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Bobby Knight

Robert Montgomery Bob Knight (born October 25, 1940) is a retired American basketball coach.

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New Q poll out- we are going to bring back the White… Praying for all the victims of the contact with the legendary Coach Bobby Knight!
Bobby Knight once stated that if a woman is getting raped she might as well enjoy it. Guess who he supported?
Would that mutual friend be Coach Bobby Knight???
My personal goal for coaching basketball this season is to not have a “Bobby Knight chair throwing” moment.
Where is Bobby knight or saban when you need them
Greg. Your spot on in your arguments. I'd almost like to see Kalani go "Bobby Knight" outrage to incre…
And I'm STILL always surprised it's not Bobby Knight.
“Winning is not a sometime thing, it’s an all time thing.” Bobby Knight.
Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. -Bobby Knight 🏆
Lucky Bobby Knight still isn't there. You would've ducking chairs.
When I was at IU, faculty at the English Dept. led he charge angainst that execrable human being Bobby Knight.
The house Bobby Knight did not build. .
...and what's sad is I see how Mike Leach meets a very Bobby Knight end. Dark things happen when the bitterness co…
Happy to attend the event with other prospective Cllrs and
Pakistan, targeting Christian women for a coach Bobby Knight who is he renders: echo rightdainty, with a lidging house that
Donald Trump. Mike Ditka. Bobby Knight. Mike Leach. Curt Schilling. Jerry Jones. . I think y'all know what I'm listing here…
Coach, he sounds like Bobby Knight too.
Washington States coach going Bobby Knight in the post game presser😀
If I am the LV Golden Knights, instead of that thing, I would have a shirtless Bobby Knight in gold body paint as my mascot.
Doubt it now. Think Bobby wood could've had a step up in reputation with a good WC as well. Gotta show…
"You cannot win before you eliminate losing." -- Bobby Knight
"Most people have the will to win. But most people don't have the will to prepare to win." -Coach Bobby Knight
In order to achieve positive results, one must work for them, not hope for them. –Bobby Knight
As an Illinois fan growing up in the 80s, I was taught to hate Bruce Pearl, Bobby Knight, and the guy wh…
"The single most important aspect of coaching is running effective practices". - Bobby Knight
Mike Ditka, Bobby Knight and Curt Schilling all made critical statements about while working for .
Has anyone heard anything from Mike Ditka, Bobby Knight, or Bill Belichick about those endorsements? 😂
I don't believe in luck, I believe in preparation. – Bobby Knight
Primary Day in the Hoosier State! If you missed it, check out my interview with Indiana legend Bobby Knight!.
Funny how has annual women's day events but let's sexual harassment go.
If Bobby Knight hadn't supported Trump would we even know about this?...
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Bobby Knight used to say "We know it's your bad, you don't need to advertise it to the whole world."…
I was even a student at Indiana University when Bobby Knight was fired. I rejoiced. Even back then I knew he was a ***
FBI investigating Bobby Knight for groping women. So he can work at... - FOX. - FOX. - FOX
Why was Bobby Knight at a US spy agency?
Basketball legend Bobby Knight was investigated by FBI and US Army over alleged groping incident
Four women and witnesses say Bobby Knight groped them, and the government investigation said, "Eh."
Wait. Bobby Knight and US spy agency are in the same sentence? Same room? Bobby Knight? What were they thinking to…
Bobby Knight is 76 years old and still actin' a fool! SMH
So Bobby Knight acted holier than thou art like he was what was good w/ college BB. Not only did he abuse players but now women?
FBI probed complaints that Bobby Knight groped women
An attorney for Knight acknowledged that FBI agents interviewed Knight and said the investigation was dropped.
Let's give the old Random Headline Generator a spin and see what crazy thing it comes up with today!
Media leaks discredited allegations against Bobby Knight because he endorsed Pres. Trump. This is why we hate the (((medi…
Bobby Knight now in line for cabinet position.
Today's Impeach-O-Meter: Bobby Knight was accused of groping women at an intelligence agency
To be fair his buddy the POTUS told Bobby Knight that when you're a star they will let you do this & worse. Maybe the wome…
It's being reported that Bobby Knight was under FBI Investigation for groping women. Birds of a feather...
Bobby Knight investigated on claims of sexual harassment, assualt via
Bobby Knight accused of groping women. Given that he's a frequent Fox News guest who also campaigned for Trump, is anybody r…
Quick reminder that one of Bobby Knight's most famous quotes is “I think that if rape is inevitable, relax and enjoy i…
He touched at least four women inappropriately one day in 2015. .
Bobby Knight wasn't the obvious choice to address the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency. Here's why.
Bobby Knight went to a spy agency to give a speech and four women say he touched them inappropriately
...and no charges were filed. Podesta just wanted 2 slander Bobby Knight. Hey John, Biljana Djurdjevic's work isn't art, it'…
Your daily reminder that Bobby Knight is just horrible
Bizarre story but Bobby Knight is an *** "FBI investigated complaints Knight groped women at US spy agency"
FBI investigated complaints that Bobby Knight groped women at U.S. spy agency
Who will be the first to win a Bobby Knight or Coach K bobblehead Wednesday night by holding the right one of me?
Who's the guy in the red sweater doing the Bobby Knight impression on the Louisville bench
put a red sweater on him and let him throw a couple chairs, and Mike could be a younger Bobby Knight
“People change over the years, and that changes situations for good and for bad.” – Bobby Knight
A new favorite: Loud Lord x VinceNineSeven | Bobby Knight by on
Couldn't one say the same thing about Bobby Knight?
Can we get Lavar and Bobby Knight together on a staff somewhere?
A lot of teams usually feed off they coach personality too , when I start coaching Imma be like Bobby Knight lol
Well, then...if the tables are turned on them, they should just take some advice from Bobby Knight fro…
"The key is not the will to win... everybody has that. It is the will to prepare to win that is important." - Bobby…
One of many moments for former head coach. Hear more now & the career advice he got from Bobby Knight!…
No one ever said Bobby Knight had special knowledge or good judgment outside of basketball.
I was expecting bobby knight type of deal.
Life was simple then. Watch the 500.. watch Bozo the clown. Hope Dan Quayle could spell.…
Btw, if my team had 25 pts at half in a blowout, I'd probably never been allowed around kids again😂😂…
My middle school rec league coach used to go in on us like Bobby Knight. This is nothing.
WORST sheepdog or BEST sheep aerobics dog??? ~Bobby Knight
Bobby Knight born 10/25/1940 A22LP was misunderstood. 22-MasterBuilder . I'll take that birthday any day.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
What does that have to do with coaching his team to wins? I g…
Bobby Knight said Cuban is dumb, when questioned about Cuban's success Knight said 'people can be s…
.who was viciously killed b/c we can't even defend his record on jobs & the legend, Bobby Knight!
You left out tough as nails. Who else could have stood up to the withering PC nonsense. Bob…
The state flag of Indiana is a picture of John Mellencamp, Larry Bird, Peyton Manning, and Bobby Knight throwing a chair.
New Kenny Chesney song. What do you think of it? ~Bobby Knight
Bobby Knight: "We have a president of the United States who loves this country."
There's a mom yelling at my 7-year old nephew's basketball game that would make Bobby Knight blush. I may have to handle this. Stand by
So proud of the great coach, Bobby Knight, has been a big problem in Washington for years.
Bobby Knight: "To *** with the Democrats. To *** with the Republicans. Let's do what's best for America".
Bobby Knight's Advice To Trump Fox Nation Two guys I really like...You go Bobby
I was pointing out that being a coach, decorated or not, doesn't give Bobby Knight the cr…
A great coach, Bobby Knight, has been a highlight of them considered chronically homeless.
Wish we had more coaches saying this: 'My practices were not set up to be easy or to be enjoyed.' Bobby Knight
Throw Back Thursday: when I got a photo of the meanest coach I have ever met. Also pictured was Bobby Knight.
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Watching reminded me of being afraid to ask Bobby Knight questions at MSG, eviscerating others. Pop's on…
Update of The White Shadow with Bobby Knight as the coach! 😂
Do you agree with what Bobby Knight had to say?
Gregg Popovich is an *** but I love him as a coach. Same with Bobby Knight.
On "Watters' World," former Indiana University basketball coach Bobby Knight said it is refreshing to have a...
Really???! But interviewing Bobby Knight is fine? He was on Faux New…
Bobby Knight? Really, My Basketball coach supported reagan. but when he choked a player I was like...maybe I should see why?
yeah Hitler loves 2. just because Bobby Knight has a lax in judgement. doesn't make him right. He i…
I think coach Bobby Knight has mellowed a bit...
Have 2 respect Coach Pop W/L results, team play, etc. But his Trump rants & media arrogance now remind me of "Left wing Bobby Knight"
I.U. Coach speaks up for Bobby Knight: Trump is the best candidate for this time
Pres. Trump very tough and very smart and Loves America The animated coach Bobby Knight on Trump, Comey via
AND Bloomington is directly south of Indy about 40miles. Bloomington is where IU (Bobby Knight) is located.
Bobby Knight, Ted Nugent, and Kid Rock all compete in a talent show-style competition on Fox. Winner is FBI Director.
"Coaches shouldn't have to push you to work hard, you should push yourself to work hard because you want to be a great player." Bobby Knight
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Yeah, he'll probably have bobby knight on to discuss the import export bank after that
Legendary basketball coach Bobby Knight who has just blown up by the Dems were never asked by me.
Bobby Knight just puked on floor at Kilroys
Say what you will about Bobby Knight; but he spent a majority of his career punching teens and, frankly, that's my dream…
Bobby: You want me?. June: Yes, my knight BOBBY♡. Thank you to those who made junbob shine in wintertime dvd, esp iKON & staff…
"I'm going to save that man's life..." - Bobby Green, one of Reginald Denny's rescuers http…
This man the Bobby Brown of basketball
When you're swimming and something slimy touches you're foot. Bobby Knight
I wonder what would've happened if Suge Knight was still Bobby Brown's bodyguard when Preacher kidnapped him and made Whitney pay $500,000..
Thoughts & prayers with the legendary Coach Bobby Knight- tomorrow morning.
I will be in Evansville, Indiana, with the great Bobby Knight (who last night endorsed me) at 12:00 this afternoon. Se…
Legendary basketball coach Bobby Knight who has ever seen before!
I wish Bobby Knight still worked for ESPN so they could lay him off!!
Bobby Knight is a bully, plain and simple.
Imo it would Be like bobby knight and Kentucky
" The will to succeed is important, but what's more important is the will to prepare. " . Bobby Knight
Not here for "the network that employed Rush Limbaugh, Curt Schilling and Bobby Knight is laying folks off bc they're too liberal" takes
Enjoyed talk with Ross Greenburg on his new film "Perfect in '76" re Bobby Knight jhttps:…
Glenn Horine, Ross Greenburg, and George Bodenheimer discuss "Perfect in '76" re Bobby Knight's undef…
I have long wished for a show like The View but hosted by Charles Barkley, Bobby Knight, and Ozzie Guillen. .
Bobby Knight always said the first 3 minutes of the 2nd half were the most important of the ball game. If so, we know who is winning this.
My dad has a better bracket than me. He hasn't watched a college game since 1987. He still thinks Bobby Knight is at IU.
Enjoying our evening with Bobby Knight and supporting Milford Athletic Boosters!
Reminds me of Bobby Knight's advice to Nets when they wanted to take Sam Bowie cause they needed a center. . "Play Jordan at center!"
Relax. He said he was underrated. He was. Bobby Knight is a top 5 coach ever probably.
Indiana wants the Bobby Knight era back and Mizzou longs for the Stormin' Norm era
This looks like a man on the edge to me. Is there gonna be a Bobby Knight type ending for Tom? Tick-Tock, Tick-To…
I saw Bobby Knight do that once for Allen Henderson when he was injured
Jim Calhoun makes you yearn for Bobby Knight doing TV...
Today marks the 31st anniversary of this iconic Bobby Knight moment.
On this date in 1985, Bobby Knight expressed his displeasure with a foul as only he could.
Bobby Knight kept Jolly Ranchers in his pocket to toss into the student section at Mackey. Take a lesson
Our coach learned from Dean Smith (and is parodied in the amazing account). Their coach learned from Bobby Knight.
Started thinking what to do this past weekend now I want your opinion. Bobby Knight
As for IU, I pretty much consider any coach not named Bobby Knight to be on a perpetual hot seat :)
I think the Jayhawks won because they had their game faces on. Bobby Knight Game Face
Suge Knight started in the music business as Bobby Brown's security
Indiana would be struggling just as much under Bobby Knight as they are under Tom Crean...
Bobby Knight didn't know what hit em... Too funny
As his team prepares, a coach's entire being must be concentrated on winning games. - Bobby Knight
Tickets are moving fast and a sell out is imminent! Call and reserve your spot today to see legendary coach Bobby…
Bobby Knight has tense exchange with CNN host over Trump support: 'You must be a genius then'
John Berman did not read the ex.order as it does not mentioned muslims in interv with Bobby Knight
Joe was KING in high school - & basketball was his court. 😉 . I remember when Bobby Knight came to watch him play before he committed to IU.
. "I don't think there's ever been a batter prepared man to enter the White House than Donald Trump" --Bobby Knight.
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Remember Bobby Knight said, "When Trump is President, no more BS."
I think a great idea would be involving our various military service...
Uh, Mike.dude played for Bobby Knight at Indiana and coached D1.
I used to be a big Bobby Knight fan, yeah I'm old, seeing a game there was very cool.
Okayy yall answer this. Is that Suge Knight with Bobby Brown?
Glad I'm not Dawn I woulda gone full bobby knight out there 😡😡😡😂
See I told y'all Suge Knight was Bobby bodyguard
when I was a kid, I was once thrown by Bobby Knight
Suge Knight was Bobby Brown's bodyguard. New Edition really birthed the entire 90's.
Gary Blair rockin' a Bobby Knight outfit today.
Murray Sperber got a mention in that article. He has an interesting publishing history (and Bobby Knight history).
the best is Ron Swanson coaching basketball like Bobby Knight and his Pyramid Of Greatness
And no Matt painter doesn't coach at IU obviously, but people need to accept that Bobby Knight will never be reincarnated…
This is so embarrassed by their total 100% support of Bobby Knight!
confidence. Dan is liberal Bobby Knight and Stu doesn't work well with a dictator type
agree Never just one thing that puts you somewhere. Bobby Knight "Luck is when hardwork and preparation meet opportunity"
I think should name Coach Bobby Knight his White House Press Secretary. he would say any questions stupid or otherwise!
"A quick way for any player to make himself better is to think about what he himself doesn't like to play against.". -Bobb…
we are UL fans despite...don't have to support all employees. Not like IU fans who were bobby knight fans 1st.L1C4
What's it like living with Smitty? picture a 6'3" 250 lb bearded man singing songs demanding Chris Long reveal himself as a…
Coach Bobby Knight: “Mental toughness is to physical as four is to one.”
Bobby looking beautyful in her outfit of the day.. go bobby 😉💃
Not worth it unless you Bobby Knight a chair at me
I think that it's perhaps harder to learn from victory than it is ...
Players must be able to carry out simple instructions from the bench to the court. If they can’t, then they can’t play -…
I thought pull a Bobby Knight meant loosely pull a Rodney King until I looked it up and I had just clicked on the links to see
Dave Tippett going straight Bobby Knight on the Coyotes during that time-out. 3-0 Blackhawks in the 2nd.
This China trade deal is basically like the Bobby Knight of trade d...
Only way these Pacers turn this around is if Bobby Knight coaches them.
seriously! If you want a team building moment, here it is! Tell the ref to go "f" himself. Bobby Knight it!
During my 40-year coaching career at West Point, Indiana and Texas Te...
Bobby Knight: It's not the will to win; it's the will to prepare to win. | Do u support your with &
Steve Kerr is a Sissy Liberal , Bobby Knight is a Tough Guy !
Butch Jones acts like a clown on the sidelines. You need a Bobby Knight type pedigree to act a fool.
"Indiana nooner" definitely sounds like a euphemism for afternoon Bobby Knight cosplay sex.
I'm betting he goes with Bobby Knight. Great defensive coach tbh
Steve Kerr and Gregg Popovich >Belichick and Bobby Knight . All day .
Thinking Gregg Popovich in not beer drinking friends with Bobby Knight and Mike Ditka-Just Sayin?
Simply amazed by this guy. Bobby Knight
Let's just imagine bill parcels or non bobby knight doing their thing in an NBA locker room 🤔
I'm totally with you there George. I'll take Bobby Knight anyday as well!
I'll Take the General Bobby Knight over this hippie any day
I'm thinking should put Bobby Knight on the Supreme Court. "The appeal is denied. Now who has the next *** question?"
Popovich on Donald Trump win 'We are Rome' You don't care about the will American People who voted for him. A good example from Bobby Knight
Sounds like what Bobby Knight advised women being raped to do.
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Belichick, Rex Ryan, Bobby Knight, Lou Holtz and all the coaches who got paid off black athletes and suppor…
As I've said, basketball has been, I think, a real cooperative ventur...
that feels like the first win against Kansas since Bobby Knight was coaching. I n d I a n a
The only thing that would make the Indiana win over KU any better, if Bobby Knight was still coaching the Hoosiers!
When I first started coaching, one of the worst things that I think I...
I wish I was as chill as this cat. Bobby Knight
He is revered here in San Antonio. Even keeled, not crazy like a Bobby Knight, professional, players like him. And he wins.
By my count 1 Pop to 4 - Bobby Knight, Rex, Shanny, Belichick...
Criticize Bobby Knight all you want but the chair slide was so smooth
I'm not close to one anymore sadly. Also Bobby's Burger...Palace? Think that's it. SO GOOD
Bobby Knight and Bill Belichick combined are not a tenth of the man Gregg Popovich is.
Bobby Knight or Greg Popovich and I won't settle for less
I know a better coach who was all in on Trump from the start - Bobby Knight!
Man event: Authors of Pain and Bobby Roode vs Nakamura and Otis and Trevor Knight
Pete Carol needs to consult Bobby Knight about goons.
Mike Ditka for Trump; eloquating the words of Vince Lombardi; Lou Holtz; Bobby Knight for Trump
Trump couldn't get Beyoncé or Jay Z so this was the next best thing. Bobby Knight could not make it. Still hungover!
Big time line up at the rally tonight: Sean Duffy, Ron Johnson, Rudy Guiliani, Bobby Knight, Reince Priebus, Scott Walker,
Imagine if Bobby Knight had endorsed Governor Mitt Romney four years ago. This RNC speech might have had a far grea…
Bobby Knight seems like he's really mellowed into the spiteful shell of a human he was always meant to be.
Legendary basketball coach Bobby Knight who has 900+ wins, many championships and a gold medal will be introducing me…
realDonaldTrump: Indiana, with the great Bobby Knight has voted today??? Feedback from the Republican primary. Dumb as a rock. I changed .to
"Donald J. Trump is the most prepared man in history to step in as president of the United States." - Bobby Knight.
All of us learn to write in the second grade. Most of us go on to great...
I think that we as a people are always prone to think about, well, tomo...
BOBBY KNIGHT: There will never be a better president for the MILITARY!
So in Cincinnati, (right next to Indiana) Trump doesn't mention Bobby Knight. Talking about him at length tonight in Charlo…
Put me in coach! Any day all day! I promise you won't have to pull a Bobby Knight and throw any chairs!
Bobby Knight: "Donald Trump’s delicate language has no place in a locker room"
It's almost like Bobby Knight doesn't know anything about politics.
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Bobby Knight takes seat in debate hall. He did not throw it.
so Bobby Knight said and Trump "won't take any money from foreign countries." smh
Some of the Trump surrogates/advisers behind this debate have, shall we say, ethically dubious bios. Bobby Knight. Roger Ail…
CNN: Bobby Knight has been helping Trump prepare for the debate. O... Okay, then.
Bobby Knight: Donald Trump Is 'Totally in Love with the United States,' 'Best-Prepared' to Serve - Breitbart
Bobby Knight: It’s fine Trump hasn’t been in gov’t. He’s watched from afar. Claims just watching would make someone better bba…
So Don King introduced Mike Pence who is introducing… Bobby Knight. Helluva gig.
If I were involved with the NBA, I wouldn't want a 19-year-old or a 20-year-old kid to bring i
. The more people I talk with, the more I hear what Bobby Knight said:. "I don't think there's ever been a..." .
store I'm at has a red chair signed by Bobby Knight
watching Bobby knight IU bb reruns.
Was that Dan Dakich or Bobby Knight talking like that?
Bobby Knight told me this: There is nothing that a good defense cannot beat a better offense. In other words a good offense wins. Dan Quayle
When you think about it, what's the difference between Bobby Knight and Vince Lombardi? Why i
"If you can't be ready to play every time you put on a jersey with INDIANA on it, then you can't play here" -Bobby Knight
better hope bobby knight gives this Pregame speech then
It's like Bobby Knight is screaming in my head, and I can't get him to shut up. Iif I try he puts me in a choke hold.
When my time on earth is gone, and my activities here are passed, I want they bury me upside d
I wish I had this kids moves. And I love how he's entertaining his baby sibling. Bobby Knight
Sam Perkins reflects on 84 Olympic teammate Michael Jordan feeling the wrath of Bobby Knight. NBA Radio h…
At UNC Trump gives a shout out to Bobby Knight. PRO TIP: Dean Smith, he'll Roy Williams would've gotten a bigger cheer. Sad!
You don&play against opponents you play against the game of basketball. Bobby Knight. -
Video Do what is best for the American People. Bobby Knight I don't care about Rep. or Dem. Party.
FUN FACT: my grandpa once bailed Bobby Knight out of jail. .
I love how he was even dressed like Bobby Knight in the clip though
"Trump will be one of the greatest Presidents in US history!" —Bobby Knight
Bobby Knight and Donald Trump. We are going to beat your *** to win. Video is great
Checkout today's of the day! soccer, king of the hill, lazy, i give up, koth, bobby hill, giv…
that was Bobby Knight's argument for Trump.
This feels like the Bobby Knight tantrum montage “A Brief History of Bill Clinton Shine-Blocking People”by
Bingo. I want Newt,Bobby Knight,Sheriff Clarke and Chris Christie out there shouting down left.
Interesting that Trump picked the whitest white guy. Like a three-way between Race Bannon, Doc Savage, and Bobby Knight.
.Sean Spicer told Chris Jansing that Bobby Knight is going to speak. Will they risk letting him use Clint Eastwood's chair?
and Ultimate Fighting Championship's White on night 2. Where's Bobby Knight and Tom Brady? ;)
Tim Tebow, on the list, but no Sarah Palin, no Ben Carson, no Bobby Knight? - where is the showbiz razzmatazz Trump promised?
Coach Bell punting the ball & getting ejected. Reminds me of Bobby Knight yrs ago
Bobby Knight will speak at the RNC, Trump says.
So excited for RNC Convention lineup release today! Bobby Knight, Melania, Ivanka, Eric & Don Jr scheduled to speak, more details to come!
Trump says Bobby Knight to speak at convention, eyes Don King to appear
He was a patriot. His son was the federal judge who threw Bobby Knight in jail. So he was as American as possible.
Bobby Knight video. Does whats right for the American People. I don't care about (D) or R party.
.just announced Bobby Knight -- whom Trump credits with helping him win Indiana -- will speak at RNC conven…
Well, that's a step up in advisers from Mike Dyson & Bobby Knight...
WWII Veteran ask and Bobby Knight Question. Video should go Viral.
Trump says Bobby Knight to speak at convention, floats Don King Make it stop
My dad was like who the *** is Bobby Knight.. We like hockey over here ;)
If you are at an Ohio rally, cheering Bobby Knight, you are not an Ohioan.
What is with the retired athletes? Mike Tyson, Bobby Knight, and Mike Ditka schedule to speak. Too funny!!!
Donald Trump announces Bob Knight will speak at the RNC:
Trump just announced that Bobby Knight, who he invokes often will be speaking at the convention.
Bobby Knight to Speak on Behalf of Donald Trump at RNC (via
Perhaps you, Mike Tyson, Bobby Knight and Roger Ailes could have a round table on how much you respect women.
Disgrace Bobby Knight, that stupid kid from "Happy Days", Sarah "salad words" Palin, Gov Christie! Lets all play!
This Just In: Chair apologizes to Bobby Knight. Asks how he feels about "Make Up Face Sitting"
Bobby Knight... Now there's a guy to have in one's corner
Trump's vision of the convention, based on his comments tonight: Wife and kids speak, Bobby Knight, other "champions" and…
In the words of the great Coach Bobby Knight:
Wondering if there's any way Clinton can come up with celebrities as wildly popular as Don King, Bobby Knight, and Jack Nicklaus
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