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Bolo Yeung

Yang Sze (born July 3, 1946 in Guangzhou), better known as Bolo Yeung, is a former competitive bodybuilder and a martial arts film actor.

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my dad's physical therapist looks like Chong Li from the motion picture Bloodsport. or better known as Bolo Yeung.…
One of another favorite martial artist in movies. Bolo Yeung
yeung says its lets get to work. Three hours to play in the gym please let it be…
the best bits after the HK/Kowloon stuff involve Bolo Yeung destroying men.
I liked a video bolo yeung and Bruce Lee
Every person who is a cameo in his movie now become a star. Named : Jacky Chan, Bolo Yeung , Samo Hung etc
Jake the Snake has to involved. And Bolo Yeung
Are you trying to say JTE looks like Bolo Yeung?
"That's Bolo Yeung" - says CBB, like that means anything to me
Wanted to follow Bolo Yeung so looked him up, he's not on, but I saw something funny that I apologise in advance for RTing.Lol
I just wanna nestle my face in between bolo yeung breasts D:
Ha ha ha Bolo Yeung — watching shootfigher fight to the death
Bruce Lee...the only guy to defeat Bolo Yeung, Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Chuck Norris. Top that if you can, Van Damme!
BOLO YEUNG ... so we can Have that Classic Rematch from Enter the Dragon
Picked up on it straight away! No doubt you've done the savior Bolo Yeung proud.
Anyway, what I’ve always loved about Bolo Yeung is that while he always plays villains, he’s a gentle giant…
Tanahashi lookin like the love child of bolo yeung and mickey rourke 😂😂
hiroshi tanahashi has a physique almost like bolo yeung. Such a sick wrestler.
Rise & Fall of Idi Amin is one of the best movies to ever exist LMAOOO .. Also Coming To America & CON AIR & ALL the movies with BOLO YEUNG
I liked a video Bruce Lee vs Bolo Yeung
Since Hollywood is doing live action Anime/manga, it would be hella dope if they could find Bolo Yeung and create Oyaji.
Love me some Sara McMann but I'm not sure a tat looking like a poster for a movie Bolo Yeung starred in reflects her
Bir oynatma listesine video ekledim: Bolo Yeung and Moukhtar - Budo Gala 2010 show
Bir oynatma listesine video ekledim: Bolo Yeung reveals his real age at Budo Gala 2010 in Basel
my nursery has a photie of me giving Bolo Yeung his first skelpin'
I went from a shredded hood version of Jung Ji-hoon with the meanest sixpack to a young caramel skin toned Bolo Yeung with a Kool-Aid jug.
if only we could get Van Damme and Bolo Yeung in it somehow
Am I wrong for feeling like Bolo Yeung should be on this list???
Me realizing my Bolo Yeung shirt still hasn't arrived.
Bolo Yeung! "Once upon a time, there was this actor who always showed Van Damme flames.
Refs must have gotten the Bolo Yeung Bloodsport treatment
JCVD vs Bolo Yeung as Chong Li in Bloodsport. Best non-weapon fight in film
We need more character villain actors in the vein of Bolo Yeung
That list is desperately lacking the mighty Bolo Yeung.
Also, Bolo Yeung (Chong Li) in Bloodsport definitely could have been a Chinese slasher villain!
This is Bolo Yeung using Jackie Chan as a weapon to fight Bruce Lee... .
I personally would like to see Ernest Miller, Retro John Saxon & Jim Kelly, Bolo Yeung & JCVD, Chuck Norris 1/2
I always thought this dude at work that looks like Bolo Yeung was staunching me. Turns out he just barely speaks English
and Bolo Yeung...Usta always be the tough guy for drug lords.
his name in the movie is Chong Li. Real name Bolo Yeung
Double Impact, man! Two Van-Damme's for the price of one! Not to mention Geoffrey Lewis and Bolo Yeung. That's a solid deal!
I need to save that Bolo yeung Meme
A tough one but it's got to be bloodsport for me. Blind battle with Bolo yeung will always be awesome!
A new favorite: Bolo Yeung by RoganRillz on
Bir videosu beğendim: Bolo Yeung vs. Guards and John Saxon (Mr. Roper in Enter the Dragon)
The top pic was Van *** birthday, his son organized a surprise dinner with Bolo Yeung family. Legendary
my fav is Double Impact ‘Give him a big kiss for me' 'I'll give him a big kick in the *** ' Lol JCVD x2 n Bolo Yeung
And the villain was like...a kid. Like a child version of Bolo Yeung. Beefy and with psychic power. And he kept coming back from the dead.
Coffee kicked in like a 1,000 6 inch tall Bolo Yeung's
Bolo Yeung protected by Jackie Chan in the fight against Bruce Lee.
with with DAVID YEUNG "BOLO" Jr. (Ultimate BOLO YEUNG son from Bloodsport and Enter the Dragon).
Absent sexy Bolo Yeung? From the list Sammo Hung for humour, Michelle Yeoh for strong performance!
I planned of Reviewing the 1993 action movie TC 2000 staring Billy Blanks, but then Bolo Yeung happened
Enter the Dragon on TMC . lol. Sorry, but I'm just not buying John Saxon beating up Bolo Yeung
the horse was named after Bolo Yeung aka Chong Li from blood sport. Legend?
My TBT! Peeps that know Bruce Lee or Jean Claude Van Dam knows this guy! He is Bolo Yeung! Awesome guy…
It was a cool film, but "Legacy of Rage" is Brandon Lee's best film & only HK produced film... with a cameo by Bolo Yeung..
'Bolo Yeung, one of the great facial-expression guys in the game.'. YUP
and all of a sudden.i feel like watching Bolo Yeung breaking some fool in a movie...
As a fat middle schooler, I mistook my growing man-boobs for impressive Bolo Yeung pecs.
I liked a video DAVID YEUNG BOLO JR. INSPIRATIONAL VIDEO 2014' (must see)
Was it Kickboxer or Bloodsport where Bolo Yeung kicks a person's calf muscle off of their leg?
Needs a bloodsport remake. Bolo Yeung will probably star in it again
Bolo Yeung always wanted to work with Sly.Unfortunately it never happend..
I hated Bolo Yeung in every Jean-Claude Van Damme movie that he was casted in.
Expendables 3 Unrated Cut is way better than the Theatrical Cut. Kudos to . Steven Seagal and Bolo Yeung for Expendables 4.
each time he's named in the starting XI Bolo Yeung roundhouse kicks a baby groundhog into the sun
Bolo, the actor who played Chong Li in "Bloodsport" stars as a vampire in "Forever Yeung"
do you maintain any relationship with Bolo Yeung or Chuck?
Bolo yeung was in legacy of rage with brandon
How stoked am I to see BLOODSPORT on the big screen tomorrow? I'll let JCVD & Bolo Yeung explain:
That big Chinese *** Bolo Yeung used been in more Kung fu flicks than anybody
had a dream I was training a human centipede of Frank Dux, Bolo Yeung, and Donald Gibb for the kumite. Bloodsport is on
Weaponry featured so far in Fight! Dragon includes poisonous darts, throwing knives, a metal claw. And of course Bolo Yeung's man boobs
Bolo Yeung just ripped Kurata Yasuak's shirt off for no discernable reason. Cue the *** subtext theories.
Got some rounds in this morning. Thanks for coming out duckshotz lovesick_bullets Bolo Yeung, Nestor.
Yet to get over DertBeats' Bolo Yeung annihilation of Lutz Rahn's ''September"
THE BOXER'S OMEN is by far the most insane Bolo Yeung movie I've seen.
Where's the respect for Bolo Yeung??? And the guy who played the awesome American with the flag bandana !GO AMERICA!
did I just see u on Raw doing a Bolo Yeung tribute?
Yeah, I was thinking Bolo Yeung too. When was this photo taken?
Not too many people were as badass as Bolo Yeung..
If there is a Expendables 4 I hope Michael Dudikoff, Jeff Speakman, &Thomas Ian Griffith get a call. But there's just no place for Bolo Yeung
i think Bolo Yeung had a sex change
This episode of WCW nitro just advertised a Bolo Yeung movie coming up next on TNT.
Bolo Yeung has horrible morning breath?
Hi, thought you might enjoy our profile of the legendary Bolo Yeung!
Now that Bolo Yeung is like 70, I wonder can I whoop his ***
I'm Bolo Yeung in the flesh/. Built like Dorian Yates in the legs/
Can we get a tv show with Vic Romano, Kenny Blankenship and Bolo Yeung?
my fav random trivia is that Bolo Yeung (Chong Li) was nearly 70 when he filmed Bloodsport. Birth records might be spotty tho.
Yeah I remember Forrest, but Bolo Yeung was the one you never forgot on that movie
Enter The Dragon, one of the Best films ever, Bruce Lee, John Saxon, Bolo Yeung
The love child of Jackie Chan and Bolo Yeung... Temple of Kung Fu available at
Bolo Yeung was already acting in 1978, and he was already grown! Kant how old is this *** Odarkie will know him as "Bhoro"! Lol
Bolo Yeung in bloodsport before he got his *** whooped.
hey man you should of challenged your enemy Bolo Yeung
Mr. Beauxlo got a chest like Bolo Yeung when he played on Kickboxer! . yall know the…
I'm imagining Bolo Yeung as a child and it's hysterical
Wikipedia page Bolo Yeung has possibly been vandalized.
you need to do the right thing, be a bud, and call Bolo Yeung immediately and have him join
Team Dynamite had me emotionally invested when Master Fu died on Coconut Lime. Was that or Bolo Yeung?
Hi Stephen, thought you might enjoy our profile of BOLO YEUNG
I'm giving away: CHINESE HERCULES bolo yeung dvd BRAND NEW. Check it out -
their plans to ambush ya will fail.Bashaye nge fist ka Bolo Yeung!I respect that you Came forward and informed the people
Off to bed with my Dolph Lundgren body pillow.wait...I Bolo Yeung body pillow.whew, that was close...
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Going back to Melbourne and then back to Shep is like a double roundhouse from bolo yeung
They should play a VHS of a Bolo Yeung fight at ... or a Van Damme rounders kick!
Watching Enter the Dragon made me interested in Bolo Yeung. Mah dude literally swam from Mainland China to Hong Kong to escape Communism
Also has a birthday today: Bolo Yeung. Here in a clip fighting Brandon Lee:...
Watchin Bloodsport, I will not be satisfied til my body looks like Bolo Yeung's
Photo: Ironheart (1992) is a martial arts film starring Bolo Yeung, created as a showcase vehicle for...
I keep telling this man Xhegs is a classic and the soundtrack was top! Van Damme and Bolo Yeung at their best
So sorry to hear that! Could you please DM us the details of your reservation so we can work with the team to make this right?
That's who yall forgot to put in the MMA fighting Video Game Bolo Yeung..make it a cheat code..
Should I proud or ashamed that Bolo Yeung is supposed to be Korean in this movie?
Enter the Dragon on Sky Movies. Can never turn this film over! How does Bolo Yeung get beat?!?
My guys Jean Claude Van Damme and Bolo Yeung from my favourite movie, still looking like they would murk mans
Yes he was also a lot bigger... jeez, he was almost Bolo Yeung vs. Bruce Lee by comparison, heh. Red shorts guy is a champ.
and you have no clue who Bolo Yeung is or Steely Dan?
and FIGHT TO SURVIVE is the blockbuster Van Damme movie where Bolo Yeung plays the film's baddest villain.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
EXPENDABLES PART 4! It gets better John. Have you heard of Bolo Yeung? He was the villain in Bloodsport and Double Impact.
The first rule of Bolo Yeung is you do not question Bolo Yeung.
Every time Chinese food comes to mind, so does . Love to see Bolo Yeung have his own cooking show where he kung fu chops chickens.
I added a video to a playlist Big Boss II (Dragon Lee, Bolo Yeung)
Just a little trivia. This was a scene from a movie called The Game of Death. many people don't know that Kareem Abdul Jabbar shown here with Bruce Lee was a student and friend of Bruce Lee's. this movie was written, directed, produced and stared Bruce Lee. this movie also featured many other martial artist such as Grand Master of sin moo Hapkido Ji Han Jae, Dan Inosanto (close friend and leading expert of Bruce Lee's art of Jeet Kune Do) Sammo Hung and two actors who played in Enter the Dragon With Bruce Lee, Robert Wall and Bolo Yeung, and many more. Bruce Lee only filmed about 30 min. of the movie in 1973 when he was offered a leading role in a warner bro. move, Enter the Dragon. Sadly Bruce Lee died before he could return and finish The Game of Death. Several years later in 1978 they started to finish the film. they used two stand ins for Bruce. Steve McQueen, James Coburn, and Muhammad Ali refused roles in the movie because they felt like it exploited the death of Bruce Lee. Chuck Norris threatene .. ...
Tribute to the 'Beast From The East', the great Bolo Yeung.
I've been in more stink than Bolo Yeung
"You r next!" So yesterday I worked out next to this legend. Bolo yeung from bloodsport! I was gonna…
Bolo Yeung son show u how to do the comb abs conditioning home training.
I know you're just gonna gym it up ... Lookin like bolo yeung & sheeit
Ziggy Berkeley from Cinema on the Rocks reviews TC 2000 (1993). Bolo Yeung, Billy Blanks, Jalal Merhi, and Matthias Hues headline this post-apocalyptic video store era gem about cyber soldiers, chop socky, and playing "spot the movie we're lifting from" drinking games. Also starring Bobbie Phillips.
Watching on OLD Martial Arts movie called "Blood Fight" starring my boy Bolo Yeung
Love this new tribute video for Mr Bolo Yeung! "YOU ARE NEX!"
Latest pics. of Bolo Yeung @ 9 months! Boy is Exotic!!! One last stud spot open at $1200 then he will be closed ontill April 15th when his stud fee will be set at the official tag. Do not miss your chance.
Bolo Yeung shows his negotiation skills in our review of CHINESE HERCULES!
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Blood Sport lowkey one of my favorite movies. Shout out to Jean Claude and Bolo Yeung
Yo the Black Bolo Yeung be cracking me up hard with his review on soft fake *** rapperz . Lmfao!! ''This *** rite here is a human bellybutton son. The only form of touch this *** is capable of is a caress namsayin.'' Refferring to Bow Wow
Bloodsport Starring Jeanne Claude Van Damme & Bolo Yeung. Classic all time action flick. Watching it today its amazing to see how far movie making has come in just a couple years
Watching Bolo Yeung in action.shear bliss!!
Jean Claude Van Damme beat up Bolo Yeung with 20% eyesight. Don't ever tell yourself you can't do something.
luv ur vids man! Dont hate me but u remind me of Bolo Yeung. And to me thats awesome!
Enter the Dragon - John Saxon, Jim Kelly, Bruce Lee, Bolo Yeung+Bob Hall that line-up only comes around once in a life time...
"What is your biggest fear?" Fighting Bolo yeung in a steel cage death match 2 save Thandie Newton. *** u Bolo...
Bolo Yeung. tickest Korean ever. Ima look like him
The movie Lionheart with Jean Claude Van Damme is actually about my life. He played me pretty well. to bolo yeung
Brandon Lee vs. Bolo Yeung Thats Bruce Lee's son for you:)
Man F Bolo Tie Friday, I am going to start Bolo Yeung Fridays
Reading news about the passing of Run Run Shaw, I reflect back to a few of the films he and/or a number of his film studios produced. One of them, for people who don't know, was 1979's "Meteor" which was my last Shaw movie I saw. From the late 1990s to the early 2000s, I worked and met a couple of Shaw's friends. I worked with James Nam (Nan Kung-Hsun of 1972's "Five Fingers Of Death") on a few film updstarts he directed. He was a silent consultant for 2002's "Soap Girl" (of which I executive-produced). And, I've met Bolo Yeung (also from the 1972 film) in a business meeting at our film production office in Koreatown Los Angeles in 2003 for a possible film for him. But, it wasn't until I produced 2006's "Mad Cowgirl" that I wanted to honor Shaw's legendary film, 1974's "The Flying Guillotine." I was looking for a song for my film and I discovered a hip hop rap artist called, Jumpsteady. Their song, "Master Of The Flying Gillotine" was the right flavor for my film (lead actress Sarah Lassez's weapon ...
I do remember that. Would he have taken the game with a Bolo Yeung reference?
Great game Rivers, but Bengals don't hit back! S/ Bolo Yeung
Watching Bloodsport and forgot how scary Bolo Yeung is!
I love me a good training montage. Especially when it's Billy Blanks and Bolo Yeung
Phil Rivers started the Bolo Revolution, now Bolo Yeung needs to finish it.
Bolo Yeung is one of the original bad boys of chinese cinema!
one of my favorite movies, bloodsport and two of my favorite martial art Idol... Bolo Yeung and John Claude Van Damme
Bolo Yeung is an absolute monster of a man.
Double Impact---ft Bolo Yeung This tym I understand what going on---Not when I want a likkle bwoy who only went for ACTION!
I don't know if I'm still dopey from sleep, but this fight looks like Bolo Yeung and Jason Statham
Didn't show much in 2013, and for me there is nothing better than producing, handling and winning with your produced stock. Proud to win best of breeds at both Carolina Bully Bash 1 and 2 with two different Barrows productions, Ch. Tazz and soon to be Champion Bolo Yeung. By the way that puts me at 45 career best of breeds as a handler, all with produced stock.anyone who knows me knows it's best of breed or bust. Gator champed out Phoebe a Big Poppa daughter without hitting many shows. My up and coming ABKC Grand Champion Big Poppa son Apa took a major in his first and only show of the year. In 2014, I look forward to obtaining Grand Champion statuses on Apa and Bolo Yeung. I ask the many people that have Big Poppa offspring that are of champion quality to put them in the ring in 2014. I will handle them for free. I will also be providing significant discounts on pups to show homes in 2014. Happy New Year! Never settle!
Sick days are all about watching dreadful 80's martial arts films. Starting with 'Shootfighter' and Bolo Yeung.'s that bloke from 'Karate Kid'
Watchin "Enter the Dragon" w/ Bruce Lee (1973), BOLO Yeung and John Saxon. Prbably one of my fave martial art movies before the age of Ang Lee and Chow Yung Fat. Bruce was total badass as a pint sized, chiseled, conquering hero.
Listen to Dana-NanoBloodLines / NanoBloodLines - Bolo Yeung | Explore the largest community of artists, bands, podcasters and creators of music &am...
Jean-Claude Van Damme takes on Peter Malota and Bolo Yeung in Double Impact.
Look I love Chuck Norris and the Jokes are funny. Yes he is an amazing martial artist. But when it comes to Greatest of all time. He is BARELY in the conversation for GOAT. I mean you got the obvious like Bruce Lee, Jim Kelly, Yip Man, even Jet Li as newer one. But then there is so many that most never heard of or don't think about like Gordon Lui, Sammo Hung, Bolo Yeung, I could go on for days. My point is don't let the Chuck Norris jokes go to your head when your in a serious Martial Arts debate. lol
I want a Bloodsport remake with as and as Bolo Yeung.
Bolo Yeung in a astonoshing fight scene from Enter the Dragon. He takes guards on, which he kills. And fights against John Saxon (Mr. Roper) from which he lo.
I added a video to a playlist Bolo Yeung talks about Bruce Lee & Jean-Claude Van Damme
Wow come up, father to Ch. Bolo Yeung is for sale contact Darrell
I don't understand why people wanna look like Bolo Yeung 😖
I'm a sucker for JCVD, Bolo Yeung, and Donald Gibb. I also love that Asian Jimmy Hart guy. Movie was key to my childhood.
hey brother how about casting Bolo Yeung for your Expendables just a thought
Video scene taken from Jean Claude Van Damme - Behind Closed Doors. He gets to reunite with his old friend and legendary martial arts star Bolo Yeung. Bolo Yeung then reveals an interesting insight and important question directed to you for this day and age. Be STRONG! Sports Motivation
If you don't know who Bolo Yeung you should rethink your life
i need those good old action movies. txa bo Cynthia Rothrock, Bolo Yeung, Tompo, JeanClaude Van Damme. 007 (all actors but Daniel Craig) etc movies like Kickboxer, bloodsport, Golden Gun. Tiger claws. Ring of fire etc *** how cn i forget bruce willis and rambo with movies like 12 monkeys and first blood
Action Bronson [Hook - Action Bronson & Big Twin] x2 Grimy cats, keep 'em out of my peripheral Caught you snitchin' too, dog I'm liftin' you Off your feet like my daughter at the park Don't cross the border cause it's slaughter after dark [Verse 1 - Action Bronson] My life is inches from death, smoke a spliff on the step When my shorty see the cop the drugs she boof in a sec Ain't no games played this real life, we struggle and fight Early morning with the money, we don't hustle at night Aim my arm out the window, then I rock you to bed One shot will knock the carpet off the top of your head Catch the shark, skin the shark, hang the shark in the shed Everything dinner got the marvelous spread, you feel me Dabble in truffles, Sauvignon Blancs, simmer the mussels Nothing ever ripped from my neck during a tussle I'm Bolo Yeung, I'm Lecter with the muzzle Injector of the deck of placin' sectors in the puzzle Roses growin' from the cracks in the concrete Palm Beach, palm trees shining like diamantes Well step ...
It's hilarious to see John Saxon put up a hand to Bruce and basically say "I got this" and fight Bolo Yeung.
I'm more of a Bolo Yeung guy myself but Bruce Lee is one of the best, without a doubt.
When being the bad guy meant you were a badass... Bolo Yeung
I just found out via the internets that BOLO YEUNG from Enter The Dragon and Bloodsport... was only 5'6". BOOM. Mind blown.
I would also like to share this picture of Bolo Yeung, because Bolo Yeung.
Now that JCVD is causing such a stir for his Volvo commercial, I CAN'T WAIT to see which car company signs Bolo Yeung to answer.
Bolo Yeung, my idol since I was a kid. Such a badass and has a monster physique in his prime.
bafana beat my team. ronaldo went crazy last night for portugal...and ribery helps his team to a insane comeback. football i love you. much respect to bafana u are the 2nd team to beat spain in forever... u not in the world cup though... so ya that. its sort of like if Jean-Claude didn't make it to fight in the blood sport but then beat up Bolo Yeung and Tong Po in the parking lot...
Angel of Fury & Tiger Claws ll: Cynthia Rothrock, Bolo Yeung (2 VHS) Very Good! on
Champion Bolo Yeung enjoying the nice fall and cloudy weather at the park this morning!!! Looks like…
check out my dear friend David Yueng...the legendary Bolo Yeung's son.
Last Saturday at the ABKC Nationals w/ arnoldcavalier and Pocket Champion Bolo Yeung on the red…
A bit off topic,but Bolo Yeung taught me how to play with my chest
So dominant that I went to Blockbuster in San Leandro CA around 1993 for Van Damme & Bolo Yeung to sign my Bloodsport Laserdisc!
This heads up battle is like Gene Wilder vs Bolo Yeung
Dear Bolo Yeung Fans, thank you for your support.
the only Van Damme movie i can watch is Blood sport!! Chon lee (bolo yeung) was a beast
I remember fighting a dude with small hands. He punched me, i smiled, loosened my neck & slapped both my knees like Bolo Yeung.
true, but not many of them feature the thespian performances of bolo yeung and Don Gibb
Bruce Lee ...Jackie Chan...and bolo yeung...
Almost 10 hours of great sleeping. Now getting ready to train with my dear friend Bolo Yeung.
WOW! Had the delight pleasure to meet Icon/Legend/Actor EDWARD JAMES OLMOS. Picture to follow on Monday. Tomorrow I will be with my dear friend Bolo Yeung.
My new sounds: Bolo Yeung X Spleen - On Reviens En Force Part 3 on
Soo looking forward to my road trip to Los Angles tomorrow morning, leaving at 5am. Going to be a great weekend! Also, excited to see/train with my dear friend Icon/Legend/Grandmaster BOLO YEUNG! Life is GREAT!
Any movie with bolo yeung or el santo is good with me.
The sprint crew. Thanks to my boys baohanwu and Phil aka Bolo Yeung 1 for working with me on sprint…
Negative, in Enter The Dragon he kicks Bolo Yeung's *** and the one handed baddie. He kicks Chuck's *** in the Roman Colosseum
Just downloaded a old 90's action film i've never seen called shootfighter. And am super exited to watch it. Has Bolo Yeung in it. Mad props to any one that knows who the he'll that is.looking at you Mr Basil.
A few months ago I saw an old video with Bolo Yeung. He was asking how come there was no one, that had succeed and martial art spirit and legend of Bruce? He was asking who is the next Bruce Lee... were is he? I replied on the video "There is a Man called Donnie Yen... He carries the same martial art spirit of Bruce Lee!" _/\_
It was inevitable, perhaps, that Cuneyt Arkin would one day cross paths with Bolo Yeung -- even if it was only in the editing room of notorious hack movie makers Godfrey *** and Thomas Tang
Hehe they should have Bolo Yeung in the next Expendables
LOL. . . . Ese bolo yeung me recuerda a un camarada . . :) . ..
MAAC Fight of the Day: To celebrate his Bday, here is JCVD vs Bolo Yeung from the classic BLOODSPORT. Enjoy!
if you had 9:48 in the pool for first audible "TGIF" come collect your winnings. the prize is a beating administered by Bolo Yeung.
Do you know the history of Bolo Yeung(楊斯) , I met him in 1984 at Kowloon Universal GYMNasium . I am sure to tell you Bolo Yeung is a very nice and kind man.
Was channeling Bolo Yeung from Bloodsport on tonight?
Is it me or is chanting like Bolo Yeung from
just did that Bolo Yeung thing from the movie lol
Enter the Dragon's Bolo Yeung in our review of CHINESE HERCULES!
Unstoppable Bolo Yeung! That guy's chest was like a pair of buttocks.
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Bolo Yeung The Meanest and Biggest Asian iv ever seen in movies.feel like watchng some oldskool martial arts now.
Bolo Yeung & JCVD - two good friends and living masters of martial arts
Frank Dux and Chong Li? Or is it Jean Claude Van Damme and Bolo Yeung
Bolo Yeung and JCVD, how time flies by, wow
Fun fact: Abobo is based on Bolo Yeung, who was in Enter the Dragon. Same dude who was Chong Li in Bloodsport.
waiting on a Bolo Yeung commercial.
4got how much I love martial arts movies lol now enter the dragon next Blood sport then IP man Bolo Yeung is a tank!
Today's review is Shootfighter: Fight to the Death (1993), starring Bolo Yeung
Bolo Yeung aka Chong Li needs to read the manga and make the movie! No other man in Asia is more suitable for the role.
Bolo yeung, Popeye and a thumping Queen soundtrack in our review of CHINESE HERCULES!
Good grief, Bolo Yeung sure looked huge for someone only 5'6"
I don't even know what is buy I was sad they weren't making mention of bolo yeung. Super star from blood sport!
Hey Sly. It's probably a bit late in the day, but I would love to see Cynthia Rothrock,Bolo Yeung and /or Al Leong appear!
Ah, Bolo Yeung: the star of Enter The Dragon, Double Impact, Bloodsport and... The Clones of Bruce Lee?!?
Bolo is one of the rare few martial arts pioneers who has played in all generations of movies from the 70's,80's and 90's. I wonder if he does seminars for martial arts clubs. It would be a real honour to meet him.
Shootfighter: Fight to the death (1993) starring Bolo Yeung. . Kids of these days miss out on mob ish!
Asians offer Bruce Lee and Bolo Yeung for a starting QB position in the NFL for two seasons.
Bruce Le and Bolo Yeung star in this 1980 Brucesploitation cult classic!
If you want to be a tough dude, go and fight Dae Han Park, Bolo Yeung, and Deebo in order. Come and talk to me then.
2 years ago had the physique of Bolo Yeung. Now he's a skinnys.
"HBday, Bolo Yeung!. I wish u all the best, my dear friend.
Jackie Chan in Nah. The franchise can only be saved when they're casting Michael Dudikoff. And Bolo Yeung as bad guy.
Bolo Yeung is my favourite villan of all time
How can this don tell me he knows about martial arts. When he don't know BOLO YEUNG. *disappointment*
- I enjoyed watching your martial arts movie performances over the years.
I always think of Bolo Yeung whenever Punk riles up the crowd. Bloodsport is one of my favorite films:
Winner fights Bolo Yeung in a deathmatch.
Biography forBolo Yeung More at IMDbPro » Date of Birth 3 July 1946, Canton, China    Birth Name Yang Sze    Nickname The Beast from the East The Chinese Hercules    Height 5' 6" (1.68 m)    Mini Biography Bolo Yeung was born in China. He began his martial arts training at the age of 10. Growing up he took an interest in bodybuilding. Later he became know as Chinese Hercules after becoming Mr. Hong Kong bodybuilding champion. He held the title for ten years. Because of his impressively muscular physique he was chosen for several bad guy movie roles, with which his first big break came alongside the legendary Bruce Lee in the 1973 movie Enter the Dragon, where he played the role of 'Bolo'. They were really close friends.   Since then Bolo Yeung has appeared in countless martial arts movies, to date, also working on two movies with "The Muscles from Brussels"-Jean-Claude Van Damme in Bloodsport and Double Impact.   Now Bolo still looks great and still regularly trains at his local gym. Mart ...
Okay, mini-rant time. People need to lay off of Steven Seagall for having put on some weight. The man is sixty-goddam-one years old, and could destroy you, me, and 4 of our friends. I remember back in the 80s and 90s, when I wanted to be, more than anything in the world, Jean Claude Van Damme's equal. I spent more time than I care to imagine learning all the fancy jumping and spinning kicks,and all the poses and whatnot. I thought I was invincible. Jon and I both were masters of the universe. And I'd like to think we owed that mentality and drive to guys like Van Damme and Seagal. Speakman, and Chan. Bolo Yeung was a god to us. So give the (now) old martial arts movie stars from back then a little slack for being cheesy. Being cheesy sold back then, and more importantly, gave kids like me something to do back then. Right Jon?
Bolo Yeung was 42 in his roll in BloodSport and 45 in Double Impact
Listen to this man and be sure to watch the end. The EDL are adamant that the moderate muslim community must oust the extremists amongst their midst. Let us ...
New goal , new K. Liu ... Loosing weights since Vicky Liu ( my sister ) said I gained weight since I came back for the US :( two months already !! How do I look now ?!?!:)
I saw a guy at the gym tonight that looked like Bolo Yeung.
The film was never released officially.
wish they had just let JCVD and Bolo Yeung actually have a fight. woulda been awesome to watch.
"The radiologist noted an old fracture in your right second rib and a possible fracture fracture of the cartilage near your L 8th/9th ribs. As for treatment, as we discussed, we wouldn't do anything much besides try to keep you comfortable and ensure that your symptoms are resolving over time. This does, however, explain your discomfort and would want me to warn you to refrain from strenuous physical activity and contact sports for the next few weeks." Great... Looks like I'm not working out or rollin @ Bushido for the next 2-4 weeks :/
Is it still cool to say YOLO? I got to check in on these things from time to time...
Bolo Yeung? He was in a couple of Van Damme movies back in the day.
Who was your favorite fighter as a kid?? 1. Jackie Chan 2. Jet Li 3. Bruce Lee 4. .
lol. Maybe. I think Bolo Yeung was in one of those kind movies as well.
Layed in the pool house, aura levels are on some 1988 Bolo Yeung after he just stomped a mudhole in your mother.
How many of us grew up on this winning kick... Good old times! vs Yeung in
Just realized... My tour guide driver looks exactly like Bolo Yeung from Enter the Dragon... O.O
Bolo Yeung vs Dragon Lee. If you are bored watch thise :)
Thoughts on Bloodsport figures? Would like Jean Claude, Donald Gibb and Bolo Yeung.
Bolo Yeung, the greatest villian ever, has never been a Bond villian
There is no way that Exxon attendant was not related to Bolo Yeung.
Celebrity look alike. Who do you look like??
NO MORE CHINESE MOVIES: Eh!! aah aah.I have stopped watching Chinese Kungfu movies. Those things are misguiding!! You see Bolo Yeung clear the whole sub-county with just one leg; some people are dying before being kicked. So, you gather the morale to beat up people and head to a bar where a bouncer stops you for check up. Feeling like you are Bolo Yeung you stretch your fist and leg at once (like a Tiger in the Monkey shadow) while shouting like Bruce Lee. Only to realise that the Bouncer has already lifted you and is carrying you in the air like a trophy!! *** you Chinese Movies.
"You know, I've never seen Bolo Yeung & Glenn Danzig in the same room at the same time."
Got bench? Upper body only WODs for 4 consecutive weeks. Push & pull again? 5 sets of: bench presses for 10 reps and chin ups to failure. I'm so ready for the knee to recover. Otherwise, I'll look like Bolo Yeung with Tommy Davidson's chicken legs!
Bolo was in a direct to video Sci-Fi film with Billy Blanks called TC 2000 in which he plays a good guy for a change and does win many really good fights. You can find it on YouTube, albeit dubbed into French/
AUSTIN PEOPLE: I've been talking about Bolo Yeung so much lately I've manifested a Bolo movie on the big screen. ~Deb.
LETTER TO ALEJANDRO FROM KISUMO... Dear osvaldo sandoval, carlos, raul, ivan, alejandro, whatever, First, personally the only soaps i like are panga, ng'ombe, msafi, dettol, geisa and ofcourse aloe vera. Gimoro mudwaketago akiani ooh paraiso, ooh hasienda, ooh tormenta, oh pasion! i watch Van Damme, iwinjo?? brus lee, Cynthia Rothrock, Billy Blanks and bolo yeung chokee!! Secondly, i want to ask you a kueson. How dare a whole grown you with mau forest, jabulani balls and mahogany between his legs cry like that?? Paloma is crying, your mother is crying, your maid is crying, your dog is barking, your alarm is ringing, your father to emakoro ywak matek as if ruto is his role model yawa! Third, you cannot manage our women here in kisumo! Our women have amicus sianda, say super drum-roto tank! Sianda which you call and it answers ni "eeeh!" not like paloma who is JPT(a person of fire has tiny buttocks). Finally, alejandro UTAHAMA NYUMBA YA MAMA YAKO LINI JAMANENI??! Omiyo come slowly!! katesi of: THINKT ...
You can't climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets - Arnold Schwarzenegger
just watched bolo yeung tryin 2 coppy a Bruce Lee sayin in blood sport . not as good as boards don't hit back
Whenever you feel like you're procrastinating too much, just imagine that if you don't start working, Bolo Yeung circa 1988 will enter.
And this is why the fight choreographer is so important. You have 2 actors who have a lot of potential for fighting scenes, and instead they stand there waiting to be hit. They don't even block anything.
What you think of my poem I dig you dig we dig he digs she digs they dig Its not that great but its very deep(get it) Lmao
Sadly this fight was not in the movie Bruce Lee vs Bolo Yeung omg it would've been awesome!!!
Bianca Bree debutes her helicopter kick. Jean Claude Van Damme's daughter continues her fathers legacy. Mastering her fathers famous helicopter kick and gett...
Bruce Lee film Enter the Dragon celebrates its 40th birthday this month.
Video on Today: Over the last 54 years, Second City has produced some of the greatest comedians of our time, from Gilda Radner and Bill Murray to Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. TODAY’s Natalie Morales reports and talks to “SNL” cast member Cecily Strong, a Second City alum.
Yeung and friends in life and always enemies on screen. It's time to change something...
This film's title is also translated from Russian to English as "All the World at Your Feet". It was announced at a press conference on August 17, 2011 in Kazakhstan. In addition to acting in the film, Armand Assante is also one of its Producers, and it's scheduled for release in 2013. It sounds like an exciting project, and features an international cast, including Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Bolo Yeung, Peter O'Toole, Armand Assante, Karlygash Mukhamedzhanov, Nurlan Altai and Alex Frendetti. It's being filmed in Kazakhstan, Russia, Europe, Asia and the United States, and will be dubbed in English, Russian and Chinese before it's released. The film is about the life of a young girl Aliyah ( Karlygash Mukhamedzhanov ), who is in love with the nephew of a mobster, and becomes involved in a world of crime and intrigue. Antonio Banderas, Olga Kurylenko and Sharon Stone were announced as also being in the cast on October 26, 2011.
maybe a good idea to put Bolo Yeung as bad guy in the Expandables? Greets R
these people don't understand how the Jean Claude Van Damme, Bolo Yeung, Tong Po was cc
Crazy guy cuts down tree with his legs.
Among all the Bruce Lee's martial art photos and shots, I really like his "Enter the Dragon" movie and the fight with this huge bodied Bolo Yeung so much~
.and Bolo Yeung has the bestest Pec Pop going!!! It has to be a record!!
The top three actors of oriental decent: 1. Bruce Lee 2. The kid from Indiana Jones 3. Jackie Chan.the perfect order
My vote for Best Line Ever in a Wikipedia Article goes to the one on Tool frontman Maynard G. Keenan, or whatever his name is, where it says the following... ""Inspired by Bill Murray's performance in the 1981 comedy film Stripes, Keenan joined the United States Army..."
N thats why Im back to training lol im gonna b the old guy in great shape like these gentlemen. Hope Bolo Yeung is in the next one
If your Chick doesn't know who Tong Po and Bolo Yeung are shes too young for u
I want my muscles to sound crispy, Like Bolo Yeung!!
Wow JUST LOCKED IN the next guest for another Voice Versus episode! So excited to meet this guest!!!
I wish I found some wise Mr. Miyagi type who would train me to be some super human person in the forest. Unfortunately in the real world, he'd be apprehended by Chris Hansen & Friends.
*** Knicks getting exposed lol What happen to beating Miami Heat this year?
I swear I'm sat opposite Bolo Yeung on the train. I'd love to get a picture but he still looks double hard. Not risking it.
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