Bol Bachan & Ajay Devgan

Ajay Devgn, born Vishal Veeru Devgan on 2 April 1969, is an Indian film actor, director, and producer. 2.3/5

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5. Ajay Devgan. One of the legend Actor, Producer and Director, his film Golmaal, Singham, Bol Bachan made
Sick in bed:( Nothing a little Bol Bachan and Ajay Devgan humour can't take care of:)
Ajay Devgan after brilliance of Bol Bachan you disappoint in both Son of Sardar and Himmatwala . Expect better of you
I thoroughly enjoyed watching Bol Bachan yesterday lol! Ajay Devgan was so funny! Loved it
Son Of Sardaar...masti me 'has bhi liya karo'...bindaas masti...good fun...Sanjay Dutt ki crazy lines were amazing...much better than Ajay Devgan character in Bol Bachan. "jaise bachpan ki pant jawani me fit nahi hoti, vaise hi har no ball pe free hit nahi hoti"... ending boring thi par baki mazedaar thi picture...action scenes forced se *** gaye, uske bina fun zyada thaa(especialy for a film which is abt forgiveness and non violence), it has just become a useless norm to hv such scenes in d film now...characters were nice..even supporting ones...Sanjay Dutt and Juhi Chawla for me were hero and heroine of the film...they steal the show...they have the best dialogues..and even the sweetest love story...the film has a cute kid..Salman Khan in his special appearance is classy as always.. Still the best thing during the show was the Dabangg 2 trailer in interval..nothing can beat that :)
Bol Bachan never fails to entertain me. Love how Ajay Devgan misspeaks english n pronounces wrong words.
Just watched the Bol Bachan music video, we all know who the 70 year old I there *Ajay Devgan*
Epic! English by Ajay Devgan in Bol Bachan. See it again and again. Pest control yourself!
Hard working is the key hole to Saxophone By Ajay Devgan (4rm Bol Bachan)
Necessity is the mother of discovery channel. Ajay Devgan in BOL BACHAN
Bol Bachan is a sick film! The only indian comedy in the past 3 yrs that actually gets u 2 laugh,Ajay Devgan's dialogues, down rite funNy xD
"ya ya, falling from skyscraper, hanging in dried fruitt and nutt"!! lmao, wise words by Ajay Devgan in Bol Bachan =D ;]
Hey, came across another Ajay Devgan dialogue from "Bol Bachan": "When elder get cozy, younger don't put nosy.":-)
Saw the trailer of Son of Sardar... Looks like, Ajay devgan is going to have another super hit after Bol Bachan.
Was excited about watching cocktail tonight. Been roped in to watch Bol Bachan instead. Ajay Devgan = Aged bollywood yuckness
juz back frm 'Bol Bachan' and enjoyed a lot. Became a fan of Ajay devgan. Thanx to the comrade fr the recommendation. :-)
Funny English Dialogues of Ajay Devgan in Bol Bachan…. 1 .Pest Control Yourself (Please Control Yourself) 2. Boy under armpit and hyper city in noise pollution (Bagal mein chora aur shehar mein dhindhora) 3. My chest has become blouse (Meri chaati aur bhi chaudi *** gayi hai) 4. English is a very funny language, naa pine hain naa apple phir bhi pineapple (Referring to the Pineapple cake) 5. Brother-in-law will die Tommy’s death (Saale ko kutte ki maut maarunga) 6. Now my head gear has gone to the sides (Aata Maajhi Satakli re) 7. 12 o’clock at night, you do one night stand for me (12 baje bhi bulaya to bhi tum mere liye aaoge) 8. When elders get cozy, don’t put your nosey (Jab bade baat kar rahe hai, bachche beech mein bola nahin karte) 9. I will make them remember milk number 6 (Main unhe chatti ka doodh yaad dila dungaa) 10. Thanks for the complan boy (Thanks for the compliment) Bol Bachan is really a must see movie ,watch it today. your English will improve.
Bol Bachan is a nice and funny movie. Ajay devgan has given a new dimension to English language. New ways to learn english from now 1. When elders get .youngster dont put their nosy( intention was to say jab bade baat kar rahe *** to bacho ko beech mein nahi bolna chahiye). 2. I will make him remind milk number 6( chatti ka dhoodh)... :):):) In short fun to watch!
I watched Bol Bachan yday..Som1 told me that Ajay Devgan's dialouge will remind me abt sum1 and actually it did..although i would say..Ajay was Much better..but still..pls Like this status who all knows who is that sum1...
Bol Bachan, Complete Mix of Ajay devgan & Rohit Sheet's earlier film, Nothing new all Action & dialogue are belong to all previous Film.Movie is complete Copy paste. Whole sum paisa basual Movie.
Bol Bachan review:If only u like Ajay Devgan then watch the movie,otherwise you can skip it totally.
watched Bol Bachan on saturday.its gud one when seeing u my chest becomes blouse.ha ha ha great dialogue by Ajay Devgan
Stars of the much awaited movie Bol Bachan, Ajay Devgan, Ahishek Bachan and Prachi Desai..
Ajay Devgan finally roll over all khans in Bol Bachan.. Wat a Comedy, Action and Direction done by Rohit Shetty.. 10 out of 10
Bol Bachan seems like remake of Amol palekar starrar Golmaal. The movie was not so good, the dialogues written for Ajay Devgan are worth laughing. Rohit Shetty was not upto the mark dis time.
Bol Bachan is a good entertain, Ajay Devgan takes the cake with his comic timings, at his best looks. Abhishek with his dostana too rocks, songs are good. For a change its not GOA, I guess! The plot is a regular one with unnecessary blowing of cars in the end(Rohit Shetty signature). No much scope for the actresses. Go to watch with an open mind for the quick flick, wont give you time to think much!Also as promised by Rohit Shettty you can find few comedy circus actors!!3 out of 5.
Ajay Devgan,Abhishek Bachan,aasan and parachi desaii were here in Arabian center at 5 pm for the permotion of their film "Bol Bachan" which is going to release on 5th of july 2012..Today, I went there to see them..
Have you seen trailer of ''Bol Bachan"'... Again action like Singham and comedy like golmal. Ajay Devgan and Rohit Shetty rocking again. sath me abhishek ka bhi bhala *** raha hai.. :)
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