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Bobby Valentine

Robert John Bobby V Valentine (born May 13, 1950) is an American professional baseball manager and former player who is currently the manager of the Boston Red Sox in Major League Baseball (MLB).

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Bobby Valentine is in the building this afternoon coaching, stop by to see our very own!
Sure, the Bobby Valentine who is widely credited for resurrecting Andrew Miller's career
Bobby Valentine himself is running a baseball clinic this FRIDAY, are you signed up??
Wades on the court with MCW, Bobby Portis, Denzel Valentine, and some Felicio dude. Sad
In his 1st full season as MGR, Bobby Valentine led the Rangers to a 25 win improvemen…
the Bobby Valentine bit had me dying
Is that supposed to be Ned Yost or Bobby Valentine?
Bobby Valentine is still one my favorite all time managers.
Bobby Portis I think Valentine may need a yr or 2
Really great talking international baseball with
Bobby Valentine: “Play for the name on the front of your jersey”
I just realized, no wonder he likes Bobby Valentine
Bobby Portis, Denzel Valentine and Paul Zipser are leading the youth movement. Watch them NOW on CSN!…
Why did Bobby Portis just take the rebound right out of Valentine's hand? Portis looks like his confidence is shot & should be on the bench
What shall I do to have a girlfriend? 😉😙❤. Happy Valentine's day iKONICS 💕❤💕.
valentine is the worst ref to get big games ever! Ask Bobby Knight and
While not an athlete, Bobby Valentine's dad was an avid duck pin bowler.
if any of the players need a costume idea Bobby Valentine may have some…
Like if my feet were smaller I would be buying all the women's colorways especially the air maxes and Valentine's Day Jordans
Hire Bobby Valentine just had the honor of taking California Chromes trainer picture Art Sherman
Was Bobby Valentine your least favorite ever of Red Sox managers?
In 2002, Bobby Valentine won the Branch Rickey award for his work with survivors of 9/11.…
to Bobby Valentine's nifty disguise after being tossed
tell us AD is Bobby Valentine and HC is Super Bowl winner NIck Giaquinto
Bobby Valentine invented the wrap as a means of eating lunch.
In his playing career, Bobby Valentine played every position other than Pitcher.…
Bobby Valentine was the 5th pick overall in the 19868 MLB Draft.
Bobby Valentine won the 2002 Branch Rickey Award for his donations/work with survivors of…
When Rand gets you a nice Pandora charm bracelet for Valentine's Day and you decide it's time to bust out your new linge…
It was neck and neck between him and Bobby Valentine for a while but Suarez has really committed to this.
sitting in the corner jerking off looking like Bobby Valentine 😂😂
Ronnie Spector in bed with her boss. Like I'm Bobby Valentine her part time lover
Bobby Valentine is currently the AD at Sacred Heart University and Ath Donations have inc b…
Can't wait for Bobby Valentine to get the Japanese Ambassador position
San Diego, California and especially MO's Bar and Grill I will coming to you with Rob Klaproth& Bobby Valentine...
Bobby Valentine was playing centerfield behind Nolan Ryan when he threw his 1st no h…
Bobby Valentine was center fielder behind Nolan Ryan on 5/15/73 when Ryan threw his 1st no-hitter.…
In 1970, Bobby Valentine was Pacific League MVP for the Spokane Indians, managed by…
Denzel Valentine has the lateral quickness of Bobby Valentine
Ex-manager Bobby Valentine is reportedly being considered for Japan ambassador
Bobby Valentine attended USC where he became a member of Sigma Chi Fr…
Man United went from Don Shula to Rich Kotite, Jeff Fisher, and NOW Bobby Valentine for managers.
Did President Theo Epstein morph into Bobby Valentine or Dwayne F. Schneider on "One Day At A Time" 2day?
Cubs' Epstein tries a Bobby Valentine disguise to sit in Wrigley bleachers
Jill Stein is the Bobby Valentine of politics.
Former Manager and pro ball player Bobby Valentine is our keynote speaker at Annual Conference. Cool.
Bobby Valentine passed me in his R8 today.
He was in spring training with Bobby Valentine's Mets, but didn't make the team.
This is going to be like when Bobby Valentine waited until 2002 to have a pitcher with no skin in the game miss Clemens with a lob.
If you remove 2013, the Red Sox haven't been that good. Between the 2011 collapse, Bobby Valentine, and Pablo
We did have Bobby Valentine. That was torment to me.
... I remember in '99 when Bobby Valentine came back into the dugout after an ejection. He got fined $5K & got a 2-game suspension.
He should get something similar to what Bobby Valentine got for not leaving the dugout.
I'm making out with your ex at Bobby Valentine's
All time *MLS* leader. Martin Nash, Mobilio, and even your own Carl Valentine and Bobby Lenarduzzi have more.
Bobby Valentine said to Bryce Harper-When u want to return to the diamond after being ejected, always remember to wear your "Blank"
wait a second...that was Bobby Valentine the whole time?!
No glasses and fake mustache a la Bobby Valentine?
how long was Bobby Valentine's suspension after he was ejected and came back in a really bad disguise?
I think they suspended Bobby Valentine two games for his dugout disguise. Not sure what specific rule is here. But 1-game possible I bet.
1999 Bobby Valentine wears glasses and fake mustache in return to dugout after ejection. 2 game suspension & $5k fine
Get 6 Free VitaTops
I would like Shaun to throw on a disguise like Bobby Valentine did and come back out. Maybe an afro like this again.
Sure suspend Bobby Valentine for coming back wearing a fake mustache but not suspend Farrell.
Can Bobby Valentine be their streetwise informant and "master of disguise"?
why doesn't Kyle Lowry go Bobby Valentine and put some kind of wig on
Get Lowry the Bobby Valentine disguise and put him back in.
bobby Valentine was suspended 2 games for not leaving the dugout after being ejected
At least he didn't go the Bobby Valentine route.
Harper should have broken out the Bobby Valentine disguise kit.
not as good as the Bobby Valentine disguise
He's cousins with Bobby Valentine's alter ego.
he probably pulled a Bobby Valentine and put a disguise on in the dugout.
why is Bobby Valentine dressed like Alec Baldwin dressed like Al Molinaro??? Go figure.
remember when the Orioles tried to get Bobby Valentine as their manager and he thought he was too good for them and then we got…
funny. whenever a manager gets thrown out I think of Bobby Valentine too.
just like Bobby Valentine was a really good manager
My favorite Red Sox manager of all time is Bobby Valentine.
I would ALMOST take Bobby Valentine doing color commentary over Curt Schilling
Saw Ron Paul on TV and my first thought was "wow, Bobby Valentine isn't aging well"
Bobby Valentine's story about the Punto, Gonzalez, Crawford, and Beckett trade is hilarious. I'm dying 😂
If it were a manager: Bobby Valentine
EG! Saw Bobby Jo Valentine just now at Church. He is from San Fran. This was my Favorite. Haunted HOUSE
Bobby Valentine and Kevin Hart are my height. ))-:
Only if Bobby Valentine went Southern Cal instead of Arizona St. OJ may have never been drafted.
So weird seeing Bobby Valentine at the D1 Wrestling Championships. An AD at Sacred Heart eh? Glad he's no longer in Boston
Bobby Valentine of Sacred Heart doing a great job recruiting at national championships. "Sacred Heart which has D1 wrestling"
Watching the Wrestling Championships, I just learned that Bobby Valentine is the athletic director at Sacred Heart University
We appreciate Billy Baldwin efforts to the sport of wrestling but come on this bobby Valentine interview is unnecessary
Nugget of the evening: Bobby Valentine is now the A.D. at Sacred Heart University. That's a career change for sure.
Billy Baldwin should interview fake mustache Bobby Valentine tomorrow.
Bobby Valentine is exactly right. Our sport is all about passion and commitment. There's nothing better than wrestling
Little Giant Ladders
Bobby Valentine is Sacred Heart AD? Didn't know that. Former NYM genius at MSG for Wrestling Semis.
Bobby Valentine is a college AD? I thought he was managing in Japan?
if Wisconsin is annoying you. Billy Baldwin interviewing Bobby Valentine during the wrestling NCAAs
Is that Bobby Valentine? I don't recognize him without the mustache and glasses.
Now Bobby Valentine!? has horrible coverage. No surprise
Bobby Valentine is the AD at Sacred Heart? I would not have guessed that
Bobby Valentine's looking at Billy Baldwin's hair dye and getting nostalgic about his ESPN analyst days.
I can't find the remote and Bobby Valentine is on tv. Pls help
The incognito Bobby Valentine in the bottom right?
that loss should officially knock out Denzel Valentine from national player of the year race.
I have voted for "Preity Zinta Is Bobby Deol's Valentine | Soldier Scene" on the poll "Best scene in movie Soldier bobby" on
HOT: bobby valentine wearing a disguise to return to the dugout after being ejected in '99
I was hoping they'd at least try to borrow Bobby Valentine's fake mustache...a minimal effort, to be sure.
Can't wait to be the old guy in a rocking chair scaring the town's youth by telling them Bobby Valentine is making a managerial comeback
The stages of . C'mas Tree. New Year Tree (new decs). Valentine's Day tree (heart decs). Easter tree (eggs and chicks)
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Bobby Valentine knows how to help Drake LaRoche still be able to hang out in the clubhouse
Lenten Supper tonight at 6pm! Music by Bobby Jo Valentine. Food by Barone's. Youth Groups follow. Glow in the dark Easter Egg Hunt!
"Happy Day Joseph, love Bobby"? "Hey Hot Stuff"? Bobby, you can't give this to Joseph!
Bobby Valentine listen I can help have your pitching staff go back to the spring training structure
A great story about giving back to their community and ! "Dealer's Doing Good" is…
Just heard Bobby Valentine and Daniel Bard mentioned in the same sentence. Never expected that again.
One of my favorite players. Bobby Valentine MURDERED him
awww him. I thought you was actually talking about a dude named Bobby Valentine.
CW: Happy Valentine's daaay!. Bobby: Aw. love you maknae. Jinan: What's with chanwoo?. DH: *hug*. BI: you're done now? Proceed to …
I am ok with this. No one wants to see Bobby Valentine in their photos
Bobby Valentine cameo on Bar Rescue. He said more in that 30 second cameo than many of our interviews over the years
Obviously Bobby Valentine trying to sneak back in to a game.
White day...i just realized it. Lol but i didn't give any choco to bobby oppa last
If you love biblical history like I do, you will enjoy this post by Bobby Valentine. We would never fathom what...
1). Buddy Hield 2). Denzel Valentine 3). Timothe Luwawu. 1 of these guys should be available at the Bulls pick. These are …
Looks like Becks got his disguise tips from Johnny Manziel and Bobby Valentine. Sorry, non Americans prob won't get this
that dumpster fire was 100% a result of Larry Lucchino hiring Bobby Valentine.
Bobby Valentine (former NY mets manager) was ejected from the game so he put a moustache and sunglasses on to
Why does Valentine's Day have to be a thing? Just treat your girl right every day man.
How to Make Gemstone Bobby Pins for the Best DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Ever
"until i saw your face" new song by Bobby Button for Valentine's day. Check it out!
Inmates will get valentine's cards. Just remember that when you don't.
When it's the first year you have money to spend on Valentine's Day, but don't have a valentine to spend it on 🤑
My Valentine's Day gift to you: How To Not Screw it Up | Dr. Lisa Marie Bobby
It's all about LOVE on the Valentine's edition of NRT this week! With 'love' songs by Judy Garland, Peggy Lee, Bobby Darin, Andy Williams,
ICYMI: My sit down interview with former Mets manager Bobby Valentine on the Grizzlies & MLB Hot Topics |
Maybe Jenrry Mejia can borrow Bobby Valentine's mustache & try to sneak back onto the team.
Bobby 🐄 is so excited about Valentine's weekend! I mean what girl can resist him in a pink…
Monday the will bring you at 7:55am. Then we’ll recap Valentine’s Day!
he should try to pull a Bobby Valentine and come back in a disguise
Bobby Bosak has this awesome Valentine's design up for grabs for $80! No ribs please. We're open until 10pm...
Story & video: Bobby Valentine weaves tales for Hot Stove crowd
Barnes could always go with the Bobby Valentine mustache disguise.
Me and Bobby don't even bother with Valentine's Day because it pointless af,but he's away and it's annoying me a little🤔😎
Going to watch bobby Lee at the improv on Valentine's yo it's gonna be the sauce
Who wants to be my valentine this year ?! Nobody awsome
Treat your valentine to a glamour photo-shoot by the talented
Goodwill tells broken-hearted to 'donate your ex's stuff' for Valentine's Day:
Regardless of your (Bobby) Valentine's Day plans, remember to sneak in some headphones & listen on the SiriusXM App!
We will be performing 2/14 for the “Valentine's Love Jam” at the Show Place Arena in Upper Marlboro, MD w/Bobby Brown, Ginuwine & 112
Fresno Grizzlies Hot Stove Gala 2016 video recap... appearances from Bobby Valentine, Branch Rickey
Valentine's Day won't be so lonely, Bobby taught us how to get a date. Wink and say, "WE SOULD GO OUT.".
If you want a date this Valentine's Day just say, "WE SHOULD GO OUT.".
.Hot Stove: Bobby Valentine recalls toughest managing stop / story, video by https:/…
I have a phrase for this upcoming Valentine's Day.. "WE SHOULD GO OUT ".
Get ready for a night of love music! Come see and perform at LPAC TOMORROW 7pm tickets:
Who coming through with they Valentine tomorrow ?! Come turn up w/ me and my gang for my 21st birthday 💪💪.
Finding a valentine card where the verse doesn't give you the dry boak is proving harder than anticipated..
Seth James and Bobby Mack will be playing a FREE SHOW Saturday night in place of Joe Ely. Bring your valentine...
Valentine by Bobby Bare Jr.'s Young Criminals' from the album From The End Of Your Leash
Happy Valentine's Day Marissa from your best friend Bobby. 39 years later, AF career, Partner at New York Life. 2 sons, 3 gkids
If anyone is looking to take a road trip to the coast this weekend you should stop by Coos Bay! Got nothing to do for Valentine's Day.
surprise your Valentine with a Special surprise cake available only at Bobby's...
Who said Feb 14th is valentine's Day... . Indeed It's a confusion day... . Don't Know to love for the sake of...
❤❤❤LOVE IS IN THE AIR❤❤❤. Valentine's is round the corner!. ❤Are you still unsure what to get your loved ones?...
Former Lotte manager Bobby Valentine is the focus of this "In defense of baseball gray hairs" via
With former baseball player and former manager Bobby Valentine!!
lmao like when the Mets manager got ejected in a game and wore a disguise. Bobby Valentine.
Former Mets and Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine signs autographs at the Recovery Sports Grill in Amsterdam.
"I'd love to play for a manager like Bobby Valentine."
Already told your crush he's your Bobby Valentine or?
Bobby Valentine and Willie Randolph in the running.
it's like in April of 2012 when Bobby Valentine said the Red Sox hit rock bottom & then the rest of the season happened.
The SEMO baseball team announces Third Annual First Pitch Dinner will take place Jan 15, former MLB manager Bobby Valentine to be headliner.
Orioles center fielder Adam Jones, Dodgers legend Carl Erskine and former manager Bobby Valentine will be honored...
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