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Bob Rubin

Robert Edward Rubin (born August 29, 1938) served as the 70th United States Secretary of the Treasury during both the first and second Clinton administrations.

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1/ the DLC was the formal start of the “uniparty” state, i.e., ctrl by ppl like Bob Rubin paid off both sides 2/ L…
I miss the good old days when Goldman Sachs men were men. Bob Rubin, Hank Paulson. I've got no empathy for Mnuchin…
Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin is just another redux of Bob Rubin, both come out of the same Goldman Sachs mold-consumers to get screwed
"Contoms aren't completely safe. A friend of m ne was wearing one anx got hic by a bus." Bob Rubin
"Condoms aren't completely lafe. A friend of mine was,weariag one and got hit gy a bus." Bob Rubin
This is truly absurd: To Larry Summers, Alan Greenspan and Bob Rubin are "average citizens." ht…
"Condoms aren't completely safe.mA friend of mine was wearing one and got sit by a bus." Bob Rubin
"Condoms aren't completely safl. A friend of mine was wkaring one and got hit by a bus." Bob Rubin
Important warning to Trump from Bob Rubin: Don't politicize the Fed:
another financier from Goldman. man I still in pain from Clinton's Bob Rubin and Bush's Hank Paulson. how much more US need to
“We are all, every one of us, a lot more than the worst thing we have done" - Bob Rubin, reflecting on meeting with priso…
discussing EU after Brexit in Aspen with T Nuland, Bob Rubin, and Richard Haass: much doom and gloom, seen from US
Allstate/Rubin Insurance at the Latino Festival in Sterling with Maria Monzon and Bob Burns. The rain has held...
Dave Rubin: standing up for liberal values is now a conservative position via
Happy 75th Birthday to Bob Dylan. Here is 'The Story of Hurricane' from the 1999 film about boxer Rubin Carter. https:…
Finally Bob Rubin focuses his efforts on something good for society: How to Make Mass Incarceration End For Good
Bob Rubin makes an economic-and compassionate-case for helping inmates succeed after prison.
See your Mark Penn and raise you Bob Rubin {cue ominous theme}
Jennifer Rubin: Clinton has had respectful relationships with conservatives, including Gates, Jack Keane, and Bob …
I think Bob Weir (Grateful Dead) would be awesome. The album would sound soo good with the Rubin/American Recordings pair
She DOES believe it. 3 consecutive years of gov't surpluses was the worst thing about Bill's presidency. Along wit…
credit default swaps were created in the 1990s, when Bill Clinton & his Treasury sec/Citibank Bob Rubin decided they shouldn't be regulated
President Clinton: Larry Summers and Bob Rubin gave me lousy advice about derivatives via
her economic advisors include Alan Blinder, Larry Summers, Bob Rubin and Glenn Hubbard.
Members of the Club where Janet will speak: Larry Summers, Bob Rubin, Alan Greenspan, Tim Geithner - a Who's Who of financial war criminals
yes, and Bob Rubin, Greenspan, Bernanke, Bush, Phil Gramm, Larry Summers, the CEOs of the big-5 banks, Paul Krugman, the NAR..
at a dinner party, Jamie Dimon and Hank Greenberg, egged on by a hammered Bob Rubin, were giving her noogies
they tried & tried in the 80's but GLB in 99 under bill and bob rubin was the final end. I am fine w/ us using dif criteria, no.
lol Brad still carrying a torch for his scumbag ex-boss Bob Rubin
Live stream of discussing cities with Bob Rubin, Hank Paulson and Helen Clark in Chicago
Bob Rubin? Hey, congrats on all the cool stuff! Sometimes the good guys win. The Jo Wood thing led to everything.
Angelo Mozilo, Bob Rubin, Hank Paulson etc. all have something to show.
Left to right, Larry Summers, Janet Yellen, Greenspan, Bernanke & Bob Rubin. The economy is in background.
Remember that Bill Clinton repealed Glass-Steagall thanks to Bob Rubin who then went to work for Citigroup. Wheel goes…
Best definition of liquidity is from Bob Rubin who said it is "a state of mind"
- Gail Rubin Bereny: "Above all, remember that the most important thing you can take anywhere
The battle over an obscure Treasury nominee is really about Bob Rubin. Here's why. (FREE)
I normally don't like a lot of infographics, but this one is good "the 6 degress of Bob Rubin (Citi) " Wash Post:)
Great videos at the page that educates all on Bob Rubin, Larry Summers and more-what a quant does
Citigroup is the 6 degrees of Bob Rubin (WP) , a modeling and math expert, they all branched off his beginnings
truth: 100% right at center of Wash-Wall Street revolving door tho this story leaves out bob rubin
For Bob Rubin, and me, watching attacks is like watching an attack on our children.
Comedian Marc Maron's podcast interviews with musicians are quite good (David Lowery, Bob Mould, Hynde, Rubin, etc.).
She'd prolly bring back Bob Rubin and give Larry Summers a high-profile position, give the banks a few more breaks, etc.
ROBERT REICH, ON BEING OUTVOTED BY Bill Clinton AND OTHER Wall Street DEMOCRATS: "In early1993, I had a meeting with the late Lloyd Bentsen, then Bill Clinton’s Treasury Secretary, and Bob Rubin, who then headed the National Economic Council, to decide what to do about Clinton’s campaign promise to stop corporations from deducting from their taxes executive pay in excess of $1 million. Bentsen and Rubin argued Clinton’s promise would be met if corporations retained the deduction as long as executive pay in excess of $1 million was related to corporate performance – for example, if tied to stock options. I argued the $1 million cap should have nothing to do with corporate performance because the goal was to hold down executive pay. I was outvoted. The rest is history: Stock options exploded, as did CEO pay. Corporations are now deducting more than $5 billion a year for executive stock options. Since a tax deduction is the economic equivalent of a government handout, you and I and every other taxpay ...
In today's Why Janet Yellen is more Bob Dylan than Bob Rubin - more interested in civil rights issues than rights issues!
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
p.s. You need to get in on the boob convo w/ Bob Rubin!! LOL XD
Thanks to for special mention of CJ Scuffins' The Hunt for Bob Rubin in ObamAmerica script comp
I love it, their best album since Justice- it was time for Bob Rock to leave, Rubin saved Metallica
.Yep. Rubin "Hurricane" Carter - wrongfully convicted of homicide, 1966. Had a movie and a Bob Dylan song written for him.
Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter. Who else had Bob Dylan write a song for them.
What do you disagree with? On economics Democrats, generally, are still beholden to the Bob Rubin clownshow.
Maria received an incredible phone call today. she has been selected as one of two youth nationally to receive the Jefferson Award, a very prestigious 'Nobel Prize for Public Service'. She is being honored for the "Outstanding National or Global Service by a Young American" at the National Award Ceremony in NYC at the Pierre Hotel on March 5. The Jefferson Awards were founded in 1972 by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, U.S. Senator Robert Taft, Jr., and Sam Beard. Past winners include five U.S. Supreme Court Justices, seven Secretaries of State - Colin Powell and Jim Baker; as well as Ted Kennedy, Alan Greenspan, Bob Rubin, Oprah Winfrey, Peyton Manning, Barbara Bush and Rosalyn Carter, to name a few. She is extremely excited and we are all very proud! She deserves this for all of her work in tackling the literacy issue and helping kids in need at her young age. Way to go Maria!
“Somebody must challenge from the left, because, I mean, Hillary Clinton, who started out as a progressive out of Yale Law School and Wellesley, she’s become almost the poster child for the military-industrial complex... She hugs Kissinger. She hobnobs with Bob Rubin and the Wall Street crowd. I mean it’s almost a caricature. But you know on social issues, like pro-choice, children’s issues, you know she keeps that liberal sheen.” “In the primary I see [Sen.] Elizabeth Warren. I could see [Sen.] Sherrod Brown. I could see a few members of Congress, of the House, but they are very, very skittish about challenging the dominant players in their party,” ~ Ralph Nader
It was announced yesterday that Tim Geithner, President Obama's first Treasury Secretary, will become president of Warburg Pincus, a private-equity firm. Before joining the Obama administration, Geithner had been president of the New York Fed, and before that worked for Bob Rubin in the Clinton Treasury Department. (Rubin, co-chairman of Goldman Sachs before becoming Treasury Secretary, advised Clinton to repeal Glass-Steagall and nixed the regulation of derivatives. After leaving the administration Rubin became chairman of Citigroup's executive committee, and was there when Wall Street nearly melted down in 2008; he is now a counselor at investment bank Centerview Partners LLC.) Geithner's move to Wall Street follows Peter Orszag, Obama's first director of the Office of Management and the Budget, also a Rubin protégée, who is now vice chairman of Citigroup's corporate and investment banking group. I don't begrudge those public servants who, after leaving office, take high-paying jobs in the private sec ...
Not surprised that Bob Rubin and Tim Geithner are for Summers as next Fed chairman. "Committee to save the world" Brotherhood.
Ben Bernanke's gilt-edged end of term report | Heidi Moore The Federal Reserve chairman still gets rave reviews. But will his rep be so shiny after the Fed unwinds quantitative easing? Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke was not at the Aspen Ideas Festival, but he's all anyone can talk about – or rather, not talk about. At the Ideas Festival, the various economic and financial luminaries simultaneously privately wondered about Bernanke and publicly refused to speculate. Both current Treasury Secretary Jack Lew and a former one, Bob Rubin, were badgered about Bernanke's plans several times. They stubbornly refused to allow even a wisp of an answer. Take this exchange (pdf) between Secretary Lew and his interviewer, David Leonhardt of the New York Times. Leonhardt: "Are you playing a major role in helping the president decide who to nominate for the next term at the Fed? Not monetary policy." Lew: "David, I think I'm going to stick to my answer on monetary policy, which is my conversations on this with ...
Sad, but true ! I mean, if Lloyd Blankfein and Bob Rubin and their ilk can steal $700 billion of the taxpayer's money and not fear going to jail, Ed Snowden should walk. He (Snowden) should be regarded as a hero for exposing our governments evil snooping in the private affairs of millions of law-abiding citizens.
Who needs Republicans when Wall Street has the Democrats? With the help of congressional Democrats, the Street is rolling back financial reforms enacted after its near meltdown. According to the New York Times, a bill that’s already moved through the House Financial Services Committee, allowing more of the very kind of derivatives trading (bets on bets) that got the Street into trouble, was drafted by Citigroup -- whose recommended language was copied nearly word for word in 70 lines of the 85-line bill. Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, Democrat of New York, a major benefactor of the Street, co-sponsored it. Most of the Democrats on the Committee, who also receive generous donations from the big banks, voted for it. Rep. Jim Himes, another supporter of the bill and a former banker at Goldman Sachs, is now leads the Democrat’s fund-raising effort in the House. Bob Rubin – co-chair of Goldman before he joined the Clinton White House, and chair of Citigroup’s management committee after he left it – is st ...
MR. RUBIN: Hi. I'm Bob Rubin, the Assistant to the President for Economic Policy, and I'm going to introduce today's topic.
This is the first time I have ever seen someone try to make this argument: The excessive inequality of wealth and financial exploitation of the U.S. is due to increasing secularism!! :/ Here is the argument: "Who knew, but freedom requires regulation. Free markets require regulation, not so much that you choke it, but enough to prevent excess. Regulation seems to be associated with ethics and morals, something that religion provides as well through its precepts. As the country has been moving to a more secular society, lots more of abuse seems to have taken place, including the growth of inequality. This is NOT to suggest that one should adopt the bat crazy dogma of the neo/s or born agains, no. But, the practice that allows checks and balances is not a bad thing. A cursory look at who's benefitted from the increasingly secular society in our country? Well, the Hedge fund fraudsters and the banksters who looted the economy. As Nasim Taleb has noted, Bob Rubin made $140 million hiding Citibank's risk, whe ...
I worked with Jack Lew, Obama's pick for Treasury Secretary, during the Clinton administration, and recall him as a talented, self-effacing technocrat who knows the federal budget inside out -- a skilled wonk without his own agenda who'll serve the President well as the administration faces the next showdowns over the debt ceiling, sequestration, and money to keep the government going. Jack also knows politics, and can navigate the undercurrents of Capitol Hill. And apart from a short stint at Citibank in 2008 (another of Bob Rubin's boys), he's not tainted by Wall Street's myopic worldview. In other words, a solid and safe pick, which is just what Obama needs.
Hank Paulson ran GS, John Snow was Phd in Eco and CEO, Paul O'Neill was CEO of Alcoa, Larry Summers - economist, Bob Rubin- Goldman guy
Before Bob Rubin stepped down in 1999 as Clinton's Treasury Secretary, he convinced everybody to repeal the Great Depression era's Glass-Steagall Act to allow Citi to become a superbank. In the following 6 years, a grateful Citibank rewarded him $126 million for the service that he had rendered. Now the Finance guru is back, and nobody in the media is going to say a word about this past, and everyone in Wall Street who knows about this past is welcoming him back. SHAMELESS!. There is nothing wrong with economics, we may never find out the best policy, but we already know enough of what not to do, and what to avoid, but it is figure like Bob Rubin who destroys the lives of millions so that he could earn his well deserved golden parachute. When he was still the Treasury Secretary, he openly lamented the fact that he gave up tens of millions for his service to the country, I guess he more than made it up afterwards.
Remember when Bob Rubin left at the end of 1991, Steve Freidman ran the firm alone until the end of 1994, then Jon Corzine
Hemy Neuman’s defense attorney Bob Rubin is on with our Sunny Hostin right now. He says even though the conviction wasn’t a win for the defense, he does believe they were successful in proving that Neuman was mentally ill. Rubin also believes if prosecutors had charged Andrea Sneiderman initially with involvement in Rusty’s death, they would have never gotten her on the witness stand.
Bob Rubin fell into a pool this evening at a Ritz Carlton party attended by White House and Wall Street big wigs, fyi
Check out the show tomorrow at the lovely and soon-to-be-gone Purple Onion with me, Larry Brown, Michael Meehan, and Bob Rubin.
I'm producing this show at the Purple Onion on Sept. 6th. The manic absurdity of Bob Rubin reigns in North Beach! More comics to be announced later. Tix just $15- avail now.
Hemy Neuman's defense attorneys, Bob Rubin and Doug Peters will be on In Session in ten minutes! Find out what they thought about Andrea Sneiderman's testimony.
We went over the cliff in 2008 and 2009 while you were bailing out the banks and the administration was signing off on paltry settlements that kept Bob Rubin's pals out of the Big House. Now, after three years of complicity in frustrating any attempts to get justice under law for what was done to the national economy in the previous 10 years, the president is running for re-election and making an issue of vulture-capitalism in the person of his opponent, and that's all well and good, but it's managed only to get him into a tie with a guy that seems to have stepped hilariously out of a Thomas Nast cartoon. Running Willard Romney in the aftermath of what happened in 2008 and 2009 makes as much sense as running Gordon Liddy for president in 1976 would have made. On the face of it, it's laughable. It is so comically dissonant with the primary source of the country's difficulties that it borders on parody. (Charlie Pierce)
In an interview on This Week with Jake Tapper, President Bill Clinton said he made a mistake listening to Bob Rubin and Larry Summers on derivatives, and said he should have tried to regulate them, despite Republican opposition:
Elizabeth Warren's chance to "demand accountability" from Deval Patrick and Bob Rubin tomorrow
Wall Street Journalist Story of Year: Whoever gets Alan Greenspan, Larry Summers, Bob Rubin to apologize to Brooksley Born
Charges of elitism by anyone in DC are funny. Sounds like all of DC + Bob Rubin, Larry Summers and Jim Johnson friends
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