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Bobby Fischer

Robert James Bobby Fischer (March 9, 1943 – January 17, 2008) was an American chess Grandmaster and the 11th World Chess Champion.

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Sh. Now watching Searching for Bobby Fischer to renew my faith in humanity.
I made the mistake of reading this yesterday, and I’ve already entered my periodic chess obsession phase. Step 1 is…
Send bobby fischer back packing to los angeles and ask himif he can tell the difference between a 12 year old prost…
Turning point in Bobby's perception of trust & human relationships. 1978. Tries to do the right thing, pays by gett…
Defeated, yes. But 'destroyed' is an overstatement in both cases. Plenty of people won a game against…
That was to Bobby Fischer, not you. Don't worry, you're good.
Bobby Fischer might be one example of real renunciation. Henry Makow hum still not sure. Milo? Ha!
Most complicated people to understand-Jews. They persecute their own more than anybody else...think o…
Even disgruntled employee & pathological liar Ron Gross slipped up & admitted:. “…there was no trace of anti-Semitis…
In chess we call giving away a pawn for unspecified intangible benefits that may never…
Josh: But I don't hate them. Bruce: Well you'd better start. - Searching for Bobby Fischer (1993)
I added a video to a playlist Bobby Fischer vs L Myagmarsuren: Tunisia 1967
Heifetz met Aleister Crowley, Bobby Fischer, Bill Hicks and was going to meet me when ~^~ and of course, every white, there's a black.
Trump is playing chess against Bobby Fischer.
Isn't there a movie Becoming/Finding Bobby Fischer. Actually, was that even really abou…
"I do not remember one thing I learned in school" - Bobby Fischer
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Great point!. I do not play chess but I am enough to remember vacationing with my family in C…
Bobby Fischer was a great chess player and a great man who dedicated the latter part of his life to exposing truths about Zog
A personal view. It's usually better to avoid giving any.
Women providing political "content" to the public falls under the umbrella of "involvement in poli…
Bobby Fischer in Amsterdam, Jan 1972 for discussions on World-ch match.(Source:
Hi, do you know where I could see the bobby fischer interview from the tonight show with johnny carson show in 1972?
My final note: for me the greatest achievement by a y…
Chess Club taking a break from learning about the classic Bobby Fischer move to take a picture on
Chess soundtrack again. look ok it's really good. if you don't know it, it's a musical about the Cold War and also…
-♛- Your body has to be in top condition. Your Chess deteriorates as your body does. You can’t separate body from m…
Don't move until you see it.~ Bruce Pandolfini, Searching for Bobby Fischer
We are still are collecting prodigies at GAMMA Reykjavik Open - Bobby Fischer Memorial!
Bobby Fischer wins with the Fischer-Sozin Attack in 17 moves
Just when things couldn't get any worse for Bobby Fischer, they got much worse...
TIL when chess player Bobby Fischer beat soviet grandmaster Taimanov, Taimanov was thrown off the USSR team, forbid…
Little Giant Ladders
What did Jewish chess genius Bobby Fischer mean by this?
I still support and respect Bobby Fischer, no many how times they may try to betray him. I know the treachery of th…
Chess Quote of the Day - 184You can only get good at Chess if you love the game(Bobby Fischer): 184You can only...
They asked me what year it was, what month it was, etc. I easily answered these stupid questions. - Bobby Fischer
Immediately reading up on Bobby Fischer after brief summary Sounds like quite a character.
This cab driver on the Van Wyck is seeing three and four moves ahead. I imagine this is what watching a young Bobby Fischer was like.
To give you an idea, is the same size as Harry Benson’s book on Bobby Fischer
"Bobby Fischer has an enormous knowledge of chess and his familiarity with the ... -
On this day in 1972, in Reykjavik, Iceland, Bobby Fischer beat Boris Spassky and became the world chess champion.
Jacqueline Piatigorsky with Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky Following a Game in the 1966 Piatigorsky Cup...
Genius chess champions: Did you know that both Boris Spassky and Bobby Fischer stood against genocidal jews?…
Tonight I learned about cars going curvy, the subtleties in the guitar work of Brown Eyed Girl and how Bobby Fischer played chess.
Being a browns fan, watching this game. two punters going at it like Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky!.total ineptitude
The President is OG Bobby Fischer. If the Trump🚂 wants more, we might have to do more. Operation more feet and less tw…
Remember that time Bobby Fischer played 50 different people at chess at once.
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he's my favorite jew other than Bobby Fischer
Spoke to licensed psychiatric professional. Bobby Fischer had Asperger's Syndrome. Symptom is ANXIETY, mi…
Bobby Fischer was so misunderstood. All the interviews I've seen there is a complete disconnect between the intervi…
Bobby Fischer executed by The Satanic Zionists Jews for honesty, Pawn S... via
A Chess Grandmaster read article and had this to say: "its nice for…
Believe it or not... somebody is actually telling the TRUTH about w…
I am waiting for Paul to tell us about the summer he spent playing chess against Bobby Fischer. And how they partied. so hard.
Here's the story the media refused to tell, for lack of investigation into the cult life of Bobby & its a…
Been getting lots of positive feedback on this. The untold story of Bobby's 15 years in the cult.. and…
'Searching for Bobby Fischer' excelled in that regard : . Mantegna, Joan Allen, Macy, Paymer, Hedaya, Linney...
any more suggested "Bobby Fischer Friendly" sites? Sadly, I just don't know that many.…
Psychiatric professionals say this is common error made with people who are Asperger's Syndrome, lik…
Gattaca is a space movie like Searching for Bobby Fischer is a sports movie: all the motifs and inspirati…
I liked a video Bobby Fischer's The Game of the Century
Funny you should pop up on feed. I watched the latest Bobby Fischer film yesterday. Did you ever play e…
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Play Chess with me. In 1970 I played against future World Champion Bobby Fischer so youll have your hands full.. But it'll be fun
That is exactly what I call him. Bobby Fischer of Football!! He is the most calucating and observant man on Earth.
“People think there are all these options, but there is only one right move.” Bobby Fischer
At same time as 2018 - which will Bobby Fischer Memorial. Not a smart thing.
September 1st, 1972 Bobby Fischer became the first American world Chess Champion defeating Boris Spassky in 24 games
Calling it now. It 10 years will be in Iceland or The Philippines or some place going full Bobby Fischer.
"Bobby Fischer on Cable status. Sun of Summers. Scott free offensive defense. One eye and Laser beams, L..."
Apr. 12 1964: Bobby Fischer plays a 50 boards simul exhibition in the Knickerbocker Hotel in Hollywood. Photo by S…
When I was eleven, I just got good. - Bobby Fischer
Really enjoying Tobey Maguire playing Bobby Fischer but I can't help but picture him as Spider-Man 🙈
American Bobby Fischer, and Soviet Boris Spassky, face off on Fischer's way to becoming world chess champion in 197…
Today, we’re going to take a ride into ‘Fischer’s Pawn Sacrifice’. It was the tenth game of the World...
Chess Quote of the Day - I dont believe in psychology. I believe in good moves(Bobby Fischer)11: I dont believe...
Tobey Maguire as Chess Grandmaster Bobby Fischer. "Chess is war over the board. The object is to crush the opponent…
I added a video to a playlist Bobby Fischer's 21-move brilliancy
Watching chess movie Searching for Bobby Fischer. Joe Mantegna is HOT! and Fishburne! and Shalhoub! Something for everyone who loves chess!
Boris Spassky once defeated Bobby Fischer with the King's Gambit 😲. Here's another of his beautiful victories with this belov…
The king is back: Chess legend Garry Kasparov comes out of retirement The real king was Bobby Fischer btw
Boris Spassky, who lost title to Bobby Fischer, was asked years ago if he was afraid of computers...1/
Botvinnik chess games will provide us the right statregy to get over Putin.. Ask…
Searching for Bobby Fischer. Few movies can match its delicate mix of devastating and triumphant moments.
Just follow the Chess games of Botvinnik, and you will understand the most effective way to defea…
beat Bobby Fischer in a game of chess... blindfolded.
10 minute chess education with Bobby Fischer's coach, If not for the mojitos…
17/Soviet chess hegemony persisted until 1972, when another brilliant and tormented individual broke through the barrier, Bobby Fischer
im like Bobby Fischer i eat my competition , im ready to die you gon have to kill me !! 💂 💯
Harry Benson, who photographed US political leaders and others, rates Bobby Fischer, and from today, Angela Merkel…
"That’s what chess is all about. One day you give your opponent a lesson, the next day he gives you one."--Bobby Fischer
I have a co-write on the new CD by West Virginia's a CD of songs by my good buddy Nashville/Iowa mu…
Fischer in Iceland 45th anniversary part 5: Missing move times found!
Life a game of Chess so i studied Bobby Fischer 🙄
Taimanov is probably best known for his 1971 candidate match with Bobby Fischer which infamously l…
"All I want to do, ever, is play chess." -Bobby Fischer (1943-2008) Image:
Only God has clarity. And Bobby Fischer when he was over a chess board.
New chess set inspired on Bobby Fischer 1950 chess set from chessbazaar ❤️ I'm in love with the…
How are you supposed to beat Bobby Fischer when all he does is decay?
Antisemitism is a disease you catch it from Jews -bobby Fischer
Today is International Chess Day! Bobby Fischer was only 29 when he won "The Match of the Century." https…
Michael Jackson, John F Kennedy, General George S. Patton and Bobby Fischer were taken from us for admiring Hitler…
The Champion title still remains even after you lose it. Bobby Fischer is still a World Chess Champion.
that's very sweet... I'm gonna search all day like it bobby Fischer
Like chess match between Bobby Fischer and a chimpanzee.
When he gets to he can join the table of Bobby Fischer.
Donny Two Scoops is still playing checkers while Comey plays chess like Bobby Fischer.
It was a game played by the greatest player from the U.S. (probably together with Bobby Fischer), Paul Morphy.
"I think the entire concept of the devil is based on the Jews" . Bobby Fischer
Saw Searching for Bobby Fischer with the kids this week
"Nothing is so healing as the human touch." - Bobby Fischer
Bobby Fischer playing chess against a babbling one-year-old who throws the chess pieces. . That's what I feel like when I show up on Sundays.
Bback I ran the whole way Bobby Fischer that China
Had lunch with Bobby Fischer, the former world chess champ.We had a checkered tablecloth. Took him two hours to pas…
is in a turmoil of trouble, grief and upheaval. I'll take "You're move, mate." ~ Bobby Fischer
Oscar Isaac said he based his characterization of Nathan on Bobby Fischer and Stanley Kubrick.
He's right up there with "Tunafish Father", William H. Macy's credited role in Searching for Bobby Fischer.
How many moles did Tobey Maguire think he needed to play Bobby Fischer
As for Searching for Bobby Fischer, it's sort of old movie but not that old yet it's still good!
If I win a tournament, I win it by myself. I do the playing. Nobody helps me. - Bobby Fischer
Jesse Williams out here making Chess moves to win the game. Dude like a Bi-racial Bobby Fischer. . Im about to play chess online.
LUV how these Trump krishna's want you 2 believe Trump is a bell bottomed Bobby Fischer of foreign policy
The sports movie is Finding Forrester, followed by Big Daddy, and then Searching for Bobby Fischer
Bobby Fischer's Opening System with IM Lilov. Please notice the change of release date: Available Friday April...
Pop Quiz; for one '"Don" 'Old Chump'": What do you know; about Bobby Fischer and Van Cliburn? In other Words: When was America Great?
Pawn Sacrifice Star Tobey Maguire on Bobby Fischer, Celebrity, and the Surprisi via
Tactics flow from a superior position. -- Bobby Fischer
*** moving like Bobby Fischer in these mean streets
Lit Advent Calendar Day 24 read is "Kathleen, or Ryan" by Bobby Fischer in (issue 1)
Bobby Fischer with the press in an exhibition game on 5 December 1972 in Los Angeles, California.
oh my god you guys Mike Pence had been 3 steps ahead of us this entire time! he's like Bobby Fischer but more anti-…
Countdown to World Champion to be 14 year old Bobby Fischer v ex-champion Max Euwe, New York City…
Does he think this is Bobby Fischer vs Garry Kasparov? Garry is anti-Vlad, Donnie.
"Nothing is as healing as the human touch" - Bobby Fischer. Parts of Pauline Gutter's Serendipity Exhibition
Boris Spassky and Bobby Fischer in the Ping Pong Room. madness goes?
Masterpiece of psychological warfare: Read how Bobby Fischer rattled Boris Spassky in 1972 World Chess Championship in Iceland.
1972: Bobby Fischer finally arrived in Iceland for his World Chess Championship match against Boris Spassky.
When I played Bobby Fischer, my opponent fought against organizations - the television produc
MMA is a human chess match and tonight, Stephen Thompson was Bobby Fischer.
US & Russia have been at it forever. Watch a film called Bobby Fischer about chess & the US-Russia war, it'll give you perspective
I've not seen the movie in question but sounds like Searching for Bobby Fischer is the perfect antidote
*** Bobby Fischer knows what he's talking about.
if Mamata is honest then I am Bobby Fischer
Then Bobby Fischer made the most original an unexpected move of all; he disappeared.
I want to see the U.S. wiped out. Death to the U.S.
I think the 11 year old is throwing it like in "Searching for Bobby Fischer".
After this round, Jairam will almost surely pull a "Searching for Bobby Fischer" and offer a draw. And Nihar will almost surely reject it.
Folks I need some dinner.. Draginhesrt, remember in the Bobby Fischer movie when he says "take the draw"?
There's a sad shortage of Searching for Bobby Fischer GIFs in this world.
I feel like Joe Mantegna in BOBBY FISCHER: "He's better at this than I've ever been at anything in my life."
"All I want to do, ever, is just play chess" - Bobby Fischer
Trump beat everyone. He's the Bobby Fischer of the political world. Dusting everyone off 1 by 1.
A 'Searching For Bobby Fischer' about Spelling Bees. Except in the first week even the over zealous parent realizes how absurd it is.
Without 'chess in the park' would Bobby Fischer have become what he became?
no longer searching for Bobby Fischer, let's find Bobby Lee 🔎
That's Boris Spassky yo, the man who played Bobby Fischer for the World Chess Championship titlematch in 1972. Rare!
She's gonna snap and go Bobby Fischer any second
Searching for Bobby Fischer is fun, probably not as riveting, but still good
I added a video to a playlist CHESS W/COMMENTARY - BOBBY FISCHER!
"During the height of the Cold War, American chess prodigy Bobby Fischer finds himself caught between two...
I liked a video from Game of the Century - Bobby Fischer vs Donald Byrne
Did you know?. Nigel Short became (at the time) the youngest International Master in history breaking Bobby Fischer's record of 1958
I'm still waiting on my autograph from Bullies-but i also love Searching for Bobby Fischer so I'll let it slide for now
Bobby Fischer's best games as explained by GM Susan Polgar -
We just finished watching Searching for Bobby Fischer, the kids are currently obsessed wit…
took meyers briggs tests at work today and it turns out i share a personality type w bobby fischer and ted kaczynski. love my INTJ brothers!
"Nakamura would have defeated any Wild West outlaw with such a quick draw." -Bobby Fischer
Happy Mother's Day to the best mom ever, Joan Allen in Searching for Bobby Fischer.
btw did you ever connect that Russell Targ was Bobby Fischer's brother in law? Just ran across that a few days ago.
Ack, one more, the book I read this past weekend: M Train by Patti Smith. (Spoiler: She meets crazy-era Bobby Fischer.)
Regarding the chess game acquisition of delegates (Representative government! ;) vs is like Bobby Fischer vs Alfred E Newman! 😝
Bobby Fischer founded an offshore company three months before his death.
Caruana came so close, but Bobby Fischer in 1972 remains the last American challenger for the world chess championship.
“I know people who have all the will in the world, but still can’t play good Chess”- Bobby Fischer
Some great Cruyff anecdotes from talk with Cruyff's idol was Bobby Fischer. Makes sense.
You share it with Amerigo Vespucci, Bobby Fischer & Bobby Sands. Have some food, face new challenges & outplay. Happy Birthday.
Bobby Fischer story Pawn Sacrifice was so much better than I was expecting. Tobey Maguire is superb as the troubled chess genius.
Watching "Pawn Sacrifice" about Bobby Fischer. Really great performance by Tobey Maguire so far.
Bobby Fischer, the reclusive American chess master who became a Cold War icon in 1972
Saw Pawn Sacrifice, story of Bobby Fischer and how he became chess champion of the world. Excellent.
"Endgame: Bobby Fischer's Remarkable Rise and Fall - the Edge of Madness" by Frank Brady . via
"Endgame: Bobby Fischer's Remarkable Rise and Fall - from America's Brightest Prodigy to the Edge ... via
Hi & thank you Fiona! David: I wonder which is your favourite chess books? Did you like My 60 Memorable Games by Bobby Fischer?
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Bobby Fischer unravels before the 1972 World Chess Championships, a.k.a. the “the Match of the Century.”
Tobey Maguire's portrayal of Bobby Fischer in Pawn Sacrifice (2015) is eerily incredible. Reminds you of Russell Crowe's John Nash.
'Nothing is so healing as the human touch' - The reported last words of the great Bobby Fischer.
Music critic Tim Page on autism, Bobby Fischer and Glenn Gould.
so Bobby Fischer posthumously is a Chess Grandhead. master sergeant is head sergeant
Pawn Sacrifice, starring Tobey Maguire as Bobby Fischer, has just premiered at Here's review http:/…
The table used by Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky in The World Chess Championship 1972, Reykjavik. Will some GMs play on iT?
Today in 1992 - Bobby Fischer won his re-match with Boris Spassky in Sveti Stefan, Yugoslavia.
I rated Pawn Sacrifice (2014) 6/10 a vanity project better watching documentary "Bobby Fischer v the World"
Bobby Fischer beat Boris Spassky in their chess rematch 23 years ago today.
if you need me, I'm over here chuckling at an on point Bobby Fischer joke, courtesy of Lou Grant
You have to have the fighting spirit. You have to force moves and take chances. -- Bobby Fischer
Who is Bobby Fischer and how did he wind up in Iceland? . .
Tobey Maguire is cute but have you seen the real Bobby Fischer
'Pawn Sacrifice' the life of Bobby Fischer starring Tobey Maguire. .
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DAVID R. SANDS: Chess in the dark — should we accept 'Pawn Sacrifice'?: Watching the new Bobby Fischer ...
Bobby Fischer becomes chessmaster in spite of himself. My review at
I'd say Bobby Fischer was a good Jew, though only 1/2.
It really does examine the pyschology of Bobby Fischer. Tobey Maguire of course gives a great performance. Probably his best in years.
Bobby Fischer was 2700 (or 2725 or something). If he stays sane he becomes the old guy who used to be Fisher and give points.
Endgame by Frank Brady - Bobby Fischer's remarkable rise and fall
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Bringing American chess champion Bobby Fischer's story to the big screen posed a challenge for the filmmakers of
Congratulations to Michael Humphreys, Max England, and Mysha Gilani, winners in our Bobby Fischer celebration...
Also in 1962 published an article by Bobby Fischer.
Yo If is not a sport, why did they broadcast something from the 1972 championship with Bobby Fischer?
No story is stranger than Bobby Fischer's, good to see it given big screen treatment in "Pawn Sacrifice." My review: http…
Stockfish 11-0 like Bobby Fischer! It even beat Houdini with Black in a drawn Rook endgame style!!!
Targeted for his genius, haunted by his madness. See Tobey Maguire as Bobby Fischer in in theaters...
Looking fwd to the screening of Tobey Maguire starrer 'Pawn Sacrifice' tomorrow. Story of American Chess prodigy Bobby Fischer
Looks like a must watch.Tobey Maguire plays Bobby Fischer in ‘Pawn Sacrifice’ via
This may be a Bobby Fischer situation
is currently playing the video game adaptation "Searching for Bobby Fischer" that never got made.
"If he won, he'd be the first American World Champion in history. If he lost, he'd be just another patzer from Brooklyn." (On Bobby Fischer)
See the Bobby Fischer story in in theatres on 9/16. Watch our exclusive clip!
HA! They call me black Bobby Fischer kid
Bjorn Borg is the Bobby Fischer of tennis. Bobby Fischer is the Bjorn Borg of chess.
Insight into the mind of Bobby Fischer​..
On this day in 1994 a Pentium computer beats world chess champ Gari Kasparov. I wonder how Bobby Fischer would have done?
- The 1972 World Chess Championship. Read Jeremy Bernstein's riveting tale of the match
Bobby Fischer's Pawn Sacrifice against Boris Spassky. Watch the game now here:
Workout was insane & good start for the week.heading to office & reading about Bobby Fischer.;)
Bobby Fischer from the snl Spartans skit was a REAL LIFE CHESS PLAYER.
Bobby Fischer biopic "Pawn Sacrifice" is a movie I would like to see when it comes out next month.
I played 6 Chess matches with Bernard yesterday at the library with Sarah.. He's one of the only people to beat Bobby Fischer
744 games Bobby Fischer in 2 volumes. Volume One. Chess Russian book1993
Can't wait to see Bobby Fischer's story is sad, but fascinating. …
Bobby Fischer is one of the 20th century's most celebrated sportsmen. The brash American chess prodigy became an internation…
"The pair [Patti Smith and Bobby Fischer] ended up singing Buddy Holly songs for hours."
umm. Bobby Fischer is your go to for morality? Lol. Kill yourself.
July 11th : 1972 – The first game of the World Chess Championship 1972 between challenger Bobby Fischer and...
hey chris! My nanna wants to know what channel the Bobby Fischer programme was on please as she missed it 😱
I regard Bobby Fischer as a mythological combination of sorts, a centaur if you will, a synthesis between man and chess. ---Garry Kasparov
Bobby Fischer had an IQ of 187 which is classified as very superior intelligence. Fischer was the Bruce Lee of...
A Stephen Moss piece abounding in (unsurprising) stereotyping. Of course, Bobby Fischer had to be in there.
It is called hiring a new gun. They are far too simple minded to litigate against Juan Martinez. He is Bobby Fischer!
Juan Martinez is Bobby Fischer, he always saves the best for last. On redirect he may blow the roof off
Vladimir Lenin (91 years ago) and Bobby Fischer (7 years ago) left us, but christ both were absolute geniuses. Two outstanding creatures.
CHESS TRIVIA. President Ferdinand Marcos and Bobby Fischer played an exhibition match during the Philippine...
Hollywood's given us Kissing Jessica Stein, Searching for Bobby Fischer, Wrestling Ernest Hemingway, now how about Sho…
A Memorable Life: A Glimpse into the Complex Mind of Bobby Fischer | World Chess Hall of Fame
Jan 8th, 1958. Bobby Fischer won the United States Chess Championship for the first time at age 14. h…
Bobby Fischer assassinated Edward Snowden and replaced him with a cyborg. Tony Wilson took it to the grave, with his whippet...
Kasparov the King: Sony and almost all US Presidents have one "Big Boss" according to Bobby Fischer and Michael Jackson.
"My sister bought me a set at a candy store and taught me the moves". - Bobby Fischer
Scot Stewy gettin his bobby Fischer on
You know that scene in "Searching For Bobby Fischer" where the instructor just starts handing him grand master certificates...
Searching for Bobby Fischer is now on Netflix...I finally have a reason to have a glimmer of happiness...oh so fleeting these days.
I am the Bobby Fischer of the dumb gas-pumping game on the "Corner Gas" website.
"is a matter of delicate judgement, knowing when to punch and how to duck." - Bobby Fischer
Might just pull a Bobby Fischer and never come back
Just watched a film on chess and loved it - searching for Bobby Fischer
Chess films on general release now:
"Bobby Fischer starts with the King's Pawn opening, brought to you by Fox News."
If you havent already peep my newest video!. Michael Nixx "Bobby Fischer" (Prod by Atlas):
feeling pretty lonely over there? I thought you were a dying breed... you know bobby fischer died?
so who would win Bobby Fischer or Magnus Carlsen
U will never b as conniving & vile a 'friend' 2 as Kyle was calling her 'Bobby Fischer'. That was evil.
Really now Lisa, the disdainful expression u had following ur kiss / SHE didn't compare u 2 Bobby Fischer!
On the real- Searching for Bobby Fischer is prolly the most underrated movie of the 90's. The NINETEEN-90's.
Trying to mess with my mind When our levels differ, it's like playing a game of chess against Bobby Fischer... Kt
Occasionally I forget about Searching for Bobby Fischer. And then I remember. And I am the better for it.
Did you know: Inception: Cillian Murphy's character was named Robert Fischer as a tribute to champion chess player Bobby Fischer.
Dont always drive on parkways, I mean look how long it took them to search for bobby fischer. JOKE DO THEY MAKE OINTMENT FOR UNDER-THE-NOSE
Bobby Fischer + the blind chess players from India
Tonight's Trivia Question: In what European city did Bobby Fischer capture the World Chess Championship from...
Great review of Algorithms, the film of blind Indian chess players by Definitely worth watching
Smart moves: chess is back: It was the game of the Cold War. Now, with Tobey Maguire playing Bobby Fischer and...
it’s really just a ruse to allow me to quote Searching for Bobby Fischer in jest.
Mark Spitz, Bob Hope and Bobby Fischer on a 1972 television show.
This is why you never play 'rock, paper, scissors' with Bobby Fischer.
This day in history. 1943. Chess genius Bobby Fischer was born and my uncle Walt proved once and for all that alcohol …
Ayt Listen up! Time to play the Game of Riddles. This is for all u ppz aspecially d onez who declare themselves "SMARTEST OF ALL". Catch this: We all know the famous Albert Einstein right? Smartest dude(physicist) who ever lived, had about IQ level that ranged between 160-165. After the famous chess player Bobby Fischer who's IQ level ranged between 180-185. Mine ranges between 121-145, Lalb That's right!! Tested it this morning. Now Einstein wrote this riddle last century and said that 98% of the world's population would NOT be able to solve it. Are you a part of that 98%? There are 5 houses that are each a different colour. There is a person of a different nationality in each house. The 5 owners drink a certain drink. They each smoke a certain brand of cigarettes and also have a certain pet. No owner has the same pet, smokes the same brand of cigarettes nor drinks the same drink. The question is. "Who has the fish?" CLUES 1. The British man lives in the red house. 2. The Swedish man has a dog for a pet. ...
ULTRAMODERN Actually Falafel Backgammon fide don't have a title or rating for what I am to chess so they Learnin right now, so when u tryin to apply traditional ideas to me they don't make sense really, but that's all u know right now but ur learnin! lol they now KNOW im in the Buffalo & Erie County Public Library - Central Library right now,see? lEARNIN bITNESS! OH Captain basically I questioned the U.S.C.F. and Beatriz Marinello about whether or not American actuall study American chess I did it after Daaim Shabazz of The Chess Drum mentioned that nobody the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis had any ANSWERS as to why Hikaru Nakamura was playin so badly as the the traditionalist call it ! lol SO I just gav them the answer really , I told them they were in the wrong building and should go across the street to the World Chess Hall of Fame where Bobby Fischer is and get the ANSWERS from over there like I did, and not just getting moves from my chess on the ICC and pressing button on the lapto ...
"Scornful of everything outside of himself, he understood little about that which he scorned." - great David Hooper line re: Bobby Fischer.
59: Pawn Sacrifice - Tobey Maguire stars as Bobby Fischer in this unsurprising, straightforward, but well made biopic.
Dempsey & Siders, Mark Bova shares remarkable September sports history! Check it out! If you have additional notable September sports history to share, please comment! We would love to hear from you! September Sports History: 1954 - Ted Kluszewski is 1st Cinti Red player to hit 40 HR's (on his way to 49). 1967 - SF Giants beat the Cincinnati Reds 1-0 in 21 innings. 1972 - Bobby Fischer (US) defeats Boris Spassky (USSR) for World Chess Title 1973 - Billie Jean King beats Bobby Riggs in a famous tennis match 1975 - Tom Seaver (NY Mets) is first to strike out 200 in 8 consecutive seasons
Damon and Affleck intended for Good Will Hunting to be an amalgam of Midnight Run, Beverly Hills Cop, ET, and Searching for Bobby Fischer.
Looking at line-up. Lots of biopic/real life inspired films - Brian Wilson, Stephen Hawking, Bobby Fischer, Alan Turing...very male.
Dubai Open Chess Championship had a Rest Day Today. Instead Blitz was conducted. Winner is ITURRIZAG BONNELLI EDUARDO Venezuelaen G.M. Some images here, all shot a couple of hours before. Hot & fresh from Oven. In Armagadon winner chose black with 4 min and beat Tigran Petrosian white with 5 min, who finished runners-up. Here we go. BTW Indian lad Teja Ravi scored 6/9 in blitz and almost entered last 4 but for his last round loss that took him out, the only Indian contender for a shot into top 4. Indeed sensational. It was Followed by PD. Open session is on and solely lead by our Abhijeeth Gupta with 4/4. 5th Round pairing you can see Abhijit Gupta on TOP Board. Hope he wins here again. I have also taken some snaps from the Hall of Fame - where only World Champions photos are framed and kept hooked to the wall. You can see our one & only "Viswanathan Anand" photo. I hv also taken a long shot with Bobby Fischer on left side followed by Anatoly Karpov and the right end none other than our Vishy the gr8!!. D ...
They say only two men can stop Magnus Carlsen; One has passed away (Bobby Fischer) and one has retired (Garry Kasparov). hona ke *** ntlolisa Mahlo holimo kannete! ke ntse ke le teng? hmk
1972 Photograph of the great Bobby Fischer and Boris Spasky during the World Chess Championship of 1972.
Here we present you a list of inspirational quotes from the most elite chess players in chess history: Garry Kasparov, Bobby Fischer, Magnus Carlsen, Mikhail Botvinnik, Alexander Alekhine, Vistor Korchnoi and Hikaru Nakamura.
we are presenting list posters about chess wisdom shared by the greatest players: Garry Kasparov, Bobby Fischer, Siegbert Tarrasch, Aaron Nimzowitsch, Emanuel Lasker, Levon Aronian, Vishy Anand and Wilhelm Steintz.
On March 9th, 2014 - what would have been Bobby Fischer's 71 birthday, Garry Kasparov visited his grave in Selfoss, Iceland. It was a unique moment for chess...
A frIend Of mIne whO was. Non-muslims who revert to Islam I Used to Hate Islam and Muslims A Young English Convert I had to keep in touch with my family, but my hometown was a bit of a war zone. So I decided if they wanted to see me, they could come to visit me instead. I went to college and started my A levels. I was behind everyone else because they had all just came from school, but my GCSEs allowed me to go anyway. I took 3 years to complete a two year course, but also had to work and provide for myself and learn to live like a normal person and cook and clean, etc. I also learned that I had a love for chess and Bobby Fischer was my hero. The other students were still at home with their parents, so I had additional things to worry about, but life was pretty good. I started going back to church but not regularly. My pastor, Friar Kevin, was a great man and I respect him very much, but when I prayed, I could only feel that I pray to God, not Jesus. I didn't feel that Jesus could hear me, or that he was ...
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Living with Asperger's Syndrome can be challenging but, it does not have to be limiting. Here is a list of some of the well-known people who have been diagnosed or suspected of having Asperger's Syndrome and have done great things. Can't wait to see who from this generation will be added to this prestigious list! Dan Aykrod (Actor) Daryl Hannah (Actress) Satoshi Tajiri (creator of Pokemon) Jim Henson (Master puppeteer, creator of the Muppets) Al Gore (former U.S. Vice President) Bill Gates (Founder of Microsoft) Bob Dylan (Singer/songwriter) Robin Williams (Actor) Keith Olbermann (T.V. Journalist) Andy Warhol (Artist) Abraham Lincoln (U.S. 16th president) Albert Einstein (Physicist) Alexander Graham Bell (Inventor of the telephone) Bobby Fischer (World Chess Champion) Benjamin Franklin (Inventor, writer, politician) George Washington (U.S. general, U.S. 1st president) Henry Ford (Inventor of Ford car company) Isaac Newton (Mathematician, scientist) Hans Asperger (Pediatrician, discoverer of Asperger's) Lu ...
I have been thinking of entering the World Open this year...never been there before and always wanted to go. I am currently 1989 so I would be near the top of the U2000 section...not that I think it would automatically translate into a high score. Matter of fact there are a lot of obstacles along the way for us class players. I have decided to do a scouting report on a few of the pitfalls that await me. Here goes my analysis of the top 10 players to watch out for in the World Open U2000: Bill “Boomer” Boswell Getting back into over the board chess after a successful career in Silicon Valley. Last game was a simul victory over Bobby Fischer in 1962. Comes in with a rating of 1827 from 50 years ago, when 1800's were a lot stronger than they are now. Katya Cleavageowitz 22 years old. Gorgeous Eastern European girl. A pretty good player in her own right, but “augments” her chances by wearing short skirts and low cut blouses. Leans over the board a lot. Her games, though unspectacular on their own mer ...
It is ok for some chess fans to judge Bobby Fischer for his abhorrent personal views, but not ok to ask our current World Champion about his personal life. Either you don't care if your chess players are murderers or you have a healthy interest and ask the questions and judge on the answers or lack of them.
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