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Bobby Kennedy

Robert Francis Bobby Kennedy (November 20, 1925 – June 6, 1968), also referred to by his initials RFK, was an American politician, a Democratic senator from New York, and a noted civil rights activist.

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Bobby Kennedy and his wife Ethel visited Coretta Scott King after her husband Martin Luther King Jr was murdered
Bobby Kennedy was one of the most brilliant minds to ever serve in high office. That was my point
Problem with this article is that Bobby Kennedy jnr is NOT anti vaccine - all his children have been vaccinated
Must-read, revealing report on how Bobby grappled with JFK's assassination, via Bryan Bender and
The Kennedy Brothers: The Rise and Fall of Jack and Bobby by Richard D. Mahoney
I'll have to see if bobby and jack will let me slip away for the rest of the weekend.
68' I was 11 The war, Bobby Kennedy & MLK assasinated, civil unrest. I have grandkids now, I have no fear,
and ztobert Kennedy going through that kitchen wasted of intelligent man well men John, Bobby & Martin all men of peace
When we lost Bobby, I would wake up in the morning and think, 'He's O...
Waiting for Bobby Clarke to take a shot at Tyler Kennedy during the hand shake. Old dog-new tricks? LetsgoFlyers!
Tyler Kennedy, who was playing the NHL like yesterday, just went full speed snipe to tie the game.
President John Kennedy and his brother Bobby as Attorney General. Are they teaching histor…
"You want to be you better have Bobby Kennedy in the justice department." -
.Bobby Kennedy Jr 2 lead Vaccine Safety Comm-that's something. I only hope he'll appt similar 'geoengineering' pos 2 Dane Wigington
Bobby Kennedy never gets any credit tbh
Yet something happened back here in Selma, Alabama. Something happened in Birmingham that sent out what Bobby Kennedy called,
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and at the same time JFK Bobby Kennedy tagged team Marilyn Monroe
Don't forget John Kennedy's BROTHER BOBBY was his attorney general. *** FOCUS on what MATTERS people. Jobs, eco…
maybe you should interview Bobby Kennedy, Jr. About the vaccine safety commission - our children are being injected with 69 vaccines?
*Bobby could feel his color changing to resemble that of a ripe tomato* Jackkk-
J.FK. Bobby and Ted Kennedy are always in my heart every day
it's Jimmy Hoffa giving Bobby Kennedy the finger at a Senate hearing
I want to know who did JFK, MLK, and Bobby Kennedy. Cuz I think we all know it was one dude
Lewis was a minuscule player. MLK, Medger Evers, Rosa Parks, JFK, Bobby Kennedy are the names.
Those trying so hard to find dirt on Trump, ever checked on Democratic Bobby Kennedy and family?
And Bobby Kennedy as AG. Sore loser Democrats are so transparent.
.Mny people Donald has disrespected want hm pres-he says he'll stop the genocide. He HAS apptd Bobby Kennedy 2 stop THAT slaughter
Of course, wonder what happens to John and Bobby Kennedy!
Iowa WR coach Bobby Kennedy & RB/special teams coach Chris White let go as part of Hawkeyes’ reorganization of staff
Didn't realize how young you where... Bobby Kennedy...point is, it could be any nut job.
A new film about HST's run for sheriff!
Ch. 7 of Bobby Kennedy: Making of a Liberal Icon, is so touching. I love him even more now, if that's possible. 😭
Family-Owned New York Times Rips Trump for Nepotism but Clinton & Hillary, Kennedy & Bobby in their admin was okay
Bobby Kennedy made this day of affirmation speech in South Africa 1966 that's pretty cool
Waiting for to break the scoop that Ferentz fired Bobby Kennedy via telegram.
Why in the heck are we not talking about Peter Sarsgaard as Bobby Kennedy in JACKIE!?
You are familiar w/Bobby Kennedy's role in WH & his outsize role in foreign policy(Cuban Missile Crisis), Justice, campaign, etc?
Take Kleenex. 😢Peter Sarsgaard blows it out of the water with his performance of Bobby Kennedy. He's an amazing actor.
Connecticut court reinstates murder conviction of Bobby Kennedy&nephew, Michael Skakel
Connecticut court reinstates murder conviction of Bobby Kennedy's nephew, Michael Skakel
I just find Bobby Kennedy's short campaign for president so inspiring be...
Didn't Bobby Kennedy work for his Democrat President Brother? And there's The Emmanuel Brothers.
that wasn't a Bobby Kennedy impression that was Mayor Joe Quimby you did lol
Bobby Kennedy smashing his fist into a pillar saying to Johnson "Why did you have…
"The future does not belong to those who are afraid of bold projects and new ideas..."-Bobby Kennedy
Johnny Dangerously and his younger brother the D.A. remind me of JFK and earnest, crime-fighting Bobby Kennedy.
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What did Bobby Kennedy do when the going got rough? He read.
Seems like a good time to bring up this song imagining Bobby Kennedy listening to Bob Dylan singing White Christmas.
What would Bobby Kennedy say about Trump's gun comments?. Chicago Tribune. Robert F. Kennedy prepares to speak at...
Join us at on Monday, Sept. 12 for a lecture & signing with on his new book about Bobby Kennedy
Oh no! The Chicago mob is in trouble. Bobby Kennedy is on a rampage!
GOODNIGHT MARILYN RADIO! Check out Season 2 when we talk about Dr. Greenson and Bobby Kennedy all in one show.
People scare me. They did this crap just before JFK, MLK, and Bobby Kennedy were killed.
One of my favorite audiobooks this year. BOBBY KENNEDY by Larry Tye Read by Marc Cashman
union leaders have been on the take for years that's how Joe Kennedy got Jack elected, then they stabbed them, Bobby
I read that Bobby Kennedy wasn't too popular with the press. Then he started running & the press had access & that changed a lot
just like they took out Bobby Kennedy
Bobby Kennedy also visited during his Senate bid on Oct 3, 1964
No Ryan Boyle in Bobby Kennedy's picture of the WR cc:
It's like he's the cuckservative version of Bobby Kennedy.
Bobby Kennedy at Jack's grave. He too, would be assassinated less than five years later ... via
Bobby Kennedy described in Larry Tye's incisive Making of a Liberal Icon.
Bobby Kennedy was a transformational figure. does a great job describing his political metamorphosis.
I ain't even listen to Best after Bobby 2 lmfao. But By Dom Kennedy was okay. Not slander worthy. Be patient with my mans
Bobby Kennedy wowed the crowds at in 1964
BYH if you forget your headpiece so your grandma makes you bobby pin a tissue on top of your head.
Bobby Kennedy is a hero to all we ISTJs everywhere
And Bobby Kennedy wasn't a president. I think Hinkley should serve as long as that Palestinian.
I loved what you said about Bobby Kennedy on You Made it Weird. Very helpful. Thanks.
Many candidates have passed through Tucson. Bobby Kennedy in 1968:
September 1964: Bobby Kennedy OK'd for US Senate run, wows crowd at Kleinhans
with the death of all peace lovers & those working together successfully.Loved by all MLK,JFK,MalcolmX,Bobby Kennedy etc
This Right to Work (Cesar Chavez) Republican (Bobby Kennedy) is trying to get into the wrong party's debate.
4 of 5 stars to Bobby Kennedy by Larry Tye
Ever wonder what Abraham Lincoln, Dr Martin Luther King, & Bobby Kennedy think about little orange, arrogrant, bigoted, simpleton!
Do u think the Rockfellers had anything to do with murdering Bobby Kennedy? A grudge against Joe Kennedy!
invoking Bobby Kennedy's assassination on then rival
A politics book recommendation: Bobby Kennedy: The Making of a Liberal Icon by Larry Tye, more at:
"To tame the savageness of man and make gentle the life of this world," the late Bobby Kennedy in September Apt words for 2016
By the time Ted Kennedy ran in the primaries after Jack & Bobby were killed, journalists referred to his press coverage as a "death watch."
2/3 We talk about the late Bob Dunfey -a friend of Bobby Kennedy who assisted in bringing peace to Northern Ireland.
TIL I learned of the quote on Bobby Kennedy's gravesite: "What we need in the United...
How Bobby Kennedy and Pete Seeger helped save part of the Hudson river
I never heard this speech on the day that Bobby Kennedy stood in the back of a pickup truck to announce the death...
Came out to get schooled by Bobby Jarzombek and Pat Kennedy — drinking live music at Thirsty Horse Saloon
Bobby Kennedy with school children in Mississippi, 1967. ❤️
Bobby Kennedy home in northern Virginia: Local author pens history of McLean’s Hickory Hill via
James R Kennedy is up there too. Bobby Heenan as well.
The Camelot Years: Rare interview with Ethel Kennedy on her husband Bobby Kennedy:
Edgar Cahn - the only speaker you'll encounter who starts with a personal anecdote involving Bobby Kennedy and J. Edgar Hoov…
.recalls his high school days when he first heard about the assassination of Bobby Kennedy. He thinks about the "what ifs" today.
I remember that quote from Bobby Kennedy's funeral, read I think by younger brother Ted. Quite an emotional moment 1968.
No.I blame James Earl Ray. LBJ didn't do the best job of calming things IMO. Bobby Kennedy made an amazing speech
. That had zero to do with his race. She was talking about the terrible assassination of Bobby Kennedy & the unforeseen
In fact it was Bill Clinton not Hillary who referred to the Bobby Kennedy assassination during the 2008 primary Look it up!
words can have consequences. Remember 2008, Bobby Kennedy ?
Yes. But don't forget she sort of did the same by bring up Bobby Kennedy in the 2008 election 😒
explain your Bobby Kennedy assassination statement in 2008. Don't be a hypocrite. Out of touch elitist.
"No,Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June, and it's not even June yet! .So somebody may be assassinated in June. So I'm staying in!" H.C.
Remember when u ran against Obama & referenced Bobby Kennedy's assassination when asked if u were dropp…
reminds me of tales from the Bobby Kennedy Justice Dept.
2008 Hillary using Bobby Kennedy demise in June '68 as reason to stay in race was obscene. She must withdraw in favor…
good or bad point?. They're urging her to get out of the race, and Obama's got an insurmountable lead, and she says, "No, Bobby Kennedy was…
alas..we are all hypocrites...she did the same in 2008 re:Bobby Kennedy and Sen candidate Strickland just did it,too
Better stop by VP office first Also, who mentioned in 08 she wasn't getting out of the race because Bobby Kennedy was assassinated?
Bobby Kennedy went up against Clitons Look what happened to him
You are working it But you don't report what Hillary said about Bobby Kennedy
Also, the reference to Bobby Kennedy was just part of a timeline. What went on in June.
Did Hillary in May 2008 threaten Obama saying Bobby Kennedy got killed in Ca in June what was the insinuation .
as outrageous as his 2nd amendment flub was, let's not forget HRC's comment about and Bobby Kennedy
Bobby Kennedy reminded us of our greatest responsibility, to the next generation
HRC when running against Obama reminded people that when Bobby Kennedy was running for president he was assassinated in the month of June.
you have a great chance to be a legitimate news org - show the 2008 interview of Hillary referring to the shooting of Bobby Kennedy.
. Clinton also in 2008 primary with Obama used Bobby Kennedy's assassination in June 1968..and insinuating it could happen to Obama
Icheoku says just like her Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June comment concerning Barack Obama in 2008?
Please replay the extensive coverage (you claimed) of HRC ref to assassination of Bobby Kennedy in 2008. Fair contrast to trump
Hillary said in 2008 "The election isnt over. Bobby Kennedy got assassinated". Who was worse?
check out Hilary's quote about every Bobby Kennedy when she was running against Obama
She did say it. Do your research. She referred to Bobby Kennedy getting assassinated in June.
HRC insinuated that Obama could be assassinated like Bobby Kennedy. Where was the FBI then? It wasn't in passing in was in an interview
08 Hillary didn't say she wanted Obama assassinated.She said Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June so she won't d/o
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Hillary once said she was staying in the race because someone could "Bobby Kennedy" Barack. Humans say dumb things.
Michael Skakel was “Framed” w/ Robert Kennedy: Bobby Kennedy joins us from NYC to cover the Michael Skakel mu...
Is this the kind of thing was talking about in 08 / the Calif. Surprise aka Bobby Kennedy ???
5/23/08 hrc inferred that bho could be assassinated just like Bobby Kennedy.So her campaign is far from over! What a dem hack u r!
Like when Hillary in 2008 ref Bobby Kennedy's assassination "which still could happen is what she was saying 2 a black man?
In June 2008 Hillary said she was not dropping out against Obama. Said Bobby Kennedy got assassinated In June. Was this a threat?. VRA
felt comparing Bobby Kennedy comment in '08 2 Drumpf's was dumb. She clearly referred 2 not giving up early
May 24,2008, Hillary interview... Then mentions Bobby Kennedy assassination. after talking about Obama!
What would Trump say if someone shot Hillary Clinton before the election. She brought it on herself.I guess Bobby Kennedy did like so
Suggest you ask Killary about her comment re Bobby Kennedy against Obama in 2008.get a clue you clowns.
and it is regrettable that HRC made same mistake in 2008 about Bobby Kennedy - everyone makes stupid mistakes
Your right Greta , Hillary did say the same about Bobby Kennedy.
good thin none of the unstable supporters took her 2008 Bobby Kennedy statement serious.
Hillary spoke of assassination when asked about leaving 2008 presidential race. She references Bobby Kennedy
I saw you in 2008 saying it's only May and Bobby Kennedy was assonated in June. You said the words Assonate. Trump never did
2008 HC said she'd stay in race cuz "We all remember that Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June... So anything can happen.
Trump was borderline but Hillary saying Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June was a shock even to me.
She was asked if was ready to drop out of the race against Obama. She said"We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in CA"3/5
guess she forgot about the time she was waiting for Obama to get assassinated like Bobby Kennedy 😂
what about what Hillary said about Obama 2008, how someone killed Bobby Kennedy, hint hint hint, she is sick
where's your essay on HRC 08' comment on staying in the race in case Obama was assassinated before the convention like Bobby Kennedy soul.where were u when hrc 2008 said she was staying in primaries v obama b/c Bobby Kennedy shot in June.
The Years: Rare with Ethel on her husband Bobby Kennedy.
Hillary Bobby Kennedy assassination inference comments in 2008.
I heard you said, words matter.2008 Bobby Kennedy remark! Server! Email! Benghazi! Hard to believe anything you say
HRC in 2008 insinuated assignation of Bobby Kennedy. I'm sick of BS media coverage. It's disgusting how biased they are.
.You get what you can. Save for differences of stature, from Dr King and Bobby Kennedy to Michael Hastings and Aaron Swartz...
The only reason the lost the 1968 election: Bobby Kennedy had been assassinated. Nothing to do w demos or seating of black delegates.
Watching a show on the 60's and they have the Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King, John Kennedy shootings.We have the Chrétien pie in the face
we saw Jack Ruby killed. happen. We mourned the assassinations of Dr King and President & Bobby Kennedy.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
nah, the way things are heading over there I reckon he's going to get 'Bobby Kennedy-ed'
Can't help thinking if Jack and Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jnr had lived. What a different world we would have. 😞
If only modern-day leaders were as bold as Bobby Kennedy
Looking forward to reading new Bobby Kennedy bio! Congrats
New bio charts Bobby Kennedy's liberal evolution: Author Larry Tye had access to new documents and research.
Who was Bobby Kennedy, really? Interview w/author Larry Tye on major new book. Streaming 12-1 ET podcast later.
Thrilled to see my old friend Larry Tye getting so much good press for his newest book. Bobby Kennedy. The Making …
People are sharing Bobby Kennedy speech about MLK after Dallas shootings
Hey Everyone! Check out my husband Scott Bailey tonight on Aquarius on NBC! He is playing Bobby Kennedy!!!
It was so hot are fanning yourself with the paper fan with John & Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King on it
America is finally waking up so John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr. and Bobby Kennedy didn't die in vain
"It is from numberless, diverse acts of courage that human history is shaped." -Bobby Kennedy
Germanicus. Rome's Bobby Kennedy. Had he been there to succeed Tiberius . . . .
I wanna say something mean but Bobby Kennedy wouldn't do that so
I agree, the Bobby abreau and Adam Kennedy experiments were fails!
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If I ran for president they'd probably just treat me like Bobby Kennedy.
EXCLUSIVE: 'There was no monogamy in the Kennedy clan.' Ethel Kennedy knew husband Bobby was a serial cheater who …
Bobby Kennedy, Fight for what you believe in, if you lose, you fight even harder
"We know that if one man's rights are denied, the lives of all are endangered." ~ Bobby Kennedy
What she says: I'm fine . What she means: Bobby Kennedy lived under the shadows of his older brothers and tried to gain his fathers approval
I'm never gonna stop crying over Bobby Kennedy
Bobby Kennedy's last words as he was shot were "is everyone okay?"
In his 1968 run Bobby Kennedy lost some contests. Never claimed they were stolen. Shrugged it off and went to the next. Actual revolution.
"Could I have some information about Bobby Kennedy murdering Marilyn Monroe?" - my grandma yelling to google on her phone
My grandma thinks Bobby Kennedy murdered Marilyn Monroe and she called us all stupid because we don't think it's true
. Senator in in 1968. Does that day seem like this day from an economic disadvantage POV?
If the haters in Washington hate Trump they will have him killed, just like the haters killed MLK, JFK and Bobby Kennedy.
Bobby is my favorite character in Supernatural hands down. 😂
I'd save JFK but only because of the influence Bobby Kennedy had over him
50 years since Bobby Kennedy's 'Ripples of Hope' speech in S.Africa. Why his 'new idealism' still matters for
Too late, we're already working on the Penguins. Bobby Farnham, Tyler Kennedy, Beau Bennett,...
Long ago, Bobby Kennedy went to It is beyond baffling how (in many ways) little has changed there. Visit. See.
Guest columnist: For Robert F. Kennedy, gun proposal is 48 years too late
To quote one of my heroes, Bobby Kennedy, don't get mad, get even.
Mysteries--strange twist of fate? Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, assassinations. Reward for good works?
I mean look at September 11, the War on Drugs and Terror, assassinations of Jack and Bobby Kennedy and MLK, Vietnam, even WWII.
Too bad Bobby Kennedy and Peter Lawford killed her.
I'm pushing left. *** I was left of Bobby Kennedy but to young to vote. we have more in common than not.
Let's not let fear and ignorance do the same here. Roosevelt was right. Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther, Gandhi
In fact, come to think of it, in 1968 the elections were greatly impacted because Bobby Kennedy was assassinated.
For Robert F. Kennedy, proposal is 48 years too late
Some of the scenes in How High were filmed at the Ambassador Hotel in LA where Bobby Kennedy was assassinated. https:/…
Bobby Kennedy would've supported Hillary Clinton, no question. Bobby ran against Gene McCarthy, the Bernie of his era.
I took Bobby Kennedy through the delta and he cried like a baby.
Do you know that Richard Nixon became POTUS because a Palestinian terrorist murdered Bobby Kennedy.
Bobby Kennedy's conduct toward Lyndon Johnson was childish and despica...
In my day we had Eugene McCarthy and Bobby Kennedy we dissed a good man named Humphrey and got Nixon
What about when you Palestinians assassinated Bobby Kennedy, the Munich massacre, Achille Lauro, etc...?
A beautiful tribute to Bobby Kennedy from O'Donnell on tonight's episode of Last Word on
I shook Bobby Kennedy's hand in North Bend, Oregon the week before he was shot in California. I was 24.
Politicians who headed movements -- Gene McCarthy and even more Bobby Kennedy in 1968.
June 6, 1968, Bobby Kennedy was assassinated. Only 63 days earlier, Martin Luther King was assassinated. Hard to wrap my head around that.
Bobby Kennedy campaigning in California in 1968 -- running against a war and for a new Democratic politics.
Bobby Kennedy was assassinated the night he won CA primary in June 6, 1968. I was 8 & live memory of Jack, MLK & RFK
Abraham, Martin and John by Dion w /Lyrics (HD) via In memory of Bobby Kennedy: June 6, 1968...
So many assassinations in my life: JFK, Bobby Kennedy, Martin, Malcolm, John Lennon...
On June 6, 1968 when Bobby Kennedy died, VP Hubert Humphrey became the presumptive Democratic nominee. He had announced on April 27.
1968 Bobby Kennedy died. Peek into history with LBJ talking with Ted Kennedy:
Bobby Kennedy was assassinated on June 5, 1968, and with that all innocence died. "Abraham, Martin and John,"...
Bobby Kennedy, I wish you were here today, you and Martin Luther King. 1968. Bobby, it was in 1970 the middle class declined. Saw graph.
She got involved with politics, sex with Jack and Bobby Kennedy, got her killed. RIP Norma Jean
I believed in Bobby Kennedy. Campaigning for him was an attempt to giv...
Jr., Bobby Kennedy, Cesar Chavez, James Brown and Malcolm X himself are smiling down from heaven seeing this peaceful protest in
. Bobby Kennedy gave a great speech..I remember listening to it on a beach on Cape Cod. Too bad VietNam ruined it all
hi Chris, do you remember Bobby Kennedy called Senator Joe Clark "the conscience of the Senate"
I was just thinking about Bobby Kennedy's call for Non-Violence. Breaks my heart to see the left like this. It's unrecognizable.
I was just talking to Andi about you and was wondering if you've seen the movie Bobby...Bobby Kennedy speeches are my FAV
and as we all know Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June
Bobby Kennedy lost Oregon in 1968; Bernie won it in 2016. Only good thing from Kentucky was Lincoln...who relocated.
Tbt to when thought Bobby and Robert Kennedy were 2 different people
Bobby Kennedy was ahead before he was tragically lost. Saying it's not over till it's over.
Tbh after we won and we threw our equipment, I drilled a Kennedy kid in the leg with my helmet.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." -- John F. Kennedy
Hillary doesn't think so. As she mentions, Bobby Kennedy wasn't shot until June, so who knows?.
Bobby Kennedy talking about thinking of JFK after his death
A child living in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania presidents such as John Kennedy and of the big-time officials like Bobby Kennedy
this is just shameful! Let's hope it doesn't turn into a Bobby Kennedy
I don't think either he or Bobby Kennedy were very nice to Marilyn
I keep thinking of Bobby Kennedy. It only takes one angry nut with a gun.
In 1968, Bobby Kennedy was assassinated, the DNC put up a VP who had not run in primaries at all (McGovern "too lefty"), and lost to Nixon.
The Kennedy Museum! After JFK, Martin and Bobby; shock n all and the gov had ppl right where they wanted them;implant!
But he was pressured by (gasp!) the Russians to enact civil rights act & by Bobby Kennedy. LBJ was NOT
HistoryPlCTURES "John, Bobby, and Teddy Kennedy in the 1930s
that is like ours, but more ideal, i.e. Bobby Kennedy is President, there's no war in Vietnam, J. Edgar Hoover was killed before
Kennedy won't even let me see her feet😂😂😂
Trump beginning to get on my nerves. I'm voting for Bobby Kennedy
Bobby Kennedy wanted Hoffa out of power, former aide says via
BILL LEGAL IN CABINET? . SURE: WHY NOT?. Bobby Kennedy was JFK's brother, and he served.
Through a wacky mixup they got PETE Hamill to voice the Joker and instead of shooting Barbara he just tells her how cool Bobby Kennedy was.
Great seeing my friends today. The great Greg Davis and Bobby Kennedy, Go Hawkeyes!
A lot of people don't know that Bobby Kennedy help start the fall of the strip minning in West Virginia democrats have never been for coal
"Indiana Can Choose the Next President of the United States...". -- Bobby Kennedy won the 1968 primary as anti-war D. h…
My first presidential primary vote was for Bobby Kennedy.
Bobby Kennedy made an argument that the Democratic Party must appeal to young voters central to his 1968 campaign. htt…
USA lost a great president when Bobby Kennedy was taken away by a bullet. Vote or regret later
Yes, but Tom DeLay can't. It is a more grotesque version Bobby Kennedy going to Joe McCarthy's funeral
I love with my heart and soul. So I suggest you do not speak of my wife. This war is between your people and me and Bobby. -
them down. Let me tell you it will not work. You're all going down and Bobby and I are going to make sure of it. No lie or -
because you and your people are going down. Bobby and I will make sure of it.
How can one forget? Using Bobby Kennedy's death and Obama's race like that was disgusting.
When will she just go away...she almost looks histrionic, Allen West, no Leo Dicaprio, no Bobby Kennedy all hurt her
Imagine for a second the assassinations of the 60s hadn't happened. Where would we be if JFK, MLK, and even Bobby Kennedy were alive today?
"You gotta find yourself a boy as fine and as woke as Bobby Kennedy, and we did " -
Ah yes, who can forget Hillary continuing to bring up the assassination of Bobby Kennedy as part of her reasoning...
❤️ | I just used Shazam to discover Represent (I Like That) by DOM KENNEDY.
forget the polls?? Bernie Sanders is no Bobby Kennedy stop
What a monstrous thing to say. In case some people forgot:
How ironic would it be if 8 yrs after saying we all remember what happened to Bobby Kennedy. Happened to
I don't understand, why Bobby Kennedy was assassinated.
his name is Dermot Kennedy. He's hitting all kinds of feels. Plus he's got a slight rasp so 👌🏻👌🏻
Except that starting w/Joe, the Kennedy family were all people of lesser integrity, which is why Jack & Bobby died !
By the way... that Bobby Kennedy remark was *from Hillary* in 2008 .
Did u really say Trump might get "whacked" in California?? Where Bobby Kennedy was murdered after the CA primary? Wow.
I'm probably twice your age, and I can honestly say, for my generation, there hasn't been one since Bobby Kennedy.
We really need Martin Luther Bobby and Jonny Kennedy back again
Can sum1 find the'09 clip of Hillary blowing her dog whistle for Obama's assassination. She said Bobby Kennedy was assassinated @ this point
THAT IS AWESOME! Man Thank you so much for following. You Rock!
Wait. I thought that bit of nonsense belonged to Bobby Kennedy.
Reference to assassination of my Idol Bobby Kennedy was the lowest blow by HRC!
Honestly, I'd have chosen Cesar Chavez or MLK myself both moved is forward as a nation; Bobby Kennedy, even
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Like she said in 08 Bobby Kennedy didn't get assassinated until June.
Yes. For me (born 1951) not since Bobby Kennedy was killed in 1968. Been waiting a very long time!
Yes, wake me up when Bobby Kennedy's back.
I've been a lifelong democrat, and I'll NEVER stop supporting him! He's more dem at ❤️ than she ~ like Bobby Kennedy
I still prefer to think the story is about an insufferable older person who won't shut up about Bobby Kennedy.
so what you think about what Bobby Kennedy told Farrakhan about vaccines?
. I fear Trump like Bobby Kennedy will be 'eliminated' if he gets 2 close. 2 many secrets of wrong doing.
Dom Kennedy really gave us Best After Bobby 2 and disappeared like it was a classic
That's almost as bad as saying you're staying in the race because your opponent might get assassinated like Bobby Kennedy
she's even worse when she invoked Bobby Kennedy assassination as reason for staying in race in '08... Direct from Her mouth
Bobby Kennedy, after being shot in the head on campaign trail, asked "is everybody else alright?" Has Bernie got that in him?
True and she gave, as one reason, that Bobby Kennedy was shot in June. If she can stay in 4 that, well
"We all know Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June."
Can't lose faith. First candidate I believed in since Bobby Kennedy. Must make him succeed!
" we all remember when Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California" HRC 2008
Hamilton Collection
got in early on Eno Benjamin & made him a priority. Double-teamed him with Bobby Kennedy & Chris White. Visit last month sealed it
People I have been compared to:. Joel Osteen. (young) Robert Redford. Henry Fonda. Bobby Kennedy. Pete from "Win a Date with Tad Hamilton"
I'm developing this theory that Carter was the consolation prize for McGovern (and Eugene McCarthy/Bobby Kennedy before him).
It was on this day in 1968 that ML King was assassinated--and that Bobby Kennedy responded with his best speech:
David, Best candidate since Bobby Kennedy. Join the revolution. You won't be disappointed.
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