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Bobby Cox

Robert Joseph Bobby Cox (born May 21, 1941) is a former Major League Baseball third baseman and manager.

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Ted Cox and Bobby Sprowl were my first over hyped Sox phenoms
See live at 8:30 am on Champions Together FB pg as he helps get this school year started…
gets credit from Warren County School Superintendent Bobby Cox for digital resources library at Southern…
idk who's available but ideally someone outside the Bobby Cox coaching tree. A forward thinking manag…
Greg Maddux, John Smoltz, Tom Glavine, Bobby Cox, Barry Larkin, Ozzie Smith, and Dave Winfleid on our flight back. was awesome!
And Bobby Cox beat his and no one in the organization cared.
Just remember... Racist Tom Yawkey, colluder Bud Selig and wife beater Bobby Cox are Hall of Famers. Buck O'Neill is not.
Well deserving ! We would never had the success if it wasn't for you and Bobby Cox
Whoever manages post snitker needs to have 0 ties to the organization. That's all. I want new/d…
Bobby Charlton practices his heading with his mother Elizabeth outside their home, 1953.
John Schuerholz on working with Bobby Cox, beginning in 1990: "As our partnership grew, my admiration for him grew in like measure."
I made it on tv during Bobby Cox's introduction video today!
Now that is cracking down on domestic violence, why was wife beater Bobby Cox invited to the HOF Ceremony?
Lots of on the stage! John Smoltz, Tom Glavine, Greg Maddux, Hank Aaron, and Bobby Cox and Chipper will be up there soon!!!
Ugh Bobby Cox. I still can't stand him.
To the moaners behind me in the Bobby Cox - stfu. Moussa is not match fit, had little service and looks a decent player to me
Order Miche Bag Online!
Penalties being taken in front of the Bobby Cox
Get rid of Snitker we need to beg Bobby Cox to come out of ret…
Congrats to John Schuerholz, who along w The Skipper Bobby Cox,orchestrated the greatest "continuous" playo…
The downward spiral of managing, coaching, pitching and stranded base runners. Snitker sits in…
About 40 kids from the states here in the bobby cox! Supporting the Dee!
Sure wish we could talk BOBBY COX into coming out of retirement. WE NEED HIM BAD!!
Aye phoned up, only section g in main stand and rows a and b in bobby cox available
They'll have a new manager next yr. hopefully one w/ 0.0 ties to Bobby Cox. The Lookouts just won in 21 innings
Snitker comes from that Bobby Cox School of Managing.
Bobby Cox singles and Juneau has two runners on base with no outs in the fifth inning. Finn's up to bat.
JJ throws the pitches and is PAID TO CLOSE. So when Craig Kimbrel blew a save was it B…
Those Charlie Manuel Phillies won just as many WS as those Bobby Cox Braves
I didn't know bobby cox and John Smoltz knew Brian Hoyt.
Snitker needs to pull a Bobby Cox. Get in there, yell, and get thrown out.
No better word for a GM than "options!" Coppy has plenty - more than I've ever seen any GM have, including Bobby Co…
. Whats it gonna take for me to get a bobby cox bobble head. I absolutely need 1!
I miss the old Braves with Bobby Cox & both of the Jones'... they were my favorite.
Legendary manager & Hall of Famer Bobby Cox sits down with to talk about his time with John Sch…
Tonight is Bobby Cox bobblehead night at NBT Bank Stadium. Former Chiefs player/skipper, but fitting since they're…
fans left stunned after dead fox found curled up in Dens Park during friendly h…
Cant drink on the job unless you are Bobby Cox
Happy for John Schuerholz (and Bobby Cox) that they are in the baseball hall of fame. Looking forward to getting back to the Braves’ way
I don't need another *** Bobby Cox disciple doing the same things they did 25 years ago that no longer work
Sign of the times! Thanks, Cox Signs, what a beauty sign!. 9 days until we open our doors!
Cox Head Basketball Coach Bobby Wolfe joins us next from the Team Camp on - tune in: ht…
I was at a game when he called 2 BS balks on Tim Hudson, threw Bobby Cox out…
You will always be the darling of the dugout, . Happy birthday Bobby Cox. Gail Welch.
My hot take: is the Francisco Cabrera. Ken (Bess him) is Bobby Cox- the glue. But Josh.. He's Chippe…
Bobby Cox used Greg Maddux, John Smoltz, Tom Glavine & Steve Avery as pinch-hitters and pinch-runners on semi-regular basis. It'll be okay.
After 10, the guy you should be mad at is Bobby Cox. Not that there were many other options in that pen.
following Bobby Cox trend of pitching to Bonds...
Photos: legend Hank Aaron throws out first pitch to former manager and a legend himself, Bobby Cox
The historic first pitch at SunTrust Park: Hank Aaron to Bobby Cox.
Hank Aaron threw out the first pitch to Bobby Cox. This is legendary! ⚾️💙⚾️
Frank Wren still work the Red Sox? Doesn't seem to have a fan in either Chipper Jones or Bobby Cox.
Chipper Jones claims Bobby Cox nearly quit as Braves manager in 2008 because of Frank Wren
my friend has expanded on this. NFL equivalent is Mike McCarthy. MLB? Bobby Cox (inactive) or Mike Scioscia (active)
Runners on 1st & 2nd two out and Bobby Cox isn't going to bearded closer Jeff Reardon to face Winfield.
100 Snitkers and Chuck Hernandezes don't equal one Bobby Cox or Leo Mazzone. MERCY
I was a huge fan of Bobby Cox, a huge fan of Chipper Jones and John Smoltz. And just those guys,
90's Braves... Bobby Cox, Chipper Jones, and that pitching!
Bobby Cox and John Schuerholz tear down the "1" in the Turner Field Outfield. Wall now reads "Suntrust Park Opening Day:…
Bobby Cox & John Schuerholz, flanked by HOF'ers & players from pre-game ceremony tore down the No. 1 on the Turne…
Any idea how Bobby Cox in the HOF but Danny Murtaugh isn't? Tony Perez but not Dave Parker?
That's Bobby Cox walking hitters to pitch to Barry Bonds in the NLCS balls right there. . .
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Joe Maddon would bench him for a week for that, so would Bobby Cox, and most self respecting managers.
I cheered for Bobby Cox and Andruw Jones over the years, and they probably weren't the worst of the bunch
he's a Bobby Cox guy like Snit, Porter, Fredi, Yost. Need to stay away from that and I think you need coaching experience.
If I ever became a rapper the only thing I'd rap about would be the Bobby Cox-era Braves
Pitching Restriction Policies in Baseball to be Based on Pitches.
Kobe, Timmy, Jeter, Chipper, Bobby Cox, and now Ortiz. Man my childhood players are all retiring. Getting old man.
Ned Yost took him a season to get the Bobby Cox how to misuse the bullpen off of him now he's one of the best managers in the game
maybe elsewhere, but I really want a non-Bobby Cox guy. It's time to move on
Jamie Foxx was bouta go all Bobby Cox too
These Bobby Cox audio clips from '92 ASG are gold
My good friend Bobby is putting cancer in it's place. Doctors gave him till June, well it's July! Help if you can
Just how I shed tears the days when and Bobby Cox retired, I have today as well for Timmy is now gone
Can credit Bobby Cox the manager all you want for the Braves being great for so long, but having money and 4 HOF'ers + Andruw helps.
Cox and Snitker both learned from Bobby. Leo and McDowell have made their impact on the pitchers. That's really it.
If I were on the field, I'd want the manager sticking up for me. Somet...
This guy has been a bit of a loose cannon his entire career. Only Bobby Cox and Joe Maddon have been able to keep him in line.
Bobby Wilson keeps the going bringing home with a RBI single! It's 6-2 now in the 5th.
and Bobby Cox is the one who shipped him out of Atl
Bobby Cox thinks Yunel Escobar gets ejected from a lot of games. Escobar's 3rd ejection this year, 12th of his career. Seems salty often.
Bobby Portis puts up double-double as Bulls win Summer Leagu...
1-0 in my coaching career. Look out Bobby Cox
Too bad they aren't the same team when Bobby Cox was head coach. Those were the days. Smoltz, Glavine, Maddox, Chipper. sigh
Find out why King & Chris keep saying Cox but it's OK.
That's how I feel about the Braves without Bobby Cox.
Nor will I ever get over the image of Brooks Conrad committing error after error in the NLDS during Bobby Cox's final season.
Bobby Cox is havin' a conniption somewhere
Well done for today. Was on Bobby Wheeler. Karen and I are going to Ascot to cheer on Team Cox and Gerrard Mosse
I am just joshing. I was a Brave's fan, and Bobby Cox beat his wife. *** I like Woody Allen movies.
Yeah, but Bobby Cox would -- anybody who lit up the Braves would get the Braves' interest.
If the Hawks were the Bobby Cox Braves, there's no doubt either Jarrett Jack or Will Bynum would be getting a call.
Former Braves manager Bobby Cox just got cheers after appearing on video board.
Congratulations to Bobby Cox bred Heritage Place Sale Graduate, SCANDALIA, Runner-Up in the Indiana Grand...
Bobby Cox and his boys are fired up for the stretch run down at the Green Monster
Dusty Baker out here pulling his best Bobby Cox impression.
Again, I petition for Bobby Cox to exit retirement...
Most umpires are good about letting the argument go, but you can only ...
throw on some Bobby Cox specials for better traction.
Not just Cards fans guilty.ATL's Bobby Cox was criticized for everything in '90s in similar way. Crazy.
The main thing I wanted was to manage.
Bobby Cox I mean Avent went nuts I don't blame him
On the podcast today, Tom Glavine tells his side of the story of when Bobby Cox ordered him to throw at Dale Murphy https:…
Did Bobby Cox ever make a statement on firing on Fredi?
Seriously, when is Danny Hall gone? He will never win a college world series.He is like the Bobby Cox of college minus the 1 WS
Darren Sproles and Fletcher Cox will be in attendance for mandatory minicamp that starts tomorrow. Good news to hea…
Bobby cox said the braves have a vision n sticking Wit it .I trust imma chill
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It may be no coincidence that Lebron James and Bobby Cox each wore number 6.
Dang that's cold blooded. Even Bobby Cox wouldn't do hat
i see FSU's Bobby Cox has some record of 40 win seasons in a row,. how cute with 0 rings. kinda like going 1/14 📝
Bobby Cox did it to Andrew Jones. He sure as *** got the message..
Bobby cox looks like a dehydrated peach
I swear the braves new owner has destroyed everything Bobby Cox set up.. Freeing money for a new stadium that we don't need= loss of stars😤
Bobby Cox would have dragged him off the field after that play on the "triple" earlier in the game.
Dear is there anyway we can pull Bobby Cox out of retirement to coach this *** game?
Man moving ain't no fun,moving company was terrible,thanks to my brother Bobby my cuzz Anthony Cox, and...
Thanks to Vin Scully, I now know you can tell roughly what year it was by looking at Bobby Cox in the dugout & seeing if he was sitting down
it's almost like you just described Bobby Cox too.
The Braves haven't been the same since Bobby Cox retired.
Murphy isn't exactly a big game coach. 8 trips to OKC, 1 championship. Bobby Cox of CSB?
Lauryn Padgett named IHSAA mental attitude award winner! Lauryn will attend the University of Dayton in the Fall. http…
Add Horace Clarke, Jerry Kenney and Bobby Cox and we can continue the regression
1st call, 4x800 relay. All 4x800 athletes to check in at the tent on the south end of the stadium.
Discus now restarting. Long jump to follow. PV & HJ continuing indoors at fieldhouse.
Not so lucky at this moment. State T&F Championships.
Trying to avoid the weather at the State T&F Championships.
felt I was checking in2 paying $40 2 get my family into the state track meet n having 2 leave my c…
LeBron James, Bobby Cox and the Kansas Jayhawks walk into a bar...
He's on my Hot Board right alongside Joe Torre and Bobby Cox. Next tier is Girardi, La Russa and Maddon.
Props to for bringing up Bobby Cox pulling Andruw Jones mid-inning for lollygagging on a fly ball on show today
.legend Dale Murphy tells what Bobby Cox meant to his career. LISTEN:
"legend Dale Murphy tells about what Bobby Cox meant to his career.".
Chipper Jones, Andrew Jones, Bobby Cox, John Smoltz, and Bob Gibson, my favorite player growing up.
in 1941 Bobby Cox, future Atlanta Braves manager and Hall of Famer, was born.
Super B-Day to Bobby Cox, MLB's all-time ejections leader with 158. That's an entire season of righteous anger. https:/…
I disliked Fredi as manager, but poor front office decisions wasn't his fault. Bobby Cox couldn't have won with the B…
As manager:. 434-413: Fredi Gonzalez's record in 847 games. 431-416: Bobby Cox's record in his last 847 games.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
I'm pretty sure Bobby Cox wouldn't have fared any better with the cast of characters that makes up the 2016 Braves roster
have lost 5 straight and have a 7-24 record but Bobby Cox wouldn't be able to win with these players either.
have honestly have never had a big-time manager since Bobby Cox. have had 3: Brilliant Felipe Alou, Mauch, Rogers.
John Schuerholz rightfully gets a lot of credit for the 90s Braves, but it was GM Bobby Cox that acquired Glavine, Justice, Avery, C. Jones
Dave Roberts catching up with Bobby Cox in Atlanta.
Congratulations to John Couch, Heather Hargrove Demumbran, Bobby Cox-our three winners of tickets. More chances to win are coming p!
Do you think anyone will break Bobby Cox's ejection record now that instant replay is taking place of arguing?
Not gr8 at reading lips but I think Bobby Cox said he was going to invite the catcher who muffed a THE tag at home to Fudruckers
They're not the Braves without Bobby Cox and Larry Jones jr
And, hey, Bobby Cox is the all-time ejection record holder. Have to have him
Celebrating birthday's this week are Rebecca Barnes, Bill Cox and Bobby Owens. Wishing a wonderful Rotary Birthday!
You are changing your bobby cox story. 1st its about when did pitch count come in?? then its about when did the radar gun come?
make way we know Bobby Cox has to go somewhere.
The Bobby V weed reference reminds me of his last game as Mets mgr, Bobby Cox, no fan of V, sends up pitcher Jung Bong as a pinch-hitter.
Intentional walk to Ryan Howard with bases loaded by Bobby Cox's Braves
You're changing your bobby cox story. It wasnt about radar gun, it was about when did the pitch count start happening! Senile!
I’ve got scoop…Bobby Cox had no good way to put a Y on his last name for a nick name.
Hey Bobby Cox thanks for the follow! Appreciate it! Looking forward to learning more about you and what you do!
Time to bring back Bobby Cox, let him manage until he dies. Then stuff him and give him a 2-year extension.
Hitchcock is a great regular season coach, like Bobby Cox (Braves). But playoffs...another story.
The great manager Bobby Cox said PNC Park was his favorite ballpark. High praise indeed.
Now they'll fire their coach and hire Bobby Cox out of retirement.
Big Z getting ejected for throwing at Chipper on Bobby Cox's day - and the entire Braves team storming out while no one moved for Z
Ya know...maybe Wren was on to something when he wanted to fire Fredi. *** you, Bobby Cox.
Kelly Johnson and Jeff Francoeur. Brings me back to the Bobby Cox and Chipper Jones days.
Featured Tiger: Zach Conwell, 10. Likes Star Trek, music, shot put and wants to work at Bob Evans. htt…
I agree but one man ain't gonna win the World Series. C'mon Bobby Cox, you should know that
Didn't think you guys could pull Bobby Cox out of retirement, but well done.
How about this lineup?. Snake,Yogi Berra,Bobby Cox, and Archie Manning.
Congratulations to Olympian Alex Galle, 1 of 13 winners of this prestigious scholarship award from IHSAA! h…
HOF manager extraordinaire Bobby Cox chats about the current season on Braves Banter podcast
Another HS hoops season in the books. And another great one, too.
Class response by of after loss today. No excuses, praises efforts of the opponent.
How good is Indiana basketball?. Only team to beat 4A Champ was Pike, who lost in 1st round of sectionals.
does anyone know Bobby Cox personally? I think Rosas would make a killing in Auburn
really nice. Same as Bobby Cox winning the NL East 54 straight times.
Players intros for McCutcheon. Two thrillers last night! More photos this week.
Bill Self's resume at is beginning to resemble Bobby Cox's run with the Lauded for absurd consistency, dinged for just 1 title.
Bill Self is the Bobby Cox of CBB. I'll give them credit for coaching during a marathon regular season, but they're awful postseason coaches
Bobby Cox is the MLB version of Bill Self. 🔥
The same people who think Bill Self is the problem with Kansas also thought Bobby Cox was the problem with the Braves. They need help.
Bill Self is the college hoops version of Bobby Cox.
IHSAA's Bobby Cox said last nite 2 schools will discuss if/when they can play-Laf Jeff still to host if they can.
You sound like Bobby Cox. Go get 'em Kid!
until you figure out these refs stay off of here. The girls sectional championship between Greenfield and Mt Vernon pity
Pirates take game 1 of this 2 game series, 15-1. Bobby Cox with 7 K's through 5!
Bobby Cox with his 5th K through 5.
Bobby Cox still on to pitch for the Pirates in the top of the 5th.
3 up, 3 down for the pirates. Bobby Cox with 4 strikeouts through 3.
Agreed, as Bobby Cox would have if he were still in the game.
you're spot on about baseball managers, look what Bobby Cox once said about bad bullpens.
Big Jan Boser and Jerry Baker live from the Mill on
Rep. Kenny Cox's booze tax Tomorrow Bill will have to wait another day
Guerin crowd in mass vs Fishers live now at
One of Indiana's great high school gyms. sectional semi finals.
Coach: You are the face of your team. Remember to lead by example and always be the
How about some of the managers before Cox? Russ Nixon, Chuck Tanner, Bobby Wine, etc. I loved those days
Great to see Fred McGriff and Hall of Fame manager Bobby Cox today at Phillies-Braves Grapefruit League game in Clearwater
what up Bobby Cox restraining order
Bobby Theodore (& Frank Cox-O'Connell talk about The Just. See it on stage March 5:
FYI don't google image search Bobby Cox... 😔
Not really a Trump guy, but Romney lecturing on winning the election is like Bobby Cox giving advice on how to win in the post-season.
. Sir, not sure if Bobby Darling, Caitlyn Jenner, Laverne Cox or Isis King will oblige.
Hanging on the field with the celebrating my birthday and met Bobby Cox
Ross came super close in 2009, but Bobby Cox won his very first crack after dominating NL in 1995 IIRC.
Round 1 of sectionals done. Great coaches, players, fans and ! Looking forward to round 2 Friday!
Is it time to consider evaluating HS basketball for a 35 second shot clock? The game has evolved!
Thank you Commissioner Bobby Cox for attending he Sectional Game tonight!
thanks to everyone who participated today & helped support eliminating the R-word we all dislike so much 💙💙
U don't know much about BB. Sparky, Trader Jack, Tony LaRussa, Joe Torre, Bobby Cox great MGR's. B Price no bus being a MGR
Congrats to & Coach on winning the Big 10 title outright!
it is like Bobby Cox, one pitch too late
I concur, but what does the former manager have to do with that?
Just watched Lapel beat Muncie Burris with a total of 8 team fouls and Burris 29.. Maybe a good review of officiating 4
I will write in Bobby Cox for President.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Yo sectional crowds shouldn't be this bad. Bring back single class basketball.
A Swanson, A. simmons and a Klesko for a Bobby Cox or Aaron anyone?
In 49 states its just basketball but this is Indiana.Thanks to our friends
have boarded up the statue of Bobby Moore ahead of visit to Upton Park tomorrow...
Awesome tribute to Bobby Dews from all the today including Bobby Cox before the game
If it's between Trump and Clinton later on this year, I'm writing in Bobby Cox and being done with it...
Best statement from the sportsmanship discussion tonight comes from student athlete Kehoe "Eliminate the negative noise"
| Keep living in the past HB...don't think Bobby Cox & Dale Murphy are coming back brother.
IHSAA Commissioner Bobby Cox. "Our member school are doing a great job addressing Sportsmanship"
Andrean High fans using politics and racism to cheer on their school ☹️
Thank you, Erik. It's the same blueprint that John Schuerholz, Bobby Cox, and John Hart have all followed.
Not that Bobby Cox and Hank Aaron were in the stands watching our game against Penn State... 😅
Bobby Cox, Fredi Gonzalez and John Hart at spring training. Coverage
Fredi Gonzalez and Bobby Cox watching infield practice
it sure worked for UK'a bball team when Coach Cal went Bobby Cox!😜
Hoosier Hysteria is alive and well at Southwestern HS. 1A Final.
An incredible feat by today. A record for consecutive HS state titles in any sport.
Team photo of everyone who helped make this event happen! Great job BG!
Claire Adams becomes 1st in state history to win the 100 back all 4 years of her career. Also wins 15th career state title - al…
Does anyone have a Hank Aaron or Bobby Cox auto they wanna sell or trade?
Just saw the Calipari ejection. He seemed a bit irritated. Bobby Cox would have been proud of that one. lol
I'm not even sure Bobby Cox ever got ejected that fast, and he was the king of it. Would love to hear what Calipari has to say
The webcast of today's events will begin in about 15 minutes!.
Just when you started to forget about Bobby Cox, he comes back to the world of sports in the form of Coach Calipari.
Does he know the magic word, or what?!?? Even Bobby Cox is impressed. After a call against us, even. Craziest thing I've seen at CLA.
Callipari just got tossed 2 minutes in. Not sure Bobby cox could even beat that
that was Bobby Cox-esque...may as well get your money's worth.
Great day to be a high school sports fan in Indiana. GSW State WR Semi State GBB Regional.
Will the have more banner schools than any other conference?
Special night at Danville High School for some special people!
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
After conversing with we have decided to approve of that action.
Fantastic rendition of our national anthem sung by Broad Ripple High School's Yuliza Elliott
The winter championships begin with girls swimming and diving.
How did Bobby Cox not make the list? 😂😂😂 Guess u dont like the Braves😂
Another Champions Together presentation at BG Middle! Great job Syd, Jack and Kadie!
Official program for this weekend's Girls Swimming & Diving State Finals!.
See the Dee's are 1-0 up with the Bobby cox closed and a handful in the shankly where are the rest of the super...
why do dundee ALWAYS shoot towards the bobby cox in the first half it makes no sense
The teams are on the pitch and it will be St Johnstone that get us underway. shooting towards The Bobby Cox Stand.
is there still tickets for the Bobby Cox stand for tonight?
Cox and even Bobby mentioned a while back that there should be penalties for shot blocking
Dear Donald Trump. In the words of Ricky Bobby "the only good thing you've done with your life is make a hot daughter!!"
A friend of mine was recently diagnosed with cancer. We've started a fundraising page to help him while he's out...
Commissioner Bobby Cox, coach Ryan Watson & coach Kyle Sears guests on the live now!
Former Manager of the Braves Bobby Cox is in my restaurant 👀
Update your maps at Navteq
Fall signing day down at broad and vine. Two great student athletes signing. Datoine Smith and Bobby Cox
What he should have said was follow the Bobby Cox blueprint but hey is notorious for being a bonehead
Join us on 2/29 for a sportsmanship panel including Commissioner Bobby Cox
Come support Sr.'s Bobby Cox and Datoine Smith as they sign their NLI today in the library after school.
CJ has way of saying crackpot stuff.Also says we should follow Mets blueprint. NO CJ! Bobby Cox's blueprint that all now follow
Cancer is a disease we're all fighting, every time we beat it, it's a win for us all. Help Bobby Rock Away Cancer!
recall that in spring training 1993, Bobby Cox predicted Phils would do well
So proud of - not for her scoring, but her attitude.
An original web series by Bobby Cox, Dead Josh, and Lilly Prince.
Managers who won Manager of the Year awards in both leagues:. Bobby Cox. Tony La Russa. Jim Leyland. Lou Piniella. Davey Johns…
the winner is Bobby Cox - always looked like he kept whiskey in the dugout
i mean Bobby Cox was his manager. Poor young Stevey was probably influenced by his mentors ability to "hit" Mrs. Cox
Congratulations to Jackie Young on becoming the all-time leading scorer in Indiana basketball history tonight! 🏀🏆
Notre Dame recognizes prized recruit Jackie Young for passing Damon Bailey as the all time scoring leader. http…
if I don't get to stay in bed and watch Netflix all day tm, then I am going to be very upset with one Bobby Cox.
Bobby and I are so pleased she's on the mend
After missing two days of school this week due to inclement weather, Director of Schools Bobby Cox says officials...
Here are 10 arguments in favor of commissioner Bobby Cox canceling Pike and Ben Davis girls' hoops season:
Charlie Cox wants to bring Daredevil to
he is a fool! Nothing against Freddy Gonzalez but ever since Bobby Cox has been gone the Braves haven't been what we are
Replay is still quicker than waiting for Bobby Cox to waddle from the first-base dugout to argue a call at third.
Indy's Morning Sports List - 10 reasons Commish Bobby Cox was right to cancel Ben Davis and Pike seasons.
For 2015, Tad Williams+Jane Austen+Tom Cox. Books:The Bobby Dollar trilogy+How to Fall in Love+The Good,the Bad,and the Furry.
LMAO they interview Bobby Cox and the first thing he brings up is Lonnie Smith.
Placing blame and making excuses are bad habits. Be 100% accountable on & off the court.
Hickory would have never won State if Bobby Cox was comish
Season tickets now on sale for the Wrestling State Finals on Feb. 19-20 at Bankers Life Fieldhouse!
All-session tickets now on sale for the Girls Basketball State Finals on Feb. 27 at
Can you recommend anyone for this Maintenance Tech - TX
So Commissioner Bobby Cox let see the videos he saw. It was ugly. No, worse. Much worse.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
if you want to better understand why Bobby Cox is so Draconian look into the guy he learned the ropes from. Blake Ress
Bobby Cox on Jason Heyward: "Never seen a player this good, this young since Hank Aaron."
Congrats for Twin days. Looking forward 2 rest of week
Bobby Cox said it was "too difficult" to dish out rightful punishments and so he blanket punished everyone. That's pathetic.
Hear the clips from IHSAA commissioner Bobby Cox's visit on today's show: via
So proud of Bobby Jamison; since our days at Cox, your work has been stellar! Kudos on your promotion!
GOOD FOR BOBBY COX! He made the right choice/the only choice. It's a shame the courts don't support his good sense!
listening to the Bobby Cox interview now, very good.
Commisioner on a variety of topics today.
Bobby Cox, commish on right now talking about mission of HS sports and incidents like the Pike/Ben Davis brawl.
Loved hearing what said on the radio with Have to hold young people accountable for actions.
excellent interview w Bobby cox. He hit it on the head
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