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Bobby George

Robert Francis George (born 16 December 1945) is an English darts player and presenter.

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No pod, but I am expecting videos of Nishio and George rein-acting the…
Vintage music journalism by yours truly
The Hawks offered the Pacers 4 first round picks for Paul George right before the trade deadline (ESPN)
I just remembered that George W. Bush used to call Vladimir Putin "Pooty-poot"
Bernard Cribbins, Jeremy Corbyn and Bobby George all people that have visited my area today
My roommate cutting Bobby's hair and turns to ask me if i'm next
You have chosen your moment of 2014, altogether now...OH BOBBY ZAMORA!😁
Neville Southall backing Labour is my favourite sporting political endorsement since Bobby George came out for Remain last year.
Now my sisters having a boy & calling it George apparently I need to have two sons; Bobby & Denis. Yes, DENIS!
Does "Master Bedroom" get that name because of slavery? 🤔 somebody inform me I'm just curious like George
Along with George best, solskjaer, Matt Busby, Bobby Charlton, Ryan gifts and Paul scholes
The Vertical staff on how the lottery results impact the trade market, including the Lakers' pursuit of Paul George. https…
Enjoyed the Leadership debate with Paul Nuttal and his imaginary friends Bobby McFerrin, Natalie Wood, George Lucas and A&E Surgeon.
NBA announces All-NBA teams. Neither Paul George nor Gordon Hayward made it. Thus, no supermax for either this year. https:…
George Strait broke onto the scene as a new musician in the early 80s with "Unwound", his first single.
EVENTS, EVENTS & MORE EVENTS. Today I met the great people at the Paradise Democratic Club (BJ, George, Forrest,...
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
"If You're Only Passing Through", Bobby Sowell piano rendition of the classic 1974 George Jones cover, Janie...
Bobby's stoopid ringtone been stuck in ny head all day
Bobby looks a bit uncomfortable. Denis and George lapping it up !
9th May 1967 George Best with Bobby Charlton and Denis Law pose with two models at Old Trafford
Staying in the Bobby Charlton suite at St George's Park. Huge!
This statue of George Washington must be removed. He owned slaves and forced them to work 2build his fortune. J…
Don't really know they were also used by some of the players at there exhibitions I used to do the pins…
George, Bobby Moynihan, Gillian Jacobs, and Jennifer Garner doing great work.
Yeah. And I think moving Brown and the '18 pick for Butler/George, while keeping Fultz would…
It was the 8 un-electables that gave us Not the primaries. Rand,Bobby,George,Jim,M…
This is why women live longer than men. . (via
Think it might be Bobby Smith behind George Eastham
we made the final, FA Cup final, Johnny Haynes, George Cohen, B…
May as well stick Bobby moore and George best in as well 😂
Your chance to challenge darts legend Bobby George to a game in a Liverpool bar posted by the Li…
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Auction on now to play darts against Bobby George and Wayne Mardle, both went for over £200
Looks like Vinnie Jones has morphed into Bobby George on ITV nightly show
Bobby George's original 'walk on' music was 'I'm The Leader Of The Gang (I Am!)' by Gary Glitter - One year he changed it. Dunno why
has a board mating with darts legend Bobby George for
George H. W. Bush cut foreign aid to Israel over these settlements. U.S. has officially opposed them for years. Go do some r…
"...and",Kevin declared "in a 1st for the show,the winner of Grand Designs House Of The Year also tops George Clark…
"By the way, Jesus' dad wasn't around and he turned out pretty well.". - on George Karl. real tears
shame it didn't work. I still the our Bobby George ad was the best if a little late...
LISTEN: Things got EXTREMELY heated between and over
. Straight after this George was offered the Green Cross Code gig, only to drive Tufty straight thru a shop window.
Baseball, it is said, is only a game. True. And the Grand Canyon is only a hole in Arizona - George Frederick Will
Bobby George being lovely was a 2016 highlight
Saw it, would be good to know if any of them did go back, if Bobby George bought a house for example.
We take a look back on George Weah's incredible career as the former Chelsea man turns 50
A great Montessori based book for children who are learning letters
Great defensive possession by Crowder as well as Horford, who helped on George coming off a screen, then quickly got back to his man
I didn't have a father going up. We all know that. What's George Karl excuse for being a terrible person
George Carl with his version of Bill Cosby's pound cake speech smh
George Karl calls Kenyon Martin "insecure, immature" in part because he had no father growing up. Kenyon has a few thi…
George Karl came out with a confessions of a video vixen book smh.
don't forget Bobby George 'the Gary Glitter of darts' 👀🙄
GE is bringing it's industrial equipment online — and doubling down on new product: service
A closer look at digitization plans via https:…
A closer look at digitization plans via
George Karl chats up a co-ed while an awkward Bobby Jones attempts to conceal a poorly timed ***
I liked a video from Will Bobby Roode make San Antonio glorious?: WWE NXT Exclusive,
And since Bobby is in the name this is all fault
missed his calling there. No. Becks and Giggs on the flanks. Front 3 of Ronnie, Bobby and George. False 9s everywhere.
Half an ear on this BBC2 show about ancient celebs touring India. Darts player Bobby George claims his father died laughing at Ken Dodd.
Hopefully Boston George is freed from jail today. Please continue sending all your love and support to him and...
like I said before I'd rather have 50 years like George best than 100 of Bobby charlton!!
I added a video to a playlist Doug Walker, Studio Session with Bobby Thomas Jr. & George Mazzeo
Jammin to 80's and 90s pop tonight. Bobby brown , George michael. It's been that kind of day.
. It's not a Chase or any member of The Baldwin family. Or Robert De Niro. Or Bobby George (?!?!?).
Brissy. Would you or Bobby George had the panache to wear this 🙈
I hear that Anju Bobby George has four sisters too. Onnu Bobby George, Rendu Bobby.
What`s on in - Darts player Bobby George, rapper Franko Fraize and Paralympian Alfie Hewett join audienc...
"A special effect without a story is a pretty boring thing.". -George Lucas. The irony of this is so great.
September 17, 1920, two players (Bobby Veach and George Burns) make it the first day in MLB history that multiple cycles were recorded.
Random spot of the day... Bobby George having breakfast in South Leeds Village Hotel. Black silk shirt and gold in full effect. Primed.
i hope not. Bobby George is as outdated as the bdo itself. Leave the dead wood behind and move on. Bdo dead as disco baby
Bobby George is like the darts world's BA Baracus.
Bobby McFerrin, the late, great Robin Williams and the unmatchable genius George Martin create magic. Come Together.
Rest in peace, Sir George Martin. Thank you for the soundtrack of my life.
lol Priestly is an all time great. Google Bobby George's story about him.
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VIDEO: What Sir George did for The Beatles: The man who helped The Beatles swing during the 1960s has died at ...
Remembering George Burns today."Mr. Burns is a father symbol to me. And you can omit the word 'symbol'."
lol imagine thinking Bobby Moore is just above average 😂
George Martin, Bobby McFerrin, and Robin Williams in a remake of a classic beatles song
Remembering George Martin: "Fifth Beatle" holds record for most No. 1s by a producer on chart
New prints are now online. Signed by Sir Bobby, Denis Law, George Best, Wayne Rooney, Sir Alex, Ronaldo, and more
The older I get, the more I suspect that it was all George Martin and the Beatles were basically Bobby Sherman
The records that George Martin made with the Beatles were some of the greatest ever made & they inspired me to greater…
Very sad to learn that George Martin, 5th Beatle and greatest record producer ever, has passed away at age 90. RIP. http…
RIP George Martin, guess we will never properly know if he wanted Jon Snow to be alive or not...
Come Together by Robin Williams and Bobby McFerrin - produced by George Martin - behind the scenes
El Ritmo de la Vida Sir George Martin 1-Ritmo (Bobby McFerrin "music is like food for the soul)
Sad to hear of the passing of Sir George Martin at 90.
It’s going to be hard to imagine a world of music without George in it. He was a lovely man who gave so much of his tale…
George & Bobby terra are now the proud sponsors of & Ashley Wells's shirts
George Martin, the music producer who brought us the Beatles, has died at age 90:
Liverpool says thanks to Beatles producer Sir George Martin - a tribute from https:/…
RIP George Martin. You made many people very happy.
The best track on that George Martin album, BTW, was the Robin Williams/Bobby McFerrin cover of "Come Together"
Lovely video: George Martin working with Robin Williams & Bobby McFerrin on Come Together Farewell
Beatles producer George Martin reportedly has died at 90.
“To be working with a knight during the day is such a joy.”. Robin Williams and Bobby McFerrin, with George Martin:
Remembering George Burns, who was so special to Bobby. He passed away on this day in 1996. "Mr. Burns," Bobby...
Carolina George ft Bobby Cbt Dollaz limited time to hear this *bonus song!!!
Ever wanted to hear Cole Swindell cover George Strait? That's what happened today on the Bobby Bones Show!...
the Beatles, George Best, Cilla Black, Matt Busby n Bobby Charlton n so many more folk knew my grandad n I didn't like how is that fair ??
Put gold chains and sovereign rings on John Travolta and he'd look like Bobby George.
Sounds like the perfect job for George Costanza!
George Best and Sir Bobby are top 150, only Ronaldo can really be considered amongst the GOAT, proves the EPL is a sham
What did you think of Cole Swindell's performance this morning?
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
If you missed Cole Swindell on The Bobby Bones Show earlier today, check it out here...
This is the best thing that's been on TV for ages. Never thought I'd see Bobby George taking Miriam Margoyles fo…
My Winmau Darts 24g Bobby George and 24g Paul Nicholson fantastic sets of darts. Love them both so much.
I'm reminded of the Seinfeld episode where Elaine and Jerry are trying to set up George and Cynthia.
tremendous after dinner speaker, some wonderful tales about Sir Bobby, George Best, Tommy Doc & Sir Matt
George Washington is the only U.S. president to have received 100% of the electoral votes.
Billy is a legend , got more stories than Bobby george. lovely fella
yea Bobby, either this or keep losing to OSU when Urbz does the same things. Birm is saying he did the same w George Hill.
George Maluleka and William Twala are the only good midfield signings Bobby has made in recent years
The United Trinity. They first play in 1964. Seluruh dunia tau mereka. George best, dennis law, Sir bobby charlton
Referee for Sunday's match vs Hamilton is Bobby Madden. Assisted by Alasdair Ross & Graeme Leslie. Fourth official is George Salmond
DailyMail - George Osborne pledges to change pension fee law in victory for the Daily Mail
George Zimmerman free why cant we have Bobby back man ?
Kennedy used in a speech in Ireland too. Bobby was quoting George Bernard Shaw.
What exactly happened to George Hill anyway?
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
love it I do. Bobby George, Fordham, Beardsley and O'Sullivan. What a dinner party!
Feels good. Going old-school, that is. Not knowing about you and Bobby George.
Bobby Shmurda was denied bail for the seventh time in court today.
I love darts too, but that outfit won't go down well at The Lakeside. Unless Bobby George is wearing it.
I dont get it. George Zimmerman got bail. Violated multiple laws after a national case. Still free. Bobby Shmurda can't get bail?
How much did we get for George Evans?. Is it more or less than the cost of a whole summer holidays at Bobby Charlton's Soccer School?
My beautiful Bobby George one year ago and now ❤️
It may be Cold...But that's not stopping the Yellow Jackets in Bobby Dodd Stadium this morning. h…
DailyMail - JAMES CONEY asks if George Osborne will go down as the man who killed pensions
"Education vs. Edutainment", a new post on why is so effective at inspiring learners.
I dont wanna sound biased cuz im a manu fan but imo the best trio is not MSN but GDB. George best, Dennis Law and Sir Bobby Charlton.
Honoring SP4 George Henry Nunez, died 1/19/1968 in South Vietnam. Honor him so he is not forgotten.
S/o to and Curious George on taking home the D-Block Bowl and winning the TFFL. Helluva season bud👌🏼
re best outfield... '70s Giants had Willie Mays, Bobby Bonds, Gary Mathews, Garry Maddox, and George Foster.. at the same time
This new children’s book about George Washington depicts slaves as happy bakers
It's not whether you're right or wrong, but how much money you make when right, and how much you lose when wrong. -George…
looks like Bobby to me I don't wear glasses yet
Hey me and Bobby found what you'd look like if you were fat on the interwebs lol
ON this date 52 yrs ago, Man U's Matt Busby plays Denis Law, Bobby Charlton & George Best together for first time. They all score v WBA.
Chelsea 2 Man Utd 3. August 1971. Tony Dunne and Bobby Charlton with George Best who just got sent off
Bobby George on the darts there. Sounds like Frank Butcher, dresses like Pat Butcher.
It might be lakeside. But as soon as you see Bobby George . Its the Winchester club. The Arthur Daly open.
Sir Bobby Robson Auction provides three-year-old George with a new wheelchair
Anju Bobby George has been appointed as President of Kerala State Sports Council
my old man had year contact with Fulham when George best and Bobby Moore where there the things he said they did in training
oh hi, lol. George put me on the spot. But I just used Bobby pins and sat the cap on the small of my head & pinned it there
It’s time Paul George started getting some recognition. 🔥
Great leaders take the complex and make it simple. |
Moscow presents, one more go, coozan George, lithic
Bobby Jindal to be on GOP ballot for president in Florida next year, but not George Pataki
bobby yes, bill-not really. bobby and George were awesome
declans. that stupid, that they sent an email away to bobby george complaining about the BDO and boards.
Sir Bobby Moore Auction gets Ipswich three-year-old George Woodward a new wheelchair
House darts?! Did Gove let Bobby George set up a free school?
Upgrading coaches' skills will benefit our athletes: Anju Bobby George
"Kobe was my Jordan" - Paul George. Why Kobe Bryant was so important to the NBA -
also this is the part where you're meant to remove a bobby pin from your hair & pick the lock, a la Boy George in The A Team
Today we remember the life and work of George Harrison, who passed away 14 years ago today of lung cancer.
Why Bobby walk out like George Jefferson tho 😂😳😳
. I suppose the names Bobby Joe Rogers and George tiller don't ring a bell.
Bobby Voorhis, receiving the 2015 George & Donna Wilber award at NASC XXVI. .
New post (Deserving person gets Arjuna says Athlete Anju Bobby George) has been published on
Bobby Moynihan is the George Lucas we deserve
Chris Chandler, Chris Miller, Jeff George, Bobby Hebert, David Archer, the list is long and disappointing
John Aston, George Best and Bobby Charlton come out onto the pitch at Anfield in 1967.
Now drinking with Eric Bristow and Bobby George 😂 Eric is sounder.
It is 1-1 here in Portobello Legends, Eric Bristow and Bobby George playing local players tonight in front of a great crowd
Just met Eric Bristow and Bobby George tonight in Portobello at the darts
I always get Barry George and Bobby George mixed up
We've been hearing negative reports on Bobby George's character as well.
With Keith Deller in Scotland now, staying over in Sterling, Off to Inverness tomorrow for show with Keith, Bobby George and Phil Taylor,,
Bobby Hurley leaves Buffalo to become head coach at Arizona State. Hurley was 42-20 in two years with Bulls.
Bobby Hurley to Arizona State. He should keep my man on staff as video coordinator.
Nothing to do with me that account. It sent me abuse over here. The photo on the billboard was sent to me by Bobby George.
that is it, which one will be like Bobby George
are you cool for a follow back? I can remember when full pinta of lager were still allowed on stage lol. Seeing Bobby George enter
and this man Bobby Jindal could be our next president ... What happened to America that George Washington envisioned for his generations??
Unreal club holy trinity of George Best, Denis Law and Bobby Charlton
Bobby Flay and his wife Stephanie March have split
I want to vote Rick Ferrell, Bobby Wallace, Ken Williams, and George Sisler for my but it won't let me.
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
In Sheffield tonight for the Premier League Darts then off to Scotland for 3 nights with Phil Taylor & Bobby George 👍
I am certain that when George won it in 1968,Bobby was the runner up,Denis won it in 1964 and Bobby in 1966
Well, there's ur first test of 'Will The Leg Hold Up?' George wiped out by own teammate, his unprotected right leg too…
Kickin it with George and Bobby Socks at
Probably not. George would have had him crucified ... Just like Bobby Meacham.
trebles for show doubles for dough. George
something tells me that you aren't the real George W Bush...hmm
or maybe a George Best No.7 shirt signed by Sir Bobby Charlton ;)
OL coach George Warhop will privately workout C-OT Cam Erving, Gs Tre Jackson and Josue Matias @ OL Bobby Hart today at
George on other wing, Bobby in the middle and Big Dunc running the show. Would havr been a half decent tm
I cannot imagine what it must of been like to of watched Bobby,Denis and George play in the mid to late 60s,three legends
Years ago bobby and Merle. ..i gotta get posted bobby and george jones. . Love these legends
Bobby is hugging Stuart, as George is blinking from the flash.
Continuing our salute to Bobby Jones from Royal St. George's, where he captained 1930 Walker Cup team to victory. http:…
Have I won the meat raffle yet, I'd love Bobby George to present me with my leg of lamb
Bobby George gets his jewellery from 'Cash Converters'
Phil Taylor was 3 points higher on the averages tonight but Gary took out the key doubles. Bobby George is proven right. 'Trebles for show'
well done pal. You got a tough first round where as others had easy qualifiers. Keep fighting. Bobby George called it right.
Bobby George or Eric Bristow as presenter, keep Ant and Dec away!
Eric Bristow and Bobby George hosting the darts with Jim Bowen, and the Chuckle Brothers doing the carvery
Watching Hullabaloo on PBS pledgedrive, saw Bobby Fuller 4 doing "I Fought the Law", struck by Fuller's resemblance to.. George W Bush???!!
I coached beside George winter last weekend. He brought up zones when he "suspended us" and asked why? I still blamed it on Bobby😁
Bobby Charlton & George Best become Champions of Europe at Wembley in 1968
Bobby George scores 285, lost it a bit with the last 3. Reminscing about fishing trips with Jim Davison. Not watching the 2nd episode.
Bobby named his dog after Eddie George. Good people.
Hear that lads I've got bobby charltons lucky peg
Bobby Charlton n George Best has to be in the next five.
and who do you think is better bobby charlton or George best?
Congratulations to after he received his 100th England cap from the legendary Sir Bobby Charlton.
for all those that enjoyed last night's exhibition with Bobby George at Islip, I can confirm that Eric Bristow...
Dog Boy, SHIG, Bobby Dazzler and Clark the Hark all together
Massive thanks to all that came to the Bobby George exhibition at Islip tonight. Also, big thanks to Alan...
"Hindsight alone is not wisdom. & Second guessing is not a strategy." George Bush
George's mom out here driving like Ricky Bobby
Looking forward to an exhibition with Bobby George tonight in Islip near Oxford Tickets availabl…
Congratulations for 25 years of changing lives, and to Honorees George Grayboys and Bobby Britto-Oliveira.Truly Inspiring!
Lovely hand painted bunting ... loved making this one ... with George Best and Bobby Charlton gingerbreads :)...
Good to see that amongst ISIS-Ebola fear marathons with toppings of Kardashian *** has time to promote the new book b…
Bob Champion, John Conteh, Bobby George, Mathew Hoggard MBE, Derek Redmond & Willie Thorne- our Sporting Legends Lunch is not to be missed!
BBC Two has commissioned a new pro-celebrity darts show for 2015 in aid of Comic Relief, with darts stars set to join forces with the nation’s favourite comedians and celebrities. The new entertainment series for Red Nose Day 2015 entitled: 'Let’s Play Darts' will be filmed at the Lakeside in Frimley Green - the home of the BDO World Championships. Hosted by Gabby Logan, the unique sporting event will see the nation’s favourite comedians and celebrities become darts players and each adopt their own darts persona, complete with nickname, shirts and the all important walk on music. The two-day knock-out tournament is due to be filmed in September and will air early next year. BDO stars in action include former Lakeside champions Martin ‘Wolfie’ Adams, Bobby George, Andy Fordham and Ted ‘The Count’ Hankey. Ladies stars Deta Hedman and Anastasia Dobromyslova are also on the billing, alongside Darryl Fitton and Richie George. Confirmed celebrity players include comedians Lee Mack and Bob Mortimer ...
Eric Bristow and Bobby George to play darts in Dover
Eric Bristow in Didcot Aug 15th, Bob Anderson in Bicester Oct 3rd, Bobby George in Islip 15th Nov
Bristow, Taylor, RvB, MvG, Priestley, Lowe, Wilson, Lewis, Bob Anderson, Bobby George for me. Gary Anderson just misses out
Tickets are selling fast for the Darts Fight on Friday 30th May! Make sure you get yours to see darts legends Bobby George and Bob Anderson. Tickets are £5 for members, £10 non members or why not get a VIP table for 10 at £150, only 2 left! Pop up the Club for more details!
Thank you to everyone that help bail my brother Bobby George out of jail! Toast to my other brothers - Kyle Lane Jeff Arnold Danny Eymer Ashlyn Marie Lebzelter Krystin Lebzelter
Don't forget to get your tickets for a Great Night of Darts with the fabulous Bobby George and 'Little Richard ' Ashdown at the Trams on Thursday April 24th. Your chance to 'have a go ' at playing darts against the professionals. Cheap drink, Late bar (great bar staff).Great company. Tickets £5. Available from Sheila or Alan Charlton at the Trams Clurb.
looks like something Bobby George would wear
Why is Peewee Herman interviewing Bobby George at the darts?
Bobby George appears to be wearing Herman Munsters coat !
NEW: Watch Paul McVeigh, Bobby George & Martin Offiah play Rock, Paper, Scissors with the UK Champion - and occasionally win!
I love the Lakeside, but seriously I'd show the door to Colin Murray (not a darts man) Vassos Alexander (pretending to be a darts man) Jim Proudfoot (blatant football man) Rob Walker (defo not a darts man) and Tony Green (a darts man, but not up to speed with what's going on in the world of darts these days) I've counted over 30 errors in in 1 and a bit session's if you can't be bothered researching the players then don't comment on them. On the positive side its great to see "Little" Richard Ashdown doing a grand job and Bobby George will always be a favourite and call it how he see's it.
NEW: What irritates you about sport? Is it referees, is it pointless sports? Well this is what James Bennewith, Bobby George & Martin Offiah think:
Eric Bristow's comment on Bobby George :- "He's brain dead from the neck up!" Lol
Great Christmas craic around the Sportlobster Christmas tree with Martin Offiah, (Diags from TOWIE) James Bennewith and Bobby George!
If it’s your you share it with: Bobby George, Dennis Wise, Donovan Bailey, Mame Biram Diouf, Mats Hummels, Sylvain Distin
next Friday (8th Nov) it's the annual Poppy Appeal Cleveland Arms Darts Exhibitions night in Wolverhampton, on the eve of the Grand Slam! this time it features two and a half Essex boys… Bobby George, Colin Lloyd and me… not forgetting the brilliant Scott Gibling doing sound & scores… SEE YOU THERE!!
Bobby George posted, . missing spelling from history...
did you get Bobby George's email? If not I'll text ya the screenshot
Look at you getting your photo taken with Bobby George! Brilliant mate
Still waiting on a mixtape from this fraud *** rapper bobby george .. Lol
Montessori: Letter Work: These unique board books bring the popular Montessori pedagogy to trade book form for...
I just found Bobby George on — check it out! /cc via
I don't want to burst your bubble mr bobby George but I do have a chesterfield scarf in my house.. somewhere!
Pirtek Ipswich will be holding their annual corporate fishing day at the Bobby George Lakes - Sunday 29th September
Wayne's World of Darts show with Dennis Priestley, Bobby George and Eric Bristow coming soon! Get in touch for more info
Darts Exhibition in Stockport on August 17, with Eric Bristow, Bobby George and Dennis Priestley, book now
945 Park Jam had a wonderful had about 40 here today, 12 singers and the stage was full of players, had a mixture of music today, old country to old rock n roll, all ages was wonderful to see Denille, John and Pam and Sonia hope they can come back soon, coming next Sunday: Cousin Minni Pearl and Johnny Cash ( Bobby George) come join us if you can
Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances, we have had to cancel our "Made in England" darts exhibition at the MECA, Swindon. We appologise for any inconvenience caused and refunds will be given ASAP... We have Wayne Mardle at the Faringdon Corn Exchange and also Bobby George at the Faringdon Town Football Club coming up and we will be announcing a 'big' event for next year. We also we be having a comedy night in Faringdon to be announced Thanks for supporting Platinum Promotions!!!
I know two Graham's. One of them reminds me of Bobby George.
World leaders going to the Vatican to play Jim Bowden's Bullseye 'Pope Edition'. Eric Bristow, Bobby George playing the darts.
I will be listing a number of other items over the next few days. these inc a Kim Huybrechts signed shirt. And a number of 10x8 signed photographs which include Raymond Van Barneveld, Bobby George, Simon Whitlock, John Lowe, James Wade, Adrain Lewis to name a few. Thank you all for your continued support and please if bidding make sure that you do it on the Cancer Care Page. Thank you
Friday 9th March we have the darts player Bobby George for the evening, throwing some darts and telling some stories
Billy Bonds, Bobby Moore, the cast of Eastenders, Ian Bishop, Bobby George (Probably!), Jellied Eels.Your boys took one *** of a beating!!!
Congratulations to Bobby George and the entire Parkland High School Debate Team.2013 District Champions.
Ray Stubbs.last time I saw him he was having a chat with a rather sweaty Bobby George at the darts at Lakeside!
just got some new Bobby George darts, awesome arrows 140 with first three thrown! Love them ;-)
Bobby Charlton, George Best and Denis Law pose at OT with 2 models in 1967:
get bobby and swp on. Gotta get people in the bluddy box
It is the mystical production line that has given football Duncan Edwards, George Best, Bobby Charlton, Paul...
you're underestimating Gordon Discretion Taylor the psychologist. George Best analogies are sure to improve his self esteem.
it's the old saying of bobby george!!! We can all score it's the doubles that we hate to practice cos we love banging 180's!
Bout to bobby flay on this George foreman grille! Grilled cheese on deck
I don't think they have it too far wrong. Question about Barnes performance for England but club level he was awesome.
just ordered myself 6 George Strait albums/cassettes that should arrive on valentines day! Greatest present of all times
So George Zimmerman gets to decide if a American can be killed but Obama can't?
yeah Ive seen this 100 times when I get in my Bobby periods. Think George is standing there?
People with a 1st name for a last name always trip me out (Paul George, Ricky Bobby).
Rudy *** or Paul George? that's a very very very very very tough one
Come hear Bobby tonight with the George Caldwell Quintet at The Tralf Music Hall. TONIGHT!
International Football Legends (& John Barnes) given stamp of approval by Royal Mail
Happening right now George Takei is in one studio and Bobby Petrino in the other!
Joe Cole has played with both Steve and Danny Potts and John and George Moncur!
I love the footballing heroes stamps.
Paul George is the 1st of the 2010 Draft class to make an All-Star team, beating John Wall, Evan Turner, DeMarcus Cousins & Greg Monroe.
There's a slice of Manchester at Oatley: SIR Bobby Charlton and the sister of former football great, George Best,...
he loves Darts, there's a video knocking around somewhere of him playing against Bobby George
That's was what Bobby George said during the BDO worlds anyway. As advice for non pro's. Perhaps you're right after all!
The Independent: In pictures - Football heroes including Keegan, given the stamp of approval ..
Reversing the age issue: Bobby Robson after George Best died "the thing I am really sad about is that I had my best years in my 60s".
George ,Ke'shon, Bobby,and all the other boys was wildin !!
how about Sandro at Spurs He have played against Bobby George
Duncan Edwards, George Best, Bobby Charlton and David Beckham. They all started with Man Utd's youth system!
George Best, Sir Bobby Charlton, Bryan Robson and Denis Law will feature on new Royal Mail stamps - - I want 1!
Bobby Moore, George Best and John Barnes all in the same team? True North and Royal Mail just made it happen:
George W. Bush Family Emails and Photos Exposed in Hack: A hacker has released emails and photos ostensibly bel...
Well what an amazing night last night for the Stray Qatz!! First Natalie wins the raffle to play Eric Bristow and wins with a double tops! Don't forget the 3 69's in a row!! And then Craig "The Hardman" Harvey goes on to beat the legend Bobby George!! Must be some lucky darts! Captain Tankard also managed to bag herself a signed Phil "The Power" Taylor darts board!! All in all a great night and a lot of fun!! Lisa... hope you aren't struggling today! ;)
Daily Mail West Ham: Aston Villa v WEST HAM: James Collins and George McCartney remain out but n...
Sir Bobby Charlton, George Best, Bryan Robson & Denis Law to feature on the new Royal Mail stamps
Bobby George has all the potential to be England's next Gary Glitter...
Bob Anderson, Eric Bristow, John Lowe and Bobby George will be coming to Highley, near Bridgnorth in Shropshire to...
I'd love to go for a drink with Eric Bristow and Bobby George
Bobby George didn't start til 30.. better darts in Exeter British Legion
I was at the darts last night with Eric Bristow and Bobby George...just wait for the big guns in May!
Picked up my tickets for the Doha Darts Masters last night from a mate at the Rugby Club, couple of blasts from the past Eric Bristow MBE "the Crafty Cockney" and Bobby George "Dazzler". Think of me drunk as a monkey and acting the *** on the 7th Feb.
Well that wAs a stupid idea, but a good laugh with Marcus Pole-Evans Evan Velasquez Tessa Davies Berntsen Nathan Gemmill Amy Guest Bee Bubs Mikaela Ford and Bobby George lol
Want to play against Bobby George,Wayne Mardle,Peter Manley or Wayne Mardle Darts KO on Sunday...
Eric Bristow vs Bobby George, with cigarettes, alcohol and Sid Waddell!
God I love Bobby George, he's the coolest! Dale Winton would be after all that bling i'm sure
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