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Bob Saget

Robert Lane Bob Saget (born May 17, 1956) is an American stand-up comedian, actor and television host.

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This concludes my threat of Bob Saget gifs. Goodnight
It's almost 3:30 in the morning and I can't sleep so here's a tiny thread of Bob Saget gifs 🙏🏼
and tehre is this old youtube meme where "tourettes guy" is always like BOB SAGET!!!
Bob Saget he played the nicest square guy in universe but i remember him doing a comedy skit about hanging a towel on a ***
Like if you exist in multiple timelines maybe they should still not say 3/4 of the same sentence even if they're a Bob Saget or a T-34 Tank
Bob Saget acting in Fuller House like we don't remember what he said in The Aristocrats.
I've watched HIMYM all the way through twice and seen countless reruns on tv but it JUST NOW hit me that Bob Saget is the narrator.
I'm hanging out with my sister and she just whispered "bob saget..." to herself so I looked at what she was doing a…
The only way 2016 could redeem itself at this point is if they announce a Ted Bundy biopic starring Bob Saget within the next four weeks
The only way they could have absolved the ending to himym is if in the last episode they replaced Josh Radnor with bob saget
I become a chameleon for wherever I am.
ABC's "America's Funniest Home Videos" debuted as a special hosted by Bob Saget on this day in 1989. It debuted...
AHHH BOB SAGET!!! Another reason why we can't have nice things!
his roast of Bob Saget is the funniest thing ever to me.
I forgot your birthday...oh, Bob Saget! Apologies, amigo. Hope it was a good one.
Matt is making me & Christina listen to Bob Saget's motivational speeches
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Bob Saget sat on America's funniest home video it is over for for America and videos
I remember him succeeding Bob Saget on America's Funniest Home Videos
Craig: "You have a tattoo of Bob Saget?!'re welcome, internet rumor mill!"
*watching Cadet Kelly*. Emma: "you know what maggot rhymes with?". Me:. Emma: "Bob Saget". Emma: "that's not what you were expecting was it"
Soon, I'm going to meet somebody around my own age, and she's going to...
In 2014, I will not co;pare people to Hitler, Rosa Parkm, or mid-career Bob Saget. Time to let it go.
You wearing Bob Saget jeans in ya avi
Viral videos used to be sent in VHS form to Bob Saget for approval [via
When you're famous, you're always famous. It doesn't go away.
Unless Jacob Tremblay and Bob Saget are on stage too, I'm not impressed!
I just want someone to love me like I love Bob Saget.💔
America's Funniest Videos marathon is making me think Bob Saget and Tom Bergeron could probably get it.
In 2014, I will not compare people to Hitler, Rosa Parks, or mid-careei Bob Saget.hTime to let it go.
16 yo brother made a java game called "Saget ball." "It's like football...but all the pictures are just Bob Saget"
I don't roll like that but I've never been with a hooker either. Yeah, t...
I just did a play in New York which has been my best experience that I'...
I wonder how much money the "kids" in How I Met Your Mother got paid to sit on a couch and pretend to listen to Bob Saget.
Like seeing Bob Saget's Stand-Up act after playing Mr Squeaky Clean on Full House all those years, Makes it that much funnier!
I wanna kill myself bc Adrian brody looks like Bob Saget sometimes, so u see this guy fighting off predator looking like Danny Tanner
Never wanted to hear and also not hear a conversation as much as watching John Mayer eat dinner with Bob Saget at Catch
Thanks for the LOLs with Carry on the laughter with Bob Saget: That Aint Right at 22:05 on
Did anyone roasted on the come out of it a better person? Joan Rivers,Donald Trump,Greg Giraldo, Bieber, Bob Saget. NAH
I always thought Josh Malina looked like the love child of Bob Saget and Nick Kroll...
(Cont.) - Chris Matthews, the Dalai Lama, T-Pain, Joel Osteen, Meat Loaf, Bob Saget: all Kremlin pawns for appearing on RT-bac…
Bob Saget is snapping on the set of Fuller House and "Steve" was there and "Becky" and "Joey"! LORI LOUGHLIN IS SO BEAUTIFUL
when I was young I thought I could hang out with Danny Tanner, but the I realized I was stalking Bob Saget.
Did Craig Thomas and Carter Bays pay Josh Radnor, Neil Patrick Harris, Cristin Milioti, and Bob Saget to say they liked the HIMYM FINALE?
Bob Saget / Danny Tanner shirt was a big success
I proper fancy Danny Tanner, like, Bob Saget why did you age? 😔
I'd like to invite all standup comics to watch tonight. Gallagher does a duet with Bob Saget!
Figured you would know this: is Bob Saget tall or Dave Coulier short?
Saw John Stamos, Lori Laughlin, Dave Coulier, and Bob Saget on my lunch break!
Day 3 of LA Student Tour: Warner Brothers Studio Tour, we saw Bob Saget (they are filming Fuller House right...
I've made a vow to like everything that Bob Saget posts on Instagram, and I will honor that vow until the end of time.
Wait wait wait wait Brie Larson was the kid sister in that Nickelodeon show Raising Dad w/Bob Saget & Kat Dennings?!
5/17/16. Sugar Ray Leonard is 60. Bob Saget is 60. Hill Harper is 50. Jordan Knight is 46. Tony Parker is 34. Matt Ryan is 31
Comedian and TV dad Bob Saget gets dirty at Sands Event Center on Aug. 21
all the funny videos I watched were on shows hosted by Bob Saget or Tom Bergeron
no one would have ever heard of Bob Saget or Tom Bergeron.. *** you!
all funny videos in America were carefully curated by Tom Bergeron and Bob Saget.
Reasons I should wear my glasses more often: I looked at the tv and genuinely thought I saw Bob Saget picking out outfits for Rachael Ray
Somebody graffitied Bob Saget on a street in my mom's gated development. This is amazing.
*My brother and I walking down the street*. 10 year old boy passes by: "Bob Saget is horrible. I could beat him up.". Me: I'm gonna tell him
Ever since I seen Bob Saget on Entourage, the image of Danny Tanner has been burned from my memory bank
If you can't handle me at my Bob Saget, you don't deserve me at my Danny Tanner
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Imagine the Gilbert Gottfried bit from Bob Saget's roast but with Matt McGorry instead...
You're one of my favourites. Saw old "Tough Crowd" ep with you, Patrice O'Neal, Bob Saget and Sandra Bernhard. Inspiring.
I love that you call Christopher/David Sutcliffe "Baby Bob Saget." That never occurred to me before but you're so right!
I didn't see the end of How I Met Your Mother but I assume Josh Radnor transformed into Bob Saget, right?
Bob Saget is the bear from the Golden Crisp box.
Bob Saget is America's dad, but John Stamos is America's daddy
Bob Saget, even. Bob Sagat famous for his street fighting duels with Dave Ryulier.
Uncle Kevin is the Uncle Joey of the household. Keith is Bob Saget.
I want everyone at my funeral to put on Bob Saget masks and dance to the Full House theme song
So far at Disneyland I have seen Odell Beckham Jr. and Bob Saget, and don't have a picture with either 😞
"He looks like bob saget now not Danny Tanner" talking about bob saget
If Bob Saget was there you could say it was a "Fuller House" em I right :)
just middle school things:. saying Bob Saget instead of cursing
Did you see this video of Bob Saget and Carly Rae Jepsen singing together?
Carly Rae Jepsen and Bob Saget performed the Fuller House theme song together
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Come see me Sat, April 2nd at April Foolishness. FOR TIX>>>
Bob Saget joins Carly Rae Jepsen on stage to sing the Fuller House theme song - watch...
Bob Saget joined Carly Rae Jepsen onstage to perform the Fuller House theme
he was doing. He said, “Who were you with?” Jodie paused and then said, “Bob. Bob Saget. He took my cherry. He also took Candace’s...
Watch Carly Rae Jepsen and Bob Saget sing the theme together
Carly Rae Jepsen sang the theme with Bob Saget & it was all kinds of awesome
Watch & sing the 'Fuller House' theme song together
I'm sorry but Bob Saget is just really hard to take "family orientated" anymore...
If my dad is and my grandpa is that means Bob Saget is Bernie's son and that makes me so happy
Bob Saget. Adam Levine. Gale Harold. Channing Tatum. Guess what they all have in common?
Netflix has renewed "Fuller House" for a second season: Bob Saget, John Stamos and company will be back for even…
Was just on the elevator with Bob Saget lol he smelled the loud
I remember watching Brie Larson on Raising Dad with Bob Saget and Kat Dennings in like 2001
"You have the sex appeal of a school bus fire." -Greg Giraldo, on Gilbert Godfrey's appearance at the Bob Saget roast.
As discussed with Bob Saget on Fuller House is Cruz in disguise is the Zodiac Killer
Professor tried to show an educational video today and instead brought a VHS of America's Funniest Home Videos with Bob Saget.
now it can be told... I am the love child of Steve Carrell , Will Arnett , Benedict Cumberbatch , Bob Saget and Stephen Colbert .
I see Bob Saget likes to use Internet Explorer.
movie idea: Being Bob Saget. It's like Being John Malkovich, but with Bob Saget. I'll take my Oscar now please
John Stamos, Bob Saget and Dave Coulier to Pay Tribute to Their Late Mothers on 'Fuller House'
Had a dream where Bob Saget and Kathy Griffin were explaining Undertale to a theater full of people
Have bob saget and drake hung out before? why can I picture so clearly?
Just paid my teacher to print pictures of Bob Saget
Bob Saget looks kinda like Abe Lincoln, right
Bob Saget at or I riot riot Bob Saget at or I riot or I riot.
Bob Saget on 'Full House': 'I was praying to get the show'
Bob Saget to Jim Jefferies:"Heard Peggy is dating Louis C.K. now?". I literally nearly died :D
I should really stop watch How I Met Your Mother before bed. Third night in a row Bob Saget has narrated my dreams
I hope I run into Bob Saget one day
I was wrong and I'm sad. Oh Bob Saget.
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The Teletubbies should totally Bob Saget themselves and go on tour with this sorta stuff .
I don't know, I don't think Bob Saget can simulate Bob Saget anymore. Especially Danny Tanner Bob Saget.
"Think about it like Bob Saget but as a horse." - an actual quote from
We must never forget that these simulations can simulate the system, simulate the process - but NOBODY can simulate Bob Saget
Stephen Colbert and Bob Saget are basically twins.
everything died the earth is scorched and Bob saget ate lunch
Bob Saget: Had fun bein’ in starring comes out Feb. 9 directed by…
Bob Saget bobsaget: Had fun bein’ in a.stand.up.guy starring dannya27 comes out Feb. 9 directed by my dear buddy t…
It makes no sense to me that the offspring of Bob Saget and the sibling of John Stamos would be an Olsen twin. TV genetics is crazy, yo.
One last devilish curtain call for - See all the pics here!.
Bob Saget AND Michael Rapaport in the same movie...How have I not heard about this already?!
Full House Bob Saget is the softest human being I have ever seen in my entire life
well look at that Andy Cohen is taking over Jane Lynch for celebrity game night New Years Eve with John Stamos and Bob Saget
Bob Saget: Special night before the final week of with the ridiculously…
Bob Saget: Man, Dave in a onesie and the late great Mickey Rooney is overly-joyed to…
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Bob Saget talks about the advantages of being a Lutheran minister for a couple of months.
Macaulay Culkin & Bob Saget hung out together and took a selfie via
Remember her music video? Or what about "Raising Dad" where she was the sister of Kat Dennings and Bob Saget's daughter?
Dam. There are so many people in this movie. Ronda Rousey, Clay Mathews, T.I., Russel Wilson, Bob Saget.
Bob Saget says mentor Bill Cosby has been 'tarnished' by 'despicable' acts
"I'm really good at taking selfies"- Bob Saget aka Danny Tanner from Full House
Bob Saget and Jeff Ross on stage together last night at The Comedy Cellar...
So, I escorted Bob Saget and am currently standing with Christian Borle. I can't.
Striving to be a hearty blended mix of Bob Saget, John Stamos, and Dave Coulier
Sometimes it's easy to despair. But then you remember Norm Macdonald's performance at the Bob Saget roast and everything's okay.
"'Thanks, Danny Tanner!' Every time I hear that name a chill goes up my butthole.". You can't not love Bob Saget 😂
what's wrong with Bob Saget's voice? Sounds weird. Danny Tanner sounds rough.
The Olsen Twins reunite with Bob Saget on the set of 'New York Minute,' 2003
Lol at my super hot high school boyfriend for dumping me then turning into the Full House version of Bob Saget.
"Her name could be Beatrice and I would still go". -bob saget
Favstar is basically Bob Saget narrating the same video over and over again.
Look like Bob Saget not trying to be anyone's real dad
Video! preps to preach the dirty word of Broadway’s
Bob Saget says the dirtiest joke ever Through source
You *** ain't got no type of shame lmao lil thotties 😂
Currently sitting next to Bob Saget's doppelganger.
Well Bob Saget was on Entourage. And he made me laugh. So I watched Full House and pictured him being a ***
Bob Saget is the man. I went on a Full House bender a year or two ago.
holy Bob Saget third?! It was my second and I refuse to take it again ($ ***
Bob Saget for his work in Dirty Work
"adults-only stand-up show called Bob Saget Live: The Dirty Daddy Tour. The show will take in the major cities of Melbourne, Sydney,": ***
Wondering if Bob Saget would be proud.
well he'll be gone soon away and BOB SAGET
Improve your reading by doing it in mind with Bob Saget's voice.
SCJ News: Bob Saget promises 'no cynicism' as he joins 'Hand to God': TV star and comedian Bob Saget is going ...
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All that kids these days care about is their Bob Saget macaroni
that moment when the beat drops so hard that you have a hallucination of Bob Saget. (Vine by
when your friends are Bob Saget and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson af
Currently watching a bob saget stand up comedy special at 3 am, Taco Bell burrito in hand
People in general will tell you what u want to hear not just people you're involved with
Kinda bored, debating if I should watch a movie about Bob Saget on Netflix.
All I need in my life is a Bob Saget follow plz.
Idk I just really wanna see Bob Saget in Hand to God
LIFE GOAL UNLOCKED: just saw Bob Saget in midtown
you killed it tonight! I'm still pretty sure Bob Saget is *** though...
Nene Leakes and Bob Saget will both be on Broadway this November. Well I know where all my money is going.
why did one of the saxophones keep saying Bob Saget? "1,2,3, Bob Saget" I don't understand he just said it randomly
Bob Saget press junket tmrw. Hey b prepared 4 hard q's like what's yr fave season of Full House
The legendary Bob Saget is at Comedy Works this weekend, and hung with us in studio this morning. Get ticket...
my tl is full of Obama, Akorns, Dr. Phil, Donald Trump, Bob Saget this is a strange concept
Update your maps at Navteq
Bob Saget and Dr. Phil and Akorns are on my tl WHAT HAPPENED
I don't think AC/DC's Bon Scott actually died. He just grew about a foot taller, changed his accent, and became Bob Saget.
has been booted. Bob Saget will make his SUNY Purchase debut this Spring
I haven't watched How To Get Away With Murder because I assume it's just Bob Saget taking 9 seasons to tell you how he got away with it.
John Stamos' house is getting a little fuller - Bob Saget will guest star:
listen to Gilbert Gottfried podcast when he interviews Bob Saget.
Thought that was Bob Saget in the background😂
"Netflix Fuller House, created by Bryan Fuller. see John Stamos cut Bob Saget from stem to stern and then serve him to Dave Coulier." B Y E
If John Michael Higgins and Bob Saget had a kid --behold-- Stephen Colbert
LIVE on Comedy Store Roast Battle MAIN EVENT - Bob Saget is here!
this isn't...idk...Bob Saget or John Stamos or Andy Griffith. This is a spokesperson versus an entertainment icon.
Dean rivers and Bob Saget are my parents❤️
The guy who played Bob Saget (Danny Tanner) really looked and sounded like him!!
The actor that portrayed Danny Tanner sounds exactly like Bob Saget!!
In the movie, it seemed Bob Saget suggested Danny Tanner become a neat freak, but the tell-all afterwards said he hated it.
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"Success in show business does NOT always create the best version of people" Bob Saget. Famous people don't always…
'Full House' star Jodie Sweetin on 'Fuller House' and Bob Saget via
I Am Chris Farley: Splendid documentary. Mike Myers and Bob Saget made it very enjoyable with their storytelling. Well done.
Best we can do is a Dubbed video tape of Down Periscope and a picture of Morris the cat signed by Bob Saget.
Austin sooo looks like Bob Saget & Howard Sterns love child... But he has glorious hair!
Looks like Bob Saget ran into Dr. Long John today.
Bob Saget's comedy special is funny dirty girls grew up watching Bob Saget now they are going to go down watching him couldn't stop laughing
Tyler Posey's dad, John Posey, was originally cast in Bob Saget's role in Full House
Once you've seen Bob Saget do stand-up comedy you realize how scary it is to watch him on Full House
Best known for his work on television and stand-up specials featuring comedians Bill Burr, Bob Saget and Tom...
Me gustó un video de First Episode of America's Funniest Home Videos with Bob Saget
Happy birthday to four-time America's Funniest Home Video runner-up One day you'll get to hug Bob Saget. One day.
What a week in Phoenix that was. Drive cross country. Go to Dragons Gate. Watch Mox and not know who Mox was. Saw La Parka and Bob Saget.
The Roast of Bob Saget @ Comedy Central is een zeer foute aanrader.
I still refuse to believe Bob Saget isn't the father of Mary Kate & Ashley Olson
"In honor of the late George Carlin, here are seven more words you can't say on TV: ''And the Emmy goes to Bob Saget." thank you Jeff Ross
I expect both Daniel Tosh & Rob Dyrdek to have at least one pet or car named Bob Saget out of homage to their prodecessor.
Got me curios about my own. Let's see, May 17...Bob Saget, Tony Parker, Craig Ferguson, Sugar Ray Leonard, Enya, Jordan Knight
I think CNN deserves a lot of credit for sending Bob Saget down to cover what's happening in Baltimore. Still a better choice than Don Lemon
I liked a video Sometimes Vlog with Bob Saget (literally...kinda) and Tyler Evans
Just watched the unaired pilot of Full House with John Posey as Danny Tanner. I have a new appreciation for Bob Saget.
Full House is coming back?!! Remember Uncle Jesse and Michelle and Bob Saget the dad and San Francisco and ya Full House spin-off in 2016
Thanks to Bob Saget, Ron White, Vic Henley, and Jim Florentine for coming in today [04/13/2015]
There is like no f***ing resemblance I share w/Bob Saget. None. Its like me saying you resemble Emma Watson.
Russel Crowe, Bob Saget, Isaiah Washington and Jill Sobule join Roy Sekoff and Marc Lamont Hill for "The HuffPost Show" on April 10, 2015.
I really like watching you play Joey Gladstone on Full House! I like watching Bob Saget and John Stamos as well!
John Berman from CNN News looks like a cross breed between Alan Harper, and Bob Saget.
Now to watch the roast of Danny Tanner aka Bob Saget.
if you've seen the Full House pilot feat. John Posey and not Bob Saget as Danny. (Believe me I have)
At a bar in LA and I'm standing next to Bob Saget from Full House 😍😍😍
the drink or the drug because Bob saget doesn't seem like the type to roll a dubie
is considering following Bob Saget on insta. Wut?
He sucked Bob Saget's *** for coke >> Saget didn't give him the coke, but Biebs kept sucking it
Bob Saget would have had an awesome rap career.
LoL he was a funny guy but ya don't ever wanna see Bob Saget's stand up routine = Childhood ruined :p
bob saget is such an offensive man I love it
Bob Saget has a genital wart bigger than him.
Bob Saget is my dad and Kelly Kapowski is my mom, and dont forget my uncle Ben Stiller
ill try to keep going for you, for America, for Bob Saget
"Sometimes at night, when you're not here, I go to Instagram and look at the Bob Saget hashtag and start liking photos." -
Roarke's Log:The producers sent it to "America's Funniest Home Videos".Bob Saget loved it-especially my strip tease.
I love Full House. Worship the only god Bob Saget
I vote Bob Saget as Zayn's replacement. Still wouldn't stan them but at least they'd have one good singer.
I constantly get tagged in vines of people faceplanting during tumbling, anything having to do with Bob saget, and the song hollaback girl
Bob Saget just seems like he's shorter than Danny Tanner though.
Bob Saget was very religious and blessed every meal seen on screen
My list of life goals goes on and on... But two goals up on that list are:. 1) Smoke a blunt with Bill Nye. 2) Get drunk with Bob Saget
is this Bob Saget hosted version or the dumb couple I hated?
Bob Saget, Andrew Dice Clay, and David Spade appear in new Entourage trailer via
I can't take this stress. I'm switching to the bob saget fandom
the bob saget fandom is so less stressful. Everybody should join
"Jude Law is like the Bob Saget of England.". "Are you high?"
Bob Saget is always a good name for a router or a wifi connection.
I thought Bob Saget did those murders. Gilbert Godfrey said so, so I believe him!.
Why does Bob Saget sound like an old Josh Radnor?
Daniel Tosh is such a Hollywood *** he snorts lines of Bob Saget's man-onaisse behind freakin' Laugh Factory. Still.
I didn't think a douchey Bob Saget wannabe could stay on the air this long.Nice job fooling CC into paying you to watch youtube.
Bob Saget & Dave Coulier at Late Night with Jimmy Fallon - Season 5
John Stamos dresses up as Bob Saget every Halloween.
no, Bob Saget was in black flag. And Buddy Holly liked to get stoned.
BB King, Eric Clapton, John Scofield, Bob Saget, Bob Dylan & JM. How can they be so amazing when it comes to guitar singing??!!
*Everything goes black & white, Rap beat drops, Ken Burns zoom in on Bob Saget's face as the words "Thug Life" fade into view*
'Full House' cast reunites at birthday bash: Actors John Stamos and Bob Saget . reunited with their Full House ...
Hanging out with the beach boys and Bob Saget last night was the highlight of my life. Also Tom Ford said I had some great gusto. Gusto.
John Witherspoon and Bob Saget have the same crude humor. Stand up too vile. It's awesome.
Best Prank Ever: got her sister to send me Bob Saget facts every day for a week. When I said "STOP," the pictures doubled. 😂😂
Trying to talk Stephanie into. Going to see Bob Saget at the Ontario Improv 󾌴
Bob Saget?. We know this is not Bob Saget, but he looks alot like him. Just because . is a white guy with makeup o
Bob saget is so dirty it makes me uncomfortable.
I swear to god I made him look like Bob Saget
I told my dad he looks like Bob Saget and now I think I'm grounded lol
I actually can't handle Bob Saget's instagram
macaulie came into whole earth and signed her name as Bob Saget so there's that
Bob Saget once told me the secret behind Full House was that he killed the mother while drunk driving.
I still don't get why Bob Saget plays Ted in the future in HIMYM. Ted's already an adult, he's not gonna grow into Bob Saget 20 years later
that trauma left him with Bob Saget's voice.
why was Bob Saget from Full House in my dream.
the PCC is a Full so full Mary Kate and Ashley are here, trying to hide from Bob Saget.
Watching tv and Stephen Colbert comes on tv. . Step mom: is that the guy from Full House?. Me: no holly... That's not Bob Saget
Why is Bob Saget the narrator on how I met your mother
Pimp My Ride robbed us of at least one more relevant Xzibit album. I used to be a fan. He went from hard raps to being hip hop's Bob Saget.
It doesn't get any better than an autograph from Bob Saget that says "You're too cool"
Christmas Eve, we were all talking about Bob Seger... My sister: Isn't he from Full House?. Me: No, that's Bob Saget.
I literally packed everything!! And then once I closed my bag I realized that I forgot to pack my shoes bob saget
Watching Full House always leaves me wondering 1) could Bob Saget look more like my dad? 2) why aren't Jesse and Becky…
it was that or overdubbing a whole predator movie with Bob Saget standup
How did I not know the narrator for HIMYM was Bob Saget?
Screw Candice Cameron and screw Bob Saget. As a matter of fact screw Full House as a whole.
I'd like you all to welcome our baby to the family Bob Saget and the doctor says it's normal for his fist to curl
Who remembers this classic AFV clip? And one of Bob Saget's all time favs!
If you haven't watched the Bob Saget comedy special on Netflix I strongly advise you to do so
Late night thoughts about Bob saget
This one girl I had a crush on in high school legit looks like Bob Saget now Getting turned down by you was the best decision I've ever made!
People that Noah is related to aka his fam actually know my arch nemesis Mr. Bob Saget and I'm a little in shock rn tbh
Im blocking that Bob Saget guy. He thinks he's funny but he's really not
Bob Saget was such a.role model for young Americans.
Gotta check up on my homie, Bob Saget. You da man.
Bob Saget got tang souse in Full House so
Oh my God, that looks like Bob Saget,
Omg why would a movie end like that?! Like I want some freaking answers what did the bob saget look alike have to do wi…
I love Bob Saget with everything in me 😍💕💕
Best viral video. Remember when this was just America's Funniest Videos? Bob Saget and Tom Bergeron should sue.
I'm *** near about to hit her with the bob saget special
I bet Bob Saget had a difficult childhood. It must be rough growing up with a name that resembles a culinary herb in the Laminaceae family.
Just saw Bob Saget in my local Toys R Us
I swear to god bob saget just made my sandwich at jersey mikes
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