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Boobie Miles

James Boobie Miles (born April 16, 1970 in Houston, Texas) was a high school football tail back, and was a primary subject in the book Friday Night Lights: A Town, a Team, and a Dream by H.G.

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Mark Ingram being placed on IR got me feelin' like Billy Bob Thornton when he found out Boobie Miles tore his ACL.
Caller: Mike, you know you're the original Boobie Miles you fat F. Mike: School's out early.
"You know Mike Winchell, you have a natural ability for throwing Boobie Miles the ball."
Somebody who tryna help you grow as a person and vice versa 😍
Despite any female I'm talking to or have talked to I already know who gone be my wife
what's deal brodie.?!? I juss been out here chillin and grinding how ya life been
You got some special and I don't wanna let go
My big sis and big brother got mo rank in the city than most off these clowns out tryna make a name for yaselves in the streets
Now you gone been gone to long.I lay in bed wishing yo side was warm
I wish I could go back in time when everything was fine and when you was mine πŸ‘ŒπŸΎ
Best wishes!!! I sure wish you were a Razorback! Would love to see you tote that pill this year on the hill!
"This is God given, all I gotta do is show up" -Boobie miles
Feeling like boobie miles and Jason street
When I need motivation she my one solution cause she always there when I need her 😏
I told this guy the other day I went to Permian high school and he asked me if I knew boobie miles lol
When people stare at me for too long
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you was a baby Fam you didn't know what to future was gone be πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
lol NEVA.I dont do nun relating bball
Gotta pretty lil thang and she go hard in every way, make want ha everyday
All I meant is I wish you the best. Sorry for the way it came out.
Friday Night Lights tells the story of Boobie Miles so well, devastating what happened to him.
Might as well call JC's running back Boobie Miles .. Dude went off
I go a lotta miles like boobie.I don't spit lies everything truly
it's good to be a COLONEL! Will you be at the scrimmage tomorrow?
Safety carrying it the rest of the way.
That's like a torn ACL to an athlete.. Boobie Miles, Friday Lights capture me. In my hometown...
INJURY UPDATE ➑️ WR will make his return to the lineup Sunday vs. OTT.
Gotta keep faith in God cause God is Good.
the best HS backs ever come from Texas. Earl Campbell, Eric Dickerson, Boobie Miles, AP
We off early today 😎 but I can't do nun cuz I'm on crutches 😀
I'm single and I'll be sure to let the world know when that changes...relax.
the great thing about God ... we owe him nothing! YOUR BLESSINGS
Thank God for what you have. Trust God for what you need.
CB Kevon Seymour on Adoree': "I don't know if you've seen Friday Night Lights. Adoree' is like our Boobie Miles."
CB on "He can kick. He can run. I don't know if y'all seen Friday Night Lights, but Adoree' i…
Put that .45 to his chest, now they call him boobie Miles πŸ˜³πŸ˜–πŸ™ŠπŸ‘€
Morgan doesn't know who Boobie Miles is...
New cut got me feeling like boobie miles
What if boobie miles never got hurt ?
.45 to his chest call em Boobie Miles
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Bet he rest 45 to his chest call em Boobie Miles
"You get more hillbilly everyday I see you man." . -Norman Miles
4 5 to his chest call em' Boobie Miles ❗️❗️
You couldnt tell chase he wasn't BOOBIE miles in high school lmao
Y'all want to win put Boobie miles in
Where you at these days? Spoke to your high school football team last season... Saw your records.
I'm like Boobie Miles in the black nikes
When Boobie Miles cried to his uncle
Glad my dawgs ain't never lost faith.! πŸ‘ŒπŸΎπŸ’―
give me a healthy Boobie miles over Barry
If she can't ride three or four years while you in college imagine for the rest of your lifeπŸ’―
Check out my latest interview with 2015 NFL Draft Prospect, CB out of Fresno State, Curtis Riley (http…
Floyd Mayweather is the Boobie Miles of boxing.
45 to his chest , call him Boobie Miles
45 to Ya chest call you boobie miles
This should have been Blazer halftime speech. (Replace boobie miles with Wes)
But nothing brought more tears to my eyes than watching Boobie Miles reach at his knee all cause that *** lost his helmet.
The part In Friday Night Lights where Boobie Miles tears his acl gets me so annoyed
Watching Boobie Miles' knee tear is heartbreaking every time
All purpose parts banner
Post injury boobie miles.yup that's me
"I get straight A's I'm an afathlete, you know!" Boobie Miles πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½
45 to his chest call em Boobie Miles
depends on the day but some are the same. i.e. Kanye "Can't Tell Me Nothing", Krit "Boobie Miles, Ross Neighborhood Drug Dealer
Now the trainers call me boobie miles πŸ˜“
It hurts to see boobie miles go down
Call me crazy but Texas Western, with Boobie Miles at point guard, will win the national title by beating a tough Kentucky team
that's big news if confirmed. Also hearing from sources that Boobie Miles and Tim Riggins will also be attending.
Ezekiel Elliot is a combination of Boobie Miles and Bobby Boucher
Charles Woodson, Deion Sanders, Barry Sanders, Randy Moss and Boobie Miles are the top 5 football players I ever seen
In the famous words of Boobie Miles " This is god given, all we gotta do is show up"
Boobie Dixon with 51 yds rushing. That's the best performance by a Boobie since Miles went nuts for in the late 80s.
β€œThere's never been a player who has has his first name used more often in play-by-play than Boobie Dixon.” Boobie Miles
Having Boobie Dixon in the backfield is the closest the Bills will ever get to having Boobie Miles running the ball, so I guess its okay
Boobie Miles is the running back for Buffalo now with Spiller and Jackson out. He got his chance.
Boobie Dixon has the same first name as Boobie Miles! We're good!
When I heard we had a running back named Boobie I thought it was Boobie Miles.
maybe they should get Boobie Miles.
Now entering the game for the Buffalo Bills...RB Boobie Miles...I mean Boobie Dixon.
Buffalo about to give Boobie Miles or Smash Williams a call.
Boobie Miles in for RB for the bills.
I'm assuming if RB Boobie Dixon gets hurt, Boobie Miles gets the call.
No one is as good as Boobie Miles. No one.
Its not just him. Its a very common nickname for whatever reason. Boobie Miles, Boobie Dixon, Boobie Gibson, etc..
Boobie Miles from Friday Night Lights is the only running back left for the Bills??
Boobie Miles, best tragic character in literature.
Tre Mason started jookin after his first TD in the NFL
Just rest that shoulder Jimmy Graham, didn't you learn anything from Boobie Miles?!
Mario Balotelli reminds me of Boobie Miles from Friday Night Lights.
Boobie Miles. Big K.R.I.T. It's like he's a distant cousin from the south. You too real cuz
VIDEO: An 8-year-old with Down syndrome gets to score a touchdown in a high school game
β€œIs that too much to ask, too much to ask? Am I wanting too much, to want it to last?”
Enjoyed watching you play today son. Love, "Aunt Debbie" RTR!
I want to thank these guys for being with me my senior year. It's been a pleasure blocking for my QB and Boobie Miles
Tide pride! Great game. Hope to see more of u. Been following u since ur senior year in high school. Roll Tide!
πŸ‘Žβ€œBest high school football is in CALI hands down!!”
Great job today. You ran hard and punished some tacklers
so proud of and al the rest of the team that I can't tag.! …
Great to see you out there today Altee. It was a fun game to watch. Appreciate all your effort & hard work. Roll Tide.
Since when does Boobie Miles play for Nebraska?
I saw you out there today running over fools
I wish Gerry Bertier and Boobie Miles played for Iowa State
People don't know that I'm the real boobie miles πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
We runnin miles like boobie whenever she at my house she do me, mean while she rollin my doobie
Can't even imagine how boobie miles felt..
Im feeling like boobie miles right now
Boobie miles is the best running back to ever play the *** game!
Joyner looks exactly like Boobie Miles. That's a great sign.
Boobie Miles Practicing every athlete got that one family member or friend that does this
It's tough knowing all I got left is memories ..
Bro everytime i see boobie miles hurt his knee on Friday Night Lights i get mad
Song of the day: Boobie Miles by owww we today
Pulling a Boobie Miles this year and jogging to every practice during camp because I'm back on my poor college kid budget lol
You know if a song is called Boobie Miles it has to be great.
Friday Night Lights when they told Boobie Miles he couldn't play anymore is up there.
Boobie miles was like that in Friday Night Lights
My homie been tryna get me to listen to Big Krit for a while, I listened to the first verse of that boobie miles song. Tr…
Never once when I have a conversation with a young girl am I not reminded that I’m having a conversation with a young girl.
Why do I have visions of Boobie Miles when I see Charles running the ball for the Chiefs?
"This is God-given...only thing I gotta do is just show up" -Boobie Miles. 10 sprints at 12 mph or…
Reilly doesn't know who boobie miles is..
I wonder what would have happened if Boobie Miles wore the white Adidas rather than, his black Nikes.
I just made boobie miles in my road to glory
nope you just jumped the gun. Van Gaal doesn't even want him on the low cuz he's got boobie miles knee
Was Derek Luke an athlete in school forreal? he played Boobie Miles & Bobby Joe Hill
Mike Winchell, you got a natural ability... for throwing Boobie Miles the bal
With the 108th pick in the 2014 NFL draft, the Seattle Seahawks select: Boobie Miles, Running back, Permian High school.
did you play Boobie Miles in Friday Night Lights? 🏈
just the top five, but . 1. Boobie Miles . 2. Tim Riggins . 3. Smash Williams . 4. Jason Street . 5. Vince Howard
My sister is obsessed with boobie miles
I'm glad you accept you're wrong and accept it's ok. I do like the movie just not Boobie Miles
I refuse to close my eyes and think about Boobie Miles
"Put in Boobie Miles if you wanna win coach, put me in"
Let's face it. If Boobie Miles didn't tear his ACL, Permian would've easily won the state championship
Mind blown: the real life boobie miles from Friday Night Lights is related to Von Miller
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I want you to close your eyes and think about Boobie miles
S/O to my best friend uncle tearing boobie miles' ACL and making this Friday Night Lights movie on AMC right now possible
Big KRIT broke the game down for u on "Boobie Miles"
"i can't do nothing else but play football…"--the 1 scene in that actually makes me feel bad 4 Boobie Miles
"If you wanna win, put Boobie in and let me spin" -Boobie Miles πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
The scene where Boobie Miles breaks down after clearing out his locker gets me every time :'(
When Boobie Miles is crying in the car with his dad it kills me every time.
If boobie miles never got hurt Permian would have won state
I feel like boobie miles wit my knee
When Boobie Miles gets back in his car after cleanin out his locker...> >
This scene when Boobie Miles cries in the car is Top 5 saddest movie scenes ever
That Jaqqaiden Slade is a mucka luckin beaszt... I hear he plays D Tackle on Dallas Carter or something... Heard he killed boobie miles...
I always cringe when Boobie Miles goes down with that knee injury.
Big K.R.I.T- boobie miles is the realist song I ever heard
That part in Friday Night Lights where Boobie Miles cries with his dad breaks my heart. I cry every time!
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If Boobie Miles hadn't gotten hurt, would the Permian Panthers have won state?
Friday Night Lights is on? That's gotta be one of my favorite all time football movies. Boobie miles?!? 🏈
Shouldn't have put Boobie Miles in the game coach.
Boobie Miles ruined his football career
Boobie Miles a fool for going back in the game with a messed up ACL
Wanted everyone to know that me and the great Boobie Miles share the same birthday. Was 2 days ago. You could still send Boobie a card.
Every time I watch Friday Night Lights I think of saying "you ain't no boobie miles"
I don't know which FNL injury is more heartbreaking, boobie miles in the movie, or j street in the series. I still can't look every time πŸ’”
β€œEvery team has their own Boobie Miles” blow. well just the way he acts.
I don't need nothin in Midline those rich hillbillies haven't seen nothing as pretty as Boobie Miles
The loss of Boobie Miles can not result in the loss of this season!
Me and Boobie Miles got a lot in common.
I will never get over boobie miles 's injury
I cringe everytime in Friday Night Lights when Boobie Miles gets hurt
When Boobie Miles tore his angel cried
I wonder what boobie miles junior highlight tape look like
Nvm it's on the part were Boobie miles get hurt πŸ˜“
Boobie Miles was so *** filthy! A little Barry Sanders in them legs
Every team has their own Boobie Miles
If boobie miles was humble maybe things would've turned out different πŸ˜•
Am I the only person who doesn't respect Boobie Miles
when I pull up she call me boobie miles...
Friday Night Lights is on amc I really might shed a slow tear out here for boobie miles
Feeling like boobie miles right about now
I just wanna thank God for all my recent endeavors,after all he gave me the talent to put these words together,we got alot of big things planned for this year so be prepared ,Boobie Miles EP coming soon...Be Perfect
I decided to change the name of my EP from Las Vegas to Boobie Miles,so Boobie Miles coming this fall...carry on
Pass knowledge amongst yo team but carry the flame cause its yours and yours alone to brighten your way put god first and free your soul cause even Olympic runners sometimes lose they gold- Boobie Miles
This lady working out like she's training for the Olympics lol. Making me want to get back in Military shape, even though Iwas never really in Military shape, my shape was God-Given like Boobie Miles, all I had to do was show up.
Now I know how Boobie Miles uncle felt in Friday Night Lights. Ceil blew out her arm in yesterday's softball game.
Every great athlete was a sociopath dude... Tiger Woods?! Boobie Miles?!
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Nick Foles talkin like Boobie Miles and it's amazing.
How did Chris Comer not have his helmet? Why run Boobie Miles when in the 4th quarter?
when The coach had the team put Boobie Miles in their Hearts at halftime in Friday Night Lights.
When I die, I wanna come back as the next Boobie Miles
Boobie Miles 2 "I wonder how a person skills fall off so drastically like that"
Would be quite awesome if threw in a Boobie Miles reference for Shep Little in the recap
u should have never been arguing with me... You know i was Bush Boobie Miles lol that came out fresh yr lol
God struck down Boobie Miles knees to humble him
Yeah so is playing like Boobie Miles today.
How has there not been a good running back yet to honor Boobie Miles and wear 45 ?
Boobie Miles in Friday Night Lights the movie may be the most emotional well acted roles in a movie ever
A little Boobie Miles to get my Saturday started
Half of the Boobie Avengers having fun at breakfast miles
"BOOBIE MILES don't need no practice!! Lmfao"
BOOBIE MILES don't need no practice!! Lmfao
is teaching me how to change a German tire at breakfast. Don't think he knows how to actually change one
You know why I wear Nikes? Cuz Boobie Miles wears Niks. You don't see him out there ballin' out with Adidas on
Myles Jack is the reincarnation of Boobie Miles
I'm going to be so upset of Kurt Caselli really did die at Baja 1000. I heard someone put a boobie trap 80 miles before the finish.
it was a joke, boobie miles was the RB for Odessa in Friday Night Lights
Billy beane ranks up there with boobie miles as my favorite movie athletes
my son Cody and Austin named him Boobie Miles because we live in Texas and are a football family.
Myles Jack might be Boobie Miles reincarnated. Not sure Boobie is dead yet. Nevertheless.
u went in Club Karma n mistake go Mc triple D for Boobie Miles off Friday Night Lights
This chick on the train, I kno she pooted & she looked at me like I was crazy cuz I was coverin my nose. stank ahh
Shout me out so I can get to 1,000 followers
He got the boobie miles syndrome lol
Boobie Miles shoulda been squatting and stretching... Dirtbag
I feel like Boobie Miles clearing out his locker right now
"Should've we believe the hype?" "Hype is something that's not real, I'm all real" - Boobie Miles
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Reporter: Should we believe the hype? . Boobie Miles: What hype?... Now hype is something that's not for real. I'm all real.
"Do you believe the hype about Boobie Miles?" "Na, hype is something that isn't real...I'm all real."
Imma knock them out with niks on my feet, and imma smile when I do it . -Boobie Miles
I'm gunna do Boobie Miles for my Monologue today
Treating myself to a bag of Haribo Tangfastics,, lost a ton of weight ovboobie, awh i still got love
The team will take the Oil Can down to San Diego with them, let's make sure we bring it back home with us!
β€œWhen you think you havin a bad day just think...poor lil tink tink”
I need some Waffle House in my life 😩😩😩
it was nice to show people all these talkers not to sleep on our D
can I get a follow back man. Would be cool
y'all boys out there winning iSee, that's wassup
A little bit of me died when Boobie miles tore his knee 😒
alright fellas, let's get ready for SDSU!!
I'm trying bruh & one of the best & worst decision I've ever made but it worked out for the best bruh can't complain
preciate it bruh. I ain't get one this week tho but I got ya next time
Good luck to my dawg I need another INT bruh take one toda crib!
I can't watch Boobie Miles get hurt in Friday Night Lights... Makes me sick
Boobie miles was foreal in dix movie
There aren't many heartbreaking moments in movies like when Boobie Miles goes down
These Bulldogs are really havin a special season. 1-0 every week!
I think we can all blame it on Colmer that Boobie Miles tore his ACL.
Easy, that's why we're ranked 2nd folks, take notes.
Odessa my second home like I'm Boobie Miles
3rd rushing TD of the game for Byron Marshall - Ducks now lead 48-24 with 9:31 to play in the 3rd Qtr
Marcus Mariota has now thrown 50 career TD passes at Oregon - a TD pass in 20 consecutive games he's played.
Tyner is going to be a *** stud when he's a junior or senior.
hope you healing up good. I bet you wanted in THAT game a lot but at least there were no Hogs twerking. Come back stronger
Thomas Tyner with the 66-yard touchdown run. Didn't even look like he was at full speed at the end, and still pulling awa…
Mariota fumbles. His first turnover of the season. Cougs recover.
Lol. to funee. Usin da Boobie Miles voice. U wanna win, put Jameis in. Def gettin my pic with him after da game.
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Best running backs in the country Dee Hart Jalston Fowler
2nd rushing TD of the game for Byron Marshall - 71 yard drive in 4 plays and :49 seconds - Oregon leads WSU 20-7 with 5:47 …
240 passes without an INT is now the PAC-12 record
Them rich hill billies ain't never seen nothing as pretty as Boobie Miles knee.
I'm scrounging so *** fantasy football right now I got Brett Favre at QB, Boobie Miles at RB, Michael Irvin off the Longest Yard, Aaron Hernandez and the Dillon Panthers defense starting.
So ready for this weekend, and it's only Monday
I'M literally boobie miles now smh I told coach let me spin and I ended up getting hurt lol
ooowwwe !! Turn up nig. Ima make sure I watch that .. Keep grinding fool .. Ima meet you at te top
πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’― I'm just gonna take this time out to get bigger & faster .. How that lookin for you doe ?
same as me last year but look where I'm at na. Jus stay focused bruh
GTA V is gunna make me lose all my A's in class.
shyt I can't turn up until next season big dawg
don't like to be asked 21 questions but won't tell you that your talking is bothering them. You will see it on th…
Tables turn, bridges burn, you live and learn.
A group of Jaguars fans holding a rally in EverBank Field parking lot at 3:16 p.m. ET today to encourage team to sign Ti…
I'm not gon get my GTA V until I got at least 3 A's in my classes cuz all this game gon do is make my grades worse
Jk, I'm not. But I'm the best got dang cook this side of the Mississippi!
they should watch Friday Night Lights and see what happened when Boobie Miles rushed back
Send me some followers bihh you hoggin em
A 2 hour workout to start my day, fantastic. It's gunna be a great day.
just want you to be healthy Dont Boobie Miles yourself. Prayers up for you lil homie!!!
"Ima knock em out with Nikes on my feet and Ima smile when I do it" ~Boobie Miles
!β€œIts like once everything is on track on place. Something else falls of
No more u of a this weekend. Big Boobie miles is flying in.
Great game saturday yall keep the tide nation right
Everytime I watch Friday Night Lights (movie) I forget how good it is. Boobie Miles story makes me so sad
After watching Lesean McCoy's E60, I'm almost positive that he is Boobie Miles.
LMFAO "Drake bout to have me picking up prostitutes on Grand Theft Auto V & driving them safely to a bet…
Boobie Miles gone do it with black nikes on his feet
Playing Madden 25 with my lil brother!
Honestly if boobie miles wasn't such a *** and didn't hide the dudes helmet he woulda made the league
The boobie miles scene in Friday Night Lights is way to familiar..
don't forget to throw them gloves up to the fans at the end of the game Saturday at BDS. My kids will be waiting for ya!
Why did Bo Jackson and Boobie Miles have to get hurt in their prime
Tony Gonzalez for Boobie Miles before the injury
"Go be perfect, Win the Pico Rivera League!" -Boobie Miles voice LMFAO!.
Boobie Miles crying and talking in the car in is almost as funny as Cuba Gooding Jr. swinging at the air in
Me, Omar Epps, Boobie Miles, Bill Bellamy and D. Wade All-Conference first team darkskin
I just tricked tyree into eating nerds in class bro it was so loud
did I give you my black and white vapor trails?
Boobie miles. Gotcha girl kissin on me
Happy birthday to my kinfolk and the best boobie miles I know .
Kobe going out like boobie miles lol
Boobie miles would have been the GOAT
What's even more awkward than how I get called Boobie Miles, trolled for a min, me in him were both born in a St. Lukes hospital.
Would you be able to handle Boobie Miles on your team?
Boobie miles had big plans.boosie fade and all
When I think about playing tomorrow with my ankle, I think of Boobie Miles trying to play after he tore his ACL in Friday Night Lights...
I choose my boo *** 4 life I'm still sick tho lol but it's all lub ❀
Oh I def need a girlfriend to take care of me brothaman doesn't feel good at all πŸ˜–πŸ˜–
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