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Bobby Orr

Robert Gordon Bobby Orr, OC (born March 20, 1948) is a Canadian former professional ice hockey player.

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every time the number 4 was mentioned in my house you had to say Bobby Orr.
he's not ahead of Ted Williams Carl Yastrzemski bobby Orr Bill Russell bird of Havlicek
The spring 2014 session was an up and down one for the Monkeys. There were several brutal losses (thanks in part to trouble getting people to show up every week) but also glimpses of the team's true potential in a few dominant victories. That potential was underscored by wingers Jodie St John (11 goals) and Pat Kiddredge (14 pts) leading the league in goals and points respectively.   However Screaming stumbled down the stretch and at 3-6 most of the team figured they were playing for pride in the regular season finale. But after several of their compeitors failed to clinch the final playoff spot, the Monkeys were granted a 2nd life and beat the Shockers to earn a first round matchup with the top seeded Dragons.   The Dragons have been Monkeys-killers for a while now thanks largely to their sensational goalie who led the division with a 1.80 goals against and a .934 save percentage. But those gaudy numbers didn't stop Screaming from lighting him up for a thriling 6-5 OT upset win that advanced them to th ...
I got 2011 bruins championship, its got Bobby Orrs flying goal, *** i miss those times, they were fun hockey times
just finished legends photo dual signed by Bobby Orr & Harry Sinden
Reading Bobby Orr's book again, I just love this guy!!
I want to say happy Father's Day to an amazing man. You have stood beside us in time of need and just to be there. I love you Bobby Orr
David Ortiz is so awesome because he gives back so much, i just saw 2 fathers day posts & the only boston player who could beat him in niceness is Bobby Orr or Cam Neely
A lot of people would like to say I have gotten to the place I am on my efforts alone that it was my hard work and skill but many people through the years have helped me and one of the people who have helped me the most is my father Timothy Tiernan. I would just like to take a second to go over the lessons he has taught me over the years to let him no I was listening. -Your faith in yourself and god will carry you through any situation -No one group has a Patten on being an *** so racism makes no sense -You will live longer if you shoot first ask questions later - A man who is loyal is more valuable to you then a man with skill - Be a good man before you worry about being a rich one - The only time ur allowed to cry as a man is if ur a vet watching the flag being hoisted - Any one can change the tide of battle or game if they have the balls to risk everything -Labs are the workhorses of hunting dogs and pick em cause they go where no pointer will ever go -Spend more money on the dog and less on the s ...
He's already a modern Bobby Orr so I'm not sure...
Van Persie header > Bobby Orr superman OT goal? The latter's element of flight was photogenic aftermath, while the Dutchman had to fly.
how about Gretzky for PM and Bobby Orr as Deputy?
Happy FATHER'S DAY Bobby Orr ..I thank you for having my back when I was away each time I talk to you it's a Father's Day you give the meaning for daddy's lil girl.. Yes that's me 1000% theirs no other man like you I am to bless to have you as my Father.. I love you daddy...
Montreal fan giving it to the Bobby Orr statue outside TD Garden.
"Success comes and goes, but if your children are healthy and happy, nothing else matters much" - Bobby Orr
I watched Pro hockey all year & then watched the play-offs. I don't know how many time I heard the announcers say "He played a really long shift, 45 seconds, he must be exhausted!". Now I'm watching the FIFA Cup & these guys (and the women do the same) play 2 45 minute halves without a break. Have our hockey players gotten that soft? Bobby Orr & several other players used to play 50+ minutes a game.
After the third of six games total Paul played this weekend in his big AAA Spring Hockey Tournament. He slammed his knee hard into the boards after taking a Bobby Orr move in attempt to score. He continued to ice and take Advil and toughed through the pain. A real trooper and dedicated hockey player! Proud of him and the NEA Rams for their Battle against the other Canadian and American Teams. Racism against our boys unfortunately resulted in a disgraceful display of extreme and unnecessary violence as well as verbal threats and bullying. Winnipeg, you are a pretty city with many very friendly and kind people but I was not impressed with the officials and hockey players we encountered. We are glad to head back home! Edmonton, here we come!
As another year has passed and life is fleeting by the minute I sit and ponder some of life’s treasures that we do not have to pay for, trade for or even do anything. I just have to be myself. What are those treasures you ask? Parents and today is the day we celebrate our fathers let me tell you about mine – As long as I can remember back I have always looked at my father as a larger than life figure – I was a small child and he was 6’4” and had a deep voice. This is when I started to look up to him. As I grew and had many learning disabilities and personality traits that many did not understand –hey most still do not today - lol He loved me unconditionally and stood behind me no matter what – PERIOD. He coached one of the most un-coordinated human beings alive and made me feel like Carl Yastrzemski, Bobby Orr, Steve Grogan or Larry Bird. He taught me how to love others even though they could not be loved. He taught me the joy of family and friends. He taught me to always have my hand up to ...
Throwback to when I told Jonlyn my dad was Bobby Orr and she believe me for three years
Great picture only 2nd to Bobby Orr's cup winning goal
Awesome, brings back memories when my Dad use to take me to the Montreal Forum. My favorite player growing up was Bobby Orr
- In a Best of the Books feature, examines Bobby Orr's NHL record for points by a defenseman: htt…
Searching for Bobby Orr. Searching for Bobby OrrStephen Brunt (Author)(15)21 used & ...
Comments from the Raymond Souster judges on Catherine Graham's work. I know it's a couple of days late, but I just had to share these: Catherine Graham is an accomplished poet with a generous and whimsical mind, whose candid poetry offers us startling insights. Her Red Hair Rises With the Wings of Insects, is a series of glosas that pay homage to Canadian poet P.K. Page and Irish poet, Dorothy Malloy. Graham’s work is fresh, sophisticated and beautifully crafted. It moves easily between imagined and natural worlds, from mashed potato dolls, to nipples to the Queen and Bobby Orr, in meditation and song. Her muscular images and sensual language are wrought in lines that are as evocative as those of her mentors Seamus Heaney, Paul Durcan and Paul Muldoon.
2 Day Sale Save 53% Happy 53rd Birthday to the Greatest Oilers Defenseman of them all, Paul Coffey. As an Oiler he scored 120 or more points in 3 consecutive seasons. He scored a record(broke Bobby Orr's) 48 goals in 85-86. Perhaps he greatest year was 1984-85 when he notched 121 points in the regular season and in only 18 playoff games he added 37 points. The Oilers won their second cup and Paul was awarded his first of 3 Norris Trophy's. We are celebrating Coff's birthday by offering either of these pucks (single signed or dual signed with Justin Schultz) at 53% off for 2 Days Only. Use coupon code 7is53 at checkout. Use this link to see the 2 pucks:
the first shot is Bobby Orr's house many years ago, i assume after the Boston Bruins stuccoed it as part of his first contract with them (they also bought Bobby's dad a car, but not a brand new car.). the shot on the right i took this week while in Parry Sound. the only stucco you can see anymore is just on the right near the top. this house is the house the Orrs moved to when my grandparents bought the house at 4 George St; where the Orrs were living prior to this one. on Great North Road.
Last stop before Niagara Falls, Parry Sound - Home of Bobby Orr.
That goal looked a lot like a goal Bobby Orr and Phil Esposito had pulled off years ago
Just announced: Bobby Orr has accepted to serve as Honorary Chair for the Campaign
Memorial Cup final! Bobby Orr and Corey Perry dropping the puck .
At The Bedford Arms listening to former house drummer Bobby Orr play with Nick Hill, Mark Ridout and
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I have been been watching a few videos on Youtube about the best hockey players which made me either angry or agreeable, My list of one through five would be, in order, Mario Lemieux, Dominik Hasek, Bobby Orr, Wayne Gretzky, and Peter Stastny. . For goal scorers it is Mike Bossy, Mario Lemieux, Pavel Bure, Alex Ovechkin, and Cam Neely. For Passers it is Gretzky, Lemieux, Ron Francis, Adam Oates and Jaromir Jagr. Goalies I would say Hasek, Roy, Belfour, Lundqvist and Ryan Miller. Yeah Brodeur is not on my list
Hockey musings; 1) Definitely surprised at Ray Shero's dismissal.I feel there's a disconnect with Bylsma and his players. Cameras caught it, word has been leaking out about it. I think he's done a very good job but in a result oriented business you gotta win and he hasn't been getting it done yet you let the GM go. Crosby gets one goal but you let the GM go.weird... 2) There's only been two teams in NHL history to put five players on the first all-star team...the 45 Habs and the 64 Hawks...That Hawk team only won one Cup...With Bobby Hull and Stan Mikita, arguably the two best players in the game at that time..Sound familiar? .Won the Cup in 61, finals 62, beat first round 63 and it cost Rudy Pilious his job but not GM Tommy Ivan...He was GM of the Hawks for 23 years.And Hull never won again...Bobby Orr-two Cups...Gordie Howe, never won another Cup after 1955.Wayne Gretzky, played twelve more seasons after his last Cup in 88...Mario-two Cups.It's tough to win that friggin trophy..Really surprised at She . ...
To move...for Andy Moog, Bobby Orr, Cam Neely or good Artifacts RC.
Pierre McGuire explaining that it would be good for a defenseman to copy Bobby Orr. Yeah, they'll get right on that.
Boston Bruins legend Bobby Orr and broadcaster Pierre McGuire arrive for the game between the Bruins and the Montreal Canadiens in Game Five of the Second Round of the 2014 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs at the TD Garden on May 10, 2014 in Boston, Massachusetts
44 years ago today Bobby Orr flew through the air and scored that overtime goal for to win the Stanley Cup championships for the Boston Bruins.
44 years ago today the Legend himself Bobby Orr scored to win the Stanley Cup.
On the Ultimate Hockey Show today...May 10th, A 4-time winner of the Stanley Cup with the Montreal Canadiens, who played many games against the Boston Bruins including the 1977 finals, Murray Wilson! Also, Jason Clarke, owner, GM, head coach, chief cook and bottle washer of the Carleton Place Canadians who are in Vernon, BC trying to win the Royal Bank Cup!! Plus your calls, who will win game five, Montreal-Boston, if you're a Sens fan or Leafs fan are you watching hockey at all? Are you surprised it's 2-2 in the series...Today's trivia centers around the date, May 10th...two of the biggest goals and games played by two of the all-time greats on this date, 9 years apart-...Bobby Orr in OT flying through the air in 1970 and Guy Lafleur with 1:14 to play in game seven, tying the game at 4 in the SF vs the Bruins in 1979. questions, phone in for your chance to win; 1) which Bruin served the too many men on the ice call? ( yes, I know I asked it before but it's a beauty question) 2) Who tripped Bobby O ...
on 1970 Bobby Orr scores "The Goal" to win the 1970 Stanley Cup Finals, for the Boston Bruins' fourth NHL championship in their hi..
I can respect that but Fred Lynn gives me as big a *** as Bobby Orr.
Watching the Habs, whom I have always hated except for one era. I loved Bobby Rousseau. Slight guy with howitzer for slap shot. Many won't remember him on a star-laden team. I guess I liked most Bobbys. Bobby Hull, Bobby Orr, Bobby Clarke.
As of last night I went 6-2 on my predictions. Considering I didn't take into account Tampa bay's goalie situation (Lindback was poor in net. Should have played the Latvian Kristers Gudlevskis. The guy faced fifty something shots against the Canadian olympic team and only let in two.): i'd say I did pretty well. Round two begins tonight. Here are my thoughts. If you have no interest move along. Share your thoughts below otherwise. Boston vs Montreal: However I felt about the Bruins playing Detroit triple that feeling. Oh my god!!! For the love of Bobby Orr please don't get flustered by the Canadiens irritating tactics, don't retaliate to them and don't play their game. Play physical and get that penalty kill moving. You're going to need it. Bruins take the series. Get the happy pills and booze out, because this series is going to be a frustrating nail biter that'll result in your tv exploding. Chicago vs Minnesota: I would have loved to see Colorado beat Minnesota and move on, but it wasn't in the cards. ...
I just took a picture of Bobby Orr that included a muskoka chair. That pretty much sums up Parry Sound.
The Bruins now take on the Montreal Canadiens!! One of the fiercest rivalries in all of sports. They don't have Ken Dryden now but Bobby Orr is still on our side and the Bruins will meet the St Louis Blues in the finals.anyone remember "the Goal" and "the picture of the trip"? Some of the best in the anals of hockey history!!
Larry Bird and Bobby Orr "moving to SF Bay Area Wanna be where the winners are, nothing but cry babies out here"
The legendary *** and Rick Hoyt cross the Boston Marathon finish line for the last time. They are as essential to the fabric of our city as Ted Williams, Bill Russell, and Bobby Orr.
Bobby Orr in the house tonight. Bobby is an agent to Josh Anderson, Brett Welychka & Mitchell Kreis and
wouldn't work no time for judo. Wayne Gretzky, Bobby Orr, Sidney Crosby. Not one of the a judoka.
Wayne Gretzky, Bobby Orr, and other hockey greats have suggested that year-round hockey might not be good for young players. Playing a variety of sports and developing overall athleticism is acknowledged as best for young players, and a path to elite levels of hockey.
My toe pick got caught on the ice and i went flying like Bobby Orr
I'm reading Bobby Orr's biography. Wayne Gretzky was 'the Great One,' but was and is 'the Greatest.'
HatterStrong Tshirt now in the hands of Bobby Orr!
On this day, 1970 - Bobby Orr of the Boston Bruins becomes the first defenseman to win the NHL scoring title.
Here's me and Andy from last night. I gave him a special gift from Bobby Orr. :). Sorry I missed yours.
"You dont win by being good. You win with hard work and sacrifice. Without that, skill is just potential" - Bobby Orr
It is 44 years today since a defenceman first led the Nhl scoring race. Thank you Bobby Orr and thanks for the info
Troubadour whattta beauty, good Saskatchawan boyy. Blocks shots, skates like Bobby Orr! Ya know wat, reminds me of BIESSSKA
Despite the leafs losing it was awesome having the opportunity to watch it with Bobby Orr
PK Subban was comparable to Doughty and Weber in 2011-12. If he's an unfinished project, you're expecting Bobby Orr.
"Yo dude Orr *** He sucked today!" - drunk kids commenting on my Bobby Orr jersey. I agree though where was Orr today...?
Two games in a row where channelling both Bobby Orr's skating AND his orneriness. Whoo, hope he's hitting the weight room.
Let's face it, Leafs really don't deserve to make the playoffs. Blues vs Bruins in the final? Shades of 1970 and Bobby Orr's classic goal.
Torey Krug passed Bobby Orr for goals as rookie defenceman for Bruins with 14 in 75 games(plays on 1pp). Trouba scores his 10th in game 62
Pardy must be watching Orr reruns lately. He has found a new game.
Bobby Orr plays soccer now?? lol no he played well. Him and as always Bradley are right up there tonight.
Just another Saturday DS11 watching the Leafs game with Bobby Orr.
We should make up a drinking game for Boston = 1 shot, Bobby Orr = Chug a beer, Cuts off Ron = 2 fingers or rye
Young Bobby Orr after signing his contract to play for the Oshawa Generals 1962-1963 season
She got a picture with the Bobby Orr statue. She probably doesn't even know who he is.
ok, so there's only 1 Bobby Orr but, perhaps MT should let PK try to be the BEST PK possible?!?!
Do not compare - anybody who is currently playing D in NHL - to Bobby Orr.
All parents with kids in sports should read Bobby Orr's story. We'd have more great kids & fewer parents banned from games.
"The fact is that talent counts for almost nothing in the absence of hard work and character" - Bobby Orr
What do Wayne Gretzky, Bobby Orr and Trevor Linden have in common? They all frown on year-round hockey for kids - http:…
Stompin' Tom Connors rings out. Bobby Orr is mentioned. Is he available for the 3rd period?
What an honour to watch the Guelph-London OHL playoff game last night with the one and only Bobby Orr. How great is that?
Wow. How does he look? He was my favorite as a kid along with bobby orr
second fav team :/ bobby Orr is my fav player of all time. Plus love how boston plays. How I wish sens would play :/
Turk Sanderson drops the puck. great drafted the year after Bobby Orr. Cup winner in '70 and '72.
April 5th, 1970: Bobby Orr grabs an assist in a 3-1 win over to make him the first defenseman to lead the in scoring
Torey Krug (has just passed Bobby Orr for most goals by a Bruins rookie d-man with his 14th of the season.
Juan Mata a fight short for the Bobby Orr hat trick! What an assist!
Well that depends on the context and the tonality Bobby-O.
OK, greatest hockey players of all-time: Gretzky, Orr, Mario, Sid the Kid, Bobby Hull, Stan Mikita, Gordie Howe, Le Rocket.
Reporter on Weekend Edition just tried to argue that Patrick Kane is better than Bobby Orr. Uh, no.
PK is closets thing to Bobby Orr since Orr He should be given rope. He should be allowed 1 rush end to end 2 slap it on net
Today in 1970 Bobby Orr became the 1st NHL defenseman to lead the league in scoring!
I want Bobby Orr's autograph on this. its as old as I am.Both of us made in 1972
This Day in Sports-1970 - Bobby Orr became the first NHL defenseman to win the Art Ross Trophy as the NHL's top scorer
I bet Bobby Orr used his 5 free wings coupon he got at the storm game tonight. Not even Bobby can resist free wings.
I think a Bobby Orr trophy would be a great idea. Then the Norris can stop being the ‘best offensive defenceman’ award.
I have Going Out In Style by a nose due to the Bobby Orr cameo.
Today is Wednesday, April 2, 2014 Today in Sports History 1984 - John Thompson became the first black coach to lead his team to the NCAA college basketball championship. 1984 - In Baltimore, President Reagan threw out the first ball in the season opener between the Baltimore Orioles and the Chicago White Sox. 1985 - The NCAA Rules Committee adopted the 45-second shot clock for men’s basketball to begin in the 1986 season. 1986 - Paul Coffey (Edmonton Oilers) scored his 47th and 48th goals of the season. He broke Bobby Orr's NHL record for most goals by a defenseman. Orr had scored 46 goals in 1974-75. 1995 - The costliest strike in professional sports history ended when baseball owners agreed to let players play without a contract. 2003 - Alex Rodriguez (Texas Rangers) became the youngest player to hit 300 homeruns. He beat Jimmie Foxx's record by 79 days.
I did this before and got nothing... but I'll try again. David Ortiz... Where will he fall in the Pantheon of Boston greats? My first choice is Bill Russell. Then Bobby Orr. Larry Bird. Tom Brady/Bill; David Ortiz, Dwight Evans. Who am I missing. Bill Rogers? (Marathoner)
Sad to say, it's over. Like Griffey Jr or Bobby Orr, a great career cut short by injury. Everything from here on in is a coda
Some NHL defenseman grew up watching film off Bobby Orr & Paul Coffey. PK Subban has obviously modeled his game on Denni…
Been feeling better these last few weeks. Knee is getting stronger every week but still have a ways to go. Been doing a lot of reading these last 7 weeks. 5 books. Most notably Chris Nilan, Bobby Orr and now Ken Dryden's books. Hope to be starting the Moneyball book by the weekend. Let's hope the Bruins play a discipline game agaisnt the Habs tonight and make it 13 in a row. Will be hard when you play a team that makes diving an art form. Just ask the Leafs from this past Saturday night. Have a great night and peace everyone.
I nom tiger woods and my friend Bobby Orr.
It's almost time for the Stanley Cup playoffs to begin, so i thought I would post a famous picture of the great Bobby Orr.
Happy Bday to greatest hockey player to ever lace em up... Bobby Orr. Our guests get FREE tickets to his hall of fame
One of the greatest moments in Boston sports. Bobby Orr's flying goal to win the Stanley Cup.
Happy 66th birthday to an Honoured Member of the Hockey Hall of Fame & one of the game's true greats, legend Bobby Orr!
Who can beat this lineup? I got Jacques Plante, Bobby Orr, Denis Potvin, Gordie Howe, Mike Bossy, Eric Lindros
Today is the birthday of Carl Reiner, John Ehrlichman, Brian Mulroney, Hal Linden, Bobby Orr, Fred Rogers, Spike Lee, Sting (wrestler), and Jerry Reed. Carl is 92 today. He is a screenwiter, actor, and director. He is the father of Rob Reiner. John would be 89 today. He was White House Counsel and Assistant to the President of Domestic Affairs under Richard Nixon. John was a part of the Watergate scandal. Brian is 75 today. He was the 18th Prime Minister of Canada (1984-1993). Hal is 83 today. He is known for his role as "Barney Miller." Bobby is 66 today. He played defenceman for the Boston Bruins(1966-1976) and Chicago Blackhawks (1976-1978). He were jersey He won the Norris Trophy (best defenceman) 1969-1975), The Art Ross Trophy (leading scorer) (1970, 1975), the Hart Trophy (MVP) 1970-1972), and the Conn Smythe Trophy (MVP in playoffs) (1970, 1972). Bobby helped the Bruins win the Stanley Cup in 1970 & 1972. He is a member of the Hockey Hall of Fame. Fred would be 86 today. He was known as "Mr. Roger ...
Happy Birthday today to the great Bobby Orr (Hall Of Fame hockey player). Bobby is 66 today!
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Happy Birthday Brian Mulroney, Bobby Orr and Tommy Hunter...VOCM listeners celebrating today coming up at 8:25
Happy Birthday Spike Lee (pictured, 57), Bobby Orr (66), Kathy Ireland (51) and Pat Riley (69)! Let us wish you a happy birthday on Eyewitness News This Morning! E-mail your picture, name and age to iwitness
Apparently Kanye West did a 25th anniversary remix of Thriller in 2008??? Just heard Billie Jean from that album and honestly couldn't tell a difference, so I, of course, Googled it to find out what, exactly, Kanye might've done... Here's some info on the remixed song from Wikipedia: - Bill Lamb, of, described the remix as "lifeless" stating that "it sounded like West had entered the studio fully intimidated by the genius of the original." - Pitchfork Media's Tom Ewing said Kanye's mix had a "clumsy claustrophobia." - Mike Joseph, in his review of Thriller 25 for PopMatters, called the remix "lazy." He went on to say, "You've been given the opportunity to remix the most iconic single from one of the most iconic albums of all time, and all you can do is stick a drum machine on top of the song's original arrangement?" - Rob Sheffield of Rolling Stone disliked the removal of the original bassline, and compared it to "putting Bobby Orr on the ice without a hockey stick." Lifeless, clumsy, lazy, and ...
March 4, 2014 This is a series of shots I took and then put them together. This is Bobby Orr jumping to the pine tree. :)
In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure. Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, John Elway, Joe Montana, Terry Bradshaw, Wayne Gretzky, Bobby Orr, Carl Yastrzemski, Nolan Ryan, Mia Hamm, Lionel Messi, Lindsey Vonn, Bonnie Blair, these are just a few of the greatest names in sports history, and not one of these world class athletes won every time they suited up. Instead, they took the things they learned from a loss and applied it to the next contest. And because of that lack of fear and desire to succeed, they will forever walk the earth as Champions!
Bobby Orr had EIGHT Norris Trophies by 27 years old. Had knee surgery been then what it is today, how many would he have won?
Great note by , Bobby Orr won all 8 of his Norris Trophies before the age of 30, Lidstrom won all 7 after 30.
with the W the are now major buyers says sources: After Crosby, Ovechkin, Malkin, Bobby Orr and Wayne Gretzky (e4)
Conversation of the day with Theo after picking him up from his buddy Jakes house where he got a few new hockey cards. Theo: daddy I got some new hockey cards today.they are all old timers. Me: oh yeah? Who do you have? Theo: I got Wayne Gretzky, Patrick Roy, and Bobby Orr. Me: they aren't all old timers Theo...Wayne Gretzky and Patrick Roy and fairly recent players. Theo: did you know Bobby Orr daddy? Me: well he played hockey when I was a kid Theo. Theo: does that make you an old timer daddy? Me: .
Your opinion, who's greatest all around hockey player of all time? Bobby Hull says, Bobby Orr.
We've been spoiled for far too long - watching 1976 Canada Cup, Team Canada power play Bobby Hull, Phil Esposito, Guy Lafleur, Denis Potvin & Bobby Orr on the ice, and there's a woman sitting in front row "Gold" seats @ Maple Leaf Gardens, head down, doing needlepoint. Where are the police?
Would be like Bobby Orr or Ray Bourque wearing a name tag at an event in the Boston area lol
u rock big fan,But u gotta play like Ray Bourque,solid D,risk free,blast away from the line,No more Bobby Orr crap
This Day In Hockey History for Feb 29th… → 1980 - Hartford's Gordie Howe scored his 800th NHL goal to help the Whalers to a 3-0 win over St. Louis, in the Blues' 1,000th regular season game. → 1984 - Patrik Sundstrom scored a goal and added six assists as Vancouver won 9-5 over the Penguins at Pittsburgh. Sundstrom was just the third player in NHL history to get six assists in a road game (Billy Taylor and Bobby Orr were the others). → 1984 - Hartford Whalers signed Dave Tippett as a free agent. → 1984 - After competing in the Olympics, Pat LaFontaine and Patrick Flatley made their NHL debuts, when the Islanders won 4-3 over the Jets, at Winnipeg. → 1988 - New York Rangers held a "Marcel Dionne" night at MSG, and Dionne assisted on the Rangers' first goal on their way to a 5-2 win over St. Louis. → 1988 - Former U.S. Olympic team captain Brian Leetch made his NHL debut and picked up an assist for his first NHL point as the Rangers won 5-2 over the Blues, at MSG. → 1992 - Ray Bourque scored ...
Little know facts : - Don Cherry just celebrated his 80th b-day couples days ago (I thought he was like 60! lol) But did you know that even though Cherry had a long minor league career, he would only skate on NHL ice once, lacing up his skates for the Boston Bruins during the 1954-55 playoffs. Cherry had no points or penalty minutes during the game. hm - Craig MacTavish played in the NHL from 1979-80 through 1996-97. When he retired from the game, he became the last player to take to the ice without wearing a helmet. The helmet rule, adopted in 1979, allowed players who had signed contracts prior to June 1, 1979 to play without the protection of a helmet, providing the signed a waiver with the NHL. - In 1971, the Boston Bruins signed Bobby Orr to a five-year deal worth $200,000 per season. The contract was the first million dollar contract in NHL history. - In the early days of the NHL, teams played with seven players per side, with each team employing a player known as a rover. The last game that was pl ...
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or that Canada was better in 72 without Bobby Hull & Bobby Orr, not saying PK is Hull or Orr
I think that Crosby would be 6th after Bobby Hull, Gordie Howe & Bobby Orr (changed the game even though he played defense)
Random observations. Canada's best three players so far, in random order; Carey Price- hasn't been the busiest goalie in the tourney, but comes up big when needed. Sometimes it's harder to only have a few shots here and there, rather than be peppered with 40 shots. He's had some huge timely saves. This is from a Bruin fan too, so you know it's genuine. Drew Doughty- Grapes compared him to Bobby Orr. Well, not quite, lol, but pretty darn good all the same. He can control a game. Patrice Bergeron- all around, nobody has been better. He plays a regular shift, kills penalties and has spot duty on the PP. Wins most face-offs, and has been setting Croz and Kunitz up all tournament but they can't finish. Looking good heading into the Gold Medal game!
Dear Higher Power - it has been some time since I have prayed to you. I have two requests. Please make sure a nice customs man or lady who likes music handles Lettuce's border crossing tomorrow morning. And please do what you can to make sure Canada beats the U.S. this afternoon. Putting some extra whoop *** in Sidney Crosby's Wheaties, reminding Drew Doughty that he's actually Bobby Orr's *** kid, tweaking Phil Kessel's hamstring, spiking the U.S. water bottles with roofies, slipping the refs a few C-notes ... do what you gotta do. Amen. ' P.S. There is a comp with your name on it at the door and all the bad coffee you can drink ;)
Drew Doughty is amazing for Canada , looks and skates like Bobby Orr, good heads up hockey and skating passed those Americans , looks like a good to watch
The United States could win today's hockey game easily if we had some of the great American stars of the past like Mario Lemieux of the Pittsburgh Penguins, Bobby Orr of the Boston Bruins, and Wayne Gretzky of the Los Angeles Kings.
tough one--going all Boston: Bobby Orr, Larry Bird, & Ted Williams
Last hour to get in on the Mats Sunding- Tie Domi photo as well as the Bobby Orr autographed photo. .
Heard the best Jeter comparison ever today. He's Patrice Bergeron. Does all the little things right. One of the favorite (if not best) players in his franchise's history. Massively clutch. Great ambassador for the sport. But he's not Bobby Orr (Babe Ruth), Milt Schmidt (Lou Gehrig), or Ray Bourque (Joe DiMaggio).
February 10, 1972. Bobby Orr scored a goal & added 3 assists as the Bruins won 9-1 over at Boston Garden
Rockin my Milan Lucic jersey & Ross is rockin his Bobby Orr jersey 💛 BLACK & GOLD BABY! WO!
On May 10, 1970 Bobby Orr scored the game winning goal in the Stanley Cup Finals.
Some really awesome raffles and silent auctions coming in! Boston Bruins tickets, airplane ride, Ted Williams and Bobby Orr signed memorabilia! Contact me for tickets!
Bobby Orr has a lot of people in Parry Sound consulting his book to find out his old address.
Mostly cause I loved cam Neeley and Ray Bourque and I fell in love with the lore of bobby orr
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For Saturday night, we thought we'd share this short video of a few really cool Bobby Orr hockey cards
You can put it in the win column, Flames win, Yah Baby!!! Calgary tamed the Wild on Hockey Night in Canada!!! Yup, that's 5 wins in a row four shore Bobby Orr!!!
The only defenseman that's even in the same category as Nick Lidstrom is Bobby Orr, so don't try to go there.
about same time I met Bobby Orr he was still playing barely but the aura that surrounds him. He was great to me and my brother
you're welcome! The hurricanes run through my veins but my all time favorite players is bobby orr. None better
Up for bids is a very tough to find short print THE ROOKIE insert card of BOBBY ORR. Starting bid is just $5
I hate the Toronto maple leafs and Bobby Orr.
Up and Down by erry Fallis or try the Bobby Orr bio or new book by
Met an interesting individual last night his name was Dave Cashman. Turns out he's the brother of Wayne who was on that great Boston Bruin Team with Bobby Orr. Not hard to tell they are brothers,as they look almost identical. Dave lives here in winter time and Wayne lives in Ocala, Fl.
Phil Kessel deserves more credit for his classy goal non-celebrations. Like how Bobby Orr used to do it.
would probably be best served to remember he ain't Bobby Orr. And shouldn't try to be.
Kadri could spit in Bobby Orr's face & Grapes would call him a "good Canadian boy" and force feed his tongue down his throat.
Maybe one of the coolest things is reading about Bobby Orr and his life in Parry Sound, one that I am very familiar with
The fact that my girlfriend just asked if Coltor Orr was Bobby Orr's son...
"There is probably not much that is more important than the things a life in hockey can teach you" - Bobby Orr
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ORR: My Story by hockey legend Bobby Orr is a must-read for every Bruins fan. I promise to return it soon to DHS library! :)
Bobby Ryan thought he was Bobby Orr there. Nope.
I can't believe my boss met Bobby Orr 😭
Seany Pratt with the back door redirect and the Bobby Orr celly, not to mention with a woody twig
Bobby Orr lives in the town next to me excuse me
Unless your under the age of 10- if you can't tell me what years Bobby Orr played hockey you have no right wearing his shirt
Guess I gotta go north to find what I'm lookin for, so she can make me fly numba 4 Bobby Orr
funny you mention that. Readying the Bobby Orr book and a team declined the penalty because the Bruins scored 2 SH goals on them
When I was 7 I left Eastport Newfoundland. Bobby Orr was the most important person in my world. Your passion takes me right back.
Bruins' record for most goals by a rookie defenseman: Ray Bourque (17). Bobby Orr had 13. After 53 games, undrafted Torey Krug has 11.
I am reading the book Bobby Orr. I received it for Christmas, and holy moly his words hit home on so many many of his quotes I would have liked to share! I would recommend this to anyone who is involved in sports because it could easily apply to any sport and especially to Life in General...whatever happened to simplicity?
Actually the lumbering oaf on the other side was responsible when he thought he was Bobby Orr.
"Bobby Orr...behind the net to Sanderson to OR!!! BOBBY ORR!" - makes me smile everytime
"I do believe, however, that learning to handle both winning and losing is the most important part of competition. Coming to grips with the idea that the outcome doesn't always go your way is a life lesson, not just a lesson in sport." Bobby Orr
Look what I found.I have to say my fav is from the floor hockey, we were the Bobby Orr and I even found some wooden nickels omg. Cindy you should have a public speaking bar as well, I remember your HAIR speach:)
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"growing up if I didn't have sports. I don't know where I'd be"-Bobby Orr
Wow ahead of Bobby Orr . Ok Im buying it ! Jack was Thelma to get it done !
Come in for our famous Bobby Orr sandwich and watch the take on the Oilers!
Everyone needs to find a hero. Growing up, my hero was Bobby Orr. Now it's you. Ever consider running for Prime Minister?
we honestly need a bobby Orr reunion in our future.
Soon some quality hockey w/ Infamous Kanki is going to drop gloves tonight. Waiting for Kanki to get a Bobby Orr hat trick!
...Bobby Orr (13 in 1966-67) and St. Albert's Greg Hawgood (16 in 1988-89). Hawgood had three 100+ point seasons with Kamloops in WHL
Call me bobby Orr bc I just pulled the hat trick for the night
no kidding lol. My Barbie dated Bobby Orr in the 70's!
"He went from Bobby Orr to Colton Orr on the same shift..." Dave Carr on Tony Tykel.
Yes, Mr.Baker Bobby Orr was a great hockey player !!. Mr.Orr is one of my best Boston Bruin Players
Jagr is so old, he was on the ice when Bobby Orr scored the game winner in '70.
Ah, if only they still made them like KP. Or Bobby Orr, for that matter.
screw the Blackhawks, they couldn't even win a cup with Bobby Orr!
that *** My room is covered now...only thing my parents have in the living room is a big Bobby Orr thing I got for my mom
best line ever 1.God tied at 2. Bobby Orr and Jesus # awesome
During the top 10, instead of saying like "No. 4, Bobby Orr," he was like "No. 4, Drew Brevig"
Lebanese chick walking through some French doors, seats at TD Garden next to Bobby Orr
Scored a goal in the air can you say bobby Orr?
When you talk about greats of hockey you have to talk about Bobby Orr, it's not biased bruins fans, he's one of the best to ever play
and Bobby Orr, I like Orr too.Cam Neely on the other hand, no chance
Bobby Orr Hall of Fame get bronze statue
Chet. TY for the comment. regarding Bobby Orr. You're right. He's someone that all athletes should emulate. True class act!
You know its funny people say the Devils suck ...meanwhile they won 3 Stanley Cups and 5 conference championships ...They also had players such as Scott Stevens, Ken Danekyo, Jamie Langenbrunner, Scott Neidemayer, Patrick Elias, Kirk Muller, Zach Parise, John Maclean, and Aaron Broten. I've been watching Hockey since the late 60's and I have seen the great Canadiens teams, Bruins, Flyers, Islanders and Blackhawks when guys like Bobby Orr, Phil Esposito, Stan Mikita, Pit Martin, Bobby Clarke and JC Tremblay were in the fold. I wintnessed the great Rocket Richard, Rod Langway, Peter Zezel, The Plager Brothers, Steve Yzerman, Paul Coffey and countless others. Im not knocking the Rangers, but the Devils have nothing to prove . The records don't lie!!
I often try and stay out of the debate about the promiscuous limelight that can devour an athletes soul. I instead try to focus on the character, confidence, and team building that competitive sports can provide. However when I see a quote like this... "I made history tonight," Anthony said. "It's only a small group of people that know what that zone feels like. Tonight, I was one of them." . It literally makes me sick. Was it all him? No. Is it a team sport? Yes. Did he try and make himself bigger than the game? Yes!! Did MLK jr say he made history? Did JFK? Did Hank Aaron act like that? Bobby Orr? What about Larry Bird? You made history tonight? Could I have done that? no. Could anyone I'm friends with do that? No. But you made history tonight? No you didn't clown.. You are on an 8-15 team that's not even in the playoffs as of today. History and respect are EARNED by those that don't need to tell others how great they are.
On Niklas Hjalmarsson's hockey reference page and I see a comment: "This guy is the next Bobby Orr. Keep up the great work Nik!"
Bobby Orr reference! (I like to ignore that he was a Bruin)
Because Bobby Orr is famous. That is all. (no I don't pay attention to local sportspuck, why do you ask)
"To those whom much is given, much is expected." -Bobby Orr
Bobby Orr with the classic superman celly
In fairness, Colton Orr only played 21 games with the Boston Bruins over 2 seasons...5 less than Bobby played with Chicago over 2 seasons.
Bobby Orr and Colton Orr combined for 888 points with the Boston Bruins. Bobby led with 888.
Was reading Bobby Orr's book during timeouts in the game and came across this...great job Uncle Royce
"Searching for Bobby Orr". A great read and the best player ever.
I get it the kid is 19 and has talent, doesn't make him Bobby Orr
I know it's unbelievable, you would think he's a young Bobby Orr
Plot twist: Colton Orr is related to bobby orr , the finesse Just skipped a generation
"The number one goal [in hockey] should be to help develop better people by teaching good values" Bobby Orr
Also this week, Bobby Orr's 1972 stick. Signed by the entire Boston team. Better than a Gretzky jersey? Maybe. Sunday at 8.
I think Maatta is the new bobby orr
Bobby Orr has the single season plus minus record, with +124 which is beyond ridiculous
There are lots of fans who would agree with you that hockey fights are stupid -
I freaked out the first time I saw Bobby Orr. Eventually I got used to it. Then I saw Ray Bourque and the same thing happened.
I dislike Johnny Oduya (mostly cuz he's got a cool name and plays for the 'Hawks), Patrick Sharp (he's Canadian and very good), and Clayton Stoner (because someone has to and he's not Ryan Suter or Bobby Orr).
didn't you know that gunnerson was training with bobby Orr in his head after the 6 wins in a row?
Gunnarsson was down below the Stars net on the fore-check & then tries to go Bobby Orr just inside his own blue-line. Probably not ideal.
Petro, we know you're one of the best defensemen in the world. You don't have to wear your Bobby Orr cosplay every time you touch the puck.
Own a piece of hockey history with Priceless Toronto and Bobby Orr.
In that case, you need to a live chicken, a white candle and the spirit of the still very-alive Bobby Orr.
Mario Lemieux, Bobby Orr, Sidney Crosby and now All triple digits in games played.
Even if they wanted to talk about their own broken guy who played for years they have Bobby Orr.
Were more of a Bobby Orr kind of family, sorry Crosby
Definitely Bobby Orr's epic goal as he flew through the air across the goal after he scored
Decided finishing Bobby Orr’s book was a priority before lunch. It is now 2 PM. Whoops.
Didn't HNiC anoint him as a hall of famer in his first visit to Toronto. Not quite in Bobby Orr's class but certain to get in at 19
'Searching for Bobby Orr' author Stephen Brunt has called her
Thought you might enjoy this "Bobby Orr talks about what young hockey players need and deserve -
Got around to finishing Bobby Orr's book earlier this week. Great stories from the legend. What a guy. Thanks to for the tip!
Northover's passion for Bobby Orr runs deeps
Check out Tyler Spezia (USHL) giving his best Bobby Orr impersonation on a shorthanded goal
Hey did you score some sort of bobby Orr goal? I can't tell
Reading a book on Theo Fleury then Bobby Orr is quite the transition
I'm behind, but catching up on the Monday Morning Podcast. Thank you for the Bobby Orr history lesson! :)
Go Bruins!! (FYI I went to Bobby Orr hockey camp in my youth) RT
Right now, "This is Russia” is the title on Amazon’s hockey list. Some guy named Bobby Orr has also written a book
Short Print Canvas Retired Stars Bobby Orr c247 Great price looking at what others are selling for on some sites.
Rivalries...try flat out hate back then! Respect Bobby Orr, Espo trade hard to swallow. Lots of bad years too until Messier
Blood, sweat, tears. No practice tomorrow 'cause there's no one left to beat. ~Bobby Orr
what time I haveto meet with my agent bobby Orr around 12
When Del Zotto becomes Bobby Orr then call me and say it was a bad trade. Trading him for a turd would have been beneficial
Oh I bet. Lemme guess you work in Toronto too. Too bad you don't know what that is because you wouldn't know hockey if you blew Bobby Orr
great show with your dad. Love old hockey stuff and big Bobby Orr fan.
Picked up Bobby Orr's new book, good read
Bobby Orr- you're my favorite ily we haven't talked in a while though 😔
Remember Brookbank in game 4 against LA? He was Bobby Orr that night compared to Oduya tonight.
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Jabari Parker goes end to end like Bobby Orr ... and possibly goal tends there like Patrick Roy.
woman's Bobby Orr collection on display at Bradford library. .
"Was Bobby Orr's Flying goal staged? quite possibly the most retarded thing to ever be …
“Was Bobby Orr's Flying goal staged? thought of this is one idiotic individual
Matt *** bag) Duchene thinks he's Bobby Orr with his puck rushes . . . yea, right . . .what a loser . . . . GO LEAFS GO!
Just the Facts: Bobby Orr by the numbers
Current: I pick Duncan Keith. All Time: I would love to pick Nick Lidstrom but Bobby Orr is no question the all time greatest.
Today is Tuesday, January 21, 2014 *just a few memories-- Today in Sports History 1911 - The first Monte Carlo motor rally took place. 1973 - The AFC beat the NFC 35-31 in the NFL Pro Bowl in Dallas. The game had been played in Los Angeles since 1942. 1979 - The Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Dallas Cowboys 35-31 in Super Bowl XIII. The Steelers became the first team to win three Super Bowls. 1985 - Dennis Potvin tied Bobby Orr's career record of 270 NHL goals. Potvin ended up with 310 career goals. 1986 - Former major-league player, Randy Bass, became the highest-paid baseball player in Japanese history. Bass signed a three-year contract for $3.25 million. He played for the Hanshin Tigers. 1989 - Wayne Gretzky passed Marcel Dionne to become the NHL's second all time scorer. 1990 - John McEnroe was disqualified and expelled for throwing a tantrum and using abusive language at an official while leading Mikael Pernfors in the Australian Open. He was the first person to be thrown out of a Grand Slam in 27 year ...
In the first live interview about his new memoir, hockey legend Bobby Orr joins Jian to discuss the highlights and struggles of his remar...
Anyone remember when bobby orr lived by the oshawa bakery
Bobby Orr, the only good thing to ever come out of Boston
Andre The Giant with Bobby Orr and Bobby's agent Alan Eagleson. Eagleson would find himself in a world of trouble some years later
Do we have Bobby Orr or Andres Meszaros on defense right now?
lucky. You get to see Erik Karlsson play. He's pretty much the modern day Bobby Orr
Heidi Northover, a library technician at the Bradford West Gwillimbury Public Library, has a collection of Bobby Orr and Boston Bruins memorabilia on display.
Just finished reading the Bobby Orr book, it was pretty good.
Excluding Bobby Orr , who is the greatest bruin of all time ?
mmm..Morrissey or Bobby Orr autobiography...which to read first?
Dear friends and fans - THANK YOU! We've had the pleasure of hosting some great author events in the last few months: Bobby Orr, Nick Offerman, Ian Rankin, Chanda Bell, James Franco, Jay Onrait and Amy Tan! Share your favourite author event memories with us!
Only one D-Man has ever won The Art Ross and it was Bobby Orr who won it twice.
We are holding a press release at the Bobby Orr Hall of Fame today at 3pm to announce the 2014 Inductees! We couldn't be more excited to welcome these deserving people into BOHF history. Stay tuned, we will reveal their names this afternoon!
Ok just finished reading the Bobby Orr book, Cried reading the epilogue what a Great man!!! Ok Steve the book is here let me know when you can grab it or I'll bring it to you.
nice bobby orr goal Charlie Dewilde lol slick!
I could watch Bobby Orr and the Big, Bad Bruins all day everyday!
Bobby Orr...retired 1979...this day !!! What a hairdo !!!
Larry Bird or Bobby orr please help me settle this
Bruins legend Bobby Orr is everywhere on the radio, TV and all over the web with the release of his autobiography, "Orr: My Story" and there is not a *** thing wrong with that. So sit back and revel in Orr-a-palooza with Bobby Orr's Top 10 Moments.
Any team that gives us Bobby Orr and Tim Thomas is okay by me. What do I know I live in New Orleans where hockey has to be omported from somewhere else.
PARTS-2001 Chevy Venture-PARTS BOBBY ORR edition body and glass all in good shape.
EMERGENCY SHELTER set up tonight at Bobby Orr Community Centre with food, hot beverages and shelter.
With highway 400 being closed, stranded motorists have been taken to Bobby Orr arena. Salvation Army has been called in to serve dinner and care for those stranded.
Bobby Orr Jr. Giving lessons at the winter classic
The town has also opened the Bobby Orr Community Centre to anyone who may be stranded in Parry Sound for the night.
Bobby Orr community centre and St Peter The Apostle Church has offered to help anyone stranded
BOBBY ORR at Vero Book Center Monday January 27 signing his book!
Bobby Orr like, great goal, great win by the Finns, well deserved...that's awesome hockey.
Hockey Fact 2: Bobby Orr was named was named best defence 8 times in a row
Great debate going on in Leafland right now. They want to erect a statue outside the Air Canada Center. But unlike the Oilers (Wayne Gretzky) or Bruins (Bobby Orr) or Canadiens, (Richard, Lafleur) or Blackhawks (Hull, Mikita), the Laffs are having a lot of trouble finding a suitable champion in the same class. There are no heroes in the past 45 years that have hoisted the Cup or led the Leafs to first place or led the NHL in something noteworthy. Poor Laffs. They might end up erecting some kind of generic statue for their dumb, hopeless fans.
I criticize Leaf fans for wearing their blue and white to Sens' games. Yet there I was last week with my Bobby Orr sweater cheering for the Bruins against our hometown team. Am I a hypocrite or is it ok to root for another team besides the Sens? ~ Randall.One Minute Moore
Bobby Orr... What else to do on a night like tonight but read his story. Enjoying it so far! Much better than playing cards with my husband who cheats!
The National's Peter Mansbridge consulted the mystical seer Bobby Orr-acle for some financial advice.
Bobby Orr just showed up Thursday night and reminded us that he's still Bobby Freaking Orr.
Gerry Dee, star of the show Mr. D, asked mystical figure Bobby Orr-acle a question about his physical health.
Watching Peter Mansbridge's interview with Bobby Orr - What a classy guy Bobby is! So proud he is Canadian.
What do Jackie Robinson, Babe Ruth, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Wayne Gretzky, Bobby Orr, Edson Arantes do Nascimento (Pele), Joe Lewis, Mohammad Ali, Carl Lewis, Usain Bolt, Roger Federer and Bruce Lee have in common? They are all considered among the absolute BEST athletes in their sports. Champions. Winners, who embraced challenge head on and worked tirelessly through injury, in some cases oppression and many hardships to claim their titles and command the respect of millions of people around the world. But what else did they have in common? They weren't born with their skills. And how did they persevere during difficult times? What kept them going? Who kept them motivated? Each of these world-class champions had coaches. They had someone there to push them, to challenge them physically and mentally. Someone to set the bar for them, celebrate their wins and accomplishments then set bar even higher and drive them to achieve even more. Their coaches pushed them to their limits and beyond to be the absol ...
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I just watched on my PVR Peter Mansbridge's interview with NHL superstar Bobby Orr recorded this past summer in Orr's hometown of Parry Sound. Great interview. What a fine person Bobby Orr is. Makes me proud that he is Canadian. This interview was broadcast on Christmas eve.
In YVR & again enjoying your Bobby Orr interview. Reflected, with Lions Gate Bridge. Merry Xmas.
In lieu of a scarf, If anyone's thinking of last minute Christmas presents for me, I'd like to read a book from Bobby Orr, Derek Sanderson, Mike Babcock or Charles Krauthammer.
Not the best showing for our team tonight playing Sporcle Live - Detroit trivia at the Corner Brewery with us getting a mere 109 points, which is our lowest score during the Winter Blitz. We think. Probably... Our team captain sadly had to be absent because of a little trifle called work. Bah humbug! If the commentary gets a little goofy here and there it's because weariness from work began to set in as she typed up this silly-recap. Fasten your seat belts (insert relevant Bette Davis quote here). Since our absent player is also our re-cap writer and note taker, no standings or scores of other teams besides ours were recorded. Alas, if you want something done right you have to do it yourself! Though our re-cap writer has been known to have lazy moments or get too happy from getting NHL questions right and of course, beer. Or confuse Magic Johnson with Michael Jordan. *** it's not her job to know about pro sports, so lay off, would ya? She came up with Bobby Orr the other night, didn't she? Or she'll take ...
I really don't have any favorite players who play today , but I admire many retired players such as Bobby Orr , Phil Esposito
Selling 10/10 condition 50th NHL all-star game collectible stamps - players are Wayne Gretzky , goodie Howe, Maurice rocket Ritchard, Doug Harvey, Bobby Orr, Jacques plante and I have 2 of those stamp sets also have a NHL all star game 2002 card collection with Tim Horton , Glenn hall , Guy Lafleur and more !! Offer !
While Pete Best is known by many as "the 5th Beatle", few people acknowledge Bobby Orr's status as the 6th Beatle.
The only reasons you have not to set this as your wallpaper are terrible: Bobby Orr, NHL94ed
I Pahk mah cah in Hahvad Yahd. I drink from a bubblah. I get Boos and Beyah from a packy. Fluff + PB = Heaven. Dunkin 3 times a day is normal. Tomatoes have no place in chowdah. Bobby Orr is the greatest defenseman to lace the skates. I’ve heard my grandma say “wicked pissah.” I go to the Cape every summer. Larry Bird made 3 pointers look easy. The word *** should always follow the words New and York. I Love that Dirty Water. I talk about New England sports more than anything else. I miss the Garden. Tom Brady plays real football like a video game on easy level. Dropkick Murphy’s rock. Every time I see a Citgo sign, I think of Home. Lynn, Lynn the city of sin you never come out the way you went in. My house has a Pallah. A Blizzard is an ice cream snack and 14 inches of snow is a light flurry. I call my mother, “ma.” The light turned green, GO. I still call five dollars a fin. I can give directions only using Dunkin Donuts as landmarks. I support my teams no matter what. Sweet Caroline is th . ...
Here's one for you Connor, 1971 or 72 at a back country lodge called Skoki near Lake Louise, ski in during the winter, hike or horseback during the summer. Friends of mine who worked there were visited by Bobby Orr, Glen Sather & friends.
The only bad part is I'll have to support the Bruins in the playoffs this year. Including Torey Krug THE NEXT FAWKIN' BOBBY ORR
I've always loved boston cause of bobby Orr. I was glad when he went there. Will always have a soft spot for the flames!
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