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Bond Girl

A Bond girl is a character or actress portraying a love interest of James Bond in a film, novel, or video game.

James Bond Diana Rigg Rosamund Pike Wonder Woman Maud Adams Jane Bond Jane Seymour

She was up there as best Bond Girl ever, but I always thought that Maud Adams had the most grace and class..
Rosamund Pike on her new western, Hostiles, her time as a Bond Girl and playing Marie Colvin…
The love and bond she has with her father is beautiful 💕 daddy’s little girl indeed
I luv this podcast! I have been binge listening trying to catch up. I listen at work and crack up…
The worst thing you could do is blame the girl from the Melanie Martinez situation. The female bond in general is very p…
Karlie should be the Bond girl but how did she fit in that car
my son & his father bond is EVERYTHING ❤️ but I love being the only girl lol
Alt-J are amazing i love them and last friday a girl i met once told me that she likes them so much and i was the f…
This is so nice! Happy Green Girl! The bond you all have is amazing and will take you a long way as a b…
Happy 17th to my person 🎂 You been someone I can lean on since we were 12 & I’m so happy our bond keeps growing. Th…
Manafort isn’t the first defendant to do something very foolish while he’s out on bond. His pro-Russian activity while…
The girl with only genuine friendship is who shares the best bond on house with and…
The 69-year-old man was accused of sexually assaulting a 5-year-old girl
Going to the library during finals week is like a huge party with your whole university. Except no one is partying. We just…
My personal wish is the Reiner-Gabi bond being developed further. I love the jaded war vet man + young peachy warri…
These parent-kid duos bond by doing incredible things!
Thanks Mike Wollman from 90.3 Corefm for playing yracks from Bond Girl. Love and Light,. GG
PITCH: Bond film called Chemistry, bond girl is a top scientist. Bond uses the line: "That's a bond. An ionic bond." to impress her.
-sigh- The only girl I want has a dog with another dude, now they share an eternal bond through the love for an ani…
No longer spending money on rave trips 2018 for me will be about taking trips with my girl creating a tighter bond…
I agree, series 5 was weak. P'raps without Spacey's character, which had become a bit too Bond villian…
$1M bond for boyfriend charged with hiding death of 3yearold girl.
I just want to find a girl I can trust n understand me who I can bond with like she my *** but my girl typa thang
Happy Birthday to my other half and soul. You are the most amazing girl ever and the sister bond I have with you is…
goddess vibes to start your week right! The stunning Miriam Campos Galindo
I thought she was a Girl Bond and not a Bond Girl?
I'm really looking forward to this little project. I love your bond with your sister, I can imagine how yo…
f(x) is honestly one of the best girl groups around. They’re all so versatile and talented. Making the group a unique charm.…
The bond my bestfriend and i have is stronger than most relationships these days 😫🙌🏽 I'm not letting this girl go 😈 we…
I want a girl that can bond with my mom🙌🏽
Girl I feel u but proud of you for taking care of yourself! Here's to healthy results for you and…
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Bond kept at $1M for man charged with hiding death of 3-year-old North Carolina girl
Christian Bale as Bond, Tom Hardy as the super villain Ann Hathaway as the Bond Girl and G…
Bond Girl of the Month time, who is your favourite? Andrea Anders (Maud Adams, TMWTGG), Tracey…
I'd like to have seen Diane Lane as a Bond Girl. 🌶
I have to admit that Tanya Roberts' appearance as the films "Bond Girl" goes a looong way to making this a fave :)
James Bond 25: Meghan Markle to be new Bond Girl? Prince Harry's girlfriend is a contender -……
I added a video to a playlist Jimmy Fallon Begs to Be Charlize Theron's Bond Girl
Oh, You should totally be a Bond Girl. I'll get Barbara Broccoli on the phone.
Gal Gadot As Camille: How the Wonder Woman star was convinced to try out for a Bond Girl role but lost
Caroline Munro - the most striking Bond Girl of them all . . STREWTH!! 😍
Show stopping night with Bond Girl and Natalie Wood sister - Lana Wood!
I had totally forgotten that Jane Seymour (Dr Quinn Medicine Woman) was a Bond Girl with Roger Moore in Live and Le…
Dame Judi Dench, as M in series, is by far the sexiest Bond Girl. And she never did an Ursula Undress!
I'mma let you guys in on a little secret:. Xenia Onatopp is the best Bond Girl (despite not being a Bond Girl)
mine is Emily Blunt. She could be James Bond, the Bond Girl, the Bond Villain, M, Q and Miss Moneypenny in one perfect movie
Listening to: 'Bond Girl' by ''s'
Joker Game is basically Sakuma as the only Bond girl among 8 James Bonds and one M
WHY. I'm sorry if it seems like I don't understand the bond between a girl and her horse, but this is the dumbest…
OMG you and Benedict! I can see you being his Bond girl.
Watching Moonraker. This Bond movie makes no sense. Me: What happened to the girl he was JUST with?. Husband: Doesn't matter. He's a gaucho.
Still the most beautiful woman that's ever lived, and always the sexiest deadliest Bond Girl and vampire h…
Bond Girl photo shoot of risks with longtime friend on 📷. on 👗on 💄and
Happy Birthday to the bestie ..hope it been a great day.Have fun celebrating birthday girl & special b…
My favorite "Bond Girl" will always be as Foxxy Cleopatra in Austin Powers Goldmember
scene w/James Bond kissing girl & bad guy's reflection in her eyes. He turns her at the last min so the guy hits her instead
For the first time, a UW-Oshkosh Football player had the honor of meeting the little girl he helped save.
Happiest birthday bebe girl! I wish u all the things I know u want. Love you. Bond soon 😂😭😘💕
I love that bond that's true love imo :)
Take ya girl to go shoot some zombies 🤔 or some actors how pretend to be zombie and see how y'all bond
🐋🌻- Our friendship & bond is in breakable. I love you turkey neckass girl❤️
Careful, your delusions are showing. Someone might see you for who you really are.
There's nothing more special than a bond between a girl and her…
girl. Yes. Everything about this. She has a bond with both but that doesn't mean she's in love with both. Everyone knows that
I miss my bff & our crazy days/nights so much!!!🍷🎉 Got a bond with this girl like no other!!!
Tera Bond in clip I was wondering what happened to my little girl, Tera Bond. Then she gave me a call last wee
I can definitely see in a James Bond type role on the big screen.
Take THAT Lord of the Rings. Luna Lovegood > Gandalf . any day of the week, even if she does sound like a Bond girl. Am I Rugbying right?
__this lady is no woman but i think bill is the woman__digest that_Hillary would be James Bond's bad girl hit lady_perfect ending
The bond between a girl and her dog can't be broken 💙🐶
You're James Bond Girl level, and u definitely should do some Star Trek.
me and my girl got a bond better than some people I knew for years
Yeah, but who's gonna be my Bond girl?
My Fan ❤️️ My Girl... This bond we share , can't break it ‼️👫🌹
Petition to get to be the next Bond girl.
Females dont understand guy friendships because that type of a bond dont exist in a girl's world. They got new friends every month lmao.
Let me introduce to you our Bond Girl Lulu! Shes on for sure💥 see more of her on our…
After Baltimore wrkshp I am a true Bond Girl-number bond that is😉Teachers getting an ear full about this po…
I can't never just bond with my girl
my 2nd fav Bond girl after Diana Rigg
Former Bond girl 'n Italian actress Caterina Murino wuz a lucky girl today cuz she got to meet the Professor of...
I was on a TV countryside programme with ex-'Bond Girl' Fiona Fullerton
21 Rules of the James Bond Lifestyle read by a Bond Girl on Piz Gloria -
AGENT BILL MEETS THE STARS:. "Do you know what's more fun than meeting a Bond Girl (Britt Ekland) at the...
Jennifer Connelly is basically a Bond Girl on the beach with Paul Bettany:
everything is so over the top tho lol also Rosamund Pike was a Bond Girl???
Julie Etchingham has dressed up as a Moore-era Bond Girl for this.
'Quantico's' Priyanka Chopra doesn't want to be a Bond Girl, she...
Daniel Craig! Absolutely no chance that 007 can be on strictly when we have lost our Bond Girl
Seing how they bond and being close makes me envy of having a sister. Sana may kapatid dn akong girl. Mag isa kcng girl
Caroline Cossey was a James Bond Girl, actress, model, now happily married, lives in Atlanta with husband.
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Its difficult for a girl unless she's James Bond. I had never done it so😷
if you were cast as James Bond, you should put a clause in your contract to have Abigail as a Bond girl in all of your films
Golden Guy & Bond your heart out . He is so bright, I call him son(sun).
Garbage man, little girl form unlikely bond
God give a beautiful gift from heaven girl called him brother. World's bond of love,who supports you in every difficulty
Throw 🔙 when Niall was James Bond for a sec and this was one of the most blessing sec in Niall girls life ht…
A little girl in the shop was exclaiming "I love egg!" And I've never felt a closer bond before in my life.
Channel your inner Bond Girl in the seriously sexy Agent Bikini. htt…
"Sometimes, it feels like the world will wipe us out before we even get to grow up."- Priyanka, the author of http…
The NEXT Bond Girl? I think so Rihanna would be so dope!!🔥🔥
It's very important to form a bond of friendship with your girl... When you re far apart and you re not knacking, what will you be doing?
Me and her don't have that kind of bond mummy's girl 😉
Fab break in Barcelona & it's back to reality..playing a Bond Girl!Yes Please😄
this girl on Catfish is crazy, some next level bond villain stuff
WOO! that's exactly what a Bond girl would say
All purpose parts banner
And Tauriq's ideal Bond Girl would be a deceased relative
madi_edwards could easily be a Bond girl. She'd get my vote, would she get yours?
oh nahh😂 different from me my girl say I don't bond with my son enough cuz I don't spoil him oc 😂
I feel like the father-daughter bond is such a powerful thing to experience. Lowkey want a baby girl one day
Little mix is honestly such a great girl band. They have such a strong bond and great voices
Daddy's girl 👑 that's my PIC 😎 we bond so much through sports he is my best friend too 🤘🏼
Nothing stronger than a bond between a girl and her dad❤️❤️ (also I couldn't not take pictures with my car😂)
I had to buy the this week. What a great cover girl Very proud of you my friend.
The bond between a girl and her bestfriend is unbreakable 💗
SHINee & SHINee World have a bond so sacred and beautiful that unworthy trashes like U cannot & will not ever have!
You not ready for sex? okay? lets get your nails done, netflix, junk food, bond respectfully. It's not all about sex,…
I used to be a daddy's girl until I started hangin with the wrong people. And I still do. so I never got back our special bond.
Cascada was my girl in middle school. Got me rollin fast in my feelings at the roller rink.
Thanks for being my bond girl tonight babe 😘
A bond so strong nothing could break it. Daddy and his little girl Crystal
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There’s nothing like being a daddy’s girl! Witness this incredible bond on this morning's NEW https:/…
Jane Bond. OR Bond girl. . Someone really needs to get on my idea for making the Bond franchise better, y'all...
There's no greater bond than that of a girl and her dragon! I can't wait for Faire tomorrow with…
and then Hyukjae & Jingoo can bond together by dancing to some girl group songs. Or go to gym & have a match or something.
Y'all females bond and become besties over da passion of disliking another girl LMAO. That's not friendship😴 THATS TWO HATIN *** ***
The bond we share can't break it ima give you my heart girl don't break it ..
hello to my baby girl 😋 maganda, smart, mabait adorable and sweet 👍 I'm always here for you. Iloveyou and Imis…
Idris Elba as Bond?! Now I REALLY want to be a Bond Girl!
yes a very vivid Memory and the Bond Girl was Barbara Bach
My Ideal Movie: James Bond, Caity Lotz is Bond, Lin Manuel Miranda as the villain, Henry Cavil as the Bond Girl.
The strong bond of friendship is the most momentous thing happened to SNSD that other girl groups doesn't have.
Who would you choose for the new I'm an girl
There isn't anything like having a girl that's down to ride, that go w/ the flow, having a strong bond, and most important staying loyal.
Ok im ordering Sara Noviç's Girl at War, and Cynthia Bond's Ruby.
Camille Seydoux's Paris: PARIS — She may have a Bond girl bombshell of a sister, but with her mass of b...
. should definitely play Bond. And I'll be his Bond girl
OMG I would DIE. Literally die if he plays Bond. I wanna be a Bond girl
Wonder Woman, indeed! auditioned to be a Bond girl while studying to be a lawyer.
If James Bond is a girl, what kind of names that "Bond's boys" will have?
you should consider Bond girl, you're good with gadgets
Idris as Bond and Hiddles as the baddie!? that would be my go! :D
Girl Scouts, Glendale PD pay it forward after cookie earnings go missing: There is now a special bond between ...
Special bond formed after Girl Scout finds another's missing cookie earnings, returns it
How to get Bond Girl chic... for less!
it's a great name for a Bond Girl too
Created an awesome bond with an awesome girl ❤️
Girl please them wanna be *** kids😴 Shidd they can keep the title but we got that bond 😊💁🏾
Imagine as James Bond and as a Bond girl. could be the Bond villan.
She even set up a go fund me to pay his bond. Like girl. A wek?! 😂😂
I love the fact that and I bond over gossip girl! 😍 it's pretty awesome. Basically the perfect big and little pairing ❤️💙
Raise a glass at to Jane Seymour, actress and Bond Girl, born 65 years ago today in London.
Just wish people would spot referring to her as "ex-Bond girl" - even the bloody
I like that little girl and her mom she's like eight ..their bond is so cute! So I didn't understand when dcfs came looking for them..
my bond girl 😍 happy you know what I want what I really really want 💋👅😏
Got a workout in with my girl Jessica M Bridge this morning! I love being able to bond with my…
💅🏽😏😂 we still friends girl get over yourself. You can't break our bond hun, months after the situation over and you still mad 😂
A bond between a girl and her cat is unbreakable
South Buffalo girl forms bond with 'Jane the Virgin' star
Bond Girl was definitely one of my favourite dances Maddie has done 😻
South Buffalo girl forms bond with ‘Jane the Virgin’ star. .
Could you please ask if she would be interested in playing the Bond girl opposite as James Bond?
I'm also not happy about being referred to as a 'former' Bond girl on the front page. Once is forever in my book!
While some may argue that "It Takes a Thief" used the "Bond girl" of the week, I see women as engineers, scientists, artists, power roles.
if you'll be the next James Bond, i'll be the bond girl 😏😊
this girl is on fire ✨ I would've jumped straight into the car James Bond style
Maybe after she could be invited to be a Bond Girl if her new album cover have this description...
Love is.the bond between an orphan and carer!
Jess predicted Jed and I will bond over ripping the *** out of white girl drunk Jess and I can 100% see it
Gemma Arterton sparkles as Nell Gwyn - and print front page describes her as *bond girl*. Pathetic
Bonded Graphic Illustration. Inspired by the trilogy of books by Phillip Pulman, from the bond between a girl...
HELLO!!! It's got my girl Katrina Kaif in a character which she will excel with ease. Along with our own James Bond Adity…
Shia & I have this special bond where whenever she speaks to me she is either from the south (in the US) or she's a black girl from the hood
plus your mom said I would make a great Bond girl
My life's goal is to be a Bond girl
No other girl can replace or nearly have a bond with me like my girl she's my A1 and that's never gonna change😌✊
lmao I said shat instead of chat but I wasn't trynna flirt with your girl I respect that bond I'm here for either of you
I would love to see you as a bond girl. That would be amazing x
Koku confirmed as next Bond girl. Dayum~
& bond that unbreakable. I choose to not sex with my girl to show her that im here for her no matter what
Also, the Bond Girl equivalent of dry toast. . The first ten minutes are great and it goes straight downhill from there...
Chicago Public Schools and Antisocial Behavior in the Capital Markets - Pretty damning piece by Bond Girl
When will all you girls get it??? Calling each other out in person or on social media is just plain ugly and only breaks the girl bond
Moms almost catch me here couple times tho Lol. Haffi do some James Bond ish to get the girl out of the house
If me and a girl had a bond like me and 2K we'd be married 😂😂😂😂
Celebrate President 's. day! Let have some. Fun!!! . Come in this Saturday and Sunday!!! . 10-5. Be the best!! . BOND GIRL!
If there'll be a new bond movie,Should be the bond girl it will add more viewers to MU. She'll …
Wonderful bond panel, even though no one mentioned how awesome Pam Bouvier is as a Bond Girl ;)
I was thinking... I'd make an excellent Bond girl. 🔫🔫🔫.
There’s no better bond than the Salvatores.
What kind of bond is this when they choosing a girl over family. Stefan ok but damon?
Race suits: forcing girl swimmers to bond since 2009 (mandatory assistance to get in & out of them, regardless if u know any…
if Becky was a Bond girl, she would be called Hunny Punny?
I think should be the next Bond girl
Now THERE'S a candidate I can vote for... for Bond Girl!. Except only Michael G Wilson and his people get to vote...
A girl in a small town forms an unlikely bond with a recently-paralyzed man she's taking care of
domain names
2Million+ for - A tribute to this loyal bond . Master-piece by plz s…
TAG friends that share this special bond w/ u
See Us at Booth Build Expo LA 2/4 - 2/5 and meet the Bond Girl for free autographed poster
Like *** if a girl is confident in her body and if she wants to show it off she has every right to & if you disagree, close…
My mom loves Memes and I feel like we are somehow creating a bond, like Mufasa and Simba but girl versions and also human.
A girl's group message with her best friends holds more secrets than the United States government
you think you got the bond cause I rolled you a joint? I smoke with all mine baby girl what's yo point?
Muslims kill Christian girl: “Christian girls are meant for 1 thing: pleasure of Muslim men”. ht…
Just give your money away next time...or find a girl or something
I have a certain bond with Caleigh. Not only that but we have alot of similarities & both have the same majors. That's my girl✊🏽
Had fun with my baby girl today it's crazy how our bond is it literally unbreakable 💯😙😍😜
I swear I love me & my brother bond . He know how we rocking 💯😘
You were totally meant to be a Bond girl.
"Now that I know you're *** we can bond. Are you a boobs or a butt girl"
Move over Take a hike When it comes to she's the ultimate Bond girl
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It's different with a girl that I'm currently dealing with cause we still got a bond so my *** can't destroy that. You can't have that one
To be my girl you gotta be more than just my girl. You gotta be somebody I can play around. My bestfriend and my shorty. Ne…
Copenhagen may be my main man, but nothing comes close to the bond I have with this little girl
James Dean dated a Bond Girl before it was cool.
No girl, Ruskin Bond has got nothing to do with James Bond
Was that the one where bond is on a bed and it closes into the wall from an asian girl
Madeleine Swann was an excellent Bond girl too. Finally they didn't kill one of them off 😂
I love a girl with daddy issues. Gives us more to bond about.
The Bond Girl drink of the night. shannonstewarrtt
I actually enjoyed the fact they didn't kill off the Bond girl this film 😂 surely they won't change it until spectre is resolved
James Bond always ends up with a girl, but never keeps her long. Does it end with ugly break-up fights in restaurants? Texts? Amicably?
I feel like any girls could bond over Gossip Girl lmao I've never heard of someone who doesn't like that show
bond saying TFP was a man, tried to bully a girl off YouTube
2/2 or would they have to artfully fold a sheet around me? I can't exactly wear couture. Of course, I probably wouldn't end up a Bond girl.
How do James Bond villains always have clothes that exactly fit the girl? What if I showed up? Would they gave my size, 1/2
I added a video to a playlist BOND GIRL: 70s Shimmer Solitaire Make-up (Live & Let Die 1973)
James Bond got the most Juice of any man ever to walk the planet. . Within 5 minutes , he meets the girl, kills a man, and gets the drawz
Vika - Vika is an attractive, intelligent sexy girl who loves the company o
Léa Seydoux must be the most attractive bond girl ever
Those aren't the screams of a Bond girl in peril, they're the screams of the seams of that suit.
I could be persuaded. It's got a good plot, lasers, and a dead bond girl covered in gold..
I've noticed girl squads never last lmao like boys have a tighter bond than girls, like boy squads be for forever.
Kuya and I missed the Bond Run 5k today but it doesn't really matter. Seeing this little girl…
Spy Who Loved Me's My fave. Best stunts, best Bond Girl, among the best villains and my fave Bond Roger Moore.
I don't remember the Bond Girl much, though Tim Dalton (probably) my fave Bond. I enjoyed both of those films too!
George Lazenby in On Her Majesty's Secret Service, then again he'd the best "Bond Girl" in Diana Rigg & an awful opening line
Grace Jones might be my new 2nd-favorite Bond Girl (Diana Rigg is the very obvious first place).
Charlie Furbush would make for a great Bond Girl though.
even if it is, I still cannot imagine Jane Bond version with a Bond Girl... (sounds like new movie for adults)
I'm officially a Bond Girl now that I've been on James Bond (street) 🔫🍸💋
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BEFORE she was Lady Olenna Tyrell, Diana Rigg was a Bond Girl!!!
Bond Girl material, love love love the fringe!!
yeah but would you be the good Bond Girl like Ursula Anders character or the Femme Fatale like Vesper Lynd or Xenia Onatopp
Actress Linda Christian, the first 'Bond Girl,' in 1945
Tracy is by far the best Bond Girl. It's way overlooked as a film
I hear that they're saving that scene for the Director's Cut. Judith Chalmers is the 'surprise' third Bond Girl!
I'm female and mixed raced. And Debbie Mc Williams did say I was more Bond than Bond Girl
EXCLUSIVE: Jane Seymour, a former "Bond Girl" discusses Idris Elba or Jessica Alba being the new James Bond. The…
Bond Girl in remake of Diary of a Chambermaid 8 Nov
Bond Girl loves Pai! 'A good face cream is the most important thing.'
Hairstylist on perfecting Bond Girl hair the Léa Seydoux way https:/…
The very first Bond Girl's beach hair is still cropping up today
Ever wondered how to be a Bond Girl? Lea shows you how she swung the role –
Swiss Actress Ursula Andress, the first Bond Girl, mid-1960s
Ursula Andress, rising. Enter the first cinema "Bond Girl," well, ever.
Sophie Marceau & Denise Richards in The World Is Not Enough best two Bond Girls together in one film Eva Green best singular Bond Girl.
How one special dog is saving the life of a diabetic girl: via
Heres Bond girl about to put my balls in her mouth
Every time I meet another short girl at a party we instantly bond over our heights and become friends lmao
[Bringing A Girl Into My Bedroom]. ME: how about i put on some music to set the mood. HER: okay. ME: *weakly blows into a …
a Bond girl name if I ever heard one
How in order to discover inland 10 guaranteed bond if an girl is bodacious: wYv
Daddy's girl: How my husband and daughter's unshakable bond is making me feel excluded.
Could she be next? Megan said she would put her hand up to become a bond girl in the movie via
Lea Seydoux is going to play 'Bond Girl' and then 'Gambit Girl' because there are just too many great action roles for wom…
I love that girl to death. From day one! we have our moments but we are like sisters and that bond can't be broken
I could never cheat. No mater how far away I am from my girl. That bond you create with somebody isn't supposed to be broken. Loyalty is 🔑
Seeing my cousin Sunday for the first time in 7 years. Time changes a lot but not my bond with this girl.
Building that unbreakable bond with a girl that deserves it all.
actress Megan Gale says she's appear in a film for free ... via
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"Word is bond that girl really look like a guppy"
would you be willing to play a Bond girl?
You're welcome! You're gorgeous and my first girl experience, I feel like a bond lolol that's corny but I can't think of
If only emma Watson was the Bond girl it would probably be my favorite movie
Thank God I breastfed I have a beautiful bond with my baby girl
Every girl deserves a perfect pair of evening shoes like the shimmering KURT GEIGER ‘BOND’ heels.
My last best friend screwed me over so terribly and now I feel like I seriously cannot form that bond with another girl :///
Personally, I appreciate it alot more when a girl is willing to wait and make me earn her body. Let me get to know you and create that bond
Don't put money under Ya girl name, they will hold her for 12 hours of her taxes don't add up, not good for yall bond
Me and Dallas got a bond that will never be broken for her to be a baby though 😂 I love that little girl
Diabetic girl bonds with yellow Labrador while he works to keep her alive and healthy:
I don't even want a girl to call my own I'm busy working on myself but, I wouldn't mind having someone to share a special bond with
Only person every put up on my bond was kaywitdamac and that's why I kill for that girl even tho we couldn't be together she got all respect
Service dog works every day to help keep 15-year-old girl with diabetes alive:
Aw, what an adorable mini-me! Kelly Clarkson's little girl River Rose is just too precious: 🌹
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Bond Girl: Re-Watching and Re-Evaluating The World is Not Enough: For much of the film, Bond doesn't look at E...
Megan Gale is so keen to be a Bond girl she’d star in a James Bond movie ‘for free’
Megan Gale says she's appear in a James Bond film for free
None of my exes can say I wasn't there for them. Together or not. I was that girl that if we had THAT bond.. My loyalty ran that deep
Watching Bond- James Bond all day. I should have been a Bond Girl.
BREAKING NEWS:. James Reid as James Bond. Maja as his sexy Bond Girl. Sounds exciting!!!
You will be a super Jame's Bond Girl & Yannick perfect in the role of "Bond, James Bond"😉 😍 😘
Going from Bond Girl to gone girl to Lady Penelope Mark II (we do our best to pretend Jonathan Frakes'...
James Bond know how to cure sea urchin bites. See "Dr. No." Will Taylor be the next Bond Girl? It is time for a remake!
Sylvia Trench is officially the first Bond Girl.
After Ursula Andress & Halle Berry rising from the waves, why not Genevieve Morton as a Bond Girl
its all fun and games having a James Bond marathon without going to the gym until the Bond Girl walks in
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