Bobby Jones & Moses Malone

Robert Tyre Bobby Jones Jr. (March 17, 1902 – December 18, 1971) was an American amateur golfer, and a lawyer by profession. Moses Eugene Malone (born March 23, 1955 in Petersburg, Virginia) is a retired American Hall of Fame basketball player who starred in both the American Basketball Association and the National Basketball Association. 5.0/5

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All time Sixers on has Jrue Holliday, Andre Iguodala, and Embiid with no Barkley, Moses f Malone, or Bobby Jones?? FAIL
Early 80s the NBA was mostly on TV on tape delay, and the Sixers were my team Dr. J, Bobby Jones, Moses Malone, Andrew Toney, Mo Cheeks.
Moses Malone, Dr J, Mo Cheeks, Andrew Toney, Bobby Jones was my favorite all time NBA team
Come see Iverson, Darryl Dawkins, Bobby Jones, Moses Malone, World B Free, and Billy Cunningham, and current Sixers pl…
I was down with the Sixers back in the day. Dr. J, Mo Cheeks, Bobby Jones...losing Daryl Dawkins and now Moses Malone is quite a shock.
I loved the 83 Sixers. Mo Cheeks, Moses Malone, Dr. J, Bobby Jones. This is so sad.
Moses Malone was on the first basketball team I ever loved. Dr. J, Mo Cheeks, Moses Malone, Bobby Jones and Andrew Toney. *** man.
Alan Iverson. on ESPN radio right now with Dan Levatard. Still the best and toughest little man in NBA history and up there with all the great Sixers like Julius Erving, Wilt Chamberlain, Charles Barkley, Billy Cunningham, Moses Malone, Bobby Jones, Mo Cheeks, Hal Greer, etc.
My name is Tom Jackman, I'd like to run for governor on the Green/Rainbow ticket, because I'm the hot ticket. -because Green is better -because Green is necessary -because we don't have a money issue -because Fenway knows me -because it's up in smoke anyway -because I paint "bebida gaseosa" ecuadorian coke bottles with colorful nebula -because you should "fear the Spectrum" like I'm the real Dr. J and Moses Malone and Bobby Jones, and I'm a bi-cenntennial baby -because I'm Irish, Judean, Canadian, and Italian -because I'll bust the corporate strangle hold like President William Howard Taft -because I smoke Dunhills -because beautification is job number one -because you can't knock the hustle -because wages will rise on my pages -because the sox followed me to the bronx and won -because the Emerald Square Mall is my favorite place -because Heinsohn is a better Tommy point than me in some debates -because the Rainbow Warriors are me. visiting Aloha Stadium fro the Pro Bowl -because Fruitstripe is a good che ...
Dr. J, Dr. K, Connie Hawkins, George Gervin, Bobby Jones, were stars in the ABA, Mose Malone too and many more. Moses Malone came into the NBA via the Buffalo Braves when Cotton Fitzsimmons was coach, Moses wanted playing time he was 19 the rest is NBA history!!
76ers all time greats! Moses Malone, Bobby Jones, Dr. J, AI and Al Greer! I cannot include Sir Charles or Wilt because of tenure.
Great win for the Flyers last night and what a game!! I do have to admit that I as a fan is getting tired of the Owners who but these teams come into Philly and tell us how much they are going to make a difference, and they are not the previous owner!! Well all I have to say is thank you to the Sixers owners and CEO for again doing NOTHING for bettering the team ..., the Sixers have not been an important part of the sports scene in this area for a long time and it seems we won't see any changes to say any different from the new owners!! What a shame!!! Growing up the Sixers where a team to be dealt with! With the likes of Dr, J , Andrew Toney, Bobby Jones, Moses Malone, and etc. And now we have a guy who is being paid a lot of money for doing nothing but going bowling and hurting his good knee!!! So as a fan again another disappointing year and with the trade deadline now passed and the Sixers did nothing to get better like maybe getting I don't know, Redding or how about Josh Smith they are just 2 guys w ...
What y'all know about Mo Cheeks? This team with Bobby Jones, Dr. J., Moses Malone, Andrew Toney, & for a spell, a young Charles Barkley, had heart!!
Ole Philadelphia fan when they had Dr. J, Andrew Toney, Moses Malone, Bobby Jones to name a few!
The Sixers vs the Celts. Brings back memories of the good old days. Dr. J vs Bird, Bobby Jones vs McHale and Moses Malone vs Robert Parish. Let's hope the Sixers can keep the good times rolling. Roll on Sixers.
Celtics are down 5, but you can't be scared because Dr. J, Moses Malone, Andrew Toney, Bobby Jones, and Maurice Cheeks are not walking through that door!
I don't believe so. Moses Malone was one of the players along with Jamaal Wilkes, Bobby Jones.
That Philly Chicago ending was nuts! Philly vs Boston saturday night... will Parish be able to nutrelize Moses Malone? Will Andrew Toney kill us? Can Mchale cover Bobby Jones and will Dr. J and Bird brawl again? Woops, sorry, that was 30 years ago... my mistake.
Big ups to Buckeye supreme, Evan Turner and the Illadelph Sixers. They might not get any further and they did struggle with a severely handicapped Bulls squad, but I think they're working their way back to revelence. I think this young Philly squad has a lot of upside and a bright future. My favorite NBA franchise while growing up ( Julius " Dr J." Erving, George McGinnis, Henry Bibby, Daryl "Chocolate Thunder" Dawkins, Doug Collins, Lloyd "World B." Free, Bobby Jones, Maurice Cheeks, Caldwell Jones, Steve Mix, Moses Malone, Andrew "The Boston Strangler" Toney, Charles Barkley, Rick Mahorn, Johnny Dawkins, Munte Bol, Hersey Hawkins, Alan "Bubbachuck" "The Answer" Iverson ) might just be back. HOLLA!
Of course! Been a 76ers fan since the days of Dr. J, Moses Malone, Maurice Cheeks, Bobby Jones and the 5th starter (?)
Sixers made the playoffs. Basketball for a few more weeks. Sure miss Dr. J, Moses Malone, Bobby Jones, Andrew Toney, and Maurice Cheeks!
BIG OPENING NIGHT NEWS: Julius "DR J" Erving will be at home opener Fri Jan 6, along with Moses Malone and Bobby Jones. Join us!
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