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Bobby Sherman

Robert Cabot Bobby Sherman, Jr. (born July 22, 1943), is an American singer, actor and occasional songwriter, who became a popular teen idol in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

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She left because she says I'm stuck in the past. So it's just me here playing my Bobby Sherman 45s on my Close N' Play record player. 😩
Probably The Allen or The Bobby... I take you for a Sherman kind of guy?
Bobby Sherman in 1972. I was 12, what else would you expect? 😂
My 1st concert was Bobby Sherman at O'Keefe Centre. I sewed a yellow pantsuit to wear. I enjoyed screaming as much as the music
The Bobby and the Sherman looking real lit
see this is how my brain works, I see the cover and I wonder if the "Giant Bobby Poster" was Bobby Sh…
I always knew you were Bobby Sherman.
Julie, Do Ya Love Me by Bobby Sherman - No.5 on September 19,1970 - 15 weeks on the Hot 100:
I googled him. He's a Bobby Sherman lookalike.
On this day in 1971, the Bobby Sherman sitcom “Getting Together” debuted on ABC-TV. It only lasted 13 episodes.
Yeah but who could have predicted that Bobby Petrino would put-coach Mike Sherman?
Bobby Sherman ~ 'Julie, Do Ya Love Me' from the album Super Hits of the 70's Vol.3 [1970]
I added a video to a playlist BOBBY SHERMAN - "Easy Come, Easy Go" (1970)
Lol. Yeah that's him. . He's 80s. My school girl crushes are from the 60s. Bob Crane. Davy J…
PICKED! Bobby Wagner intercepts Brian Hoyer's pass. Wagner fumbles the ball, but Richard Sherman recovers. take over at SF 36.
Bobby Wagner picks it, fumbles, Sherman recovers. Right to Wagner, too. Not sure where that ball was going.
Bobby Wagner with the pick of Brian Hoyer, Sherman recovers his fumble and the Seahawks offense is back.
Bobby Wagner picked off Hoyer. He fumbles on the return, hopped on by Sherman. Seahawks take over at the SF 36
Bobby Wagner picks off Brian Hoyer, he fumbles, recovered by Richard Sherman.
The episode of the Partridge Family where Bobby Sherman guest stars is the most iconic of the whole series
Thanks for this clip! My kind of music! And i saw a very young Bobby Sherman in this clip!
Ha! Bobby Sherman, and it was my first concert I attended at 14-years of age I think.
I haven't been this excited about a collab since Bobby Sherman did a song with David Cassidy on The Partridge Famil…
Why is the most famous song w my name Bobby Sherman's "Julie, Do Ya Love Me?" Is this a common thing for ppl named Julie to make ppl wonder?
Bobby Sherman, Partridge Family, the Archie's, the Monkees. Bands for those born in the 60s.
Alan O'Day wrote hits for the Righteous Brothers, Bobby Sherman, Cher, Helen Reddy, and others, but this song was...
Richard Sherman, Pete Carroll and Bobby Wagner explain how the Seahawks hold each other to a higher standard.
And when I was a kid, the top story in any teen mag was how cute Bobby Sherman was...times have changed indeed!
"Non-Threatening Boys" & Bobby Sherman. That does seem about right. 🤣 So sweet. Diabetes risk: HIGH.
Bobby Sherman sang some creepy songs.just saying.
I was a pale child of single digits, but even then I knew Bobby Sherman shouldn’t be that tan.
Bobby Sherman and friends on the streaming radio. "Tie a Yellow Ribbon" by Tony Orlando on now. Memories.
I wanted to marry Bobby Sherman or David Cassidy. lol
Plus David Cassidy and Bobby Sherman were popular when I was 12. Not you because I am 9 yrs older than u. Be accurate.
And talk about an Evil Ed... here's Ed Begley Jr. with his henchmen, Fabian and Bobby Sherman of all people
my Bobby Sherman 45 is cut from the back of a HoneyComb cereal box. Still have it!
in the Treehouse : Bobby Sherman - Julie, Do Ya Love Me ... Tune In at
I thought they closed the vinyl mines last century. Are they recycling Bobby Sherman records?
I was holding out for Bobby Sherman.
How the 'eck do the Peace Love & Bobby Sherman Crowd expect to claim 'Ethical Gov't' while PRIVATE Interests CONTROL Public Money Supplies?
Photo-op with Richard Sherman & Bobby Wagner at on Thursday. Look how tiny me and my mom…
My first love 󾬘in middle Bobby Sherman
BOBBY SHERMAN - Easy Come, Easy Go is now playing on Greatest Hits Radio - Join the Party!
I am moved by music, and certain things just make my day.
Could you beat Sherman or Wagner in a 1v1 on COD?. These players tried:.
True. But there will be others to come. with their own brand of cuteness and perfection. Remember Bobby Sherman, or David Cassidy
Easy Come, Easy Go by Bobby Sherman peaked at No.9 on April 11,1970 - 14 weeks on the Hot 100:
Bobby Wagner and Richard Sherman get into via
"The people here are great, it's a good time." on . 📷s [
The older I get, the more I suspect that it was all George Martin and the Beatles were basically Bobby Sherman
LMAO! My sister was a Bobby Sherman era Tiger Beat reader. Can still remember chorus of a Sherman song from her playing it often.
I bet they bust ghosts at Kohl's and play Bobby Sherman music and eat bon bons in the ectomobile
This is your chance to play video games with Richard Sherman and Bobby Wagner.
I'm listening to Bobby Sherman - Easy Come, Easy Go - Real Gold Radio on Real Gold Radio with TuneIn.
Bobby Sherman ~ 'Little Woman' from the album Rock 'n Roll Golden Hits - 1969 [0]
no, but I do remember Bobby Sherman. Why I don't understand.
Do you remember Bobby Sherman 45's in cereal boxes? Ha!
I don't think Bobby Wagner or Richard Sherman have to worry about their roster spots...
Even Richard Sherman, Bobby Wagner, Bruce Irvin are here to watch the farce of Media Combine.
Can you make the melody of Bobby Sherman's "Seattle" the backing track? Nothing against Bobby Sherman, but it somehow oddly fits.
As far as a cocktail, I do like good wines, basically with meals, and good champagnes. Bobby Sherman
I've heard that, but since I'm computer illiterate I don't know how it all ...
I was thinking "that Maureen McCormick, she got to work with Davy Jones AND Bobby Sherman!"
TBT: Love Boat is on and Bobby Sherman is on it.
Couldn't mention Bridget Hanley w/o including a pic of Bobby Sherman. This is from last yr & he's with his wife,...
I have an autographed copy of "Hockey Is My Game" by Bobby Hull. That's from the '60s.
Another hit from the early 70's Bobby Sherman - Easy Come Easy Go on
If you get Thurs tickets to you have a chance to play Black Ops with Richard Sherman and Bobby Wagner so hello football fans
Richard Sherman & Bobby Wagner want to be on your Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 team at
Seattle Seahawks Superstars Richard Sherman & Bobby Wagner will be at this year!
As far as show business, it's the gratification of doing something that ple...
But there are many, and I'm a supporter of a great deal of charities.
Bobby Sherman just wouldn't stay home .
Yes, I'm supposed to go back to New York to do Geraldo, and we're going to ...
A3 Davey Jones and Bobby Sherman were teen heartthrobs in my era.
Donny, Michael Jackson, Bobby Sherman, David Cassidy ALL graced the walls of my room in junior high school.
How does Danica Patrick win NASCAR races with a car full of baby seats, Celine Dione CDs and Shaun Cassidy & Bobby Sherman posters?
Robert F. Kennedy was born 90 years ago today. Brothers Jack, Bobby, and Ted, 1948. Via
Norman better chill before he end up like Sherman.
(3) DIFFERENT OLD BOBBY SHERMAN RECORD ALBUMS (one with picture scrapbook)
Bobby Sherman LP - Christmas Album, on Metromedia label # MD 1038, from 1960s
Programming note some peace love and Bobby Sherman concert on many tv stations tomorrow night
Brand identity logo for my law firm office.
"We need the best leader to fix Bobby Jindal's problems." -Dayne Sherman
I have to be motivated, and I'm sure time will avail itself. - Bobby Sherman
YES, I am on a Bobby Sherman roll! there are worse things I could be... ♫
That boy who plays W/Barbie dolls just makes her bang up Barbie Corvette & sit on couch & listen to Bobby Sherman records & eat Bon Bons
Named after Bobby's mom, Sue, who invented the dish and taught the young future star chef all he knows about food
Don't worry, I hear that Bobby Sherman meet an greets cost much less.
money's tied up into Russelll, Lynch, Sherman, Bobby, Kam, Earl, KJ, and others
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Richard Sherman is the most overrated defensive player in the NFL
Bobby Wagner and Richard Sherman out there laying wood😎.
Watching Richard Sherman get beat makes me happy.
I may or may not have had a Tiger Beat poster of Leif Garret and one of Bobby Sherman
Bobby Sherman, Burl Ives and Melanie appeared on The Johnny Cash Show on this day in 1970.
cant believe we drooled over Bobby Sherman. Davey Jones was cute but I preferred
Walk down Bobby Sherman memory lane this week😍
I met davey when I was 12. He and bobby sherman had the same voice coach. Do you remember her name?
Any one out there want to trade their Verizon android (preferably Samsung S6) for a Verizon iPhone 6?
Think of Rain sung by Bobby Sherman via another song for this rainy day
what about Julie Julie Julie do you love me? By Bobby Sherman?
Yeap loved me some Donny. Dont forget Bobby Sherman Lol.
Bobby Sherman - Easy Come Easy Go (with lyrics) - HD LOVEvia love this song, got to met this cutie
Congrats to our Students of the Month and our Sherman Fabulous Families Brevin, Bobby, and Holden. These students...
In my day it was nothing but Bobby Sherman. 😂😂😂
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Bobby Sherman wasn't one of the Monkees! He was a teen heart throb singer of my youth. I loved him!
I don't know who Bobby Sherman is. 😭😭😭
"Take some time to learn first aid and CPR. It saves lives, and it works." - Bobby Sherman, author
yea i don't get all the hub bub he's a modern-day Bobby Sherman
LP lot of 8 old vinyl albums - Bobby Sherman, Andy Williams, Connie Francis more
how about stop shaking your black brothers just because they don't share your same opinion. Peggy Hubbard, Richard Sherman,MBJ
Sherman, Kam, Earl, Bobby, Russ, K.J., Lynch, Bennet, the list is longer
they still got bobby Sherman cam and thomas that was the main core there offense ain't all that I think they still great until
This is my jam: Julie, Do Ya Love Me by Bobby Sherman on The Partridge Family Radio ♫
... Bobby Sherman, David Cassidy, and Shaun Cassidy, who burst quickly onto the teen scene...
ICYMI: Stumbo says John Arnold, Bobby Sherman on hook in LRC case too via
Whitman's alter ego "Evelyn of Sherman Oaks" calls CSpan to react to Rep. Governor Bobby Jindal's Presidential...
Whitman having a little fun with alter ego "Evelyn of Sherman Oaks" calling CSpan after Gov. Bobby Jindal's...
My story of my book and my childhood crush on teen idol Bobby Sherman are in the Burnaby Now.
Here's a replay of one of my videos! Go check it out!
David Cassidy and Bobby Sherman will b crushed u dumped them for Taylor Swift
There is only one choice: Starsky! Tomorrow will be Bobby Sherman V. David Cassidy. But don't get ahead of yourself.
Lincoln Grant & Sherman wouldn't have dreamed anyone would be waving that flag in 150 years. Even Bobby Lee would be disgusted.
If I had a dollar for every bobby pin I've lost, I'd quit my job right now.
Only Kam, Russ (soon to be), Sherman, Bobby, & Earl on big contracts lol y'all tripping
Sherman Chancelor Earl Graham Beastmode Bennett KJ Wright Avril and bobby wagner all better
Richard Sherman. He's a smart, educated man who knows what it's like to not have everything
Easy Come, Easy by Bobby Sherman, found with Listen now:
He lost his boyish looks. Had his picture on my bedroom wall next to Bobby Sherman’s.
I have bought millions of bobby pins in my life and somehow I have ended up with one
And there goes the savings account...
He was my 2nd after Paul McCartney was in my top 3 (with Bobby Sherman). Those were the 3 I was going to marry, lol.
I just wish they had Big Brother when I was the average fan's age. We would have had BOBBY SHERMAN in the house!
Oh my word, the things you hear on Sirius XM, 70s on 7! ♫Julie, Do Ya Love Me by Bobby Sherman, from
Julie, Do Ya Love Me by Bobby Sherman is in Cross Keys, Louth. Download it now at
I had a crush on Donny Osmond, Bobby Sherman, Andy Gibb, Shaun, David Cassidy, Davy Jones, and Leif Garrett.
I added a video to a playlist Easy Come, Easy Go - Bobby Sherman
Jimmy Connors was my first crush, after Bobby Sherman! Hated Chrissy Evert for dating him! Liked Bad Boys!
Oh, the irony. Of course, I had Bobby Sherman hair at 16!
One more day until our Bobby Sherman fans will not be disappointed!
On this day in 1971 Bobby Sherman performed "Julie, Do Ya Love Me" & "Cried Like A Baby" on American Bandstand -
Great show tonight! And always wonderful to see my old friend Bobby Sherman!
my brother:U know bobby sherman who sings tht song about selling crack since the 5th grade?Its tru he really was and hes going to jail now
They ddn't really have boy bands..wait.. Do the Osmond or Jackson5 count? How about David Cassidy/Bobby Sherman? No?
I used to get my Bobby Sherman 45's on the back of cereal boxes too ... SMH 😃
didn't Bobby Sherman do that back in the 70's?
A tradition that includes Jackson 5, and Bobby Sherman.
Those blue eyes...congrats to Bobby Sherman for making it into the countdown - call us with your memories now!
When Mr. Sherman said "Gold section please sand up, please stand up"
One RT, one prayer for Sherman's reputation
“Odell Beckham Jr. 44 yard catch over Richard Sherman. Sherman burned again
Madden curse is real. Check out Richard Sherman.
About to watch Mr. Peabody and Sherman... Kind of had my hopes on Prayers For Bobby but whatever.
Dancing to bobby Sherman's with black men
Go to our YouTube page and watch the new video!. ---
So is at Tipsy Cow in Sherman Oaks, who do I start Bobby Rainey or Bryce Brown?
'As far as advice to potential idols, there is no formula.' Bobby Sherman
Bobby Sherman - Julie, Do Ya Love Me (1970): ha! Found this today. My Uncle used to sing this to me all the time...
Don't know who bobby sherman is, but I do not care.
I had a poster of him on my wall. He was right next to David Cassidy and Bobby Sherman lol
but who specifically. It could be Scott Baio or Bobby Sherman, just sayin'
Wonder who remembers 1969,men went on the moon. We had record players. Records, beatles, Diana, ross and supremes. Sherry baby love that song. We had slumber parties. No vedio games. No vcrs, no cell phones. We had 8 track tapes, then went to cassettes. Had a banana seat bike. Hoola hoop. Pogo sticks. We played 4 square. Played doc, and nurse games. Grew up with listning, to the Jackson Five. *** angels, were out. Just good ole freaken days. The monkeys, Bobby Sherman. The brady bunch. The munsters, green acers, petty coat junction. Family affair. Lassie, Perry Mason. If u wanted to see a movie, ur family would all go out to the drive inn. Or on some saturdays. We would get in to see a 3D movie if we had found, 7 rc bottle caps in good condition. On Sundays ur father would make homemade icecream, with an old churn. My dad bought a brand new0station wagon, and took it around the block, just like on the wonder years. It was so fun back then. We played kick ball, dodgeball, freeze tag, hide and,
A Kentucky State Police investigation has concluded no laws were broken when former Legislative Research Commission director Bobby Sherman returned to his Capitol office last September and shredded documents two days after he resigned.
Who remembers these! I remember taping posters on our bedroom walls of Bobby Sherman and David Cassidy!
My husbands in the back ground searching music. Just played Bobby Sherman and David Cassidy. My heart throbs back in the day.
Frozen pizza is really just a vehicle for my hot sauce consumption.
Starting Monday with Bobby Sherman singing "Julie Do Ya Love Me" in my head. I know she does!
64 East on the Sherman Minton - Stalled car turned into a 6 vehicle crash - left lane blocked
Ditto. Older sisters had me listen 2 Bobby Sherman/Partridge Family by age 3; all now off radio 'cept The Lost 45s!
Bobby Sherman and David Lee Roth have both worked as EMTs. Believe Joan Jett was an X-Ray technician
Love's What You're Getting for Christmas by Bobby Sherman (CD, Nov-1999, Legacy) - Full read by eBay: Price 1.89...
“Sherman for Bring the Madden curse back to Seattle just like in '07.”. DONT YOU PUT THAT CURSE ON ME RICKY BOBBY
Marriages don't last because things "worked out". They last because someone makes a decision.
My sister had the same crush. Last I heard, Bobby Sherman was now a paramedic.
Hey what happened to peace, love and Bobby Sherman? LOL!
I was more a Bobby Sherman kinda gal. (Hangs head in shame.) 😏
*** it lacy lol. Now i want cam or Sherman
Serious question. Does Mr. Darcy in this 1986 cover look more like David Cassidy or Bobby Sherman? http…
and Sherman only play one side of the field
Melanie Safka sang with Tina Turner, Bobby Sherman and Don and Phil, on the Everly Brothers Show, August 5, 1970. For information on the song see:
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HERE WE GO!. Who is the best CB in the NFL: or
Is that a commercial with Richard Sherman and Stephen A Smith??? There is a God, and he's got a sense of humor lol
It's the final play of the game and you need a CB to shutdown your opponent: Patrick Peterson or Richard Sherman?
Peterson hopes to get more than Richard Sherman's $57.4 million deal
I can't be the only person who noticed that Bobby Sherman's "Julie Do Ya Love Me" is, basically, burlesque stripper music.
Is Patrick Peterson worth more than Richard Sherman?. "I think I am but..."
I want to thank God for waking me and my family up this morning and also I want to thank for everybody who came out yesterday to party with us also the love of my life my baby girl Sally coffee and Denise Wills and Johnnie Brown and Bernice Coffee and Brenda Sherman and Stephanie Williams and Annette Gray and Teria Williams and Sally Sherman and Jessica Lebron and destiny and varonica and Bobby Sherman and willie jr Sherman and ain't nothin like family showing love
SB ad, Heineken: Mr. Peabody and Sherman transport Richard Sherman and Bobby Sherman back to Vicksburg to toast William Tecumseh Sherman.
who do you like better: Richard Sherman, Allie Sherman, Allan Sherman, Bobby Sherman, William Tecumseh Sherman, or Sherman from Sherman and Mr. Peabody?
Good Dog Down When Mother bought me a Bobby Sherman album, I laughed. The only albums I was not allowed to play were by Led Zeppelin, especially Led Zeppelin IV with “Stairway to Heaven”. The only voice my parents had in common was Barbra Streisand. My grandmother preferred Elvis Pressley. When I moved to the mountains of western North Carolina to earn a degree in something at the only university west of Asheville, I got hooked on folk and country music, but especially folk. I and a couple of my friends drove out to Brasstown to The John C. Campbell Folk School, and I was inspired to write, paint, and play the banjo. My financial aid refund, however, provided me money for paper, but little else. So, I decided to earn a master’s degree in English/Professional Writing, and I have one semester left including the comprehensive exam. I published my own chapbooks until a 501c3 picked me up and published my first two books by their alternative publishing company. My editor told me my writing was no ...
~ History and happenings in music ~ January 20th: On this Day 1958 - Elvis Presley got his orders to report to duty from the U.S. Army. He was allowed a 60-day deferment so he could finish the film "King Creole". 1964 - The album "Meet the Beatles" was released in the U.S. on Capitol Records. It was their U.S. debut LP. 1965, American disc-jockey Alan Freed died from uraemia at the age of 42. Freed called himself the "father of rock and roll", appeared in the movies such as Rock Around The Clock and Don't Knock the Rock. His career was destroyed by the payola scandal that hit the broadcasting industry in the early 1960s. 1965: The Rolling Stones and the Kinks both make their debut on ABC's Shindig! along with guests Dave Clark Five, Petula Clark, Bobby Vee, Bobby Sherman and Gerry and the Pacemakers. 1966: Promoter Bill Graham holds a three-day "Trips Festival" at Longshoremen's Hall in San Francisco, CA, featuring Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters, the Grateful Dead, and Big Brother and the Holding Comp ...
Yeah, I had a huge crush on David Cassidy when I was a kid. Not so much Bobby Sherman or Leif Garret LOL. And Capt. Kirk.
My Daughter Dawn had David Cassidy & Bobby Sherman photos (out of magazines) ALL OVER HER bedroom walls. :)
I am beyond bored. Watching the Partridge Family. Lol David Cassidy was Hot. Bobby Sherman its on this episode. That man had some serious eyebrow issues.
Woo hoodoo.Bobby Sherman and on Partridge Family on antenna tv this afternoon!!!
Admittedly odd combo of Christmas songs shuffling on our CD player (yes, we still have one)... Jim Nabors, The Partridge Family, Bobby Sherman, Diane Reeves and Annie Lennox. What does that say about me? (Besides that I'm *** ..)
Debating if I should get Sherman's or Bobby's jersey. Sherman's my man but me & bobby have the same last name 😁
Bobby Wagner What kj wright, we got Sherman, Lane, And our safetys, what y'all done don't get me started on the Offence
for the first half, bobby can't hang with him. Sherman will switch to him 2nd half.
Richard Sherman won't even guard him though it'll end up being Bobby Wagner
This is the coolest pic I've seen via
...> a handsome younger version of Bobby Sherman !
"I need to know the last name and number of Bobby the body gaurd at Sherman. I think u go to esu??? Good times at barstool ;) "
Bobby, I'm taking my boy Richard Sherman anyday especially since ya boy Haden just got burned by Cecil Shorts for the win
Thanks to you...I went to archives and saw Bobby Sherman...relevant, how? Lol
Indisputable proof that Bobby Sherman is my biological father
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The Church invites everyone to be embraced by the Father’s tenderness and forgiveness.
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Plus tracks from Bobby Sherman, Live In Japan 1977, from the new album Britney Jean,.
Update your maps at Navteq
I think Bobby Sherman was better looking! LOL! !! He became a paramedic.
my first big crush was Bobby Sherman and then Jack Wild! Wow this is taking me down memory lane!
Ah. It was Lee Majors, Robert Wagner, Starsky & Hutch actors, David Cassidy, Bobby Sherman for me!
Me too! I think "Julie" by Bobby Sherman was my first 45 rpm record. So tame compared to now.
I had the osmonds bobby Sherman Jackson 5 n the Partridge Family
“Some songs wake up my inner stripper.” Story of Bobby Sherman's and Kyle Kinnett's life..
I googled Bobby Sherman and he's an old *** singer. My mom was really dating herself
"If I think about it hard enough ill throw up. It was the worst smelling entity" - Bobby Sherman everyone
"Do they come in g-strings?" Bobby Sherman quote of the night...
Mine was a strange bill. Headliner was Bobby Sherman the opener was Three Dog Night.
9/4 on betfair Sherman, unless there's an offer knocking about?
Last day at is a bit surreal. The past 2 years have taught me helped me grow.
I just mixed up Bobby Fischer and Bobby Sherman in front of everyone. So now I have to move.
Well I'm going to bang Bobby Sherman because I am a bad kid. I think Clay is claiming to be shagging you.
Day 2 in the 7 Days of Gratitude this week: Funny Encounters of the Close Kind. This year I got to be one degree of separation from President Obama when I met his half-brother Mark Obama in Shenzhen China and ran into Dr. Cornell West in the Louisville airport. It reminded me of just a few other funny encounters I am grateful for--William Shatner who was seated next to me on an airplane in 2001; a backstage encounter/photo with Keith Richards at Churchhill Downs, 2006; sewed a sequin on Liberace's costume, was body guard for Bobby Sherman and took care Robert Goulet's frog collection during my stint in music theatre; had a drink with former Governor Michael Dukakis and his wife at their home in 2009; had tea with Rosalyn Carter and talked about writing at Menninger Hospital in the 1990s; and was helped to my feet by Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters after falling on ice at Choate School/Wallingford CT about a grillion years ago. What a life!
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Ok, I got the number 9 from Kathy Brick Hoessel - 9 fun facts about me to share - if you "like" the post I will send you a number too! 1. I was 3 mins older than my twin brother David 2. My sister, brother and I used to lay around the record player in the living room and sing like we were rock stars (My mom loved music and we would get albums in the mail from the Columbia Record Club!) 3. Lisa Deane and I used to line up our Tiger Beat Magazines on the couch and pretend we were hanging out with David Cassidy, Bobby Sherman and the other cute boys from the 70s. (she's been friends with me since we were 4 years old!) 4. My mom didn't like us kids doing laundry or cooking in her kitchen so the first time I did my own laundry and cooking dinner was when I moved out. 5. My dad was my softball coach at Newcomb - we made a wooden scoreboard together and used it every game ( I was so proud of that scoreboard!) 6. David, Hilly and I used to put on Christmas shows for our family every Christmas eve. Our gra ...
Well here are 12 things you might not know about me. 1) I never had a Ken doll- my brothers always had G. I. Joe who we had go on dates with Barbie 2) Growing up I thought Bobby Sherman wrote the song "Julie Julie, Julie Do you love me " just for me. 3) I was in love with Leif Garrett in Jr. High and had his pictures on my wall. (I still have them and some old Tiger Beat Magazines from 1974) 4) I still have my childhood metal Julia lunchbox. 5) I remember all the names of my Grade school teachers and most from Jr. High and high school. 6) I took an American Sign Language class when I was 14 years old with my mother- I passed and she didn't. 7) I worked for the Hilton as a hostess and got Rosemary Clooney's autograph. 8) The first movies I ever saw were "The Sound of Music" and the "Mary Poppins" 9) I helped my husband skin a deer- when we were dating- 10) I know most of the woords to the usongs from the 70's show "The Partiage family 11) I would like to go back to school and get my AA degree 12) my mo ...
14 more random facts you may not know about me (14... Really??) 1. I have seen UFOs several times. Most impressively, I stood in the parking lot after work one night with several friends watching several of them seemingly playing tag in the sky. 2. I have a mug my grandpa bought me when I was about 3 years old with a Collie puppy on it. 3. I was in the 7th grade when I got my first kiss; we were in the backseat at a drive in, my parents in the front seat, watching Night of the Leapus. 4. Peter Tork from the Monkees was my first crush. 5. I currently have a *teeny* crush on Jamie Hineman from Mythbusters. I don't think he is attractive in the least. I can't explain it. 6. I love celery. 7. My first concert was when I was about 9, I saw Bobby Sherman! 8. Steve Irwin's death hit me as hard as if I had lost an old friend. I still miss him. 9. I once date a 42 year old man; I was 16. Needless to say, my parents were not thrilled. He is still one of my dearest friends. 10. I believe in reincarnation. 11. I fail ...
loved The Monkees. Saw him with Bobby Sherman & Peter Noone of Hermans Hermits
is upset that David Cassidy is coming to town. Was hoping for Bobby Sherman.
"I think only old people know who this Richard Sherman person is..." No idea who that is. Bobby Sherman?
Bobby Sherman's Hermits? I'm veering between considering this clever or pathetic.
The teen idol Bobby Sherman played on the Monkees grew up to be the jerky Doctor he played on Emergency. They are so much alike!
Every time I watch Twister I think of and
One of my favorite songs to run to - Supermassive Black Hole.
my little brother drew a black moustache on my Bobby Sherman poster. I almost killed him
70? oh wow!& yes, I had a purple Bobby Sherman lunchbox in elementary school ;) I think I had it mostly bc his name was 'Bobby':)
at the risk of being nerdy ( I am anyway) Bobby Sherman stuff was plastered all over my room back then
I saw one that kind of surprised me the other day. Bobby Sherman is 70. LOL.. you might not even know who he is.
I hope bobby Sherman doesn't drop the soap while in prison not sure
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Not sure but I think bobby Sherman performs beastiality on the deer he kills
Happy Birthday Don Henley of the Eagles 66 and Bobby Sherman is 70. Summertime
Claim to be the love child of Leif Garrett and Bobby Sherman.
Just saw an episode of The Partridge Family, on Antenna TV. It was the one with Bobby Sherman as a struggling songwriter. Imagine, David Cassidy AND Bobby Sherman. Swoon! ;-)
To my fellow class mates and all of us Baby Boomers. Been going down memory lane again. Do you remember KOMA radio station? And, Tiger Beat magazine. Bobby Sherman was on the cover alot back then. I wished I had kept some of mine. Remember that song by Carly Simon-Anticipation. The last line is "Stay right here 'cause these are the good old days."
OY! Between this guy and Bobby Sherman, my sister drove me nuckin futz! Fortunately, she outgrew her tween phase quickly.
Some words of advice for Justin Bieber: Leif Garrett, David Cassidy, Bobby Sherman.
I loved Bobby Sherman too...and David Cassidy and Donny Osmond. Had posters all over my walls. lol
Micky Dolenz said he sold his Moog synthesizer to Bobby Sherman.
Recycled Vinyl LPs: Bobby Sherman, With Love: Peace, Love and -- you guessed it! -- Bobby Sherman.  That adora...
Nice Bobby! Now get your drums set up and start making art!!!
COOL! BOBBY SHERMAN in NM condition - The BEST existing example you will ever see in your lifetime - No Reserve
I'm glad I'm moving into a house. No more unexplainable noises from my neighbors apartments...
my momma went to school with Bobby Sherman!
And BC bred bobby handy get claim again new trainer steve sherman
As a musician, my specialty is death metal covers of Bobby Sherman oldies.
Why mention Beiber? Bobby Sherman, Leif Garrett, etc stayed in their Tiger Beat ghetto, off of adult radar
What a week!! Felix was in CA for his brand new job, only to get a call Wed afternoon that I was being taken by ambulance from my office to the E.R. Turns out I have a kidney stone and I don't think it has passed yet, so it's kind of waiting game. Felix rushed home from C.A, I was discharged Wed evening because the pain subsided and we just weren't sure if the stone had passed. I can just hope I don't have round 2 of that kind of pain, I actually passed out from it at work. But I had an amazing coworker who went with me and an amazing sis in law that came to be with me that night. Let's hope this weekend is drama free!! Kidney stones can go to *** ;)
Loved Mark Lenard in that show..and Robert Brown..and Bobby Sherman. Wrote my fan letter to Ross Martin instead, though!
Youngs is the winner, but the milkstout nitro is more fun to poor
I also had major crushes on David Cassidy, Bobby Sherman and Davy Jones.
Do you remember the 1st record,yes I said record :) that you bought. I bought Bobby Sherman's Easy Come Easy Go
If it is, then I am extremely lame.
Hey Thanks, I loved David, and Bobby Sherman both blasts from the past. I remember julie julie julie do you love me!!
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I like him too. And my mom liked Bobby sherman too an man im in love with him! :)
She probably didn't have any of David Cassidy, Bobby Sherman, Rick Springfield, etc..
You probably don't need either. Sell the ipad. Buy drum gear.
Currently debating if I'm going to sell my apple iPad and get a microsft surface instead... My iPad is proving to be useless...
Donnie plz dnt kill me but that professor Sherman Klump fro is killin me, lmao no flex jus really prefer the Bobby Valentino curls :)
Apparently we're not worried about anything. It's all Peace, Love, and Bobby Sherman.
"Just one too many mornings and a thousand miles behind" -Bobby Sherman
Did anyone else find it hard to take that performance of les miserables seriously when "borat" walked out?
Best quote of the Oscars yet - "arts are dying in our communities" so true. Support your local artists/musicians/actors
Score of the Day: Bobby Sherman centerfold LP in great condition, .99 cents.
DAILY DOSES... Here's one for the girls! Who made your heart go a flutter? Bobby Sherman? Shaun Cassidy, Andy Gibb? Come on girls,join in. It of course depends on age. Was it someone else? There is an age factor, don't be shy.
You Know You're Old, If You Remember Ancient History. Did you watch or listen to Ed Sullivan, the Brat Pack, Max Headroom, Bobby Sherman, the Mamas & the Papas, K.C. and the Sunshine Band or Captain Kangaroo? Did you once own a lot of 45s ... records, not guns? Have your children studied events in history that you lived through . the Kennedy and King assassinations, Viet Nam, the Bi-Centennial and the first landing on the moon? Did you learn to read with *** Jane, Sally, Spot and Puff? At one time, did you think pong, 8-track tapes or cars with fins were cutting edge technology? Dollar a gallon gas does not strike you as THAT cheap. You can remember when if was under 50 cents a gallon and full service, too.
I need some advice, friends. For years, I've used contractors to clean my carpets but it's getting to the point that I need to consider investing in a steam cleaner of my own to save on money. I need the name of a small, lightweight, extremely easy-to-use steam cleaner to clean up after my four doxies. The girls do pretty good but Simon is a whole different story. Fortunately not a marker, but a very nervous little guy who is scared to death of rain and snow. Thanks!
Wow! A Bobby Sherman song (Sirrus sattelite radio, 60s on 6) They're really digging up some obscure songs. I remember when Bobby Sherman was popular and on some TV show set in Washington state (about lumberjacking). What was the name of that song? Not only did I not recognize the song just played, I can't remember a single Bobby Sherman song! Surely his music was more memorable than that, wasn't it?
Okay.working on a song. Do tell.what is it that you hoard? Even those of you who are neat-nicks have a secret little stash of something...what might it be? Office supplies, magazines (I have Tigerbeat Magazines from the 70's ala David Cassidy, Bobby Sherman, Donny Osmond-I'm not proud!) ;) Fill me in.
Back in my day we had Bobby Sherman, Shaun and David Cassidy , the Monkees and Herman's Hermits to fangirl over. google them
What was the first "Heartthrob" poster you hung on your bedroom wall? My first crush was Bobby Sherman but my first poster was David Cassidy, I kissed him good night every night and kissed a hole through the poster.
OK girls. Let's date ourselves. Name at least two (more if you can't decide which two to stick with) singers, groups, band, etc. that you had tacked to your wall when you were a bubblegum teen. I'll go first. David Cassidy and Bobby Sherman. (AND... what really made me happy was I got to "see" David when he came to Chinook Winds a couple of years ago. I was towards the back of the room so seeing wasn't quite the word, but still being in the same room was quite awesome -- even after all these years!)
All of The Monkees became instant teen idols in the late 1960s after their TV show became an over night success, especially Micky Dolenz and Davy Jones. The English born member of The Monkees Davy Jones was regularly featured in all time teen idol lists. In 2008, Yahoo Music named Jones the number one teen idol of all time,and in 2009 he was ranked second in a list compiled by Fox News.j Davy Jones still to this day tends to win many number one's and the top of the list in best teen idol contests. After Davy Jones came Bobby Sherman and David Cassidy. They held the title of Teen Idols from the late 1960s until the mid 1970s. Both Sherman and Cassidy were actors on television and chart topping musicians in the pop-rock category at the time. Sherman was on hit TV shows Shindig! and Here Come the Brides among many others. Musical series such as Cassidy's The Partridge Family, the animated series The Archie Show, and (to a lesser extent) The Brady Bunch integrated television and teen-pop music to significant ...
The SOUL TRAIN! Put American Bandstand to shame! Seriously,wouldn't you have rather watched James Brown than Bobby Sherman?
Heard the best line ever on the "Odd Couple" tonight. Felix was reading Romeo and Juliet with a teenage girl. When they were finished she said, "I think you're a great actor. Even better than Bobby Sherman!" LOL
That would be Bobby Sherman sorry every one
It's been a bittersweet couple of days. My sister is still with us but unconscious. Her family surrounds her and lifts each other up. I will go in again later today. Grieving tethering comforted this morning with the old country music of our childhood. Jim Reeves. Hank Sr. Loretta Lynn. Later will listen to the music of her teens. Bobby Sherman. Herman hermits. Paul revere and the raiders. Our brothers music will be a little later. Original heavy metal. (He as and is so cool!!! Poor old calculus is playing now.
Evolution of my Crushes from age 2 to now: Mighty Mouse, John Lennon, Bobby Sherman, Harrison Ford, Wm Peterson, now Booker
Is Bieber this generation's David Cassidy? Or more like this generation's Bobby Sherman?
I used 2B a big, huge fan of Bobby Sherman when I was a "teeny bopper" in the 70s. So funny.(Who's Bobby Sherman?)
What's the big deal? When I was these girls' ages, it was all David Cassidy,Bobby Sherman,Monkees,Paul Revere & Raiders,etc
Justin Beiber wins a cpl of awards and all of a sudden he's comparing himself to Rock and Roll icons like Janis Joplin, Keith Richards, etc.? What a joke. I have no doubt that this snot nosed lil *** will take his place in Music History, right along side the likes of Bobby Sherman, David Cassidy, and Lief Garrett.I know!.WHO?
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