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Robert Paxton McCulloch (May 11, 1911 – February 25, 1977) was a Missourian entrepreneur most notable for McCulloch chainsaws and purchasing the old London Bridge and moving it to one of the cities he founded, Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

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all prosecutors are corrupt. Example: Stephanie Karr, Bob McCulloch, Jennifer Joyce.
After 5+ decades of music, is one of the most decorated American musicians today: https:/…
My baby daddy got indicted by Bob McCulloch's office w/half assed witness id and no evidence.Darren Wilson tho...
James Knowles, Jeff Roorda, Libby Schaaf & Bob McCulloch all earn a special brew of my ire. Just red faced and racist.
Hey can we get rid of Bob McCulloch already
Now at The Watch: Shady behavior from St. Louis prosecutor Bob McCulloch.
The Prosecutor, Bob McCulloch is explaining how the Grand Jury process works in St. Louis! People…
was Latino & shot by Latino cops. . So was despite what RW media & Bob McCulloch say.
.so is Bob McCulloch and so was Lyndon LaRouche. Our party still has right-wingers at the local level.
Now comes outrage from all those who didn't care when Bob McCulloch was Darren Wilson's de facto defense attorney.
If Bob McCulloch wasn't removed from case, why would be removed from Baltimore case?
Jan. 27 - OBS in Clayton to urge the judge to oust County Prosecutor Bob Mcculloch for misconduct
Bob McCulloch should have never been Prosecutor on that case to begin with. A special Prosecutor should have been appointed
Post-Dispatch editors respond to our criticism of Christine Byers' edits. Sounds very Bob McCulloch-ish. *** SM.
58-point lawsuit filed by juror in Darren Wilson case against St. Louis prosecutor Bob McCulloch
Bob McCulloch's office refuses to turn over and Darren Wilson GJ-related emails to the Guardian.
Whose? Darren Wilson's? Bob McCulloch's? Tom Jackson's? James Knowles'? There are so many bad guys in this. Which…
Remember the movie, "Burning"? Now "Burning" required, starring crooked DA Bob McCulloch.
Missed this Thurs - judge Joseph Walsh throws out legal effort to oust Bob McCulloch from office.
Ask your guests why it's ok for Bob McCulloch to try the Ferguson case, but Marilyn Mosby can't try the Ba…
Our case to oust county prosecutor Bob McCulloch is being heard this Friday at 10 AM, St. Louis County Courts Judge Walsh
Evidently, no one is going to admit how horribly Bob McCulloch and local media have screwed up in regards to murder victim Ko…
The difference in tone between Marilyn Mosby and prosectuor Bob McCulloch is striking.
I wish it didn't make a difference that Baltimore's Marilyn Mosby is black and Ferguson's Bob McCulloch is white but I believ…
Why should Marilyn Mosby be removed from the Baltimore case if Bob McCulloch wasn't removed from the Ferguson case? http:/…
This is exactly what PD/Bob McCulloch did with the RW rumor of Darren Wilson's shattered orbital socket. They refused to deny it.
The motion to dismiss suit against Bob McCulloch was not ruled on today, so case goes forward for now.
MU officials confirmed media are not allowed in the building where prosecutor Bob McCulloch is speaking.
Shaun King has covered the connections between Bob McCulloch, the St. Louis County DA, Jay Nixon, the state gov., and R…
It’s not over in 3 formidable legal moves against prosecutor Bob McCulloch
Bob McCulloch is accused of lying in ANOTHER Grand Jury which cleared officers who killed unarmed black men
Cenk Uygur and ‘Young Turks’ name St. Louis prosecutor Bob McCulloch ‘Jerk of the Year’
Michael Brown grand juror sues prosecutor Bob McCulloch, says he mischaracterized the case, reports:
A grand juror who heard evidence in the police shooting death of Michael Brown has sued St. Louis County prosecutor Bob McCulloch.
Letter Could Restart The Case Against Darren Wilson The NAACP Legal Defense Fund wrote an open letter to Missouri Judge Maura McShane asking her to investigate Ferguson prosecutor Bob McCulloch and his team for misconduct. The NAACP notes that, under Missouri law, McShane has the authority to investigate McCulloch and appoint a new special prosecutor to handle the case against Darren Wilson. Such a move would effectively restart the case against Wilson for killing Michael Brown, after no charges were filed against Wilson during last year’s Grand Jury proceeding. The group of experts assembled by the NAACP to review the Grand Jury transcripts “were struck by the deeply unfair manner in which the proceedings were conducted.” The NAACP cites three areas of particular concern. Check the letter below.
Ferguson grand juror sues prosecutor Bob McCulloch for right to talk about "muddled" case –
Ferguson prosecutor Bob McCulloch admitted that he presented evidence he knew to be false
I'm rooting for the grand juror who's suing STL County prosecutor Bob McCulloch via
If there is a more incompetent public "servant" than Bob McCulloch, it might be John Boehner.
A member of the Darren Wilson Grand Jury has filed an unprecedented lawsuit against prosecutor Bob McCulloch for way he misled the hearing, and claims many jurors believed charges should have been ...
The bar complaint against St. Louis Country Prosecuting Attorney, Robert McCulloch and Assistant Prosecuting Attorneys Kathi Alizadeh and Sheila Whirley has been filed. After review of the Grand transcript released by Bob McCulloch including evidence, witnesses interviews and testimony, videos and news appearances and media interview of McCulloch and Darren Wilson, more than 15 Rules of Professional Conduct appear to have been violated. The 11 page complaint was filed via fax with plans to hand deliver a copy to the Office of the Chief Disciplinary Counsel in Jefferson City on Wednesday.
Wow. A member of Darren Wilson Grand Jury is suing DA Bob McCulloch, says he mischaracterized the case:
I just signed a petition to Supreme Court of Missouri: This petition requests that the Supreme Court of Missouri, which has jurisdiction over this matter, hold hearings to determine whether Bob McCulloch is guilty of gross prosecutorial misconduct in his handling of Grand Jury deliberations in the s…
prosecutor Bob McCulloch presented false evidence to the Grand Jury on Darren Wilson's murder of
prosecutor Bob McCulloch admits he was part of the whitewash of the murder of
Something should be done against Ferguson prosecutor Bob McCulloch for using lying witness to set Darren Wilson free. This is urgent.
Wow. Bob McCulloch says he knew some of the Ferguson Grand Jury witnesses were lying, but let them testify anyways:
Some witnesses obviously lied while testifying under oath to the Ferguson Grand Jury that ultimately declined to indict 18-year-old Michael Brown, said the St. Louis county prosecutor in charge of the case, Bob McCulloch.
In 10 minutes I'm going to make my full argument that prosecutor Bob McCulloch committed a crime in the Darren Wilson grand …
Bob McCulloch admits he knew Sandy McElroy was a liar, but called her as a witness anyway. Here's how that's a crime. http:/…
We URGE the Missouri Attorney General. to charge StL DA, Bob McCulloch,. with Obstruction of Justice. and/or Grand Jury Tam…
Newly released findings from a Justice Department autopsy finds the death of unarmed teen Michael Brown to be ruled a homicide. The results from the federal autopsy, which were released on Dec. 8 by St. Louis prosecutor Bob McCulloch, echo those of two previous reports carried out by St. Louis ...
Your man Larry holding Bob McCulloch accountable for misleading Grand Jury.
Don't blame us. Bob McCulloch & are responsible 4 screwing up your holidays.
I really hope there is some basis in federal law for charges to be brought against Bob McCulloch as well:
Does anyone want to boycott Anheuser Busch until Bob McCulloch is no longer St. Louis' prosecutor?
The face of America's race problem is not Bob McCulloch, it's Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Rachel Maddow & the like.
"Bob McCulloch (prosecutor, ran Grand Jury) is pres of an organization that raised money for Darren Wilson"
Prosecutor Bob McCulloch has been revealed to be president of a company producing t-shirts supporting Officer Darren Wilson.
Bob McCulloch: Prosecutor or defense attorney for Darren Wilson? via
Post racism does not exist people - . This is the reason Bob McCulloch should now be criminally charged with...
great column by Juan Gonzalez of the NY Daily News (FYI; I don't read the NY Post anymore because it's too much of an apologist for the police): Not since the acquittal of the cops caught on videotape viciously beating Rodney King in Los Angeles more than 20 years ago has the nation been so gripped by the issue of police abuse. For more than 100 straight days, black residents marched peacefully every single day in Ferguson, Mo., while they waited for results of the Grand Jury probe into the fatal shooting of unarmed teen Michael Brown. The preemptive state of emergency decree by Missouri’s governor; the Monday night announcement of no indictment against Officer Darren Wilson; the massive release of Grand Jury testimony — all of these underscore the raw racial nerve this case has exposed. The looting and arson afterward is inexcusable. But the nationwide protests that erupted afterward are bound to grow from here on. This case is far from over, Quite simply, most African-Americans and Latinos are fed u ...
Bob McCulloch has come under renewed scrutiny since he appeared before television cameras to announce that the Grand Jury would not indict Wilson.
The pathetic prosecution of Darren Wilson. McCulloch has "a long record of protecting police in such cases"--htt…
from NBC News Following his long public hand washing and cheerful mocking of witnesses, St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch stood by for a few minutes of questioning. It was a frustratingly ...
.often seemed McCulloch was acting more as Darren Wilson's defense attorney than as prosecutor
Human Rights 4 Black & Brown don't exist in Ferguson or USA. Why Ferguson is so mad at Bob McCulloch via
Remember that time social media shot an unarmed teenager, and left his body on the street for four hours? Bob McCulloch remembers.
The questions no one asked St. Louis prosecutor Bob McCulloch via
Beyond the actual injustice in my biggest concern is that Bob McCulloch has just created a template for handling the…
According 2 Section 9.040 of the St. Louis County charter, Bob McCulloch may be recalled!
reading newsletter articles makes me so angry sometimes. This was Bob McCulloch's 5th time of setting a GJ up to get a no…
Why the smurky speech Mr. Bob McCulloch? via
Why Ferguson is so mad at prosecutor Bob McCulloch
The face of America's race problem is not Darren Wilson. It's Bob McCulloch, writes.
Another excoriation of Bob McCulloch; this one from legal scholar Patricia Williams.
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Bob McCulloch: poorest excuse for a prosecutor EVER. Secret GJ trials, Angela Corey-like press conferences, & derelict…
If you think the Grand Jury transcripts justify the decision you haven't read them. It is clear that the prosecutors treated prosecution witnesses in a hostile manner, calling them liars, in exactly those words, asking them about medications they were on, and generally seeking to discredit THEIR testimony while lobbing softball questions to Officer Wilson, even when his statements about how Michael Brown punched him contradicted other statements about which hand he had the cigars in, and when the "injuries" to his face clearly do not comport with his statement that he feared "one more punch" like that might kill him. Mike Brown would have broken his nose if he'd hit him. There would be blood. There was none. He is a liar, Bob McCulloch is a criminal and the entire prosecutors office there should be professionally terminated.
Is there any way of bringing a case against Bob McCulloch? 4 miss use of the system that he swear to follow? # it`s the norms
Bob McCulloch’s pathetic prosecution of Darren Wilson
Riddle me this--Ferguson Prosecutor Bob McCulloch had a task: Convincingly demonstrate that the defendant maybbeee kind of could have committed the crime; in this case, that Darren Wilson MAYBE COULD HAVE KINDA' shot Michael Brown, who is dead, who has a bullet from Wilson's gun in his corpse, who witnesses saw die at Wilson's hand. (Technically it goes beyond just "shooting," but if deadly force is used against an unarmed person, doesn't that seem worthy of a trial?) So what does McCulloch do? Does he pass the case to a special prosector, with no or less possibility of bias (McC's father was a police officer who was killed by a black criminal)? Does he admit that several witness testimonies constitute enough evidence to at least bring this case to trial? No. He hands it off to a jury of 9 white people and 3 black people, and asks them to take responsibility for what was, in essence, his decision. I'm glad that someone with endless years and thousands of dollars of specialized education, not to mention th ...
Bob McCulloch the lead Prosecuting Attorney investigating The police officer who killed Mike Brown. Well his father was a police officer killed in the line of duty when Bob was 12.killed by an African American. But he has no bias? It's not the system that fails us, it's the people that run the system
For the longest time I purposely stayed away from commenting on this entire ordeal in Ferguson. But as I have as diverse a network of friends as you may find, or people of many ages and races, and locations, I see such varying opinions and viewpoints on this situation, I thought perhaps I could share a story from my past that might allow those who are not minorities, to better understand why this has become a race issue, even if the actual events of that night, may not have been race motivated. (Note this is fairly long, but is probably not going to end the way you think it will). A large portion of people who will read this are people who I knew or first met when I was in middle school or high school, and for those who knew or remember me from then, I was hardly a trouble maker, or any sort of rebellious teenager. Some would have described me as a nerd or a dork. None would ever confuse me with a thug of any kind. So put this in context as you read this story. I grew up in Suburban Louisville, KY, and wh ...
The Grand Jury’s decision was all about the evidence. That’s according to St. Louis County prosecutor Bob McCulloch.
After St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Bob McCulloch announced the Grand Jury’s decision on the controversial death of Ferguson, Mo., teenager Michael Brown, the judgment of McCulloch was remarkably swift — and remarkably harsh. It had as much to do with the way he has conducted himself as a pr…
Attorneys Midwin Charles and Lisa Bloom joined Roland Martin on "NewsOne Now" to review the Ferguson Grand Jury decision and *** St. Louis County Prosecutor, Bob McCulloch's actions in the proce...
Bob McCulloch had no problem filing charges against a black cop who hit a dude on the hand with his baton. ht…
Prosecutor faces backlash: CNN's Ana Cabrera looks at why Bob McCulloch is facing criticism for his handling o...
Darren Wilson had the best public defender the state of Missouri could afford: Bob McCulloch.
Bob McCulloch, whose father was a police officer killed in action, has NEVER indicted a police officer in one of many shooti…
Bob McCulloch has a soft spot for ham sandwiches. . And killer cops. .
.10 takeaways from Bob McCulloch's statement regarding http://
Bob McCulloch will not charge Darren Wilson w/ murder for killing Mike Brown; he does not want Grand Jury to indict:
Again on Sept. 24th is Bob McCulloch on KMOX saying the judge has agreed to release GJ material if no indictment. …
If you had to choose between Bob McCulloch and Angela Corey, who would it be?
I pray you give Bob McCulloch his walking papers tomorrow. Write in a candidate. Fight back hard at the ballo…
Bob McCulloch and Attorney General Holder should be launching investigations into who is leaking this info. Police? Atto…
Protesters carry a variety of signs at the protest, which began outside Bob McCulloch's office
Protesters gather outside Bob McCulloch's office to begin a weekend of protests.
Bob McCulloch says Mike Brown case may be decided by November; Grand Jury to get range of charges
Plus St. Louis County prosecutor Bob McCulloch says he may release transcripts and audio of shooting gran jury
Umar Lee (speaking. Says a vote for Stenger is a vote for Bob McCulloch. Urges people to
Sen. weighs in on the controversial prosecutor: "I believe that Bob McCulloch will be fair"
Call Jay Nixon at (573) 751-3222 RIGHT NOW and tell him it's time to step up and replace Bob McCulloch.
Bob McCulloch, who will present Ferguson shooting case to Grand Jury, is accused of bias but refuses to stand down
Just think iall of this could hv be avoided if Chief Thompson, Bob McCulloch and stood for Justice
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What is prosecutor Bob McCulloch waiting for? And where is report + on the shooting?
It makes no sense that I grew up in St. Louis & watched Bob McCulloch get old in office. I remember when he didn't have gray hair in 1991.
St Louis County prosecutor Bob McCulloch expresses sympathy for Mike Brown's family at press conference then misstates his a…
March in Clayton to protest Bob McCulloch's office. Demands include ID of officer who shot Mike Brown via LodgeThistle & Crown No.1167 today at 3.00pm.Grand Supt.PGRAC of Renfrewshire, MEC Bob McCulloch, 1st time in Chair of Craft Lodge.
St. Louis County prosecuting attorney Bob McCulloch just walked into the courtroom. The man frightens me...George Jones speaking now.
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