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Bobby Moynihan

Robert M. Bobby Moynihan, Jr. (born January 31, 1977) is an American actor and comedian who is currently a cast member on Saturday Night Live.

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Bobby Moynihan is saying goodbye to Saturday Night Live: "My life's dream was to be on that show." https…
Bobby Moynihan to leave Saturday Night Live for CBS sitcom
Saturday Night Live mainstay, Bobby Moynihan, will be leaving the show after this season.
This weekend's will be Bobby Moynihan's finale episode. Pour one out for Drunk Uncle and Riblet.
Bobby Moynihan leaving 'Saturday Night Live' for CBS sitcom - Fox News: From one stupid show to the next.
Oh man, Bobby Moynihan leaving SNL is going to be such a blow.
Bobby Moynihan will leave Saturday Night Live after nine seasons on the show.
George, Bobby Moynihan, Gillian Jacobs, and Jennifer Garner doing great work.
I don't think anyone at has ever actually watched Kenan Thompson and Bobby Moynihan aren't…
When did replace all of their on air talent w/ a version of Bobby Moynihan's Drunk Uncle character?
I feel like Josh Gad is the real life equivalent of Bobby Moynihan's "always on" character from SISTERS.
Bobby Moynihan does a better job than you
Bobby Moynihan is better at being you than you are.
also tired, no nonsense Bobby Moynihan with the flashlight is so good
Glenn likes being portrayed by Bobby Moynihan on SNL and wants to keep that going.
Bobby Moynihan is too skinny and attractive to play you. Bring back Lovitz or dig up Farley.
Hey Dan & Buck, Another celeb behind home plate- Bobby Moynihan from SNL.
That's definitely Darrell Hammond, Bobby Moynihan and "so-called" Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon behind home plate.
Many thanks to Bobby Moynihan and Christine Nangle for writing me into my first sketch in 2 years.
"If you come into my restaurant expecting Le Cirque, you're Le Jerk! And you can Le Cirque my Le Dirque!" -Bobby Moynihan a…
A baby being held by baby Bobby Moynihan
David Wolfe looks like a Bobby Moynihan character
Watching with Aziz Ansari. The pizza sketch is even creepier the second time around.Bobby Moynihan looks like he should be a Mario Bro
And, returning for his 25th consecutive year: Bobby Moynihan!
And returning for his 25th consecutive season...BOBBY MOYNIHAN!!!
Extra points for the Bobby Moynihan gif XD
Though I'd probably cast Bobby Moynihan as Mercury. Gottfried would be Jadeite.
Returning for the 89th season in a row, Bobby Moynihan!!!
John Moynihan lands Hip 793, a colt by TIZNOW who breezed a bullet in :9.3 for $2.45 million
Anyone think Young Americans sounds like the opening to ?Try shoutin BOBBY MOYNIHAN! over it .
David Tennant, Ben Schwartz, Danny Pudi, Kate Micucci, Bobby Moynihan are the main ones.
Ben Schwartz, Danny Pudi, Bobby Moynihan are not adults dear sir, they are in fact children lol
They're remaking Duck Tales and they got Bobby Moynihan, Ben Schwartz, and Danny Pudi? Like this feels very important.
the cast for the new Duck Tales is amazing like--Ben Schwartz is Dewey, Danny Pudi is Huey, and Bobby Moynihan is Lewey
Whoever thought "lets remake Duck Tales with Danny Pudi, Ben Schwartz, Bobby Moynihan and David Tennant" is my freaking HERO
I am actually really tempted to watch the DuckTales reboot bc of the cast-David Tennant, Ben Schwartz, Danny Pudi, Bobby Moynihan?!! dude
Bobby Moynihan, Beck Bennett, & Danny Pudi are all part of DuckTales? Yes! Also, this will be stuck in my head a…
Why am I excited for this??? Or right, Danny Pudi, Ben Schwartz, Bobby Moynihan, and Beck Bennett
Danny Pudi, Ben Schwartz, and Bobby Moynihan are Huey, Dewey & Louie with Beck Bennett as Launchpad and Kate Micucci as Webby.
Danny Pudi, Ben Schwartz, Bobby Moynihan, Beck Bennett, and Kat`e Micucci it's like they got all my favorites to be these ducks.
Okay but for real I can't wait for Bobby Moynihan as Ken Bone in next week's SNL
Let me guess, SNL is going to start tonight with Bobby Moynihan playing Ken Bone.
I feel like Bobby Moynihan will be Kenneth Bone on Saturday, & I also feel like he's going to kill it 😈
I could see Bobby moynihan playin the part lol
Bobby Moynihan in costume just asked a question.
I wish he would transform into Bobby Moynihan doing Fourvil, the stabby orphan.
Can't wait for Bobby Moynihan to play Ken Bone on this Saturday.
Predication: Bobby Moynihan will be dressed like Ken Bone on SNL next Saturday
Looking forward to Bobby Moynihan playing Ken Bone on SNL next week.
Fairly sure Ken Bone was just a Bobby Moynihan character.
I never really read comics. I bought them, and I would draw them.
Although, I always held out hope that a Bobby Moynihan version of Francesa would make it into a "What Up With That?" segment.
Bobby Moynihan quickly writing his Kenneth Bone sketch
This isn't me fat-shaming anyone. Let's make that clear first off. Second, there's no way Bobby Moynihan isn't playing this guy on SNL.
We decided at prodo that Bobby Moynihan will play him on SNL, for sure.
If Kenneth Bone doesn't make an appearance on SNL in the form of Bobby Moynihan then I don't know what they're doing at all.
If there is not an SNL skit where Bobby Moynihan is Kenneth Bone, I will be disappointed
It's like Kenneth Bone was specifically picked for the sole purpose of being played by Bobby Moynihan on next week's SNL.
How long until Bobby Moynihan starts working on his Ken Bone impersonation for this weekend?
Bobby Moynihan already has been measured for the costume
is it saturday yet...can't wait for bobby moynihan to enter on SNL.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Bobby Moynihan is already preparing for his role as Ken Bone in next week's SNL.
Ken Bone is the best and he was put on earth so Bobby Moynihan could play him this weekend.
Bobby Moynihan, there's a red zipper sweater in your immediate future.
Seconds after Ken Bone appeared on screen, Lorne Michaels speed-dialed Bobby Moynihan, said "Get ready" and then hung up.
the SNL costume department is already knitting a Ken Bone sweater for Bobby Moynihan to wear next weekend
Yes Bobby Moynihan has his part this Saturday.
Bobby Moynihan is already being fitted for a red pullover sweater.
how psyched is Bobby Moynihan to know he's got a guaranteed line on next week's SNL?
im trying to make a bad show if Danny McBride, Hannibal Burress, Bobby Moynihan and Michael Pena were involved, but there you go
There was a brief period of time in my life where I looked like Bobby Moynihan
unless I am actively watching True Romance or Reservoir Dogs, I remember Bobby Moynihan playing those roles. I don't know how this happened.
I've got this bizarre mental block about Chris Penn's face and every time I try to remember him in something I just picture Bobby Moynihan
Check out Bobby Moynihan’s top 3 favorite moments from season 41 of
Bobby Moynihan asks you to do a skit on SNL about current events in 30 minutes, what do you do?
It's not like you do 'SNL' and then get handed movie roles. You work, ...
still can't convince me that's not Bobby Moynihan
The resemblance between Bobby Moynihan and baby Nicole is uncanny...
There's a guy on YouTube named Mac Lethal - he spits hot fire.
This kid will be on SNL. Seriously - Bobby Moynihan meets Bill Hader
The daughter of one of my hairdresser's clients is marrying Bobby Moynihan!?¿!?!
and now, to say a few words, Bobby Moynihan!
Trump is always citing "many people say that" like the Bobby Moynihan second hand news character from
I've worked with Method Man and Shaquille O'Neil on multiple occasions...
I have Bobby Moynihan from SNL as tevye in fiddler
does the confusion ever go further and include Bobby Moynihan?
I did a lot of theater as a kid because I had a bunch of friends who d...
Last time I saw a UCB show was... mid-2000s. Chris Gethard and Bobby Moynihan were in there at least.
Me, Billy Crystal and John Goodman hang out non-stop, and all we do is...
Bobby Moynihan looks back at his favorite season 41 memories
I think I'm a big kid at heart, so I get very excited around the holid...
'SNL' is one of those jobs where you are constantly reminded of how lu...
I’ve seen the IMDb and I know it’s not, but, uh, that IS Bobby Moynihan
My god, Bobby Moynihan is so not funny. Like at all.
There is a man in this library with the face of Bobby Moynihan but the voice of JK Simmons!! I wish someone I knew was here to vouch for me
I cannot find the deleted 30 Rock clip where Bobby Moynihan plays Wario. Help me, internet
Bobby Moynihan Looks Back at His Favorite ‘SNL’ Season 41 Memories: Another season of SNL has come and gone, ...
I'm very bad with music. I don't know any new music. I've listened to ...
Saturday Night Live is mom's basement and Kenan Thompson (and Bobby Moynihan) just won't move out
Is bobby moynihan at the cavs game right now?!
Love skinny Bobby Moynihan in this ad
I grew up listening to a lot of Snoop Dogg and the Wu-Tang Clan. Actua...
Every time I see the Pizza Hut commercial with Bobby Moynihan, I giggle so hard 😂
I don't have a dark side as far as there is, like, murder in my past, ...
I have that thing where I *think* my type is Seth Meyers, but in real life my type is Bobby Moynihan.
This dude sitting across from me looks like an uglier Bobby Moynihan
I'm very wary with impressions - I don't think I'm very good at impressions...
Watching GSW-OKC in a bar in Antigua. First time with commercials in a while. Bobby Moynihan shilling Pizza Hut? Tina Fey / Amex? Whoppdog?
Just when I thought I'd be getting some work done, last night's CBB shows with Bobby Moynihan and Taran Killam appear on
I want to invite Bobby Moynihan to my wedding
Bobby Moynihan must be in dire straights. Even Bill Hader had the decency to endorse a phone, not a new bacon stuffed crust from Pizza Hut.
Jay Pharoah & Bobby Moynihan are great but this cast is nothing compared to the 08 cast. Best of my lifetime.
Ha ha! Usually my Armstrong looks more like Bobby Moynihan.
Show in NYC was a thousand laughs with our friend Bobby Moynihan! photo by…
Got to see Bobby Moynihan on live. Great show and a great time in NYC!
The sad reality of life is that Bobby Moynihan probably wouldn't be nearly as funny if he was skinny...
Bobby Moynihan and I are pretty much bffs at this point
that post-game beer with Bobby Moynihan must have been pretty good, Aubrey
After 40 years on SNL, Bobby Moynihan finally made it big. He's in a Pizza Hut commercial.
Interesting: my 14-year-old sister laughed the loudest during the ballerina hole bit and everything that Bobby Moynihan did.
Last night's cold open featured great character work from Bobby Moynihan. I'd actually love to see what he could do with a dramatic role.
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Have you seen the Bobby Moynihan commercial where his only line is 'you're bacon me crazy'
Some like it while others...By the way is that Bobby Moynihan from (May,10th)
Having Bobby Moynihan play Chris Christie is like having Ed Norton play Bobby Moynihan. About 200 lbs too light.
Bobby Moynihan in the American ninja warrior sketch is hilarious
Bobby Moynihan: American Ninja Warrior: After his town is destroyed by a tornado, Jeff (Bobby Moynihan) compe...
'SNL': Darrell Hammond's Trump Searches for His Vice President in Cold Open: Chris Christie, played by Bobby Moynihan, tried to slip ...
It's hard to believe Bobby Moynihan has been on SNL for 8 years. Makes him one of longest running cast members ever.
Checkout today's of the day! snl, Saturday Night Live, bobby moynihan, running in water, amer…
Bobby Moynihan.. His Anthony Crispino character on Weekend Update is second to none.
(This GIF is trending! Tags: snl, Saturday Night Live, thumbs up, bobby moynihan…
Bobby Moynihan trying to run across water is the funniest thing.
Hey lets a get a talk show starring Jenna Maroney, Tammy 2, and Bobby Moynihan impersonating Snooki in the works
He sounds like Bobby Moynihan's Drunk Uncle character from SNL.
There's a kid show called Nature Cat and it has Taran Killam, Kenan Thompson, Kate McKinnon, and Bobby Moynihan as the voice talents.
Looking forward to seeing Darrell Hammond & Bobby Moynihan do this scene in the next SNL cold open
Joey Fatone is the Bobby Moynihan of the music world
Bobby Moynihan and Taran Killam the only funny SNL cast at this point
The only people in the SNL cast I recognize anymore are Bobby Moynihan and Kenan Thompson.
mostly, I dislike all the dudes in the cast except for Bobby Moynihan and Kennan Thompson at the moment. Fix it, Lorne. Please.
I love Bobby Moynihan. Drunk Uncle and Anthony Crispino are my faves.
Bobby Moynihan is the George Lucas we deserve
there's still talent! Jay Pharoah, Kenan Thompson, Bobby Moynihan! But the sketches are just...not funny...
Bobby Moynihan is the first name that comes to mind for Lou. For Bud...Marc Evan Jackson?
"Shawn Michaels is Regina George." on HBK again…so there you have it, Rachel McAdams to Bobby Moynihan in 2 steps.
Tracy Morgan and Bobby Moynihan on the set of "Saturday Night Live" episode airing October…
Birthday wish dancing to "Single Ladies" with Justin Timberlake, Andy Samberg, and Bobby Moynihan. 🐲👾💡🎂
I had a dream that I was discussing tøp music with SNL's Bobby Moynihan while racing law mowers.
- Did you write the Car Matchmaker promo that has Bobby Moynihan in it?
Yes, I know SNL isn't funny, but I still watch it because it's live and there's a non-zero chance Bobby Moynihan's *** will pop out.
I love you dude, but you don't have Bobby Moynihan's *** featured in NBC s Science of Love
"and returning for his 25th consecutive year, it's BOBBY . MOYNIHAN"
I have a feeling it's going to be Bobby Moynihan. Hammond would be better but they need a recurring performer.
My Gawd the Bobby Moynihan joke almost killed me I'm not stoned enough to miss that one.
Bobby Moynihan (SNL) brings his great sense of humor to play Panda on our new series, Catch i...
Because it's not him--it's an SNL cast member dressed up like him (looks like Bobby Moynihan).
I love how Bobby Moynihan is the panda on "we bare bears" lol
yeah okay!! Hey better than Jack Black or Bobby Moynihan which I always get!
Talking ‘Staten Island Summer’ and ‘SNL’ with Bobby Moynihan: Summer is usually uneventful for SNL fans, but t...
let's get Bobby Moynihan and Josh Gad in a room together and just see where that takes us
Oh man, so happy to share the stage with Bobby Moynihan tonight at Cast Party Live! Thanks for…
Lauren Lapkus and Bobby Moynihan are killin me right now OMG
So happy that I just got to see and Bobby Moynihan at tonight!
Man, was a blast. Bobby Moynihan and Lauren Lapkus killed 100%. So much fun.
Celebrity sightings with and bobby moynihan
Bobby Moynihan showed up and now there is already so much laughter. New Hampshire serving serious realness right now
yes you do. you look like Bobby Moynihan
Bobby Moynihan is actually a very good voice actor.
Thanks. Was looking for that. Bobby Moynihan also played Chozen, a bear rapper in the show of the same name. XD
Bobby Moynihan reveals his favorite moment from season 40
I'm betting your drink uncle is funnier than Bobby Moynihan's character on SNL.
Middleditch just ran up to panel camera to show a iphone photo of a French canadian comedy troup with a bizarro Guilfoyle and Bobby Moynihan
A FIFA draw in its earnest is an SNL skit. Bobby Moynihan could walk onto the stage right now and it wouldn't be any less absurd.
I wonder if Bobby Moynihan will sue Donald Trump for totally ripping off his Drunk Uncle character to run for president.
He looks more like Bobby Moynihan than Will Forte if you ask me. But you didn't.
I try to avoid straight up snark. But hey: you're in movies and you know Cecily Strong and Bobby Moynihan! So what do I know?
If I learned anything from Inside Out it's that Paula Poundstone and Bobby Moynihan need to be in more things together.
TELL ME, this ain't the PERFECT mix of Bobby Moynihan and Faizon Love...
.It's impossible to take any list that doesn't rank you, Chris Kattan, Bobby Moynihan and Cheri Oteri in Top 50 seriously.
signed off on a Live-Long-And-Prosper note tonight -- Keenan Thompson and Bobby Moynihan on…
Emma Stone killed that!!! . Bobby Moynihan as the candy gram shark!. I gave Chevy Chase a standing ovation from this couch. Oh AND
At most— and I'm sorry to say this— but Melissa McCarthy is at most the female Bobby Moynihan.
Can someone PLEASE get me a shot of Taran Killam, Bobby Moynihan and Beck Bennet as James Brown's funky back-up on last night!!!
How soon do I get to see Bobby Moynihan play Sean Miller?
I really like the SNL sketches where Bobby Moynihan and Cecily Strong think they're getting fired from stuff
Okay we are up to 4 members that are following me. Chris Kattan, Colin Quinn, Bobby Moynihan, Jay Pharoah.keep them coming.
A bill (Kenan Thompson) and an executive order (Bobby Moynihan) explain how government really works with a little help from President Obama (Jay Pharaoh). Ge...
Saturday Night Live's cold open took down Chris Christie for his controversial Ebola quarantine.  Christie, as played by Bobby Moynihan, appeared as a guest on The Kelly File, where he discussed the possibility of him running for president. Watch more Chris Rock's Best 'Saturday Night Live' Moments
So, where exactly is Kim Jong Un? That’s the question that "Saturday Night Live" attempted to answer this weekend with an illuminating cold open starring Bobby Moynihan as North Korea’s supreme leader. Rumors have bee...
Today on funny is going on this morning.. Kate McKinnon & Bobby Moynihan from Saturday Night Live join us. Plus Rotten Tomatoes tells us which of the new Fall TV Shows are really worth your time. Today on Good Day LA 7-10a on FOX11.
Are you a fan of Saturday Night Live? Let's bring Bobby Moynihan and Kenan Thompson to your spring comedy event!
I was just an extra in a major feature film last night til this morning. It was a lot of fun. It was neat to see how things are filmed and the whole process or at least for a few scenes. It was an interesting 11 and a half hours. Brothers in Law (2015) "It's described as having elements of "Meet the Parents" and "What About Bob?"" - says Producer • Lorne Michaels Cast and Crew Directors • Matt Villines • Osmany Rodriguez Screenwriters • Cameron Fay • Taran Killam • Mikey Day Starring • Taran Killam • Bill Pullman • Rachael Harris • Rita Wilson • David Wain • Bobby Moynihan
Saw Taran Killam and Bobby Moynihan at safeway today getting starbucks. : )
Taran Killam and Bobby Moynihan will costar in "Brothers in Law," a movie produced by Lorne Michaels.
Check the Snl BRacket Fred Armisen aka you Bobby Moynihan aka Fred Seth Meyers aka Michael Chaney and Kenan Thompson aka me are in it.
Taran Killam and Bobby Moynihan to star in a new movie, with lots of SNL creatives behind the camera.
A new movie is coming from the SNL team of Lorne Michaels, Taran Killam, Bobby Moynihan, Mikey Day, and Matt & Oz:
lol ya I was just throwin out a random d8 I will text u when da time comes.
we should pig out on cici's together when you come back from the beach I'm so serious
I always want to go to Cici's Pizza but nobody else likes it ugh SORRY I'M OBSESSED WITH MAC N CHEESE PIZZA
hey BUBBLE Bass, you're sitting on my friend!
Eminem and Rihanna are SUCH teases how are they only having a 3-city tour!
My cat is so fluffy that every time he pees he gets pee all over his fur and he always smells like *** UGH
yas devon I couldn't have said it better
Finally someone said it. They dont need to be patronized to make a person feel good about themselves. Just let them be them.
it's not praising them 4 dressing up its showing love 4 people w/ struggles other than our own.difference of opinion I guess
it's not fawning. We are appreciating the fact that everyone deserves love no matter what struggles we face
ya I know!!! It also does gps and radio and xm and all that jazz but he just HAD to add the illegal dvd player
my dad installed DVD player in the front seat of his sports car lmao this is illegal on so many levels
Just saw a post that said, "I hope this is real, but I bet it's not :(" was a video of Bobby Moynihan.
Shailene Woodley turns every character she ever plays into a Mary Sue
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Lmao what if I actually joined one everyone in my life would shun me
I have to resist the temptation to join a sorority but their cute shirts are luring me in.
That's amazing! You're gonna have such an amazing time 😍
Nobody understands how much I love Bobby Moynihan
american apparel should stop being sO *** EXPENSIVE
THANK GOD living in a triple woulda sucked
PLEASE HELP: Have you seen this bird?
I confessed to my mom that I had a crush on my teacher in 1st grade and she was like "oh don't worry all the moms did too"
do not disturb I am reading fanfiction on my fanfiction app.I am kute
Remember when I first cut off my hair and everyone thought I was a *** Yeah I'm gonna have to deal with all of that again in California
Officially have an appointment to get all my hair cut off again on August 19th!!!
Narrow Stairs is seriously one of my fave albums in the world
I had a dream that I ate chipotle with Beyoncé and Jay-Z
... maybe I should have gone with a butterfly metaphor instead...
College is scary because I've stood out so much my whole life and now I'm just gonna be a tiny ant
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yay sweet thanks I'll ask about that!!!
ugh I've tried so many things and I'm losin hope butt I will try 2 get an appointment
Mission Get Good Skin Before College is failing MISERABLY and I'm losing hope
wait really??? its like the only phrase that fits lol! I use it all the time.
lmao I always use the term default position when talking about my face and nobody gets what I mean!!!
Vince Vaughn, Bobby Moynihan, Chris Pratt and Colbie Smulders in one movie.
It really doesn't help that the man in the couple bears a striking resemblance to Bobby Moynihan.
I think only Kate McKinnon is untouchable. Kenan Thompson, Bobby Moynihan & Teran Killam probably safe too. The rest …
is watching "Delivery Man." Directed by: Ken Scott. Starring: Vince Vaughn, Chris Pratt, Cobie Smulders, Andrzej Blumenfeld, Simon Delaney, and Bobby Moynihan.
Maggie’s teaching the local cops how to seduce a woman through dance. Is this slow tootsie roll doing it for you, jammers? Get more hot jams Tuesday at 10/9c on USA! Saturday Night Live's Bobby Moynihan and Ian Roberts guest star.
Is it safe to say that Keenan Thompson and Bobby Moynihan are all-time SNL greats at this point?
My adventure seeing SNL consisted of: seeing Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, and Martin Short backstage, Lauren saw "The Mother" too, getting floor seats and being no less than a few feet from many skits, telling Paul Rudd and Bill Hader that they're awesome to their faces, getting filmed by Bobby Moynihan's gopro, and shaking hands with Jay Pharoah.
Andrew Garfield, who is the star of the recently released Amazing Spider-Man 2, is hosting Saturday Night Live tonight. NBC has released two video promos for the episode, one featuring Garfield with Bobby Moynihan and the other featuring Garfield with Coldplay. In the Moynihan promo, Moynihan tells…
SNL is back this week with host Andrew Garfield and musical guest Coldplay.Check out Spider-Man hanging out and listening to comedy coaching from Bobby Moynihan. Let’s all cross our fingers that Emma Stone makes an appearance on her “All I Do Is Win” world tour.
Andrew Garfield is hosting "Saturday Night Live" this weekend, and the promos for his appearance have debuted. In the clips, Garfield barks like a dog, gets treated by "comedy doctor" Bobby Moynihan, and feels the pressure of taking the stage at the "Emma Stone Center fo
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
SNL returns this weekend with first-time host Andrew Garfield and five-time musical guest Coldplay, and here are his promos with Bobby Moynihan, in which he sho
I don't know if anyone has seen Aidy Bryant and Bobby Moynihan in the same room. Has anybody?
The corrections are the best part! Although I like Bobby Moynihan in it. "Whoa! Mike Tyson is SMART."
Bobby Moynihan and Nasim Pedrad are so underrated on SNL. Cecily Strong is way overrated.
The senior casts of SNL like Kenan Thompson, Taran Killan, Jay Pharaoh and Bobby Moynihan are the bomb!
Dayton's coach looks like Jimmy Kimmel and Bobby Moynihan's baby.
I wish Arizona's Sean Miller would do something outrageous so Bobby Moynihan could play him on SNL
Is Sean Miller a long relative of Bobby Moynihan?
I want a whole snl that is just Aidy Bryant and Bobby Moynihan
Beside Jay Pharoah, Bobby Moynihan, and Taran Killan, I don't know who any of the guys are on tonight for some reason.
Starting to watch again. So many new faces. Only know Keenan Thompson and Bobby Moynihan. When did Tim Meadows leave?
Bobby Moynihan as Jason Alexander as George Costanza. The role he was born to play.
Bobby Moynihan has to be one of the funniest guys alive.
Jim Parsons was hilarious! So was everyone especially Bobby Moynihan on that audition sketch.
Tonight Bobby Moynihan laughed at something I said so basically I'm a big deal now.
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Is it just me or is Bobby Moynihan the only funny one left on snl?
Its wierd how much bobby moynihan and Aidy Bryant from snl look alike ... They could almost be twins!
Bobby Moynihan dressed as Gus Gus from Cinderella is representing a lot of my sexual fantasies.
While that Tonkabell/Peter Pan sketch felt like it was written for Bobby Moynihan, that 12YearsaSlave joint had me rolling (& coughing)
That dude, Bobby Moynihan, really saved that 12 Years A Slave skit on 😂😂😂
You think he comes in with southern character and not Bobby Moynihan...
And Bobby Moynihan is my favorite male SNL cast member.
Hearing Bobby Moynihan say "waffle" with a southern accent is the most beautiful sound Ive ever heard
Bobby Moynihan was mandatory for that sketch to work
I would pay to see Bobby Moynihan do a one man production of "12 Years A Slave"
that had some laughs in it. I love Bobby Moynihan.
Bobby Moynihan and Kenan are the only ones still worth it.
- Bobby Moynihan is the only reason I continually give more chances.
Not 5mins be4 Bobby Moynihan came out in a Gus-gus costume I said "I want Bobby Moynihan 2come out in a Gus-gus costume"
Bobby Moynihan took over the SNL Instagram account, and posted several backstage photos of everything from famous props to Chris Farley tributes.
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I've missed a few weeks. Who's the female Bobby Moynihan? I mean Bobby as he does Snookie?
Being the fat guy on Saturday Night Live is probably the best gig in show biz. Which is why Bobby Moynihan is such a staggering failure
I hope Kennan, Bobby Moynihan, and Jay Pharaoh get more air time
Bobby Moynihan playing Costanza is better than I thought it could be
Bobby Moynihan could definitely pull off George Costanza
Seriously though can Bobby Moynihan just forever play Jason Alexander for the rest of the episode. That was so perfect
If I ever see Bobby Moynihan on the street I'm nothing. But what I'd like to do is punch his face and never stop.
I hope Bobby Moynihan does this entire episode in-character as Jason Alexander.
Bobby Moynihan as George Costanza.. Who knew I needed that in my life LOL
Saturday Night Live with bobby moynihan now
Thanks to your Dad who knows or has met Bobby Moynihan from & he then knows JLaw cus she hosted, did you know this?!
I read this as Bobby Moynihan twice in a row and could not have been more confused.
Are you ready to see Jim Parsons host "Big Bang Theory" fans?
For some reason reminds me of Jesse from Breaking Bad. Not just looks-wise, I kind of mean the character too.
Man on the cover of this salt container aka Bobby Moynihan
The scariest thing about 'SNL': The scariest thing about ‘SNL’, Bobby Moynihan says it’s not on-air bloopers that...
Enjoyed Late Show with Seth Meyers. Nice to see he gave underused SNL single-seasoner Tim Robinson a spot on his show. It was great to have Sirs Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan as guests. It wil take some getting used to be I think he'll do fine. SNL tomorrow hosted by Jim Parsons. I hope they can do a Big Bang skit with Bobby Moynihan as Leonard.
Dale: no. what the *** are you thinking? For your consideration: Bobby Moynihan for a sidekick
Bobby Moynihan instagrammed every inch of studio 8H and I loved every picture
Bazinga! Jim Parsons pokes fun at Bobby Moynihan in 'SNL' promos
bobby moynihan took over SNL's insta tn ❤️ him!!
Amy Poehler is my girl! But yes, Bobby Moynihan and Taran Killam are the best on there right now to me
I'm honestly so happy Bobby Moynihan took over the snl Instagram. it's so interesting to see how everything works.
Bobby Moynihan is making my day with the behind the seen pics on Instagram
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