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Bobby Portis

Bobby Portis (born February 10, 1995) is an American college basketball player, currently in his sophomore season at the University of Arkansas.

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Most minutes played per game by a freshman during the Mike Anderson era (as of 11/27/2017):. 27.0, Bobby…
Fred Hoiberg hopeful Nikola Mirotic, Bobby Portis will carry on-court communication to off the court.
Let's see if Hoiberg's plan works...
It's nice of Nikola Mirotic and Bobby Portis to make an otherwise abysmal Bulls season at least a little interesting.
Niko Mirotic returns to practice floor with for first time since altercation with Bobby Portis…
Nikola Mirotic’s return to practice today for the 1st time since Bobby Portis punched him in the face on Oct. 17 is…
Since those two 20-10 games, Bobby Portis has averaged 10.9 points and 6.4 rebounds in the last eight games.
Can he punch his ticket to a game? Or is that something Bobby Portis will do?
Nikola Mirotic practices for the first time since Bobby..
UPDATE: Nikola Mirotic practices with the for the first time since Bobby Portis punch
Nikola Mirotic is set to travel with the team this week. Can’t wait to see how dysfunctional him and Bobby Portis will be
Nikola Mirotic closer to comeback, still not speaking with Bobby Portis
Nikola Mirotic ramping up activity, still not talking to Bobby Portis.
Nikola Mirotic getting closer to returning to game action. Practices with teammates for first time and will…
You mean we aren't going to put him 1 on 1 vs Bobby Portis with a winner stays bet.?
He looks like he's getting ready to Snake Bobby Portis. Chicago teaching him too much
Okay I got you Bobby Portis was wondering who Porter was & Markieff Morris from Washington.. interest…
Nikola Mirotic could return to Bulls ‘shortly,’ but he still hasn’t spoken with Bobby Portis
Bobby Portis leads lowly Bulls in both scoring and rebounding.. 16 pts 10 rebs. a game in only 25 minutes a game. He is 7t…
To start off in FanDuel tonight I love pairing Bobby Portis and Morris both at PF if Mark is out for Bulls. Fill 2…
How about a Jerian Grant and Bobby Portis for Iman Shumpert and Channing Frye and the Cavaliers 2018 first round pick trade?
"We’re trying to be sensitive.". John Paxson addresses the Bulls' Nikola Mirotic-Bobby Portis saga…
'We're trying to be sensitive:' John Paxson addresses Nikola Mirotic-Bobby Portis saga
John Paxson on if Niko Mirotic and Bobby Portis can ever co-exist again:
John Paxson: Bulls will work through Nikola Mirotic-Bobby Portis saga with patience and sensitivity
“All I know is I’m not to blame for this one.”—Jimmy Butler on the Bobby Portis and Nikola Mirotic fight.
So far in the NBA: . Bobby Portis broke his teammate, Nikola Mirotic's face. Gordon Hayward injured . Cavs win in a tight one
Don’t you know to stay away from a guy with eyes like that. Bobby Portis got those crazy 👀
Bobby Portis fighting for that starting power forward spot!
F Nikola Mirotic sustained facial fractures after being punched by teammate Bobby Portis in a practice altercation
Here’s a photo of Nikola Mirotic after his altercation with Bobby Portis
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If this is the whole story, the Bulls should think about suspending Portis for at least as long as Mirotic is out. https…
Meanwhile in Chicago Bulls Forwards Bobby Portis and Nikola Mirotic got in a scuffle sending Nikola to the hospital with 2 facial fractures.
Bulls F Bobby Portis has just been arrested on charges of aggravated assault and attempted murder. A league source tells…
Bobby Portis should be cut immediately. Oh, and maybe fire Fred too. Control the *** locker room.
Bobby Portis is a beast. Warriors should trade for him after his suspension and cut Looney. Anyone touches Steph they get Portis
Word on the street that Bobby Portis served Nikola Hands & Nikola fractured a bone in his face? Yup that’s my franchise team
I can't even feel bad for Mirotic man, how you look into *THIS* man's eyes and still want the fade? Bobby Portis ain't th…
Hayward broke his ankle. Bobby Portis broke Mirotic's jaw. Pretty bad start man.
Bobby Portis playing Mama gonna knock you out
How anyone who has ever looked into Bobby Portis’ eyes decided that’s the guy to try, I have no idea.
Bobby Portis putting Nikola Mirotic on the IR like:
UPDATE: The Chicago Police Department has just released Bobby Portis’ mugshot. His bail has been set at $69,420. https:/…
I'll take Bobby portis over them all. I hear he has a lot of fight in him. At least that's what Nikola told me.
Story on altercation between Bulls' Bobby Portis and Nikola Mirotic, leaving Mirotic out for foreseeable future: https:/…
Nikola Mirotic out indefinitely with two broken bones in his face after being punched by Bobby Portis
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Two Chicago Bulls players got into a fight sending one to the hospital with multiple broken bones and a concussion. https:/…
Nikola Mirotic is out indefinitely after being injured in an altercation with teammate Bobby Portis.
Nikola Mirotic and Bobby Portis got into a fight at practice. Mirotic ended up in the hospital, out indefinitely. (Y!)
I would beat mirotic one on one on and off the court. jew heard. I stand with Bobby Portis
Bobby Portis vs Mirotic was a lot like Bill Romanowski vs anybody back in the day. Don't get in certain guys faces.
Bobby Portis knocked Mirotic out?. Does someone with this face really seem like he coul—OK, yeah this checks out. https:/…
Bobby Portis and Nikola Mirotic fight to the death for the starting PF role on the worst team in the league. What a time…
In practice scuffle with Bobby Portis in Bulls practice, Nikola Mirotic suffered a fractured bone in his face, league source t…
I almost wonder if Niko asks/demands a trade. Then they move Portis for someone worse.
Chicago Bulls Bobby Portis set to be suspended for sometime and potentially could have his contract terminated if team…
Sources: Bulls forwards Bobby Portis and Nikola Mirotic were involved in serious altercation in practice today, leaving…
Bulls' Nikola Mirotic suffers broken facial bones in altercation with teammate Bobby Portis…
LeBron played good. Gordon Hayward broke his leg. Jake Crowder is a savage. Kyrie got booed. are losing. Bobby Portis is 2 savage
Word on the street is Bobby Portis put Nikola Mirotic through a flaming table
have Lauri Markkanen at center now with Bobby Portis at power forward. Markkanen is 1-7 on FGs tonight.
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Not sure...only person that can contribute here is Robin Lopez or Bobby Portis for 2nd chance points. Everyone else *** lmaoo
The rebuilding Bulls only have 2 players on their roster younger than a 22-year-old Giannis Antetokounmpo:. Bobby Portis and…
Bobby Portis gets payback on Patrick Patterson in Bulls&win over Raptors
Bobby Portis gets payback on Patrick Patterson in Bulls' win over
The kid Bobby Portis with Chicago is star in the making Trade Randall and Russell for him Don't sleep
I will start Bobby Portis because he plays both ends of the Court
Coming up next on talk coming up with interviews from MCW, Jerian Grant and Bobby Portis.
Our big men make Robin Lopez and Bobby Portis look like Bill Russell and Dennis Rodman rebounding the ball.
Bobby Portis first playoff game: 19p & 9r on 80% from the field. Myles Turner: 11p & 8r on 42% from the field 🤔.
"He's got to stop smacking my hand like that or we're going to go toe-to-toe.". - Jimmy Butler on Bobby Portis hard hi…
Welcome to the playoffs, where we get Marcus Smart vs. Bobby Portis shootouts.
19 points for Bobby Portis in his playoff debut. 8-of-10 from the field.
I don't think Bobby Portis is gonna do what he did tonight every game, Celts in 6
Are you telling me Bobby Portis beat the Celtics?!
Bobby Portis is playing with no fear.
Bobby Portis has been a man all game
Bobby Portis discusses his playoff coming-out party
Bobby Portis after 19 pts, 9 rebs: "I felt like once you rebound, the basketball gods reward you."
Bobby Portis dropped 19 and 9 today. I still wanna know why he always looks like he see's ghost that no one else see's…
Bobby Portis had no fear in his first career playoff game
I like but I don't think he's watched 40 bad Bobby P…
When your team loses Game 1 at home thanks in large part to Bobby Portis
*** shame nobody ever taught bobby Portis how to blink
Amazing game by Robin Lopez and Bobby Portis. They were integral. McD and Taj traded for Payne who wasn't even dressed? SMH.
Bobby Portis always got that look on his face like he just accidentally walked in on his grandma taking a shower https:…
Bulls win it 95-86. Jimmy Butler finishes with 23 points, 7 assists and four rebounds. Bobby Portis went...
Wades on the court with MCW, Bobby Portis, Denzel Valentine, and some Felicio dude. Sad
Bobby Portis, Denzel Valentine and Paul Zipser are leading the youth movement. Watch them NOW on CSN!…
Why did Bobby Portis just take the rebound right out of Valentine's hand? Portis looks like his confidence is shot & should be on the bench
Bobby Portis with a solid 17 points and 13 rebounds in 94-87 win over the Warriors
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Bobby Portis unclear on demotion, happy to be back in Bulls rotation...
Bobby Portis sitting at Razorback game in Fayetteville, Arkansas right now!
Marquis Teague, Tony Snell, Doug McDermott, Bobby Portis, and Denzel Valentine have been the 1st round picks since 2012. Wow.
It's Jimmy fault he the only one that play defense, it's his fault Doug & Niko can't hit corner 3s, it's fault Bobby Portis is retarded
Marquis Teague, Tony Snell, Bobby Portis, Denzel Valentine. Add in draft day deals for Mirotic, Doug McDermott and you have…
Nikola Mirotic's loss is Bobby Portis' gain — for now, via
Doug McDermott, Bobby Portis, Denzel Valentine and Cris Felicio are a combined 3-for-13 from the field. Niko...
Denzel Valentine enters. Along with Bobby Portis who came in a couple minutes ago. No Niko?
Bob Sura played till 2006, assuming we don't count Bobby Portis and Boban
Kelly Oubre was another guy Wizards fans hated when we drafted...wanted Bobby Portis or Jerian Grant..neither of wh…
OH. MY. GOODNESS. Justin Anderson just publicly shamed Bobby Portis with that block. Witness protection, help that man!!
Justin Anderson has his flaws but he looks a lot better than Bobby Portis right now.
Where is rookie year mirtoic, where is Bobby Portis hitting outside jumpers? The need the supporting cast or games will slip away.
Bobby Portis looks like Darius Miles and Beeker had a love child.
Brett said i look like Bobby Portis
Until he proves me wrong his name is Bobbi Portia. RIP Bobby Portis.
smh if only we valued Bobby Portis more
they both should be getting more playing time so they can develop. Bobby Portis has so much potential
yeah I see no progress.. Bobby Portis looks like he's regressed and it makes me angry
Bobby Portis-Chicago Bulls Portis departed Wednesday's game due to a shoulder injury and his return is uncertain.
Fred Hoiberg has got to stop playing Niko Mirotic and Bobby Portis together, they have been dreadful defensively for the Bulls
In the approximately 5 1/2 minutes that Bobby Portis and Niko Mirotic have shared the court in this game, Bulls have been outscored 19-7.
Somebody gotta tell Hoiberg that Bobby Portis/Niko lineup is gonna work on any team.ever
Bobby Portis, a shame he's not a player; he's got a great name.. I don't see him in the NBA after his rookie contract is up.
my 3 picks on my wish list was Wall, Beal, OttoMatic, when Oubre came out it was Bobby Portis, but I'm routing for the kid
Bobby Portis is on vacation. He thinks that Summer League championship meant something.
Bobby Portis didn't need UK to go to the NBA,he needed UK to teach him how not to get pushed around on the court.Nance Jr. just yoked him!
do me a favor, send Isiah Canaan and Bobby Portis to a different city far far away. They suck. Thanks.
I don't care if Lakers lose this one. murdering Bobby Portis for that rebound was worth the watch 👍🏽
Bulls trainer Jeff Tanaka checking out Bobby Portis' left shoulder on the bench.
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Bobby Portis, who had the ball and nearly his L arm ripped away by Larry Nance Jr., exits game and keeps flexing that shoulder.
Nance sick and tired of Bobby Portis grabbing a rebound around him.
Maybe Brandon Ingram got shook up after he looked directly into Bobby Portis' eyes?
Bobby Portis just got babied by Larry Nance Jr
Larry Nance just bodied Bobby Portis baby *** lmaoo
I don't ever wanna see Niko and Bobby Portis on the court at the same time
Is Bobby Portis just bad? I am starting to worry he might be.
Bobby Portis needs a break, complete liability right now.
Why Bobby Portis continues to play is beyond me.
My timeline tells me that a lot of Bulls fans are NOT happy with the "development" of Bobby Portis. That's how poor 'tis.
Bobby Portis is doing work right now.
Bobby Portis looks like he needs psyche meds.
Bobby Portis with two offensive boards in one possession. It's going to be that kind of game
Bobby Portis just outworking the Lakers on the glass right now
Bobby Portis lookin good tonight, lot of hustle
Someone said Bobby Portis looked like a darkskin Jordan Clarkson and I been dying ever since
I guess somebody gotta be the Tony Snell of the team. *looks at Bobby Portis*
Doug McDermott and Bobby Portis look up to Jimmy Butler the way Butler once did to Luol Deng…
Is playing good ol' Bobby Portis getting "To cute" tonight? Low dollar GPPs by the way.
2K has gone into a fugue state and the fake Bulls have a three big lineup with Bobby Portis at the three. Sheesh
Should Bobby Portis start for the Bulls? ponders.
top talent?? Bobby Portis? Look how Qualls developed. Look how Kingsley developed.
Isaiah Canaan, Dwayne Wade, Doug McDermott, Bobby Portis, and Cristino Felicio are in for the to start the 2nd quarter.
As expected, exercise fourth-year option on Doug McDermott and third-year options on Bobby Portis and Jerian Gra…
Today at practice, Coach Hoiberg experimented with Taj Gibson, Nikola Mirotic and Bobby Portis all with the starting group.
D-Wade says it's Jerry Reinsdorf's team and then Jimmy Butler's team and c'mon everyone knows it's Bobby Portis' team
Jerian Grant, Bobby Portis and Denzel Valentine are pretty solid players. We will see
He had it last night. Impressed with him, OG Bobby Portis and Grant
Bulls have Jerian Grant, Denzel Valentine and Bobby Portis? Damnnn that's a future!
Jerian Grant was cookin out the gate and OJ Bobby Portis too
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Jerian Grant Bobby Portis and Tyus Jones
When is the Bulls parade? Pete Myers, Bobby Portis, Denzel Valentine, and Jerian Grant should be on the premier double decker bus.
Former Cat DeAndre Liggins with the acrobatic spin and finish against the Bobby Portis and the Bulls.
Portis, Clarke to face off in summer league final - Bobby Portis and Coty Clarke will be wearing different colo...
Former Arkansas teammates Bobby Portis + Coty Clarke will face off in the NBA’s summer league championship. Details:
Bobby Portis (and Coty Clarke have lead their teams to the NBA Summer League Championship. …
Congrats to our two leading their teams to the title game tomorrow night!. ✅ Bobby Portis. vs. ✅ Coty Clarke
Summer League Championship will have two former Razorbacks & teammates facing each other. Bobby Portis and Coty Clarke.
Bobby Portis said Dwyane Wade is his mom's favorite player.
Bobby Portis puts up double-double as Bulls win Summer Leagu...
Mentioned Jamal Murray, Bobby Portis, Kay Felder in a quick summer league prediction video
I remember last year the Raptors could have drafted Bobby Portis at 20 and passed him up for a 3rd string PG in Delon Wright.. Just awful.
How much better would Toronto be if they drafted Justin Anderson or Bobby Portis instead of Wright?
/fires up 2K to build a Bulls starting five of Jerian Grant, OG Annouby, Jimmy Butler, Bobby Portis and Karl-Anthony Towns
Kelly Oubre over Bobby Portis was a very poor decision and the KD chase is gonna bite us when he doesn't come here
I just don't see how this team is so bad with so much talent . It's not just Rose, Butler, & Gasol. Doug McD, Bobby Portis, & Gibson outchea
Bobby Portis let Marco Belinelli bang on him smh
Bobby Portis' mentor, Corliss Williamson, is Kings' assistant. Wrote this about their relationship last June:
Bobby Portis has broken through the so-called rookie wall - Chicago Breaking
Thanks Stacey the King very much appreciated and your prayer's. Please tell Hoiberg to play Bobby Portis more✊
Assistant coach Jim Boylen screaming out defensive instructions on final possession to Bobby Portis. Wanted him to cover middle of floor.
A lineup of Justin Holiday, E'Twaun Moore, Doug McDermott, Nikola Mirotic and Bobby Portis. In the first quarter of an NBA game. WATTBA.
so you are saying jahlil okafor for bobby Portis is a no go?
Source: called about James Harden. Told it would take "at least" Jimmy Butler, Bobby Portis, & Doug McDer…
IMO the only guys who should be untouchable on roster going forward are Jimmy Butler and Bobby Portis.
Roundtable: Biggest mistake at the deadline? . The NBA trade dead…
Only player in my lineup to hit 5X was Bobby Portis. Chasing Raul Neto & E'Twaun Moore's minutes was silly bc their usage rates are still 🚮.
dear, Chicago Bulls organization. please accept the fact that u need to build ur team around Jimmy Butler and bobby portis. sincerely, a fan
Bobby Portis : 13 points on 6-16 shooting & 10 rebounds in 26 minutes off the bench
Bobby Portis looked decent too but other than that, not good at all.
Only thing worth taking away is that Bobby Portis had a double double, kid keeps getting better
Somebody give Bobby Portis his playing time. Absolute beast
only locks for next year's roster are DRose, Jimmy, and Bobby Portis. anyone else is liable to be traded or cut tbh.
I feel bad for Bobby Portis and Felicio. Must suck being on this *** team as rookies.
Bobby portis playing in front of his idol lebron awww
was right. Raps should have picked bobby portis
One more rebound for Bobby Portis for a Single Double this young man on fire!!
Bobby Portis looks natural bringing the ball up the court, just need to work on what happens next lol
Give Bobby Portis more minutes, the boy has potential!!
Bobby Portis has terrible shot selection
Bobby Portis looks promising, but those were some Dion Waiters-like transition possessions (both rejected back in his face) just now.
I'm just here for the Bobby Portis highlights.
Bobby Portis wth you doing going coast to coast? Making a *** play?
Bobby Portis has recorded a double-double in back to back games for the first time in his career.
Why the *** has Bobby Portis taken this many shots?
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I appreciate Bobby Portis’ energy and effort, but he’s not there yet. He’ll be there in a year or two though.
Bobby portis is going to be a stud got the Bulls!
Rose is out there surrounded by, Bobby Portis, Tony Snell, & Doug McDermott right now. . Like, no. Team is hurt. Team is broke.
Bobby Portis runs the floor like a got damned freight train
Bobby Portis is one rebound away from a double-double 🙌🏾
Sick of hearing TNT pump Bobby Portis. The bulls aren't good. That's just a fact. Also D rose is not an elite player anymore. Just stop it
Bobby Portis has heart even if he struggled shooting. . Reminds me of a young lol
all I'm seeing right now is Bobby Portis and d rose
Bulls just ran a post play w/ Bobby Portis and hadPau standing behind the 3pt line in the corner. SMH...
Shoutout to Bobby Portis and Rose for being the only two on the entire team that decided to compete tonight
Bobby Portis facial expressions tell me he's due back in the psychiatric ward.
Kevin Love blocks Bulls Bobby Portis in the post, then draws offensive foul.
this bulls squad is OLD SCHOOL BASKETBALL bobby portis represents NEW SCHOOL BASKETBALL he doesnt fit in
Every time I watch Bobby Portis play I'm still so amazed both TOR & WSH passed on him. Can help now & in future, great energy & versatility.
Bulls have missed 6 straight shots after Bobby Portis opened the quarter with a three.
Anthlon Bell leads the Hogs with 14 points. He passed Bobby Portis and Eric Ferguson on the all-time leading scorer's list …
Only players who I believe are safe (for now) are Bobby Portis and Jimmy Butler.
Jimmy Butler on Bobby Portis: "When he's out there, the swag is really high. He plays like a vet."
Bobby Portis dang near breaks Jimmy Butler's hand with the High Five from ***
Ben Simmons w/ Bobby Portis??? I see your point I hope they keep losing
I'd definitely say so. Honestly, everyone not named Jimmy Butler, Bobby Portis or Doug McDermott should be available
you trade anyone and everyone not name Jimmy Butler or Bobby Portis, maybe Dougie
Pick and pops with Bobby Portis, Cameron Bairstow getting 4th quarter run... I'm selling my league pass.
Only in Ames iowa does a lineup of Kirk Hinrich,Tony Snell,Doug McDermott, Bobby Portis,and Cam Bairstow makes makes sense.
Gar Forman and John Paxson are banking on Butler, Nikola Mirotic, Doug McDermott and Bobby Portis to step up. Make room for them to do so.
Who expected to see this lineup at the start of the season? Aaron Brooks, E'Twaun Moore, Doug McDermott, Bobby Portis & Pau Gasol.
Bobby Portis made is commercial debut and it's absolutely awesome. .
Boy it'd be nice to have either Rodney Hood or Bobby Portis to plug in. Unfortunately, Masai hasn't been drafting well.
Can't wait for Tristan Thompson and Bobby Portis to legit bare knuckle box in the playoffs this year
Bobby Portis just kept Kyrie Irving in front of him, forced a tough shot, then blocked the ensuing follow-up from Tristan Thompson. LEGIT.
Who would you rather have: Bobby Portis or Tristan Thompson?
Bobby Portis vs Tristan Thompson. This could get interesting
That's me Andrew Bogut, Klay Thompson, and Bobby Portis !!! I was like a kid in a candy shop 🏀😆😱…
I hope someday Bobby Portis will dress up like Clinton Portis used to.
Top people in a Bulls uniform right now:. 1. Derrick Rose. 2. Bobby Portis. 39. Young MC. 150. Tony Snell. 298. Pau Gasol.
Both Nikola Mirotic and Tony Snell are restricted free agents in 2017. Doug McDermott and Bobby Portis are going to be here for a while.
Bobby Portis has a trick to getting worked up before each game - Chicago Sun
Gibson can score. McDermott can score. Bobby Portis can score. Aaron Brooks can score. E'twan Moore can score. Kirk Hinrich is NOT consistent!
would you drop Ish Smith and JJ Barrea to pick up TJ Warren and Rodney Hood or Bobby Portis?
Bobby Portis was to MBB in 2014-15 what Martin Terry was in 1972-73. Their respective departures sunk teams the next seasons.
Fred Hoiberg lauded Bobby Portis tonight for getting "grown-man rebounds." I would love the league to track that stat c…
ICYMI: Fred Hoiberg vows to give Bobby Portis more minutes —
Chicago Bulls Fred Hoiberg could be considering playing Nikola Mirotic at SF in order to allow Bobby Portis consistent…
Fred Hoiberg says that Bobby Portis has earned a regular rotation spot, regardless of health of the team. (Via
Fred Hoiberg says Bobby Portis has “cemented a spot in Bulls rotation”
Chicago Bulls Fred Hoiberg confirmed yesterday that Bobby Portis has earned his spot in the rotation moving forward. He's not going anywhere
Bobby Portis' emergence leaves Fred Hoiberg with tough choices
Bobby Portis just makes things happen. He has 9 points on 4-4 shooting in 10 minutes.
Don't try to match Bobby Portis' intensity when drinking tomorrow at your NYE party. You will definitely end up in the ***
The bench - led by Tony Snell, Aaron Brooks and Bobby Portis - were the unlikely heroes in last night's win. RECAP: http…
look at DAL Justin Anderson and OKC and get Cameron Payne. Bulls need to find the Bobby Portis's of other teams.
Jimmy Butler on Bobby Portis playing 4:25 at end with 7 pts: "Bobby’s going to be a *** of a player in this league."
Bobby Portis had 7 points in 4 minutes. Let the man play more.
Bobby Portis has 7 points in 4 minutes. You think he wants to play more?
last year Bobby Portis, this year Jones. Why can't we play these teams the year AFTER their lottery players leave?!
Alert: We may see Bobby Portis play tonight.
Butler is injured? Thank God we drafted Bobby Portis to help out our thin backcourt
as a lifelong UA fan it makes me really appreciate players like Corliss Williamson, Joe Johnson and Bobby Portis
Bobby Portis looks like a cross between Darius Miles and Plaxico Burress.
Bobby Portis has referenced KG before. This happened 27 seconds into NBA debut
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As much as I like Bobby Portis, it's games like this that make me wish Jerian Grant fell to the Bulls. Would have been perfect.
Bulls Should Consider Trading Taj Gibson to Make Room for Bobby Portis: Bobby Portis is taking the preseason b...
The "trade Taj Gibson to make room for Bobby Portis" pleas end here and now. If anything, you trade Noah. Not Taj.
Bulls rookie Bobby Portis: 'I'm a dog out there'
@ BULLS took Portis because he was a steal!!! Coach knew what type player Bobby is.
Tyus Jones would do the same thing as Aaron Brooks and E-Twaun Moore better. Bobby Portis being on the bench scrounging for minutes
Because it's clear Bobby Portis is a much better prospect than Tyus Jones. THEN WHY PASS ON A PG TO DRAFT ANOTHER PF???
Chicago Bulls' Bobby Portis Looks Terrific: The injury required surgery to fix, and despite returning to pract...
Bulls rookie Bobby Portis is killing in the preseason
🆎 and Bobby Portis come out firing in the second and all of a sudden we have a ballgame.
Celtics could've drafted Bobby Portis but I guess they felt fine with their awful PF rotation.
I have a feeling from early returns that Bobby Portis will be better thought of by Bulls fans than Marquis Teague.
RJ Hunter reminds me of Kevin Martin & Bobby Portis has the potential to be the next Jermaine O'Neal. Great late 1st round steals.
I cannot wait for Bobby Portis interviews.
The Undercard: Delon Wright vs. Bobby Portis, Round 1: Well, when this piece goes live, we'll be a mere 10 hou...
Early birthday present. Going to see my Chicago Bulls in action. So what if it's preseason I might wear a Bobby Portis headband.
Kevin Garnett welcomed Bobby Portis to NBA with veteran trash talk
On Bobby Portis, who’s forcing Fred Hoiberg to make some tough decisions on frontcourt playing time:
Bobby Portis (shined in last night's preseason matchup with the
Bobby Portis doesn't play like your typical rook because it's really Plaxico Burress out here ballin
It's EARLY, but Bobby Portis looks LEGIT. Hard to think 21 players better... Franchises keep sleepin' on proven 3-4 year college players.
Bobby Portis looks like Stacy king lol
it's the same team they had last year unless Bobby Portis is something more than Marcus Fizer
Meet rookie Bobby Portis next Monday from 6-8 p.m. and join the Score at International KIA of Orland Park:
Butler added that the only difference is that now they have draft pick Bobby Portis. Still, he remains confident this team can win.
Mudiay, Devin Booker, Bobby Portis, and Myles Turner were the most impressive rooks from SL to me. Jordan Mickey shocke…
Bobby Portis goes for 16 points and 10 boards as knock off 91-73. D.J. Seeley had 16 to lead CLE. …
Bobby Portis looks like the dork younger brother of Darius Miles
Bobby Portis that work gone be a steal just like Jimmy Buckets...
Sam Smith shares his insight on Bobby Portis, Michael Jordan, Lebron James
Fair enough lol - Highlight of the year is gonna be the bench mob of Hinrich, Snell, McDermott, Bobby Portis, and Taj Gibson.
Hey fans, you're gonna love The Best of Bobby Portis:
Arkansas head coach Mike Anderson here at the Advocate Center for Bobby Portis's introductory press conference htt…
Bobby Portis has what it takes, says NBA veteran-mentor Corliss Williamson, via
Bobby Portis has what it takes — NBA veteran-mentor Corliss Williamson - Chicago Tribune: Chicago TribuneBobby...
Talked to mentor Corliss Williamson and Arkansas coach Mike Anderson about Bobby Portis:
Me and Tom Haberstroh are on the exact same page when it comes to our feelings on the Wizards draft (Bobby Portis)
Larry Nance Jr. + Kobe and Bobby Portis + Derrick Rose have some problems to work out
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