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Border Patrol

The border guard, frontier guard, border patrol, border police, frontier police, or the sentinel of a country is a national security agency that performs border control, i.e., enforces the security of the country's national borders.

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.speaking tonight at Crystal Bridges. Interesting chat here from 2012 about U.S. Border Patrol
Tell that to the coal miners in VA, Ford auto workers in MI, Keystone Pipeline new hires,…
"given up his cellphone and password for an unwarranted search a few days prior while re-entering the USA."
When border patrol demands your phone: Our view
Border Patrol agents arrest 15 carrying bales of marijuana
Border Patrol agents find more than $50k hidden inside tortilla dough |
TX border town locals 'very fond' of patrol officers...
Try going to Mexico illegally. See how fast Mexican border patrol will turn you around or arrest you on spot.
& US Border Patrol are responding to 0 Ave & 174 St for reports of a person that ran the border into Canada.
He was surrounded by officers who grabbed his legs, placed him in a chokehold and physically removed his cellphone.
Today was chill until I started spazzing out because I forgot that there's a border patrol check on the way back from salton sea
This is in reference to Border Patrol recruitment @ CSUN's Non-Profit and government career fair.…
Thank you Dallas, Texas with some of our amazing Border Patrol Agents.
After Trump stopped by, border agents found a political voice: “We’re not going to apologize for what we believe in”
DIVERSITY . Illegal alien runs over & kills an entire White Ohio family . . htt…
Border Agents: ‘We’re Not Going to Apologize for What we Believe In’ via
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Wake up...its border security run by that is responsible for fencing and patrol.
THANK YOU! Border Patrol seizes drugs including 402 pounds of meth and arrests 19 in California operation
Looking through everything on someone’s phone is not the same as looking inside a bag. via
A1: Sunland Park & Anthony Police both don't have policy but don't make it a practice to call Border Patrol for interpretation.
Suspect in rape at Maryland school was stopped 7 months ago by Border Patrol
Armed vigilantes hunt migrants on the edge of Europe via
Thanks for a great look into the sad reality that is going on at our borders. Those border patrol agents…
Hats off to the Kekistani Border Pepe patrol!
Mobile County Sheriffs and Border Patrol searching for driver of stolen vehicle
This is how I feel when we are playing border patrol on
Want to see what real border fences look like around the world, look at these and then thank the man who understands
Our men and women in the border patrol war serve their country every day without recognition or ribbons.
that picture isnt a Border Patrol agent.
Mexican mocks border patrol at the trump wall: via
I added a video to a playlist Mexican mocks border patrol at the trump wall
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
This is a heartwarming sight. Go for it, Border Patrol! DJT 45 has given you the GREEN light to MASafeA!!
as human beings as they get abused half to death in front of some border patrol *** That's scenario here in hating Jew...
Border Patrol agents seize 136 pounds of marijuana at Falfurrias checkpoint
Probably has more to do with the Border Patrol being allowed to do their jobs.
My mother paid 2,000 (basically all her savings )to the border patrol to get my truck back
Will never see her again .. mind you this guy has family in Juarez and my truck has been recently taken by the border patrol for using it to
Were you on Delta on 2/22/17 - the flight met by border patrol agents demanding ID? Please get in touch...
Buffalo man turned over to Border Patrol agents after Amherst stop
NBPC and working on plans to hire additional 5000 Border Patrol agents
all the applicant should go through screening to prevent problems. Poor judgement on Border Patrol's. . part
All the Secret Service, Border Patrol drive these Hybrids. They no longer make them. Too expensive.
Border Patrol apprehensions plummet as Trump turns up heat
Border patrol also prevent drugs from coming in n they need the help
I do know he's adding 5K border patrol which is needed I have friends back home Brownsville who r in border patrol
Sen. Jeff Flake's bill would let Border Patrol waive lie-detector tests for some recruits
This man's family has had a ranch on the border since 1896. His biggest problem? Border Patrol doesn't shut gates. https:…
Well, no wonder no one wants to deal with border patrol! That guy was a complete ***
... not have any form of border patrol. We simply allow people who do not possess contraband...
Philippines to seek joint border patrol vs Abus |
Plus, There are about 6,000 unfilled gov't positions 2,000 in border patrol alone!
"[T]he [calls ... American Border Patrol, a hate group" but it ONLY notifies
Children can go to with their parents. USA border patrol wont separate them. Go the *** out of my country.The whole family.
I liked a video from Border Patrol - 100% Pure Slaughterfest (Black Ops 2)
The villain is literally a border patrol cyborg named Donald trying to drag mexican bootleg children over DA WALL.
I just got an INCREDIBLY weird macho "join customs and border patrol" ad on Hulu?
US Border Patrol struggling to find qualified hires via
US Border Patrol struggling to find qualified hires to add to its ranks via the Android app
A fugitive being dragged by border patrol across the USA border.
Border Patrol agents in the El Centro Sector arrested a previously deported sex offender in southern California.
Supreme Court weighs case of Mexican teen fatally shot by Border Patrol agent
Does the state not force taxpayers to pay for Border Patrol, ICE, walls, detention centers, and employer raids?
Border Patrol seizes 3,000 pounds of weed disguised as watermelons
apparently border patrol between here and LA are checking for documentation to see if ur a us citizen lmfao?
Shout out to our US Customs and Border Patrol Thank You for Taking the Heat for You
South Texas jury acquits Border Patrol agent of murder, but convicts him of aiding drug cartel.
Texas Border Patrol agent convicted of aiding drug cartel
In response to Dutch gov suspends negotiations about allowing US border patrol to work at A'dam airport. http…
Just in:. Trump's newest appointment for border patrol
If you're traveling between SD & LA - Heads up! Border Patrol checkpoint near Camp Pendleton is active. They are asking for do…
If Trump is ordering Customs and Border Patrol to violate a court order from a federal judge, he's breaking the law, yes?
head of Border Patrol? Joe Arpaio of Arizona or Sheriff Clarke
Trump fires Border Patrol Chief. Excellent news, that guy did not have the same agenda as the rest of the US! .
THREE POINTS, AZ (Tucson News Now) - An undocumented migrant assaulted and tried to stab a Border Patrol agent on...
Border patrol and ICE are federal jobs. He froze federal hiring. No new jobs.
Border Patrol agent assaulted by migrant southwest of Tucson
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Jury to decide Border Patrol agent's fate ... via
Border Patrol agent assaulted with a knife
Trump administration tells Border Patrol chief to pack his bags one day after the president ordered Homeland Security to build his wall
Border Patrol agents are in favor of Trumps EO putting them back in compliance with US immigration enforcement law. ht…
🚨Breaking: US Border Patrol Chief resigns after clashing with pro-Trump union‼️
Border Patrol Agent assaulted with knife; Suspect arrested . .
Enough BS. If a "wall" gets built, one way or other, the Middle Class pays for it. . "Trump's 20%" "Border Patrol"
⚡️ “U.S. Border Patrol chief has left the agency”.
The Obama era of open borders & enforcement sabotage is over. Good news for ICE, Border Patrol, Detention & Removal Off…
. 6 or 7 strand barbed wire with seismic sensor and a Border Patrol that will catch and deport instead of release Works!
Leakers say Trump is childish. He’s still lying about voter fraud. Mass resignations at State. Border Patrol chief runs. Rough d…
BREAKING: Chief of U.S. Border Patrol resigns one day after Trump executive order to build Mexico border wall
| Border Patrol chief tells agents he was forced out
Border Patrol chief says he's resigning day after Trump announces border wall order
Border Patrol chief says he was forced out a day after President Trump announced plan to build Mexican border wall http…
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This guy wanted to clean up the cowboy culture at the Border Patrol so naturally he's been forced out:
BREAKING: Border Patrol chief out day after Trump border fence decree
Border Patrol chief did NOT resign. The Trump administration fired him, per
Border patrol chief out one day after Trump order on border wall
Ford jobs in Michigan border patrol ICE GMC Fiat all bringing jobs into USA
Trump fired Head of US Border Patrol. Morgan was complicit in the stand down orders given by Obama. New day:
then I wonder why the head of Border Patrol quit today? 🤔
Border Patrol chief, who once backed immigration reform, removed from office
US Border Patrol has just confirmed that four out of five Mexican immigrants speak English better than Trump does.
SEN. CRUZ: Border patrol sheriffs are relieved to have President Trump. They've been told to not do their job for 8 year…
Border Patrol chief out one day after Trump's executive order for wall
AP source: Border Patrol chief says he’s been forced out
Trump called for the hiring of another 5,000 border patrol officers today. On Monday he signed a freeze on government hiri…
He's taking a job as Wal*Mart greeter doing EXACTLY what he did on the border. .
Border Patrol chief says he's been forced out
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I guess he will have Border Patrol rifle through their wallets and take 20% of their cash?
I guess having been a Border Patrol agent means you know more about immigration than I do. I know exactly how sanctuary cities wrk
Mark Morgan, who just resigned as Border Patrol chief, was an outsider who wasn’t exactly loved by the rank and file https:/…
US Border Patrol chief out of a job. Unclear whether resigned or fired. Move comes day after Trump pledged to build wall, ad…
This is... bad -> The entire State Department resigned this AM. Now the Border Patrol chief is resigning, too.
Thank you Chief Morgan for your service to the Your commitment,conviction & fresh perspective will be missed. h…
Border Patrol Chief position is available, I know the perfect man capable of getting the job done & enforcing our laws…
I like that he took away catch and release, and is going to amp up border patrol to give them a break. From what I have heard
BREAKING: Current, former U.S. officials say Border Patrol chief Mark Morgan has left the agency
. We want Sheriff Joe for Border Patrol Chief. He would protect our borders & e…
Morgan came from FBI and wasn't liked by Border Patrol union that endorsed Trump
A day after President Trump's border fence decree, the Border Patrol chief leaves the agency.
US Border Patrol is asking people if they're pro/anti-Trump, denying people entry if they're attending the March
Cochise County Sheriff’s deputies have identified two teenage boys accused of shooting a Border Patrol vehicle in...
Cochise County prosecutors charge 2 juveniles in connection with Dec. 30 shooting of Border Patrol vehicle. Details…
Sen. introduces act to increase Border Patrol manpower. -
Customs/Border Patrol flight operations map for Predator drone, redacted by FAA.
please stop calling us the US Customs & Border Patrol, we are US Customs & Border Protection, stop insulting us.
We’re also going to hire 5,000 more Border Patrol agents, however a need to shampoo very often.
The bot stands over 13 feet tall and weighs over one and a half tons.
Border Patrol agents discover body in Tijuana River
Trans Lifeline cofounder is in ICE detention after Border Patrol got upset about gender marker on her passport. https:…
Truth Serum: Border Patrol told not to enforce laws | Fox News Video
Sheriff Paul Babeu: Obama has handcuffed the U.S. border patrol
Border Patrol sees increase in border crossers
We already pay ICE INS DHS and Border Patrol to sit on their *** and do nothing.
The National Border Patrol Council is cautiously optimistic about retired Gen. John Kelly's appointment as DHS head:
Always a few bad apples (≤1%) but Border Patrol endorsed Trump 1st time ever, most are honest. NYT is
FBI launching campaign to cut down on border…
Border Patrol screened me for gamma radiation... Next superhero coming up.
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The border patrol officer is so fine 😭😍
When they say their recruiting for the border patrol
This is not good. Sinaloa cartel-aligned group open fires on Border Patrol Agent -- on US soil.
Anyone wanna play border patrol on mwr?
DHS, Border Patrol, US Army Intel are all on board.
Border Patrol Agent, Vet, HERO Brian Terry was killed by a gun bought by Obama and UNTRACKED, given to cartels.
Amateur latina rammed by border patrol
Since U.S. Border Patrol advertises it's dead, has your agency investigated 2010 death agent Brian Terry who's disgusted family left Arizona
6. Stating if you hate the west & how they treat people emigrate to a Muslim country & then crying about your treatment by US Border Patrol
U.S. Border Patrol caught 47,214 migrants on southwest border last month, 44% more than in November 2015.
Ask any Border Patrol agents about Trump's plan "building a wall" a thousand miles and you'll get laughter. "They'll just tunnel under it."
Border Patrol agents rescue undocumented migrants abandoned in desert
Border Patrol: 18 migrants abandoned by smugglers in cold, wet weather found in SW New Mexico by US/Mexico Border.
Right now the Border Patrol agents are bBysitting children. What a waste!
HAPPENING NOW! Students protest to get Border Patrol out of California State University San Marcos' campus! https…
support for Sheriff to lead Homeland Security or Border Patrol makes Washington Times!.
"Submit in writing what you need to make progress in stopping the flow of poisons"-Rob Portman to Border Patrol
Bay Ridge Bklyn NOW 50's white man in full camouflage army fatigues, arms folded with cap/banner saying "Border Patrol" outside Hisp bodega.
As has said, citizenship not a prize for illegals winning game of Hide and Seek with Border Patrol.
A Border Patrol agent was assaulted by an illegal alien he was attempting an arrest in southern California.
This reminds me of when I lived 30 miles from the MEX.border & I saw Illegals hiding from Border Patrol in Arizona+
378038 05: German border patrol guards search an Afghani...
Martin O'Malley is an *** Texans want THE WALL ;Texas has built A WALL.We need more SECURE WALL. And BORDER PATROL a…
Getting fairy dust past border patrol and DEA.
Christians,vets,military,police and border patrol,NRA,gun owners,pro-life,pro-isreal jews,straight or *** all real…
Austria border patrol think they're bad. Low it
When I handed the border patrol my school ID he told me Kennedale has an amazing football program ever since he was in highs…
Largest U.S. Border Patrol Union: Trump is "only candidate" to support our mission via
We almost got stopped by border patrol cause the trunk smelled like weed, fml.
I'm watching a show about border patrol and they literally never find like anything
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Voting for Hillary with her disrespect to border patrol police military with open borders & amnesty is like inviting Isis…
US border patrol agent shot 10 shots into back of a 16 y/o on the Mexican side of border,claimed self-defense bcuz teen threw rocks at him
10 hours on patrol along the Mexican border
Border Patrol agents utilize new program to save lost immigrants
With so few American institutions endorsing Trump it's disturbing that police, border patrol and ICE are among the few
“I like what your country is doing” US Border Patrol union representative comments of Australia’s border protection…
ew *** ppl from my hometown had a politically correct costume party & some1 went as border patrol & a "Mexican." Th…
Just hire the *** Angels,Outlaws,Pagans,Mongols for border patrol.Any *** get beat down to a pulp.
my op-ed for on the US border security industrial complex: "The creeping expansion of the Border Patrol"
Mexican border Clearly deplorable. Is Obama the worst president ever? Send those kids back to their parents. No more
Border patrol agent reveals how we could end illegal immigration TOMORROW via
Av watched 3 different series of border patrol shows this weekend and now I fancy being a border officer ok el
Reminder that that border patrol agents tasked with keeping this out of our country have made their choice for POTUS htt…
The 'order' is coming from the president so the custom agents and border patrol have to do what they're told
At this juncture can we disband the border patrol? Why are we wasting $4.2 Billion a year? Drugs pour in and new Dem citizens
Why our soldiers patrol on the border, who have been a target of sniper, Pakistan Rangers dont patrol at all.
yup that's why majority of Generals n border patrol endorse him not her.. bet ur more American than them too
There was a good profile today on a Latina border security patrol guard, interesting perspective
Trump was endorsed by union that represents Border Patrol agents (not ICE). That endorsement was filled with lies
Interesting day-in-the-life story of a female Border Patrol agent
Build a big wall one you can ride ATVs on top of. Have armed border patrol ride keeping drugs illegals out crime will drop!
Checkpoints, canines prove how important they are to the Border Patrol
Terrifying, heart-rending, defeating: 10 hours on patrol along the Mexican border |
Hillary Clinton says "U.S.-Mexico border is now secure" The Cops at the border, The Nations Border Patrol says "That is…
The border patrol admitted years ago that they were ordered to "complete the smuggling process".
Police and border patrol agents can't do their job. Vote for REAL change. Keep America secure.
. Border Patrol agent: Border agents are like gl…
border patrol found prayer rugs, Hispanics are not know for there use of this item
ICE has had it with you has had it border patrol has had it!.Hillary you're loosing all your friends over you lies…
Art del Cueto, legal Mexican immigrant and border patrol agent, explains how citizenship papers are being fast-tracked prior…
U.S. Border Patrol Union says illegals w/ CRIMINAL histories have NOT been deported "so they can go ahead and vote" http…
Update: Nat'l border patrol union spox says "a mistake was made" in what its rep stated to Trump about immigrants crossing bord…
Border patrol union spox on claim echoed by Trump today that immigrants crossing border to vote: "it hasn't gotten that bad yet…
why dont this University, ICE, Border patrol and so many others say no way. America first???
I'm just praying to God my application for the Border Patrol gets accepted and I get call from them 🙇🙇🙏🙏
ICYMI: There's a Repub in the NH governor primary who wants the NH Natl Guard to patrol the Mass border.
Never, ever, EVER tell Customs/Border patrol you are visiting to be a sex slave. Now I get the super special intense security screening.🙄😎
Almost drove the work truck into Mexico but the border patrol wasn't having it
In virtual simulators, border agents' judgments and reactions are put to test
(1) This is interesting - not sure how to feel about the use of VR in this context.
Border Patrol agents train on virtual simulator
VirTra simulator at use at the Tucson Sector of U.S. Customs and Border Patrol. Click link below to see the video!
Didn't think Texas liked coordinating with the feds? Read about how they're doing just that on the border
PBS Special on Border Patrol Abuse // TW for just about everything . Part 1: Part 2:.
Border Patrol, DPS set aside past conflict, buddy up for 'team sport' of border security. reports:
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
When Pictures Are Worth More than a Thousand Words: I had heard stories about Border Patrol’s mistreatment of...
"I thought we were being inspected by the border patrol"
I just read somewhere that 63% of us don't want a wall & separate families. Border patrol officers are excellent
U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agent arrested on charges of bribery and accepting sexual favors from smugglers.
I was in Canada. US border patrol didn't want to let ANYONE in, not even confirmed citizens just in Canada for university.
."The callous treatment of the most vulnerable by our nation’s Border Patrol must stop"
Libtards need to spend a day with the Border Patrol and witness drug cartels and human sex traffickers wh…
On 12/15/10, Border Patrol agent Brian Terry was murdered by illegal aliens using AK-47s given to them by Hussein criminal regime.
Brandon Judd, Nat'l. Border Patrol Council: "[asked me what needs to be done. He took our advice"
You'd think it would be OK for Border Patrol to remove these signs. Or does Obama forbid that as well?
Border Patrol agents seize more than $3 million from cars, arrest two
if I were that border patrol officer the headline would read $1000.00 seized destined for Mexico..
A Former Janitor Collects and Photographs the Items Seized from Immigrants and Thrown Away By U.S. Customs and...
Eye-opening ACLU breakdown of that Border Patrol endorsement Trump touted to Anderson Cooper yesterday.
Border Patrol seizes $3M in cash destined for Mexico Fox News…
according to Clinton its all great, of course border patrol has a very different view!
"U.S. Border Patrol seize more than $3M cash en route to Mexico" . We could start building a wall with that!
Stuck between drug enforcement & border patrol. My nosie *** would be perfect at either of the two. 😂😂😂
I never said that. We do need a comprehensive overhaul of the Byzantine immigration system. Doesn't mean no Border Patrol!
Been hearing these horror stories for years: reports on terrible conditions in B…
Judge releases photos of detention facilities.
Immigrants "stripped of outer layers of clothing and forced to suffer in brutally cold temp”
How Tasers became instruments of excessive force for the Border Patrol - LA Times
Ted Cruz at the border with Glenn Beck to hand out teddy bears to illegal aliens. Excerpted from Breitbart Texas:...
Really interesting to see photos inside border patrol holding centers
The struggle to dismantle Border Patrol continues. These photos confirm what we our immigrant community has been... ht…
The people were pulled out from the tiny living space Thursday afternoon.
Expert: Border Patrol 'housing people in conditions that are ... harsh, dangerous' via
What Border Patrol processing facilities look like. It took a court order to get this image. https…
"Several images show dozens of men crowded into [one] cell while nearby cells remain empty." https…
Electronic Device Insurance
Images show crowded, dirty Border Patrol cells in Arizona via /r/news
Images from US Border Patrol facility reveal harsh conditions for immigrants
275 pounds of marijuana seized at Douglas border crossing: Border Patrol agents seized 275 pounds of marijuan...
Immigrants spend 24-72 hours at Border Patrol processing centers, known as 'freezers', advocates in Arizona say:
This is just one deplorable cell in a Border Patrol facility in Tucson
How abt the 40k w/o homes in Louisiana? Images show miserable conditions at Border Patrol holding cells in Arizona
Judge allows release of US Border Patrol detention center photos: it's not a pretty picture https…
Images from Border Patrol facility reveal harsh conditions for
"Sister of Border Patrol agent killed near Arizona border claims there are few agents". Ruling: False.
Training to outrun the border patrol this November... catch him if you can trump
sounds like my trip to Texas last year. Border patrol got dog hair all over car and I got a speeding ticket, that was complete bs.
I could do border patrol.. They call people's family and friends and catch them in all sorts of lies.. My type of party
Some of these Canadian border patrol officers are the bait
In a show of solidarity, and border guards carry out a joint foot patrol on the border.
The border patrol guards are gonna catch 'em all!
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
This is so important. Thank you to the border patrol and the immigration service for still deporting 'em
Natl Border Patrol Union endorsed John is the best choice to fix Immigration.
Wondering if CPB & Border Patrol are screening carefully enough for Venezuelans since V is now in the dumper.
Awk moment when the border patrol agent thought I was 15...excuse me I'm gonna be 21 this year
Border patrol officer towards my dad- "WOAH IS HE TAKING PICTURES?!" . My dad- "no, but still shoot him"
Thx for assistance w/ our fire investigation. Thx Border Patrol for the ride to get overhead pics of scene. https…
Lol she even told the border patrol guy and he thought it was cool
Hope you're not from the UK. Border patrol Halley thinks UK visitors that visit the US too long should be arrested
Trump endorsed by national law enforcement and the border patrol. Hillary endorsed by the the people who try to assassinate a…
If anything we need to be building more Border Patrol gateways . Like a buncha secured entrances into the States seems better than a Wall❕
A report by a former police commissioner and and DOJ official outlined the Border Patrol's deadly practice:
According to Border Patrol, children throwing rocks is considered an imminent threat that must be met with deadly force. Fo…
Hernández's family was rightfully outraged. They're not the only ones: Border Patrol agents often shoot and kill Mexican ki…
So what did the Border Patrol do? They shot at the children, killing 15-year-old Sergio Hernández.
Ciudad Juarez butts up with El Paso, Texas — where Border Patrol agents patrol the fence line. They're responsible for U.S.…
Watching Border Patrol Australia reminds me of the time tried to bring a shank on the plane to San Fran. 😂
Trump promises? Which one can be accomplished? Cut TAXES & rebuild infrastructure, military, build wall, more border patrol etc? ARITHMETIC?
In Remembrance of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry:. Ambush at Peck Canyon. A BATF operation that went terrible wrong.
A profile of founder Nick Woodman, w/ patrol agents on border wall, & on Bloods/Crips together.
Read more about the Border Patrol union that has endorsed | Getty
if you are against the wall, which aims to stop illegal immigration, are you also against border patrol agents? Same goal...
2 Canadian teens so distracted by Pokemon Go game inadvertently leave country & get picked up by US border patrol
I liked a video from GTA 5 LSPDFR Online - US Border Patrol Multiplayer - Animal
Soon...just CANADIANS can't cross the border? Border Patrol detains Canadian teens who crossed border |
at least our border patrol, military, police officers all support Trump not you! http…
Two Canadian teens so distracted by Pokemon Go game they inadvertently leave country
Border Patrol detains Canadian teens who crossed border playing 'Pokemon GO' via the App
at least our Veterans, , police force and Border patrol support Trump https…
The U.S. Border Patrol endorsed Donald Trump for president NOT Hillary! Think about that for a minute! https:…
Border Patrol active in pursuit in Otay Ranch*
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Border Patrol union scorns award for agents who follow policy to avoid deadly force:
Border Patrol's national union endorses John McCain for re-election.
"Officials with the patrol's union said McCain has always stood with Border Patrol officers."
U S COAST GAURD an arm of our military guards our shores Maybe the Border Patrol should also be that arm Our national security depends on it
Border Patrol agent Chris Cabrera, who is a member of the National Border Patrol Council, which has endorsed Repub…
In March, the National Border Patrol Council, the union that represents Border Patrol agents, endorsed the Republi…
Electronic Soul Presents...J. Wright and Alinka and Border Patrol aka Chuck Daniels and Jason Hodges. 1-3...
** MEDIA ALERT **. CGPD assisting US Border Patrol. 3 escaped prisoners in the area of Florence/Trekell. Please avoid area…
Casa Grande Police are assisting Border Patrol in looking for 3 escaped inmates.
Border Patrol - by £395 Mixed media On canvas with Peso's & gold leaf sitting in
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