mayhem for travelers
US Customs & Border Protection suffered a nationwide system outage yesterday - very sorry you were stuck in it.
please stop calling us the US Customs & Border Patrol, we are US Customs & Border Protection, stop insulting us.
Customs outage frustrates fliers at airports across U.S.
Did you have a rough time traveling yesterday? This might be why:
Nationwide Customs and Border outage clogs multiple airports with annoyed travelers via
U.S. Customs' system up and running after outage: The U.S. Customs and Border Protection processing system is...
Nationwide outage over, but airports clogged with annoyed travelers
Have you considered using the national guard on the border until we have a wall for protection?
If you know anyone that still insists Mercury Retrograde is a figment of your imagination, send them this:...
..licensed, regulated and empowered by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to assist importers and exporters...
Every photo shows a fire hazard by EVERY definition of the word. Where's the
Let's not underplay this. 1000's people were held hostage for hours in an area with no food or drink
US Customs & Border Protection: Brokers must have expertise in the entry procedures, admissibility requirements,...
US Customs & Border Protection: There are approximately 11,000 active licensed Customs brokers in the United States.
US Customs & Border Protection: We anticipate that registration for the April 2017 exam will open late in Jan 2017.
Official: U.S. and Border Protection systems running again after outage.
Trump team seeks data on border barriers, surveillance: U.S. Customs and Border Protection staffers identified more…
A Customs & Border Protection computer outage resulted in delays at major airports across the US.
Customs and Border Protection: Ban import from - Sign the Petition!
U.S. Customs and Border Protection: Ban Canadagoose import from Canada - Sign the Petition! via
US Customs and Border Protection outage frustrates travelers
Lots of my replies to the US Customs and Border Protection IT outage yesterday are like this, or about Trump stoppi…
US Customs and Border Protection outage frustrates travelers via the app
Nationwide customs outage is over, but airports are still clogged with annoyed travelers
Although Customs and Border Protection analyzes cargo and other in...
We are U.S. Customs and Border Protection in Meet America's Frontline at the Fort Lauderdale Internationa…
The will help Customs and Border Protection keep dangerous drugs from crossing the border
Border busts: Customs and Border Protection officers at the Raul Hector Castro Port of Entry in Douglas found...
oh yeah... In this way yes. Only issue is the border protection issues.
Dishonest delusional says Oz border protection best in world. He bypasses so has no idea
'Australian Government Department of Immigration and Border Protection Recruitment Night: CANCELLED - because of...
First the FDA. NOW U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) are holding my Electric Toothbrush. sigh.
Our PM told the UN that this is the best border protection in the world.
A rescue beagle who worked for US Customs and Border Protection at JFK Airport has retired — Quartz...
Latest news and information updates:. U.S. Customs and Border Protection
iPhone Screen. Enjoy edge-to-edge protection and prevent chips with the Glass Luxe's tough polycarbonate border.
your welcome for the would be speaking russian if you didn't border the US...your welcome
& Alaska to work together on cross-border projects to protect waterways straddling both jurisdictions
Smugglers are still using food to conceal drug shipments - ...: Customs and Border Protection agents at the O...
A rescue beagle turned US government worker has reached his mandatory retirement age [
its all so deforested that there is no natural protection left - flying overhead you can see Dom rep border cos it has trees
Inauguration of the in wt & a key step for border protection and…
unequal monetary Border Protection under the law on the northwest coast
MHA will issue the guidelines pertaining to Border Protection Grid after consulting all stakeholders.
U.S. Customs and Border Protection in responding and supporting local, state and federal partners
We are moving forward to establish a Border Protection Grid with improved coordination mechanism in the states on Indo-Pa…
Unlikely hero saves family from evil Department of Immigration, Eugenics and Border Protection
Fed Court - Graham v Minister for Immigration and Border Protection [2016] FCA 682
Something's going on in Colerain. State patrol and Border Protection are out and about 👀
Back in the states! (@ U.S. Customs & Border Protection in Charlotte, NC)
HB- The PCC is responsible for the entirety of policing and protection of UK border among many other things.
If the government won’t change its horrible border protection policies, then it’s time we change the government.
climbing over 3 metre fence to enter the usa are described by border protection as ILLEGALS majority of countries same realism
helpful for Coalition campaigning, now border protection is back
I'm no economist but Labor's debt and deficit is soft on Border Protection which will increase & decease home values for working families
Image is very important to these Secret Border Protection Mobsters!!..
Dunno but i think we should put them incharge of border protection
Dutton up with a Dixer about border protection.
All falling in place for the Govt. Asylum seekers + border protection, interest rates, corporate tax avoidance, security, subs
It's NEVER been a better time to be a heartless, vitriolic-spewing minister for immigration and border protection!.
NOW LIVE FOR PRE-ORDER! Don't miss out on the next installment from Amazon:
A spokesperson for Department of Immigration and Border Protection has confirmed the latest Nauru self immolation https:…
It sounds like this may be due to customs taxes. Contact Department of Immigration and Border Protection @
The stubborn and divisive repetition of slogans about tough border protection and deaths at sea fails to justify...
Labor is weak on border protection. The Liberals Parties is strong.
Peter Dutton says the government has no intention of changing its border protection policies
no doubt Labor will be called soft on border protection again
Protip - this isn't about border protection. It's about the lives of refugees. was a refugee.
Dutton: Some may resort to extreme action, [but] this Government will not be dissuaded from its stated border protection policies
"This government will not be dissuaded by threats to its border protection policies" - on
These are tragic, entirely predictable & preventable consequences of our harsh border protection policies.
Remember this the next time David Farrar talks about how humane Australia's border protection policy is
worried about border protection? How about settling the gap between Aust and East Timor
Hamilton Collection
Border Protection strikers defend commitment to security via
- That is a political cop out. Aust can maintain strict border protection & show real compassion at same time.
Officer Down United States Department of Homeland Security - Customs and Border Protection -...
UPDATE: The Finance Committee hearing on Customs and Border Protection has been postponed until further notice.
Henrico PAL Youth Leadership Council Members during the tour of U.S. Customs and Border Protection.
Minister for Immigration and Border Protection : Siyat's struggle: Another story of disability disc... via
Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, Australian Federal Police Commissioner and Acting Commander of…
Building partnerships! U.S. Customs and Border Protection with the South Florida Federal Executive Board
U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is testing Unisys‘ biometric identity solution in an...
Customs agents in New York find 2 pounds of cocaine inside cakes | U.S. Customs and Border Protection
Fed Court - Minister for Immigration and Border Protection v ASE15 [2016] FCAFC 37
Fed Court - MZAIC v Minister for Immigration and Border Protection [2016] FCAFC 25
Border Protection Officer needed in at Jobsball. Apply now!
It works out at $13 million per refugee. What a great Border Protection Plan.Cheaper here.Not to mention humanitaria
At $13million cost per refugee think cheaper here. What a great Border Protection plan no wonder debt at $734billion
If resettling 2 refugees in Cambodia at a cost of $13 million a refugee is the LNP's idea of a Border Protection plan. I say cheaper here.
Jobsball is looking for a Border Protection Officer in apply now!
is it true that Heidi Cruz heads North American Union task force? Border protection lol
Iran to modify the clause about quality of border protection
Iran to delete point 2.2.a about border protection for good because it’s unrealistic to be apply internationally.
Department of Immigration and Border Protection: Stop harassing Aussies from minority background a... via
"You're closing the border for people in need of international protection..And I wonder how can you sleep at night?"
Apply now to work for Jobsball as Border Protection Officer in
Not sure how that's relevant to your prop that only poorly educated support him. Icahn. To wit, border protection.
combine Homeland Security, Customs and Border Patrol into one organization called Homeland Protection. Streamline message!
Jobsball is hiring a Border Protection Officer, apply now!
Austria to help Bulgaria in border protection: Austrian interior minister
Ironic in light of Pell inquiry that Catholic nuns now offer best protection for children against Dutton abuse
well said. shld worry less about GreensMPs & more about own polices i.e. border protection
These guys have secret service protection don't they? But we the simple folk don't need …
Border Protection trotted out to spin arbitrary indefinite detention ahead of federal election
Attacking won't bring disgruntled voters back. A rethink on border protection might?
I'm no Greens fan but the ALP supported the government on border protection & cuts to family tax benefits
Systems of for border protection, search&rescue, personal security .
Orchestration of systems of mobile robots for border protection, search and rescue, and personal security
Trade Facilitating and Trade Enforcement Act of 2015 - U.S. Customs and Border Protection via
In a shocking reversal of policy, U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents are being told to release illegal...
Recently published FAQ by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection on the Program aka ESTA.
CBP Offers Guidance for Dog Owners Crossing the Border - U.S. Customs and Border Protection tips re importing dogs
Customs & Border Protection have placed sanctioned animu. Dept of Treasury forces you to pay extra taxes if you consume anime.
I checked in at Pacific Highway U.S. Customs and Border Protection on
A review conducted by U.S. Customs and Border Protection rejected body cameras as an unnecessary enforcement tool! Now on Todd & Don!
...and the Australian Minister for Immigration and Border Protection probably wants to make her walk back!
Child Predator Nabbed at Hidalgo International Bridge by CBP Field Operations - U.S. Customs and Border Protection
Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport has opened a new US Customs and Border Protection facility.
Update your maps at Navteq
Regime cleansed Qusair and other border towns from Sunni inhabitants. Protection of local communities vital. 2/2
Protection capacity are dramatically low compared to resources invested in border management nothing was unforeseeable
Border Protection Policy. No visa-if you travel by boat you are automatically sent off shore detention. If you travel by plane??
Stop the nonsense. Let’s get real about Border Protection. .
Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission - Helsinki Commission (HELCOM): Cross-border planning of the Balti…
EU court case alert - ruling on cross border jurisdictional issues expected later today
Strengthening rescue service capacities in & w funds, check out more:
PLEASE WRITE TO Minister for Immigration & Border Protection, Peter Dutton re this grave injustice. Reverse decision!
Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán: "must have real border protections at the Croatia border"
"The catch-cry “border protection” confuses national security with refugee policy [...] we lost our moral bearings.".
Customs and Border Protection Officers Seize $370,000 in Cocaine Hidden in Tractor at World Trade Bridge. Release...
Man charged with importing cocaine internally - The Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection…
Always important to work with our Indonesian counterparts on border protection. Read more:
Czech govt approves new bill on state border protection
Troy Newman has been detained at Melbourne Airport by Border Protection agents trying to illegally enter australia
I don't know how I feel about using the state and border protection for ostensibly 'feminist' purposes tbh
Customs and Border Protection officers arrested five men and two women in relation to seized hard drugs.
Climate change policy, the same. Border protection policy, the same. National security policy, the same and if you listen to the PMTurnbull!
Global Entry on The primary benefit of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Global Entry program is t…
Reveal? Was Turnbull sleeping while his Treasurer was in charge of Immigration & Border Protection?
FMPO's are vital tool for protection but unless all relevant police forces & border agencies informed can't work
Airport passenger delays expected as border protection staff go on strike
Yeah, why don't you come across the border?!? Ain't no protection over here fer yer Minnesotan *** in WI!!
Alert officers at Brownsville POE seized these 24 lbs. of cocaine this week. Read more: http…
US Customs and Border Protection on and powered by Oracle. https…
How is trident the protection of the country? How do you defend a border with a nuclear bomb?
Erdogan in Bruxelles on monday: delusional focus on deterrence of historical flow, border strengthening - not on legal access to protection
+ Migrant crisis: Hungarian army stages border protection exercise on
US Customs and Border Protection open new customs facility with extended hours at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport on 1st Oct 2015
We're Click to apply:Customs and Border Protection officers (CBPO's) -Blaine, WA
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Customs and Border Protection agents seized more than 600 pounds of marijuana in Zapata County.
Looking for practical guidance on cross-border . reviews 's new publication: /
Customs and Border Protection rule offers owners better tools for combating international counterfeits.
CBP Advisory Committee on Commercial Operations to US Customs and Border Protection (COAC) to meet October 29, 2015
Airport delays expected as immigration, border protection strike over pay and conditions
MSM takes a BIG GULP. Romney was correct on Russia, Benghazi, IRS, and no border protection. But THEY made history
Ever wondered how legal privilege differs between US and English law? If so, let our New York office enlighten you.
Workshop on cross border child protection in Europe - November 2 with talks by &
Praying for Peace, protection and provision for my fam and friends in Israel.for the State of Israel.
far reaching effects for North inc. enforced partition, loss of EU funding, loss of /cross-border trade & loss of HR protection
Pests Discovered at Hidalgo/Pharr/Anzalduas Port of Entry: U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Office of ...
Can't have been easy but - trying their hardest - our border protection goons have now upset the Kiwis.
"and I'd like to welcome back,if not rather hastily,Scott Morrison to the position of Minister for Immigration & Border Protection"
No one? The Department of Immigration & Border Protection has upwards of 6000 staff & NO ONE read a press release?
The Department of Immigration & Border Protection has more than 90 communications staff, yet presser was…
I think Federal minister has a lot to answer seeing ABF directly reports to the "Minister for Immigration and Border Protection"
More than 1,500 pounds of marijuana seized at Otay Mesa border: Customs and Border Protection officers at the Otay…
The Assistant Minister for Immigration and Border Protection announced the 201...
help continued: Border Protection, Plattsburgh Police, Vermont State Police, and the Clinton, Franklin County…
Listen to DAC John Wagner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection deliver the keynote on Wed. Sept 23rd!
It's between 12:30 and 4:30 this afternoon says Terry Price from Aust Customs and Border Protection services.
Agents Arrest Woman Suspected of Human Smuggling - U.S. Customs and Border Protection via
After a Customs and Border Protection chopper was forced down by gunfire from the Mexican side of the border...
officers with the Tunnel Task Force, including the DEA, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Customs and Border Protection and the
CBP’s 10+2 is now in full enforcement mode: This week United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency...
.It's the Air Force, Northrop Grumman and the University of North Dakota with the Air National Guard and US Border Protection.
Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection reveal that since the law change, 175 New Zealanders' visas had been cancelled.
I'm at US Customs and Border Protection - Otay Mesa in San Diego, CA
Via National Rifle Association. The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) announced today that it is returning...
US Customs and Border Protection agency says officers arrested a Guyanese national with cocaine in his sneakers at JFK Airport.
Watching R. Gil Kerlikowske, Commissioner of US Customs & Border Protection, speaking at the NCBFAA in Orlando FL!
SERCO and Department of Immigration and Border Protection: Don’t cut services needed for refugees’... via
Have you lost your I94, Get a copy online from Customs and border protection official website: Good luck.
Is HM smiling protection? Why they keep on exaggerating their action plans!!
Home ministry's focus is defense, terrorism, border protection not rape, riots and robbery.
DHS is lying about border protection
NOW is the time to Seal the Border. The # are in, no more stall tactics. Texans need protection
YOU'RE TOTALLY INCORRECT "Minister" that's why all Countries around the World have "Border Protection"
2 teens stopped at Sydney Airport from joining ISIL: Border Protection Minister Pet... via
Just me posing for u.s. customs and border protection 😝
Is it not smarter to build designated border crossings along our borders & use intelligent tech border protection? going backwards
I have returned to America! ...and now to deal with border control... Fun! (I respect them and their protection, but it takes forever)
The Border Patrol needs to tighten up their border protection. Obviously it's not working.
Rob S.: "We should b/c he is a leader who has selflessly given back to his community for decades."
.You should've kept your kinship with a secret, Don't expose your secret to successful border protection
Border Protection Minister Peter Dutton would not detail where the pair were headed apart from a Middle Eastern conflict zone
The left will raise taxes, commit to health & ed [uncosted] support Palestine & *** marriage, soften border protection
The only thing consistent about Labor's border protection policies is their inconsistency
Customs and Border Protection launches airport pilot:
Remember this from the bully boy. "You don't want a wimp running Border Protection". Now we know what he meant.
So, what after you endorse rape as a weapon of border protection?
Angelo belongs in the US, his family and friends are here! Sign let's bring him back -->
Customs and Border Protection wants $14k (and 25¢)... for data it already gave htt…
$100K in meth seized in vehicles at border
Customs testing facial recognition passport entry at and and
New York City is Angelo's home! Sing this petition and help bringing him back! -->
In meeting of heads of border services & devoted to the protection of border. http:/…
US Customs & Border Patrol rejected my very specific FOI request about IMSI catchers, claiming lack of specificity:
Kirsten Gillibrand: Ask US Customs and Border Protection to reconsider my case and let me come...
Fed Court - SZTOJ v Minister for Immigration and Border Protection [2015] FCA 126
FTA News - Minister for Immigration & Border Protection - legislation introduced to establish the (ABF).
Minister for Immigration and Border Protection - Citizenship and Cancellations
Michael Keenan MP - the failure of the Government to address their border protection failures
See how border protection remained a priority throughout this project:
Will never enforce any fines under this Administration. We have no protection, no border.
The US southern border should have the same level of protection as the Korean border. A more serious threat pouring in...
The US government wants to hear about your experience, and it has set up a hotline to help facilitate these efforts.
I'm not a expert, but would think there are weapons used purely for preventing insurgency & border protection - to stop, not kill
Australia's treatment of asylum-seekers is embarrassing. Border protection should never outweigh our duty to treat these people with respect
Surprised there was no recommendation in the report for continuation of a strong border protection policy
Question to the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection
Border Protection lends a hand for Super Bowl security
Analysis of Government’s policies of interception & turn-backs violate international law via
words "humanitarian" and "refugee" no longer in organisational structure of Immigration and Border Protection Dept.
Northern Border protection? Please introduce legitimate bills and stop playing games. Southern border is not secure. HR399bad
New hotline is available for immigrants to complain about CBP →
True love is somebody requesting to follow you on LinkedIn despite having an border of protection against them ?
MT New hotline available for to report mistreatment from customs and border protection:
Intercessors please pray for our border protection.
Plaintiff S297/2013 v Minister for Immigration and Border Protection; Plaintiff M150/2013 v Minister for Immig...
- Hello Hello, illegal immigrants have found a way to insert a toe in the border protection door.
Fewer things are cooler than a customs and border protection agent saying, "welcome home"
A new hotline is available for complaints and feedback against in the context of the new guidelines
A New Hotline Is Available for Undocumented Immigrants to Complain About Customs and Border Protection via
Immigration and Border Protection department staff shake-up
Immigration and Border Protection department staff shake-up The Dark Side takes over. Morrison a…
Skipping the US Customs and Border Protection queues? There’s now an app for that … via
The Department of Immigration and Border Protection recently announced an increase in their charges for Partner Visa…
Asylum Seekers Held by Australia Are Sewing Their Lips Together and Swallowing Razor Blades Department of Immigration and Border Protection via Wikimedia Commons Some 500 asylum seekers are on hunger strike at a detention center in Australia. At least nine men are believed to have sewn their lips together, and one is said to have also swallowed razor blades. "A number of transferees continue a peaceful protest within the Manus Regional Processing Centre," said a spokesperson from Immigration Minister Peter Dutton's office on Thursday. "A small number of transferees have engaged in self-harm. They have been offered appropriate medical care. There are also a number of transferees who are refusing food and fluids, again they are being offered appropriate support." The asylum seekers are being held in an Australian camp on the remote Manus Island in Papua New Guinea while their claims are processed and Australia arranges resettlement in another country. Many of the detainees are now entering their second year ...
The Department of Homeland Security’s Customs and Border Protection reports that in fiscal year 2014 (Oct. 1 through Sept. 30) agents apprehended 1,191 individuals from 12 of the 14 countries that DHS
Update your maps at Navteq
Officials with the FBI, the La Joya Police Department and U.S. customs and Border Protection are working together to verify a claim that a Border Patrol agent was kidnapped by a cartel member, according to a spokesperson with the FBI. According to Valley
its U.S. Customs and Border Protection & Homeland Security Investigations (HSI). Nice accuracy.
We must remember what's at stake in the repetitive conversations about "border protection."
Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, Scott Morrison, is the only minister who is not answerable to anyone for his decisions, with the exception of the decision to take us into war, which can be made by the Prime Minister alone. New legislation passed this week gives Morrison unprecedented…
Govt is a friggin failure in everything. Should confine itself to army & border protection. Citizens should be armed & ready
For the first time, we hear from some of the one in three Australian Defence Force members involved in border protection operations who have reported being deeply traumatised by what they've seen - and they describe mental anguish, mistreatment, and political calculations about who lives and dies at…
"Barriers to cross-border e-commerce include ban of sale of certain products online, diff rules on consumer and data protection"
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