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Bol Bachan

Ajay Devgan Ek Tha Tiger Jab Tak Hai Jaan

BJP MP's protest outside Parliament in support of DIG Roopa.
Congress leader Rohit Tilak booked for rape: Police
Sources: BJP, Shiv Sena trying to divert attention from issues that will be raised in Parliament
Congress has given two notices in Rajya Sabha under rule 267 for today:. 1. Mob lynching incidents . 2. Mandsaur killing
India's Naval might on display - 95 aircrafts and 16 ships on the show
DMK demands probe for 'VIP treatment' to Sasikala
JSMM marches for Sindh independence, demands the UN to take notice of Pakistan's atrocities on Sindh and enforced disappearan…
Muslims give electric shocks to a Hindu man, cut his fingers, for opposing slurs against PM Modi.
posting this photo disturbed some 'progressive Jihadis' in West Bengal as 'provocative', damaged their brand of seculari…
For the first time since independence, 3 RSS men would be in top political positions in India. Kovind, Naidu n Modi. Jai S…
Gandhi didn't even stand up for Bhagat Singh coz latter picked up arms tho killed none.But his grandson defends mass murd…
It is far fetched to imagine that China has already started meddling with Gorkhaland issue: Chandra Kumar Bose, leader BJP…
Forget Gopal Gandy, even Gandhi was not against capital punishment. He never wrote letter to British .He was OK with hanging…
Fiberals must have a very low opinion of Indian youth to try n project *** like Kanhaiya, Gurmeher, Hardik n
How come photos, puja in Mahakaleshwar temple along with mother, releasing book reasons fo…
We will crush crushing mentality of !100s of FIRs or imprisonments cant silence me,cant reduce my commit…
I will fight against repressive rule till last breath.Bengal, land of gre8 martyr Dr Shyam Pd Mookerjee,…
.r you same Mamata whom I met during my college days in'87 interviewed against Marxist repression?NowU r…
RSN Singh on the debate: yes, there is a 'deep state'
Journalist Vinod Sharma on we need to take a moral high ground, need to follow the due process of law
RSN Singh on The Debate: Yakub Memon was a proxy soldier of Pakistan; there are many Yakub's even today. Agree?
"I wouldn't confuse between a person who is an activist and someone holding a constitutional post" RSN Singh on
'Nobody said Memon should be free. Whether he remains in jail or he dies, it's the same', says Prakash Ambedkar on
Syed Asim Waqar: Yakub was a small terrorist; what about Miandad (Dawood's relative) who was accorded warmth by Sena?
Dr. Sudhanshu Trivedi: don't digress from the topic by bringing in Javed Miandad
Dr. Sudhanshu Trivedi: the Congress always has sympathy for the terrorists. Agree with the BJP leader?
Friends I'll be on tonight at 10 pm.
Arnab asks: how can a terror apologist be eligible for V-P of India? Voice your views, using
Journalist Vinod Sharma on can the 'deep state' betray a person it has given an assurance?
WATCH: Sudhanshu Trivedi of the BJP and Prakash Ambedkar spar over
3 LeT terrorists killed in an encounter with SOG Anantnag and 19th Bn of the RR at Brakpora
Journalist Vinod Sharma questions the 'deep state' on the Yakub Memon issue
Suneet Chopra of the CPI(M): which party supported Nathuram Godse?
WATCH: has triggered a massive political storm
MR Venkatesh on The Debate: we cannot have such people who have such pseudo ideas of the Constitution and law
Two back-to-back fiery debates with Arnab, on the way. 1. . 2.
Dr. Vikram Singh, R. Contributor on Internal Security, weighs in on
Which issues do you want Parliament to take up in the Monsoon Session? Tell us using
Prakash Ambedkar on he [Gopalkrishna Gandhi] would've been a better candidate as a President
MR Venkatesh on The Debate: how can these people back someone who killed 257 people?
Dr. Sudhanshu Trivedi: It's the same party which has officially supported elements related to terror
Happy to know. Yes, Ujjwala Yojana has positively impacted many lives.
Thanks. Our schemes & their implementation is done keeping in mind the wellbeing of the poor.
Dr. Sudhanshu Trivedi: there's a systematic difference in ideology; it reflects in what Gopalkrishna Gandhi had said
India's development cannot happen without progress of the Northeast. Lot has been done in the last 3 years & lot more is…
Not only the economy...but also connectivity and tourism will improve, fruits of development will reach people more effec…
Suneet Chopra of the CPI(M): it's an attempt to communalise the issue
Here are the headlines, this Monday evening
I congratulate all members of the electoral college for the exemplary and historic turnout.
Journalist Amalendu Upadhyaya: he [Gopalkrishna Gandhi] merely exercised his right given to him by the Constitution
Lalu Yadav to meet close aides tomorrow after the Cabinet meeting
'I am going to follow the government's orders', says DIG D. Roopa
Can we have a Vice President who signed the mercy petition for Yakub Menon? Share your views using
u do bol Bachan more u expose urself on being a mere stooge of the high command.
Did any MSM report abduction & killing of 14 yr old Hindu boy by muslims ? why does not this qualify for…
Mayawati says, it's because of NDA was compelled to nominate a 'Dalit' for candidate. Hence it's BSP's vi…
If I get a FIR for this, the hypocrisy of all Congress people will be exposed. Please RT
China treats its Nobel Laureates like terrorists. India treats its terrorists like Nobel Laureates. . Allows massive janazas.…
PM hits out at corruption in politics, tells opposition parties to throw out tainted leaders -
Dear .. Change your name to Mohammad Bandarabbas... will run to help
We're already bearing the burden of a "Rashtrapita", and now this!! *sigh*
IPS officer D Roopa, who alleged officials were bribed for giving special treatment to AIADMK leader Sasikala in Bengalur…
AIADMK is suffering because its not used to internal democracy. Jaya ran it like a monarchy. Its a great opportunity now to r…
This is why called Bharat has COAS now not on Meharbani but on Kabiliyat
To be a Govt peon one need to be matric pass, but class 9 fail can become Dy Chief Minister of Bihar .shhh..
Congress is intolerant which crushed freedom of speech& imposed Emergency in India,doesn't tolerate dissent
Its time to link your with various Govt services and avail it's benefits with ease.
DIG D. Roopa, who tried to expose VIP treatment to prisoners, transferred
Communism is anti democracy. Communist parties participating in Indian democracy is just an eyewash. The real cadres work und…
Ah bike riders n drunk drivers beware, end of days for you
Covered head to toe but their hijabs are too revealing & pants too tight. Blamed for arousing men. Watch till end.
But only outside India. In India, we treat them as food.
Like the monsoon season, the nation awaits the monsoon session & expects GST spirit of 'growing stronger together’ to pre…
Respectful tribute to ji on his birth anniversary.
Dear Our Jawan's at the border do chant "Jai Shree Ram"or "Jo Bole So Nihal Sastriyakal" when they whip the as…
martyred by unprovoked firing by Dy CM warns Pak -Stop otheriwse u wl disappear…
Within a few minutes, scores of people came out of a mosque and raided the place: SSP RK Bhardwaj.
The spirit of GST is about growing stronger together. I hope the same GST spirit prevails in PM Shri
Gopalkrishna Gandhi filed mercy plea for Yakub Memon & said its tribute to Kalam but he also opposed rename Aurangzeb Road t…
JD(U) MPs voting for BJP's prez candidate will set tone for stormy monsoon session. My column
do not give pravachan, we know, wrong is wrong, No bol Bachan
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Happy Thursday everyone!. Looking forward to serve you on board G8 544 today.
Due to bad weather conditions at Bhubaneswar, flights to and from BBI may get delayed. 1/1
Bol bachan band kar Have some shame and quit voluntarily from politics. And don't forget to translate this to ur
is back. Discover too-good-to-be-true fares!. across select destinations. Book now: https:/…
ye karo toh bol bachan.. Woh karo toh no system is gud.. What wud u hav done if u were to PM?
Did you adopted any village.did u initiated any campaign for swatch bharat. the answer is no aap bas bol bachan kar…
Bol Bachan ! It will be better for BJP, if they stop his election speeches. Bahu hogay yaar.
Discover various romantic getaways & take a peek into the upcoming Goa Carnival in this month’s magazine htt…
Now playin Bol bachan on NDTV Joker On Aaj Tak chor machaye shor on zeeNews chori mera kaam on AbpNews 102 Dalmatians on TimesNow
Modi is biggest bol bachan India has ever seen
L:BJP struggling to get people to rallies in UP via R:Pics of crowds at BJP rallies in UP via Wh…
pineapple always reminds me of ur dialogue from Bol bachan.."na pine hai na apple phir bhi pineapple"keep entertaining us forever
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They will now asked poonawala for clarification..Agar yahi koi bjp le log ne kiya hota tab dekhete ma…
Happy Birthday to Refugee, Guru,Yuva,ravan and to bol bachan . Abhishek bachan
Bol Bachan is never a Problem.But Mindset of behind Bol Bachan is Important.
Are you getting nervous Khujli...If you loose this election you will become a mockery especially after all the bol Bachan 😬😬
Now, fly daily and non-stop with from to the Business Capital - and the Queen of the Deccan -
Due to bad weather conditions at flights to and from PAT may get delayed. (1/2)
Yes, our PM is a superman when it comes to bhashan and bol bachan !!
My humble attempt to keep things in Balance.
Ptanajali could not make any impact on Dabur ... bol bachan Baba
Sir,with due respects,the youngest is my aunt,Urmila Sial.Earlier we all thought too,until Umi aunty threw a fit lol https:/…
Thank you sir! But pray.what is Tabli wale Tabli baza? I haven't yet worked in a film as yet with this name!!!
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"Reasons for not going on a diet"= just cannot have salad. Wonder where it came from!
Indian Banks,Kingfisher and Government are absolutely wrong. Their man not in UK. He is in retribution serving term! https:/…
Time and again I have supported Manmohan Desai's films. Here's another instance. Sometimes life is illogical too!
Why have newspapers started this half page business? It is so uncomfortable to hold whilst reading. It falls off.
risabh is bol bachan..prince and kish real winner of BB9...
This convo has nothing to do with being BOL BACHAN, its him telling how he feels not what he is going 2 do
The final showtime should happen between PRIYA and PRINCE... baki sab bakar.. all bol bachan.. bt no action.
you made fool Delhi's people such a bol bachan,,,
rishabh is all BOL BACHAN.. like salman said in this weekend... joker no1
Wonder ..On what our hardworking PM working .all results r negative except foreign tours n bol bachan
Bol Bachan : a absolute hilarious comedy by Abhishek Bachchan
bol bachan only. He is not even giving 50% his tasks r the proof
Nope he's only a big bol bachan, he never had any intentions of leaving the game! He's a BIG FEKU!
oh i guess rishab and mandana have great personality ,one is bol bachan and other is chor GREAT!!!
abhishek I cant stop watching bol bachan!! u r so talented n got style of ur own! u have proved yourself already! god bless
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__ Sir you did awesome job in Guru, Dostana, Bol Bachan. Will wait for more. God bless!
The Bol Bachan looks to be amazing. Big fan of AIB team.
In other words we call it Bol Bachan Package.
read that you are in Housefull 3. Looking forward for it. Loved your comic timing in Bol Bachan esp the 3 mothers scene
What worries you, masters you. ka bol bachan.
Salman is busy with the cast of JPNA, having fun with girls in Bikinis. BOL walon ko bole bachan de gya.
and ppzzz stop this nautanki of swach bharat... U bjp is only bol bachan..
i am in Argentina for a short assignment. They barely speak english here but guess what? Bol bachan is being aired in hindi
Love Abhishek bachan and in Bol Bachan ..They look amazing together! Wonder why are they not cast together.
joke of the century. Yahan sub goal mall hei ghorkh dhanda. Bol bachan.
. Bol bachan. propaganda me hero kaam me zero. this govt has best marketing minds... no doubt about it
Summers hav come. so "open your all windows and let atmosphere come in". ~Advice from Bol Bachan
congrats completing 365 days! Had enough of your bol bachan. Pls stick to "batein kam,kaam jyada" motto.
Bol Bachan is disease which has affected every 1 in this Gov... See a camera and their mouth opens.
First i thought if you are good in Bachan Then u Can Easily join but Reality is that if you have Degree then u Can join
Delhi 2 to b d fastest growing city in Asia . Learn Bol Bachan Sarkar.
Hope takes note of it. Difference between bol bachan and true leaders with intention 2 wrk 4 ppl.
get car and drive around , when r are ready I shall recommend what to get
I hate this stereotyping of Nepalis. They are not just security guards, they are brave soldiers, businessmen, farmers too.…
Taj Group of Hotels takes the lead in offering free WIFI to all guests. Another First for the group-hope other chains foll…
Can an unmarried couple book a hotel room in India? Nope. .
"If Nepal is not happy, India cannot smile. Nepal's happiness gives us joy: PM pure bol bachan!!
How many FIR has been filed against Vadra?Where were BJP leaders when was looting bengal? Serf Bol Bachan?
If serious, what step has been taken so far? Only Bol-Bachan
wants to rule for 2 more decade showing the hope. We need results no bol bachan.
The class of 1989 IIT kharagpur is yet to achieve 100% placement all thanks to Kejriwal.
She(Mamata Banerjee) is the biggest Saradha scam beneficiary.She is a coward,should be made to sit in front of me&questioned-…
Like Narendra, Devendra is also "Bol Bachan: on Hindustan Times leadership summit
June 2, 1947 :: Congress Delegates vote for Partition of India . (Photographer - Homai Vyarawalla )
one month is over n yet no case filed against vadra by current govt in Haryana! When will the bol bachan stop n action start??
CM Jitan Ram Manjhi warns 7 Union ministers from Bihar they won't be allowed entry if they don't help state in sanitati…
I may become prime minister one day: Manjhi
*** Best proofreading happens after you hit send.
at least they got their priorities right, khana kha ke kaun Raja bana hai ?
Latest Statistics for Cookie Jaan:. 94.38% of women who can't cook are excellent in bed !. . .
My vote for {Female} . goes to . hum pare bol bachan fan :P :O :v
5. Ajay Devgan. One of the legend Actor, Producer and Director, his film Golmaal, Singham, Bol Bachan made
Bol Bachan! Rock on! Didn’t you love them?. Now ask Prachi Desai about her experience & stand a chance to win!
rohit shetty's another bol bachan also have abhishekh bachhan as muslim and Asin as hindu girl, it was a comedy yet same mindset
Look who came to rescue Bhai at the last moment.
Kapil Dev just received friend requests from Govinda & Mithun. .
Will never forgive Gandhi for sending the hotter breed of men across the border.
I am sure you mean Bangladesh n not Pakistan ! LOL :-)
Upbringing but then I m sure their parents were better.
Bol Bachan by Mr. "Human can not live without religion and WOMEN"
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Bloodiest day of Gaza conflict yesterday, really hope Indian parliament finds a solution today.
Why has Markandey Katju raised this issue now? There are problems in appointments of judges, the system isnt acceptable to e…
30 Congress MLAs in Assam likely to meet Governor, assembly Speaker today; likely to bring no-confidence motion against Chief Min…
.Cool. You are not the first joker to threaten to kill me. Go stand at the end of the queue and wait for your t…
I never really liked until I watched Bol Bachan but I am in stitches this film is so good 👏😂👌
"When elders are getting cozy don't put nosy" from the movie bol bachan. Love that movie. Haven't laughed so much in a long time.
Dear Bangalore Parents, when govt didn't listen to Delhi CM's request of providing justice to a rape victim, you think yo…
A hot chick in the office invited me over dinner. I am more excited about the food she will cook after our dinner.
How much liberal neighborhood is, depends on which of these is given in black polythene bag by local banya: lingerie, chi…
Negative actions have the potential to increase, whereas positive actions can be destroyed by many adverse circumstance…
It is impossible to completely shield yourself from sadness without also shielding yourself from happiness
umm , Jab Tak Hai Jaan , Bol Bachan ( I JUST LOVE THAT MOVIE ) and so many more actually :p I like movies instead of drama tbh
Though i dnt like his acting but I guess Abishek Bachan was best in Bol Bachan ..
Rajdeep, Sagarika to go on leave from tomorrow, question mark hangs over their return - Hindustan Times
Rajdeep & Sagarika on an indefinite leave coz they can't Face The Nation anymore?
Jungle raj in UP: Does Akhilesh deserve to rule State anymore?
One *** I know frm an IIT, gave into his parents, dumped his gf and got married to a Samajwadi party MLA's daughter. …
First a Chaiwala.. and now a Chawla.. wow! Amazing!
Deeply saddened to inform you all that Tapan da ( Tapan Sikdar ) is no more with us.
Heartfelt condolence on demise of BJP's strong soldier Tapan Sikdr ..
Cong has met with such a defeat there are bound to be comments. How many people will they suspend?: Ali Anwar on Bhanwar L Sh…
"Rahul Gandhi at the mango tree in Badaun where the 2 girls were hanged.
Badaun gangrape more gruesome than Dec 16 incident: Family.
Now that Rahul has gone to UP May be we can hope for something! Like a press conference with Ajay Maken!!!
UP power crisis: NTPC to supply 325 MW power to UP from Sunday
People of UP should make these Dynasts as irrelevant as the have made Lalu in Bihar or Gandhi's in India!
Father gives postive spin to rape n son questions lady journalist doing her job!Shameless, father of a daughter!
Power blackout in UP revenge for voting in favour of Modi, BJP
. Dont do bol bachan mam.. first tell public openly about yr fake affidavit abt yr qualification. .
And when a few good men try to protect the women, they are killed too.
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Strongmen like Sisi,Saddam,Mubarak all "get" 95%+ votes in elections. That's why we r demanding elec reforms; free & tran…
Only in India, my Motherland, is a sit-in dinner called "Partying"! Jai ***
When will Sonia, Rahul, Priyanka join in Things named after Nehru-Gandhi family --> via firstpost
Now, minor girl gangraped in Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh; one accused arrested. News Flash:
Gangraped sisters of village Katra Shadat Kunj, Dist Badaun were raped by a Yadav family.Cops of police post who failed t…
When MulayamSingh says boys make mistakes(by committing rapes) then it has an impact on people's psyche:http:…
In India ..6 inch gap btwn saree n blouse is called culture..but 1 inch gap btwn jeans n top is called Besharmi. ..incr…
In India a 6 inch gap between saree and blouse is divine but a 2 inch gap between top and jeans is besharam.
Dear Akhilesh ji, you ( and your government) should be in danger. From public revulsion.
Uh oh!After Mulayam's great remark "Boys make mistakes",CM Akhilesh's quip to scribes asking Qns on are sa…
Amitabh had to bear 'Mera baap chor hai' in Deewar though his dad wasn't but Mulayam can't sport 'Mera beta bhosadika hai'…
A very happy birthday to one of the kind souls on my TL and more power to your struggle for peace and amity. :)
Sad its the first case where Father-uncles would have ruined a young potential leaders political career !
Still remember when all the joy n hope among ppl when young Akhilesh took over. All hopes dashed!! Dreams of ppl…
Am reading in the news that some states want to include Narendra Modi's life struggles as a part of their school curricul…
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I firmly believe that the life story of living individuals should not be included as a part of the school curriculum.
Advice for KXP: Drop Mitch, get in Sandeep Sharma. Drop Dhawan or Sehwag, and get in Shaun Marsh.
Foreign Media on the Rape and Murder of Teenagers in Uttar Pradesh
Smriti Irani being trolled .is very much an Indian crab mentality .sad that the first salvo was fired by a woman …
After 2days on smriti irani issue I can conclude 1. Everyone has issues cos she is a self made woman hence misogynist
Sometimes you have to photoshop your life. Touch up edges, adjust the tones, blur the background, focus on yourself & cr…
hope this is not the same as the BOL BOL BOL BACHAN :P
I think it's Rohit's plan !do u remember he did same with G-3 n Bol Bachan ! He did all promotions in one month !
Many many thanks to each of you for your very kind wishes on my 18th birthday...god bless each one of you and God Bless Amer…
Oh btw, walled city Lahore will soon be displayed on the website of Google Cultural Institute. First Pakistani city, ever!
Pankaj Pachauri's bio says he has worked in media for 30 years. And yet he couldn't develop tolerance to others' views
The advantage of not being require to be open for public scrutiny makes us self righteous !
SoniaG affidavit had errors, but had lies ! Get real loosers.
There is a difference between Babu and Babuji. . A Govt servant is Babu while Alok Nath is Babuji.
Why don't the 'very educated n qualified' twiteratti join politics and claim the HRD Ministry for themselves?Go for it.
Took a round of the PMO on reaching South Block this morning
ISB & XLRI to offer lessons from electoral success
61 years ago on May 29: Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay conquered the Mt. Everest in 1953.
PM Modi gives ministers a list of do's and don'ts, asks them to be careful while making appointments
Its high time Congress leaders give up sycophancy-Tariq Anwar,NCP on some Congress leaders demanding Priyanka GV to join part…
"I think will win the this year..solidly balanced team that peaked at the right time" Nah,only all the way!
Kerala: Congress leader calls Rahul 'joker', demands his ouster
Why we see corruption immdtly but its stink takes 5yrs to hit home! MT vision the quickest sense we have, smell …
Blog: What did those who were more qualified than do as HRD ministers?
"I don't think Parliament of India can debate on the matter of says Congress leader from Jammu & Kashmir Saifud…
Degree isn't a problem, students forced to choose a career of their parent's choice is. Understand the difference you stup…
Can we please have Shatrughan Sinha as Speaker of Lok Sabha? Nobody says KHAMOSH better than him.
The HRD ministers before Smriti Irani had fancy degrees, and look at where education in our country is. Time to try a les…
Ashutosh : Lodu is my favorite indoor game. I am a lodu champion.
Modi's 1st order bars ministers from handpicking personal staff, the move brings to an end appointment of family members as pe…
If you want something you've never had then you've got to do something you've never done.
Am in excellent company then! We should start a secret society of non-abusive non-trolls blocked by the left …
Ajay Devgan's English in Bol Bachan. was full of laughter...
well I c no Tattoo sayin Stuff like jordan sparks - tra la la la la lol
Cooke always in wicked mood :p is there any thing new ???
- the Animal in U is no Match for the Demon in Me. ✗ Θ ✗ Θ
yups :-) u r right in BOL BACHAN and DOSTANA he has done comedy perfectly without being loud and cheap
is all abt satire friend it's nothing 2 do with positivity or's come due 2 Bol Bachan of
No anniversary videos on Godhra tragedy, that ignited Gujarat. Victims not remember coz they were Hindus. Now that's Secul…
First re-learn to ask real questions. If you get used to promoting Kejriwals you also forget to ask meanin…
Mom forced me to go to the temple today. I saw two brothers fighting over who gets to pour milk on the statue first. . Shiva…
No they arent! Just like any boy in BHU isn't called HINDU YOUTH!!. . . . Lets stop being petty!!
Shocked that Jamia students are still addressed as "Muslim youth", not Indian youth. That's what divides communities
We have searched the premises. Subrata Roy was not found there: SHO Gomti Nagar Ajit Singh Chauhan after he raided the house …
in UP u won't find Sahara Shri even if he is standing in front of u n yelling 'sahara pranam' !
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Congress & Left can't even hire intelligent people to attack Modi coz senior leaders like Khursheed also totally disorien…
"A "Bol bachan" person can even take a persons life with his big big talks!"
Bol Bachan Baba says Realize what you have rather than crying over wat you dont have!!!
I really want dis tym modi shuld win cuz I want to knw ki bol bachan hi hai ya kuch kar bhi saktey hai
Sick in bed:( Nothing a little Bol Bachan and Ajay Devgan humour can't take care of:)
It should be declared that people making movie like Rowdy Rathore, Bol Bachan etc. should turn in 3 times their profit to mental institutes.
Atif aslam sing song for upcoming film of Akshay Kumar ‘It’s Entertainment’ will feature Tamanna Bhatia and Akshay Kumar. The movie will be their first venture together. Not much is known about the music of this movie, however, sources say that Atif Aslam will be lending his voice for a song for the movie and, perhaps, the song will be picturized on Akshay Kumar. The movie is expected to be released on 28th March, next year under the banner of Tips Films. According to Sajid-Farhad, the movie will be a “masala” entertainer. The dialogues have been written by Sajid-Farhad, the duo who also wrote dialogues for popular comedy movies including Bol Bachan and Golmaal series. The shooting of 1film will go on floor next month.
Still no laptop so to pass the time for tonight I get to choose between Ek Tha Tiger and Bol Bachan
Anjali Back to shooting ..spotted on the sets of Bol bachan..
today was with my some burger friends and have realized they are like " Only Bol Bachan " :-P
Bol Bachan was a good time pass movie with some interesting dialouges
Watching the Gems of India... hmmm Bol Bachan... its like Amitabh revised hehe
Ajay Devgan after brilliance of Bol Bachan you disappoint in both Son of Sardar and Himmatwala . Expect better of you
Student of the year, and Bol-Bachan.. Lol this is our Saturday night hey.
SAJID wtever u promised abt new HIMMATWALA was just BOL BACHAN
My hunt, for ppl who paid to watch READY, WELCOME, 3 GOLMAALs, 2 HOUSEFULLs, BOL BACHAN etc, is what gives me a sense of purpose in life.
Most likely you wont reply to this but your work in bol bachan was wicked
there was a time when ajay used to do amazing movies ..gangajal, omkara, apharan. Now all sick golmaal3,bol bachan,singham..
Venky & Ram in new look for 'Bol Bachan' remake...
Bol Bachan remake to be entertaining !
The part in bol bachan, wwhere he goes *** :')
actlly rth! Fight is for who wl be no1 bol bachan;)
Which is Ur fav 100Cr Film?AgneePath, Ek Tha Tiger, Race2,Jab Tak Hai Jaan, Bol Bachan, Son Of Sardar join me on BuzzRadio right now Live!
Mediocrity is climbing molehills without sweating .awards for Ek Tha Tiger,Bol Bachan,Housefull2,Son of sardar,Rowdy rathore.
Gud mrng frnds. O i m slping again so again gud ni8. Thn gud mrng k frnds. . . .
kon kon online he?? Lets start chitchat n make new friendzz ♥ Admin zM.J
“Have you ever been in love? Horrible isn't it? It makes you so vulnerable. It opens your chest and it opens up your heart and it means that someone can get inside you and mess you up.”
Are yaaar.koi tho karo mere saath.daaam its so.lazinesss.feelin,,.
Beauty lies in the spectator's eye..
When i have seen you first time A force of crush acted on me A life of strong love reacted with me Instead of my Brain,My heart started thinking for one minute my eye stopped blinking doctors told me that its a love infection I asked them is there any Di-crush injection the doctors said that no,no injection is there i said but its not fair they gave me my report i read it…. love is there in my whole is flowing through blood and affected my heart now if it breaks the pain will be there till my death. . . . . . . . :(
Bol bachan "says his gathering is "Atlantic Ocean of people of Pakistan". Ermm, yes."
Mornings: When Arnab goes to court for fighting cases on behalf of his lawyers.
Anyone know any good action or comedy movie?
Real Lessons of Life !!! ONE. Give people more than they expect and do it cheerfully. TWO. Marry a man/woman you love to talk to. As you get older, their conversational skills will be as important as any other. THREE Don't believe all you hear, spend all you have or sleep all you want. FOUR. When you say, 'I love you,' mean it. FIVE. When you say, 'I'm sorry,' look the person in the eye.. SIX. Be engaged at least six months before you get married. SEVEN. Believe in love at first sight. EIGHT. Never laugh at anyone's dreams. People who don't have dreams don't have much. NINE Love deeply and passionately. You might get hurt but it's the only way to live life completely. TEN In disagreements, fight fairly. No name calling. ELEVEN. Don't judge people by their relatives. TWELVE. Talk slowly but think quickly. THIRTEEN. When someone asks you a question you don't want to answer, smile and ask, 'Why do you want to know?' FOURTEEN. Remember that great love and great achievements involve great risk. FIFTEEN. Say 'b ...
guys and girls... You can ask me anything... random stuff... advice on relationship anythin... first 10 Genuine questions will be answered... ... comment ur questions... look out for the answers in the following post :) Shoot - yash
The centre has proposed to establish National Research Centre for Maize Cultivation in Katihar, Bihar.
song from the super hit movie Bol Bacchan Director-Rohit Shetty Cast Ajay Devgn as Prithviraj Raghuvanshi Abhishek Bachchan as Abbas Ali / Abhishek Bachchan ...
All government sector there is no rules no any kinds of system only one system. ONLY MONEY AND ONLY MONEY. There is no rule no rule or sirf bol bachan karne se bhi ni badlega india insan ko badlo india baldo.
Dhoni is really the greatest finisher of world cricket ! . . . . . . HE has finished the careers of some legends of indian cricket ! :P
A relationship is not based on the length of time you have spend together, its based on the foundation you've built together ..
I mean bol bachan gets awards?! *** Stupid movies are k once in a while we need good movies n they are capable of making them
ACTION is the need of the hour. Minus that its only tashun and bol bachan. ;(
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