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Bobby Jindal

Piyush Bobby Jindal (born June 10, 1971) is the 55th and current Governor of Louisiana.

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I would've nominated Bobby Jindal, but Price wasn't a bad choice. I still don't trust Trump, but he's doing OK so far.
Bobby Jindal FORMER SECRETARY OF A Trump admit and you'll be submitted in San Antonio. Those pious morons are the bed.
also everyone knows Bobby jindal is burrs' thang
Foster Campbell was so delightful on Keepin' it 1600. I could listen to him rag on Bobby Jindal/John Kennedy forever
get your facts correct. Bobby jindal is not the governor. And where are the " kill pens ". No horse slaugher happening in la ??
why HUD?He's a Neurosurgeon... How about Health and Hospitals?Bobby Jindal ruined our states health care…
Terrific piece. Oh, and by the way, "up" is now "down" and "in" is now "out." Reminds me what Bobby Jindal once cal…
Supreme Court rules Bobby Jindal not a Person of ...
I love that Bobby Jindal's name isn't even Bobby. He picked his white man name from the Brady Bunch lmao.
Reminder: Bobby Jindal was such a bad candidate & terrible governor that not even *Donald Trump* wants him in his c…
Foster Campbell calls Bobby Jindal the worst governor in the history of the state that gave us Huey Long.
Bobby Jindal showed his true colors during the election and his vicious attacks on Trump. He sides w/the GOPe
Bobby Jindal showed us how disastrous Trump's education policies could be . (DeVos failures also noted) . .
Here's a critic's take on how vouchers and charters fared under Bobby Jindal in Louisiana (some Michigan stuff too)…
ppl object to it cuz its Trump doing it. If it was Bobby Jindal or Rick Scott would be celebrated
lol, even Bobby Jindal cut better deals than that
- Trump should use Jindal's "great ideas" as a roadmap of how NOT to do things. Bobby & Timmy = fail.
Thanks to Bobby Jindal, we know how disastrous Trump’s education policies could …
Under President Obama and Secretary Clinton, they're working hard t...
After Katrina *** didn't blame Bobby Jindal for the horrible Mismanagement of resources Bush sent, they blamed Bush direct
I love Pakistan! So much, I am making Bobby Jindal, "Bad *** Bobby" my Ambassador to Pakistan.
there were no US politicians that looked like me growing up. now we have Bobby Jindal & Nikki Haley. times have changed *raises…
Tried to type Bobby Jindal but wound up typing Booby Jindal so I followed the Spirit's leading.
Governor Edwards: An LA Dodger of the Law: real step down from Bobby Jindal. My condolences, LA.
Piglet from Winnie the Pooh is Bobby Jindal's spirit animal
Bobby Jindal republican Louisiana please learn to read
Bobby Jindal's lame attempt to bootstrap a Cabinet job has fizzled faster than his campaign in Iowa.
U.S. Marines against Romney for Secretary of state we've got better like Bobby Jindal or Allen West
No to Romney as Secretary of State... yes to Bobby Jindal, you or Allen West... help pick someone better B4 2 late
Help stop Romney as Secretary of State in favor of Bobby Jindal or Allen West. Trump in charge or is Ryan?
If you don't think this sentiment is important, I assume you support Bobby Jindal and Michelle Bachmann.
. Who is your... 1. Sec of State: Bobby Jindal. 2. CofS: Priebus is a good pick. 3. AG: Ted Cruz. 4. SecDef: Allen West
Can the Republican son-in-law of a former Democratic governor help clean up a mess left by Bobby Jindal?…
. The former Governor of Louisiana, Bobby Jindal, gets it RIGHT.
David Duke as Senator will be worse than Bobby Jindal's time as Governor.
Trump will try and run this country as Bobby Jindal former governor of Louisiana. As a business and failed. In the red over a billion $'s
Bobby Jindal failed as governor, but the Bobby Jindal machine is alive and well. . The purpose of Scott Angelle's... h…
They same way we ran away from Bobby Jindal and David Vitter right?
Tony Perkins, David Vitter, Steve Scalise, Bobby Jindal, or even David Duke. Either of whom could benefit from this
Tacky, but who wouldn't do similar w a "jailed" Trump, Ray Nagin, David Duke or Bobby Jindal?
Shep Smith comes under fire over his reaction to Bobby Jindal declaring "all lives matter" – WATCH:
5 Cops murdered in 3 in Shepard Smith upset Bobby Jindal said . Maybe he should join…
GOP's Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Bobby Jindal, Tim Scott, Clarence Thomas, Susan Martinez, are color blind...they don't see they're own color...
Bobby Jindal says all lives matter and Shepherd Smith objects. What on earth is wrong with Smith? Sick. Just sic…
Sheperd Smith is worried about Bobby Jindal using "All Lives Matter." Jindal is Indian.
At least Bobby Jindal ole Russell Wilson lookin *** woulda said something by now...what's up with John Bell hiding?
began with interviewing little Marco Rubio. Are Jim Gilmore and Bobby Jindal next? Can't he find any good guests?
We know Bobby Jindal don't care!!! He made sure to mess over our Louisiana economy to benefit himself
Yeah, like Nikki Haley, Scott Walker, Bobby Jindal... You're acting as if he's been praising Trump and he's just not.
If you think looking at Ted Cruz or Bobby Jindal is awkward. .. you don't know Lincoln Chafee he was creepy
I’m blocked by David Vitter, Bobby Jindal, and Frank Stallone. I guess I’ll try for Trump?
Here is one instance where Bobby Jindal may turn out to be more fiscally prudent than John Bel Edwards.
Bobby Jindal in 2013: GOP needs to stop being the "stupid party.". Bobby Jindal in 2016: I'm voting for Trump.
So Ben Sasse is the new Paul Ryan, who was the new Bobby Jindal: the Serious Adult Republican
Reince Priebus, Bobby Jindal, Fox Non-News hosts get ready to defend Ben Carson as VP selector
I just forgot the Mr. Rogers guy's name. Oh yeah, Bobby Jindal.
.Especially when Prince would oppose Trump mainly to support Bobby Jindal.
Ohhh that's why Mia Love, Tim Scott, Bobby Jindal, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Allen West are Republicans...
The crowd at the Bernie Sanders rally in New York City. I'm sure Bobby Jindal and Lincoln Chafee…
Louisiana's governor Bobby Jindal and Tea Party dominated state legislature are not only destroying that state's...
.John Bel Edwards will rescind anti-LGBT executive order issued by Bobby Jindal in 2015:
All purpose parts banner
Worse Governor was Bobby Jindal supporting Marco Rubio..😈 We see how that worked out😜😜😈 Cruz & the Gang!
Bobby Jindal says Trump's rise is proof that the Republican establishment is done for.
"I'm a but not a hypocrite." Republican Louisiana sheriff shreds politics:. ht…
- you are hardly Harvard. Get over yourselves. You'd be lucky to get Bobby Jindal.
The Obama presidency, and liberalism in general, are based on not trusting ...
Trump’s rise is death knell for GOP: Bobby Jindal - Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, with his so...
I believe the American people are better than our leaders: Bobby Jindal
Bobby Jindal hit the panic button in September. He now vows to back him if he's the nominee.
The exorcism Bobby Jindal witnessed in college is being turned into a rock opera
Finally, we should help developing nations like China and India curb their ...
'Susan emitted guttural voice I'd never heard before she accused me "Bobby, you cannot even love Susan"'
I'd already forgotten Bobby Jindal ran for president.
Donald Trump's rise is death-knell for Republican establishment: Bobby Jindal: "Voters are angry and frustrate...
Sir, can u help me? Pls tell me who is ahead on the raZe: Bobby Jindal, Lindsey Graham or Potaki, ZIR?
Fine, I'll stop referring to him as Lunatic-Exorcist-American Bobby Jindal. Happy now?
Like Bobby Jindal, who is the worst. Haven't forgotten about you!
isn't Bobby Jindal the guy who bankrupt the state of Louisiana??? He has zero credibility!!
Jindal says he will support Trump if he wins nomination. Go, Donald Trump!. Go, Bobby Jindal!. *...
Who takes "Bobby" Jindal's thoughts on policy seriously when Louisiana is about to pawn all its jewelry to pay the light b…
I can tell you whose name would be on my ostracon:
Bobby Jindal was running for president?
Bobby Jindal on What He Learned Running for President and why he won't Endorse
Bobby Jindal would rather not dwell on the state economy he just destroyed & then set on fire, thank you very much.
With Trump rising, Bobby Jindal says the GOP establishment is "done for"
Bobby Jindal was supposed to be the GOP's Obama. Marco Rubio was supposed to be the GOP's Obama. Because the GOP doesn't understand Obama.
News flash: No one cares what Bobby Jindal, a total failure of a politician who bankrupted Louisiana, thinks.
America is better than our leaders. What I learned running for president.
Gov. tells FDRLST radio why he won't be endorsing a candidate. Listen now:
figures, Bobby Jindal lives in the 13th century & forced his regressive beliefs on LA for years; sad.
Bobby Jindal , Rick Perry & Mike Huckabee. Thank goodness these three loons are no longer a threat to the U S presidency. :-)
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A little dustup for BHO from Bobby Jindal. Our patriot army awaits your enlistment. Join at htt…
we're talking about the same south that brought us governors Jan Brewer, Jeb Bush, Rick Perry, Bobby Jindal,
Finally you got it Bobby. Now support Trump
But Gov Bobby Jindal and his Denier culprits deny what is happening in his OWN state. Geez!
actually in Louisiana it occurred with a R controlled legislature and Grover Norquist disciple Bobby Jindal as Governor
>Bobby Jindal drops out of nowhere and you got nothing good to say,
Trump’s rise is death knell for GoP establishment: Bobby Jindal via
Donald Trump's rise is the death knell for us all, rues Bobby Jindal
Gov Susana Martinez would be smart choice. As would be Bobby Jindal.
Also at that conference was Mike Huckabee, and Bobby Jindal.
Billions of Dollars in the Red, Louisiana Has Been Destroyed by Bobby Jindal
Trump is going to do for the US what Bobby Jindal did for Louisiana. No college football in the state because of...
The way Sam Brownback and Bobby Jindal destroyed their states using conservative ideology should be taught in schools.…
in Tulsa, OK with Tom Coburn and Bobby Jindal! Get out and vote today!
Sean Hannity, Bobby Jindal and Rick Synder also George W. Bush is the way the Republican governors.That is good for and Rush Limbaugh.
Would that be the same Bobby Jindal whose own Lt Gov says he destroyed the economy of Louisiana?
Unbelievable *** gov of LA Bobby Jindal blames Obama for Trumps rise this stupid MF was gov
Ex-Gov. Bobby Jindal was to Louisiana what Carly Fiorina was to HP. JIndal left his successor a state in tatters.
Let's be clear re: TOPs cuts: Bobby Jindal is the arsonist. Gov. John Bel Edwards is fighting the fire Jindal started.
Gov. Snyder of MI. I was really pulling for Bobby Jindal. Oops
Gov. John Bel Edwards blasts Bobby Jindal and “not serious” spending cut proposals
Bobby Jindal blames President Obama for emergence of Donald Trump: Former Gov. Bobby Jindal ...
Meanwhile, former Gov. Bobby Jindal has an op-ed in the WSJ today blaming President Obama for Donald Trump.
Not sure if Mindy Kaling brother or Vijay impersonating Bobby Jindal.
“Nominating Donald Trump would be the best gift the Republican Party could give to Hillary Clinton” . Bobby Jindal
Former Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal speaking at rally
Still no sign of onstage in Jenks but LA Gov. Bobby Jindal is now speaking. I hear Rubio is here, and his voice is shot.
John Bel Edwards blasts Bobby Jindal, calling him "the most irresponsible governor who has ever governed Louisiana"
Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal announces run for US presidential elections 2016-Bobby Jindal, the Governor of Lou
Governor Edwards blames years of bad budgeting by Bobby Jindal.
We are not hyphenated Americans, but Americans: Bobby Jindal-Bobby Jindal, the Governor of Louisiana Louisiana Gov
the party had no clue that nerd was even running. We want Bobby (Piyush) Jindal.
please that can't be an excuse. Either you haven't recd your funding frm Bobby Jindal or, you are scared of Arnab.
In wake of South Carolina results, Bobby Jindal returns to childhood religion so he'll have more hands to sob into
Skin tone of Rahul adjusted towards darker shade to appear closer to 'Indians'. Remember Bobby Jindal? Reversed.
Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindal, Rick Santorum, Ben Carson, Donald Trump, Rand Paul and National Right to Life all agree:
He last longer than Rick Perry, Bobby Jindal, Scott Walker, Rand Paul, Lindsey G... -
Bobby Jindal and John Kennedy draw criticism in governor's legislative session speech (from
John Bel Edwards, Vitter, Cassidy… and for some reason, Bobby Jindal react to Scalia’s death.
So, I guess you could call Bobby Jindal the Les Miles of governors?
Bobby Jindal is the THEY that DJ Khaled warned us about
Bobby Jindal used the TOPS money to build a house in university club
Special report: Governor pledges to ease burden on students, but no clear path to that goal Bobby Jindal cut direc…
Lol I thought Bobby Jindal was the governor still lmfaoi
Republican presidential candidates Rick Santorum, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, and Bobby Jindal have signed a pledge to void all *** marriages.
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It appears that Republican governor Bobby Jindal lied about the real state of Louisiana's economy.
With an endorsement from the Duck Commander, Cruz is in good company: Bobby Jindal. That worked out pretty well, didn't it?
Thank you Republican governor Bobby Jindal and a Republican legislature.
Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal ends his governorship
governor Bobby Jindal ends his governorship In a change of guard largely unnoticed b...
Bobby Jindal demits office as Louisiana Governor. via
in 2008, Bobby Jindal, the first Indian-American governor in the US, takes office in Louisiana.
Bobby Jindal probably the only governor of Louisiana that was never in Louisiana lmao
I would ask that man on his thoughts on Bobby Jindal and his tenure as Louisiana Governor
Bobby Jindal demits office as Louisiana Governor - The Times of India via
Today in 2008: Rep. Bobby Jindal, first elected Indian-American governor, takes office in Louisiana.
GOP rebuttals coming up from Nikki Haley, Bobby Jindal, Tugg Romney, the Hamburgler, Larry the Cable Guy and Sarah Palin
I wonder what Bobby Jindal was such an old man.
New idea for SOTU response: Rick Perry, Scott Walker and Bobby Jindal (ok, not Jindal) do it together!
So far, for Repubs, Scott Walker, Rick Perry, Bobby Jindal, Sen Lindsay Graham, and just this week, George Pataki, have dropped out.
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The 21-year-old college kid who has made Bobby Jindal's life *** via
yup, from my Bobby Jindal phone plan
. Jindal is so right --> Mayors of Sanctuary Cities should be jailed! RT:
Bobby Jindal just schlonged 31,000 poor people in Louisiana. Did it just to be a ***
When Jindal supported the legislature's insane decision to pass the law, Zack Kopplin was blown away. It seemed...
Bobby Jindal is being exposed by his old friend's 21-year-old son—over and over and over again
Jindals donate nearly 300 pounds of food to local food bank: BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) - Gov. Bobby Jindal and his...
How has Jim Gilmore outlasted Rick Perry, Scott Walker, Bobby Jindal, and Lindsey Graham? GOP is crazy
Bobby Jindal's champions school vouchers in New Orleans on 'farewell' tour
Bobby Jindal to be on GOP ballot for president in Florida next year, but not George Pataki
When voters in Louisiana voted for Bobby Jindal they might have been drunk & sedated. How do you vote for this guy?
Louisiana Governor candidates want alternatives to Bobby Jindal's midyear cuts ...
Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal to David Vitter, John Bel Edwards: Put up or ... -
Bobby Jindal is such a disaster, Louisiana just replaced him with a democratic governor
Bobby Jindal... great governor, standup friend, loyal American!! We've not seen the last of this…
Louisiana Governor candidates want alternatives to Bobby Jindal midyear cuts ... - Bayoubuzz
Louisiana wants to fire Les Miles after a bad season but elected Bobby Jindal as governor twice.
Bobby Jindal on Syrian Refugees: Not on my watch | SOFREP
Nope, there is no federal common core program. Scott Walker, Rick Perry and Bobby Jindal were among the proponents
Political version of the "play fake" when candidates Scott Walker, Rick Perry & Bobby Jindal pretend to run but end up passing.
Forgettable, a collective scent by Bobby Jindal, Rick Santorum and Rick Perry
Bobby Jindal is that guy when you meet him seems like he'd be nice, but then he burns down an orphanage
"We need the best leader to fix Bobby Jindal's problems." -Dayne Sherman
"You would have been leading the presidential race if you had become a doctor." - Bobby Jindal's mom
CNN covering terror raids in Paris. MSNBC's Morning Joe has "Breaking News" that Bobby Jindal is dropping out.
Bobby Jindal has dropped out of the US Presidential race. This could affect nearly seven voters.
Bobby Jindal dropping out of race. I wonder who his 0.3% will go to.
Bobby Jindal suspends campaign saying "It's not my time". I got news for him - neither is 2020, 2024, 2028, 2032, 2036, …
Bobby Jindal drops out of GOP race to the disappointment of his four loyal supporters.
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal Suspends Presidential Campaign: Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is now the third big n...
I remember back in the day when cats was acting like Bobby Jindal was the second coming of Ronald Reagan.
Get your fill Bobby Jindal! All the best music w/ Joe Maddon in the crowd in San Antonio & Atlanta listenin to music
Bobby Jindal says he is dropping out of 2016 race for president: BATON ROUGE, La. — Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal…
It's also cool that Bobby Jindal has taken this opportunity to volunteer to play the bad guy in Joe Dirt 3.
Bobby Jindal can go back to being Morocco Mole in Secret Squirrel Cartoon
BREAKING: Bobby Jindal drops out of 2016 presidential race
Bobby Jindal dropped out of the race? Who am I gonna vote for now?!
BREAKING: Bobby Jindal drops out of the Republican race
Bobby Jindal was running for president.
Chris Christie and Bobby Jindal get heated during GOP debate: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Louisiana Gov
Everybody is raving about Bobby Jindal in his pre FOX debate when gave participation ribbon, juice box to Chris Christie to mock him..--Rush
Who was that little fat kid Bobby Jindal kept picking on,Chris Christie ?,The loud mouth tough guy from Jersey?,Must of left his balls home!
Rick Santorum, Bobby Jindal, Rand Paul, Jeb Bush, George Pataki, and Lindsey Graham need to leave the race
the “undercard” GOP debate, with Chris Christie, Bobby Jindal, Mike Huckabee, and Bad News Barrett
Lindsey Graham, George Pataki, Chris Christie, Mike Huckabee, Bobby Jindal, and Rick Santorum are all basically out of the race.
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I keep forgetting Bobby Jindal, Mike Huckabee, Lindsay Graham, and George Pataki are running too
Rick Santorum, Bobby Jindal, Lindsey Graham, George Pataki, please bow out gracefully while you still have your dignity.
Bobby Jindal's Secret Past: Did you know about the exorcism? The name that came from The Brady Bunch? Those and .. http:…
Sigh. Bobby Jindal, Secretary of Dismantling the Dept of Education, anyone?
Aziz Ansari was hoping to play Bobby Jindal on 'SNL' via
Ben Carson for black Americans is what Bill O'Rieily is for white Americans and what Bobby Jindal is for Indian Americans.
Aziz Ansari's Bobby Jindal impression is something to behold via
Mike Huckabee, Ted Cruz and Bobby Jindal to rally with defender of the Confederacy, White Nationalists
The Bobby Jindal bit on the Tonight Show last night was the funniest thing I've ever seen.
Aziz Ansari rips apart Bobby Jindal's presidential campaign with this impression on 'Jimmy Fallon'
Perfect leader for the as Bobby Jindal called them.
Catch comedian Aziz Ansari's Bobby Jindal act while you can: Jarvis DeBerry
Any publicity is good publicity...maybe.
Des Moines Register worries about Bobby Jindal's record in Louisiana
Faisal Mohammad, and to think he could have been another Bobby Jindal and then he does the silly stabbing thing. Losing your head Faisal
Chris Christie is likely to be relegated to the undercard round of the next Republican primary debate, and Bobby Jindal and George Pataki
Bobby Jindal is a puppet with Super PAC's. Why is Trump warning us!?
Despite polling 2%, Bobby Jindal (believes he has a chance at the next primary http…
Aziz Ansari's Bobby Jindal may be the most devastating impression of this election cycle
Bobby Jindal stops by Fallon tonight... Sort of...
Aziz Ansari delivers the only perfect Bobby Jindal joke you'll ever need to hear
Big Oil and Bobby Jindal are attached at the hip...
Why Chris Christie and Bobby Jindal could miss the next GOP debate:
But remember, GOP is filled with old white men. (Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindal, Ben Carson, Nikki Haley wave hello)
Jindal edges ahead of Bush in Iowa poll: Gov. Bobby Jindal, the Louisiana Governor who has been relegated to t...
Jeb Bush trails Bobby Jindal in Iowa: poll: In a soon-to-be released poll in Iowa, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is…
Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee & Bobby Jindal will join pastor who wants to see *** put to death via
Hey Louisiana, aren't you tired of Bobby Jindal yet? Besides Chris Christie, and Scott Walker he is the worst Governor out there.
David Vitter, Bobby Jindal dodge endorsement questions — again
David Vitter, Bobby Jindal dodge endorsement questions -- again -
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David Vitter, Bobby Jindal dodge endorsement questions -- again
Bobby Jindal just lost the election with his Blackberry admission.
Bobby Jindal was all "You better keep that hand on your side of the podium, Santorum..."
the one on the right should be Bobby Jindal's!!
This is the only way Bobby Jindal will ever get off the kids table.
In the aftermath of September 11th, it is critical to secure our borders. -…
5 Things To Watch For In Tonight's GOP Debate Tough jab at Bobby Jindal at the end of this. Deserved???
I'm just a little too disturbed at the similarities between Bobby Jindal and Alfred E. Neuman.
I stood up to Bobby Jindal before it was popular. He sacrificed LA on the altar of his ambition long enough.
Bobby Jindal in last place or below radar in key GOP primary/caucus states.
podcast is now available Beck Blitz: Gov. Bobby Jindal joins Glenn
Bobby Jindal, other GOP candidates to debate tonight on CNBC: Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal and three other…
One semester out there and I went from "Bobby Jindal" to "comissioned portrait of Bobby Jindal"
Fixing Bobby Jindal's miserable mess will require REAL and EFFECTIVE leadership. is the only REAL leader in race.
The debate and Survivor are both on tonight. They should do a tribal council on the debate and vote out Bobby Jindal. He ***
The real debate is at 8 PM ET, the Bobby Jindal Plays With His Poo one is at 6 PM ET
Bobby Jindal and Ted Cruz continue to plug away in Iowa, far back from the front-runners, writes
why the heck is Bobby Jindal not everyone's The more I hear the more I like him!
any GOP is tons better than hypocroclinton. Bobby Jindal is better.
He was lucky to get room. Bobby Jindal's in the corridor. Graham in shoebox. They'll look back and laugh.
Ready to watch tonight's Kid's Table Debate, with Bobby Jindal and his unhyphenated American Girl Dolls?
Rand Paul, Chris Christie ,Mike Huckabee ,Lindsey Graham and Bobby Jindal need to just pack it up. Jeb! should leave with them.
compare to the state of affairs of Louisiana and the mess that Bobby Jindal is leaving.
Benghazi Select Committee joins Bobby Jindal and the tide in not quite working out the way Republicans hoped they woul…
Skin color has no effect on how a person acts in society. This man is out of his mind😒.
At Oct. 28 GOP presidential debate, once again relegated to kids' table: https:/…
Bobby Jindal improves in Iowa polls, but money problems loom: The Washington Post via
DJ President Bobby Jindal. ...would be the only context it could ever apply.
but bobby jindal is polling at 5-7% in Iowa. so you can't cut him, Huck is at 4% so he's safe. Kasich/Christie are strong in NH
'Out of tricks:' How Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal has driven state to $1.6B budget deficit— Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Electronic Device Insurance
Bobby Jindal issues debate ultimatum with predictable results via
Bobby Jindal said racism wouldn't exist if minorities acted like white people. Is this *** retarded?!
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal will participate in CNBC debate via
at least one state is getting some benefits from Bobby Jindal's governorship. Smh
Bobby Jindal looks to break through at the Sunshine Summit
Bobby Jindal scores an asterisk in the latest CNN poll. Ouch.
We'd feel sorry for Bobby Jindal's statement on Biden if we weren't so busy laughing at him.
Edwards on Vitter skipping debates: The last time we elected a Guv who skipped debates "we got Bobby Jindal."
."Bobby Jindal has been AWOL... He's not been getting people together to figure out what we do in Louisia…
Bobby Jindal is in 8th place IN HIS OWN *** STATE
Good article. Had to laugh that Rick really likes Bobby Jindal and thinks he's sharp. The man *** at governance.
. No one cares what Bobby Jindal does. Go away.
ABC News' Josh Haskell interviews Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal on campaign trail in Iowa.
Martha Raddatz destroys Bobby Jindal's ISIS no-fly zone plan with four words: "ISIS doesn't have aircraft."
Republican David Vitter inches into runoff in Louisiana Governor's race to replace Bobby Jindal
Bobby Jindal was THE WORST governor in Louisiana history..
The Republican candidate to replace Bobby Jindal as Governor of Louisiana, Senator David Vitter, is already...
"Hi, I'm Bobby Jindal (not my real name), I'm the immigrant who hates immigrants and I'm running for Governor of the Dumpster of Louisiana."
The runoff will decide who follows Republican presidential hopeful Gov. Bobby Jindal into office in a state beset...
After making Bobby Jindal governor, David Vitter is exactly the kind of gubernatorial candidate Louisiana deserves.
America did not create Religious Liberty, Religious Liberty created the United States of America.--Bobby Jindal, Governor of Louisiana
Gov. Bobby Jindal says he merits spot on prime-time debate stage: The Louisiana Governor cites his Iowa poll n...
Bobby Jindal is still running for president because he knows there is no way in *** he is getting re-elected Governor of Louisiana.
I'm happy to see that, at minimum, the next Louisiana Governor will likely be far less heartless than Bobby Jindal.
Bobby Jindal is really not a governor. He is not doing a *** thing for the state of Louisiana.
Lindsey Graham, Bobby Jindal, Rick Santorum and George Pataki looking patriotic in front of the plane used while …
On this day in 2007 Bobby Jindal was elected governor of Louisiana, at age 36, he became the youngest current governor in the United States.
Bobby Jindal and the Huckster are comic relief.
So... Louisiana's governor, Bobby Jindal, wants to defund Planned Parenthood in his state over this whole...
Inching up in Iowa, Bobby Jindal leaves no room on his right: The governor of Louisiana has parked in the cauc...
"Bobby Jindal will be your next president. And I've been drinking absinthe."
.. mind, that not me and my price; it is picture of governor Bobby Jindal + his best friend and love of his life as he wishes ..
Hard to believe we've had Martin Luther Konzo, Bobby Jindal, and Barnes since then.
I liked a video Bobby Jindal and Martin O'Malley Debate
If the was made into a movie, Kunal Nayyar of should play Bobby Jindal
Who will get my vote in 16? At this point I might go with the guy/gal who is least PC (lol). So far Bobby Jindal...
Apart from: Bill Cosby, Ben Carson, Bobby Jindal, O.J.Simpson, Herman Cain, Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, don't see how they matter!
The real tragedy of Bobby Jindal is that he's a Rhodes scholar. He knows better, but opts to pander
It's really unfair that Lindsey Graham, Bobby Jindal, and George Pataki get to be up on that stage, but not
How r Rick Santorum, George Pataki, Bobby Jindal, Lindsey Graham, & Jim Gilmore still running 4 president on the R. side?! Drop out already
Rick Santorum, Bobby Jindal, Lindsey Graham, George Pataki and Jim Gilmore form the bottom tier of the GOP field,...
Republican presidential nominee Bobby Jindal blames violent games for the Oregon school shooting in blog post
Ted Cruz, Rick Santorum, Bobby Jindal and Mike Huckabee to hunt pheaasant at Steve King's fundraiser. |
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