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Boobie Miles

James Boobie Miles (born April 16, 1970 in Houston, Texas) was a high school football tail back, and was a primary subject in the book Friday Night Lights: A Town, a Team, and a Dream by H.G.

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This is more than about you and I. This is about the legend of Boobie Miles.
I always think about what the reporters asked Boobie Miles on Friday Night Lights when it comes to hype
R.I.P. Altee your legacy will always live on πŸ™πŸΎ you'll never be forgotten
And Friday Night Lights after boobie miles cleaned out his locker 😒
Bruh Boobie Miles had it rough on Friday Night Lights. Got to humble yourself.
I got a lot enemy's cuz I'm Boobie Miles without the injury
Bad & Boujee is a good song in my book just because it has a Boobie Miles reference
Scene with boobie miles and his father in the car when he find out he can't ever play again
If Boobie Miles would have lifted he could have been 1 of the best RBs of ever, yet he relied on his talent & his knee wasn't strong enough.
lmao..!!! Put boobie miles in coach and watch me spin..! *Friday Night Lights*
Friday Night Lights. Cuz Isaac still boobie miles.
Do you believe the hype of Boobie miles? What hype? Hype something that's not real I'm al real.
Boobie Miles will always be a starter on my fictional team roster, but Willie Weathers would easily be my 3rd down back πŸ˜‚
Bruno being able to play guitar is like Boobie Miles being able to pass. Unfairly talented
Blackmon looks kinda like Boobie Miles trying to play after that first knee injury
Boobie Miles gotta be Krit best song to date lol
I'm looking for a boobie miles throwback jersey
I want a Willie Beamen jersey, Boobie Miles letterman jacket, and throw in the fresh Prince Bel Aire jersey
all that's needed is icebox O'shea and boobie miles and you the all pro team in names.
Bro, boobie miles was better than lance Sullivan. Boobie just had a rough life as a kid lol
Boobie Miles is the right answer here
I dare you to find me one man that didn’t cry watching Friday Night Lights when Boobie Miles talked about buying his uncle a house.
πŸ€”wasnt that tall dude shaq on the lakers?Pretty sure he was in his prime right? Nvm u right LeBron had zydraunus il…
Call me Boobie cause of all these miles I'm bouta travel
My knee her bad I'm feelin like boobie miles rn
For those who don't know he's referring to Boobie Miles from Friday Night Lights he was a dog
Tell me why my man looks like Boobie Miles
Boobie miles can flat out play football. *** the boy can fill the Gatorade cooler, walk the dog and paint your back porch.
Ohio State needs to put Boobie Miles in the game
Is that Bo, or is that Boobie Miles?!?
Boobie Miles crying to his uncle that he can't do nothing but play football after cleaning out his locker rips my heart out every time 😭
Boobie Miles would've excelled in a read-option offense
The one. The only...and the greatest Boobie miles πŸ’―
Jabril Peppers gotta come out the tunnel in the second half like Boobie Miles
worried about a Boobie Miles moment.
That was close to being a Boobie Miles type injury
Boobie Miles is fighting for carries on that team
Want to get motivated listen to boobie miles by
Boobie Miles x Big KRIT is my motivational theme song.
*** didn't know Boobie Miles was in prison
That's my nephew number 45 boobie miles
Yes to this too! πŸ˜«πŸ™πŸ½ inclusive of banana clip theory, REM, down & out and of course boobie miles
Cam is referring to himself in the third person. I told y'all he was Boobie Miles.
The loss of Boobie Miles can not result in the loss of this season
That scene in "Friday Nights Lights" when Boobie Miles cried his eyes out because he couldn't play football anymore I wanted to cry too
Cam Akers is the real-life version of the cinematized Boobie Miles.
" Hype is something that's not for real " - Boobie Miles.
I wish Quavo comparing his finessing to Ratatouille and Boobie Miles was the "Bad & Boujee" part that went viral but alas cant win them all.
If you start your day listening to Big KRIT "Boobie Miles" you can not lose
4-5 to your chest. Call em boobie miles
Just saw Antwone Fisher 4 the 1st time. Inspiring is an understatement! Been a fan since Boobie Miles but this one topped it
Just got a Charlie Conway and Boobie Miles jersey cause I have run out of ways to spend my money
Boobie miles would won the state title and been an all American if he ain't hide homeboys helmet.
I love boobie miles also . His beat making is great also
AND HE CAN THROW- boobie miles uncle after three that TD. πŸ€”
They up 21 and still playing stars?? Come on son... don't Boobie miles this
man, boobie miles. That one still hurts
Your playing with fire garret, Carr, mariota, boobie miles, have we not learned ?
When Dez threw that TD, the voice of Boobie Miles' uncle saying "And he can pass!" was in the back of my head.
Can you imagine boobie miles behind that Cowboys offensive line ?
"45, Boobie Miles, that's my nehphew rat there"
Dez Bryant is going all Boobie Miles -- can do it all.
Westbrook is the Boobie Miles of the NBA
What other actor played Boobie Miles in Friday Nights other than Derek Luke ?
Boobie Miles will forever be one of the reasons I am committed to my research.
You telling me she don't favor Boobie Miles???
Boobie Miles! When bruh was crying to his uncle I felt that
Y'all think it's a game tho smh...Boobie Miles mentality
Big krit has so many songs that touch my soul. The vent, small as a giant, dreamin, red eye, yesterday, boobie miles,…
Disgusted with the fact that the signed a 10 year deal with Everyone knows you can't beat Nike, just ask Boobie Miles.
Wow. So says the Boobie Miles of journalism...and he can tell jokes
Seahawks D without Earl will be like Permian without Boobie Miles
Boobie miles from Friday Night Lights the movie πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
This is the team that Boobie miles & them played in the state championship on Friday Night Lights *** this is crazy
nobody ever been as good at football as Randy Moss was. maybe Donovan McNabb and Boobie Miles. maybe.
Picture Nelson Agholor last week, pacing the sidelines like Boobie Miles from Friday Night Lights. "yall wanna win, put Nelson in"
well here's the thing, I heard we just signed James "Boobie" Miles so it's more or less over
In the bedroom it get spooky.. I go a lot of miles like Boobie✊
Nothing will be sadder then when Boobie Miles realizes he will never play football again 😭
''C'mon man this is god given, only thing i gotta do is just show up''-Boobie Miles
They out here running Watson like he Boobie Miles
He looked like Boobie Miles after the injury on that cut.
Playing DeJon would be akin to putting in Boobie Miles from Friday Night Lights. Don't do it!!!
you know im not from here. I have no clue where thats at bruh lol
I feel like boobie miles after he cleaned out his locker the way my knee hurts
Luifau going in while clearly hurt would be like Boobie Miles in Friday Night Lights. Don't do it!
It's a lot of boobie Miles's out here. I see it so much.. then 2 years after senior year... they up PG
Boobie Miles - "The only difference between a loser and a winner is a winner plays until he wins"
Hometown Hero - the intro alone made this song legendary "Boobie Miles Friday Lights capture me, in my Hometown..."
Boobie Miles just getting ready for his comeback.
45 on his chest call him Boobie miles 🀘🏾πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
is looking like Boobie Miles out there! He knows how to make defenders miss.
I wish Boobie Miles could have played
And at this moment, I formally regret taking a 4 hour nap earlier. But not all is lost...I have purchased a Boobie Miles jersey.
Westlake vs Lake Travis tickets are selling for $120 plus on Craigslist. Do they think Tim Riggins is playing Boobie Miles? Sheesh.
"Hype is something that's not foreal" - Boobie Miles
Boobie Miles spinning in his grave that Daniel Gibson jus disrespected the nickname
Trying to reach that Boobie Miles level of confidence.
I feel like boobie miles, when he finds out he can't play football anymore
I felt it on a personal level when Boobie Miles hurt his knee dog.
Glory Road:. The boy from Secondhand Lions is a great basketball coach. Boobie Miles runs point so of course they won. 3.8/5.
Brandon Marshall came out of the locker room like Boobie Miles playing against Midland Lee
the real Boobie Miles is currently in jail for beating his stepbrother repeatedly with a beer bottle
we at team breakfast I will 1st period
Oh you all thought Boobie Miles was fake.lmfao
If Chris comer never lost his helmet Boobie Miles would have been the best running back to ever live
They got Eddie Lacy on Madden like he Boobie Miles
The real Boobie Miles is currently in jail right now and released in 2017 and he is related to Von Miller.
I hope Kyle Bolin keeps his helmet around him. Don't want L Jackson to pull a boobie Miles
Boobie Miles the greatest fake athlete of all time
Lmao he sound like boobie miles' uncle
True. CB ain't gon practice at all. He gone be on some Boobie Miles "this is God given...all I gotta do is show up"
If you don't know who boobie miles is shame on you
. Midland-Lee. The town that didn't wanna see Boobie Miles out there
Got denied a contract extension for cuffing season coming up. Feel like Boobie miles in Friday Night Lights.
Boobie Miles x is my morning motivation every day
Boobie Miles by KRIT always gets me going bruh
I jus wanna ball like im boobie miles
When I have class you introduce yourself in & there's someone from Midland I wanna say "you from Midland huh?" in my best Boobie Miles voice
and even when Boobie Miles tore his ACL, Permian still made the state title game
I feel as if I just watched Boobie Miles crying in his uncles car. The only way I know how to describe my feelings
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Teddy going down is just as bad as Boobie Miles goin down
Christian McCaffrey is the Boobie Miles of the FBS
was the defensive end for Midland Lee, he's the one that took out Boobie Miles's knee. True story.
Broski we the one kept it cool before these *** started actinπŸ’―
I look like boobie miles on this one
I legit fell in love with Derek when he played Boobie Miles
Boobie Miles is the epitome of a Texas *** Ÿ˜‚
Should we believe the hype about Boobie Miles?
Aj green aka boobie miles with that knee
Boobie miles just blew out his knee and im a wreck
Boobie Miles & Antoine Tyler were crushing, but no sports movie injury will ever hurt more than Gary Bertier. *weeping* THAT'S MY LINEBACKER
you not a real KRIT fan if you not hip to how fire boobie miles is
The real Boobie Miles is currently in jail rn and is released in 2017 πŸ˜΄πŸ˜‚
Willie Beamen was cold but he wasn't no Boobie Miles
"Mike Winchell, you have the natural ability to throw Boobie Miles the ball"😍
Boobie Miles would've won the Heisman at USC. No doubt about it.
Why does Russ Westbrook look like Boobie Miles at this post game presser?
was I the only guy watching the game last night fearful of Curry pulling a Boobie Miles?Not quite healthy but playing
did anyone think Curry was about to do a Boobie Miles last night? If GSW lost last night we know they'd win series
I feel like Curry about to be Boobie miles. No need to play right now
is on that Boobie Miles bs. Shouldn't have played tonight and up 7 w/ 20 seconds left, Shouldn't be in
Everytime Boobie Miles cries in the car with his uncle I start to tear up
he gone wind up like boobie miles in Friday Night Lights if he come back too early lol
Steph comin back too soon gon end up like boobie miles
Anyone else going through some major Boobie Miles flashbacks everytime Steph Curry checks back into this game?
Remeber the movie Friday Night Lights? Boobie Miles just had to play in a meaningless game. Kerr is nuts
Steph better not pull a Boobie Miles on us
Y'all remember what happened to Boobie Miles in Friday Night Lights ... Steph next
Steph gonna go down again like boobie miles
Boobie Miles in the game , lets pray for em
Its like waiting for Boobie Miles to come in
Portland calling out Currys bluff like he Boobie Miles
Steph Curry's early return here has Boobie Miles written all over it...
Doesn't Steph Curry remember what happened to Boobie Miles when he came back to fast from a knee sprain?
Get back up when you fall. Give your all. Boobie Miles
Lol the only thing I thought about was when Boobie Miles went to Midland Lee for his kneeπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I hope your not trying to say your boobie miles
Every time I see Boobie Miles get hurt I swear I shed at least 3 tears
Passing through Midland and Odessa, Texas. Shoutout boobie miles
45 in his chest , call him Boobie Miles
I might just have to get that Willie Beamen & that Boobie Miles jersey when it drops from Blood's Thicker πŸ”₯
That Boobie Miles injury hurt us all
Boobie Miles is one of my all time favorites
me and gonna still get you that Boobie Miles haircut πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚
That Boobie Miles beat was so tough though...
Whenever I'm walkin in the Fargo dome I get like instant Boobie Miles vision and just weave through every opening
Just don't pull a Boobie Miles trying to do the heel toe challenge
All I kno is my baby comin to see me tomorrow. I miss her ahh
"This is God-given. All I have to do is show up." - Boobie Miles
When Boobie Miles cried a little part of my heart dies
I think would be your best person to ask.
Boobie miles from Friday Night Lights
I wanna be the most Versatel man ever. Like boobie miles Versatel!
Why are starters still in the game? Did Boobie Miles teach you nothing
Jus watched videos of me on my ig makin plays at Fresno State 😩 lawd knows when I get back on that field Ima do damage
It's a snowy one out there today, Tennessee. Please be safe. β›„οΈβ„οΈπŸˆ
"Y'all like boobie miles and I'm the backup that fumbles"- Rac-P
The instagram pic and message I just put out is fire. Everybody on their grind,hustle or whatever needs to peep this and …
Crazy cause all through grown'n up I just wanted to be Boobie Miles
Watching my old teammates on ESPNU in the NFLPA game practice & chuck
I bet I'll win them more games than their last , but I'm another boobie miles minus the acl problems
Everything you need is already inside. Stop looking outward and look inward!
Life is great and it keeps getting better 😌
I don't wanna look back & say "I wish I would of went harder" that's why I get it every day!!! Did that already not doin it again
Aye should I get the Quicy McCall jersey or the boobie miles jersey ?
mine is a tie between Wake up and boobie miles. oh and The Vent.
"When the grass is cut, the snakes will show"
Who's gonna teach me how to play the piano?
I need to find somethin other than sports for stress relief.
If boobie miles would have stayed healthy he would've been the Russell Westbrook of the NFL.
Seeing that LSE intramural basketball started and wishing my senior season wasn't taken from me 😒 I was the Boobie Miles of the league
Boobie Miles may just be one of the greatest intros ever. That jazz instrumental is godly
*** LeBeau is now the assistant head coach/defensive coordinator:
*raps boobie miles verses in my head* Listen to Morning Tears by MFSB & D. Wansel on
Derek Carr has been named to his first Pro Bowl!. Read:
Congrats for getting selected to the Pro bowl
*** yea I remember, me Mook and lil bro had kame downtown to fw y'all
"Have you seen a shot like that all season long?!?".
It's snowing out today in Nashville πŸŒ¨β˜ƒβ„οΈ
Just a lil SD home cookin, ya think? Proud of OUR DOGS 4 never quitting tonight & pushing it to OT. We'll get em in Fresno!
They call every foul for SDSU but nun for Fresno
Crazy only *** kept it real wit me is he aint neva changed πŸ‘ŒπŸΎ i wish bro was still here mane
I was trying to get you to say the Boobie Miles quote but I guess you're not smart enough for that.
Things to do:. Rob for all his jerseys. Bruh got the boobie miles joint
the actor that poo layed boobie miles n Friday Night Lightsb
Boobie Miles and Barkley straight running fools out of the country in fear of no playing time
Chargers great Junior Seau would have turned 47 today.
y Randy look like Boobie miles uncle off Friday Night Lights
I had a dream boobie miles came to the Jazz last night and asked me how Fred was doing smh
I's an opinion. You can have yours as well as the fans can have theirs. Doesn't mean they know everything
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Some of y'all fans are ridiculous smfh I would love to see y'all come in the organization & make the calls since y'all know everything
SoFla law enforcement on alert for MLK bike ride following last year's incident:
In the words of Boobie Miles "Hype is something that's not real and I'm all Real"
Boobie Miles does it with black nikes on his feet
I wonder how Boobie Miles feel when he hear about *** tearing acl's 3 times in the same knee
Mark Ingram being placed on IR got me feelin' like Billy Bob Thornton when he found out Boobie Miles tore his ACL.
Caller: Mike, you know you're the original Boobie Miles you fat F. Mike: School's out early.
"You know Mike Winchell, you have a natural ability for throwing Boobie Miles the ball."
Somebody who tryna help you grow as a person and vice versa 😍
Despite any female I'm talking to or have talked to I already know who gone be my wife
what's deal brodie.?!? I juss been out here chillin and grinding how ya life been
You got some special and I don't wanna let go
My big sis and big brother got mo rank in the city than most off these clowns out tryna make a name for yaselves in the streets
Now you gone been gone to long.I lay in bed wishing yo side was warm
I wish I could go back in time when everything was fine and when you was mine πŸ‘ŒπŸΎ
Best wishes!!! I sure wish you were a Razorback! Would love to see you tote that pill this year on the hill!
Feeling like boobie miles and Jason street
When I need motivation she my one solution cause she always there when I need her 😏
I told this guy the other day I went to Permian high school and he asked me if I knew boobie miles lol
When people stare at me for too long
you was a baby Fam you didn't know what to future was gone be πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
lol NEVA.I dont do nun relating bball
Gotta pretty lil thang and she go hard in every way, make want ha everyday
All I meant is I wish you the best. Sorry for the way it came out.
Friday Night Lights tells the story of Boobie Miles so well, devastating what happened to him.
Might as well call JC's running back Boobie Miles .. Dude went off
I go a lotta miles like boobie.I don't spit lies everything truly
it's good to be a COLONEL! Will you be at the scrimmage tomorrow?
Safety carrying it the rest of the way.
That's like a torn ACL to an athlete.. Boobie Miles, Friday Lights capture me. In my hometown...
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INJURY UPDATE ➑️ WR will make his return to the lineup Sunday vs. OTT.
Gotta keep faith in God cause God is Good.
the best HS backs ever come from Texas. Earl Campbell, Eric Dickerson, Boobie Miles, AP
We off early today 😎 but I can't do nun cuz I'm on crutches 😀
I'm single and I'll be sure to let the world know when that changes...relax.
the great thing about God ... we owe him nothing! YOUR BLESSINGS
Thank God for what you have. Trust God for what you need.
CB Kevon Seymour on Adoree': "I don't know if you've seen Friday Night Lights. Adoree' is like our Boobie Miles."
CB on "He can kick. He can run. I don't know if y'all seen Friday Night Lights, but Adoree' i…
Put that .45 to his chest, now they call him boobie Miles πŸ˜³πŸ˜–πŸ™ŠπŸ‘€
Morgan doesn't know who Boobie Miles is...
New cut got me feeling like boobie miles
What if boobie miles never got hurt ?
.45 to his chest call em Boobie Miles
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Bet he rest 45 to his chest call em Boobie Miles
"You get more hillbilly everyday I see you man." . -Norman Miles
4 5 to his chest call em' Boobie Miles ❗️❗️
You couldnt tell chase he wasn't BOOBIE miles in high school lmao
Y'all want to win put Boobie miles in
Where you at these days? Spoke to your high school football team last season... Saw your records.
I'm like Boobie Miles in the black nikes
When Boobie Miles cried to his uncle
Glad my dawgs ain't never lost faith.! πŸ‘ŒπŸΎπŸ’―
give me a healthy Boobie miles over Barry
If she can't ride three or four years while you in college imagine for the rest of your lifeπŸ’―
Check out my latest interview with 2015 NFL Draft Prospect, CB out of Fresno State, Curtis Riley (http…
Floyd Mayweather is the Boobie Miles of boxing.
45 to his chest , call him Boobie Miles
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
45 to Ya chest call you boobie miles
This should have been Blazer halftime speech. (Replace boobie miles with Wes)
But nothing brought more tears to my eyes than watching Boobie Miles reach at his knee all cause that *** lost his helmet.
The part In Friday Night Lights where Boobie Miles tears his acl gets me so annoyed
Watching Boobie Miles' knee tear is heartbreaking every time
Post injury boobie miles.yup that's me
"I get straight A's I'm an afathlete, you know!" Boobie Miles πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½
45 to his chest call em Boobie Miles
depends on the day but some are the same. i.e. Kanye "Can't Tell Me Nothing", Krit "Boobie Miles, Ross Neighborhood Drug Dealer
Now the trainers call me boobie miles πŸ˜“
It hurts to see boobie miles go down
Call me crazy but Texas Western, with Boobie Miles at point guard, will win the national title by beating a tough Kentucky team
that's big news if confirmed. Also hearing from sources that Boobie Miles and Tim Riggins will also be attending.
Ezekiel Elliot is a combination of Boobie Miles and Bobby Boucher
Charles Woodson, Deion Sanders, Barry Sanders, Randy Moss and Boobie Miles are the top 5 football players I ever seen
In the famous words of Boobie Miles " This is god given, all we gotta do is show up"
Boobie Dixon with 51 yds rushing. That's the best performance by a Boobie since Miles went nuts for in the late 80s.
β€œThere's never been a player who has has his first name used more often in play-by-play than Boobie Dixon.” Boobie Miles
Having Boobie Dixon in the backfield is the closest the Bills will ever get to having Boobie Miles running the ball, so I guess its okay
Boobie Miles is the running back for Buffalo now with Spiller and Jackson out. He got his chance.
Boobie Dixon has the same first name as Boobie Miles! We're good!
When I heard we had a running back named Boobie I thought it was Boobie Miles.
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