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Bob Nutting

Robert Nutting (born March 29, 1962 in Wheeling, West Virginia) is a businessman and sports team owner.

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Bob Nutting belongs in prison for embezzlement and fraud not owning the Pirates still
Bob Nutting & his family are determined to make sure the Pirates NEVER make the Series in anyone's lifetime
Not me. It'd probably be owned by a Bob Nutting type.
I guess no one in media can get Bob Nutting to go on the record about 2016 season and what his expectations are for 2017 and payroll.
Also on agenda will be to give Bob Nutting an offer he cannot refuse. Also: It's Pittsburgh.
"will be in Pittsburgh tonight. Cuban will raise questions about Bob Nutting's ability to own a team.". Huge news!
says it's time for Bob Nutting to step up, and push the to the middle of the pack in payroll.
Bob Nutting blames the coaching staff like Hillary blames Putin.
Don't worry folks Bob Nutting & family are determined to make sure that this never ever happens again.EVER
The deafening silence of Bob Nutting is telling. It is evident he doesn't want to face the music, knows the gig (fooling fans) is up.
Why haven't I seen a single article, column, team website, or homer blog have an interview w/ Bob Nutting since the Pirates season ended?
Forgive me if I'm late but someone needs to make an "Bob Nutting Ain't Getting My $" shirt. I'd support 100%.
I think this morning has taught me that in all of Pittsburgh sports, Bob Nutting is the most hated man in this city.
If Theo Epstein wants to impress me, come to Pittsburgh and win a title under Bob Nutting.
As long Bob Nutting cares about money more than winning, the Pirates will never be Champions.
I would have asked him about his balls. Instead of being a yes man for Bob Nutting tell him thanks fo…
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The more I see and hear about the Cubs, the more frustrated I get with Bob Nutting.
Tom Ricketts is currently waiting on his World Series trophy. Bob Nutting is checking his mailbox for his MLB Welfare check.
it's a very important offseason, not so much for NH but for Bob Nutting. He needs to face the scrutiny finally if they suck.
Bob Nutting and his family are too busy stealing the fans and taxpayers money to invest in the Pirates winning anything
But the Pirates are pretty bad though lol. The day Bob Nutting doesn't own the team is the day Pittsburgh celebrates
Well I hope Bob Nutting was watching last night of what money can buy...a championship
Cubs winning World Series has no bearing whatsoever on Bob Nutting changing his mindset as far as spending $
Bob Nutting's obviously not interested in winning championships.
The Cubs winning makes me hate Bob Nutting even more. They won it all in the offseason.
You know how to get rid of the national debt? Put Bob Nutting in charge of the money.
Don't worry Pirates fans. With Criminal Bob Nutting & family running the team it be 216 yrs before the Pirates win a WS
I wish we could get rid of bob nutting
Hey, Bob Nutting. I hope you've been taking notes. It boils down to this:. 1. Ownership committed to WINNING. 2. A top notch manager. 3. A ta…
Hope to see the do that one year. Your move Bob Nutting, spend some cash.
One day Bob Nutting will eventually die my friend, I mean is there anybody who could be even worse than him?
Right about now Neal Huntington and Bob Nutting are planning which 43 year old soft throwing lefty they can invite to camp in February.
Bob Nutting needs to be gone first.
Hope Bob Nutting is watching this and realizing it's more fun to win than to make a profit
Can't wait to see how Bob Nutting tries to avoid spending any meaningful amount of money
The only people who think Jeff Locke should be an MLB pitcher:. 1. Bob Nutting. 2. Neal Huntington. 3. Clint Hurdle
Wait till it's Cutch in pinstripes and Cole in Dodger Blue. Thank Bob Nutting.
Bob Nutting is by far the richest owner in baseball and is making a mint off that team
Thought exercise: if Bob Nutting doesn't feel like he's able to spend enough to compete/deal w/ market, does he have obligation to get out?
ok? Nutting doesn't want to pay. This point has yet to change. You must really love bob to stick up for him.
all your propaganda about the Pirates falls flat when you factor in that Bob Nutting is the 10th richest owner in bball.
Neal Huntington has outed Bob Nutting as being okay with using Walmart's corporate welfare strategy. .
and frankly I want him to say that Bob Nutting won't let him spend money.
tell him not hold breath I doubt bob nutting is going open up his wallet. With 2 of top ten catching prospects down in minors.
Watching an old episode of The X-Files. Bit role actor in it looks just like Bob Nutting
Frank as Bob Nutting last week was classic
I disagreed with some of Bob's article about the & Nutting. But he came on to talk about it. Click below.
.& I chat w/ at 12:40 re: recent Bob Nutting interview re: payroll & McCutchen future
Did you read article about Bob Nutting? That was way dumber.
My only comment on bob is in that one song when he says nothing on you I always sing "nut nut nut nutting on you girl" because I'm gross
Bob Nutting is just talking about Cutch. He won't pay what it will cost to keep him.
I wish Bob Nutting was like that...
Smiling Bob will b in Bradenton in March. No one can say I dont take my Bucs seriously! In fact I take them more seriously than Nutting does
Pirates owner Bob Nutting said he would love to see Andrew McCutchen stay with the franchise forever.
The are trying to buck the trend for small markets, and yes, would love to keep Andrew McCutchen forever. https:…
way better than supporting scumbag Bob Nutting at seven springs!
According to a report, owner Bob Nutting what's Andrew McCutchen to be a Pirate for life:
The way Bob Nutting approaches the Pirates puts extreme pressure on Neal Huntington and Ray Searage. Those 2 have to be nearly flawless.
Wow they even have emojis for Vance Worley 🤓 Bob Nutting 🤑 and Beau Bennett 🤕 now!!
when did Bob Nutting ever say that Russell Martin wasn't that good? I never heard that
yeah Pirates don't spend money. Bob nutting is content with being one and done
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Everyone should be 'trolling' Bob Nutting because winning something doesn't matter.
Shouldn't Mark Madden be all over Sid's nuts right now instead of trolling Bob Nutting?
shills who root for Bob Nutting's wallet out in full force today. . Hilarious.
Best sports-based article I think I've ever read through and through! Hope this is on Bob Nutting's desk th…
great question, maybe Bob Nutting. Says no to free agent signings.
*Bob Nutting losses his fortune, Pirates can't afford to pay players*
Lunch before with the Big Boss owner Bob Nutting & Manny Sanguillen
Tonight would be a moral victory if Marte hits Bob Nutting in the head with a line drive
To add insult to injury, I have to watch an interview with Bob Nutting.
Bob Nutting needs to get off the screen now
Ahhh and Yinzers have been blaming Bob Nutting this whole time for not signing free agents! *** you Byrd!
Everytime I see Bob Nutting on the field, he has yet another shirt button undone. In 5 years he will be bare chested to present a check.
Bob Nutting is in the house tonight 😒
I think Bob Nutting is spending on the right players and not dealing away our key players
No one is happier that the Pirates record is 15-3 when being watched by a sellout crowd than Bob Nutting
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"I knew there was more to you than money.". - Bob Nutting
An .063 hitter up there hacking. . I can what Hurdle does for half of what they pay him. He's stealing Bob Nutting's money.
Ship is sinking blew a 5 run lead yep bob nutting built to make him money but built to lose and break your heart lmao
I don't ever want to see Bob Nutting on my TV again
Pirates executives, including Bob Nutting, and WVU AD Shane Lyons among those on the field prior to the game.
Bob Nutting should buy team since Mario ruin this team since cup
Pirates well on their way to a 1-7 record against teams not the Milwaukee Brewers, but God forbid bob nutting spend any money
If Andrew McCutchen pulled an Antonio Brown I'm quite certain Bob Nutting would no way in *** negotiate anything with him
Preparing an email to Bob Nutting, Frank Coonelly & Neal Huntington inviting them onto the inaugural episode of
So, did you realize Bob Nutting clearly had a guest appearance on South Park? 😉
Neal Huntington is a badass. So is Bob Nutting. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
Bob Nutting thinks the Bears should bring Jim McMahon.
Bob Nutting: Pirates to make run at Russell Martin
So, I just talked to Bob Nutting about Russell Martin, yinz guys. Think you might want to read this:
Okay, I may be the only person in Western PA who is still not jumping on the wagon yet. Out of curiosity I happened to look on a ticket sales site for Bucco tix for tonight to see how much people were making. Turns out one special person is selling 4 tix for $3,500 a piece... In no way does making it to the "Post season aka wild card game" constitute making 14G's for these tickets. And at the other end, standing room only tix are $129, I'll be just fine standing in my own house eating my own food for that price. Thanks for posing for my picture Bob Nutting. Rant over.
Instead of ’21 Jump Street,’ it’s ’21 Losing Seasons’ featuring Bob Nutting and Neal Huntington of the
Story of the Bob Nutting stingy old rich man, Neil Huntington has no balls to go over the top to make a deal
After yesterdays Pirates vs Cubs opening game, a game that Barry Bonds attended to participate in Andrew McCutchen's MVP Award presentation, it has been leaked that there was a secret agenda to Bond's invitation.after the game, Bonds took a secret full batting practice with Hurdle, Neil Huntington, and Bob Nutting being present.Word is that he hit for about 45 minutes, launching five home runs into the Allegheny River after he got rid of the rust...looking as though he can indeed still play, though on a limited basis.Also took several balls @ first base and looked good while doing it!.Although not yet official, the Pirates appear to be ready to offer Bonds a one year, ten million dollar contract loaded with incentives.Maybe the answer to the first base power outage problems!.An official announcement is expected tomorrow with Bonds being sent to AAA Indianapolis for a couple weeks to round into playing shape!.Go Bucs!
We'll have a good sense of whether the do-nothing approach applied since the end of last season works. As always I hope it does but my head tells me it's not nearly enough for this squad, which still has lots of question marks surrounding it, in the field, with the bat, and pitching. DK, I have a question for you since you seem to have access to Bob Nutting. I believe that it was Forbes magazine (I could be wrong) which said that because of his newspaper and non-PBC family holdings, he is one of MLB wealthiest owners. To your knowledge is that fact or fantasy?
The Penguins are pursuing Ryan Kesler who are the Pirates pursuing? Mike Carp... The Pirates are cheap. Bob Nutting is cheap
Today's Pittsburgh Pirates Frugal Update!!! They are reportedly interested in Angels free agent first baseman, Kendrys Morales. This guy has a lifetime .280 batting average over 7 seasons and had 45 home runs and 153 RBIs over the past two seasons. He is also a switch hitter, which would help fulfill the left-handed power hitter conundrum they have been worryig about. The problem is the Pirates don't seem willing to give up their first-round draft choice in this year's rookie draft. They already have one of the best minor league talent pools in baseball, according to many of the experts, but they can't afford to give up what amounts to a late first-round pick? I think the Bucs GM, Neil Huntington, talks a good company line, but I believe his hands are being tied by Bob Nutting -- again -- to pull the trigger on such a move. Huntington has proven to be a pretty good decision maker when he is allowed to. Why not use some of the money they saved from not signing A.J. Burnett to land this younger and probably ...
Clint Hurdle, Bob Nutting, Jim Leyland, Frank Coonelly all together Saturday, Encourage you to come!
When I think of Bob Nutting I think of the nerdy kid in elementary school who hangs out with the jocks.
Three Games from our first winning season in 21 years. And we can thank Bob Nutting for being a true pirate and...
Thank you Bob Nutting and the and zambelli just rocked it
no kidding. Bob Nutting and Neal Huntington deserve credit for acting unPirate-like.
Memo to Bob Nutting: when the Pirates win, PNC sells out! Might want to take note of it going forward, eh?!
I'm sorry I ever doubted you, Bob Nutting.
But but but Bob Nutting doesn't want to win
All these trades mean one thing. Bob Nutting has finally realized he can make MORE money with a WINNING TEAM. Better late than never.
It's like the cosmos (and Bob Nutting) have said it is to be... the time in the wilderness shall end and now it's time to kick ***
I'm tellin you guys...just waitin on that collapse. You'll see. That *** Bob Nutting lining his pocket while you *** watch.
All right. Who spiked Bob Nutting's egg nog?
Bob Nutting trying to bump the bo-sox & yankees off of national TV. Let's Go Bucs!
We want Hunter Pence. Fire Bob nutting and NH. Trade PNC park for Pujols. Just play at Point Park.
Sooo how do we think Bob Nutting's offseason evaluation of the front office is gonna go this year?
Well wouldnt ya know it. bob nutting, ponying up the cash!
Bob Nutting has a padlock on his wallet it will be a player.
And big props to Bob Nutting for pulling the trigger,cuz ya know hes the guy that makes trades.
Guess this will quiet the recent critics of Bob Nutting and Neal Huntington. Will need some new material.
Thank you Neal Huntington, Frank Coonelly and especially Bob Nutting for letting some good come of this game.
Sitting 10 feet from bob nutting...this is too unreal
Analysis like this is why you're the only beat writer I respect. Bob Nutting hating you is a point in your favor too.
No, that was simply Bob Nutting's good deed-doing twin, Nob Butting.
My favorite Bob Nutting criticism: He's a businessman first. So is every single owner in professional sports.
wait was that Bob Nutting not being the horrible money grabbing human that most portray him as?
Oh look, it's that stingy *** Bob Nutting! Did he leave before the game started? I know he's not sitting with the people.
Chairman Bob Nutting speaks w/ City & County Execs at the new development site on the North Shore
Will the Bob Nutting and his family, who own Seven Springs, buy nearby Hidden Valley?
When will the pirates be sold to a new owner that cares about the team. Bob nutting needs to go.
Actually it was an argument over Bob Nutting, followed by an untrue accusation from a "die hard" Pirate "fan".
Bob Nutting isn't a Pittsburgh Pirate, he's the owner. I don't watch owners, I root for players.
his blog is probably an Anti Bob Nutting blog
Bob Nutting is so cheap he traded an okay prospect for two players!
-Kipper 5/14/2008 when Bob Nuttting was majority owner. Now he's Bob Nutting's BFF.
Bob Nutting has invested less money in this team than he has on the ski lifts at 7 springs, but keep sucking his ***
Nope, Bob Nutting didn't want to take anything out of his fat wallet to benefit that awful team he trots out there.
Bob Nutting is too cheap to fly Byrd/Buck in right away to play tonight…
showgirl poster of Bob Nutting. Each time the Buccos win, they peel a section.
fans can't even complain about Bob Nutting buying another 4 star resort today after this trade. Well played Bob!
Uh oh. Included in the trade is cash. We all know what Bob nutting is gonna do with that. It all makes sense now
Where are the Bob Nutting haters now?
Astros payroll: $26 million; Making $100 mil according to Forbes magazine. Don't b'tch about Bob Nutting... You have no case
Hey Bob Nutting how about you buy Morneau before Hidden Valley. He has to be cheaper than a ski resort
Yinzer: "Looks like Bob Nutting dun bought another ski resort he's a bum sell the team to Mario Cuban!!!"
Bob nutting can buy Hidden Valley but can't get justin morneau
I care about the Pirates. You care about Bob Nutting making money and talking to you at Pirate Fest.
Good to be with colleagues Rita Benson LeBlanc & Bob Nutting supporting sustainability from top to bottom.
"Create a culture of 'I wonder if' and when it works, celebrate it" - Bob Nutting , Chairman of
.owner Bob Nutting says leadership style: create culture of investment where staff are empowered to identify projects
"It was a move Dave wanted to make" -Bob Nutting And they made it with Nutting's giving the go ahead. And that's OK.
"Need to perform on the field & we need to perform in the community"- Bob Nutting, Pirates. All teams should have this …
Sitting about 30 feet from Bob Nutting owner of Pittsburg Pirates OMG.
Report: Pittsburgh Pirates owner Bob Nutting declined Mario Lemieux's bid: Officials with knowledge of the talks s,,,
ICYMI, Mark Madden wrote yesterday that he doesn’t believe Bob Nutting wants to win, and that re-signing Burnett will be the true test.
Keep repeating this to yourself: It's only one game. But it isn't, is it? It's more than that. It's a retuirn to those not so thrilling days of yesteryear. And while the Penguins must move past it, they shouldn't forget it. As they apparently forgot the playoff results of last season. I want your analysis of the game, and we'll talk to Phil Bourque about it at 1:00. Is it necessarily a bad thing when a teammate calls out public? Especially when it's the truth? We'll play Antonio Brown's reaction to the incident. Pirates open exhibition games tomorrow. Bob Nutting tells Pirates to winn a title. Really? We'll talk to Bobby Valentine about MLB at 1:30
Pirates owner Bob Nutting has high expectations for this season. “My expectation is the same as everyone within our organization, and that is winning our
If you're so concerned about the integrity of the game why haven't you done anything about Bob Nutting keeping the Pittsburgh Pirates down?
By the way...a reminder that next Wednesday, the 19th, will be an Ask Wednesday! So get your questions ready. Also, for Pirate fans, I will be doing a TV special tonight on Root Sports from 6:30 to 7:30 from Pirate Fest. I'll be interviewing Bob Nutting, Andrew McCutchen, Clint Hurdle and Pedro Alvarez. Hope you watch if you can.
We were surprised today after our meeting with a visit from the Pirates. The residents got to meet a Andrew McCutchen, Jared Hughes, Clint Hurdle, Bob Nutting, and Frank Coonley. Most news stations were there today so be sure to watch the news tonight to see if Brandon is in the crowd. He got in several nice pictures with the players and Coach Hurdle. Sorry I made a mistake in the last post.
$75M FOR A B.J. VS. NEW SCOREBOARD: The Atlanta Braves signed OF B.J. Upton to a 5-year deal worth $75m. Pirates president Frank Coonelly crowed about upgrading the scoreboard at PNC Park. The Braves paid too much for Upton. The Pirates don't pay enough, period. Bob Nutting is MLB's tenth-richest owner. Nutting could spend more. He won't. Nutting really gets his money's worth from the Bucs' marketing department, though. The Pirates lose all the time. Most of the players stink. But PNC Park can't lose. PNC Park is AWESOME. Upgrade PNC Park, and the fans will LOVE IT. When that new scoreboard debuts, it will be the lead story on Channels 2, 4 and 11. That new scoreboard will make Sally Wiggin squeal in ecstacy. A new player will strike out. That new scoreboard will NEVER strike out. The Pirates don't know baseball. But they're experts at marketing and PR. Well, not always. Every off-season, major-league teams trade fringe players to see if they can find treasure in another team's junk. Yesterday, the Pirate ...
Let's rid the game of sleazy con men like Bob Nutting, Jeffrey Loria, and Bud Selig first, then we can worry about Managers.
MLB owner fight going on between Jeffrey Loria & Bob Nutting to see which is the worst owner in professional sports.
MLB used to be America's past time. Now it is a cesspool for slick con men like Bob Nutting, Jeffrey Loria, and Bob Nutting.
What about the disgusting parallels between Bob Nutting and Jeffrey Loria? Loria just repeated exactly what Nutting did in 2003.
Bob Nutting & Jeffrey Loria are birds of a feather. Loria followed The Nutting Model. Nutting pulled the same stunt in 2003.
All the talk about how bad Bob Nutting is as the Pirates owner. Every move he makes draws a column of criticism. Miami Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria dumped all the stars he signed last year. This after getting 2-billion dollars in public money to build a stadium. From the Nutting critics.."..crickets". When is someone in the Pittsburgh media going to call out Mario Lemeiux. We are on the brink of another lost hockey season. He was on every politican's case and threaten to move the team unless he got a new building.Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, and Pennsylvania taxpayers paid for the Console Energy Center...He owes the taxpayers to break his silence and get hockey going again!
Hilarious sports rumor I've heard this week The Pirates are a dark horse candidate in the Josh Hamilton free agency race. Pretty sure Bob Nutting thought they said GEORGE Hamilton, that really tan guy. Hilarious sports rumor I've heard this week Kyle Shanahan (OC for Redskins for all my non-MVA peeps) is a candidate for the Head Coaching job for the Philadelphia Eagles should/when Andy Reid is fired. I don't even think Kyle Shanahan ties his own shoes. Pretty sure he's not ready to run an NFL football team. What's next?
We need to get Bob Nutting on Shark tank to sell the Pirates to Mark Cuban
Pirates owner Bob Nutting frustrated but optimistic - Boston Herald
President Obama won't ruin the country in 4 years, Mitt Romney wouldn't have ruined the country in 4 years. The only two living species who could pull that off are Gary Bettman and Bob Nutting.
Pgh Stiller Alameda Ta'amu, facing a variety of felony charges, may have caught a lucky break. Rumor has it he has been signed by the Pgh baseball Pirates, as the team's owner, Bob Nutting, is seemingly impressed that Ta'amu's blood alcohol level of .196 far exceeds the team's combined batting average. An added bonus of playing for the Pirates--There's bound to be plenty of parking. Everything's coming up Alameda. go sports.
Bob Nutting should go on Shark Tank and beg Mark Cuban to buy the Pirates
If today was really fan appreciation day Bob Nutting would be paying people to come watch this garbage
Bob Nutting, take a lesson from Mark Cuban... He's no basketball expert. He's a smart business man who knows how to make smart decisions by surrounding himself with people who are experts, which equals championships.
With still a week left in the regular season, here is my end of the season rant on the Pirates! They are 3 losses away from their 20th consecutive losing season, and in the midst of their 2nd consecutive historic collapse. So, what does Bob Nutting do? Announces that everyone responsible for these collapses is coming back next year! Seriously??? Clint Hurdle, Neal Huntington, Minor league director Kyle Stark, and their scouting director? Nobody is being held accountable!! This is why the Pittsburgh Pirates are the WORST run sports organization (possibly in history). They have 3 legitimate major leaguers that have come up thru their system (McCutcheon, Walker, Alvarez) and Walker and McCutcheon were already in the system when Huntington took over. Even though they have improved each of the last 2 seasons, changes need to be made if they want to make the next step. They will NEVER get over the hump as long as they have a business man as an owner instead of a baseball man! I have never been as fed up with th ...
Inside Pittsburgh Sports reporting that i.e. Bob Nutting will turn a $20 million profit this year.
Bryan Kramer and I agree that all of us need to do some serious boycotting on opening day of 2013! I don't know about any other of you HUGE Pirate fans but I am SICK of watching a losing Pirate team every season now! After seeing this team 16 games over 500 back in late July to now 76-79 with 1 week left in the 2013 baseball season I am losing HOPE in the Pirates! Bob Nutting is what you call a GREAT business owner but a TERRIBLE baseball owner! All of us fans can blame Neal Huntington and Clint Hurdle but guess what?! It starts at the VERY TOP with Bob Nutting. As long as Nutting is the Pirates owner we might NEVER see a winning baseball team in the city of Pittsburgh.
And the Pirates are under 500. Bob Nutting, Neal Huntington Frank Coonley we were 16 games over 500 this year. This management team needs to be FIRED on October4th! Clint Hurdle I want to see back for 1 more season. This season has turned into a MESS!
Just found Rod Barajas green card on Bob Nutting's desk yep this fat Mexican should have been out of here a week ago
Bob Nutting's policy on job statuses is that he gives full support until, well, he doesn't. When asked today by ...
This just in: Bob Nutting schedules charity fishing tournament tomorrow on Lake Michigan. Boat launches at 6:30am.
If the Pirates wanted to take several years off my life, it might be easier if Bob Nutting paid someone to feed me triple cheeseburgers for every meal. This season is like a train wreck- I just can't let myself look away.
Don't you know Neal Huntington is the worst GM in sports?! Bob Nutting is too cheap to sign a real GM!
Apparently, Bob Nutting, Frank Coonelly and Neal Huntington share a one-room apartment because are so poor. LOL.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
impossible not to be impressed with Pittsburgh Pirates general manager Neal Huntington an actual shrewd move by owner Bob Nutting who for years banked on summer post game concerts and fireworks shows as his 'real' baseball team and the public be damned. Huntington is actually getting some real work done quietly in the National League.
The Pirates are in position to do a couple of things they haven't accomplished in two decades -- have a winner season and make the postseason. They've done neither since 1992 but are willing to pull out all the stops to end both slides this season. "I would say the Pirates are the most active team on the trade market right now," said an assistant general manager from a major-league team out of contention and willing to trade. "They're calling everybody. They're asking about everybody." Pirates owner Bob Nutting has given general manager Neal Huntington the OK to add to the payroll in an attempt to improve a team that is 48-37 and leads the National League Central by one game over Cincinnati and 2 1/2 over St. Louis. The Pirates have the second-best record in the NL behind Washington and fourth-best mark in the major leagues.
Bob Nutting arrested by IRS for attempting to write off Pedro Alvarez's contract as a gambling loss.
Getting a lecture on fiscal responsibility from those of Bob Nutting's ilk is like getting a lecture on fiscal responsibility from Bernie Madoff...
I'm not sure if Pedro Ciriaco was ever a real person. Just a decoy by Bob Nutting to fool the MLBPA into not paying someone
Clint, Hurdle, Neal Huntington And the Bob Nutting all have destroyed this team. and they dont care.
After listening to the Pirate Game at work it makes me wish football season was here already! Bob Nutting *** and needs to sell the team to someone who wants to win! Neil Huntington couldn't spot talent if it hit him in the face! Nate McClouth *** and so does Clint Barmes!
Bob Nutting should really sell the team to Jake Fox.
I remember I use to follow a Big League team in the summer.As a kid I think they were a threat to win it all just about all the time.Now the only thing they threaten to do is be a punchline on Jay Leno.I would love just one swing at Bob Nutting.A punch with 19 years of pain.
If I Had A Gun, Bud Selig and Bob Nutting would have to watch their backs...
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