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Bobby Sands

Robert Gerard Bobby Sands (9 March 1954 - 5 May 1981) was an Irish volunteer of the Provisional Irish Republican Army and member of the British Parliament who died on Hunger Strike while imprisoned in HM Prison Maze.

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No hunger in paradise sounds like Bobby Sands at Parkhead in fairness
God Bless you Bobby Sands. Your gallantry and bravery will inspire generations to come.
Also stolen was a lock of Martin McGuinness's hair and a fecal matter portrait of Bobby Sands. Fortunately none of…
Did they find his dog; Bobby Sands? ... should be next to the box of tissues remaining absolutely still... however…
Police have issued the following plea for return of "Bobby Sands on bike" picture stolen from James McClean home la…
Police are appealing for any information that could lead to the return of a wolfetones CD, some Celtic pyjamas and…
Bobby Sands was a fine man. Sorry, a thin man. His t…
How is that significant? Both Bobby Sands and Billy Wright were from…
Half a stone gained over Christmas. Greedy eatin and drinking *** Bobby sands school of dietary classes booked.
Awful stuff but I don't get the classic case thing?. The obvious example is the 2or3 THOUSAND morons…
Bobby Sands the I.R.A Terrorist died on May 5 th 1981 in the British army prison The Maze aged 27 aft…
Happy New Year! We’ve got lots of great events this month, starting with the Bobby Sands documentary Friday and…
James Connonly, Bobby Sands, Pearse and the great Wolfetone, Joe Mcdonnel, Robert Emmet and Sean south of Garryowen…
Crazy scenes in Tehran. Was there in 2001 & visited former US embassy- now a museum- that was stormed in ‘79 & sits…
Would you like to try a cheeseburger bobby sands
I'd bet there's an Irish guy by the family name of Lynch in this gang of Bad Boys 🇮🇪😅🖐. Few know he…
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Mental how much meals ye miss when yer onit feel like bobby sands
Saying shame on me while following Adams who gave his paedo da…
As another year passes by with Ireland still not free from British Occupation remember all our brave Volunteers who gave th…
Good for you, same place I put Bobby Sands
If you put Ryan Baird in the same bracket as Bobby Sands kick on mate
I agree, but criticism is a bit rich from a band who gleefully rapped about 'Bobby Sands covered in…
Which one's you and which one's your boyfriend Jakey boy? Pair of you are built like Bobby Sands 😂😭
I liked a video Miko Peled Reads Samer Issawi Message at Bobby Sands' Grave
The GAA, Sinn Féin and Casement Park – Now Shame Féin want to turn the Maze site were ten…
TIL that after the death of several Northern Irish republicans in a prison Hunger Strike, the Iranian government re…
Oh May God shine on you, Bobby Sands . For the courage you have shown . May your glory and your fame be widely known …
Fr Dennis Faul visited Bobby Sands while on Hunger Strike. . He wanted Bobby to end his fast and questioned him on the morals…
Teacher who had Bobby Sands mug admits sharing 1000 rebel songs with colleague
The final, 66 Days, Brendan J Byrne’s insightful documentary on the Hunger Striker Bobby Sands, and an editio…
Film-maker Brendan J Byrne explores the story of Bobby Sands's 66-day Hunger Strike in the spring of 1981
Why no rANGERs fans posting?Blaming Peter Lawwell or Pope or Bobby Sands or the unseen fenia…
Dixie Elliot accepting a presentation on behalf of Bobby Sands at a recent event organised by See also…
I'm displeased by that Cartman news but if Gary Alan Brown ever leaves I'll go on a Bobby Sands style Hunger Strike till he returns
A journalist and Celtic fan who openly supported IRA terrorist Bobby Sands trying to claim support for terrorists isn'…
This 'celtic' fan who slagged Bobby Sands and Irish Republicans, blocked those that challenged him.
Stephen Hughes, built like Bobby Sands in a pencil case
Today on HD 3651 b: Bobby Sands dies in the Long Kesh prison hospital after 66 days of hunger-striking, aged 27 (1981/5/5)
McDonnell: "It was the bombs and bullets and sacrifice made by the likes of Bobby Sands that brought Britain to the nego…
Michael Collins or Bobby Sands could not be translated universally like MLK or Ghandi? Instead of calling for peace they understood 800...
Thurs night session in beautiful Jamaica singing along to the rebs thanking the lord for Celtic and our man Brendan Rogers...RIP Bobby Sands
4-29-1981: An emissary of Pope John Paul II tried to persuade jailed IRA member Bobby Sands to end his Hunger Strike.
Bobby Sands was born on Amerigo Vespucci's 500th birthday. America! B Sands
Surprised you never mentioned Bobby Sands, Martin Mcguinness, Gerry Adams, Kevin Barry a…
Will you wear the black Beret, will you serve the IRA? If you can you're a man, Bobby Sands...
IRA the only undefeated army. Bobby, Bobby, Bobby Sands; Francis, Francis, Francis Hughes...
Hamilton Collection
"Our revenge will be the laughter of our Children" -Bobby Sands . Gerry Adams 👇🏼 . 😂😂😂
Francis Hughes followed Bobby Sands on Hunger Strike on this day 1981. He was only 25. The flame he carried still burns on.…
Bobby Sands was an Irish member of the Provisional Irish Republican Army who died on Hunger Strike while imprisoned…
You know, Bobby Sands died after 66 days Hunger Strike. And right now...Ali is on his 63rd day and arash on his 71st.
I take back every Peado and Bobby Sands chant. Going back to my first choice
Iran named British Embassy street in Tehran after Bobby Sands, but does it care about Arash Sadeghi languishing in jail?
Iran’s leaders often talkup Irish political prisoner Bobby Sands for Hunger Strike & death in in his 70th day Hunger Strike
Arash Sadeghi's live is in danger. He is on Hunger Strike for 68 days. Just bear in mind that Bobby Sands died after 66da…
Bobby Sands passed away on the 66th day of his Hunger Strike, Arash is on his 68th day.
I liked a video from Robbie Collin reviews Bobby Sands: 66 Days
Great to see messages on the scoreboard in today from the likes of Rolf Harris, Bobby Sands & Nigel Farage
"Bobby Sands celebrates in style after winning a jar of Bovril in the prison raffle".
Iran renamed the Tehran street the British Embassy was on as "bobby sands road" in the 80s.
“Bobby Sands: 66 Days” is the first full-length documentary about the I.R.A. martyr.
More news in lead up to US release at Film Forum tomorrow
yeah, 10 was very corny...Bobby was singing the wrong tune.
I was only a working-class boy from a Nationalist ghetto. But it is repr...
Bobby Sands probably. It will be back up now that Elsie's gone.
Michael Fassbender played him in "Hunger," now Bobby Sands is the subject of a documentary.
.about Bobby Sands’ 1981 Hunger Strike, is both tragic aria and political-history essay.
Kilmichael Ambush. "But we hear a voice that is of ours. With Barry, boys be brave!" . 'Tom Barry' by Bobby Sands
"[Bobby Sands death will] mark the beginning of the end of English rule in Ireland.". - Father Des Wilson
Any man who is willing to pose for a picture with Bobby Sands does not deserve a place at Rangers in my opinion
New film 'Bobby Sands: 66 Days' is scrupulously balanced, and even includes interviews with one of Sands' jailers
More cinema-goers watched Bobby Sands: 66 Days than went to both Star Trek and Ghostbusters...
Bobby Sands blew up a furniture shop. He was a bomber; a terrorist. Any film attempting to portray him as otherwise wil…
On this day in 1981, thousands marched in Paris, following the death of Bobby Sands. May 5th, 1981
Bobby Sands represented undiluted Irish Republicanism, those using his memory to promote a British crown assembly should be ashamed
Patrick Roberts missed that like Bobby Sands missed his dinner.
Bobby Sands was buried in a pencil case.
SONG FOR MARCELLA ( Bobby Sands ) Performed by Padraig Mor and Sean Lyons may our children remember Marcella GBNF
She could go a few weeks on the Bobby Sands diet.
I mean he praises Bobby Sands & Mairead Farrell in Republican in front of Republicans..
Bobby Sands diary entry on Day 13 of his Hunger Strike in the H Blocks of Long Kesh, written 35 years ago today.
Michael Stone, Bobby Sands & Margaret Thatcher. Forget why they are familar to you, read their early life environments & make judgement then
Far too many anti Bobby Sands songs in Edinburgh. No voting *** every single one of them
I have poems in my mind, mediocre no doubt, poems of Hunger Strike and MacSwiney - Bobby Sands 12-3-1981
Yep. Martys friend H.M Queen. Bobby Sands would be proud of yaz. 😄😃😂
Nelson McCausland has just ensured that Bobby Sands Freedom Fighter is a best seller.
The Diary of Bobby Sands- Day 12. Thursday 12th. Fr Toner was in tonight, and brought me in some religious...
give us back the 6...and summon Bobby Sands ghost to fight the queen
Today would of been Bobby Sands 62nd birthday. May his sacrifice never be forgotten
was at game today thought I heard a shout for sands might have been Bobby tho 😄
May God shine on you Bobby Sands for the courage you have shown .
A rebel i came. I'm still the same (Bobby Sands MP)
Bobby Sands died of starvation in prison so that we might one day wear oversize felt leprechaun hats and pass out at 3pm.
What Christy Moore, the famous balladeer said two years ago about Bobby Sands.
Bobby Sands writing whilst on on the 12th March "Never give up.never despair"
Bobby Sands was a Nuneaton do Lama ;)
Prison Diary of Bobby Sands. source: Bobby Sands Trust. Bobby Sands recorded his diary for the first seventeen...
The Diary of Bobby Sands - Day 11. Wednesday 11th. I received a large amount of birthday cards today. Some from...
After weeks of pulling a Bobby Sands, my boy has finally taken a bottle (well, half) from me. Bravo young dude
The Diary of Bobby Sands. Friday 13th. I’m not superstitious, and it was an uneventful day today. I feel all...
They'll do the death of Bobby Sands next, with Thatcher leaning over him saying "Let him eat cake"
Do you really know anything about Bobby Sands & his outlook? It appears not.
It is repression that creates the revolutionary spirit of freedom. Bobby Sands
Bobby Sands Prison Dairy "There are no luxuries in the H Blocks.But there are true concerns for the Irish people"
DONOT underestimate strength of Hunger Strikes in prison. Google Bobby Sands, Darshn Pheruman; you'll know!
Family of Bobby Sands call on 'Bobby Sands Trust' to disband
Bobby Sands would have turned 62 Legend among men, God bless all republicans Sands
You share it with Amerigo Vespucci, Bobby Fischer & Bobby Sands. Have some food, face new challenges & outplay. Happy Birthday.
35 years ago today in HM Prison Maze, Bobby Sands was in the second day of his 66 day Hunger Strike to protest conditions and treatment. IRA
1981: Ireland - IRA member Bobby Sands began a Hunger Strike at the Maze Prison in N. Ireland ~ he died 66 days later.
in 1981 Bobby Sands began the second Maze Prison Irish Hunger Strike.
F. Stuart Ross on "Bobby Sands on the 1980 Hunger Strike: ‘Fuair muid faic’ – ‘We got nothing’"
Michael Fassbender. . What range! . Bobby Sands, Archie Hicox, Steve Jobs. . It's just him, Day-Lewis & Meryl . & he's only go…
Still crack up every time I see the videos of Wagner singing Billy Boys and asking Bobby Sands to eat his Christmas dinner. Top stuff
Kevin Delaney arrested at 18 & sent to Long Kesh.He is just outside the frame of this photo of Bobby Sands (guitar)
"I hope Bobby Sands eats all his Christmas dinner this year" 😂 Will Wagne…
"What book did you review". "Bobby sands writings from prison and its basically about the British getting out of Ireland"
Goethe & Giordano Bruno said -> this is a prison planet of the Universe. We are all prisoners here. Bobby Sands said it.
I think you bought 'Bobby Sands' memory foam mattress in the Brown Thursday Sale by mistake.Boz
Song about Bobby Sands who died on Hunger Strike for Irelands freedom!. In the North of the world in a cold...
Powerful story- I'm shocked he could go on Hunger Strike for that long. Bobby Sands died after only 2 months.
Don't even get me started on praising Bobby Sands.
in a shocking turn of events, is in fact Bobby Sands
Of course the Sands family were from Britain - as in Bobby Sands - he had a strong protestant family heritage.
Songs for Could you go a chicken supper Bobby Sands🐓🎤
Bobby Sands died on the 5th-May-1981 after 66 days on Hunger Strike. He was 27 years old. 💚 PIRA 💚
In case anyone had forgotten this odd fact: there’s a street in Tehran’s diplomatic district named after Bobby Sands|
Celtic fans dressing bobby sands up
just wait till I'm off at Christmas and you'll be Bobby sands in the head 😂👍🍀
I'm convinced there'd be no ISIS if Bobby Sands just shut up and ate his chicken supper like a good boy.
This road just so happens to be the one the British Embassy is on. Named after an IRA member. Top. Trolling.
But the best thing is Bobby Sands. He's a famous IRA Hunger Striker and has a burger place and a road names after him in Tehran
So 30,000 at George Best's funeral?... Sort of puts into context the 100,000 who attended Bobby Sands MP's funeral!!
hunger is good, about the final days of Bobby sands! Happy watching!
OK, if Bobby Sands were in jail, let's free him!
u for real? He was at an event in 2003 praising the IRA Hunger Striker bobby sands elected MP in 1981? You think his mind changed?
hmm, you do know when Bobby Sands the IRA man he praised was elected an MP?!?
McDonnell struggling big time wanted more money for IRA & Bobby Sands memorial no doubt
Feel for the poor cleaning staff who have to tidy up the place. It must look like Bobby Sands has been a guest!
In all my years of knowing Irish people I've learnt 2things: an offensive song about Bobby Sands, and this phrase 'yer ma's yer da!'
My article "The Catholic Church & the Hunger Strikes of Terence MacSwiney & Bobby Sands" is out w/ http:…
Free e-print of my article on the Hunger Strikes of Terence MacSwiney & Bobby Sands!
Francis Hughes, Bobby Sands and the rest of H Block, not be forgotten
Blue eyes meet Bobby Sands . See Santa Catarina Adam's apple . see it there beneath Rio de Janeiro Chin. all . my. words
Do read this lovely poem by Bobby Sands
Hints at taking Westminster seats by was a further retreat from the ideals of Bobby Sands http…
Every time I think I've finished counting change I find new hidden deposits in my room, swimming in so much brown I think I'm Bobby Sands.
Bobby Sands thought highly of Dixie as he mentioned him in poems. Wonder what h…
Dixie was in prison and shared a cell with Bobby Sands and you call him 'useles…
BREAKING: Audu buried. Now laid in grave as Imams offer prayers. Sands poured into grave amidst tears and sorrow. https…
Irish people falling over themselves worried about a terrorist attack from ISIS, while Bobby Sands remains one of their heroes. Hmmm...
Cheryl Cole doing her best Bobby Sands impersonations of late.
What about brave men like Bobby Sands dying for a united Ireland
remember the day she found out Bobby Sands was a thing?
genuinely laughing out loud at that 😂 Bobby Sands stunt double fs 😂
Michael Fassbender salutes Bobby Sands on the Andrew Marr Show today
Gerry Adams is a regular at Bobby Van's in New York,then in Havana he visits memorial to Bobby Sands,it's poetic in the worst possible way.
Northern Ireland v Hungary tonight, or the Bobby Sands derby as it's probably not known.
Unionists called Collins a terrorist same way they called Bobby Sands one At least they're consistent if wrong U are hypocrites
Funny in politics: Adjacent St to UK embassy in Tehran still named after Irish IR Army's Bobby Sands.
That awkward moment when the British Embassy re-opens on Bobby Sands' Street, Tehran.
Tuesday 28 April 1981~The private secretary of the Pope arrived see to Bobby Sands in the Maze. Such a strange day ferrying h…
I'm running 3 half marathons for Sands in memory of my beautiful Bobby. Please give what you can
.The strangest thing is the Bobby Sands burger joint on that street. They must have heard this Unionist song
Britain to reopen embassy in Iran on Bobby Sands Street
"Is that bobby sands?" I do think the resemblance is uncanny
British Embassy in Tehran to re-open.On a road the Iranians re-named Bobby Sands St.The British moved the front door.
. I heard she paid a conjugal . Visit to bobby sands and . Decimated his appetite
Wonder if they will reopen the entrance on Bobby Sands Street... or maybe just ignore that.
Britain to reopen embassy. Ironically, road running alongside is named after IRA Hunger Striker, Bobby Sands!
Bobby Sands: "I may die but the Republic of 1916 will never die. Onward to that Republic.”.
Bobby Sands died for political status. So all those British soldiers died for Halal and mosques, by ur logic?
I see the brits are reopening their embassy on Bobby Sands Street in Tehran this week.
British Embassy in Iran reopening – on "Bobby Sands Street" in Tehran after Winston Churchill B'vard renamed in 1981 http…
Ah, Bobby Sands Street. Isn't that just around the corner from 1994 World Cup Boulevard?
UK embassy in Tehran is on Bobby Sands Street. Formerly Winston Churchill Boulevard. Ultimate trolling by Iranians
Have you seen the movie about Bobby Sands called Hunger?
Heard that James McClean has got a tattoo of Bobby Sands doing a dirty protest in Long Kesh on his thigh. Disgraceful
So according to the people who burnt effigies of Thatcher, burning Adams, McGuinness and Bobby Sands is a hate crime
McIIhatton - a song written by Bobby Sands, performed by Christy Moore
Bobby Sands of Provisional Irish Republican Army lead the 1981 Hunger Strike in Prison Maze. He died on Hunger Strike 1 of 3
You stand accused of murder their blood is on your hands of Francis Hughes, Ray McCreesh, Joe McDonnell, Bobby Sands, Martin Hurson
Gerry Adams , Bobby Sands were democratically elected...did Anyone listen to them?
Robbie just said he's going to Lifestyle Sports to get Bobby Sands on the back of his jersey before the England game tomorrow
Can we please acknowledge that Dani Alves has a Bobby Sands tattoo.
We recall starvation& the kids play. Bobby Sands said it, 'Our Best revenge will be the laughter of our children'
Nice shot of Dani Alves' tattoo of Bobby Sands.
All about Dani Alves having bobby sands tattooed on his back
Did anyone else see bobby sands Tat there 😂😂
Why does Dani Alves has a tattoo of Bobby Sands on his back?! 👀
Anyone else think that tattoo on Dani Alves back looked like Bobby sands 😂?
sorry who quoted Bobby Sands - not u r things that aren't even there - do u hear voices 2
you nail bombed your little sister quoting Bobby Sands
“Feed a slice of cake to bobby sands” OMG THIS IS SO COOL
(Bobby sands was a Northern Irish paramilitary guy responsible for the Hunger Strike in the maze prison)
The story of Bobby Sands death in a Northern Ireland prison.. The conditions are atrocious.
Bobby Sands was right, "Our revenge will be the laughter of our children".
Bobby sands biy didn't die for natin
William Wallace killed more English than James Connolley and Bobby Sands combined
Last one on Long Kesh. "Our revenge shall be the laughter of our children' Bobby Sands.
the Bobby Sands way is of violence. Nothing praiseworthy about him. What next? Bin Laden Street?
GAA club in New York name road leading to their ground after SFIRA terrorist Bobby Sands, where's the outcry America?
Bobby sands ate but it was too late 65 days
In 99 I stood a few yards away from a Hun at CP with an inflatable skeleton with Bobby Sands written on it.
Give us a few press ups der Bobby sands
Rockland GAA in New York rename the roadway at their Centre of Excellence in honour of Hunger Striker Bobby Sands
Roadway to Rockland GAA Center of Excellence in New York officially being renamed 'Bobby Sands Way'.
Did Bobby Sands and Seamy Fincuane commit 'attempted' murder?
BBC reported Margaret's death but yes Mountbatten had lot more coverage-ditto Bobby Sands. But time to focus on peaceprocess
Though come to think of it Bobby Sands MP was a pretty good troll.
I'm a voter of but don't agree on this. I.e
I Ching. Week of May 18, 2015. ~Bobby Klein. Felt your light shining. Across the sands and warm sea. A Goddess made real.
Have you seen the Bobby Sands film? My word. Incredible acting and powerful. I see it from both sides.
great insight today on 5 live with Nicky painted a great picture you and Bobby sands conversing in irish
Bobby Sands and the rest of the Hunger Strikers must be so proud of their Army Council Comrade
Ahhh Bobby Sands, narrowest beach in the world. Happy days.
Would he have the guts to go into a Shankhill Rd baker's shop and demand a Bobby Sands memorial cake? I don't think so.
Yes Bobby Sands increasingly passes a host of Clark Infirmary resolutions opposing stringent laws on this matter
That's Adams and McGuiness shook hands with the British monarchy. Bobby Sands must be birlin in his pencil case!
My feet smell worse than bobby sands prison cell
Bet if I asked that bakery to make a cake with Bobby Sands on they would refuse.
I remember a few songs about it as well. 'Would you like a chicken supper, Bobby Sands?' springs to mind
Bobby Sands died to drive the British presence from 'Ireland'. Gerry Adams, who let him die, welcomes CO of Paras.
. Let us never forget the sacrifice of the gallant Bobby Sands!
...Remembering Bobby Sands on his 34th Anniversary. http:/…
Did you secretly sneak in a packet of chocolate hob nobs for Bobby Sands.
do you think Bobby Sands dirty protest should have been nominated for the Turner Prize 1981 ?
Update your maps at Navteq
Bobby Sands - 63days?? Really? I think we all know he must've sneaked in a few Mars Bars to go that long.
the discussion I had with Hunger Striker Bobby Sands on IRA killing of Earl Mountbatten. Coming up...
Yesterday, Debbie Sands, Brenda Spencer, Bobby Wilson and myself went to church together. It was a good message...
What US gov't is doing in Baltimore and other black communities reminds me of what UK gov't did to Bobby Sands and Ireland.
Few weeks back SF were talking about Bobby Sands Seat now they're meeting the head of the Para's. Funny it wasn't mentioned before election
asked if she knew who Bobby sands was and she replied "is he a footballer ? Did he play for rangers?" Onto a winner here
y=Mx + c. Come on Thomas. Bobby Sands didn't die for this.
Why us FST referred to as Bobby Sands' seat? He only held it for a few days.
Israelis acting like Orangmen. Bobby Sands wouldn't stand for it.
I'm not allowed to go to the disco again. Mummy and Daddy's excuses are getting worse Now it's that there may be troubl…
When I die and they lay me to rest, I'm gonna go hungerstrike with Bobby Sands
The furniture store bomber IRA terrorist Bobby Sands committed suicide on this day in 1981 by starving himself to death..…
May 7 1981 - Over 100,000 mourners join the funeral of Republican Hunger Striker Bobby Sands in Belfast, Ireland.
The street has a very popular burgerjoint, 'Bobby Sands'. Which is ironic to say the least.
34 years ago today, Bobby Sands gave his life for freedom. Even in Tehran they remember.
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Members of the Provisional IRA carry the coffin of IRA Hunger Striker Bobby Sands in Belfast, May 1981.
Bobby Sands, Irish freedom fighter, political prisoner and poet died on Hunger Strike on this day in 1981 http…
Everyone, Republican or otherwise has their own particular part to play. No part is too great or too small - 'Bobby Sands'
Best of luck from the Basque Country to in today's election ( Bobby Sands in memory )
Yesterday was the anniversary of the death of Vol. Bobby Sands. So many years ago now, yet still relevant.
Bobby Sands, always remembered, died 5th May 1981 "I am standing on the threshold of another trembling world. May God hav…
On this day: Rangers won 9 in a row, and it was Bobby Sands' funeral.
Bobby Sands opposed the right of the British government to legislate for Ireland, unlike those who accepted it and now hi…
On the anniversary of Bobby Sands's death. Word is coming out that a long-standing Republican activist and...
A man who made an impact is an understatement. Thank you volunteer Bobby Sands 👏🏼
Bobby Sands MP was laid to rest on this day 34 years ago! . The Bravest of the Brave! . One day the Powers to be...
The last voice that I heard said my name is Bobby Sands, it's good to hear Mandalas voices ringing through the land 🍀🍀
On Bobby Sands death anniversary, Khader Adnan announced 2nd Hunger Strike. My interview w/ him in 2012 after his 1st ht…
The May 6, '81 "He's Gone" at Nassau Coliseum was dedicated to Bobby Sands, who passed away the previous night
On this day, 7th May 1981, Bobby Sands was laid to rest with over 100,000 mourners attending.
The funeral of Bobby Sands on this day 7th May 1981
. Damien Dempsey tribute to our hero Bobby Sands
SF councillor wants Limerick city to name street Bobby Sands, who died 34 years ago.In fairness,he died for cause and, honour not a bad idea
Bobby Sands began his HungerStrike y/day. Today SinnFein accepted Presidency of British Commonwealth Office Stormont
FFer supported Thatcher and wanted Bobby Sands to die on Hunger Strike. Pure FF scum.
Sinn Fein comparing great people like James Connolly and Padraig Pearse to Mairead Farrell and Bobby Sands
Bobby Sands could go a chicken supper,. And a can of Cokey. But let's all of us now,.
There was that one Bobby Sands book in that one school that one time. So ANY Irish language act is outta the question.
Contrast dignified response of Republicans to news of an RUC bursary to howls of unionists to The Bobby Sands Scholarships
Reminiscing over the time I misspelt Bobby Sands as Booby Sands throughout my entire gcse history coursework
Linfield fans singing your just a fat bobby sands at Gary Hamilton
FYI, there is a very good movie HUNGER about Bobby Sands' starving to death in prison: long clip:
Thatcher government had a stand-off with Bobby Sands in prison (FYI elected as an MP in the UK) who starved to death rather than bend.
thinking Bobby sands type protest, but they probably wouldn't notice
Now that Paris has discovered terrorism, will they be renaming Rue Bobby Sands, or is it still okay to glorify Northern Irish terrorists?
Veteran Republican reads Bobby Sands poem Rhythm of Time @ Vol Jim Moyne commemoration today
Ukraiņu Bobby Sands: . Ukraine's Nadia Savchenko vows to starve to death in prison if Russia doesn't free her.
I added a video to a playlist Khader Adnan, Bobby Sands
And the last voice that i heard said my name is bobby sands ...
When the climate is raw and the gun makes the law .. rip bobby sands
My chances of getting an old firm ticket I rate as slim to Bobby Sands
"The final weeks/months of IRA leader Bobby Sands, its not really a political film more about the living standards endured +
Khader Adnan and bobby sands Hunger Strikers your contribution to freedom and justice,will live on
But never one of all our dead died more courageously, than young Bobby Sands from Twinbrook, the peoples own MP🍀🎶
Bobby Sands (misspelled Babi Sandz) on the walls of the British Embassy,
Daughter and Mum were nasty, Bobby Sands looked cleaner after his dirty protest.
he makes Boyd look like Bobby Sands
We made it on several news, social media! Very proud of Bobby sands and everyone who participated in…
RNU Bobby Sands Cumanns community activism commended by residents.
We must see our present fight right through to the very end. - Bobby Sands
.Bobby Sands choose 2 hunger, so that King Rat could have POW status in the Maze. Billy Wright was cornered like the rat he was
TIL that Bobby Sands, a member of the Provisional IRA, was elected to British Parliament while in prison. He w...
Bobby Sands an Irish freedom fighter, won a seat in British parliament in 1981 while he was in jail.
he is your mate you dumb sausage.Bobby Sands is my hero and you were told that.Save the RNU propaganda hope MI5 gets u Dixie
Is the *cult* of Bobby Sands widespread among the Greek far right (e.g. as it is in
Those bizarre moments when New Democracy official tries to identify with IRA Hunger Striker Bobby Sands
no 1 insulted Bobby Sands you clown.
Did you see your mate Dazzer put up photos of my family and insult Bobby Sands?
This is the type of person who supports SF who refers to Bobby Sands as 'Your mate Bobby.'
please don't tell me you're comparing Bobby Sands to Edward Carson?
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