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Bobby Motaung

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Thanx to Bobby Motaung for Chiefs nd many caring citizens for great gesture at Cebo funeral in Mmabatho.Massive
Remember when Bobby Motaung told Chiefs supporters that he didn't apply for his job? He is me, I am Bobby
Joke of the century. Admin it's either you are lazy or you are wearing Bobby Motaung's Jockey
I don't want Bobby BullDog Motaung to buy players. I want him to step down as a Manager cau…
No wonder Bobby Motaung doesnt take this CAF competition serious. When hosting teams ill treat you CAF is silent
He must pay for Bobby Motaung as well
I read it like Bobby Motaung is preparing a silent coup against Steve Khompela in the January transfer
Kaizer Motaung should demote his first born son Bobby Dumb kop Motaung coz he is destroying the KC E…
I agree with you bro let's take this message to Bobby motaung
A Vision that is escaping Kaizer Motaung snr & Bobby
He suffers from the ‘l Started from the bottom and now I’m here’ syndrome a.k.a ‘New money’ syndrome. Such ppl alway…
We are tired of this draws and looses Steve must go we will never win anything underthis…
For as long as people like Bobby Motaung fail to recognize the need for a few quality players, that's what…
Jessica Motaung department doing very well in marketing unlike the administration side from Bobby
Chiefs will never win any match the coach is defending instead of scoring goals and bobby motaung must biy players
Bobby Motaung once said Kaizer Chiefs is not a political party and they're not elected to manage the club, it's a family business.
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Instead of buying quality players for Kaizer Chiefs Bobby Motaung would rather pay a Stocko 15k for one round..
, are you by any chance close to Steve Khompela and Bobby Motaung? If you are, can you just tell the…
chiefs are slowly becoming a small team thanks to Bobby Motaung
Mr Bobby Motaung we know that you will not surrender your position at the club, all we ask is that yo…
Bobby Motaung turned into an ordinary team. We are just like these average clubs. We lack that thing .
€700m can buy all players in PSL including Coaches with Kompela as a bonus(for free) and Bobby Motaung's house
What is happening to Kaizer Chiefs? Your children will never have passion for what you sweat for. Kai…
Is the problem a local coach or Bobby Motaung, I mean Pitso is doing well, Gavin and Eric…
To buy tickets to watch chiefs playing is the waste of time. I will buy tickets when Bobby Motaung is gone.
It would have sound better, if u said the day Bobby motaung spend R40m on signing quality p…
Bobby and Steve are useless to the core, as for Motaung Snr, how can you let so down after so long th…
I'd hash tag Bobby to go but it's family business😭. He sho…
Bobby Motaung says Kaizer Chiefs will step up striker chase in January
Kaizer Chiefs are not a spaza shop, says football manager Bobby Motaung
Kaizer nd Bobby Motaung nd Steve are destroyin this lovely Team Called KaizerChiefs, Steve wont be Fire…
I really agree with people who said they suspect one between Bobby Motaung and Steve Khompela is sabotaging Kaizer Chiefs on purpose...
Steve Khompela our Jacob Zuma and Bobby Motaung our Gwede Mantashe at Kaizer Chiefs. Finish and Klaar! 😂😂😂
Bobby Motaung insists Kaizer Chiefs made great signings
Bobby Motaung insists Kaizer Chiefs made great signings from RT
.Bobby Motaung says they will utilise the Macufe Cup to amend for their defeat against
Kaizer Chiefs’ Bobby Motaung says that the club will use the Macufe Cup to rectify mistakes. .
Bobby Motaung says will use the Macufe Cup to rectify past mistakes. ht…
poor mind coach only good in English I wish Bobby Motaung coul die cause he don't know soccer business
Bobby Motaung is not safe from those fans. They are so agitated.
Please explain why are Kaizer Chiefs fans approaching Bobby Motaung?? Is it Steve Komphela must go??
Chiefs fan directing their anger towards bobby motaung is the best thing you'll see all night
Good to see Chiefs supporters telling Bobby Motaung what they think of his leadership.
that guy stood in front of Bobby Motaung with a cap on facing the cameras at this Kaizer Chiefs game like he's the body guard 😂
hehehehhee. The Chiefs fans busy swearing at Bobby Motaung in the stands.
Now it's time for us to fire Bobby motaung before we show Kompela the red
Steve and Bobby Motaung to be blamed
Everytime I see Bobby Motaung I remember what he once told us about "family business"! That's when everything started being cheap!
This loser will win Macufe Cup next week, it's all he can deliver for 3 seasons, Kaizer Motaung pleas…
Bobby Motaung doesn't invest in his club (Kaizer Chiefs), so he can't expect dividends
Why didn't you buy from Bobby Motaung? He always buy players accross the border.
Bobby Motaung would go for him if he comes with 3 extra free players
Shouldn't you also be helping Bobby Motaung as he hopes to collect enough money before the bank takes the 3.5 milli…
CHIEFS under Steve Kompela and Bobby Motaung deserves INKOMASI SPONSORSHIP for 20years
In some ways yes though I'd perhaps argue that Bobby Motaung is the Wenger like figure, in that rain or…
Bobby Motaung lost multimillion house, now Wesbank repossess his R3.2m Bentley. Where did Mbombela millions he killed Jimmy Mohlala for go?
Apparently Bobby Motaung 'summoned' with Komphela to answer for Chiefs' 3 wins in 14. Can you see his Dad sacking him?
What's happening; now Sunday Sun claims Bobby Motaung owes Wesbank more than R500k in unpaid instalments for his Bentley GT…
Meanwhile, Bobby Motaung is waiting for a quality striker to come to his office volunteering...
Kaizer Chiefs coach Steve Komphela and team manager Bobby Motaung are believed to have been called in by the club. .
Bobby Motaung was allowed to be in arrears of R500k. If it was an ordinary me, one month, the repo men will be on my door step.
FULL STORY: Bank puts the brakes on Bobby Motaung's bling Bentley -
Bobby Motaung set to lose Bentley after failure to pay for a year – report
Kaizer Chiefs manager Bobby Motaung says the team has quality players for the new season. Get full story here...
Indeed we are easily predictable combination wise. Kaizer Motaung must turn things around and put Bobby Motaung aside.
Bobby Motaung thinks that Kaizer Chiefs can challenge for the Absa Premiership title this season. .
Kaizer Chiefs trending & my *** smiled thinking Bobby Motaung finally announced they'll be buying quality players but nooo
Kaizer Motaung must get rid of Bobby Motaung and leave Jessica and Jnr do the job , bobby love money…
Dear ,. I'm suspending my unwavering support for Amokhosi pending the removal of Steve Khompela and Bobby Motaung. ❤&✌. RCVD
They can win the trophies mara mina I still have a vote against the ever so arrogant Bobby Motaung
Bobby Motaung at it again.He doesn't learn.First it was the Abraw fight and now Dumisani Zuma because he is suppose…
Media: Player X and Y are now free agents. Bobby Motaung:
About an hour ago he was seen training at Naturena, now he is Max is scrolling Bobby Motaung's digits…
KC failing us by not signing the quality that w need for us to HV good results…
But than on that note u can blame bobby (stingy) motaung for that.
He wasn't politically deployed there, Mr Bobby Motaung grew up at Chiefs.
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Bobby Motaung grew up at Chiefs, he understands the culture and everything about the team.
You clearly haven't heard of Bobby Motaung. If the pirates crew is clueless after these signings, Bobby is worse
"I won't pay over R2M for a player, especially the South African player. I will rather look for other alternatives." - Bobby Motaung
Bobby Motaung explains the reasons why Kaizer Chiefs signed Bhongolwethu Jayiya who played for Cape Town City FC...
I always liked Musa Nyatama...too bad Bobby Motaung is only looking for free agents. Great catch by Pirates
Sir Bobby of Motaung. He who loves Zimbabwe and cut price deals.
This reader feels that Bobby Motaung has the wrong attitude regarding transfers. .
You just declared you a Bobby Motaung
please put Bobby Motaung up for transfer
: Mr Bobby Motaung Sir,when are you bringing Sphelele Ntshangase on board. That boy is a complete star.
Okay,so Bobby motaung is a drug dealer and killer of high note! find out
See why Bobby Motaung loves the Zimbabwean market.Players are still cheap that side.So it's paid in goats or cash?
give up guptas are owning South Africa and Bobby MOtaung is owning Zimbabwe
I read somewhere that DD Mabuza and Bobby Motaung hired "cleaners" to take care of those disturbing them politically and in their businesses
Kaizer Chiefs coach Steve Komphela has defended Motaung for the signing of new players at Chiefs. Get full story...
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I doubt if Bobby Motaung is serious about winning trophies next season
We are going nowhere with Bobby Motaung, as a manager of Chiefs, an we are going nowhere with Steve Komphela ,as a coach of Kaizer Chiefs,,,
I see Motaung Snr signature there,why spare him the rod but whip Bobby left,right and centre?
Bobby Motaung of Kaizer Chiefs has given reasons for the signing of Bhongolethu Jayiya. .
Bobby Motaung begging Patrice Motsepe not to renew Teko Modise's contract VS After hearing Motsepe telling him he won't…
Bobby Motaung seen in the crowd here. Think he might be scouting that talented SSU midfielder. What's his name -Reneilwe Letsholonyane is it
Bobby Motaung says can't feel like they've arrived after winning five games in a row.
And your favourite football manager is Bobby Motaung??!! ✌"
hope the Mr Bobby Motaung was consulted and agree with this 😀
announce Bobby Motaung as a coach already!
There was a time when Bobby Motaung and the Chiefs fans would say, "money doesn't buy you success. Just look at Downs with all their money"
Congratulations Mamelodi Sundowns, I hope one day Bobby Motaung will dream this beyond Domestic glory
My love for Chiefs really weakened after that "family club" rant by Bobby Motaung. I have not gone to one match since then.
That time Chiefs has abo Paez, I hate Bobby Motaung so much 😂
Pirates ya neh 😲😷😩 I think we need Bobby Motaung to fire the whole team mxm
Nothing humbles a fvckboy like when you call him by his actual name✋✋. "Raditsebe" instead of "Bobby"
Bobby Motaung would go to court, he's already counted that revenue.
Bobby Motaung. Issa Hayatou. Irvin Khoza. The whole of ANC NEC and Provincial executive |"Tag someone you want to fight."
When Rome was burning Kaizer Motaung didn't hide behind Bobby he was there, when Sundowns fans ran amok their President called a meeting 1/
Khoza should be a politician rather thn a soccer boss, he sounds more like Bobby motaung
Bobby Motaung has revealed the club is negotiating an exit deal with strikes Edward Manqele and Siphelele Mthembu
.Bobby Motaung comments on contract talks with Baloyi, Katsande, Masilela and Maluleka.
.Bobby Motaung provides updates on new signing Paez, Manqele, Mthembu and Abraw.
Bobby Motaung doesn't knw ENGLISH... he don't knw how to fire Steve Kompela. ...poor
Komphela is just Useless,Even Doom won't save him.Kaizer Chiefs Fans we need Sunday Nkabinde to deal with Komphela and Bobby Motaung.
The sad, brutal truth is that Kaizer Motaung is old and his vision is not being carried through by Bobby. We are a team with average players
"Kaizer Chiefs" as long as bobby motaung is still the manager of the team will still continue to complain about coaches
problem of Kaizer Chiefs is on Bobby Motaung. Cheap players!!! If revenue is low let us know, we will donate or rich person will buy
Bobby Motaung and Khompela are the problem at Chiefs.
Witch craft is when Bobby Motaung and his family sleeps a peaceful night with a smile for draws by next 3 days😟😳
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Biggest mistake Kaizer Motaung did was making that team a family business, abo bobby even forget they are at work.
Bobby Motaung is taking Chiefs Down! Motaung Senior Should do something before its to late
im not worried anymore coz thts how you like our team to be ra wena Bobby Motaung le team ya ko henu. Mxm
Mr Kaizer Motaung, please fire your son; Bobby and not Kompela.
remember Bobby Motaung on show at the beginning of season talking all sense... chiefs has no brainer players
And I repeat,direct all grievances you have about to Bobby "Smart shopper" Motaung.
Bobby Motaung is costing chiefs since he took over from Kaizer with his refusal to spend money on key players.
Bobby and Steve must be excused. Mr Motaung Senior why are you quite 🤔
Someone ask Bobby Motaung how the "family business" is going? . Been ages since they won cup & doesn't look like they'll win Psl with steve
eish, my brother. This now requires Devine intervention. Bobby Motaung can't handle it alone.
bruuuhh!😕😕 Mxm the Motaung are ruining these team.. Bobby to be specific
Bobby Motaung is also to blame. Nxa. Arrogant ***
Ye Bobby Motaung lalela la.Shake Mashaba is available we want him as our new Kaizer Chiefs coach.stop being stubborn.
Bobby Motaung u r destroying this team
Hey .what's Bobby Motaung's home address ? I just wanna visit him. Lmao
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As I was having Dinner at JBs corner the other day I saw Bobby Motaung and wanted to ask him what was wrong with...
Dear Bobby Motaung, all these faithful travelling fans deserve better.. Steve must make way for a better coach!
The problem with is far deeper than Steve Komphela, Bobby Motaung is too involved I've always said this
Everyday I wish I wake up and Bobby Motaung is no longer the manager of Chiefs. And everyday I'm disappointed.
And Bobby! Of Kaizer Motaung still loves his team he must take over the reigns before losing sponsors mxm
Kaizer Chiefs, particularly Bobby Motaung needs to realise that this team will never win a *** thing.
Waiting for Bobby Motaung and Khompela like. We just want to talk 😠
With Bobby Motaung, he might remain there 2 more years..
Called Bobby Motaung and asked him where does he source strikers from.
Called Bobby Motaung, asked where's the star .
Bobby Motaung says have been exonerated by the PSL DRC's ruling on Siboniso Gaxa.
This lad is on fire, hoi Bobby Motaung how about a hostile bid for this beast
Kaizer Chiefs football manager Bobby Motaung is confident new signing Joseph Molangoane will add value at...
Kaizer Motaung Snr doesn't care about Kaizer Chiefs anymore, he hasn't in a couple of years to be honest. Bobby will get all of the blame.
has anyone in here have the contact numbers of Bobby Motaung, anyone, i'll even pay you for them...
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.'Bobsteak' relieved Joseph Molangoane was able to secure his exit from https…
According to a source, Steve Komphela and Bobby Motaung are scouting players in Botswana...
Im sure Bobby Motaung is in the cause Kaizer Chiefs makes R211 Million in revenue yet sign free…
I still want Kaizer Chiefs to fire the two impostors known as Bobby Motaung and (I forget our coach's name, ke stress) I won't @ them though
I'm not a Kaizer Chiefs fan, but,Bobby Motaung must fall.
He said "i see Bobby Motaung there representing Kaizer Chiefs the team that looses every weekend"😂 i think it was d…
Bobby Motaung is the real problem at , Steve Komphela is the symptom. We need overhaul refit.
Jessica Motaung should speak on behalf of not Bobby Motaung. Jes speak with humility.
Bobby Motaung says Kaizer Chiefs have never been in the business of signing players for the "wow" factor. htt…
Kaizer Chiefs football manager Bobby Motaung has provided clarity on the progress of transfer-listed trio Siyanda...
Bobby Motaung says he can't confirm whether Katsande will replace Tshabalala as Kaizer Chiefs captain. (KickOff)
Bobby Motaung, Pitso Mosimane and K Thobejane I wanna live in a world, where these 3 men work for the same club. Add Tumzaza as a mascot.
"Bobby Motaung and Steve Komphela must know that the Khosi nation will not accept anything less than a league..."
Bobby Motaung:"Brian Baloyi is still part of the first team. Doctor is still part of the big project 'the bigger plan'. (083Sports)
he must buy out the Motaung's, we r tired of Bobby
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. Robert i hope you ok bra, but please send my heartfelt concern over sore relations with our competitors to Bobby Motaung...
Caption this conversation between Muhsin Ertugral and Bobby Motaung...
Is this a silent hint to Bobby Motaung..
To All those who hates Bobby Motaung nd always blames him wait until he surprises u with his signings in this transfer window.
Join me at , I dumped Bobby Motaung for Jose Ferreira.
Motaung must stop buying players on newspapers we need action.Modderspruit.
Motaung he's a huge disaster for Chiefs as much as is his father's team bt they mst take us serious.
with all this money Bobby Motaung is still stingy ! Always buying cheap material from Zimbabwe & Malawi. Nxa !
Let Bobby Motaung do what he knows and does best. That is poaching free agent players
Good morning South Africa, what will be a massive season 2016/17 will be since Bobby Motaung is busy in France...
Bobby Motaung he's a huge disaster for Chiefs it might be his father's club bt I thnk we also nd to b taken into consideration as fans.
Bobby Motaung he's killing Kaizer Chiefs or is that a father's business notion.
How sad. Bobby Motaung , there is a player worth signing!
Deleted about 20 numbers just now. On my Bobby Motaung.
"They told us there is a club that has offered them R11M plus a striker." - Bobby Motaung on Sbu you see Sundowns don't play!
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The management was super not like this one of bobby Motaung,pls
As long as Bobby Motaung displays arrogance towards other teams...he will always get injured free agent or buy one get two from Zim.
as long as Bobby Motaung control the movement of players, Chiefs will achieve nothing, give SK the power!
No Sibusiso Vilakazi for 2016/17 season! Bobby Motaung has confirmed via City Press that Bidvest Wits have turned...
Bobby Motaung has organized a clearance sale of all the livestock at Kaizer Chiefs. Buy one cow, get another for FREE
yeses this Boi mara. Bobby Motaung can Dance like Patrice Motsepe since he is knee injured. lol
Is it true that Stuart Baxter, ex Kaizer Chiefs coach, left the club because Bobby Motaung interfered with duties?
Bobby Motaung had a chance to sign Khamat Billiat when we signed Knowledge Musona a few years ago. Instead he settled for Thomas Sweswe.
They should also table a contract for Bobby Motaung.
Bobby Motaung must try out this striker next season. KC has been a laughing stock and that's enough now!
Just as a matter of interest ... Is Bobby Motaung your chief scout?
Meanwhile at Zooturena Bobby Motaung is searching and googling free agents...
Just hope won't be compared to by Bobby Motaung.
Please tell Bobby Motaung that Masibusane Zongo is a free agent
Steve Khompela will continue killing Chiefs if he plays a team selected by Bobby Motaung .. Worst team of the Season
Bobby Motaung talk about major changes in chiefs structure, I'm really worried because I don't trust this guy.
Dear Bobby Motaung' Just be serious for once' Chiefs is my Ancestors team' don't make me cry...just don't..Thank U
Bobby Motaung says there will be major changes in Chiefs’ structure, likely most players will leave the club
It will take many years for to win the league again, the fraudelent Bobby Motaung is a detriment to team's success!
Lol the pic. Today: Bobby Motaung says most Chiefs' players will leave the club
In today: Bobby Motaung says it is likely most Chiefs' players will leave the club
The only problem for us is Bobby Motaung, when he leave office u will see magic.
Bobby Motaung must be congratulated for setting up Komphela for failure.. well executed.
They'd be two valuable assets for Chiefs only if Bobby Motaung made a move and sign them.
none of the above Bobby Motaung must go! @
Khosi 4Life"Jessica Motaung and Bobby Motaung during the press conference
Lol this caller saying the problem at Kaizer Chiefs is Bobby Motaung and Doctor Khumalo
Kaizer Chiefs football manager Bobby Motaung says the club is in negotiations to extend the contract of midfielder Reneilwe Letsholonyane
We just need to be honest Bobby Motaung must stop fielding players and let Steve Khomphela coach. Where is Snr Kaizer Motaung
A Kaizer Chiefs without Bobby Motaung would be a force to be reckoned with
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Also can't wait for the news of "Steve Komphela has resigned" or "Bobby Motaung has stepped down as a football manager."
which team did Bobby Motaung played for? well stop this thing of SAFA dominated by people who never kicked a soccer ball then
Where is Bobby Motaung?? Here are Quality foreign players who impresses in a match.. 👇
Kaizer Chiefs are not losing coz they suck. They started losing after Khompela was seen leaving the Gupta house accompanied by Bobby Motaung
Thanks Bobby Motaung for not signing players but its right time to develop without fear young Striker Emmanuel Letlotlo.
The Guptas invited me to their house, they offered me Bobby Motaung's job
is on a junk status because of Bobby Motaung
Bobby Motaung; fans need to be patient. Kaizer Chiefs fans;
Entlek pause *wait a minute* . Steve Komphela must first fall before Zuma does then followed by Bobby Motaung only then may Zuma fall
yet he still maintains a useless Bobby in such a critical position all because he is a Motaung
Bobby motaung's inyanga is so strong to make us and Pirates to lose on the same night but can't make Chiefs win nor draw.
Bobby Motaung is the problem his not investing in quality does he expect to win cups ka Sphelele Mthembu?
I think Bobby Motaung didn't want to give Mamlambo his blood as asked. That's why Kaizer Chiefs e jewa jaana
Listening to Bobby Motaung on the Robert Marawa show its clear dis man has no idea wt he is doing and has no clue how 2 resolve d situation
so does Bobby Motaung imply that teams that park the bus will defeat Chiefs... What is the technical team there for?
Dankie Bobby Motaung for your clarity, and putting Rob Marawa on his place, Bobby this is a slump and we will pass there. .
I wish owners like Chippa can listen to Bobby Motaung to learn how to run a team
Bobby motaung s motto: football s about win or loss
Breaking news it has come to our ears that Khomphela has been hired by Bobby Motaung n Gupta family
it would be best to get Kaizer Motaung Snr in studio rather than Bobby.
it's always a waste of time listening to Bobby Motaung
i was expecting Bobby motaung to remind Chiefs supporters.. Its a family Business.
'This business, this business, this business, this business...' - Bobby Motaung. Been saying that Chiefs is business 1st & Football Club 2nd
Bobby Motaung on 083Sports defending Khompela, can the Guptas take care of this, some Khompela something cc
Loo Bobby Motaung knows how to speak shem
Bobby Motaung going around in circles. SMH
This guy always doesn't say anything but defend himself, it's always a waste of time listening to him Bobby Motaung
Bobby Motaung'the league is not over yet'.
"One thing I can tell you, the league is not over yet" Bobby Motaung
Bobby Motaung says fans mustn't be emotional. Instead they must be patient.
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So Bobby Motaung says they will not fire da coach, Khosi fans lindelani ukushaywa futhi till da end of da season
Listening to Bobby Motaung on metro fm...
Bobby Motaung surviving attacks from fans like.
We all know that Danny jordaan and Bobby Motaung are the ones who bribed
Kaizer Motaung's kids Kaizer JNR, Kemiso, Jessica & the late Thabo ALL look the same but Bobby looks different... He looks like himself.
Mr Bobby Motaung should take coach Steve Komphela and captain Siphiwe Tshabalala to Moria to ask for prayers. We need that.
I think it's time for stive to stand up and force Bobby motaung to buy/promote good players
With everything that's happening at Kaizer Chiefs, all the blame should be put on Bobby Motaung for buying fong kong players...
The whole team must go starting from groundsman, Ball boys to Bobby Motaung!
In Steve Khompela's defense, how can you get the best out of your team when Bobby Motaung is in charge of acquiring players?
only if Bobby Motaung is willing for him to!
"I was not appointed by the ANC or IFP, this is a family business" Bobby Motaung
bobby motaung is the Main contributor in Kaizer Chiefs downfall.
Kaizer Chiefs players spoiled and bobby motaung is a main contributer in all of This.
the only thing Bobby knows is Construction and Life Insurance. I don't know why Junior Motaung doesn't move that post
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Hello, When can find 083 Sport pod cast were you interviewed bobby motaung relating that soccer laduma matter?
"Welcome Steve, to all the supporters, let's rally behind the team" - Bobby Motaung
But now this is also Bobby Motaung's fault .why let Baxter go in the first place !!
"Phone Steve & ask him because he is alive. He is not an ancestor. [He] is capable of speaking for himself" ~ Bobby Mota…
Bobby Motaung has proven to be dumb and stubborn as *** ..I am not surprised
Bobby Motaung is destroying I wonder if he ever played football.
I wonder if Mamlambo doesn't want Jessica or Bobby Motaung's blood. . It's the only explanation for horrifying performances
Bobby Motaung,Steve Kompela and Doctor Khumalo they must be dismissed with immidiate effect. Jessica must replace Bobby.
Bobby Motaung will never fall because he never submitted a CV. Steve Kompela did he must fall
"The track record that Stuart had is HERE at Kaizer Chiefs,along with the quality of players that he FOUND HERE" - Bobby Motaung on Baxter
"Anybody that wants to make a new Chiefs somewhere ,its unfortunate, there is only one Kaizer Chiefs "- Bobby Motaung to Stuart Baxter
At 07h30 Bobby Motaung 'warns' Stuart Baxter to stay away from his players. Also President Gideon Sam hails our fencers
Bobby Motaung will not waste his precious time going back to SoccerLaduma, chairman Max knows.
The way Bobby Motaung loves Money you'll tell him to go to *** and he will tell you “Angina mali etransport”. ¤¤¤¤.
Do you still remember when Bobby Motaung said publications about chiefs are lies?
we have a better chance of firing Bobby Motaung
Bobby Motaung needs to sit down and have a chat with that kid.
BREAKING NEWS: Bobby Motaung has been appointed as the new Orlando Pirates Chairman. More to follow
Bobby Motaung, bro, can I help you when you go shopping for players in June. I'll be free, and seek cheap quality players.
Bobby Motaung should be releases from his duties for us to be on the same level as Sundowns.We need quality Players not your Karuru's
The biggest issue at our club is chairman himself, Kaizer Motaung, for allowing Bobby to take the team to the dogs
Both of them are just useless nje |"Kaizer Motaung & Bobby Motaung must answer for the situation Chiefs finds itself in."
when Big boss Motaung releasing Bobby nd appoint kaizer jun too tak over
Bobby Motaung has more brown envelopes than a UNISA student 😂 it's 2016 you can't still be hurt, can you?!
Just like when its not going well, you gonna see Bobby Motaung down there.
To Bobby Motaung, Technical Team & Management of KCFC. The name is Phakamani Mahlambi. Give Wits all the millions they want"
Would you say the same about Kaizer Chiefs re:Bobby Motaung ? Just asking.
I really HATE Bobby Motaung AND here's why REALLY left
What is Bobby Motaung's view that Sir Baxter has joined Supersport United FC?
Met the great Serame Letsoaka and Bobby Motaung today!😌🙏
yep, I agree with u, he couldn't anymore, because Bobby Motaung is taking too long to fire Komphela
Bobby Motaung has been eating bit by bit, Stuart Baxter had found the rhythm but was shown the door!!
He wena Bobby Motaung why would you leave Stuart Baxter to go to SuperSport otlogela Kompela net so
Baxter to mentor SSUT eix Bobby Motaung now we gonna have a big flop he gone
I would pay my with all my assets just to hear Stuart Baxter and all x Chiefs coaches tell us the truth about Bobby Motaung as manager
Stuart Baxter going to Supertsport United clearly shows that Bobby Motaung is not a negotiator but a dictator..
I dnt think Bobby Motaung is serious abwt winnin a league this season
Bobby Motaung should consider taking charge of the team since he likes making these mediocre signings.
Bobby Motaung is slowly killing our beloved chiefs with his ignorance. Now Wits, Sundowns and next season SSU will dominate
Bobby Motaung said on live radio that Brazzaville is a war zone and that you can die. Thats why they lost to AS Vita!
my massage to Bobby Motaung, open your bloody bank and buy players or we Will not even win one single cup this season please
Kaizer Chiefs and Bobby Motaung's transfer dealings give me heart palpitations 😩
and I dnt if I should blame steve or bobby 4not buying enough players!last time chiefs wokeup is only whn baba motaung stoodup
wat de f*** de season its over 4 chiefs n he should jst leave de club, all de 2 blame Bobby Motaung
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