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Border Patrol

The border guard, frontier guard, border patrol, border police, frontier police, or the sentinel of a country is a national security agency that performs border control, i.e., enforces the security of the country's national borders.

Brian Terry San Diego Rancho Bernardo President Trump

On Tuesday, I visited with the incredible men & women of & Border Patrol in Yuma, AZ. Thank you. We re…
In January, President Trump vowed to hire 5,000 new Border Patrol agents. It never happened
Trump vowed to hire 5,000 for Border Patrol. It never happened
Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and ICE Agent Jamie Zapata killed with guns from Operation…
Border Patrol finds 60 people hiding in refrigerated trailer at Falfurrias checkpoint.
Dozens found locked away and hidden in tractor-trailer at U.S. Border checkpoint
We recommend dividing the hair in several portions, but the number of Border Patrol Stations.
It's a real disgrace that Republicans won't fix the system to allow refugees and migrant workers to come here...
PSA: There's a border patrol car parked on the 215 North, by Murrieta.. definitely looked like they were scouting
Drone used to fly drugs across Mexican border into California, Border Patrol says; 25-year-old man arrested
Not true. They run multiple episodes of Cops and RBT and Border force and highway patrol and stuff all the time.
Border patrol officer at the checkpoint saw Kaizer and said "Marley and Me" . Bruh first off Marley was a lab
Amendment, taking the greatest mess that brought it any day -- and I would help them as he -- 16,500 Border Patrol agents.
Border Patrol agents at the Falfurrias checkpoint found 60 people locked in a trailer hauling broccoli
In Texas, Border Patrol agents find 60 undocumented immigrants in trailer of broccoli
Lady told me that the border patrol guy thought I was cute cause of my jersey(cowboys) & she was like no, está guapa ella & he said yeah😏😏
Border Patrol vehicle sprayed with manure after immigration argument via the App
You could appreciate the work of Border Patrol and believe in a yet have a reasonable approach to current i…
Ed ask the border patrol how protected they are. Anyone with half a brain can see horrib…
ICE and CBP have no operational plans to justify new hires or a plan on where and how to deploy them once hired
I feel 60 illegal immigrants locked in a frigid trailer rescued by Border Patrol
Mexican Drug Cartels using Drones to Smuggle Meth into US Busted by Border Patrol.
Border Patrol says it busted a drug smuggler using a drone to transport meth
Airport racial profiling has a history stemming from early 20 cen South Africa, adapted by UK and settler societies htt…
wasn't border patrol but the Mexicans wild
Border Patrol nails two dangerous gang members on southern and northern borders job Border Patrol your MAGA THANKYOU
Whatever happened to Trump's new border patrol officers? - CBS News
Man charged with spraying manure on US border patrol car
Whatever happened to Trump's new border patrol officers?
Which side illegally armed drug cartels and got Border Patrol agent Brian Terry killed🤔
NEW: Mired in delays, CBP officials tell me Trump's border wall is a long ways off. "We're just moving on"
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At the Cochise County Arizona international border with Sheriff Dannels and the customs & border patrol! 🐴🌵
why Man charged for spraying manure all over border patrol car
Report from Salafi suicide bomber explodes next to patrol near border in Gaza. One killed
Why ‘There Will Always Be a Place’ for Horses in the US Border Patrol
Border Patrol ranks have declined over the past year, but CBP official says numbers "don’t tell the whole story."
The one where they get stuck in Canada/border patrol. Has me laughing foreverrr
Border Patrol agents discover 20 smuggled immigrants in truck at I-10 checkpoint in west Texas
likes ILLEGALS so much he's agreed to take in the next rapist or child molester that's caught by Border Patrol. Thanks
Man charged with spraying manure on US Border Protection car
Border Patrol officials are 'moving on' as wall construction remains delayed
Tories released this image when asked who they hoped would patrol their frictionless NI/ROI border.
Border patrol agents find more than 1,000 pounds of marijuana in SUV via
Farmer accused of spraying manure on border patrol cruiser
Hamas commander is killed after Qassam patrol stops two men near Rafah border and one blows himself up. [AR] https:…
are critical to People, drugs, weapons, etc are seized everyday by ➡️h…
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
He is a border patrol soldier, not a commander.
I'd stand with hundreds of Mexicans and a few border patrol agents, but you got them killed with your F…
Man charged with spraying manure on U.S. border patrol car
Man to answer charges he sprayed manure on Border Patrol car. via
Do u stand with the cartel members u sold guns to that then murdered US border patrol with them? https…
Ogdensburg man charged with fleeing police; detained at gunpoint by Border Patrol agent
Crews still working to remove SUV that went off the freeway in Rancho Bernardo during Border Patrol pursuit.
Uum. border patrol rollin around in Willard? 😳
No they are not. But good try. That's border guards u *** Like our border patrol. Ar…
Border Patrol detains 86 undocumented immigrants in Texas, seizes $1M worth of marijuana
3 killed after SUV tumbles into ravine during Border Patrol chase
Three people killed in crash following Border Patrol chase in San Diego
Right now: crews fixing the guard rail on 15S that was damaged during the triple-fatal crash following a Border Patrol pur…
2 people died in rollover crash on SB I-15 in Rancho Bernardo. CHP and US Border Patrol are investigating
Three dead as they tried to flee from Border Patrol agents
Border Patrol chase leads to deadly crash
Seeing a lot of Border Patrol cars on Hwy 59. Odd. Usually don't see them this far out. (I live 145 miles from Laredo, closest crossing.)
"3 Die in San Diego Crash as They Fled From Border Patrol" by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS via NYT
Thanks to the US Border Patrol for your order of products.
Boss: So apparently border patrol caused a crash on the 15 I'm gonna be late. You're in charge. Me: Ordering pizza…
3 dead after Border Patrol pursuit ends in crash.
(USA) "Border Patrol highspeed chase of suspected murdered leads to SUV going into ravine, 3 Dead" Aug 10, 2017 / https:/…
I've been down this path before. It usually lands at "I am anarchist but we n…
CBS 8 ♦ Three people were killed and a fourth was severely injured this afternoon when an SUV involved in a Border… https:/…
Border Patrol officers did in this case. We have other ways to track suspects without endangering the rest…
U-T video ♦ Three people were killed and one suffered major injuries in a crash after a possible Border Patrol…
Or he can offer diplomatic staff an opportunity to fill the 5,000 extra border patrol positions he wants to create...
This middle school teacher was detained by Border Patrol, so she schooled them. . The lesson is liberty.
Who else, but Border Patrol captures people illegally entering the country, does nothing about it & then releases t…
UPDATE: 3 killed in crash on SB I-15 following Border Patrol chase; 3 lanes on SB 15 have reopened at W Bernardo Dr
Millions of gallons of Mexican waste threaten Border Patrol agents
3 killed in high-speed Border Patrol chase on San Diego freeway (LA Times)
U.S. Border Patrol and Air and Marine Operations patrol our coastal borders and maritime approaches to prevent illegal entr…
On a road trip yesterday we saw nine CHP pull overs and four Border Patrol in two separate pull overs. Hwy law enfrcmnt in full effect in CA
Congratulations to Team Hungary! One step closer to Robotic Border patrol. ;) Love PM Vik…
Border Patrol union boss: Drop in apprehensions 'nothing short of miraculous'
Border Patrol: Smuggler abandons vehicle filled with more than 1,000 pounds of marijuana
Women's clothing tips U.S. border patrol to human smuggling in Northern NY |
Simple solution: put wheels on it and have it patrol the border. Easy as pie!
On 12/15/10, Border Patrol agent Brian Terry was murdered by illegal aliens using AK-47s given to them by Hussein Obama's…
Border agents make groundbreaking drug bust on Mexican border via
This is important news for travelers
We love our cops, border patrol, ICE agents, and law enforcement community who help to 🇺🇸
Americans can sleep better at night. U.S. Border Patrol names Carla Provost first woman in history to lead t…
But can you see the wall? It's supposed to be transparent so US Border Patrol can see…
Texas legislature authorized herbicide spraying even tho they know it kills the weed as it poisons drinking water
can thank trump ICE border patrol for your higher produce prices a little side effect that they didn't see coming
Canadian border patrol officer had to check our van today because he "smelled marijuana". Turns out it was just my dads fart😐
I just found out that Border Patrol uses thumpers along the SW border to look for tunnels and my first thought was "NO THE…
Border patrol is a law enforcement agency not a child care center.
Border Patrol says it's barred from searching cloud data on phones via
Mercury One wasn't helping the Border Patrol they were handing out Teddy Bears and welc…
Starting a and seeking meaning in your Join our Border Patrol team & help keep the nation safe! http…
Border Patrol: 40 pounds of drugs found in pickup truck
Kind of like you killing border patrol agents and hiding and lying about it right
Rosaries confiscated from undocumented migrants by US border patrol agents. From a story in the
are used as search and rescue dogs, police dogs performing narcotics and explosives detection, Borde…
As embraces amnesty & illegals, I will continue to stand for safety & Americans.
Holder covered up the death of a border patrol agent and threatened family and coworkers!
Dogs on the job: Greya and Nero work hard to keep our borders safe.
“As long as the catch and release program ends, as long as there is a consequence, a proper consequence, applied...
What does Holder know about integrity after never bringing justice to Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry killed by drug ca…
When border patrol pulls up to the DelTaco
Did Henry Cuellar just tell the national LULAC convention that he wants a more diverse ICE and Border Patrol? Get off stage
Border Patrol's HUGE Independence Day Bust**that will *** Muslim spy Obama off Trump is driving up the price of Obama'sdrugs now*"
What's the difference between Border Patrol and a typical law enforcement agency? Find out on today's ht…
Thanks to Robert Perez (Executive Assistant Commissioner, U.S. Customs & Border Patrol) for your testimony in…
First non-valedictorian DREAMer deported. Border Patrol, this one's for you.
Border Patrol agents assigned to the Nogales Station arrested an who re-entered the country after being depo…
San Diego-based U.S. Border Patrol agent from Chula Vista pleaded guilty to smuggling drugs for cash while on duty. https:…
Two Indian Soldiers killed by Pak Border Patrol Team & a DSP lynched by mob in kashmir. wat r u waiting for?
I wonder how they hire border patrol cops. Are 1 of the requirements you have to hate Mexicans bec…
No border Gov wants a wall, not even really a fence. Yes t…
Four migrants were arrested by U.S. Border Patrol while seeking emergency medical care in the southern Arizona desert.
Two soldiers killed by Border Action Team when armed intruders targeted an area domination patrol of…
. I thought same. How will Border Patrol keep them from using those solar panels for target practice?
& those 302,600 don't want Brenda here so she can go somewh…
Border Patrol agent pleads guilty in drug smuggling case
Shocking raid by and on humanitarian aid group, a ministry of ht…
In VT, "Arrested by After 13Mile Dairy March.". 2 more activists detained.
Immigration activist who says she was victim of retaliation by Border Patrol applies for 'Dreamer' protections
Border Patrol detains two dairy workers driving home from immigrant rights march
Talk to the border patrol, Israel, and just about every secure nation on earth get b…
BreitbartNews: Imo that's an act of war tbqh
Illegals who Kidnapped Border Patrol Agent and Hacked him with a Machete Apprehended!
Hey its called Enforcing THE LAW ensure all is legal immigration."
We need more border patrol at South of the Border, please.
Report from about Border Patrol raid on humanitarian aid encampment on the border
US Border Patrol is actively interfering with humanitarian aid in 100 degree weather
The Trump admin has broken a '13 deal to not raid medical camps treating undocumented migrants in arizona desert
domain names
Maybe instead of hiring more border patrol we should hire more immigration office employees. Then they can get documented? Duh
And getting one of our border patrol agents killed with one of the guns,who's been held r…
Border Patrol rounds up mass of illegal immigrants at desert aid camp via
Border Patrol gears up for rescues, warns migrants looming heat wave can be deadly in southern Arizona's deserts…
Border Patrol has a long history of interfering with humanitarian aid efforts
From our 2011 report: Border Patrol deported 86 percent of people needing emergency medical care without treating them. h…
Border Patrol Ordered to “Negotiate” with Illegal Immigrants in Arizona via
60+ Chaldean Catholic Assyrian refugees in Detroit face deportation after they were detained at a Sunday Church service by…
WPOST: Border Patrol arrests 4 men at medical camp run by aid group
Thread on important issue often overlooked by US media: Border Patrol's sabotaging of humanitarian aid for migrants: ht…
'Shameful' Border Patrol raid on humanitarian aid camp at US-Mexico border puts lives at risk, volunteers say
More taking off the shackles: US Border Patrol raids humanitarian aid camp in Arizona dessert.
Border Patrol allegedly violates agreement to arrest immigrants at medical humanitarian camp in desert.
Border Patrol is using aid camp as a "trap" to detain ppl seeking help while crossing into US.
Final Update: Aliens found at No More Deaths camp in good health and one is an aggravated felon Details:https:/…
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NEW: "Agents say that although Trump promised border security, DHS is still implementing Obama sanctuary policies."🔎. htt…
A desert base for No More Deaths was raided by border agents on Thursday. Unlike previous raids, this time they ...
Here's that BOLO on the "kidnapped" Border Patrol agent (I redacted FBI names and phone numbers.)
Time to put National Guard on border and arm Border Patrol..
An off-duty Border Patrol agent was found by the side of the road in New Mexico Friday night severely beaten.
1/2 Three BLM protestors attacked border patrol agent from behind in Arcadia CA from behind. Struck him on head w/bat, put gun in his face..
Texacans more than likely. The Mexicans in west Texas are very conser…
Muslims make their way to America via Mexico. STOPPED DEAD at the Border by TRUMP'S Border Patrol! Yeehah! Turn aro…
That time JBL did border patrol and inspired Donald Trump's presidential campaign.
An off duty border patrol officer shot and killed 14 year old last night. . (Arcadia, near…
Mexico's chemical weapon attack on the US. -
Make Illegals swim back through this. Border Patrol agents infected after sewage spill from Mexico into Califo -
Mexican waste flowing into USA causing a health crisis
'Agent Orange’ caliber sewage from Mexico injures Border Patrol agents, creates 'no-go' zone, threatens Trump wall.
Then there's the "militia," vigilantes who take it upon themselves to patrol the border. "With the migrants I'm... https:…
Border states are more likely to encounter immigration agents, especially…
We know each of the efforts above cost the lives of Americans.
UNACCEPTABLE. Police asked injured man about his immigration status before offering medical aid. He was later detained…
Ukraine's sailors patrol tense sea border with Russia
Sewage seeping from Mexico into California causing rashes on Border Patrol agents via…
THR: Border Patrol agents infected, Navy SEALs change training after sewage spill from Mexico into Califo (WT)
.ran into a lot of issues trying to get through U.S. Customs and Border Patrol. Catch the full vid
Adrian VanLoon from Bailey, MI. Currently serving with the Border Patrol in Marfa, TX.
The daily dangers faced by our Border Patrol.
Over 16 years, the U.S. Border Patrol documented 6,023 deaths in the 4 states bordering Mexico
From 2000 through 2016, "the Border Patrol documented 6,023 deaths," more than 9/11 and Katrina combined
Trump reads poem The Snake 🐍Watch a portion of. it as he dedicates it to . Gen Kelly, Border Patrol, & ICE Agents.
The title of the song is Border Patrol, by James S. Levine :)
.reads Al Wilson's 'The Snake,' dedicating it to Director John Kelly, the Border Patrol, and agents.
A team at St Joseph, Missouri Special Olympics Polar Plunge dressed as US Border Patrol marched a man in sombrero & poncho a…
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Accused smugglers run from Border Patrol agents, end up driving right into the Rio Grande river…
Border Patrol approached the truck, prompting the driver to reverse — straight into the river.
Dems can suck it up. We're getting our wall, higher budget for our military and Border Patrol.
Mexican authorities arrest suspect in killing of a U.S. Border Patrol agent.
🔴Suspect arrested in slaying of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry. Now let's arrest Obama and Holder for their part! https:…
Trump's candidate to head U.S. Border Patrol (is under FBI Investigation
Suspect in Murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry Arrested in Mexico: A cartel member suspected of…
We’re also going to hire 5,000 more Border Patrol agents, or instead gently press the water out.
A fifth member of the Mexican “rip crew” suspected in the 2010 murder of U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry has …
So happy the Fed govt is enforcing our laws & supporting our border patrol so they can prot…
One idea under consideration for beefing up the Border Control is employing members of drug cartels.
Nets blackout breaking news that authorities have captured the alleged murderer of Border Agent Brian Terry
To better prepare them for real world situations, we are enrolling all border patrol agents in United Airlines' customer…
Mexican fugitive accused of killing a U.S. Border Patrol agent was captured more than six years after a slaying:
As long as they're deporting people.
Double sigh, it was executed under Obama and US border patrol agents died! justify that?
Weird how this Cartel murderer of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry wasn't arrested during 6 years of the Obama admin.
Mexican authorities arrest fifth suspect in 2010 murder of Border Patrol agent
CC: and . Border patrol on both sides are part of the trafficking.😡
This is the guy who spent months undercover as militia border patrol and then in corrections, right?
You should have asked Paul Ryan about this today.
Why we need . WND TV: Border patrol union president rips Paul Ryan for delaying funding on border wall
In rush for new agents, Border Patrol weighing eliminating its polygraph program. "Not a lot of people are passing." h…
BREAKING: ACLU affiliates file 13 lawsuits with Border Patrol offices to get to the bottom of Trump's Muslim ban
’Fast & Furious’ cartel hitman who killed Border Patrol agent arrested in Mexico
Suspect arrested in murder of Border Patrol agent.
Authorities have arrested a Mexican drug cartel member suspected of killing a US Border Patrol agent in 2010...
.speaking tonight at Crystal Bridges. Interesting chat here from 2012 about U.S. Border Patrol
Tell that to the coal miners in VA, Ford auto workers in MI, Keystone Pipeline new hires,…
"given up his cellphone and password for an unwarranted search a few days prior while re-entering the USA."
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When border patrol demands your phone: Our view
Border Patrol agents arrest 15 carrying bales of marijuana
Border Patrol agents find more than $50k hidden inside tortilla dough |
TX border town locals 'very fond' of patrol officers...
Try going to Mexico illegally. See how fast Mexican border patrol will turn you around or arrest you on spot.
& US Border Patrol are responding to 0 Ave & 174 St for reports of a person that ran the border into Canada.
He was surrounded by officers who grabbed his legs, placed him in a chokehold and physically removed his cellphone.
Today was chill until I started spazzing out because I forgot that there's a border patrol check on the way back from salton sea
This is in reference to Border Patrol recruitment @ CSUN's Non-Profit and government career fair.…
Thank you Dallas, Texas with some of our amazing Border Patrol Agents.
After Trump stopped by, border agents found a political voice: “We’re not going to apologize for what we believe in”
DIVERSITY . Illegal alien runs over & kills an entire White Ohio family . . htt…
Border Agents: ‘We’re Not Going to Apologize for What we Believe In’ via
Wake up...its border security run by that is responsible for fencing and patrol.
THANK YOU! Border Patrol seizes drugs including 402 pounds of meth and arrests 19 in California operation
Looking through everything on someone’s phone is not the same as looking inside a bag. via
A1: Sunland Park & Anthony Police both don't have policy but don't make it a practice to call Border Patrol for interpretation.
Suspect in rape at Maryland school was stopped 7 months ago by Border Patrol
Armed vigilantes hunt migrants on the edge of Europe via
Thanks for a great look into the sad reality that is going on at our borders. Those border patrol agents…
Hats off to the Kekistani Border Pepe patrol!
Mobile County Sheriffs and Border Patrol searching for driver of stolen vehicle
This is how I feel when we are playing border patrol on
Want to see what real border fences look like around the world, look at these and then thank the man who understands
Our men and women in the border patrol war serve their country every day without recognition or ribbons.
that picture isnt a Border Patrol agent.
Mexican mocks border patrol at the trump wall: via
I added a video to a playlist Mexican mocks border patrol at the trump wall
This is a heartwarming sight. Go for it, Border Patrol! DJT 45 has given you the GREEN light to MASafeA!!
as human beings as they get abused half to death in front of some border patrol *** That's scenario here in hating Jew...
Border Patrol agents seize 136 pounds of marijuana at Falfurrias checkpoint
Probably has more to do with the Border Patrol being allowed to do their jobs.
My mother paid 2,000 (basically all her savings )to the border patrol to get my truck back
Will never see her again .. mind you this guy has family in Juarez and my truck has been recently taken by the border patrol for using it to
Were you on Delta on 2/22/17 - the flight met by border patrol agents demanding ID? Please get in touch...
Buffalo man turned over to Border Patrol agents after Amherst stop
NBPC and working on plans to hire additional 5000 Border Patrol agents
all the applicant should go through screening to prevent problems. Poor judgement on Border Patrol's. . part
All the Secret Service, Border Patrol drive these Hybrids. They no longer make them. Too expensive.
Border Patrol apprehensions plummet as Trump turns up heat
Border patrol also prevent drugs from coming in n they need the help
I do know he's adding 5K border patrol which is needed I have friends back home Brownsville who r in border patrol
Sen. Jeff Flake's bill would let Border Patrol waive lie-detector tests for some recruits
This man's family has had a ranch on the border since 1896. His biggest problem? Border Patrol doesn't shut gates. https:…
Well, no wonder no one wants to deal with border patrol! That guy was a complete ***
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... not have any form of border patrol. We simply allow people who do not possess contraband...
Philippines to seek joint border patrol vs Abus |
Plus, There are about 6,000 unfilled gov't positions 2,000 in border patrol alone!
"[T]he [calls ... American Border Patrol, a hate group" but it ONLY notifies
Children can go to with their parents. USA border patrol wont separate them. Go the *** out of my country.The whole family.
I liked a video from Border Patrol - 100% Pure Slaughterfest (Black Ops 2)
The villain is literally a border patrol cyborg named Donald trying to drag mexican bootleg children over DA WALL.
I just got an INCREDIBLY weird macho "join customs and border patrol" ad on Hulu?
US Border Patrol struggling to find qualified hires via
US Border Patrol struggling to find qualified hires to add to its ranks via the Android app
A fugitive being dragged by border patrol across the USA border.
Border Patrol agents in the El Centro Sector arrested a previously deported sex offender in southern California.
Supreme Court weighs case of Mexican teen fatally shot by Border Patrol agent
Does the state not force taxpayers to pay for Border Patrol, ICE, walls, detention centers, and employer raids?
Border Patrol seizes 3,000 pounds of weed disguised as watermelons
apparently border patrol between here and LA are checking for documentation to see if ur a us citizen lmfao?
Shout out to our US Customs and Border Patrol Thank You for Taking the Heat for You
South Texas jury acquits Border Patrol agent of murder, but convicts him of aiding drug cartel.
Texas Border Patrol agent convicted of aiding drug cartel
In response to Dutch gov suspends negotiations about allowing US border patrol to work at A'dam airport. http…
Just in:. Trump's newest appointment for border patrol
If you're traveling between SD & LA - Heads up! Border Patrol checkpoint near Camp Pendleton is active. They are asking for do…
If Trump is ordering Customs and Border Patrol to violate a court order from a federal judge, he's breaking the law, yes?
head of Border Patrol? Joe Arpaio of Arizona or Sheriff Clarke
Trump fires Border Patrol Chief. Excellent news, that guy did not have the same agenda as the rest of the US! .
THREE POINTS, AZ (Tucson News Now) - An undocumented migrant assaulted and tried to stab a Border Patrol agent on...
Border patrol and ICE are federal jobs. He froze federal hiring. No new jobs.
Border Patrol agent assaulted by migrant southwest of Tucson
Jury to decide Border Patrol agent's fate ... via
Border Patrol agent assaulted with a knife
Trump administration tells Border Patrol chief to pack his bags one day after the president ordered Homeland Security to build his wall
Border Patrol agents are in favor of Trumps EO putting them back in compliance with US immigration enforcement law. ht…
🚨Breaking: US Border Patrol Chief resigns after clashing with pro-Trump union‼️
Border Patrol Agent assaulted with knife; Suspect arrested . .
Enough BS. If a "wall" gets built, one way or other, the Middle Class pays for it. . "Trump's 20%" "Border Patrol"
⚡️ “U.S. Border Patrol chief has left the agency”.
The Obama era of open borders & enforcement sabotage is over. Good news for ICE, Border Patrol, Detention & Removal Off…
. 6 or 7 strand barbed wire with seismic sensor and a Border Patrol that will catch and deport instead of release Works!
Leakers say Trump is childish. He’s still lying about voter fraud. Mass resignations at State. Border Patrol chief runs. Rough d…
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