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Bobby Brantley

Bobby Lynn Brantley (born April 6, 1948) is an American Republican politician from the State of Florida.

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This is an example of a custom Mother's Day video from Bobby Brantley of Lizard Lick Towing CLICK THE LINK
Bobby Brantley from Lizard Lick Towing gets a pedicure
Photos from Tammy Tatum's post in Lizard Lick @ Bobby Brantley fan club
Oh no I am so confused Bobby Brantley or Troy Landry? What is a girl to do???
Bobby Brantley of Lizard Lick Towing in Honeys of Emporia
I feel sorry for Ron Shirley and Bobby Brantley, from Lizard Lick Towing on Tru TV. Those two are always in trouble and have no one to back them up, except for the entire town of whatever town it is in North Carolina.
I'm bobby Brantley and Ur ever guy he tosses
I really hope bobby brantley is alrite after that car crash I wish all the lick crew have a lovely xmas an wish them all the best 4 2014 x x
Bobby Brantley from Lizard Lick Towing will be at the la state fair Thursday thru Sunday 󾌡 woop woop! I am so there 󾍈
Carolina Carports, Inc. presents Bobby Brantley from Tru Tv's Lizard Lick Towing on Nov. 7 - Nov. 10 at the State...
Bobby is a handsome man and a good repo man and I love to watch him beat people up that try to hurt him or Ronnie and I hope to meet him one day,stay cool Bobby and always be the best man that you can be...Love April Gillis
Bobby Brantley should just date Juicy. She wouldn't hurt him... Unless he's into that sort of thing.
Bobby Brantley lizard lick is awsome
Bobby Brantley is a savage, he can literally take on a mob and kick all their ***
It is my goal to meet bobby brantley, brad paisley, selena gomez, adam lavigne, and troy polomolu before I die...
Well on the bright side I get to meet bobby brantley saturday (:
why is it I message people and no one messages me back Zak Bagans or Bobby Brantley. no one messages back what good is it to follow people
Who wants to win a ticket to meet Lizard Lick Towing's Bobby Brantley? You have to like and share this post and...
I liked a video Bobby Brantley, my love.
Meeting bobby brantley from lizzard lick towing!!'
Had too much fun going to the colt ford concert with all my bros and I got an autograph by bobby Brantley on Lizard Lick Towing
Bobby Brantley from Lizard Lick will be in Bessemer city Nc tomorrow. Come out and see him and the car show.
I got to meet Bobby Brantley! Bam! I was so excited! Even tho he didnt talk to us much :/
I got Bobby Brantley to sign my shirt 😍❀️
Bobby Brantley is so slick he could talk a stray dog into wanting some fleas.
i wouldnt mess with ole bobby Brantley
I found someone that loves bobby Brantley more than me & that's
Such an amazing night! Girls night w/mom, met and danced w/ bobby Brantley and now listening to 3 days grace live 😍
Just did the wobble with bobby Brantley 😍
Got to meet Bobby Brantley from Lizard Lick Towing at the Maryland state fair today
When it comes to my anger issues..Bobby Brantley defines me to a T. πŸ˜‚
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I can't believe I have bruises all over my sides from Bobby Brantley tickling me yesterday..
The Cowboy James Storm and Bobby Brantley would be a epic combo for a episode
Sure do hope you, Bobby Brantley can make a trip down to Pensacola, FL to see Gecko360Stands !
Should I be concerned that by daughters first crush is Bobby Brantley??
Yes and he's also on tv... Lizard Lick Bobby Brantley!! Very nice person!! :)
Hi Mr. Bobby Brantley. Love watching Lizard Lick, and your looking good all the time. Love ya!
There u r! Something about you Bobby Brantley...saw the 3/25 show, however it's 8/12...when you feel comfortable follow.
Bobby Brantley is such an attractive old white man.
Better to ask for forgiveness than permission 😏 -Bobby Brantley
Still really bummed I didn't get to meet Bobby Brantley at the fair :(
with Bobby Brantley at indiana state fair
watching the lick now all reruns but tonight will be the bomb shell for Bobby Brantley
and I just met Bobby Brantley from Lizard Lick Towing!!
Am I the only one excited about bobby Brantley from Lizard Lick Towing is at the fair this weekend?!
Is he in freaking jail or what?that freaking mayor Sam Davis SUX..
I liked a video Bobby Brantley of Lizard Lick on the Euro Bungees
I liked a video Bobby Brantley answers questions from fans - Lizard Lick Towing
"My favorite shows are Call of The Wildman and Lizard Lick Towing. You can tell I'm from the eastern shore :-(" bobby brantley
I mean meeting Bobby Brantley was cool in all but his show *** ***
I love bobby Brantley, I didn't think he was that old, I have a few years on him. I see he is married, and has several children. he is good for lizard lick, I think he is very cute. I enjoy lizard lick jjamescrawford
There have been commercials with people like Troy Landry & Bobby Brantley. Can anyone tell me where to find them on the net?
We need to make this happen. Bobby Brantley from Lizard Lick Towing
I do so wish I could be that Gecko 360 Tree Stand, If Bobby Brantley does hug it !! Oh my, my, my ! :-)
Am I the only one that thinks that Bobby Brantley is gorgeous? Probably so...
The only people I want to meet are Ronnie and Amy Shirley, and Bobby Brantley.
Absolutely love Bobby Brantley come to Florida soon would love to see him in person!
You can take an aspirin for a headache but their is no pill you can take for a woman. - Bobby Brantley of Lizard Lick Towing
Bobby Brantley is funnier in person than on tv πŸ˜‚
I am a Colt Ford but also a Bobby Brantley fan too!
I liked a video from Lizard Lick Towing - Ladies Love Bobby Brantley
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He is amazing me and my mom love him
If I could hang out with three people for one day I would love to hang with Bobby Brantley, Ron and Amy Shirley from Lizard Lick. Lol
T-5 days til Lizard Lick Lizard Lick Towing And Recovery comes back on! Can't wait to see my man Bobby Brantley. Sorry Rick Clark!
I'm amazed at the number of people in this town who rely on local businesses to sponsor their projects, but yet travel out of town to make their purchases.
LICK FANS! There's a rumor going around the 'Lick that Bobby might come to Birmingham for the 30th Annual World Deer Expo with the rest of the Lizard Lick Krew. How would y'all like that? Tell us in the comments if you want Bobby to join.. maybe we can talk him into it. Let us know in the comments below how bad you want Bobby Brantley to come!
I want the world to know how proud I am of my baby girl.
^ Looking for new recipes and ideas for the 4th of July? Click on Bobbi Brantley. She has ideas galore and a treasure trove of recipes. Many are easy, quick and light on the pocketbook. Bon Appetite! ^
The entire METROPOLIS family would like to send out gratitude of thanksgiving from us to you during our Hats~n~Heels Women's Conference weekend! Thanks to long time friend of the Pastoral family Lomax Mc Intyre Jr, Min. Chloa Kendrick, Rev. Laura Brantley, Rev. Dolores Redmon, Strip Her, Min. Chakita Hargrove, Cassandra Marion Wright, Quashala Day, also special thanks to Exhorter Thedartis Demps for your vision thanks to the committee members, Bobbi Rice, Shannel Monk Twin Rice, Mrs. Drummer, Mrs. Willioughby, Ursula Robinson Lewis, Moni Do Better Solo, special special thanks to Pastor & First Lady Pressley, for allowing the vision to come true. Next year we doing it bigger and better.
Way to rock that basket tonight Kristen Harrell!! Pam Gothard Kilpatrick you would be proud of her- she's still got it:)!
bobby Brantley is the second worse female actress lol
I hope Bobby lived after the crash. IT LOOKED bad on Tv but it probably wasn't that bad
Congrats to Bobbi-Jo. She's off to see Tim McGraw and Brantley Gilbert July 25th in Toronto. Another pair up for grabs tomorrow afternoon sometime between 1p-6p. No your Tim trivia. ~Neil
Briana Hunter again. And also. so one of your fan members won't end up in jail like ronnie, and i hope you never end up in jail neither. If you end up in jail. that will be all mestup. Because we got to see you on that show. I know amy is good she be kicking them people butts. When people be coming inside of her place yelling, acting like a fool, and throwing things around. Now that is when she gots to start kicking them mean people that be talking all smack,and stuff, and also kicking them out of the place. Now if they get kicked out the place. they don't get they car until another day. Or they stuff if they do not want the car at all. But it is up to yall.
June: 20th message sent from briana Hey my name is briana. And i wanted to let you know that i love watching all of yall shows, and it is very good, and i know them people should have been paying their car notes so. it wouldn't cause no trouble,and also no one won't end up being hurt. So im glad your coming back to the show, and i would be watching yall play tommorow. I am sorry that you got in to a car crash down the hill off the road. Gots to be careful. So you won't end up hurt. I miss watching yall shows :-)
And it makes me wanna take a back road...Makes me wanna take the long way home...Put a little gravel in my travel...Unwind, unravel all night long...Makes me wanna grab my honey...Tear down some two-lane country...Who knows... Get lost and get right with my soul Makes me wanna take Makes me wanna take a back road. (Love this song)!!!
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Got my lizard tales the wit & wisdom of Ron Shirley signed by Repo Ron,Bobby Brantley & Amy Shirley!
Prestige Media Productions, Cathryn Stanley, Shawanna Gatlin, and myself would like to thank our extended family for helping us on this movie project, "Clipped Wings They Do Fly." Some of those individuals who you may not see in the pictures but are actively supporting us through their resources are, but not limited to the following individuals: Rodney Gilbert, Rodney Lewis, James Womack, Tim Ware, Cong. Donald M. Payne Jr., Toni Henderson-Mayers, Kim Baker Theglamazon, Bobbi Walston, Lisa Loyal- Boyd, Craig Langley, Derek Jenkins, Tony V., Ceasar Kelly, Coy Brantley, Donnell Banks-Lucas, Winslow Braithwaite, E. Orange General Hospital - Kevin Slavin, JD Williams, Bill Cobbs, Jeff Wooten, Joseph DeVincenzo, City of Newark, Terrance Hurd - Hurd Agency, Johnny Long El., Heidi Fuller, Faith Whyte, Gabe Johnson and Family, S19th St. & 13th Ave Community, and many more! Thank You!
Too ready for Bobby Brantley to come to my house next weekend!! ❀
Trivia Tuesday: Can you name the first two residence halls that opened at UM?
Bobby Brantley is bringing his jetski to my bday party πŸ˜Šβ˜€πŸŽ‰πŸŒŠ
Watch for on tru tv soon see what happen to Bobby Brantley
Kenna is out having a great time with her Mimi, papa, and aunt Bobbi... Daddy, Brantley and I are enjoying a quiet night and some movies :)
An unexpected treat. Dinner at Mitchell's with me, myself and I while I wait for Zaria to see a movie. :-D
Hey bobby Brantley hope you got a good nights rest ! :)
From Cincinnati - Colerain Twp. I enter my husband because he is so funny & sexy. Father of 4 - 3 of whom are teenagers says he's fav song is " IM sexy and I know it" lol
Going to share Nerium today at 1:00 at my friend Brenda Brantley Hankins home. She wants to get her Nerium for free! Message me to come join us today or at another time. You have nothing to lose but your wrinkles, lines and discoloration and gain improved tone and texture!
Feel like going to lift weights for five hours.. Yup I think I'll do that anybody wanna join?
Where the *** is Bobby Brantley from Lizard Lick Towing when you need him. I wanted (
Are u still alive bobby if so my name is David Richardson and I would love if u come back to the show
Cant wait to meet Bobby Brantley at the Pop's Chevrolet Hillbilly Arm Drop Drags Event today !!! " ARM DROP NATION " HAPPY HAPPY !!!
Literally minutes away from meeting Bobby Brantley off of Lizard Lick!
Going to meet Bobby Brantley from Lizard Lick Towing and the Gator Boys(:
you better wake her up or she just gonna have to see Bobby Brantley looking a hot mess. Tell her Starbucks on me.
Fun with Lizard Lick Towing's Bobby Brantley at work today!
I'm kinda surprised that this many people only know who Bobby Brantley is because of me ..
This guy seriously looks like a younger version of Bobby Brantley
My 7th pd says this lady is skinnier than Bobby Brantley, I beg to differ . Bobby isn't even fat & she's pushin 350
Bobby Brantley from Lizard Lick Towing is gonna be there...
Bobby Brantley from Lizard Lick Towing will be making an appearance at the Hillbilly Arm Drop Drags on May 10th &...
Brantley Gilbert is the original singer and writer of My Kinda Party. End of story.
I just love you Bobby Brantley. Sexy is what you are doll. You remind me of my brother in law. I'd love love a follow. XOXO
Hey bobby Brantley my name is Cassie and I have a secrecy crush on you ! I'm not the Cassie from the show but I am a Cassie you could love !
My mama is obsessed with Bobby Brantley from Lizard Lick. πŸ˜‚ Lol
Bobby Brantley, what's up bobby my wife wants to know are you ok
stfu Ron if it wasn't for bobby Brantley your show would suck
Kenny Cheney tickets will be given away today at our show until noon. Come see Bobby Brantley till 5 pm
Great night with my best friend from Lizard Lick, BOBBY BRANTLEY 😘😘😘😘
I saw and his girlfriend got a pic, autograph and ever a t-shirt signed by THE BOBBY BRANTLEY it was amazing
Charity asked the kids to guess what I was preaching on tomorrow. Brantley (5yr old) says "The Gospel?" That's right!
I'm totally going to see Bobby Brantley from Lizard Lick Towing this weekend! πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ‰
Just finished watching Lizard Lick Towing I hope Bobby Brantley is okay I hope he didn't die. Also my nails are pink an blue now yay!
Bobby Brantley Net Worth: Bobby Brantley net worth: Bobby Brantley is an American reality television star and ...
Wwhat! Bobby Brantley of Lizard Lick Towing just broke a wooden bat over his leg like it was a toothpick,😱 dis *** crazyy!!!
Let me say he makes these long days and nights in the hospital seem to go by a little easier! I've been beside my uncle since his accident, 12/20/2012! Some days my uncle is fighting for his life just like Bobby..I dont know who is my biggest hero..Bobby for making him smile, or my Puhran giving it his all just to live and move on from here to do everything again..but from a chair and limited use of hands. These walls r closing in..but when my uncle introduced me to Bobby on LLT..I seem to find a prince for 30 min lol:-) ..and we forget our whereabouts..even nurses come in to watch! We love you and the whole crew! Love, Carencro & Morgan City, Louisiana
terrible news bobby brantley is legally brain dead my step sister works at the local hospital in wendell n.c. his family is close to pulling the plug . such a terrible tragedy he was a great man and wonderful personality rip BB.
Bbobby brantley from Lizard Lick Towing is the best man in the wold and he died on the last epasode I will never watch it again :""(
hi bobby you are such a sweet person there needs to be more guys like you in this world. Dora Vega
Excited to hangout with my best friend Bobby Brantley next weekend!
Tell me you love me. Bobby Brantley at his finest
is coming with me to the Tim McGraw and Brantley Gilbert concertπŸ˜πŸ‘Œ
I don't look like Michael Brantley, leave me alone
So excited to hang out with my best friend BOBBY BRANTLEY next weekend!
if your friend was bobby Brantley that is
Please tell me thats not bobby brantley in next weeks llt that wrecked!?
Go bobby Brantley you and rony are cool I have been to yalls shop before I like you pretty good
Who is ready to meet Paul, Jimmy and the crew from the Gator Boys and Bobby Brantley from Lizard Lick Towing?...
I just heard that bobby brantley is coming to the arm drop races in paints ville in may! I just love him on Lizard Lick Towing
And howza bout gettin an IG FOLLOW from Bobby Brantley ! ! !
β€œThe only name I could ever even consider calling my boy is Brantley.”Bobby*
This is Bobby Brantley there's no 1 tougher no 1 rougher & hes got excellent people skills catch Bobby on Lizard Lick Towing
The fact that Lizard Lick is on tonight & so is Bobby Brantley >>>
β€œMichael Brantley is still only 25” that's what happens when you come from the DR at 12 with a visa that says you're 18.
amy can you brantley and ron send me a autograph picture im one of your biggest fan I watch the show every monday
Lmfao "This is Bobby Brantley. There's no one tougher. There's no one rougher."
Follow me on Instagram cause I follow back c:
Little Giant Ladders
there are many imitations but only one real Bobby G
Did I mention it really really really hurts brantley that dude makes me laugh
I followed you on Instagram (: the name says it all , your biggest fan right here , follow back ?
My mom is obsessed w/ bobby brantley off lizard luck towing lol
Bobby Brantley I am a huge fan of yu I love watching yur shows.. Great job lizzard lick towing keep up the great work !
Bobby Brently is a stand up man who inspires me
"Lizard Lick Towing is the best show on Tru TV" Ron Shirley and Bobby Brantley are TV legends
WE need help, I need votes see my posting before this one and Bobby Brantley needs votes for Lizard Lick to kick...
Got my comfortable bobby Brantley's on today now I see why he where's them
If you don't like Bobby Brantley and Jack Bowers, I don't like you!
"How many people away from contacting bobby g brantley am i?"
Tbt with my favorite friend, Bobby Brantley
it's getting real bad. Reaching Bobby Brantley levels.
On the real, my favorite celebrity is Bobby Brantley from Lizard Lick Towing.
Me & Bobby are getting like 15th row seats for $700 for the Tim Mcgraw, Brantley Gilbert & Florida Georgia Line concert 😍
Oh *** Bobby Brantley off Lizard Lick Towing is just like me flirt with the nurse at the hospital and gets her number score
How old is Bobby Brantley from Lizard Lick Towing? – kgb answers
hot, sexy, and oh so tempting! with bobby brantley on Lizard Lick Towing it pays to turn the t.v. on. enough to make a body weak in the knees. hot stuff, hot stuff,HOT HOT HOT STUFF!
There ain't no one cooler than Bobby Brantley.
When the right girl comes along ill know it!-Bobby Brantley
While all y'all post about the bachelor I'm Over here posting about lizard lick and bobby brantley(;
My life long dream is to meet bobby brantley off of lizard lick.!
"I'm bout to knock the 'woo' outta you"-bobby brantley πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
lizard lick marathon woohoo. I love me sum Bobby Brantley!! why do I have such a thing for big rednecks??
Yay!!! Bobby Brantley n Ron Shirley got their food truck back :) love my Lizard Lick :)
Ok yall there is a festival in Rhine Ga on April 6th. Bobby Brantley from Lizard Lick is gonna be there, but there are only a few tickets left for the session. The times for this is 930am -1030 am, is there anyone that wants to go with me???
Thanks to Carolina Carports, meet Bobby Brantley from Lizard Lick Towing at Festival today & tmrw from 12-2pm & 4-8pm
Today's Message: " Celebration." My wife and I went to the Florida Strawberry Festival yesterday, and spent the whole afternoon and evening there. We don't usually get out and about much, save for the normal business we do each day, so this was quite a treat! We walked all up and down, sideways, backwards and forewards through the entire Fairgrounds. It was great! We even got a double treat; my wife met and got her picture taken with TV repo man Bobby Brantley from the series, "Lizard Lick Towing," while I dreamed (and drooled) over one of Bobby's custom made motorcycles he had on display. Sweet ride, that one. Hm...does this mean my wife has been "Licked??" ;0) I'd be jealous...but Bobby's a lot bigger and tougher than I am.oh well. We walked around some more, sampled some of the great food available there, saw some of the shows and attractions. The JOY-FM even had a booth there, and I won an official JOY-FM t-shirt! That was a cool little surprise! The other treat came later in the evening, as we settl ...
Just meet Bobby Brantley from Lizard Lick Towing!!
Foreigner ROCKED last night...oh my GOD...that was an insanely good concert. I went to bed a very happy girl. Wow!! Oh, and yes, Strawberry Festival was awesome as well. Yummy shortcake, saw Bobby Brantley of TruTv's Lizard Lick Towing, bought a 1/2 flat, pigged out on fair food (again!) and over all, just had a tremendously good night. :)
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Ok before I (Tony, Caelons Dad) sign off for the evening as always I want to thank each and every one of you out there supporting our son through prayer, charity, ideas/advice and general uplifting. Life doesnt come with an instruction book thats for sure and I believe everyone here has learned that the hard way in some shape form or fashion. I have so may people to thank here but I am so scared to leave anyone out. If I do please please forgive me. I want to thank Cimorelli who Caelon and I love to listen to which is a all sister band who do covers and original songs and there voices are beautiful. Whenever Caelon hears there music he smiles and dances and shakes his booty. They helped really kick off the number of likes on this page. I also want to thank my personal friend Bobby Brantley who brought all the Lizard Lickers here. I was there medic for a couple of seasons on the show and me and Bobby hit it off and he is always there should I need him.Thank you to Ralph Whitten for his tenacity in trying . ...
Lizard Lick Towing on all night, love watchin Bobby Brantley kick peoples ***
Words can't express the gratitude Bridgeport Young Life feels for the love and support of the Just 1ne event last night. Martin Barrett and Nell Best-Barrett we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping to get the word out about Young Life in Bridgeport!! Celebration, Dawn Spearman and YANA, Bobbi Brown and Ain't No Stopping Us Now,, Arlanda Brantley and Helping Hand, Bobby Bishop, Ro Miller, Celeste Tompkins, Maguena Adetona Calvin "CJ" Jones, Margie Vereen Darling , Living Proof Calvin and Cassandra Cooper etc. David Daniels III (too many to mention) thanks for your presence, words of encouragement, prayers, and willingness to assist us in reaching the youth in Bridgeport. Last but certainty not least to my wife Keisha Duberry and the best support team to every Young Life student who worked the table or came just to enjoy themselves thanks and I love you all much!! This is just the beginning. God is showing us His favor and love to conquer this city for His glory!!!
Finding a pack of bobby pins that you forgot you had is more exciting than you might think
no chance Gilbert's the guy, Brantley Gilbert, love and theft and Tim McGraw have a concert together in may Tryna go??
Brantley & Jana going head to head at the ACM`S. Find out how they feel about it by clicking here.
Everyone go to Sadie pretty like the page n then go like Brooklyn's picture ;) plz thx
and drive it backwards all the way down Bobby Jones to my house?
play more Brantley Gilbert please Bobby please
So I got something to tell my god friend Monica Hartsfield about Friday night! Do u want to kno??? Huh huh huh!!
Bobby brantley and Ron Shirley are my heroes
So ready to see the new LICK. AND cutie bobby Brantley and see Amy get on him.and Ron. . U make Monday nights great
kick it in the sticks. Brantley Gilbert
My son is in Nashville at the NWTF talking to Bobby Brantley from Lizard Lick Towing and Recovery he's have a blast ...
My valentines wish this year is to go see Bobby Brantley, Amy Shirley an Ron Shirley an the rest of the Lizard Lick Crew Friday in Nashville. Luv u guys an the show.
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Bobby Brantley off of Lizard Lick Towing and enos off of dukes of hazard. Was at the turkeyrama
home from Perry and yes Bobby Brantley from Lizard Lick Towing is just as nice in person as he is on TV! Now to check out the cow situation!!!
We are going to meet Bobby Brantley from Lizard Lick Towing Today.Can't wait.Kason is going to have a blast!
does anybody know how much it cost to get in at the Perry Fair Ground to see Bobby Brantley? I so want to go!!
Counting down the days till me and Harley set sail on our cruise we are taking for our birthdays...107 days to go and counting up the days I have not smoked.working on day 8!!! Tim is also doing really good on the no smoking. I also have to give him praise.7 days and counting for him!! Hope everyone has a great day. We sure are.headed to see Bobby Brantley from Lizard Lick Towing with some great friends!!!
Great first day at The Great Outdoors Festival in Perry Georgia. A lot of really neat vendors, demonstrations, shows and more. For all you Reality TV fans...Bobby Brantley is here from Lizard Lick Towing signing autographs. :) :) :) All around fun day...but southern folks know how to have FUN!
Why is Bobby Brantley from Lizard Lick Towing so sexy. Shhesh. Is it hot in here??
Found a way to watch my man. Whew. Bobby. Bobby Brantley.
I got to be friends with Alex and Brantley right away which was super nice lol.
Just seen Brantley holdin Bobby's hand walking in to Walmart. Sooo cutee
Bobby Brantley will be at snowshoe the same day I go to marlinton. Maybe I can meet him finally.
I wanna go to Snow Shoe to see Bobby Brantley from Lizard Lick Towing today!!!
You know it's going to be a good day when you get Birthday Wishes from Bobby Brantley from the TV show "Lizard Lick Towing".just saying cuz! LOL!
God morning y'all!! Happy Saturday :) It's a beautiful snowy morning here in Wisconsin, I love waking up to snow!! What are y'all doing today? Honeybee
I just had a conversation with Bobby Brantley... brb dying..
Go like the Lick Krew's fan pages!! Show them some love!! Ronnie Shirley Fans, Bobby Brantley, Amy Shirley Fans, Big Juicy at LLT, Krazy Dave on Lizard Lick Towing & Recovery, Lizard Lick Towing on truTV
So it's great to have the best family and friends around when you need them thanks Steven Eddings Bobbi Brantley and Travis Brantley
Woke up to Brantley Gilbert singing to me and it made my day. Good Friday everyone!!
We are getting geared up 2013 Pondtown Festival. Looking forward to another successful outcome. Very excited about our special guests this year. Bobby Brantley and Big Juicy from Lizard Lick Towing, The Chuckwagon Gang, and The LACS! Come on down and spend the day with us and it will be on you will never forget!! April 6, 2013 Downtown Rhine, Ga!
I just want to let everyone know that I am having technical difficulties with the private message option right...
Good Morning BB fans! I just wanted to let everyone know that if you have sent me a friend request and it has not...
Bobby Brantley is so freaking sexy dawggg!!!
I'm in love with bobby Brantley even though Erica doesn't approve.
Bobby Brantley is some kinda purty.(;
Lizard Lick Towing tonight! Ready to see my boy Bobby Brantley whip somebody!! lol
I want to watch Lizard Lick Towing to get my mind off things and not to stress out. That show makes me laugh so hard Bobby Brantley is so funny. I can be sad and he still have me laughing Ronnie and Amy Shirley do to.
so, the guy that Bobby Brantley was kicking out of the RV in the season premiere of Lizard Lick Towing last wife knows him and he lived next to her cousins Jay Parker, William Todd Parker and aunt Alice Barefoot Parker.
Up early and being productive... Took roxy to school... Breakfast with Bobbi Brantley... Now to the doctor then off for a hike
Bobby brantley is one tough dude would love to meet him the show is fantastic entertainment!!!
Need to remind everybody that Lizard Lick Towing starts with their new season Monday the 21st. Can hardly wait. Bobby Brantley is SO cute! He's why I watch it!
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Attention everyone make sure ur car payment is paid bc Bobby Brantley is on the road with the tow truck Lizard Lick Towing And Recovery.
Brantley Gilbert gets destructive details on this here.
Can I get a Bobby Brantley shirt or..? (:
Airlines - Handy Cap Service: My Name is Bobby Brantley and I was flying from Mobile, Al. to Oklahoma City on De...
Are fans allowed to visit Duck Commander? Im good friends with Bobby Brantley and fans are allowed to visit Lizard Lick
ARE U FANS READY? He's worked long and *** these BRAND new shirt designs so now his fans can get the opportunity to check them out!!! Four NEW designs with Six colors to choose from!!! They r so cool and he will be trying to sign them for ya as well. Not a promise, but a chance. As filming and traveling takes up alot of his time, you may receive yours signed. If you are interested please contact RITA thru message or shoot me an email victorygalritaI will be selling TODAY from 11~3 then I can take orders via email or message throughout the day. All adult shirts are available in sizes S~3XL at $20 plus ship*Youth shirts are a available in XS~L at $15 plus ship. We are getting shirts shipped out ASAP so place ya order and we will be glad to take care of you guys. Thanks for always being a Bobby Brantley and Lizard Lick FAN!!! URE GREAT!
"Forget it, Bo, you just can't argue with ignorance." - Bobby Brantley (Lizard Lick Towing)
Today was so special! The Ride for the Children took place, in the rain, but there were lots of motorcycles, lots of riders, lots of toys and so many wonderful people to make this day special. Bobby Brantley of Lizard Lick Towing was there and was so nice to give autographs and have his picture made with all of the kids. Congratulations to Mr. Littlejohn of Shelby who won the four wheeler! A check was given to CHCC for $13,000 and the winner of the Half and Half returned two hundred dollars. WOw, We are so grateful to each person who made a contribution or purchased a tee shirt or a ticket. Thank you Windjammers for all of your hard work all year long. You and your friends really make the Christmas spirit come alive. Merry Christmas to all and a great big THANK YOU~
This weekend Bobby will be there for this event and wants everyone to come out and see him but most of all support the childrens home. Thats THIS SUNDAY! SPECIAL EVENT~~~ On Dec 16th from 11am-2pm Bobby will be at the Cleveland County Mall..This event is being held for the Cleveland County Childrens Home. Any donations would be appreciated. Carolina Carports, Inc is going to raffle off FREE tickets for a FREE Carport with th e purchase of a Bobby Brantley t-shirt. The Bike ride Bobby will lead to the Childrens Home to deliver donations on the Toy Ru n, then returning back to the Mall for door prizes and the selling BB merchandise and raffle drawing. The Club that is having the event is Wind Jammers Shelby NC and its a Motorcycle Club. PLEASE if you are in the area COME BY and SEE BOBBY and make a purchase along with bring donations for the Childrens Home!! Thanks
Can you feel the excitment in the air? In just one week the Windjammers and all of their friends will join in a parade of motorcyles and cars to go from Cleveland Mall to Aaron's House in Lattimore to bring Chrismas joy to many boys and girls. This year Bobby Brantlley of Lizard Lick Towing will lead the parade! Carolina Carports personnel will bring their Orange county chopper to ride and they will be giving away a carport to the person whose ticket is drawn after having either purchased a WJ tee shirt or making a donation to the Toy Run. You can also purchase tickets for the 125cc 4 wheeler that the Windjammers are giving away next Sunday after the ride. That will be a fabulous Christmas present for someone. Come to the mall about noon to meet Bobby Brantley then get in line to travel to Aaron's House to deliver toys and gifts to boys and girls in foster care. This is a unique and very special tradition. The Windjammers and their friends have provided for children for more than 22 years. What a ...
Kelly Guffey OK CBA, I know there is alot going on the next few weekends: Dec. 1st Toy Run for the Kids-Gaston County (Rain or Shine) starts and ends at Ranlo Church of God. Line up starts at 10am, kickstands up at 11:30. Bring a new unwrapped toy. As of now we will meet at old walmart at 9:30. Dec. 8th Benefit Ride for Ayden Cole a 4 year old w/leukemia Motorcycles, Cars and Trucks. Registration 12:00 pm at Denny’s in Forest City, ride at 1:00. $15 for single rider, $25 for couple and ending at the Forest City Moose lodge. Dec. 9th Ride to the Men & Women’s Shelter this ride will be after the meeting kick stands up at 3:00pm sharp. The brief meeting will start at 2:00 from the Amvets in Shelby. Dec. 16th Windjammers 24th Annual Toy Run leaving the Cleveland Mall at 1:30, featuring Bobby Brantley of Lizard Lick Towing. Dec. 22nd CC CBA’s 3rd Annual Christmas Party @ the Amvets, more info to come.
ERMAGERD ! LIZARD LICK IS ON ❀❀❀ goodbye y'all . Bobby Brantley is on tv ❀.
This is the easiest way to post my Christmas list. I want the book that Ronnie has out and anything Lizard Lick will work... ph and if you don't see anything there, gift cards to walmart that I can spend on my kids will be awesome... but I LOVE MY LIZARD LICK! You can go to Bobby Brantley's page has Team Booby things that are rally cool too!
I'm dying . The new Lizard Lick season needs to come on . I need something to look forward to on Mondays . Hmmm , like Bobby Brantley on tv ;D
But to bring Bobby Brantley to the shop.SO HE CAN BE FRESH TO DEATH FOR TURKEY DAY! I hope the shop don't look like MARKET BASKET DID!
I went and seen Bobby Brantley and Big Juicy from Lizard Lick @ Screven Motor Speedway this past Saturday. I talk to Bobby about Cotton Patch Extreme I got to get ahold of a person to find out the info to get them to come down.
Had a relaxing Sunday... We did a little grilling...Now we chilling! And my son Bobby Brantley can throw down boy! LOL
Ok we had a great time in louisburg at lickapalooza, we got to meet the crew of lizard lick, but no Bobby Brantley (oh well maybe next time). Now we are on our way to Concord Mills Mall to see Santa. Hope Lily don't flip out on us. Just pray we get at least 1 good picture.
I went to see Bobby Brantley and Big Juicey today. Bobby is fine.
Guess who's gonna meet Bobby Brantley from Lizard Lick Towing on Saturday? This girl!
I'm currently texting someone who is not so distantly related to Bobby Brantley from Lizard Lick Towing.
Bobby Brantley and Big Juicy from Lizard Lick at the races in a couple of week?
Well still up looking at my babe sleep he is the bestthing that has happend to me i love u bobby
Got to see bobby Brantley and big juicy today at that Arkansas State Fair RT@ bobby Brantley
Little Rock, Arkansas State Fair - Bobby Brantley from Lizard Lick Towing what a day!
Casey, Lindsey & I will be leaving for the Arkansas State Fair in a little while, gonna spend the night, and hopefully (I better) get to meet Bobby Brantley and Big juicy on Lizard Lick Towing, I want to ride rides but I know the line will be long to meet them, so people be nice, I just hope Casey and I don't get thrown out like every other place we go to, and it's never our fault!! lol :)
The fact that my brother met Bobby Brantley tonight 😑😭😭
Bobby Brantley and Big Juicy at the state fair!!! I can't believe I got to meet them today!!!
My teacher was makin fun of Bobby Brantley today .. NOT cool -.-
lol at one time i googled Bobby Brantley's wife and my pic was like on the 3rd row
this is a RON AND AMY thing nothing to do with me (bobby) i am just sending the message on to those of you that have not herd of it yet thank you - Bobby Brantley
Well Zach has had a great day-he met Bobby Brantley from Lizard Lick Towing! And Hannah and Kyleigh are so jealous! Thanks Ronnie and Wendell for spending time with Zach and are great role models for them!
Watchin Lizard Lick Towing (between the Chiefs game...) can't believe I get to meet Bobby Brantley & Big Juicy next excited..and hope to ride alot of rides..Just gotta feel Better, but I'm not gonna miss it!! :)
Bout to go meet bobby brantley off of Lizard Lick Towingg!(:
I have had the BEST day today! I took a rode trip to Aiken,S.C. to the Gun and Knife Show. I met Bobby Brantley from Lizard Lick Towing that was the highlight of my day! I love me some Bobby! LOL! I also ate some good seafood at a neat restaurant called Old McDonalds Fish Camp that has a beautiful view. I am truly blessed! It has been a LONG day but I have enjoyed every minute of it!
Aaron is gone with his papa to meet Bobby Brantley off Lizard Lick Towing. He's so excited:)
Bobby Brantley from Lizard Lick Towing will be in Aiken tomorrow and Sunday. Hopefully Aaron will get to go. He loves that show he calls him Bobby Lick lol
Just made hotel reservations for the Arkansas State Fair..Casey & I will ride ANYTHING!!! But the real reason I'm going besides the rides, is to meet Bobby Brantley & Big Juicy of Lizard Lick Towing!!! So excited!! :)
Bobby Brantley called my sister and wished her a happy birthday
really?! do try seriously have Bobby Brantley on their float?!
Ok so I'm in my new office and look up and there is this dude walking toward me that looks ALOT like Bobby Brantley! Omg And he works there!
I will marry bobby brantley one day ; !! End of story
According to Bobby Brantley's fan page, LIzard LIck cast Bobby & Big Juicy will be @ the AR state fair for meet & greets!! Swet! :) i uploaded a pic of the meet & greet times & dates!!!
cant wait i am a big fan of yalls Arkansas Get Ready b/c Soon Bobby and Big Juicy will be headed your way. Bobby and Juicy will be at the Arkansas State Fair 2600 Howard Street Little Rock, AR 72206 Meet & Greet Times Thurs, 10/18 3pm-8pm Fri, 10/19 10am-2pm 5pm-8pm Sat, 10/20 10am-2pm 5pm-8pm Sun, 10/21 12pm-4pm Oh and Ron and Amy will NOT be in attendance! So go out and see the ONE and ONLY BOBBY BRANTLEY AND BIG JUICY... YOU WILL NOT WANT TO MISS THIS EVENT.
Happy Birthday Bobby Brantley my best friend absolutely loves you (:
Get your iPhone insurance today!
I say Dale Jr. He would speed off with the cars.or bobby Brantley.
Sittin here about asleep but tonight Ill be going to sleep with Bobby Brantley on my mind if only he was beside me. :)
It might be reruns but who cares it is Lizard Lick Bobby Brantley
Well yesterday went to Braum's in Sallisaw to eat dinner and guess who I seen.Bobby Brantley off Lizard Lick Towing! It was so awesome. Dillion & Dalton's chin dropped when they figured out who he was!!!
I just seen Bobby Brantley in Jackson tn at chick-fil-a
Bobby brantley from Lizard Lick Towing was in the store today...tried to get his autograph but he was on the phone...
At the fair so ME n ERIN can meet Bobby Brantley from Lizard Lick Towing .woohoo :)
Bobby wanted to design a website with the fans in mind. He wants his website to be family friendly & to help keep you informed & connected with him. The website will spotlight featured fans, hold random drawings for prizes & more. Feel free to send pictures of you and Bobby and Bobby will be proud t...
Ron Shirley and recovery agent Bobby Brantley track down and repossess vehicles and machinery.
Lizard Lick crew was amazeballz today!!! Big Juicy & Bobby Brantley are very friendly & it sure made mine & kkβ€˜s day to get to meet them!! Cadence made a special point in letting Bobby know that mommy has a crush on him!! :) We are super happy!
Had a great time @ Lizard Lick the went to Sharpsburg and met Bobby Brantley and let me just tell ya he is a cutie patutie!!!
say they are bringing Bobby Abreu back.
just viewed Brantley profile pic, that pucker up has to be for
If lizard lick is real Bobby Brantley has some serious balls.
are you related to Bobby Brantley on Lizard Lick?
My mom just met bobby brantley. I better get a signed shirt.
Then I'll kick some *** Bobby Brantley style. I already done enough *** kicking cause I got suspended xD
I need a big bobby brantley hug but im afraid I wouldn't let go lol
I'm going bobby brantley from lizard lick
I think I might just have me a little Bobby Brantley crush! U R 2 cute, and have quite the personality to go along with it!
"I watched Lizard Lick Towing last night and it was awesome show ever!! (: I like Bobby Brantley and I think he is so sexy on this TV show! :) Next Monday it will be season finale at 10:00p.m. on tru-TV network channel."
I like bobby brantley from lizard lick:-)
Get to see some Bobby Brantley tonight :) πŸ’“
Yesterday on my bday I wanted to whoop *** like Bobby brantley
Jeff Brantley does alot of radio with Marty, he cussed on the air so now the station is on delay,you cant listen to AM at the game
Me, Sissy , Matthew Moore and Ray Moore went to family Race night tonight and we had a blast. Sissy took a picture of me and Bobby Brantley from Lizard Lick Towing. Man oh Man we gonna go again when it comes back to Knoxville. Oh Guess what you just got licked ha ha ha love this show.
I want to go to the Buckarama and see Bobby Brantley from Lizard Lick lol
Has had the BEST weekend ever with my family and my lil neice Karie.We went to WILD ADVENTURES Saturday and today we went to Perry Ga. to the BUCKARAMA and we seen Bobby Brantley from Lizard Lick Towing! My lil girls and I mean ALL my GIRLS including my beautiful wife Janet was googling Bobby not once but twice lol! It was pretty awsome I also got me some stuff from there!FUN FUN FUN !:)
but Bobby Brantley from Lizard Lick Towing jus checked in my Hotel. He is such a sweet heart!!!
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