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Bobby Beale

Robert Hughes Bobby Beale (8 January 1884 – 5 October 1950) was an English footballer who played as a goalkeeper.

Lucy Beale Albert Square Ben Mitchell Aunt Babe

Bobby Santos’ golden reputation as a racer has been well-established and well-earned. From open wheel cars, to...
Bad boy Bobby beale I love him loads xxx
I don't like bobby beale killed to Jane beale Xxx
I like bex fowler and Louise Mitchell and shaheen jafargholi and bobby beale and Kathy beale X
Look good sweet cute this photo. I missing love bobby beale Xx
I miss bobby beale back eastenders Xxx
I wish I was evil so u could say "she is evil! Evil woman!" Agree wuv + miss Janeen off Enders. What of Bobby Beale Or nick cotton?
Barron colluded with Russia and the rest of the family have been protecting him, like how Bobby Beale killed Lucy i…
fic "dad i was raised in your shadow now your going to die in mine just like my real mum died in yours". Bobby Beale
bobby beale killed Lucy because he wants to be ian's new favourite
Bobby Beale needs to come out of prison, get Denny selling food for him & get Keegan to mash up Alex
awks when instead of my family bobby I straight away think of bobby beale
Oh crap Bobby Beale is following me 😱😱😂😂
and Beautiful Bobby Eaton at Bar & Grille on Beale Street in Memphis, TN for the Mem…
lol I like a bet on anything!! I cleaned up on Bobby Beale being the murderer on Eastenders a few years ago 😂😂😂
Dynamite doing a Bobby Beale impression while she watches me revising through the window 👀😂
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A blues legend was honored in downtown Memphis on Friday with the dedication of a statue.
It's the remix ignition . Bobby Beale edition;. I shanked my own sister . Told you I'm a man on a mission
9 of the most demonic kids in soap history, from EastEnders' Bobby Beale to Hollyoaks' Nico Blake
Statue dedicated to blues legend in Memphis. wmc5
Statue dedicated to blues legend in Memphis.
I liked a video The world is a business, Mr. Beale!
he's back for revenge as he was wrongly accused for Lucy Beale's death but it was really Bobby Beale her brother
no way?!?! he defs did it this is like Bobby Beale killing Lucy all over again
Where's Bobby Beale when we need Aunt Babe murdered
Can they release Bobby Beale so he can come and kill off Aunt Babe?
Spoiler alert: Bobby Beale trials (in assn with Britain's Most Ethical Lawyer 2016 Ritchie Scott) still live
One guy thinks Phil Mitchell and Bobby Beale are after him 🏃🏿🤔
Tracey Barlow and Bobby Beale should both move over to Emmerdale. Nobody likes them and would fit in perfectly on the farm!
Bobby Beale is the UK version of Ted Bundy
Adrian Chiles with your face like the aftermath of Bobby Beale's hockey stick
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I don't watch EastEnders, but know the psycho Bobby Beale thing is way more realistic than Gillian Taylforth being Bisto Woodyatt's mother.
It's going to take a lot more than a few months in St Barts to tame Bobby Beale
bobby Beale has that: im bored. I feel like murdering someone look
Bobby Beale to finally face justice for Lucy's murder?
Is EastEnders' Bobby Beale going to strike again?.
SPOILERS: Shocking pics suggest Bobby is finally be punished for Lucy’s murder
Bobby Beale is to STRIKE again, leaving devastating consequences that change The Beales lives forever
spoiler: Bobby Beale to strike again??
Omg how evil is Bobby Beale! He's changed since the days he used to run around playing dress up as a Princess!
EastEnders: Life for the Beale's will change forever as Bobby strikes again:
Bobby Beale kills again in new Walford nightmare?
Got a feeling Bobby Beale will end up killing Peggy Mitchell with that hockey stick. 🤔
‘EastEnders’ Spoilers: Bobby Beale Strikes Again?: While the 'EastEnders' residents reel from the shock news ...
spoilers: Bobby Beale kills again in new Walford nightmare?
EastEnders spoilers: Life for the Beales will change forever when Bobby strikes again
SPOILER ALERT: Is Bobby Beale finally set to face justice for sister Luc
I want to win giveaway . Saved accounts are allowed so help please?
EastEnders spoiler: Will Bobby Beale finally face justice for his sister Lucy’s murder?
SPOILER ALERT: Could EastEnders’ Bobby Beale finally going to face justice?
That new trailer for Bubbly Babs' bye bye... she should be worried about Bobby Beale with his posh boy's hockey stick
8 best killer confessions in soap EVER: Remember when Bobby Beale admitted he killed Lucy? - SEE MORE:
Stephanie Davis winning celebrity big brother would be a bigger disappointment than finding out it was Bobby Beale who killed Lucy
Eastenders used to be so good and now we have to watch a whole year of Bobby Beale doing awon St Trinian's student
Bobby Beale in is like Damien from 😈
I'd have a good few bags of Haribo at the ready on Albert Square if Bobby Beale is going to go trick or treating tbh 😁
I often find myself lay in bed at night... Fuming with how much I hate Bobby Beale... 😡
Shrimpy to buy a vespa and Bobby Beale steals it while Shrimpys selling a harrington and runs over Abby Branning
I'm hoping shrimpy does a Bobby Beale and kills Tamvar vhen he asks for stall rent.
I just got sent up the stairs at work. Ffs I ain't Bobby Beale😒
send Bobby Beale over, he'll finish the job 😁
Charlie is turning into a right freak. He needs to speak up before he becomes the next Bobby Beale
No Bobby Beale accounts talk to me though xx
ABC again. Just asked the bar staff for 'the usual'. By next month I'll have a Pete Beale style tankard behind the bar.
ben shouting at Bobby beale in eastenders i'm crying
Bobby Beale: I got an axe for you ben. Don't you forget it
Might dress up as Bobby Beale for Halloween
can someone kill Bobby Beale that kid is pissing me off
his son would turn out to be Bobby Beale! 😎
Actually left work on time tonight, in the biggest twist since Bobby killed Lucy Beale
X Factor is dragging out so let me just say this... Bobby Beale murdered Lucy Beale.
not necessarily. Look at that little b*stard Bobby Beale ;)
Bobby Beale irritates me, what a little ***
Bobby Beale: where's my Lucy Beale dart board?
Why was Bobby Beale in my dream last night
Bobby Beale didnt kill Lucy, it was a palestinian!   10% Off
Bobby Beale will be the centre of attention on this Christmas
Bobby Beale "why does nobody ever stick around???". Because you kill them, Bob. You kill them!!! .
Bobby killed Lucy. Worst kept secret in Soap history? Squeal Beale living up to his name!
it was Sarah, inspired by Bobby Beale.
& how wrong were we? It's as bad if not worse than bobby Beale sheesh xx
Bobby Beale would have been better than Ross!
What? Well done you made the bobby beale reveal look good
There's still time for a Bobby Beale style twist where it's actually Tootsie.
Who shot Robert I think it was Bobby Beale he has previous
It was Bobby beale who shot Robert it's obvious!
Remember when Bobby Beale killed his own sister on Eastenders
EastEnders’ Bobby Beale will be ‘the one to watch’ in explosive Christmas episodes via
yeah, that's my theory, one of the whites. They did that with Lucy Beale in eastenders, all them suspects an it was bobby
What's your most disappointing soap reveal: Bobby Beale and Lindsey Roscoe
The BUZZ on BOBBY's heating up! Who do you think young BEALE is after this time?
Is it just me that still can't come to terms with the fact Bobby Beale killed Lucy😹😿
by the way Ben Mitchell mugged Lucy Beale and Bobby Beale killed . Lucy Beale can i do some of your work as well your amazing
Bobby Beale has got proper lippy since bludgeoning Lucy 😌
I know that, it was Ian's son, Bobby Beale... I did watch that episode.
"He's a good boy" it's so obvious Bobby Beale is the next Nick Cotton, his mum always defending him
Jane Beale PUNCHES Phil Mitchell and Bobby Beale confession comes out TONIGHT
Bobby Beale spends more time upstairs than Sophie Webster
Owen Hargreaves' accent is more messed up than Bobby Beale
EastEnders killer Bobby Beale pushes Cindy to the ...
Bobby Beale killed his mum, sister and also attempted to smash Max's car, pushed Cindy and threatened Phil with a golf club
You DON'T want to make little Bobby Beale mad, Cindy... EastEnders photos:
there dragging this Bobby Beale out a bit! About time he got banged up and Liam humps cindy!!
EastEnders: Everyone is hating on Bobby Beale after he goes mental (again) and attacks Cindy
Cindy screaming - I thought Bobby Beale had gone charging in with an axe. . I'm watching it on the hence the delay.
Okau, who else found that 'Lucy Beale death scene' with Cindy magnificent? Bobby Beale tho...
Is Albert Square killer Bobby Beale at it again?
EastEnders killer kid Bobby Beale strikes again:
Bobby Beale killed someone before his first ***
So a viewer said I look like a older version of Bobby Beale and I can't lie, it's so true it hurts.
Havin' a laff and a drink in the vic with bobby beale talkin' abaaat how we killed our siblings
Bobby Beale gets away with killing his sister, but I get a lecture about too many cups in my room
As if my sister just said to me shut up Bobby Beale
I'm watching Forbrydelsen again and I know kills Nanna Birk Larsen...but I can't shake the feeling it was Bobby Beale the whole time.
I wish they could introduce Bobby Beale to TOWIE, to kill off that Vas fella. Absolute ***
vote or I'll get Bobby Beale on you .
First Maggie Simpson, then Bobby Beale and now Liam in Fortitude! Yikes - why are all the children killing??
Gonna go Bobby Beale on someone at creamfields
Wow! I can't believe that it was Bobby Beale that killed Laura Palmer!
tomorrow at the nearest academy, if I dont show up I was murdered by Bobby Beale
I have worked every day this week with one day off since Saturday and I fully understand why Bobby Beale did what he did
You thought the Bobby Beale plot was shocking? Read the 6 most ridiculous soap storylines EVER!
Loads of Police just came into this restaurant we're in. Ross stands up and goes. ' I killed Lucy Beale. It wasn't Bobby.' 😂😂😂
I'm basically Bobby Beale without the bowl cut
Oh my god if I don't start feeling human again soon I'm gonna Bobby Beale myself
I thought Bobby Beale might've killed you too
Bobby Beale is a sunlun fan, he was on our bus
trust me just do realistic ones they're more likely but just not as much winnings. Bobby Beale had me ballin loool
Trying to get my mum to change the puppy's name to Beale so we have Bobby and Beale, but it's not happening 😕
Remember giving that little kid £1 because he looked like Bobby Beale
Those watching the EastEnders Omnibus may have noticed a different scene airing
Bobby Beale gets let off murdering his sister, and I can't even bring food up into my room..
Here's a thought. Is Dean Wicks dead and did Bobby Beale kill him?
Bobby Beale pulled Madonna down the stairs
Daily Mail reader kicking off at Bobby Beale's fictional, hypothetical sentence. Wonderful.
"looks like Bobby Beale grabbed the brass ring." // Reporting to performance centre Monday. Renamed Robert Bel…
'Bobby Beale' trolled over EastEnders climax and other cases of mistaken identity
Even actor who played Bobby Beale only found out role on Monday: Elliot Carrington, 12, was sworn to sec...
Knowing Eastenders the next reveal will be that Bobby Beale is possessed by the ghost of Richard Hillman.
Looks like Bobby Beale has got a lot of explaining to do. To Ian. Jane. Tommy Cannon...
Bobby Beale will serve 2 years b4 released under the Good Friday Agreement. Don't watch Eastenders, forced to last night, won't rush back!
Bobby Beale is probably considered old for a first time murderer on Albert Square
Bobby Beale, I watched that little *** grow up on the streets of Albert Square, should've killed Sharon's Kid instead, h…
The actor who plays Bobby Beale walking into school on Monday be like:
Bobby Beale sounds like it should be Cockney rhyming slang for a police informant.
Bobby shares his name with Bobby Brown, who shares his name with Chris Brown which ultimately means it was Bobby Beale who beat Rihanna!!!
'whatever she says, she started it'. - Bobby Beale 🔥
Bobby Beale did it and I think Jane covered for him. I think Cindy and Ian may also be involved.
My money is now on Bobby Beale, hit Lucy over the head with the music box!
“Dad's just said Bobby Beale killed Lucy and Jane is covering for him. Bookies have stop bets for him😳” ur d…
they never do, but I wouldn't say Bobby Beale, he loved Lucy
Poor Dot Branning (June Brown) has been through the wringer of late, what with the council taking her to court over her rent arrears, so that last thing she needs is anymore problems at home… But that’s exactly what she’s going to get when Fatboy (Ricky Norwood) takes pity on young Bobby Beale – whose sister Lucy has banned him from having any pets at home – and offers to look after the lad’s newly acquired pet. However, that pet is a snake, which Fatboy doesn’t bother to inform his girlfriend Poppy (Rachel Bright) about, so while she’s tidying up, she opens the lid of the cage and sees a dead mouse… She assumes therefore that Bobby’s pet was that mouse, and she worries how she’ll break the news to him that the creature’s died. However, what Poppy fails to spot is the snake that’s hiding in the cage, and as she’ll learn later, the dead mouse was its breakfast! So, leaving the lid off, Poppy carries on tidying round, unaware that Bobby’s pet snake is now on the loose in Dot’ ...
I wish Ben Mitchell would kill that stupid devil kid Bobby Beale! I.hate.him.
Omg just seen Bobby Beale and Wagner in Broxbourne!
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