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Bobby Roode

Robert F. Bobby Roode, Jr. (born January 1, 1977) is a Canadian professional wrestler, signed with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA).

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Hulk Hogan run in ? Bobby Roode in the red and yellow brother !!
Dutch Mantell talks about Pop TV, GFW footage with Bobby Roode
Can't believe Austin Aries has been released. 5 years ago tomorrow I saw him win the TNA championship against Bobby Roode
Hey Bobby Roode your song gets me going at the gym still!
I can't wait for Bobby Roode to be on the main roster.
I'm loving Bobby Roode title reign he has been defending his belt left and right YESSS! Story with meaning is the best
There should be a meme between Bobby Roode and James Storm's separate careers; someone shoild've got on that.
My favorite James Storm match is still the street fight at Bound For Glory 2012 against Bobby Roode
I like Omega using that Bobby Roode spot where he takes his opponent's finisher and immediately rolls out of the ring .
Bobby Roode is a cheap Triple H masquerading as Ric Flair. He is a theme song and nothing else. Period.
Bobby Roode buried Eric Young with the accolade at vengeance
Bobby Roode defeats Shelton Benjamin via a Shove in a *** in a Cell on The WWE Preshow
The main events were dope. Bobby Roode vs Roderick Strong had some good promos too
I liked a video Bobby Roode on why it meant so much to visit Manchester terror attack victim Lily
Finale of the Canada Day Classic. is Kenny Omega vs Bobby Roode. In an iron man match!.
3. Don't watch NXT really, but I've always liked Bobby Roode.
Catching up on and have a few thoughts:. 1. Drew McIntyre is good. . 2. I love Bobby Roode. . 3. Nikki Cross is hot.
Bobby Roode. -GLORIOUS. -One of the best TNA wrestlers ever. -Looks *** good in a suit
The picture on the right is that Bobby Roode in the back ?
Oh tough right now its probably, Kevin Owens,Bobby Roode,Eric Young just to name a few
Bobby Roode is a fantastic heel *** in my opinion he is main roster ready. Main event? Not right now, IC level? *** yeah
All finished. Also in the Heat 2003 playlist are Bryan Danielson, Buddy Wayne, Bobby Roode, Sgt Slaughter, & more.…
Just heard that Mauro is calling the biggest fight of the year, Bobby Roode vs Roderick Strong
Bobby Roode to defend NXT Championship against Roderick Strong on July 5 episode of NXT | CWN | From Coast to...
Cain't wait for to commentate on the matches of Bobby Roode, Sanity, Aleister Black, Asuka, Roderick…
By my calculations, Mauro will get to call Asuka v Nikki Cross and Roderick Strong v Bobby Roode. Delightful 😊
Bobby Roode and Roderick Strong get into a fight before NXT: WWE NXT, Ju... via
Bobby Roode is such a *** but it's making Roderick Strong more interesting.
I've never been into Mike Bennett/Maria Kanellis, but that theme is so *** good. It's like Bobby Roode all over again.
Byron Saxton won a tag team match with Bobby Roode with a batista bomb in winnipeg you ***
I agree with you on Bobby Roode on RAW, but I would rather see Asuka on SmackDown Live
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with Heidi Lovelace, Nikki Storm, Kana, Johnny Gargano, Tommaso Ciampa, KENTA, and Bobby Roode to come.
Lol the new Bobby Roode shirt is awesome but still waiting for a Ruby Riot shirt but for now I'll hav…
Bobby Roode won the intercontinental championship from Mandy Rose with the big ending in parts unknown
Bobby Roode won the universal title from Seth Rollins with the anaconda vise in green bay... wait milwaukee
How to wake up in the morning:. 1st alarm Bobby Roode- Glorious . 2nd alarm: Bring me the Horizon- Diamonds aren't forever
4/29 results from and featuring Bobby Roode vs. Tye Dillinger
William Regal defeats Bobby Roode via typo in an Empty Arena at Armageddon
Watching opening of and (this makes very happy) Bobby Roode does a better Tully Blanchard than Tully Blanchard
Just found out that Dylan Miley's real name is Dylan Roode. They need to give him a gimmick where he is Bobby Roode's retarded brother
Bobby Roode on Drew McIntyre in More on Jeff Hardy's Health Heading into
Bobby Roode is greatness! Tho I'm more of a fan of his TNA stuff tho they drop…
I have Katy Perry's Chained to the Rhythm in repeat in my head and it's glorious. But not Bobby Roode glorious. He's a whole other level
Bobby Roode defeats Lio Rush to retain the NXT Championship.
Smarkbook Ep. 26: Continuing where I left off from episode 25, Bobby Roode vs Kassius Ohno & More
Goldberg won the United States Championship from Bobby Roode with a chokeslam at Survivor Series
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Remember how good Bobby Roode was in 2012/2013?
no but I wish you would reform beer money with bobby roode on nxt
I added a video to a playlist WWE Mashup: Seth Rollins and Bobby Roode "The Second Glorious
Bobby Roode defeated a surprisingly capable No Way Jose in a non-title match. After the match, Kassius Ohno returned to put Roode on notice
Bobby Roode vs No Way Jose was pretty good. Gotta give credit to Roode's Just For Men working overtime on that beard too.
"Bobby Roode walks like he forgot his knees at home" -
In case you were wondering, Bobby Roode is having a blast in
That's ! He got physical and put down Bobby Roode
He's fighting Bobby Roode so i'll watch it.
guess I should say the overrated Bobby Roode
ha. Next thing you will tell me the untalented Bobby Roode will be NXT champ. Oh wait.
Some GLORIOUS Bobby Roode highlights from his Beer Money days, Christopher Daniels on Samoa Joe, RVD on EDIBLES
for u I would add Roman Roman shield Bobby Roode our glorious savior and Roman lol
Finn Balor returned to NXT and attacked Cien Almos and Bobby Roode.
do people like Bobby Roode or just his theme music?
the Revival, Bobby Roode, And Austin Aries could be a modern day 4 could work great on Smackdown
I liked a video from Kassius Ohno returns to confront Bobby Roode: WWE NXT, Feb. 22,
*reads a paragraph about Bobby Roode being a boring wrestler*. please discipline your employee.
Bobby Roode's glorious entrance: NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn II, only on WWE Network
Kassius Ohno beating Bobby Roode with his own shoe is the funniest thing. He should make it one of his in ring moves like Konnan used to do.
the only glorious I recognize is Bobby Roode
so do you think Bobby Roode and Tye Dillinger will get drafted this year?
...badass Bobby Roode the character is a pretender "oh I'm a fighting champion" get outta here lol
Listen to a Triple H promo in like 2002 or 2004, and then listen to Bobby Roode cutting a promo.
MFW the guitar rift hits on Bobby Roode's theme song.
already mentioned Bobby Roode and Braun Strowman recently. Dudes just aren't for me, yet they get good responses and get pushed.
WWE would have made the pair of Bobby Roode and Austin Aries because they would be the "glorious jobbers" instead of "heels" 😂
Although not medically cleared, Finn Bálor attacked Bobby Roode at Wednesday's NXT tapings from UCF. See Her…
Kassius Ohno threw his shoe at Bobby Roode!
*sees geocache*. *retrieves geocache*. *walks out of woods to Bobby Roode's theme because it was
Why did Chris Hero go after Bobby Roode if Nakamura is getting a rematch at the next Takeover?
Finn Balor returned to NXT for cameo appearance with Shinsuke Nakamura via
Lmao Kassius Ohno threw his shoe at the Glorious Bobby Roode
Don't think Bobby Roode era starts Saturday. Unless they plan on bringing Shinsuke up already.
. As I left work today, I listened to your Bret Hart debate & it was Bobby Roode-level GLORIOUS.
Notable nominees who just missed the cut: Bobby Roode, Eric Young, Andrade Almas, Kota Ibushi
Watching an individual NXT fan sing Bobby Roode's theme in the crowd is the funniest thing
. So if Austin Aries and Bobby Roode were to fight in a Ladder match who do you think is going to win?
Bobby Roode vs Adam Cole for championship at TAKEOVER Mania
Tye Dillinger vs Bobby Roode vs Roderick Strong vs Andrade Almas in a number one contenders match for the NXT title…
Scoop Time for the 4-Way to crown the contender to the NXT Title. Bobby Roode vs Cien Almas vs Tye Dillinger vs Roderick Strong
Tye Dillinger. Andrade Cien Almas. Roderick Strong. Bobby Roode. One of those men will be Contender for the NXT Championship
i hope this is a Bobby Roode reference. I know it isn’t but I want it to be so bad
Man event: Authors of Pain and Bobby Roode vs Nakamura and Otis and Trevor Knight
I liked a video from Sting and James Storm vs Bobby Roode and Bully Ray
Bobby Roode vs Tye Dillinger will probably tear the house down in Toronto
Bobby Roode vs Tye Dillinger will be a Canadian dose of gloriousness
How will Canada choose between Bobby Roode and Tye Dillinger?
Austin Aries vs Bobby Roode vs Hideo Itami vs Shinsuke Nakamura : fatal 4 way match for the would be dream come true!
10/14 results from featuring Bobby Roode vs. Tye Dillinger in the main event
Results from the NXT live event in Fort Pierce, FL: Tye Dillinger vs. Bobby Roode
is now Glorious because of Bobby Roode, Sannity just premiered Eric Young and others now on roster, Austin Aires finally
AJ Styles is with a bullet Bobby Roode says a TNA move was the right move, Renee Young interviews Ashton Kutcher.
Bobby Roode defeats Kassius Ohno in singles action.
Bobby Roode's promo after NXT Brooklyn reminded me of Gob Bluth talking about his $ 5,500 suit
I liked a video Comp - Starring Tommaso Ciampa, Johnny Gargano, and Bobby Roode
just stick Bobby Roode, Joe & Nakamura on main roster jobs a good un
My feet hurt. I miss Robin Williams. I wish I was at home listening to Bobby Roode's theme
If you would've told me I'd see Nakamura, Bobby Roode and Samoa Joe in in the same ring 2 years ago, I would've called you crazy
Watching NXT makes me wonder why AJ Styles got to debut at Royal Rumble but Samoa Joe, Austin Aries and Bobby Roode all gotta go through NXT
Hamilton Collection
In 'This Week in Wrestling' Bobby Roode's debut, the departure of Lillian Garcia…
I've been Called John Cena, AJ Styles , Bobby Roode and Brock Lesnar idk I don't see it I just Tyler Breeze
This match featured Eric Young, Samoa Joe, Bobby Roode, Low Ki, MVP, Kenny King and Lashley. Only one of those people is still in TNA.
I bet you calls AJ, Somoa Joe, Austin Aires, Eric Youg, and Bobby Roode on the main roster "The Impact Players".
Johnny Gargano, Bobby Roode & Adam Cole were 3 guys I always wanted. 2 are there, one to go. Let's do this.
Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Austin Aries, Bobby Roode & now Eric Young smh this is wild Vince is buying out TNA bad
Hope Bobby Roode and Eric Young are on NXT soon. The roster has been ripped apart with all the sudden call ups.
Bobby Roode all jacked up. Reminds me of old ECW days. Lol
You should be listening to this daily by this point or you're behind. . Bobby Roode TNA Theme.
And its unfortunate they tape so far in advance. Bobby Roode & Eric Young still on this card when I'm pretty sure both have left the company
Bobby Roode posted this last night , obviously to show afterwards of his tag team match against Decay, he was...
And two months of tape of Austin Aries and Bobby Roode. Everything is fine
Could you do Bobby Roode and Desmond Wolfe if you ever get some free time? Thanks!
// TNA thought I was the real Bobby Roode once lol
I guess you will not only see TMDK but also Nikki Storm and Bobby Roode.
History of Bobby Roode: Another TNA legend has jumped ship to the WWE. This time it is the classic wres...
Bobby Roode in the aftermath to last nights tag match where beer money lost the tag titles :( That looks painful...
Bobby Roode's last match in TNA ends with tacks in the back! That had to hurt! "Ouchy Mama!"
Poor Bobby Roode! He not only does the job, in his last match! He has to get thumbtacks put into his back!
Hard to feign interest in when Bobby Roode was seen at Dallas almost a month ago. But nice try...
Thank you Bobby Roode So many awesome memories & amazing matches. He will definitely be very missed.
Wait is Bobby Roode still in TNA or is Sacrifice pre-taped?
I wonder what's NXT, I mean next for Bobby Roode and Eric Young.
Thank you, Bobby Roode. You were TNA World Champion when I first watched IMPACT. It's been great watching you since then.
Everyone paying their respects to EY and Bobby Roode!!
"Bobby Roode, we want you to take a chokeslam onto dozens of thumbtacks in front of 200 people on a show nobody will watch. Sound good?"
Tonight is the last night that EY & Bobby Roode are on TNA tv... which means that its now safe to say that they'll be in NXT soon...
When are Bram, Eric Young & Bobby Roode gonna form the new 3MB in NXT & immediately be more over than at any time in their whole TNA career?
Why was former World Champion at ringside during Dallas tonight?!
Eric Young and Bobby Roode will be missed. :(
I understand why Bobby Roode left TNA but why did Eric Young? The World Class Maniac seems to fit perfectly in TNA.
Plot twist Eric Young and Bobby Roode are the ones to debut tomorrow.
Here's hoping WWE get their mitts on Kota Ibushi and Robert/Bobby Roode! Some more exciting talent for NXT and the main roster.
To think, when I started watching TNA in 2010 I fell in love w/ Samoa Joe, Bobby Roode, Austin Aries, AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels...
What if Bobby Roode comes out if Aries wins then Christopher Daniels and Kazarian come out and attack them
"Never faced anybody like the lone wolf". Pardon me as I remember his TNA matches with Bobby Roode
Tommy Dreamer defeats Bobby Roode in a Glass Deathmatch in 14:13 with a Dreamer DDT onto all the glass.
Dave Meltzer is Reporting is more interested in Eric Young than Bobby Roode, but have contacted both.
u need to resign bobby roode and Eric Young I love beer money as tag team it *** booby roode is gone
u need to sign bobby roode and Eric Young 2 great wrestlers from TNA
Eric Young is reportedly getting more interest from WWE than Bobby Roode
Since Bobby Roode is unfortunately gone, I wonder if has other things on his mind now.
Does it make me a bad person that I hope WWE/NXT doesn't sign Eric Young or Bobby Roode?
Bobby Roode theme Lowkey one of my favorites
Does have main event matches in his future? thinks so:
Check out my latest for PWP Nation:
My latest for looking at the option for Check it out:
If Bobby Roode and Eric Young don't both debut at then dropped the ball. A team is good, separately much better
Yo,great job signing TMDK, and continuing to not sign Bobby Roode. Keep not signing Bobby Roode and you'll have a fan for life. 👍👍👍👍
I'm sorry man. Hearing Eric Young, Bobby Roode, Kurt Angle all leave but then hearing, "They got Pepper Parks." I really popped at that.
Social outcasts more proof. When there's talent like Samoa Joe, Austin Aries and Finn Baylor stuck in nxt and Bobby Roode a free agent and
First Samoa Joe and AJ Styles jump ship to now Eric Young and Bobby Roode leave. *** TNA...
Sign back Manick, Samuel Shaw, Crimson, Gunner, and Magnus with the Eric Young and Bobby Roode money
Apollo Crews, Baron Corbin, Hideo Itami, Shinsuke Nakamura, Austin Aries, and Asuka will be your next wave. They should want Bobby Roode!
Seth Rollins vs Bobby Roode would be a classic in my opinion.
May 7th we return to Canada in Niagara Falls with a "All Ontario" Main Event: Bobby Roode v. Eric Young w/Jim...
On this day: (2012) James Storm, Samoa Joe and Magnus vs. Bobby Roode, Bully Ray and Austin Aries:
Alex Riley seems to be morphing into Bobby Roode.
Bobby Roode. Adam Cole. Mike Bennet. The Young Bucks. Velvet Sky. The Wolves. you know what to do. 💸💸💸
Okay, so who had episode two before we got yet another Eric Young vs. Bobby Roode singles match?
Eric Young and Bobby Roode is selling a little bit to much in this match
Rest assure,The IT Factor" Bobby Roode will win back the KOTM title from Eric Young.
Eric Young plays dirty and gives Bobby Roode a low blow to pick up the 1 2 3 and wins the King of the mountain title.
Eric Young beat Bobby Roode for the KOTM title tonight I blame Obama.
Why isn't the piledriver illegal in Impact Wrestling? I just watched Eric Young beat Bobby Roode with one. I'm just curious.
Eric Young def Bobby Roode to win the TNA King of the Mountain Championship
Eric Young wins the King of the Mountain Championship in a decent match with Bobby Roode
Eric Young just became NEW King Of The Mountain champion after a low blow on former Champion, Bobby Roode!
Couldn't be any happier to have Bobby Roode vs Eric Young happening
James Storm & Bobby Roode backstage prior to tonights reunion LIVE on PPV! Welcome home!
If Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, Bobby Roode and Abyss joined WWE do you think they would be successful?
*** of a beginning in 2015! When started with & now on Kicking off with with Bobby Roode vs Lashley
Bobby Roode's interview the AOW Podcast is one of my favourites.
Loving TNA tournament but im not a fan of this Matt Hardy push. Especially over Bobby Roode
I noticed you were trying to figure out who had a ripoff version of "Trust" by Megadeth. It was Bobby Roode, his old theme anyway
Watching Bobby Roode jobbing out to Matt Hardy as barely breaths its last breath is a crime. Too good a talent to be wasted
I'm a little annoyed that Tigre Uno will have got further in this tournament than Bobby Roode. No way Matt will lose this.
I see Bobby Roode is Coming Staten island next Saturday maybe I will go its 10 minutes from my house
Int: gilbert,murdoch,rooster. Terry had a awesome rob made by Mrs wrestling 2. Rooster would later loan the rob 2 Bobby roode in tna
Jessie Godderz broke mine, but his match with Kong was my favorite of the night
Check out my latest TNA Impact Wrestling Hitlist at prowrestling dot net
Just 6 days away until Bobby Roode tours for rdp promotions for more info go to
Just realised Jerry Lynn and Bobby Roode had the exact same rip off song... *** time for wine...
On this day in December 5, 2004~ Eric Young & Bobby Roode defeated BG James & Ron Killings to become TNA Tag Team Champions.
I added a video to a playlist Inside IMPACT: AJ Styles after his BFG Series win over Bobby Roode
Bobby Roode vs. Matt Hardy and yes, in a miracle.both guys got their full entrance shown.
Watching the Network during Smackdown. Weird to see Fatu (Not quite The Sultan, later Rikishi) with that Bobby Roode mullet.
Awesome Kong is great. Most women and Gail Kim. Mr Pectacular/Bobby Roode. What are they doing with them?. .
Bring Bobby Roode to WWE. I need some Beer Money Inc in my life.
u jus gotta love Bobby Roode now...!!
"If Bobby Roode wins the title again, he may never lose it." Said on Does this mean is not running shows after the finals?
OMG Matt Hardy beat Bobby Roode and he's moving to the round of 8
I liked a video from World Title Series Highlights: Matt Hardy vs Bobby Roode
Drew Galloway & Bobby Roode are eliminated but Jessie Godderz & Mahabali Shera are still alive. That's very sad.
Matt Hardy faces Jessie Godderz in the next round after he beat Bobby Roode tonight. Something is backwards here.
Paul Orndorff, Austin Aries, and Bobby Roode all confirmed to stop by PWW in the upcoming months be sure to come meet these great wrestlers.
completely agree, he should have went up against someone other than roode to go over. Bobby Roode is better than that.
defeats Bobby Roode with the Twist Of Fate just as I predicted he's moving on the to
I know TNA are in love with Matt Hardy for some reason right now, but him beating Bobby Roode just feels wrong.
Matt Hardy beat Bobby Roode and now in top 8 nice
idc if I am home and this is taped, I'm marking out for Bobby Roode anyway
Bobby Roode is greater wrestler than Matt Hardy
is gonna Twist Of Fate Bobby Roode for the win tonight
Bobby Roode vs. Matt Hardy, should be at least good with a chance to be great.
This match should be very interesting. I hope Bobby Roode wins
Matt Hardy vs. Bobby Roode now on this should be GOOD!!!
That's a bold prediction about Bobby Roode and the world title, Josh.
.Yep, agree. Hope they beat Eric Young and Bobby Roode, and then Awesome Kong wins it all.
is moving on to the after he defeats Bobby Roode tonight on impact
Can't wait for the day when: Roddy Strong, Adam Cole, Bobby Roode, Aj Styles and Austin Aries come into
I want Bobby Roode in NXT so bad now.
Bobby Roode and Eric Young are up next man. Austin Airies and Gunner too
/ Was switched and started over as Bobby Roode descriptive and literate. RT
I'll only watch it now for EC3, The Wolves, and Bobby Roode
TNA Impact hasn't been good for a long while but Bobby Roode vs Matt Hardy sounds like an interesting match.
.Lashley, Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy, EC3, Bobby Roode, and Eric Young. Those are the straight top guys in TNA. (2/2)
I'd say quarters. You need your best workers in the final 4. For me that'll be Bobby Roode, EC3, EY & Lashley or Matt Hardy.
Daniel Bryan: Eric Young and Bobby Roode and Lashley brawling in the ring to a completely bored crowd.
James Storm & Bobby Roode were one of my favourite tag teams growing up along with Chris Sabin & Alex Shelley
On this day: (2014) Bobby Roode faces Kenny King and MVP With A Lot On The Line:
Drew Galloway vs Mr Anderson vs Bobby Roode (King of the Mountain Title)
I liked a video from Jeff Jarrett Wants the KOTM Title Back from Bobby Roode, Karen
Karen is trying to be the voice of reason for both Bobby Roode & Jeff Jarrett.
Drew Galloway takes out Sonjay Dutt and Bobby Roode delivers the "Roode Bomb" to PJ Black to pick up the win
Some people argued that because Bobby Roode is a Professional Wrestler the Traci Brooks beatings weren't real.
Get your tickets for Excellence 2015 featuring The Hurricane, Victoria, Bobby Roode, Sonjay Dutt, PJ Black, and...
Kurt Angle brawls with Bobby Roode - Pacman Jones hits the ring (Novembe... via
The co-Main was Bobby Roode and Eric Young and Magnus faced Chris Masters. GFW is now "TNA 2: Electric Boogaloo"
Austin Aries defeats Bobby Roode for the world championship at Destination X
On this day: (2012) Bobby Roode blames Austin Aries for his title loss:
Last night I not only defeated Bobby Roode in one of my specialty matches, but I became number one contender for the TNA world --
TONIGHT! I get the chance to make happen-Me vs Bobby Roode in a contender Tables Match.
"Matt Hardy has pinned Bobby Roode!". "Drew Galloway has pinned Eric Young!". .sigh.
Jeff Jarrett def. Matt Hardy,Bobby Roode,Eric Young and Drew Galloway what a match
Matt Hardy and Drew Galloway are both eligible, Eric Young and Bobby Roode are in the penalty box together
Who do you think wins the King of the Mountain Championship?. A. Jeff Jarrett. B. Matt Hardy. C. Eric Young. D. Drew Galloway. E. Bobby Roode
A show with talents such as Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Bobby Roode, James Storm, Bubba Ray can't be bad
So this is tonight's Slammiversary card-. King of the Mountain Match. Jeff Jarrett vs. Matt Hardy vs. Bobby Roode...
Jeff Jarrett,. Matt Hardy, Eric Young, Drew Galloway, & Bobby Roode in the King of the Mountain match tonight, who ya got?
Scoop Matt Hardy beats Bobby Roode in a tables match
Bobby Roode, Drew Galloway, Eric Young, Matt Hardy and Jeff Jarrett main eventing a PPV in 2015. lol
Looks like TNA finally announced who will be losing to Jeff Jarrett this Sunday (Eric Young, Bobby Roode, Drew Galloway, and Matt Hardy.)
Jeff Jarrett v Matt Hardy v Bobby Roode v Eric Young v Drew Galloway in King of the Mountain. Looks to be a great match
The full field for King of the Mountain is Jeff Jarrett, Drew Galloway, Matt Hardy, Eric Young, and Bobby Roode.
I think Taryn Terrell right now is like a heel Paige mixed with a tad bit of Wyatt family, Bobby Roode.
to TNA's credit, the tag belts have the American Wolves, Bobby Roode and Austin Aries involved. It's their 1 bit of smart booking
The Main Event of the evening will be Jeff Jarrett & Bobby Roode vs Mr. McMahon & Triple H!
BIG BIG WIN on Bobby Roode. Two more wins and you will be the number one contender for WHC
Would you like to see Bobby Roode and/or James Storm? I liked them as a tag team "beer money"
if you can secure Bobby Roode and Austin Aries to add to Joe and will have your next 10 years... featured in NBC s Science of Love
Every segway is just zoom action shots of an empty Impact Zone & Bobby Roode sobbing
why dont you hired Bobby Roode. Hes like you. Perfect promo. Wrestle like you
I want to see Austin Aries, James Storm and Bobby Roode in the WWE
I hope its HHH in a HHH vs HHH so they need to hire Bobby Roode to make this happen
They day Bobby Roode wins the ROH world title next month will be a great day
Or Cole vs Bobby Roode but I would prefer Aries and Cole.
When I don't know I just assume it's Bobby Roode.
And their roster has dwindled down, but Angle is still top notch as is Bobby Roode, Austin Aries, Jeff Hardy, the Wolves.
He's the only one I've seen comment on it unless Bobby Roode's "UNCLE" meant anything
Bobby Roode and James Storm were there almost from day one, right?
I watch TNA maybe once every couple of months when I remember it's on but I hope EC3 and Bobby Roode both find nice spots somewhere else
ROH should get Bobby Roode and um..who else is in TNA? Legit question. I haven’t watched them in months. Maybe DJ Z??
Bobby Roode is probably the only one I'd take...and he's pushing 40. IDK if EC3 would go back to the E
James Storm to Creative: "Hey, how about we get Bobby Roode to join the Revolution and have Beer Money in the Revolution?" YES.
I think the steen figure looks like bobby roode
TNA been should have flopped. WWE will put Bobby Roode to good use.
Bobby Roode backstage at a ROH TV tapping...
Bobby Roode's is over. The is here to attempt to fix it all. Failure is an option but we don't care.
Listening to Bobby Roode's interview with Russo. Roode says you are the best there ever was in the business.
Team TNA imo should of been: Low Ki, Austin Aries, and Bobby Roode.
Bram just beat Bobby Roode!!! That is huge! Big big things for "the most dangerous man on the roster" in 2015.
TNA is on and it's not great at all. Still love Bobby Roode though.
No way. Bobby Roode would be ready for the main roster straight away. One of the top five in the world today.
I added a video to a playlist Bobby Roode Comments on His Cage Match With Kurt Angle At
I added a video to a playlist TNA IMPACT WRESTLING 2/6/13 Samoa Joe vs. Bobby Roode for the
Bobby roode is on a high as the dirty heels, so it anyone, I'd choose Manik, or abyss
Bobby Roode should go straight to WWE main roster. Austin Arise would be a good choice.
Bobby Roode... you deserve better than TNA.
. Bobby Roode is phenomenal. Their theme song is pretty good.
Alberto El Patron vs. Bobby Roode would be match I would like to see.
"Bobby Roode was visiting Ring of Honor before the IPPV in Toronto last Friday". BOBBY. RO
I liked a video from Sting Drops A Bombshell on Bobby Roode
JTG has more talent than Bobby Roode.
whats up I hope u guys win the best of 5 series against bobby roode and Austin Aries
Gram got cheap win over Bobby Roode with a low blow in the main event
thanks for bringing Bobby Roode on the Brand. Nice interview, nice guy, and my favorite performer from the last 10 years
" for nothing." -- Bobby Roode, James Storm, Eric Young, Magnus, anyone else whose prime was wasted there
Observer had EC3, Rockstar Spud and Bobby Roode on podcasts recently heavily promoting TNA.
saw Bobby Roode or Jesse in a THONG they would laugh their *** off! Its not a turn on for most!
To top it off after the show I was sitting in the same restaurant as him and a few other TNA stars, shook Bobby Roode's hand, how cool
the obvious answer is Kurt Angle but I don't know if thats ever going to happen. Otherwise, Bobby Roode and Austin Aries
Bobby Roode gets a lot of hott girls
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