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Bobby Orr

Robert Gordon Bobby Orr, OC (born March 20, 1948) is a Canadian former professional ice hockey player.

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What on earth are the Bruins doing to Bobby Orr? Don Cherry would disapprove!
This is a microaggression by Bobby Orr
Brunt's two best books: Facing Ali and Searching for Bobby Orr.
If Bobby Orr says it's a man's world who am I to argue?
Along with Bobby Orr, Ali was the first athlete I was conscious about. Only Babe Ruth transcended sports to Ali's level.
This is my favorite sports pic along with Bobby Orr flying through the air
A great photo but it pales in comparsion to Bobby Orr flying threw the air, after scoring the winning Cup goal !
To my Idol . The Bobby Orr of boxing. My heart is saddened .
Every generation has impactful cultural icons. Those of us who grew up with the Beatles, Bobby Orr and Muhammad Ali know we were spoiled.
I do too, but the Blues haven't been to the final since the year Bobby Orr scored the most famous goal in…
Muhammad Ali was a household name. More so than Bobby Orr, Larry Bird, Pele, Wayne Gretzky, Michael Jordan, etc etc. He was an icon. RIP.
Bobby_orr.jpg isn't in the same timezone as Ali
flying bobby Orr is the only one that has a chance, right?
I heard that Chiarelli is going to trade Taylor Hall for Wayne Gretzky, Bobby Orr and a time machine!
definitely plan on buying it once I find it. Inherited the Bobby Orr biography one from my dad, pretty cool stuff
46 yrs ago, Bruins won first Cup in 29 yrs when Superman, I mean Bobby Orr, took flight... https…
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Bobby Orr poses with finalists and winners at the Celebrating Youth Ceremony in
I'll never forget Bobby Orr crying tears of laughter when you guys did pre-game inspirational in Smithers,BC
Happy Birthday to Bobby Orr, who turns 68 today
"when you're young you don't realize the sacrifices that people are making for you" - Bobby Orr
Remember that time The Tragically Hip switched "Bobby Orr" for "Derek Roy" in a song? does:
46 years ago today, Bobby Orr scored "The Goal".
On this date 46 years ago, Bobby Orr brought Boston a Stanley Cup on one of the most famous goals in NHL history. https:/…
On this date in 1970, Ray Lussier of the Boston Record snaps this amazing picture of Bobby Orr
46 years ago today, in the 1970 Stanley Cup Final, Bobby Orr scored perhaps the most famous goal in hockey history. htt…
Goalie Glenn Hall fibs a bit, kidding Bobby Orr of '70 Cup-winner: "I was out of the shower before you hit the ice." https…
I've done book reports on Bobby Orr, Tie Domi and now Larry Robinson.
Jim Rutherford happy he listened to Bobby Orr and traded for Trevor Daley. My game 4 column:
No pressure with the picture of Johnny T and Bobby Orr on either side of you. LOL! Wish you the best of Luck.
My grandpa is comparing today's defenseman to Bobby Orr. Not exactly the same league as it was 40 years ago...
this reminds me a little of that extremely fire Barstool Bobby Orr shirt that I can never buy because of geography
Colton Orr: He was about the furthest thing from Bobby Orr as a hockey player can get. But Colton Orr had an ...
but those are some Bobby Orr numbers!
The Bobby Orr Trophy proudly on display at the office:
Norris should be split into Bobby Orr Award and Scott Stevens Award?
Oh okay. Would have thought the closest guy to Bobby Orr in league history would have got your nod then. :-)
Words out! Better get your tickets soon to the Claddagh Fund Clebrity Hockey Tournament Powered by TRUE Hockey!!... http…
Bobby Orr scored 1 goal and set up 2 others to lead Oshawa to a 3-0 win over Shawinigan Bruins and a 2-1 lead in the Eastern Final
Best wishes to Leafs alumnus Colton Orr who announced his retirement today.
Make your way to Regina to see Kitimat native and our special guest open for . Bigger than Bobby Orr now Aaron.
Sweet Bobby Orr Ice Scripts just pulled from our 15/16 Trilogy case break!
Nah, I remember it from Bobby Orr's book (I think).
I mean, present day Bobby Orr that's on me
Based on the back of this box, it appears Bobby Orr's social life was active. Wait - is he in drag on the top right? ht…
Buddy beside me trying to make comments on the game wouldn't know hockey if his dad was Bobby Orr
that guys knees are worse than Bobby Orr's
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Don Cherry: Stop whacking Crosby, Bobby Orr, get some honour, protect yourself kids and everythin' like dat! 👍
Hi Jimmy, I would wear after Bobby Orr or after Guy Lafleur. - MM
Day 2 of Gowns For Girls gets underway at 3:30 at Bobby Orr School in Oshawa.
Loved Muhammad Ali and watched a lot of Bobby Orr and Guy Lafleur
PHOTO GALLERY: Niagara IceDogs take home the Bobby Orr trophy: The Niagara IceDogs swept the Barrie Colts to ...
Hall and Klefbom would be an overpayment for Subban.. TSN: Darren Dreger "he's no Bobby Orr"
You don't start firing coaches because they chose not to play Dylan McIlrath. This isn't a young Bobby Orr or something.
I think that the better Curry comparison is to Bobby Orr when he won his first Art Ross as a defenseman.
From the HHOF Vault - A great look at Bobby Orr's Stanley Cup championship ring.
until that day comes though, dmen who put up numbers will take the trophy, look at Bobby Orr
VIDEO: Bobby Orr, Bill Russell and Ty Law join David Ortiz to throw out the 1st pitch!
Boston sports legends on the field for the first pitch- Bobby Orr, Ty Law, Bill Russell & David Ortiz http…
Bill Russell, Bobby Orr and Ty Law join David Ortiz in his final home opener of his career.
Boston’s finest!. Ty Law, Bill Russell and Bobby Orr toasted David Ortiz at Big Papi's final home opener at Fenway.
"The Big Bad Bruins" starring as Derek Sanderson and as Bobby Orr. What do you guys think?
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Bobby Orr and the big bad Bruins Stan Fischler $30.00 via eBay
Could you imagine what Bobby Orr would have done if he had had today's skate and stick technology? It would be sick.
Insult to Bobby Orr who actually was awesome at Playing Defense
.right, right, Bobby Orr didn't deserve any of those Norris Trophies. Or Coffee.
Why there should be 2 awards. Call it the Bobby Orr trophy; Best offensive D. Letang wouldn't win either, though
Red Wings Q&A: Mickey Redmond on trade to Detroit, Bruise Bros., ...
Karlsson first dman to lead the NHL in assists since Bobby Orr
I'm tired of the Karlason V Doughty argument, why does the NHL make the Bobby Orr Offensive Defenseman Award
hey now... Doughty is the greatest Dmen since Bobby Orr!
Karlsson has an obscene % of contributions to his teams total points. More than Bobby Orr's best season--I think it's 30%
On this date in 1971 Bobby Orr became the first player in history to score 100 assists in single season ht…
Niskanen going end to end, and Ovie saying he thought it was Bobby Orr!
Is it wrong to wear my BU Terriers jersey under my Bobby Orr Jersey sweater today?
With 6 shots on goal, Burns will join Bobby Orr (5 times) and Ray Bourque (2x) as only defensemen on record with 350+ SOG in season
Today is a 1969-70 Boston Bruins Bobby Orr Jersey the date he became the only defensemen to lead the NHL in scoring. h…
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Today in 1970, Bobby Orr becomes the first defenseman to lead the NHL in scoring.
is fired for not knowing our was Garrard to Thomas. is fired for not bringing up Bobby Freaking Orr.
he looks just like Paul Wylie, in other words, a little like Bobby Orr.
Bobby Orr battled injuries if not all then most of his short career, no comparing, he is the best so far
Happy 60th Birthday Pete. Any special plans ? Enjoy the rest of your special B'Day. You and Bobby Orr share a birthday.
Erik Karlsson(4) and Brent Burns(10) are first two defensemen to be top 10 in league scoring since Bobby Orr(2) and Brad Park(9) in 73-74
THIS DATE IN 1970: Bobby Orr became first d-man (4th player) in NHL history to reach 100 pts in a season.
Bobby Orr's infamous knee brace. On display at the HHOF.
I am all for that. Bobby Orr should get recognition. Most people have no idea who James Norris was.
I think Bobby Orr won the Norris Trophy one year when he played about half a season.
how many times does Bobby Orr have to say it? It's a game best learned alone by poor kids. Thats gone
I did a head nod to Bobby Orr on an escalator. He didn't reciprocate. All time bad moment.
How do I find out cost of bobby orr 2009 -10spx hocky card
"Forget about style. Worry about results.". -Bobby Orr
It's Toronto- they booed Bobby Orr for crying out loud! Of course they will boo him!
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Once you turn pro and you're making the big money and kids are buying your ...
Bobby Orr fell a few times a season too you know...
when the Leafs drafted him he was touted as the next Bobby Orr. Spoiler alert: he wasn't.
For example, some groups are talking about Bobby Orr's career plus-minus.
Isn't there an obscure Bobby Orr stat that they can compare Methot's third goal of the season to?
I would wanna meet rob Gronkowski, Brad Marchand, Bobby Orr, oh, Louis Erickson just scored again by the way, and Phil E
His hard work paid off. I would love to meet Orr. Tom Brady ,Bobby Orr ,an Pedro Martinez would love to meet those legends
my dad also got to meet all the players, including Phil/and tony Esposito and Bobby Orr and all the other players!!
I think Al-Mo speed with the puck was the fastest.. and Bobby Orr
I am a big hockey fan. Have always admired Bobby Orr & this makes me admire him even more
Too much of a liability. Dion Phaneuf has about as much chance to make the team. Can Bobby Orr play ?
Pediatric cancer survivors enjoy flight of fun to spring training with Bobby Orr via
Boston's sports Mount Rushmore, a Canadian is there... Mr. Bobby Orr.
Bobby Orr taking a sip from the Cup, 1970. Photo credit in watermark.
Seth Griffith flying through the air like Bobby Orr (Vine by
Mario Lemieux before Bobby Orr? Certainly shouldn't be before the incredible Hazel Mae!
I would carve out on 5th on my MR; Gordie Howe, Maurice Richard, Jean Beliveau, Bobby Orr and Wayne Gretzky.
A close second to Bobby Orr of athletes who "get it" would be the one and only Pedro Martinez.
Bobby Orr & kids arrive today. MANY thanks to & Gonna be a great we…
From the HHOF Archives - legends Bobby Orr and Henri Richard battle for the puck behind the net.
Had to get one of those Bobby Orr hoodies for my old man for Xmas, Bob. He was like a little kid when he opened it up
Luca Sbisa being called Bobby Orr in the room. . "I just picked up the puck and skated, and kept skating," laughed…
if Habs were cheaters they'd have Bobby Orr or Ray Bourque. .they had better access 2 Canadian players Internet then
I am humbled that I was so fortunate to have played against hockey HOFers Bobby Orr & Ray Bourque . (p.29)
There is now a book about Bobby Orr...for kids!
Happy Birthday to the great, Bobby Orr who turns 67 today. He won an amazing eight straight Norris Trophies. ht…
Cool that Bobby Orr is in town, visiting the city where the BIG BAD BRUINS took home the big prize in 2011.
Andre Lacroix of Peterborough has a 20-point lead in the Jr A scoring race. Danny Grant is second, Bobby Orr third.
Seen at the Hall of Fame: Blackhawks legend Bobby Orr dominates on the pinball machine.
From left to right: Michel Picard, Gaston Gingras, Bobby Orr, Dave Andrews, Mitch Lamoureux, and John Stevens at Hersheypark Arena.
Bobby Orr and Dave Andrews dropping the puck at Hersheypark Arena
Dave Keon and Bobby Orr in late 60's Maple Leafs-Bruins game.
Bobby Orr statue at garden Red Auerbach statue at Faneuil Hall and Ted Williams statue at Fenway.
kinda stupid list. Where's Bobby Orr? Ricky Henderson? Wilt? Jim Thorpe? The list goes on. Agree /Brady, just not after Peyton
some inspiration for 2015 World Junior team...just imagine, Bobby Orr & Bobby Hull never played in '72
I'll be so drunk, Justin Schultz will look like Bobby Orr.
Hockey World=Bobby Orr had over 50 fights even Guy Lafleur had 9 in the1970s.Bench Clearing Brawls,Blood all over ice that was 1970s game
or new hips like Derek Sanderson or no cartilage like Bobby Orr. He must have new knees by now.
Crosby almost pulled off a Bobby Orr move
2015 HHOF Inductee Chris Pronger is the only defenceman since Bobby Orr to win the Hart Trophy as the MVP. https…
Spoken like a true Masshole😜 I couldn't agree more except we'd probably want Bobby Orr, Larry Bird, and or Tom Brady up there too.
If crossword ubiquity mirrored real life, the greatest athletes of all time were Mel Ott, Bobby Orr and the Alou brothers.
From the HHOF Archives - 2015 Inductee Nicklas Lidstrom & the Norris Trophy. Only Bobby Orr won it more times.
Matt Martin was covered and Bobby Orr thought he was open.
Bobby Orr scored 2 goals and set up the tying goal in the dying seconds as Oshawa and Kitchener tied 2-2 in their opener.
Phil Esposito and Bobby Orr of the Boston Bruins collect some silverware from NHL president Clarence Campbell.
Wow. Kevin Pillar just "Bobby Orr'd" in CF to rob Luke Maile of a sure double. You're going to want to watch Central later
When I get my Bobby Orr jersey I'm going to take a 100+ pictures in it and never take it off.
would love to win the bobby Orr picture.. Thanks
Skates worn by Bobby Orr to score the Cup-winning goal in 1970. Bronzed for posterity & on display at the HHOF.
If you haven't read Brunt's book Searching for Bobby Orr, it's a good one.
On this date in 1925, Wren Blair was born in Lindsay, ON; player turned scout who found Bobby Orr for the
I still loved his impression of Grapes, "lay off the kid PK. He's good defenseman, I mean he's no Bobby Orr." *lol*
When asked about our power play, Bobby Orr said: "ewww"
Bobby Orr at my golf course right now, awesome
Bobby Orr as a rookie in '67 had some serious
Devils/Panthers fan fans know him.He's got a thing for Bobby
Rookie Bobby Orr and Alex Delvecchio battle for the puck (March 18, 1967).
Public art in the Bean not involving Tom Brady, Bobby Orr or Ted Williams.
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they need Bobby Orr, Brett Hull, Hasek, Sundin, Peter Forsberg, you could even include Marty Brodeur in there now
Love Pillar's game, but he's like Glenn Anderson out there, and Tulo's entire body is built out of Bobby Orr-grade knees. Ouch.
his first NHL defence partner as a rookie was Bobby Orr!
"when your dad gets on national TV beside Bobby Orr
If you haven't read Where I Belong, where have you been? The best read i have had in a long while second is Bobby Orr bio
Good morning from Party Sound, home of Bobby Orr. and this delicious rum & coke. @ Georgian Bay…
I get a Bobby Orr look going before I get cornrows and a rat tail.
Total brilliance. Maybe I'm talking about Bobby Orr. Maybe I'm talking about that Seals uniform. You decide.
Following Bobby Orr on NHL Network -- doc on first WHA game
Bobby Orr is the best Hockey player of all time. If you disagree, fight me.
Hockey season is right around the corner. Get your 1973 Bobby Orr ice skates, on sale for $19.88!
At a Costco in Edmonton. They have an unsigned mcdavid jersey framed costing more than the signed bobby Orr
Noel Picard, one of the toughest guys to ever play. Bobby Orr one of the greatest. Amazing picture
curious what is the fastest serve of the tournament and the fastest serve ever don from perry sound/birthplace of bobby Orr
Only time I ever went into their house was to watch, in a spirit of reverence, a film of Bobby Orr projected on a white wall.
The Masshole trinity when I was growing up would have Bobby Orr, Yaz, and Carlton Fisk.
Bobby Orr signed with the Boston Bruins when he was only 14 years old.
Paul Coffey isn't spoken about as much as Bobby Orr or Ray Bourque but his career numbers are amazing
- Phil Esposito & Bobby Orr of the collect some silverware from president Clarence Campbell. http:…
Bobby Orr oh wait I mean Jeff Petry is on OilersNow
1978. Harold Ballard, Conn Smythe and Bobby Orr at the Rogers Conn Smythe Sports Celebrities Dinner & Auction.
true fan but grew up idolizing Jack Lambert other than Bobby Orr(already met) only pro I ever wanted to meet.
i'm 25, woulda loved to have seen Bobby Orr and Denis Savard
Fun fact of the day: Bobby Orr is actually Colton Orr's agent. No relation tho bro.
reinstate Pete Rose,he paid his dues, would you strip Bobby Orr of his achievements if he bet on hockey as a manager in 2015
Bobby Orr at Staal Foundation Open, the slideshow by
DeFord is amazing SI Vault: Revealing 1966 feature story on Bobby Orr's life at 18 via
PS Parry Sound is the home of Bobby Orr. cc:
It's the 1972 Stanley Cup Finals. The flying character by the goal is Bobby Orr scoring the game winner.
The fact that I'm stuck in Geraldton for work and don't get a chance to meet Bobby Orr at the Staal open
My wife just described Johnny Bench as the "Bobby Orr of Baseball" a great description!
Lucky enough to hang out with the Staal Brothers and Bobby Orr at the Staal Foundation Open!
Me too. Bobby Orr visited more kids in non Boston Hospitals than Jeter ever did but Bobby never got credit like Jeter did.
Just saw Bobby Orr on That's Hockey- is that guy going to age, EVER?
Tim Hortons That's Hockey on TSN Now with Dave Poulin. Bobby Orr, McDavid, and guest reporter Marc Staal
Bobby Orr and me Signed books for a silent auction.
is bobby orr signing tomorrow? Have a vintage '70's LP vinyl record of Bobby to get signed for my father.
I just added a batch of photos of Bobby Orr signing autograph's at the tto piece:
Bobby Orr thanks the Big Brothers Big Sisters pkg lot volunteers, after siging autographs for hundreds of fans.
Hockey legend Bobby Orr makes appearance at applauds family's work with
met bobby Orr today so that was cool⛳️
Since I can remember my Dad has had a signed picture of Bobby Orr's, famous diving, 1970 Stanley Cup
Foundation Open presented by Tbaytel with Bobby Orr and the Staal family enjoying a beautiful afternoon
Finally was able to sit down and finish Bobby Orr's autobiography
Chatting with Bobby Orr Check out for the interview Tonight!
Bobby Orr sings an autograph for a fan at the
Bobby Orr was spotted at the this morning.
Bobby Orr hangs with the kids from today at the
Fans wait for a chance to meet hockey legend Bobby Orr
Hanging out for the day providing coverage, just met Bobby Orr!
Also, yeah just carpooled down to San Diego to buy a Bobby Orr Blackhawks pinball machine. Because I'm a good friend.
Pull your memorabilia out of the closet. Tomorrow number 4, Bobby Orr will be at Whitewater.
also Bobby Orr had his career cut short due to injury, he probably would have played for 10 more years, I agree
While Gretzky was the greatest player statistically, Bobby Orr was the best/ most dominate player to ever play the game
Get a Bobby Orr fathead and sit it next to Bianchi when he gets back
Unbelievably awesome. Here is the Bobby Orr pinball machine in action. Even better than I imagined.
Bobby Orr displays his modest trophy collection.
Developing better people should be the number one goal for any coach when dealing with kids. – Bobby Orr
Gotta love when big Jim bar tends to hanifans grandfather and he call my dad at the bar so he could talk to Bobby Orr at the draft
Lady Bing should change name to Jean Beliveau and a new trophy for defensive dman should be called Bobby Orr
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I like the number '4' for Eichel - legends Jean Beliveau and Bobby Orr wore it, Orr is Boston royalty, Beliveau a tall skilled center
I like '4' for him, the legendary Jean Beliveau wore it, there is some of Beliveau in Eichel. Boston legend Bobby Orr wore it too
Duncan Keith joined Bobby Orr as the only defensemen to score the Stanley Cup-clinching goal and win that year's Conn Sm…
Duncan Keith joined Bobby Orr as only defensemen to win Conn Smythe Trophy & score game-winner in Cup-clinching game. htt…
Derek Sanderson once fought his future teammate Bobby Orr
frustrated? Id be too if I had a bald captain who looks older then Bobby Orr
Kid asked me for an autograph, I told him unless he starts playing like Bobby Orr get the *** out of my face.
Bobby Orr, greatest hockey player of all time, had to retire at age 30.
Bobby Orr was at the Kenny Chesney concert
Fan since Bobby Orr-luv Tuukka & Bergeron, this season you will show them what you're really made of! No holding back!
Bobby Orr was my dad's favorite player!
"American Pharoah is soaring like Bobby Orr in '70! The 4-legged beast racing like he's running from a glue factory!"
We celebrate Bobby Orr not bobby orr's skates
Vince Young vs USC, was about 5 feet from him scoring. Wish I could have seen Bobby Orr in his prime.
ha! No. But Babe Ruth, Bobby Orr, Wilt Chamberlain were all before my time.
Unpopular hockey opinion of mine: Nicklas Lidstrom was better than Bobby Orr
are your favorite white sox pitchers Steve Carlton and Tom Seaver? Also favorite Blackhawk Bobby Orr? Kind of a fun game.
Bobby Orr of the Boston Bruins sailing through the air after being tripped, 1970
Nichole is showing me her Bobby Orr dolls and all I want to do is find my Barbies so they can date each other
GIFs of hockey history: Never one to back down from a fight, Bobby Orr often used his wrestling ability to take on…
My kid says to me, "My friend went to this website and made a Pokemon card out of Bobby Orr," and this is where I...
Honoured to receive a signed jersey from who got a little help from his coach, the legendary Bobby Orr.
the waiter at my cousins pizza parlor met Bobby Orr
Phil Esposito on regarding Duncan Keith: "He's the best I've seen since Bobby Orr."
does my signed Bobby Orr team Canada jersey count?
For all you Bruins fans, I just met Bobby Orr 💁
When your mom casually meets Bobby Orr and gets u an autograph >>
I get to do research and a presentation on Bobby Orr's gloves from the 2010 Winter Classic.
Bobby Orr scores the goal that wins the 1970 Stanley Cup final for the Boston Bruins.
Get yourselves to the Gretsch event at the Drumwright store near Reading, featuring Karl Brazil and Bobby Orr. .
Order Miche Bag Online!
Don't forget, this epic Bobby Orr sale begins @ 12pmEST TODAY. 1st 5 to email qualify for the special! a 5 yr old, wrote a letter to Bobby Orr in a response on Bruins letterhead, and a signed photo...still have it!
The legendary Bobby Orr believes that hockey in became "a dangerous sport"
Jesus, you too Josh? Nobody's called him a savior, or Bobby Orr. Nobody. Why the false narrative?
I did. There were photos of bobby orr and rocket richard on the walls
2015 Parry Sound Strategic Plan Focus Session that was held at the Bobby Orr Community Centre. An excellent...
we were missing Bobby Hull, and Bobby Orr. Our players were in terribly shape (many smoked) lol but we won in 72
Heartbreak all over again watching Bobby Orr retirement presser again on RDS
Bobby Orr fondly remembers his former coach Bucko McDonald
Before that, 39 Cup-less years. 😩😭 Bobby Orr was the last Captain to win the Cup before Chara.
Hockey Card Lot Bobby Orr Brett Hull rc Gretzky Lindbergh rc and more
"Bobby Orr was like Jesus Christ for this place!"
Bobby Orr in the antechamber is tonight at 22:30!
Bobby Orr trophy is all buckled up and ready to head back to the Shwa!!!
Photo: Boston sports made a large presence at the Wax Museum this year
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just got my tickets to see Bobby Orr, Dan Hamuis, alumni, in Smithers BC
Answer to your question today, yes. centers are more valuable than defensemen, except for Bobby Orr.
He speaks on JR career and being compared to Bobby Orr in this interview I did with him last year
"I don't want to be the second coming of Bobby Orr. I want to be the first Denis Potvin." --draft pick Denis Potvin
Will release the details of our Bobby Orr Father's Day sale tomorrow. Sale will occur this Friday. Only 5 available! h…
"At 65, Bobby Orr is focused on doing good quietly via
Most famous sports photo of all time? Bobby Orr
The involuntary imitation of the great Bobby Orr.
BOBBY ORR would have been the greatest hockey player ever had there been orthoscopic surgery in his time Bobby Canada still loves you
Hjalmarsson not exactly reminding anyone of Bobby Orr in this game
Selfie with Jared prior to his speech at Bobby Orr Induction Ceremony!
Don Cherry rocking the purple and pink. "Bobby Orr, slashing, fights, coach of the year, blah blah blah." lol
Bobby Orr was so amazing. Easily could have been the best player ever, if he isn't already.
I'm just saying that I'm 100% sure Don Cherry would take a full load from Bobby Orr
I guess there's nothing new to talk about on coach's corner tonight seeing Don Cherry is showing Bobby Orr highlights. Filling the dead air
Well that's weird, Don Cherry mentioned Bobby Orr on
Somehow every Coach's Corner always goes back to Bobby Orr.
Bobby Orr speaks at the 12th annual induction ceremony in
Congratulations to Inductees at the 12th annual Bobby Orr Hall of Fame ceremony!
Full house at the Bobby Orr Hall of Fame ceremony.
The Bobby Orr Hall of Fame ceremony is about to begin. A packed house!
My uncle got inducted into my cousin, Bobby Orr's hall of fame go fam
Waiting for my father-in-law to be inducted into the Bobby Orr Hockey Hall of Fame.
This just popped up in my subscription feed. @ Ted Irvine vs Bobby Orr Apr 4, 1973 via
Warms my ❤️ to see my father in law in the Bobby Orr Hall of Fame. Golf in 2012. Tonight we return for Jr hockey. xo
Key word "drafted" I guess, but you omitted Bobby Orr from your list of Oshawa alums. 915 PTAs puts him 4th
Happy birthday Bobby Orr, miss playing with you buddy 😘
The most famous knee brace in hockey. Bobby Orr wore this to score the "Flying Goal" in 1970. On display at the HHOF. h…
Oh *** a kid growing up outside of Boston enthralled w/ the Gennies b/c of Bobby Orr, Rick Middleton, Wayne Cashman
Happy birthday to Bobby Orr himself, hope its a good one
Bobby Orr can't play in the nhl anymore either.doesn't mean he isn't awesome
Who caes? Bobby Orr is the greatest player of all time IMO. Did the puck know what he made? I don't get it
Grapes up next, 6 quality minutes about forwards covering the points, defensemen tipping shots in, and a Bobby Orr reference!
Watching Bobby Orr play hockey must have been like watching Da Vinci paint the Sistine chapel. Just shut up and watch perfection.
Bobby Orr is the best dman ever. Not even debatable. 104 point average
Watching Bobby Orr footage will never get old
come on, he's such a curtain jerker. Besides, Bobby Orr is the only D Man better than Lovejoy.
Better than Bobby Orr's Stanley Cup winning goal against the Blues?
Greatest sports photo in history was a shot of the flying Bobby Orr.
if Lindstrom is the second best D of all time, who is the first? Don't say Bobby Orr
Lemieux was 42..Bobby Orr was 30, only one legendary player retired at 30
Hes Brad Park to Nick Lidstroms Bobby Orr. He should have more than the 1 norris (Should have won last year IMO)
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