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Bobbie Sue

Bobbie Sue is the seventh album by the Oak Ridge Boys. It was released on February 10, 1982. Its title song was a #1 country chart hit (on April 3, 1982) and a #12 hit on the Hot 100 singles chart.

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I smell propane gas so bad over here I can't stand it it is for a deep sleep it upsets your stomach bad i…
Bobbie Sue. She's been my loyal farmhand and companion since we moved here 12 years ago. A…
Kathy Rae? It’s like a caricature. Are her siblings named Billy Bob and Bobbie Sue? Go Sha…
we should start a petition to hire Bobbie sue back
Not going to "let evil win": Patagonia’s billionaire owner says he plans to sue Trump
Member Pre-Sale for The Oak Ridge Boys, who gave us hits like "Elvira" and "Bobbie Sue," starts today at 10AM! Not…
“I’m not going to stand back and just let evil win.” CEO to sue Trump over land grab by
We just rewarded Bobbie Sue for being a loyal customer. and too.
Boker tov dearest Catherine and's 6:35 here in Michigan...God Bless you dear si…
🎶This here's a story about Billy Joe and Bobbie Sue.🎶
It would be interesting to ask if we, the people, can sue
Here is the story about Billy Joe and Bobbie Sue
Bobbie Sue's Mac + Cheese, just off Ossington. You gotta get some. @ Bobbie Sue's Mac + Cheese
When the whole truck busts into the low parts of Bobbie Sue at the same time... 😂😂😂
Thank you for sharing. I've seen you close many shows with Elvira and Bobbie Sue. I'm so pro…
RIP my Brothers, on to the streets paved with gold, give my Daughter Sgt. Bobbie Sue Chesbro My Best when She meets…
Bobby Wanye you married to your sister Bobbie Sue. *** red neck
We had the dentist out to the farm today. Mia, Juliet, Annie and Bobbie Sue had their teeth floated today. Annie...
Now playing: Bobbie Sue by Oak Ridge Boys! Click here to listen {
Bobbie Sue showed me these pics earlier this week. After a few days I finally talked her into letting me post it.
Bobbie Sue... It's OK. Melania is what she is and that is a former stripper!…
Bobbie Sue...U laid out some lame statement from Flynn's lawyer then defended…
Shorter Bobbie Sue: " I can no longer defend Don the Con, so let's see. I"…
Bobbie Sue. Dear it's a statement from a lawyer who stands to make million…
Decadent, creamy mac and cheese masterpiece by Bobbie's Sue's on Foxley street, just off…
"This is a story about Billy Joe and Bobbie Sue...". Listen at
We will sing 5 songs tonight Saloon Kids Crawl to the River Elvira and Bobbie Sue come see us or tu…
Not sure why it's a terrible lyric. When presented with context, it tells the end of a story featuring a character called Bobbie Sue
I have an entry for Terrible Rock/Metal Lyrics from Take the Money and Run by Steve Miller Band: “Bobbie Sue took the money and run”
may I ask what that back roads song was called that you played right after Bobbie Sue? Loved it!!👍👍💕
you just know I'm off to lunch with a roaring start that you played Bobbie Sue!Baa baa!!🍣 now onto sushi!
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One last hoorah for grampa- . Bobbie Sue: Dad, what do you think about these girls? (Me and laur) . Grampa: I'm conce…
In the immortal words of Steve Miller, "This here's a story 'bout Billy Joe and Bobbie Sue..."
New picture of Eric Johnson at Bobbie Sue's in Vancouver today!
Hosta Bobbie Sue just coming up. Nice hosta in a month or so. Come visit. Plenty in stock in 6 quart pots.
.we see what you're doing at the NV Convention! https:…
*orders a large vegan mac&cheese from Bobbie Sue's*. I'll eat half and save the rest for lunch tomorrow. . *eats the whole thing*. Oops.
Now playing: Bobbie Sue by The Oak Ridge Boys listen at - Buy it
Take kitty to your local vet for them to scan for a microchip. Btw, I think Bobbie Sue is a good name for it 😁
Thankful I have Bobbie Sue to remind me it's Mother's Day
And another thing, Billy Joe and Bobbie Sue started on home invasions because they were bored? That's not a boredom, that's a sociopathic.
I go to see my dad and the guy bought a *** pig...and named it bobbie-sue after him and his gf 😂🙄
The story about Billy Joe and Bobbie Sue is still my all time favorite story
Bobbie Sue by The Oak Ridge Boys peaked at No.12 on March 20,1982 - 14 weeks on the Hot 100:
Happy Birthday Bobbie Sue. You will always be with us. David
Bobbie Sue was released in 1982 as the first single and title track to the group's album of the same name
Recent conversation with Bobbie Sue Lee-Howell;. Bobbie: Whose little suitcase is that?. Me: That's mine.
shout out to Bobbie sue and my Mommie
I don't feel like we're getting the whole story of Bobbie Sue and Billy Joe of Steve Miller's "Take The Money And Run." There's more.
Congrats to our March Volunteers of the month Cevan and Bobbie Sue Twilley! Thanks for everything you do to make...
I don't think I can forgive Steve Miller for "Bobbie Sue took the money and run." Verb tense agreement, Steven! See me after class.
I've always been convinced my sweet black lab, Bobbie Sue, was named after Steve Miller Band's "Take the Money and Run."
Justin didn't stalk Bobbie sue, he stalked James. Only to see what he looked like. no harm no foul
Monica and Bobbie need to sue their plastic surgeons. It's hard to watch. Kristina W and Finola are radiant.
Bobbie Sue Holbert Gresham: Burial will be at East View Cemetery in Rome. Bobbie passed away on Friday, Januar...
Nice cool morning for 12 miles. Great to run with Bobbie Sue, Gaby & Rose. Thanks for slowing down to accommodate us
Billy Joe shot a man while robbing his castle. Bobbie Sue took the money & run. Oooh Oooh Oooh.
This here's a story bout Billy Joe & Bobbie Sue. 2 young lovers with nothin' better to do.
Happy Christmas from Doug, Rae, Sue, Megan, Catherine, Carina, Bobbie and Jordan (Church Comms Team) with lots of blessings and love x
"Bobbie Sue" available now. View it, frame it, buy it, at:
it's my opinion. black women are the greatest women on this planet. Physically, mentally, habitually unmatched by all. Fi…
Y'all's Nashville Cats fer dang sure. Sit yerself down an' Bobbie Sue'll bring us a pitcher. Let's do some pickin'.
446886 Quilt Stencils By Bobbie Smith-5 in. Sunbonnet Sue -Large 6 in. x 18 in.
love all it's versions, BTW,Oaks, have recorded Elvira, Bobbie Sue, even song with Mary in it,I think you need a Mavis song ;-)
Someone be my Bobbie Sue and I'll be your Billy Joe. We can head down south and never be heard of again.
Power with Session today with Rick and Bobbie Sue from Alaska!
In the news: Buckaroo Bobbie Sue Reading at the Winslow Public Library
Walmart: The only place where you can pick up a Big Mac, Krazy glue and a toothless girl named Bobbie Sue.
On this date in country music history in 1982, The Oak Ridge Boys take over at No. 1 in Billboard with “Bobbie Sue.”
Dad just told me he was in FFA, and had to sing Bobbie Sue at convention.
Lucas is at work,Bobbie is probably with Scott so where's Josselyn?! Jax should sue for custody!
why always us? We should honestly sue the a-league for lost of income if we miss out on the Asian cup
Linux Support Engineer Career Opportunity in Roswell, GA. Send Resume today to BRogersor call Bobbie Sue 678-392-2…
I'm bidding too! For my cousin. Bobbie Sue Bonefat. ;)
Check out Bobbie Sue, Sheet Music, 80s Hit for the Oak Ridge Boys! via
Greeted at the fence this morning by the classically beautiful Jesse James heifer, Bobbie Sue.
and her favorite song is "Bobbie Sue"...hoping 3 of us can see next March in French Lick...she would have a blast..
Mill Town Music Hall is pleased to announce that the Oak Ridge Boys are returning to its stage on Saturday, Aug. 16 at 8 p.m. Tickets will go on sale on Wednesday, May 1 at 10 a.m. EST. With numerous number one hits such as Elvira and Bobbie Sue, the 5-time GRAMMY Award winning band has sold out the venue the past two years. Mill Town Music Hall focuses on wholesome, family-friendly music and events and is located conveniently off I-20 in Bremen (1031 Alabama Avenue).
Heard today.What do 90% of Charter schools and Billy Joe and Bobbie Sue have in common?Quote Steve Miller Band they"Take the money and run"
Bobbie Sue is the seventh album by The Oak Ridge Boys. It was released on February 10, 1982. Its title song was a country chart hit (on April 3, 1982) and...
Welcome to a new little cousin: Riley Belle McCormick born Nov 30, 2013 -I love her name! Riley's parents are Paul & Dakota McCormick... Dakota is the daughter of Bobbie Sue; Bobbie Sue is the daughter of Bruce Jones; Bruce is the son of Leon & Maggie (Lassiter) Jones; Maggie was the daughter of Mamie & James Linwood Lassiter.
We are stuck trying to think of songs about a specific couple... we already have: Tommy and Gina from living on a prayer Jack and Diane, Billy Joe and Bobbie Sue from take the money and run, John and yoko from their ballad, and finally Brenda and Eddie from Scenes from an Italian Resteraunt. The only rules is it can't be the person singing about a girl or visa versa... it has to be the couple in the song GO!!
I want to fall in love with the titular character of the Oak Ridge Boys song 'Bobbie Sue'
Southernisms C-D Carry you: Meaning to take you along with. I'm fixing to carry you to the store. Cawse: Cause, usually preceded in the South by the adjective "lawst" (lost). "The War Between the States was a lawst cawse." Cayut: A furry animal much beloved by little girls but detested by adults when it engages in mating rituals in the middle of the night. "Be sure to put the cayut out-side before you go to bed." Chunk: To throw. "Chunk it there, Leroy. Ole Leroy sure can chunk 'at ball, can't he? Best pitcher we ever had." Clone: A type of scent women put on themselves. "what's that clone you got on, honey?" Contrary: Obstinate, perverse. "Jim's a fine boy, but she won't have nothin' to do with him. She's just contrary, is all Ah can figure." Daints: A more or less formal event in which members of the opposite sex hold each other and move rhythmically to the sound of music. "You wanna go to the daints with me Saturday night, Bobbie Sue?" Danjuh: Imminent peril. What John Paul Jones meant when he said, "G ...
Classic Country Music History for May 18: 1933 - Jimmie Rodgers recorded “Last Blue Yodel (The Women Make A Fool Out of Me.)" 1936 - Leon Ashley was born Leon Walton in rural Newton County, Georgia. Leon was the first artist to write, publish, record, and distribute his own songs. 1942 - Rodney Dillard of “The Dillards,” was born in East St. Louis, Illinois. The Dillards appeared frequently on the Andy Griffith Show as the Darling Family. 1946 - Bob Wills topped the charts with “New Spanish Two Step." 1948 - Joe Bonsall member of the “Oakridge Boys,” was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In 1973, the ex-gang member becomes a tenor singer in the gospel quartet The Oak Ridge Boys, who soon shift into country music, using him as a lead voice on such hits as "Elvira," "Bobbie Sue" and "Love Song" 1949 - Gary Scruggs, member of the “Earl Scruggs Revue,” was born in Knoxville, Tennessee. 1954 - Eddy Arnold topped the charts with “I Really Don’t Want To Know." 1957 - Rusty and Doug Kershaw ...
Eight hour long version of our ' It was a Dark and Stormy Night... ' to help you sleep all night long. This haunting nature sound video adds some sound effec...
I want a wedding like Bruce and Bobbie Sue's, it was so cute! 😍
Click inside for a look at the list of 2013 hurricane names.
A girl calls 911 with a life or death emergency and they hang up on her. I say this guy should be fired! What do you think?
Id be right there for all of u even some I shouldnt be! But id die without u guys Jenn Soveryblessed Bobbi O'Neil sue beall brian clapper edna Edna Clapper Brent Harris donnie daney deb oneil and the 500 kids that we all have lol
Happy Mother's Day to my Mom and all you mothers out there!
Happy Mothers Day mom, I'm breaking the rules and bringing home another animal. LOVE YA BOBBIE SUE!
Happy Mother's Day to my beautiful daughters, Theanna, Carla, Cookie, Alicia, and Aimee..My granddaughters who are now mother's themselves, Tasha, Kayla, Dana and Nikki... my sisters Bobbi and Betty and my close friend who is like another sister, Sue. My life has been blessed by all of you and I love you all deeply. Have a wonderful day.
Only eight short months after opening, Bobbi Sue Bar-B-Que has closed on Clematis Street in West Palm Beach, an indication that even a hot urban destination can’t meet all the needs of the dining public.
Bobbie sue by the Oak Ridge Boys on sunday?
I wanna say thank u to Sue Templeton for being a mom to me when u didn't have to an helping me with all my school work an loving me unconditionally no matter how many problems I had u was there I never thought of u as my stepmother u r my mom u believed in me when alot.of people didn't thank u love u n happy mother day!
Bobbie Sue was smart and chose the Mount, so should you Leah
Billy Joe gets life for the murder & Bobbie Sue gets 25 yrs for being an accomplice to murder & robbery.
Somebody needs to make a follow-up song to Steve Miller's "Take the Money & Run" where Billy Joe & Bobbie Sue get caught by Billy MacK.
This was SO my life not too long ago! One good thing about losing my job is that I do have a life now that isn't completely ruled by my work.
Tonight, Bobbie Sue and I get dressed up, then we turn off the lights, pretend we're not here, and eat all the candy we "got for the kids."
Bobbie Sue, she slipped away. Billy Joe caught up with her the very next day.
I am very proud of my 3 daughters, Brandi Anys, Jessica Dillivan and Bobbi Sue Tearney. I love you all very much.
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Bobbi Sue Says Goodbye.for now! Keep a look out for our food truck!
Love you Mommy. we really are lucky kids :-)
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
I've often wondered if Billy MacK, the detective down in Texas, ever caught up and arrested Billy Joe and Bobbie Sue
Here's the story of Billy Joe and Bobbie Sue
Here's a story about Billy Joe and Bobbie Sue
I have the absolute best extended family and friends...even though they are all buttheads and pulled one over on me...all week long I was excited to have an indoor cornhole tourney and it turns out they planned a surprise 40th birthday party/cornhole tourney for me. All I gotta say is they are lucky we played cornhole or I would have been kicking alot more butts lol. Thanks so much everyone, I am so blessed to have you all in my life! Love you guys! with Nic, Ruth, Nicky b, Mike, Chelsea, Paige, Bree, Tai, Bobbie Sue,
: I need a Bonnie to my Clyde, a Bobbie Sue to my Billy Joe...minus the gun play lol.
Gotta love that Bobbie Sue! Greyt job, Debbie and Bobbie! The Cub Scouts loved having you come & visit. We heard wonderful feedback from the parents as well...
Be sure to check out the latest Ask Lou on to see Louise's answers to your latest Calamity Jane questions and find out what Louise & Bobbie Sue will be dressing up as for Halloween!
Had an excellent time at Bobbie Sue and daughters benefit this afternoon at The American Legion in Cicero. Big thanks to everyone involved with the benefit.
Just arrived at the Cicero American Legion for the benefit for Bobbie Sue and her daughters
Celebrating 30 years of Bobbie Sue,Thank God for Kids and the 30th anniversary of the mighty COOKIN' TOUR Where were Y ...
Shoeguy119 is spinning 'Bobbie Sue' by The Oak Ridge Boys in the Country JAMS (Active Mod):
Bobbie Sue is not a puppy anymore. She just had her first birthday. We celebrated it backstage during Calamity Jane. Hope you get a chance to see the video on the website. Love, Louise
"This is a story bout Billy Joe and Bobbie Sue"
Bobbie Sue, Reese, Brooksie, Joyce, and her children are at Kings Dominion today and will be home in time to see Jeffrey cross the finish line at the Lake Placid Ironman. His bib number is 1803. Doing great so far.
Important Information if Planning to Visit West Virginia... {Stolen from a friend} Issued by the West Virginia Tourism Bureau to ALL visiting Northerners And Northeastern Urbanites: 1) Don't order filet mignon or pasta primavera at Waffle House. It's just a diner. They serve breakfast 24 hours a day. Let them cook something they know. If you confuse them, they'll kick your *** 2) Don't laugh at our West Virginia names (Merleen, Bobbie Sue, Luther Ray, Tammy Lynn, Polly, Billy Joe, Buddy, Sissy, etc.). These people have all been known to kick *** 3) Don't order a can of soda down here. Down here it's called pop. Nobody gives a flying *** whether it's Pepsi, RC, Dr.Pepper, 7-Up or whatever-it's still a pop. Accept it. Doing otherwise can lead to an *** kicking. 4) Any references to "corn fed" when talking about our women will get your *** our women. 5) We know our heritage. Most of us are more literate than you. We are also better educated and generally a lot nicer. Don't refer to us as a bun .. ...
Happy Birthday to Richard Sterban. This singer, born in New Jersey, in 1972, would become the distictive bass voice heard on Oak Ridge Boys hits like "Elvira," "Bobbie Sue" and "Love Song". Also born on April 24th were Eldon Shamblin (Oklahoma born singer, guitarist, arranger, joined the Texas Playboys in 1938 and for the next 16 years he would handle the arrangements for Bob Wills' band and would appear on "San Antonio Rose", "Ida Red", "Take Me Back To Tulsa" and Twin Guitar Special" among others), Daniel "Zag" Pennel (singer and dj, performed on Old Dominion Barn Dance, would work at WELD radio in W.V. as manager and dj for 45 years, was named Broadcaster of the Year for West Virginia in 1985), Bill Simmons (Florida born musician, inducted into the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame and the Texas Western Swing Hall of Fame, performed intermittently with the Light Crust Doughboys from 1954 would become a regular in 1981), Russ Wheeler (Canadian born country singer/songwriter, performed with Earl Hitton and his V ...
It's either Bobbie Sue or Elvira. :) Otherwise I need a crash course in songs again. lol
On this day in 1982, storm the spot in Billboard with "Bobbie Sue"
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