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Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown (born April 14, 1957) is the founder and CEO of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics.

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Sara and the make-up artist Bobbi Brown at Modern Bride's "25 Trendsetters of 2008.
Menlo park mall in NJ Macy's Bobbi Brown Cosmetics counter is still not open!
Whoa, Bobbi Brown is leaving the Bobbi Brown brand! 2016 is still doing the most!
💄 Calling all beauty lovers: shop big deals at Laura Mercier, YSL Beauty, NARS, Bobbi Brown & Lancome!
NARS creamy concealer v nice and non crusty, heard great things about Laura Mercier & Bobbi Brown correctors too
Binns in town now has MAC, Urban Decay, Tom Ford and Bobbi Brown, m yes please
[INFO] 160930 Rainbow's Jaekyung has been selected as the new model for global makeup brand 'Bobbi Brown'
My mom gave me like 50 Bobbi Brown, Lancôme and Estée Lauder lipsticks she doesn't like 😛😛😛
Elizabeth Arden was fiercely competitive and beat Estee Lauder in sales. I worked for Trish McEvoy n Bobbi Brown are rivals
I just added this to my closet on Poshmark: Laura Merćier/Bobbi Brown. via
Bobbi Brown Cosmetics are officially my fave
See our latest New Jersey and click to apply: Retail Sales Counter Manager - Bobbi Brown... -
Bobbi Brown on empowering women and staying true to herself
I'm starting to like Bobbi brown and her skin care line 😍😍
Holiday makeup favorites: Bobbi Brown Chrome Palette is the best of the lot - via
First night trying out my new Bobbi Brown face base and wow I'm so in love with how my face feels already 😍
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graduated/about to graduate next month pls msg me if you're interested in working for Estée Lauder Companies:. • Bobbi Brown Brand Assistant
um my highlight is something by Mac (thanks again Dom) . Blush: roly poly rosy by Clinique. Contour is something by Bobbi brown
BOBBI BROWN, Thank you for always being on our side. Every exciting moments, you're always…
Try Revlon Photoready Insta-Fix foundation stick instead of ... -
I love nyx butterglosses, and I love the nyx plumper one and this one by bobbi brown called bear sparkle
Ladies remember you're beautifully and fearfully made in the image of God ! Not MAC Make up or Bobbi Brown. But GOD !
Bobby Brown has had enough. The singer is finally telling the truth about Nick Gordon…
Receive a Free Beach Pouch and Surfboard Keychain with Bobbi Brown Purchase at
Join the Nordstrom team! See our latest opening here: Alaska
my bobbi brown powder just smashed cue lip tremble whilst I wallow in self pity
I loove Bobbi Brown. I always turn back to it. They have the best under shades I've tried.
I'm definitely correct swatched by "fair", "beige" by Bobbi Brown and "Bamboo Beige" by LM. Everything else doesn't work for me.
I've been eyeing Bobbi Brown forever but haven't tried it I think I will soon
yes from their Audacious line. It's those magnetic cap lipsticks. Tbh, my only favourite red on me is Brick Red by Bobbi Brown.
Working in the Bobbi Brown office in NY is the actual dream
Could anyone who has used both Bobbi Brown long wear gel eyeliner and Inglot AMC gel eyeliner tell me which one they prefer plz
All women r pretty without and can be pretty powerful with even just a touch of makeup. p.9.
We have this beauty Bobbi Brown Pro Artist and newest sensation in store…
Let an online Bobbi Brown Artist get a few more details so we can help, Julie! Chat live at:
Left my tennis shoes and my new tube of Bobbi brown lipstick in the hotel this morning 🙄😅
Nars, Bobbi Brown, Amazing Cosmetics.. Like I can go on forever lol.
someone at Bobbi Brown Cosmetics taught me. what are you favorite YouTube channels?
Loved meeting this fellow Bobbi Brown artist at Gus Mayer...shes Super fun !!!
I want all new makeup, but I only wanna try Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, Milani, & Benefit products.
Bobbi Kristina Brown died from a cocktail of drugs and drowning in the bath: Whitney Houston's daughter's auto...
Bobbi Kristina Brown’s autopsy report reveals the cause of death:
UPDATE: Bobbi Kristina Brown’s autopsy results revealed on her birthday. 😔
Sad. Bobby Kristina's cause of death revealed. She was 22. .
When your friend works at Bobbi Brown and randomly sends you an amazing care package!! Thank you 💋
Nick Gordon responds to the release of Bobbi Kristina Brown's autopsy.
Today we're talking about Bobby Brown, Bobbi Kristina and much more. Join us at now.
Bobbi Kristina Brown died of drowning & drugs (according to unsealed autopsy)
Atlanta judge grants news media request to unseal autopsy report for Bobbi Kristina Brown.
by : Judge orders release of Bobbi Kristina Brown's autopsy results
EXCLUSIVE: Bobbi Kristina Brown's autopsy backs up Nick Gordon's claim he 'didn't kill her'
Bobbi Kristina Brown died of combination of drugs, drowning
Questions remain after Bobbi Kristina Brown's cause of death revealed
PHOTOS: Remembering the life of Bobbi Kristina Brown on what would've been her 23rd birthday https…
The lives and deaths of Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina Brown were tragically similar:
Bobbi Kristina Brown died from drowning and drugs.
Questions remain after Bobbi Kristina Brown?s cause of death revealed
Today in 1993, Whitney Houston becomes a mother for the first + only time. Happy Birthday Bobbi Kristina Brown. RIP. htt…
Judge in Atlanta agrees unseal autopsy report for Bobbi Brown 11Alive News
“All women are pretty without makeup, but with the right makeup they are pretty powerful.” – Bobbi Brown
Join us. Each purchase, Bobbi Brown will donate to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation
Need a Valentines idea? Come try out a special Valentine’s day look with Anthony Saint Stravlo, Bobbi Brown...
New additions arriving next week, Bombshell in Love by Victoria's Secret, Beach by Bobbi Brown,Born Wild by Ed...
I just want the whole Bobbi Brown skincare products in my life 😍 and I will get them...
Bobbi Brown interviewed as part of the BBC’s ‘The 100 Women Interviews’
Deciding on the foundation I want.Marc Jacobs gel formula is like butter, then I need to see Bobbi Brown's formula & MUFE
We're Read about our latest opening here: Retail Sales - Bobbi Brown... -
See our latest Texas and click to apply: Retail Sales - Bobbi Brown... -
Can you recommend anyone for this Retail Sales - Cosmetics Artistry - Bobbi Brown - Tennessee
See our latest Colorado and click to apply: Retail Sales - Bobbi Brown... -
When I was younger I thought that Bobbi Brown Cosmetics was owned by Whitney Houston's ex husband.
Bobbi Brown joins Rebecca for a Real Biz Rapid Fire. Get to the know the famous makeup artist & the founder and CCO of Bobbi Brown
Woman arrested for posing as nurse at Bobbi Brown hospice
Macy’s Bobbi Brown, Vincent Longo deep discount + free shipping on any beauty purchase
Win a Kate Spade planner, Bobbi Brown lipstick, and more!
Read all about a Bobbi Brown master class & her Greige collection & the Charlotte Tilbury mini make over I had...
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
I want to try this! How does it compare to Bobbi Brown corrector?
Mayer needs to stop with these digital mags in verticals no one cares about. Stop the celeb "editors" like Joe Zee & Bobbi Brown.
_makeup secrets from bobbi brown _ __aarp_: Author Lois Joy Johnson (left) and makeup maven Bobbi Brown, ci...
Kate Upton named the new face of Bobbi Brown ...
Hi Michelle, could you possibly follow me back please, I work for Bobbi Brown & recently met Lucy Johnston, I have a Q x
Excited to be giving away this Bobbi Brown lip set at select Hudson's Bay. To enter, follow & RT
Bobbi Brown's aunt's feud with Pat Houston is 'not over'
Big congrats to We just drew her name for the Clinique set! Enter our Gucci & Bobbi Brown contests today!
Love that Bobbi Brown is now at select Hudson's Bay stores in Canada! Win this gloss To enter follow & RT. FAB DAVE
My best friend got me a Bobbi brown lipstick for my birthday and I'm so happy
How-To: Secret to Standout Eyes-- by Bobbi Brown …: she makes it look like a piece of cake easy !
I need that bobbi brown contour concealer stick in mahogany. but the way that shipping set up
THE ESTÉE LAUDER COMPANIES is hiring a Education Coordinator - Bobbi Brown, apply now!
think I had a slight meltdown when I saw the Nars, Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier and Armarni makeup stands yesterday
She'd never heard of MAC, Bobbi Brown, or NARS... . With too dark of a tint on her brow. Six O'clock can't come quick enough.
Hey my beach bag is not complete without my Bobbi Brown moisturizer
We're Click to apply: Retail Sales - Cosmetics Artistry - Bobbi Brown - Part Time - GA
Totable Bobbi essentials for your next getaway, Bobbi Brown Make up Cosmetics: Bobbi Brown is the internationa...
The birthday week continued with a visit to Bobbi Brown store opening launch in Mumbai
3 Bobbi Brown lipsticks prove that its been a successful day if nothing else
"All hope for Bobbi Brown , Whitney Houston´s and Bobby Brown´s daughter , Thats so sad for the young…" — emovies
Bobbi Brown rice than Never bother, James Mallinson, every Marvel U t have many individual posts from cleverness crossfire might want.
We’ll pass along your wish to see a Bobbi Brown store in Brighton, UK, Sarah!
So there's a Mac Brave dupe at Bobbi Brown called Heather Pink... Swatch pics in 3..2..1..
prefer MAC or Bobbi Brown? — I've never really tried any of Bobbi Brown's cosmetics just yet. Soon
I'm applying for the cosmetics counter at Herberger's. They have Bobbi Brown makeup so I'm pretty excited. I've never shopped at Herbergers
For all you girls who wants their prom makeup done for cheap, hmu I work for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics!
Bobbi Brown and Kate Upton on the Keys to Their Success - The Fashion Spot
the lightest shade of Rimmel Match Perfection is pretty good! I also love Bobbi Brown's foundation stick in 00, but its pricy!
For example; Urban Decay, Bobbi Brown, Makeup Forever claim they don't test,but are owned by companies like L'Oreal & …
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Bobbi Brown's new Hot collection is beyond cute 💋 those blush palettes are to die for
I love tidying my room bcus I'll find random mac chanel and bobbi brown products ❤️
Bobbi Kristina Brown’s father, Bobby Brown, may be holding on to false hope that his daughter will make a recovery, a source will
Special discount for members! Talk with Bobbi Brown on March 11th:
'Dr. Phil' to air 'intervention' with Bobbi Brown's partner
Have you seen Bobbi Brown's new HOT Collection! It's great. Read about it here:
Okay I definitely need to buy the tarte tartelette palette and when the new Bobbi brown one comes out that one too 😩😍❤️
Bobbi Kristina Brown’s beau Nick Gordon heads to rehab after surprise intervention with Dr. Phil: sources
Report: Bobbi Kristina Brown found unresponsive in Atlanta home
Had s great time rocking it out for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics at the beauty trend show! (at Michigan Avenue)
Dr. Phil's interview with Bobbi Kristina Brown's boyfriend, Nick Gordon is scheduled to air on March 11th… Will...
Source: Bobbi Kristina Brown has shown ‘absolutely no signs of life lately’
We have that in common. I'm in need of new foundation. Nothing heavy. I was a Bobbi Brown girl when she only sold at NM.
Kristina Brown's boyfriend Nick Gordon checks into rehab after ... - Daily News & Analysis
Jamaican Hub - As Bobbi Kristina Brown remains in a state of medically induced coma for more than a month...
Juicy Couture - Hollywood Royal fragrance, Bobbi Brown eyeshadow in Cement (second from top), Marc…
do you have a sephora or an ulta at your mall? they'll likely have MAC there. Nars is good too, and Bobbi Brown.
we need a MAC and Bobbi Brown trip soon 😁😁
MAC Studio Fix Fluid, Bobbi Brown skin foundation, and Dior Air Flash. But it's all about dem primers and setting powders/sprays✨
Best thing about airports is Bobbi Brown and MAC in duty free 😍
[ Primary & Secondary Education ] Open Question : Past form of this text?: Bobbi Brown lives in New Jersey. She is 34 years old and works…
Bobbi Brown's life support turned off on anniversary of mother's death
I'm so bad I know every *** store sales manager in the mall. Got recruited by Bobbi Brown and Cache today
Whitney Houston's daughter Bobbi Brown taken off life-support? -
Hearing bad news about Bobbi Kristina's condition. Praying for her & Bobbi Brown.
Prayers going out to Whitney Houstons daughter Bobbi Brown and her family. Tragic to see such a young life go ...
I've entered Bobbi Brown to win a Smokey Eye Kit and Blusher
I want a foundation stick for my contour that brand Bobbi brown has one that's perfect
I think I'll wear one of my Bobbi Brown lipsticks tomorrow.
Eating right and exercising is more important than what you put on your face. - Bobbi Brown
Order Miche Bag Online!
mm ok I think I'm allergic to Mac and Bobbi brown cause lead content too high
Allergic to MAC and Bobbi brown lipstick hmm
Bobbi Brown has Everything Eyes Gift Set for $66. Get a Free Gift of Mascara Trial Trio and Free Shipping on...
My friend just gave me a ticket for a Bobbi Brown makeup lesson!! Yayyy! Such supportive friends!…
Set of 2! Long wear Gel Eyeliner by Bobbi Brown . Rs. 899/- instead of Rs. 1,300/ - [31% off]...
"Before the crack...Bobbi Brown was good"-
I need to get this Bobbi brown shadow 😍. I think I just fell in love
And tonight I'm on that brown like Bobbi is
ah, thanks so much, Jenn! I was looking at the Bobbi Brown one for a while, but I've heard only good things re: Stila. Hurrah!
Jennifer Garner has a new interview on Yahoo! beauty with famed makeup artist Bobbi Brown. It’s a good read w...
Bobbi Brown 24 pcs Make up Brush set @ php600 Pls like & pm me for orders: Poshdeals by Ruffleslaine
bobbi brown long-wear gel eyeliner black ink. Found at:
Make 2015 confident, healthy and strong. -Bobbi Brown
I'm back! First blog post of 2015 is all about Bobbi Brown's Scotch on the Rocks collection 💛
Video: She had such a beautiful voice & personality until she got w Bobbi Brown & got all cracked up.
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Bobbi Brown makeup is such good quality but expensive af😩
My chosen Bobbi Brown shadow Palette and THE best lipgloss!! - Amy Farrell Says...
I've had to re-do my last beauty post because somehow it deleted 😳 here it is again peeps
Which brand products do you use most frequently? — Mac, bobbi brown, samsung
So I'm using Bobbi Brown foundation now and I really like it but I do miss my Mac one.
I want some cute slippers, tons of cozy sweaters, a two piece dress, and the Bobbi brown bronze glow that has been sold out for months!
"I don't need to be first. I just need to be best." -- Bobbi Brown
A beautiful collection by Bobbi Brown to start 2015 off! ❤️ .
Not being helped at the make up counter cos the girl who does "black ppl" isn't in. And constantly being directed to bobbi brown
still uncomfortable with the fact that my new Bobbi Brown blush doubles as lip color
Bobbi brown is best for Asian skin, I'm actually in love I just wanna buy more n more 😍 I love her
Shu uemura foundation and bobbi brown concealer 💕
Just got my hands on the Bobbi Brown limited edition highlight! 🙏🙏🙏
I may explore *** with a new line of makeup. I don't want to be just limited to Mac. May try out Bobbi Brown.
tell me about it!!! I wanna get Bobbi Brown stick foundation $44 like I'm broke! And I can never just get 1 thing!😂
I was having not the best day then my girl Heather at Bobbi Brown counter hooked it up.
i did not know that as a professional model i can get discounts on MAC, Illamasqua and Bobbi Brown make up..woho
Bobbi Brown sent me a christmas card???
Excited to be giving away Bobbi Brown's "Ready, Set, Give" set on Wed! To enter, follow & RT
Kate Upton is a total bombshell in her newest campaign for Bobbi Brown:
Kate Upton is the star of Bobbi Brown's latest beauty campaign - Daily Mail
Learn how to recreate Bobbi Brown's New York Fashion Week looks here:.
What's Trending: October 22nd - Carla Marie has a unique blanket for the winter + Bobbi Brown's BCA product!
Robert Downey, Jr. joins Captain America 3, Amy Poehler opens up about her divorce, Kate Upton glams up for Bobbi Brown's holiday campaign, and more first dibs.
At Saks Fifth Avenue in Chevy Chase letting my sister beat my face with Bobbi Brown Cosmetics.…
Lee's asked for, lets call it his Christmas demands list, includes such items as 3 designer perfumes, Versace, YSL, and Armani, Every sort of makeup that both Mac, Bobbi Brown, Urban Decay have ever brought out , a Micheal Korrs bracelet and a supprise trip away. For someone like myself who loves a rake in a charity shop , opposites do indeed attract and I realise he's a label queen but I think my dear fiance may have tripped on the way to college and banged his head causing amnesia. He seems to think he's engaged to Rupert Murdoch or some Saudi Arabian oil barren, maybe a Mexican crime syndicate gang-lord who washes his ballsack in Evian & smokes blunts made out of 50 dollar notes. Unfortunatly for him Im a sales assistant and I was brought up in a councill house. So Iv'e just been nodding and replying with ''Oh aye, sure, mhmm , okay then.'' Hopefully he remembers who I am soon!
My first foray into Bobbi Brown lip colours and they just HAD to be non-neutral :D
Trying out my Bobbi Brown long wear gel eyeliner and Kat von D Vampira lipstick w/ Mac Brick lip…
Cannot wait to see what Yahoo has planned. Bobbi Brown / The Into the Gloss co-founder / Joe Zee from Elle are all on board with them...
Kate Upton replaces Katie Holmes as face of Bobbi Brown
Bobbi Brown's billion dollar idea: Makeup mogul Bobbi Brown started her billion dollar brand with just $10,000...
I may be converting from MAC to Bobbi Brown (or integrating my cosmetics at least)
Who doesn't love a haul video . Birthday Haul (MAC, Bobbi Brown & More)
No but I get 65% off all Estée Lauder owned brands.. Mac, Bobbi Brown, Smashbox, Jo Malone, Tom Ford.. It's every girls dream 😳
MAC is not the only makeup line. Let's not forget Bobbi Brown, Chanel, Dior, Limecrime and Sephora. FYI.
Kate Upton's First Bobbi Brown Ads Are Here - See the model's new ads for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics
Model Kate Upton glams up for Bobbi Brown - THE CURVY stunner has replaced actress Katie Holmes as the face of the...
Kate Upton’s Bobbi Brown campaign revealed - The first shots of Kate Upton for Bobbi Brown have b...
Love that she's the new face of Bobbi Brown! What do you think? --> Kate Upton Debuts New Look in Latest Ad...
Hey everyone, we have a UK EXCLUSIVE of Kate Upton’s new campaign shot for Bobbi Brown! The 22-year-old model has represented the makeup brand since March and is ‘crazy for colour’ in the new promo pics. Visit for all your beauty and fashion advice.
Can anyone help? Am looking to buy Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, and appears Guildford House of Fraser is nearest. Anyone know different?
Women's Profesional Headshots are scheduled for June 11 - make-up by Jo from Bobbi Brown, and hair by Nicole from...
At -- Who ever buys makeup brand Bobbi Brown your in can get the Kate Middlet...
Vanity Fair shoot with Daniel Mays & Ashley Walters. Photographer Grooming by me using Bobbi Brown.
Why is Bobbi Brown concealer more expensive than foundation. Economics y u fail me!?
April 24, 2014. Kate Upton, from left, Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann attend a premiere of “The Other Woman” hosted by The Cinema Society and Bobbi Brown in New York.The Associated Press Kate Upton, Leslie Mann and Cameron Diaz gushed over any other during a Cinema Society screening of their new...
I can call George Watsky, Vin Di Bona, Bobbi Brown, and Jay Leno college buddies of mine now I guess...;)
Elizabeth Arden, Estée Lauder, MAC and Bobbi Brown makeup back from America 👌😍
I've been deprived didn't know I can get a discount pro card at Nars, Smashbox, OCC, Bobbi Brown.. Excited 😋
Yahoo Beauty editor doubles as cosmetic executive By Erik Wemple April 9 at 7:49 pm More Comments For its story on how Bobbi Brown, the new editor-in-chief of’s beauty page, will remain a...
Bobbi Brown has been tapped as editor in chief of Yahoo Beauty, with the cosmetics innovator promising to transform the site into a source of beauty tips and empowerment. Brown, the founder and COO of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, will lead a retooling of the site that includes hiring new staff who are ver...
"Beauty isn't about looking perfect."
Welcome Bobbi Brown as she leads Beauty Coverage via
Fun day at Carmichael Salon! My fabulous day ended with Madi from Bobbi Brown!
After a week if intensive testing, here are my thoughts on the Bobbi Brown CC Cream 💁…
After snagging Katie Couric, David Pogue, Virginia Heffernan and Matt Bai to bolster its editorial team, Yahoo has made one more big-name catch: world-famous makeup artist Bobbi Brown. Brown will help Yahoo revamp its Beauty section by leading editorial direction and original content for the
hmmm probably a few Bobbi Brown eye liners, and I'm dying to try some Hourglass powders or blushes. Have you tried any?
As Bobbi Brown joins the team, is Yahoo heading down the women's magazine ... - The Drum
Bobbi Brown Joins Yahoo as Editor in Chief of Beauty - yahoo: By Kathy Savitt, Chief Marketing Officer...
"Bobbi Brown just scored a major new title: congrats!
Bobbi Brown just scored a major new title:
Makeup mogul Bobbi Brown to take over Yahoo's beauty section - The Guardian
“What's a good make up brand apart from Mac ?” Bobbi Brown or Urban Decay
Bobbi Brown is adding a new role to her resume: editor-in-chief of Yahoo Beauty, she announced Wednesday morning on her blog, Everything Bobbi.
Happy Birthday to your young man! Thinking of you all. Sending lots of love! 🎈🎈🎈 Bobbi Brown-Flannery
What's going on NY? Makeup queen Bobbi Brown glams up Yahoo editorial - Upstart Get Found -> http…
“Makeup queen Bobbi Brown is now an Editor in Chief:
"How I feel about myself is more important than how I look. Feeling confident, being comfortable in your own skin - that's what really makes you beautiful." - Bobbi Brown
Think guys don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses? Don’t tell that to Bobbi Brown. The makeup maven and best-selling author recently...
Yahoo is about to get way more beautiful. The website announced Wednesday morning that they have hired longtime makeup artist and founder of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, Bobbi Brown as editor-in-chief of Yahoo Beauty, Women's Wear Daily reports. It has ...
Founder of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics will keep her role at makeup company while fulfilling new role as section editor-in-chief
I took my youngest daughter to Saks 5th Avenue tonight so they could teach her the correct way to apply eye make-up for her eye shape which is different than Rene and my eye shape. We went to the Bobbi Brown area which I like. They have great colors. Andrea looked beautiful and very natural. The make-up artist said she didn't even need to put foundation on her because her skin was flawless and the color was beautiful. Now I am home and ready to go to tired.
Yahoo! Inc. is adding one of the leading names in cosmetics, Bobbi Brown, to be its editor in chief of beauty coverage, boosting its push into new content.
Special Promotion for khmer New Year: Bobbi Brown 24 brushes now price only 35$ before 47$ hurry up stock is limited
Bobbi Brown has an amazing cosmetics line-up but what she's most famous for is her foundation. You...
So I have a big announcement; I am leaving my job at Tod's and am re-starting my career at Nordstrom. I am the new counter manager of Bobbi Brown here at Michigan Ave. I officially start on the floor next Tuesday. Come visit and shop with me : )
We are happy to announce our newest Bloomingdales event: ALL ABOUT EYES WITH OUR BOBBI BROWN BEAUTY TEAM April 17, 2014 11am - 5pm Stop by the Bobbi Brown counter and have our beauty team show you the hottest Spring colors and styles to make your eyes pop! Receive our Bloomingdale's exclusive smoky eye kit for just $52 at this special event!* Plus, receive a complimentary dry styling by AYS Hair Salon of Merrick! *One per customer, while supplies last.
VERY IMPORTANT PLEASE READ - I have even used some of these products without knowing :( Testing on Animals is just sickening so Im not going to use any kind of picture for this. *This brand has a 'no animal testing' policy in the make and manufacture of their cosmetics, however they have chosen to sell in markets that require (by law) animal testing on their products before they are cleared to sell in those markets. This means that their end products are tested on animals in some markets (for example, China). Cosmetics & personal care: Andrew Collinge, Anna Sui, Aramis, Aveeno, Avon*, Band-Aid, Biotherm, Bobbi Brown, Bonjela, Braun, Cacharel, Cashmere Bouquet, Chapstick, Clairol, Clean & Clear, Clearasil, Clinicare, Clinique, Colgate, Covergirl*, Crest, Decore, Disprin, Dolce & Gabbana, Donna Karan, Dove, Dufour, Durex, Elizabeth Arden, Estee Lauder, Eulactol, Fruitrience, Garnier, Gillette, Giorgio Armani, Gucci Fragrances, Head & Shoulders, Herbal Essences, Hugo Boss, Impulse, Johnson & Johnson, Jurliqu ...
Bobbi Brown the world-renowned beauty expert is joining Yahoo to lead the editorial Beauty section of Yahoo. She will still remain Chief Creative Officer of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, so there is nothi...
Makeup artist Bobbi Brown is best known for creating clean and simple beauty solutions for all shades. Now the beauty guru is stepping into the…
Beauty isn’t about looking perfect; it’s about celebrating your individuality. Bobbi Brown
Yahoo had a big bit of news for women yesterday. The website has signed top beauty expert Bobbi Brown as as editor-in-chief of Yahoo...
I’ve been using Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner ($24) for years. The black-as-can-be formula always stays... You can find further on this from the source... here
Bobbi Brown Cosmetics recently announced that American model and actress Kate Upton has partnered with Bobbi Brown Cosmetics as the brand’s second celebrity face following their first-ever celebrit...
The head of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics will continue in role leading that company but will split duties beginning April 21. Brown joins other big hires, such as Katie Couric, at the online portal.
Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge in Fresh Melon is a beautiful peachy pink blush that gives a very subtle, warm glow almost as if it were your skin. No-makeup makeup..
5 students headed to national competition!! Members of the Chester County Career Center SkillsUSA Chapter traveled to Greenville on April 3 and 4 to compete with their counterparts from around the state at the South Carolina Leadership and Skills Conference for the opportunity to represent South Carolina at the National SkillsUSA competition. Eleven students participated in the competition. They had to submit resumes prior to the event. Once there, most of the areas had a written exam and a practical, hands-on component. There are many hours of hard work and dedication that go into preparing for competition. The students not only have classwork to do but also extra time preparing after school. The Chester County Career Center staff is proud of the students who represented Chester so well at this year's competition. Five of the students will go on to compete at Nationals in Kansas City, Missouri in June. Chapter advisor Sherry Adams said, "This is an awesome group of students. They did anything we ...
Bobbi Brown is about to add a new project to her already crowded plate.
Bobbi Brown Perfectly Defined gel eyeliner is the beauty maven's best pot liner in pencil form, meaning I can apply anywhere, even the back of a cab!
100% of purchase price of BOBBI BROWN MASCARA goes to - Congrats GIRL RISING'S Lauren Mitte for lining up Bobbi Brown and thanks to BOARDWALK EMPIRE'S Christiane Seidel for all the help. THANK YOU BOBBI BROWN!
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Kate Upton is the new face of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics! She says: "I'm thrilled to be the face of Bobbi Brown...
Bobbi Brown and Christian Louboutin as guest speakers at FIT's graduation this year like why couldn't I have gotten in 4 years ago lmfao 🔫
its unfortunate that Bobbi Kristina looks exactly like her father Bobbi Brown,infact she looks like Bobby Brown with a weave.
DTN Dubai: Kate Upton the new face of Bobbi Brown: Brown told GMA’s Robin Roberts that working with the young ...
Kate Upton Named New (Gorgeous!) Face of Bobbi Brown - The titular owner of this company told Robin Roberts today...
Kate Upton named new face of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics - Reality TV World: E! OnlineKate Upton named new face of B...
Kate Upton replaces Katie Holmes as new face of Bobbi Brown
I never said you had to lol there's always Mac, Urban Decay, Bobbi brown , etc
Watch a scene from the new Yves Saint Laurent biopic:
Love the makeup in this piece. Please share what products were used. Bobbi Brown = Be Beautiful.
We're so looking forward to this collaboration:
"The secret to beauty is simple -- be who you are," Bobbi Brown likes to say. Since founding Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, now a thriving global business, in 1991, Bobbi's...
Ombre Red and Pink lips by MAC and Bobbi Brown...more on
Kate Upton for Bobbi Brown is as unnatural at Kate Upton's...make up.
Save Up to 70% on Designer Sunglasses Save Up to 70% on Desi...
Thanks to my sponsor Mac n Bobbi Brown Cosmetics...Thanks for my financer Vladimir
Upton lands cosmetics deal: "Besides being strong and confident, she is really smart. She knows exactly who sh...
My makeup organizer came in the mail !! Love it. I'm about to have some fun at Sophora, Mac and Bobbi Brown! 😍💄
Kate Upton Follows Katie Holmes as the New Face of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics - PEOPLE...
Kate Upton in, Katie Holmes out for Bobbi Brown - Detroit Free Press
Doing classic, sexy smoky eye makeup is easier than you think. At a recent shoot with Bobbi Brown and her team, we got the expert scoop on getting a gorgeous look in just 6 steps. Follow along with our GIF tutorial.
“.is the new face of What do you think? love her! …
Kate Upton of FL is new face of Bobbi Brown via
Individual. Independent. as the new face for
“.has been named the new face of cosmetics ❤️ Bobbi Brown!
Hey! We now have Bobbi Brown frames for all the ladies!! Come check them out.
Beauty spring clean: Purge your makeup drawer & invite in the prettiest new picks for spring!
Kate Upton Is the New Face of Bobbi Brown: Leaving her most Googled assets at the door, Upton's ready to let he...
Ganda ng kilay. || Kate Upton the new face of Bobbi Brown. WATCH:
modeling girls, AMAZING Babydoll: Kate Upton Named the New Face of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics—See the...
We are proud to announce our partnership with American Model Kate Upton as the newest face of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. Our brand empowers women to be comfortable in their own skin and celebrate their natural beauty. Kate is a beautiful, strong, determined woman who has achieved success as a result of her confidence and ambition—but above all else, Kate embraces Bobbi Brown’s belief that beauty and a healthy lifestyle go hand in hand.
Marc Reagan Bobbi Brown Master Makeup Artist used his magic brushes and colors. Brighter and warmer shades. We also discussed the value of authentic communications skills. Key for success on the business world.
Aand Bobbi Brown controls the makeup market. GG.
Bobbi Brown gets Kate Upton as the cover girl... MY MAN BOBBI! Kate Upton is new face of Bobbi Brown USA TODAY Being a stunning supermodel, and the new face of cosmetics giant Bobbi Brown, doesn't just mean fame, fortune and fountains of free lip gloss. It also means getting plenty of attention from the opposite sex. Some good, some questionab...
The supermodel is the new face of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics ...
Guess which supermodel is the new face of Bobbi Brown?
Watch Bobbi Brown and Kate Upton talk Confident Beauty. From her big break on the cover of Sports Illustrated to total fashion world dominance, new face of B...
Do you wear MAC? Bobbi Brown? Armani? Smashbox? YSL? Dior? Chanel? Nars? Lancôme? Do you use/like Kiehls? Clarins? Pretty much any skincare line?! Then WHY aren't you shopping with me?? These are all brands Nordstrom sells, with FREE SHIPPING and when you shop with friends you get goodies and samples!!
Ashleigh Hope Amy Conway Bobbi Brown, myself and Stephanie Hoy have just checked in if you want dinner let us know!xx
Did you know that Estée Lauder owns companies like M.A.C, Aveda, Bobbi Brown, Clinique, Coach, Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfiger, and Smashbox? Along with many other popular brands. I didn't. You're welcome for this useless fact of the day :)
Hi BB so I just recently bought these Bobbi Brown brushes and not yet try them, but the brushes are super soft. I'm curious have any of you ladies ever tried Bobbi Brown brushes if so what are you thought about.
Anyone know any good make up artists? Preferably who use mac, bobbi brown or nars
Bobbi Brown: 'It's a Dream' Working with Kate Upton. ABC News(NEW YORK) -- Supermodel Kate Upton is the new...
Kate Upton is new Bobbi Brown face: Bobbi Brown Cosmetics has selected American model and actress, Kate Upton, as...
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Kate Upton Will Lend Her Famous Looks as New Face of Bobbi Brown: Kate for Bobbi–Top Model Kate Upton is on a ...
Bobbi Brown have a new brand ambassador! The absolutely gorgeous model, Kate Upton. Perfect girl for the brand!
Supermodel Kate Upton is the new celebrity face of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, only the second celeb to partner with Brown after actress Katie Holmes. “It’s a dream,” Brown said of working with Upton. “She’s not just a woman that’s beautiful, because we all know that, but she is smart, she is nice and sh...
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