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Bobby Jones Gospel

Bobby Jones Gospel (sometimes called The Bobby Jones Gospel Hour) is a program on Black Entertainment Television hosted by gospel legend Dr.

Bobby Jones Gospel Show Joshua Rogers Kierra Sheard Pastor Shirley Caesar Tye Tribbett Westside Baptist Church Shirley Murdock Kurt Carr Singers Michael White Richard Smallwood Charles Butler Happy Sunday Thanking God

Family say that Gospel dude that use to be on BET (Bobby Jones)is. lol
Bishop Paul Morton Just found this old footage on Youtube from Bobby Jones Gospel .WOW !!! So Anointed My 2nd...
I just wish Tyler Perry or David Talbert or Bobby Jones would put her in a gospel play already. That genre is custo…
Seeing Nick at Nite come on after cartoons was worse than seeing Bobby Jones Gospel after BET Uncut.
sounds like a Bobby Jones Gospel special this morning on
😂can we get BET to stop the programming confusion and hypocrisy with the ratchet Uncut videos followed by Bobby Jones gospel?
I sure do miss watching Bobby Jones Gospel on Sunday mornings
I have had to ask God for forgiveness so many times for not turning the channel from Bobby jones gospel will getting da sects.
These gospel artists got everything to say about secular *** but 0 to say about the James Clevelands, Bobby Jones' and Donnie Mcclurkins
Dr. Bobby Jones is a gospel music legend, having presided over half a dozen TV shows and other productions for...
pretty much...she didn't mind getting that check from frank ocean. I bet she's been on Bobby jones gospel too
She better try & see if they can revive Bobby Jones Gospel.
Why is Dr. Bobby Jones GOSPEL at the enjoying the secular music. 🤔
I caught Bobby Jones gospel this morning
May be some Bobby Jones Gospel right here
I liked a video Tye Tribbett and GA on Bobby Jones Gospel
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BET got rid of Bobby Jones Gospel to put Tye Tribbett's Joyful Noise on. 😂 out with the old, in with the new.
Was just thinking how Sunday mornings are so different without Bobby Jones Gospel. Now has Joyful Noise with Tye Tribbett. Good Job.
It's really still very hard to believe that Bobby Jones Gospel will be ending soon...
Better sing this morning on Bobby Jones Gospel!!
Bobby Jones gospel is on point this morning is a major part of our lives Young an old
Growing up, on Sunday's all we could watch was Bobby Jones Gospel. Now YouTube is my Bobby Jones Gospel.
Smokie Norful doing it on Bobby Jones Gospel right now.
Bobby Jones Gospel...I love God...U don't love God...what's wrong w/u...Great song my Sister William Murphy up next Whoo!
**Tune-In Alert** Be sure to watch Bobby Jones Gospel TOMORROW on 9/8c. I'm performing!…
Thanks to Bobby Jones and to all the gospel artists for the good work they do
on Bobby Jones Gospel this morning. What a worship!!
I can't wait to see my cousin on Bobby Jones Gospel. Won't He Do It.
Bobby Jones Gospel Show never gets old. Will be missed!
I liked a video Singing Background for Bryan Andrew Wilson on Bobby Jones Gospel
I enjoyed watching Bobby Jones Gospel. I love the WORD that delivers in song.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Kevin Lemons & Higher Calling on Bobby Jones Gospel this morning!
Don't forget to watch the of Bobby Jones Gospel on BET with Rance Allen Kevin Lemons and Higher...
Two of my artists The Rance Allen Group and Bryan Andrew Wilson do what they do on BET's "Bobby Jones Gospel"... https…
Today on The Morning Show, we go Behind the Scenes of Bobby Jones Gospel to talk to
We look like we're about to blaze the stage of Bobby Jones Gospel
Cable station says farewell to Bobby Jones Gospel .
me and the Anointed Pace sister Duranice at Bobby Jones Gospel…
There's a petition online to help save asking & Viacom to keep the show alive:
Bobby Jones: BET was built on Gospel music
Original uncut came on right before Bobby Jones gospel. Sin & get saved in two hours
‘Bobby Jones Gospel,' that jerry curl perm, and Its Strongest Voice Prepare to Say Farewell
thank you for blessing my spirit with your songs on The Bobby Jones Gospel Show. I loved it!
enjoying the anointed ministry of Earnest Pugh on Bobby Jones Gospel. Tune in NOW!
tuned into Bobby Jones Gospel this morning my heart❤ is filled!
Bobby Jones is like thee place for new gospel music artists. Yu havent made it if yu havent been on Bobby Jones lol
You know it's time to wake up for church when you can hear Bobby Jones Gospel on the TV.
YO. BET could bring back the Bobby Jones Gospel specials on Sunday! YES!
I never miss an episode of Bobby Jones Gospel on 135 Sundays yey black americans can sing ya'll 🙌🙌🙏🙏
Tamela Mann sings her soon to be Top 10 single "This Place" on Bobby Jones Gospel! Check it out here!
African parents are just so rude! . I'm happily watching Bobby Jones gospel and you change it events ... What is life 😭
Right before Bobby Jones Gospel Kurt Carr and Kurt Carr Singers blow the Show up! Praise God.
THANKS everyone for the messages about "Bobby Jones Gospel" today! I always enjoy doing Dr. Jones' show!
Bobby jones gospel got me crunk this morning.
Why am I watching bobby jones gospel😑
I haven't saw bobby jones gospel in so long
Bobby Jones Gospel, Rhonda McLemore that was ministry in song. Great start getting ready for Bishop bday celebration
That song just killed on Bobby Jones Gospel. We wanted more.
Every morning my mom tries to get me to watch Bobby Jones Gospel... She need to pray about that
I'm on next singing I See Beyond on Bobby Jones Gospel from album
I remember when I use to live with my grandma I use to wake up every Sunday @ 9 just to watch Bobby Jones gospel
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Be sure to catch the Kurt Carr Singers tomorrow on Bobby Jones Gospel at 9am ET! "Great God, Great Praise!"
I liked a video from Sensere on Bobby Jones Gospel
my mom loves the bobby jones gospel i think its called on sundays BUT EVEN THE GOSPEL EPISODES ARE THE SAME EVERY *** WEEK lol
The Tigger Movie Sun, 11 Jan 8:55AM GMT Disney Junior Winnie the Pooh and all of his friends in the Hundred Acre...
The Tigger, Bobby Jones Gospel, Where is Elisa and more on GOtv this week
I.M.A.C. Congratulates Karen Moore-Hoskins on her upcoming debut performance on BET's Bobby Jones Gospel on...
I remember seeing him on Bobby Jones Gospel.
Sunday Jan 11th! Tune in to BET BOBBY JONES GOSPEL as I will be the Featured New Artist! 9 am…
Ok I need you to set your DVR's and Tune in to watch Bobby Jones Gospel tomorrow thank you so much for your... http:/…
The 1st Sunday of 2015 I will be performing & co hosting Bobby Jones Gospel! Please tune in!!! I'll be
Tomorrow morning on I'll be joining on Bobby Jones Gospel with his Hit song "But God" set your Dvr no…
"Coming up on Bobby Jones Gospel NOW!!! BUT GOD feat mrjamesfortune
This Sunday morning catch me on Bobby Jones Gospel! Its gonna be off the chain!
If you missed you can see the full episode online at
Okay I wanna visit the Bobby Jones Gospel Show
Have you been on bobby jones gospel more than once ?
Howard University Gospel Choir on the Bobby Jones Gospel Show this morning
Be sure to catch Jonathan McReynolds tomorrow morning on the Bobby Jones Gospel Show.
The Group Debuts in Top 10 on Billboard, Set to Perform on 'Bobby Jones Gospel'
OMG! MY DREAM HAS CAME TO PASS!! I just got intived to be on Bobby Jones Gospel in February!! God is SOO good!!!
I just had a chance to catch up on my DVR and watched Bobby Jones Gospel. Amazing voice!! Keep hitting those notes!!!
Tye Tribbett on Bobby Jones Gospel. Church on Saturday at my house happening right now.
LA was beautiful and we worked hard! Cant wait to release interviews with Bobby Jones Gospel + more
Hope y'all be like this when the Bobby Jones Gospel awards come on
“Bobby Jones Gospel be at all the awards.”😂😂😂
Bobby Jones Gospel be at all the awards.
R&B Songstress Shirley Murdock (circa the late 80's thru mid 90's) returns to her gospel roots on Bobby Jones Gospel.
It's a beautiful sunny day in Las Vegas this morning - laying in bed relaxing waiting for Bobby Jones GOSPEL hour to come on! Have a glorious day matesters :)
looks great on Bobby Jones Gospel! Just in case y'all didn't know, she is one of my most favorite …
My hubby is surprised I have never watched Bobby Jones gospel. Lol
That little boy on bobby Jones gospel was too cute & can sing
For those who's going to the lord house please put Me on your prayer list the way my foot setup there's no way I can go n get my praise on even though I cant go there I'm home getting my praise on!! Joshua Rogers from sc was on Bobby Jones Gospel and he lifted up my spirits the devil thought he won but he didn't because you can give praise anywhere I'm God's child! Hope everyone have a blessed day!
My fam is on bobby Jones gospel .. Again..
Getting ready for church and watching Bobby Jones Gospel
Wishing i was ChurchFlow...but I'm WorkFlow..but I'm tuned in to bobby jones gospel!!
Sunday's Best winner Joshua Rogers sings his first single from his debut CD on Bobby Jones Gospel. This little brother can sing his butt off!
Joshua Rogers on Bobby Jones Gospel now! I love his singing ministry!
Up watching Bobby Jones Gospel and just giving thanks to the man above. Nothing is possible!
Bruh why does Bobby Jones gospel even still come on
Comin up we use to watch Bobby Jones Gospel every Sunday 10 am
I just need my one on one time with u lord I might b selfish but I I just cant help it when it comes down to u..ayyye MY OTHA SONG DOE...ONE ON ONE TIME.BOBBY JONES GOSPEL ON POINT THIS MORNING
There is nothing better than to have my Father In Heaven to wake me up this morning listening to Bobby Jones Gospel Hour
When my mom watches Bobby Jones' Gospel...she not going to church 😕
Watching Bobby Jones Gospel. I have to start my day off right. Ohh yes!!
Back an forth between bobby Jones gospel an lifted giving my thanks
I'm watching Bobby Jones Gospel and earning great rewards from
Having church at home with my mom. She's alittle tired & hurting this morning. God understand. Watching Bobby jones gospel
Well my church don't have church this Sunday I just I will watch bobby Jones gospel and go back to sleep
I bet u will hear this song live on Bobby Jones gospel real soon!
I added a video to a playlist soul stirrers live! (Bobby Jones Gospel) Stand by me
“What tradition are you most excited about?” The Bobby Jones Gospel Show Taping
This is us on the Bobby Jones Gospel Show. I taped it from my TV @ home. GHETTO! but hey. it's clear enough fo u to get ya praise on! lol
Great time tonight at Logos Baptist Great talent great service great friends. My brother and friend, Paul Porter Of The Christianairs .Dr Bobby Jones Of Bobby Jones Gospel, and my sister Lemme, Celebrating her Birthday, the wife and I also took a picture in Dr Parson's Office with Paul in his absence but I know he won't mind. We're cool like that Lol
Headed back to Bobby Jones Gospel agreed on it tonight! Thank you Duchess and the choir !!
MEDIA ALERT!! This weekend on The Bobby Parker Radio show!!!. Check out these awesome ladies of Gospel and their...
here's a throwback video of John P. Kee & New Life on Bobby Jones Gospel singing his hits, Mighty God, Clap Your Hands, and others.
11 weeks and still hanging on in there at number 25 on the Billboard Gospel Album chart. Bobby Jones feat Faith...
Check out Trinity with J Moss singing "Good and Bad" on Bobby Jones Gospel. .
I'm addicted to this lip balm! I've turned into Dr.Bobby Jones (gospel heads will understand the reference)!
if you ain't watch Bobby Jones Gospel every Sunday morning before church
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Bobby Jones Gospel is a program on Black Entertainment Television hosted by gospel legend Dr. Bobby Jones. The...
Thank you for the opportunity to represent our sisterhood today on the Bobby Jones Gospel Show.
Bobby Jones and New Life with the Nashville Super Choir - What A Friend: The Ultimate Gospel ...
Did anybody see thay Frederick Douglass looking man in the Bobby Jones Gospel audience? 😂 😂 😂
Sitting here watching bobby jones gospel cs I don't feel like changing the channel
Jonathan Butler is on Bobby Jones Gospel right now.treat yourself
Why tf the dancer on Bobby Jones Gospel got on cross tights ... 😂😂😂
Kyla Jade may be best known as one of the standout voices of The Nashville Super Choir, bringing powerful praise into living rooms around the country on BET’s Bobby Jones Gospel, but she is establishing herself as a formidable singer in her own right.… [ 272 more words. ]
Up with my husband n Bobby Jones Gospel while he get ready for his early morning work with pop's have a great day babe
Thx u Lord fah allowing me & my family to awake dis mornin. Up watchn Bobby Jones Gospel and da most encouraging quote I heard today was "Do not be dismay, for wateva it is dat u are goin thru, God will take care of u"... My prayers go out to any/everybdy who's goin thru hard times rather its financially, mentally, or emotionally I ask dat God heals your mind, body, & soul bt u gotta have FAITH & BELIEVE dat He is REAL...
up watching Bobby Jones Gospel.have a blessed Sunday!! :)
My friend LeAndria Johnson is killin on Bobby Jones Gospel right now! God has blessed me to become friends with...
sleeping in today it feels so good. watching a little Bobby Jones Gospel
Wonderful voices this choir on Bobby Jones Gospel miracles happens when u call on the name of JESUS
Waking up feeling wonderful, blessed & ready to give god his praise. Watching Joel Olsteen & Bobby Jones Gospel. Feeling so inspired I can't wait for church.
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, no i dont i watch Bobby Jones Gospel all the time on t.v.
Listening to on Bobby Jones Gospel. Decided to rate her in key of E: exceptional, excellent, extraordinary! Superb job
Gm Fbf Up watching Bobby Jones Gospel .let's get it in .Ericka Campbell from Mary Mary rocking ...
Good Sunday Morning !!! It's my favorite day of the Week and Erica Campbell is on Bobby Jones Gospel oh yea TODAYS AH GOOD DAY !
I see you in your hammer pants on Bobby Jones Gospel!! I LOVE this song, The Help…
Watching my love on Bobby Jones Gospel... She's killin right now! 💞
Watching the beautiful on Bobby Jones Gospel this morning!
I'm Bobby Jones Gospel. TV loves you back with Watch TV. Earn Points. Get Rewards.
Did you know I was on the Bobby Jones Gospel Show? It was an awesome experience! Check it out here:
I was blessed to minister on Bobby Jones Gospel Show!! Awesome experience! Check it out:
We are gonna be on Bobby Jones Gospel in a couple of weeks taping for the show, airing on BET.
SWV singer Coko performs her gospel single "May Be My Last Time" for "Bobby Jones Gospel." Charles Butler & Trinity are featured on this performance. For det...
Wess Morgan sings his new single live on the Bobby Jones Gospel Show.
Beverly Crawford is coming to a town near you with her hot new single “Sweeping Through the City” from her CD Thank You For All You’ve Done. Her stellar career has produced gospel favorites including “Jesus, Precious King,” “He’s Done Enough,” and “Praise Jehovah” that have climbed to the top of the charts. “We went back and pulled “Sweeping Through The City” and it has so many wonderful twists to that song.” The JDI recording artist grew up singing in the church and school of her hometown in Gainesville, Florida. The world began to take notice each week on Bobby Jones Gospel. “I sang for six years and still sing with Bobby—he asked me to do the Tom Joyner Cruise this month.” Her high-spirited preaching style comes naturally as she comes from a long line of pastors and evangelists. “Preaching is in my bones—from a little kid-that’s all I know. I’ve been evangelizing and now pastoring for over 20 years,” she shared. For the past eight years, the singing evangelis ...
Kurt Carr and his roof-raising back-up singers minister their current radio single on Bobby Jones Gospel.
Cant go 2 bed witout listening 2 the ANNOINTED voice👉 singn my fav "Precious Lord"on Bobby Jones Gospel
Another flawless performance by the incomparable Kim Burrell on Bobby Jones Gospel. I NEVER get tired of hearing this song...
I liked a video from Dexter Walker and Zion Movement on BET's Bobby Jones Gospel
Bobby Jones Gospel in Nashville, TN. does the production every 3rd Saturday. Luke 2:52
Big UPS to my Sis Monica Lisa Stevenson for SLAMMING on Bobby Jones Gospel on today! Girl you was quite OILY. YES LORD! Sooo proud of you!
Check out the full performance of "Conqueror" live from the legendary Bobby Jones Gospel stage. Album available on iTunes and CDBaby now.
Algeron Wright & D'vine ministering at Bobby Jones Gospel in New Orleans. Keep an eye out for the recording on The Word Network! Musicians: Barry Washington ...
Well I feel pretty good this morning Thanking God for everything I ate breakfast ,watched Bobby Jones Gospel now its time to get ready for church I pray the Lord have His way and that He speak to my heart Have a bless day FB
Matthew was sanging that tenor with Artist- Stevenson yall better sang now!!! Wow many many more to come!! Bobby Jones Gospel
I Breathe Melody performing with the women's choir today on Bobby Jones Gospel. Yes, we are a full service company. :)
I'm sitting here watching Bobby Jones Gospel on BET waiting on Artist- Monica Lisa Stevenson to sing YeaH!
Good morning fbf&f, please turn on your tv to Bobby Jones Gospel on BET this morning. My church Tempe of Deliverance women's choir are performing today. Thank you and be bless!!!
Bobby Jones Gospel gets on my nerves now for reason now. I'll pass! *starts my gospel playlist w/ meditation* Good Morning FB ♡
This lady cuttin up on Bobby Jones Gospel! Well Lets Praise The Lord! Good Morning Y'all!
Looking at Bobby Jones Gospel have not watched this in forever. They are jamming. He has different singers.
Thank you Lord for one more day. Up this morning getting ready for church, with Bobby Jones Gospel playing in the background. Lol (reminds me of sunday mornings at momma house) Have a blessed day everyone!
Check out my Friend - Mrs. Monica Lisa Stevenson as she ministers on Bobby Jones Gospel today @ 8AM - CST.
Laying in my bed waiting on the Bobby Jones Gospel to come on
Richard Smallwood & Visions ministers like no other on Bobby Jones Gospel.
"Seek GOD first and everything else will fall into place" true statement by Joshua Rogers on BET's Bobby Jones Gospel
Awesome line-up on BET Bobby Jones Gospel: Kurt Carr, Zacardi Cortez, Joshua Rogers and Shirley Murdock. Tune in now. I am watching while working out. :)
Joshua Rogers will be on Bobby Jones Gospel this am👏
Kurt Carr & The Kurt Carr Singers; Zacardi Cortez; Shirley Murdock & Joshua Rogers all on Bobby Jones Gospel in the morning!
I wanna go watch bobby jones gospel live
Ya'll, I'm so honored to have gotten the opportunity to be on BET's Bobby Jones Gospel this morning with my MOS fam and The Westside BC Mass Choir! And the real testimony--none of us looked fat! That oughta make you shout!!! Lolololol!!! I love y'all, and thanks for your support!!! Chad M. Lott Marquis Barnes LaMonica Howell Keisha Mayers Jennifer Foster Ruth Stewart Stephanie Matanga Crystal Crain Brittany Johnson
Watching Bobby Jones Gospel,getting my praise on,but I'm getting ready to give God my praise in the church house with a body of believers,to give the Lord thanks for allowing me to make it from last Sunday to now doing whatever I wanted to do and going and coming as I pleased,so thank You,thank You,thank You for the past,present and future.. I hope everybody has a Blessed Sunday.TryJesus!
Just saw a old friend from my college days Herbevelynne Norris and Westside Baptist Church on the Bobby Jones Gospel Show!!! Awesome job!!!
Watching Bobby Jones Gospel music on BET televison. Is jamming today for the LORD. I'm with them too. Give it up to GOD today.
Couldnt turn the tv off for nothing this morning but thanks to someone I went to sleep and she stop kicking me... flow but I'll watch Bobby Jones Gospel for a few
Aj Evans, my first time turning past Bobby Jones Gospel I hear the song you wrote, "I Was Glad When They Said Unto Me" sung by his choir. So proud of you and your gifts!
Gm fb time for some breakfast and iam watching bobby jones gospel.
Good morning! Watching tha Bobby Jones Gospel Show on (BET) as my good friend Dr. Patrick Bradley performs; what a Blessing...
"West side turn up" .. Yep it's time I turn from Bobby Jones Gospel.
rocked on BET Bobby Jones Gospel. Awesome! By far and the WBC church turned it up and God turned it out
GM Everyone. I'm watching Bobby Jones Gospel, and who do I see. Dr. Patrick Bradley. He came to do our Music Workshop at our Church. God Is So Awesome. Be Blessed.
This morning i am watching bobby jones gospel on bet.
I'm home watching Bobby Jones Gospel. This nagging cold.
Tuned in to Bobby Jones Gospel to watch my Minister Patrick Bradley and my Westside Baptist Church family!!! Here they go!!
While watching the Bobby Jones Gospel, a guest singer quoted this powerful statement. "There are two great days in your life, the day you were born and the day you find out why".
Looking at Bobby Jones gospel this morning Sherry Jones Moffett looks like TD Jakes wife...Lady Serita.
Wish I was in church 323pm come on , wtbs bobby jones gospel
It's always a pleasure when I turn to Bobby Jones gospel on Sundays and I see my cousin Michael J. Wright doing His thing. Proud of u my dude! Happy Sunday fb Fam! Luv Ya.
Getting my praise on. Bobby Jones Gospel is on. I am getting motivated so I may go to service. Staying prayed up and trusting in Him. Love and Blessings all.
Watching bobby jones gospel getting ready for church you all be blessed
TUNE IN NOW to see my baby Stephanie Matanga on the Bobby Jones Gospel Show! Her group (Ministry of Sound) will be singing along side w/ West Side Baptist Church!
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Start my morning off with Bobby Jones Gospel before i go in to work :)
Just caught Johnathon Butler on the Bobby Jones Gospel,he still sounds wonderful.
Love seeing my family on Bobby Jones Gospel on BET... Love it... Robyn Thompson Tyshawnda Silver. Singr Man Gray
Watching Bobby Jones Gospel. Sing Johnathon Butler, one of my absolute favorite singer ever. Love it!
I'm get my praise on watching Dr Bobby Jones gospel on BET
I don't care what nobody says. Bobby Jones Gospel go hard. Lol it's starting my Sunday morning off beautifully. :)
Bobby Jones Gospel is on NOW! Tune in and support Dr. Patrick Bradley and the Westside Baptist Church Mass Choir!!!
Goodmorning! Fb, watching Bobby Jones Gospel .while preparing Sunday dinner before I head out to be spiritually feed .Lord u r Good n yr mercy endure forever. I just cant stop praising his name .You dont know my story .Am so satisfy with my Savior. :)
GM.. Watching Bobby Jones Gospel & im just tripping because, now they doing the salsa dance to gospel?? I DNT get it..
Tune into the Bobby Jones Gospel Show this morning none other than my church Westside Baptist Church Mass Choir will be singing "Abundantly Blessed" at 8A.M..
Good morning FB...Bobby Jones Gospel on BET will be on
Waiting for Bobby Jones gospel! In the mean time, what am I going to wear to Church? Suit or skirt
GM!! God I wanna make you smile😁 FB family please tune into Bobby Jones gospel at 9am we will be backing up the one and only JOHNATHAN BUTLER!!! I'm grateful!
Check out the Westside BC Mass Choir on Bobby Jones Gospel today at 8am.
Waiting for 9:00a favorite- Bobby Jones Gospel.ready to get "happy" up in here! Thank you Jesus for this beautiful Sunday .and for my feet touching the floor! AMEN..God loves y'all .and so do I my peep! xoxo's
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if u get BET Westside bc will b on this am bobby jones gospel
This morning, I will be on the Bobby Jones Gospel Show singing background with Charles Butler & Trinity for Sherry Jones Moffett (best known for leading "Encourage Yourself" with Donald Lawrence). She will be singing a song from her new solo project. Check it out on BET if you can!
Ok so I'm going to miss my cuzzo on Bobby Jones Gospel at 8 a.m. because we don't do cable so you guys let me know how it goes!!! HAPPY JESUS GUYS!!!
Don't miss it!! My sister in Christ Brittany Johnson will be featured on Bobby Jones Gospel @ 8am with the Westside Baptist Church! Just the beginning for this jewel.
Come and WORSHIP with Pastor Dennis Martin and Restoration Revival Cogic this morning at 10AM *1445 Fulton Avenue East Point, GA 30344* ...also this morning at 9AM Don't Forget to Tune Into (((Bobby Jones Gospel))) on BET and watch My Mom/Aunts ~* The Pace Sisters*~ and Myself perform their ~New Single~ ***JUST BELIEVE*** produced by: Teddy Riley and my brother Dennis Lamar Martin Jr. ~*HSuNdEverybody :-)
Ya'll ever watch/listen to Bobby Jones Gospel on BET? I am in love with it. Just thought I'd share!. Also, if...
I always wandered if Bobby Jones from that BET show, 'Bobby Jones Gospel Show', is Donell Jones father, someone answer this for me lool.
Shout out to Michael Watkins, and Pedro Moore Sr., Davyd Houston for doing their thing today on the Bobby Jones Gospel Show in Nashville, TN! I believe we represented Birmingham well!
Ministering at Bobby Jones Gospel presents tv show in Nashville,TN..if you are in the Nashville area come join us exalt The Lord! .@ 2261 Murfreesboro road, Nashville
My sister is gonna be on bobby jones Gospel tomorrow morning.
Recording Artist Rance Allen will be at Westside Baptist Church tonight at 6:00 pm. My daughter Jasmine is playing with the Orchestra. Remember Westside Baptist will be on BET Bobby Jones Gospel at tomorrow at 8:00 am CST. Set your DVR!! I am in the Alto Section.
So it begins. Bobby Jones Gospel ... S.A.I.N.T's (Staff-D) pray for me as i walk through this door!!! God is Good
In Nashville Tenn with the on the way to the Bobby Jones Gospel Show
Morning! Sending a s/o to St. Matthews Dynamic Duo(Javon & Javion ) getting ready to record on the Bobby Jones Gospel Hour.Love y'all!
Just shy of 24 hrs...Join Us TOMORROW, on Bobby Jones Gospel on BET. We'll be singing "Just Believe" | Go Tell Somebody!
Mali Music singing Make me new on Bobby Jones Gospel.
GOD I ask that you give traveling grace to the members of IMPACT Ryan Harris, Corran Clark, Gimel March, & Chris Clark they are headed south to perform on Bobby Jones Gospel Show. Proud of you guys for all of your accomplishments. Keep moving forward God has more in store.
Mount Calvary Holy Church of America Inc. 2014 Empowerment Conference here in Houston, Texas has been completely . Now I am going to the airport heading to Nashville, Tennessee for a Bobby Jones Gospel Show taping to minister with Pastor Marlon Lock!
On the way to worship with Bobby Jones gospel
S/O to "Anointed Hands" Praise & Worship Team of New Shining Light Non Denomination Church as they perform on Bobby Jones Gospel! Let the goodness of God creatively use each and every being of yourselves so the world will know that HE is here and that his existence lives w/in you. You are the messengers of the truth.1ove
Hey Fam tune in tomorrow Saturday 2p to 6p Central time and Sunday 5a -11a to the Bobby Jones Gospel Radio Show!...
Watching video on Bobby Jones Gospel. "He's done Enough". Wondering when is going to do a gospel album?
Okay ...we're sharing a secret. There are a limited number of discounted tickets available for Dr. Bobby Jones Gospel Show on
The Westside Baptist Church choir will be on Bobby Jones gospel this Sunday, February 2, 2014 at 8:00…
Bobby Jones Gospel in my living room...oh yesss
Tune into this Sunday at 9am! We are singing Just Believe on Bobby Jones Gospel! Spread the word!
Dr. Bobby Jones Gospel Experience will be presented on Saturday, February 8, at 8:00 p.m. in Caltech’s Beckman Auditorium. Dr. Jones has revolutionized the gospel music industry. Dr. Jones is credited with taking Gospel music to mainstream airwaves via cable television. Bobby Jones Gospel, for...
Up next! Be uplifted! Dr. Bobby Jones Gospel Experience on Sat. Feb 8th at 8pm. This will be the…
Wanted everyone to know that the show will finally be on!!! Westside Bapt Church choir will be representing on the Bobby Jones Gospel Show... airs Feb 2nd @ 8 am. Please set your DVR and support our choir and we continue to uplift and praise His name. Thanks in advance!!
Tune in Sunday 8:00 am cst to Bobby Jones Gospel on BET. I will be in the Alto section. Set your DVR
Mah mom's gone b on bobby jones gospel! On BET... I salute her!
I miss going to church! This 7-3 mess every Sunday is starting to get to me. I can't keep watching Bobby Jones Gospel every week and not paying my tithes! Man, I love giving praise
Check out my client and my church this Sunday on Bobby Jones Gospel. I get to see one of my cuts on tv again!!!...
We chat with Dr. Bobby Jones about longevity in the industry!!
I liked a video from Jessica Reedy - 'Flow' | Bobby Jones Gospel
thanks 4 blessings us on Bobby Jones Gospel on yesterday. Continued blessings n your ministry.
Just in case you missed it . . . . . Here is Michael White & True Praise ministering on Bobby Jones Gospel which aired on yesterday. Be blessed and remember . . . You are a "Conqueror"!
Watch the Bobby Jones Gospel Show shid it was equivalent to going to church
Good Morning my Sunday Morning Praisers!!! Today inspire of not feeling my BEST.I'm a conqueror and I'm covered with VICTORY!!! Thankful for Rev. Michael White & Bobby Jones Gospel!!!
Watching bobby jones gospel hour as per usual on a Sunday morning .
Good morning FB. ... Happy Sunday everyone all the glory to God .. I wish everyone a wonderful Sunday. ..have a blessed day everyone. Folgers and waiting for Bobby jones gospel to come on.enjoy FB ...ttyl
Praise n worship from home this morning with Bobby Jones Gospel. Continue to praise in the car. Fred Hammond/United Tenors. Headed to see Mom. Thank you Lord for waking me up this morning and sending me on my way. I am blessed beyond measure. Continue to pray my strength in Jesus name. AMEN
Up early watching Dr. Bobby Jones Gospel. I love me some Ernest Pugh. Now getting ready to heading out to Leap of Faith Community Church. God Bless.
Good morning to all, Today is the day that the lord has made we will rejoice & be glad in it, I'm starting my morning off right watching Bobby jones Gospel hearing the word of god is always a blessing, lord we ask that you continue to cover us all in the blood of jesus no weapon formed against us shall proposer! Have a bless day I know I will;)
Man got to the church and i did not feel good the whole church was full i just could not sit there so i got up and left and went home and turn on bobby jones gospel i think i might have to hit that patron and drink this beer and lite one and then i will be ok and romeka mckinney i had a dream that i got you but it was only a dream...~~~snap snap snap
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Nothing like waking up to Bobby Jones Gospel. I'm grateful for my baby boy and him being strong and healthy. I'm grateful that he has the best god mom I could ask for Aimee Kiener don't know what I'd do if you weren't in our lives. Im grateful for my mamma who raised a strong woman, that I am today.
Laying in the bed sick.. My body wouldn't let me get ready for church.. Hate missing My pastor bring the word.. But I got me some Bobby Jones Gospel in tho.
Thanking God for getting me through surgery and although I can't make it to church and in pain I'm up watching Bobby Jones Gospel. Thanking God for all my blessings...
Ok i'm here at work getting my church in. Watching. Bobby Jones Gospel. We have a good routine get some church in, then get her washed & dressed. You no what I no that for a fact even tough I do nursing I love taking care of elderly people. There's wisdom there. ,
Before church My Grandma be having Bobby Jones Gospel on BET playing on the tv. Today I heard her say "He can get it" lol smh
So proud to see Vincent Tharpe and his group on Bobby Jones Gospel ...You all blessed me. Keep up the good work.
Sooo my church flow today is as follows: Bobby Jones Gospel for praise and worship, Word Network for the message, and poptarts and milk for Communion! Yup, I'm worshipping. In pj's! Giving God the glory wherever I may be! DON'T JUDGE LEST YOU BE JUDGED!
Richard Smallwood; Jessica Reedy; Kathy Taylor; Kelly & Kelly all on Bobby Jones Gospel in the morning!
Second Baptist church is cancelled due to snow! !!!well I still going to get my praise on! !!!Bobby Jones Gospel: )
LeAndria Johnson sings "God Will Take Of You" live on the Bobby Jones Gospel Show. PLEASE NOTE: I do NOT own the copyrights or any content herein this video ...
Los Angeles California!! Tune in TODAY to Bobby Jones Gospel on BET to watch an Encore performance of Le'Andria Johnson "God Will Take Care Of You" Then meet her TONIGHT at West Angeles Cathedral at 7pm with Donnie McClurkin for Christmas at the Cathedral.
Shows I used to HAVE to watch as a kid w/ my Poppop: Matlock, In the Heat of the Night, Touched By an Angel, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, Andy Griffith, Taxi, Kung Fu, Highlander, Bobby Jones Gospel (Sundays), Knots Landing, any and every western and anything Clint Eastwood lol
I'm excited to announce that I'm going to be on the Bobby Jones Gospel Show on Dec 15th at 9am EST! Check it out! :)
Tune in to Bobby Jones Gospel this SUNDAY Dec 15th at 9a EST on for
I'm looking at Bobby Jones Gospel and when I tell you that Pastor Shirley Caesar haven't missed a beat!! The older the better!
God is moving this morning. Watching BET Bobby Jones Gospel. Pastor Shirley Caesar singing God will make away. We cheering on her from the Hotel Room, when the Holy Spirit moved right in on me, Stephanie Billington, and Cassandra Kirksey going in praising an awesome God!!! Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus. Taking it right on to Bethel AME Church - Monticello, FL
Goodmorning fbf!! I'm on the Bobby Jones Gospel flow. " God will make a way, I know that he Will".Pastor Shirley Caesar,I receive it and believe it!
Don't Forget to watch Pastor Shirley Caesar on Bobby Jones Gospel this Sunday at 9am
Good morning! Saw Kierra Sheard on Bobby Jones Gospel yesterday. She killed her new song that won't be released until after the new year. Been thinking about her song and her message all night. A lot of times we want to blame our bad habits on the devil when in fact we are our own problem. Praying this morning that God saves me from myself. AMEN!
So what about Kierra Sheard & Karen Clark Sheard on Bobby Jones Gospel this morning! "WE are Not Ashamd". My Gawd today lol
Kierra Sheard is singing my song on Bobby Jones Gospel this morning... "Save Me" .. Check it out!. :))
I am watching Bobby Jones Gospel. Kierra Sheard looks absolutely amazing and she sounds fabulous!
Well my God! Karen Clark-Sheard and Kierra Sheard on Bobby Jones Gospel. "We Are Not Ashamed of the Gospel!" They just made my whole week though!
Karen & Kierra Sheard are giving me the business this morning on Bobby Jones Gospel!!! Love it!
I recently saw you perform on the Bobby Jones Gospel Show and you rocked the house!!
Here with Jah-Way at the Bobby Jones Gospel taping for the Impact Television Network! I am grateful…
Us with the beastly Lisa Knowles! She tore down the house at the Bobby Jones Gospel Show!!
only church I go to is BET's Bobby Jones Gospel Bedroom Baptist, No driving, No offering, No clothes, and only an hour service!!!
Just finished taping the Bobby Jones Gospel Show for the Impact Television Network at the famous…
If you missed me on Bobby Jones Gospel here's the full episode! Enjoy and share! -MTJR
I feel bad now😔. I didn't attend revival at my Church today but I did watch the Bobby Jones Gospel Show on BET with my Mom😌.
Thank u & for bringing urban contemporary gospel 2 Bobby Jones us who do this style of music, hope!
on Bobby Jones Gospel i know he did a great job ..
Re watching Bobby Jones Gospel and and KILLED "God's Got It"! One of the best performances I've seen on this show!
Me: What you watching? . Mom: Bobby Jones Gospel Show. Me: Bobby just said "If you don't give a *** gone throw it up." 🙌
Watching Bobby Jones Gospel getting ready for church.
It ain't Sunday morning in the Goodwin household if bobby jones gospel isn't on
I love listening to Bobby Jones Gospel on Sunday mornings
Watching Bobby Jones gospel..I love that head shaking tongue talking body jerking gospel music. The one u make da stank face with
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