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Bob Jones University

Bob Jones University (BJU) is a private, for-profit, non-denominational Protestant university in Greenville, South Carolina.

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Nice anyone want credits that won't count to colleges that aren't Liberty University or Bob Jones
BJUnity is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing support to the many LGBTQ+ students (former and present) of Bob Jones University
How are the current faculty credentialed?
No one outside of Bob Jones University really knows what goes on at Bob Jones University
If you know what Bob Jones University is this is hilarious
1982. Ted Koppel said: There are NO black students at Bob Jones University. I was STANDING by 1. Koppel LIED for…
Had a great time speaking with some campers at Bob Jones University today. Can't ask for more as a coach than kids that want to get better
From the archives: Women’s dress code from the 2012-13 Bob Jones University student handbook
Look what I tricked my library into buying—I mean, look what I asked my library to buy. Shakespeare DVDs from Bob…
Bob Jones University is now 100% accredited. Here's a storify with the documents that SACS ignored to make it happen.
Old lady: do u give bj's? . Me: umm excuse me. Bjs. . Wut?¿. Bob Jones University discount. . Oh. No we don't. *tries not to die laughing*
Ahhh...Bob Jones "University". No wonder you are incompetent at understandin…
I am supporting my alma mater, Bob Jones University, by using Amazon Smile each time I shop on Amazon. Great idea!
Bob Jones university (a conservative Christian univ) only lifted the ban on interracial dating in 2000.. does that not see insane
I'm so excited to see the progress being made by Bob Jones University! Congratulations on being ranked at the...
Proud of my alma mater! Could not have asked for a better education.
Bob Jones University Named One of the Best Colleges in South Carolina - BJU Public Relations
recently announced Bob Jones University earned the No. 2 spot in their Best Colleges in Sou…
.ranks as one of the best colleges in South Carolina:
Go to Bob Jones University if you don't want a well rounded education
There could conceivably be a critical theory class taught at, say, Bob…
If a Pastor has a Doctorate that isn't from Bob Jones University does it even count?
It's the fastest-growing city in the South, but also the ***
that was a student at Bob Jones University and Lehigh University.
Did they teach you this at bob jones university or did you go to YouTube University?
Your bio claims that you studied neuroscience/psychology…
Your bio claims that you studied neuroscience/psyc…
Considered Bob Jones University a while back but couldn't swing the cost.
Asa Hutchinson, Governor of Arkansas, graduated from Bob Jones University. A christian college. So much for pro-life.
Four years at Bob Jones University and it still takes me 3 tries to open my PO Box.
Thanks, for your stand for Biblical Creationism. Can't wait for the conference!
Sean Spicer would be the perfect commencement speaker for Bob Jones University in SC where excellence is stressed in all fields of endeavor
Do you know that Sean Spicer demands a $100,000 speaking fee on college campuses? Bob Jones University should go after him for commencement
Don't give the peeps at Bob Jones or Liberty University any ideas.
btw this is the cousin who went to Bob Jones University. I've talked about her.
Huge day for Bob Jones Baseball as signed with Auburn University and signed with Marion…
FREE HOMESCHOOL EVENT: Our sponsor Bob Jones University is offering a free homeschool connections event on April...
But not surprising considering the roots of the school and its founder. Imagine if Bob Jones University had a program.
Pinwheels in the wind for child abuse prevention month. BJU @ Bob Jones University
📷 In the early 00s, Bob Jones University hosted a NEDA debate tournament. One team was not happy with...
So who is this Ceo Ken Bixby anyway?
Blessed to receive an offer from Bob Jones University 🐻🏀
someone on Reddit called Wheaton a "fundie school" and I'm like, have you heard of bob jones university?¿
📷 The North Carolina Bob Jones University Alumni Association Meet-up brings out the grandparents of...
When a guy who went to Bob Jones University is the least awful person in the Arkansas GOP
Coffee is slowly creeping into my daily routine. @ Bob Jones University
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Gustafson Fine Arts Center is home to speech and music training at Bob Jones University,…
I just checked in at Bob Jones University with Download today!
WOW! What fun at the Redemption Ranch Cowboy Camp today, April 7, 2017. Bob Jones University and their group with...
Bob Jones University in S.C. was forced by the IRS to integrate in 1971 or risk losing…
Stick to Bob Jones University if you don't want passion for the greater good
making a "few" new friends this week at the AACS National Competitions at Bob Jones Uni…
That day Bob Jones University came out at conference to announce the death. Audience stood and cheered. F…
Bob Jones University announced it would regain its federal tax-exempt status on March 1.
South Carolina elects first *** legislator from deep red district home to fundamentalist Bob Jones University.
Conservative home district of Bob Jones University elects openly *** state rep
South Carolina's 1st out lawmaker is a Republican whose district includes Bob Jones University … by
Bob Jones University rep Allison speaking with our Jr. and Sr. classes this morning.
You too will be able to get a subpar education that'll get you into Bob Jones University who lets anybody in. Thnx in advance Betsy Devos!
What's discouraging, is that you are requiring your first year students to do this predatory thing.
is planning a very foolish "outreach" targeting children in Greenville parks
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Seriously, Class of 2020, is this how you want to spend your first month in college?
So I guess I can grab the hashtag before does.
This doesn't work anymore, It's predatory. You're asking for names of children playing in parks?
This is the best way to announce to the world to stay away from the parks in in September
You might want to warn people about this in September. The parks will be uninhabitable
And prospective students, this is idea of a "first year experience"
Uh, You should be warned that Saturday mornings in September will be "target" practice for
sounds like when Bush went to Bob Jones University...crazy fundos
There's plenty of Republican "professors" at colleges like Bob Jones university or as Republicans call it BJU
'17 Bryson Grasse (6-4/W) picks up initial interest from Bob Jones University after a great July!
Noah Thompson at Bob Jones University Music Camp picked as one of the Honor Students to play piano at performance
Did you listen to the Food Fight episode? I kept thinking, None of you guys had to eat for 4 years at Bob Jones University.
Right, it was named for Bob Jones University
Bradley Cooper went to the New School not Bob Jones University.
My question is: does Bob Jones University **make** them mean or were they attracted to the place BECAUSE they are mean to begin with?
not sure if its the water over at Bob Jones University or what... but they come out of that place half-crazy and then blame everyone else
GOP presidential candidates trudged to Bob Jones University every four years. Pointing that out isn't crying wolf.
PS: this is also the official Bob Jones University line in their homeschooling textbooks: most slaves were "treated well"
No different than Ronald Reagan at Bob Jones university.
Is this the same Bob Jones who founded Bob Jones University?
Hue and Cry by Elizabeth Yates, Bob Jones University, good condition
See THE TEMPEST at 7:30 p.m. at the Black Box Theater on the campus of Bob Jones University. Suitable for all ages.
Many millennials have degrees from religious colleges in which they are poorly educated, e.g., Bob Jones University.
*** ?? Bob Jones University brass could get only SIX MONTHS for not reporting a child predator
Under current SC law Jones III & Berg could only be charged with a misdemeanor for failure to report child predator
Six months? SIX MONTHS? Kids' lives were ruined, and the men responsible could only get SIX MONTHS? I can't even.
"...he discovered that Adams had briefly attended BJU in 2004, but was forced to withdraw when several minors...
Support beams in the dining hall... @ Bob Jones University
Not something TWU will like: being directly compared (fairly, I think) to the racist Bob Jones University.
MacPherson JA roasts with this comparison to the anti-black admissions policies at Bob Jones University:
Was Trump university inspired by Liberty, Bob Jones, and Oral Roberts University?
People tend to overlook this little fact when writing articles like this. From the comment section, not the...
Bob Jones University should be VERY afraid of what emerges about its failure to report a predator
Anyone who worked in administration in the early 2000s has a lot to fear.
Did Bob Jones lack of reporting sexual child sex abuse means this guy was free to prey for 12 yrs- looks like it
Then continue down I-85 to Greenville, go see Bob Jones University Art Museum.
.junior Michael Pettit serves as intern for BJU's Cancer Research Lab:
Meet Kalista Matthews! This is her first year counseling here at Camp Joy! She attends Bob Jones University in...
One step at a time... Progress is worth the price... @ Bob Jones University
Bob Jones University allowed a child predator to remain at large for TWELVE YEARS
Here's an article about the investigation into BJU's responses to campus rape:
I go to Clemson, & about 45 minutes from Clemson in Greenville, there's this little Christian college called Bob Jones University.
I remember this referee from Bob Jones University.
anyplace that is all in for trump or Bob Jones university fundraising
Never forget that Bob Jones University actually wanted rape victims to ask their rapist for forgiveness.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
...and to think that I actually believed "Bob Jones University" . was as funny as it got..
Yes & all too typical. In Christian Colleges such as BJU, often, victim has to apologize to their rapist.
Wendy Nanney the daughter of Bob Jones University Dean, and current Chairman of Greenville County Council Bob...
Joliet resident participated in study abroad experience
The S.C. House District that includes Bob Jones University is now represented by an openly *** man because karma.
I'm starting to assume you studied science at Bob Jones university
A University called Bob Jones, founded in 1927 for whites only, still had a policy banning interracial dating in 2000!
Bob Jones university gotta be the most trash college on the planet
What do you say about the grade inflation,
60% of students end up with 3.0 or higher? Talk about grade inflation!
Kids who want true diversity would be better served -really- at Bob Jones University.
Congrats to the students named to the Spring 2016 Dean's List: (via
The Bob Jones University and Micah Pretlove timeline as we know it
If the devil had a college degree, it would be from bob jones university.
A former Bob Jones University student was charged in campus sex assaults which happened on campus. More:
Even Bob Jones University got a lawyer at L.A. Law! Okay, it was only a tv show but you gotta take what you can get!
some TeaBags are forced to attend Liberty . and Bob Jones "University". they can study "science" there.
"Scientists" at Bob Jones University claim to have found bible verses... in our DNA?
Timothy McCarter signed with Montevallo University! Bob Jones Track will continue with this young man!
I just pulled out this timeline I constructed, comparing spin and the truth.
Shakespeare is for men in dresses!!! Did you learn nothing from Bob Jones University!!!...
Former Bob Jones University student charged with raping three minors on campus. Possibly more victims.
e.g., the Bob Jones University case of religious opposition to interracial dating - they had tax exempt status revoked
Bob Jones University failed to report this to Clery. Will they update now?
No way. From where? Bob Jones? University of Phoenix? Mail order doctorates from Uzbekistan?
The rails on front campus bridge... @ Bob Jones University
For a year has been stating that would "get their tax exemption back." It's not that simple.
Seriously are you going to continue to kill the chances or have you all given up on that?
So we see your plan for You know that's not going to happen, right?
Congratulations to the students who were named to the Spring 2016 President's List:
The 1970 court case of Bob Jones univ was the start of the evangelical/repub marriage.
She traces the origin of the Christian Right to the racist Bob Jones University and that these folks back Trump...
Bob Jones University looks like a high school.
Bob Jones University - a Christian College whose founder is now in Heaven with Prince.
🏀Bob Jones University Basketball Camps - Register today to save your spot! 🔜
discount on hotel booking / Hotels near Bob Jones University in
If you hold a PHd from Bob Jones University and believe Jesus rode a dinosaur
Museum & Gallery at Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC, Offers Free Admission for Communit… via
no, he just spoke at Bob Jones University & considered Nelson Mandela a terrorist.
Not only has Bob Jones University refused to follow the GRACE reports recommendations to fire Jim Berg, and...
It is far more important that you get back up than that you fell in the first place:
Actual courses given at accredited university at Bob Jones University...smh
what university would grant a degree with that grammar? Bob Jones University?
Any college faculty moron can do that, probably some associate department head from Bob Jones university.
GOP Pres Primary season in SC means I get to wear my Bob Jones University cap without fear of ridicule...
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
These "Two" Corinthians walk into Bob Jones University auditorium days before the SC GOP Primary...
Any candidate with less votes than should be forced to commit seppuku on the steps of Bob Jones University
Excited about this upcoming event at Bob Jones University!.
Why didn't you mention Bob Jones University in your list? BJU played a roll in 1930's & beyond...
ICYMI: Bob Jones University holding GOP candidate forum: . Lineup not finalized, but Trump says he can't attend
Presidential hopefuls invited to faith forum at Bob Jones University
Few things are more frustrating and disheartening than reading a Bob Jones University world history book
Bob Jones University's very own Randy Page is also one of those advising Marco Rubio on "religious liberty."
We're sure it's only a coincidence that the director of Public Relations for Bob Jones University -the infamous...
same with Bob Jones University. At least 6 of their graduates are current PSA pilots.
Save the Date! The Emerson Rose Heart Foundation will be hosting a CHD community event at Bob Jones University...
Visiting a mosque should be less controversial than visiting Liberty U or Bob Jones University
shout to my good friend for such a good time at Bob Jones basketball game vs piedmont international university.
Never heard of bob jones university in my life
Bob Jones University Invitational VG Champions!!!. 57-47. Trophy presentation and cutting the net tonight after...
A lot of people here at Bob Jones University supporting
I'd like to thank all the Bob Jones parents for the great turn-out at Patriot Parent University!
A few pics from today at Bob Jones University Invitational.
Was a dorm student at Bob Jones University on this day 30 years ago when the Challenger exploded. TV wasn't...
to a time when I had my clhighschool class ring. . . . @ Bob Jones University
“Science is fiction and the Bible is history!” -- Liberty University & Bob Jones University.
MBB defeats Victory Baptist (WV) 98-50 at the Bob Jones University National Invitational
takes on Victory Baptist Academy (WV) 330 down at Bob Jones University NIT
99% of all Southern Baptists, virtually 100% of all televangelists, Rush Limbaugh, Bob Jones University, Clemson & the University of Georgia
Article written by Jonny Gamet, Sports Information Director of Bob Jones University, and youth pastor about how...
Christmas story comes to life at Bob Jones University - WYFF Greenville: WYFF GreenvilleC...
the civil rights act of 1964 infringed on 1A rights? (see Bob Jones university)
We are created to be interdependent:
>>I think about Bob Jones University & Pensacola Christian. Been there done that. Post-conservative ontology doesn't make it more attractive
Creation Research Society Quarterly's 1st pick for good school was the notoriously racist Bob Jones University
Men’s ensemble singing at Festival at Bob Jones University!
Ever been to Amherst campus? Less ideological diversity -by far- than Bob Jones University. Stalinist atmospherics.
Ha. Today's FB memories from 8yrs ago are full of an old love, & scores of people asking me if I was REALLY going to Bob Jones University.
honor to played with all of the guys. @ Bob Jones University
7+ Hours of sleep a must. Nutrition means nothing w/out rest. good Info from Bob Jones of William Woods University
Awesome to spend time with students, pastors and administration at Bob Jones University this week. It was...
Margaret Dunlap with Challenge Success from Stanford University here at Bob Jones High School!
"Rememer, there are a few med students from Bob Jones University out there that haven't killed any patients yet."
so if someone sent their kid to Bob Jones University, you'd publish that they are "KKK connected"?
- lol, hmm, a Bob Jones University alumni - i think it has changed there for her — the new curfew is 10:01pm
Wow. Bob Jones just got followed by Bob Jones University.
kind of; in a few circles within Christianity--e.g. Bob Jones University; look at their Student Conduct
His "education" is from Bob Jones university. Broad based is not their motto.
Join at Bob Jones University in Columbia, SC as we rally for religious liberty! I'll be there!
Bob Jones University is officially represented on the
Buy Miche Bag Online!
And when would a creationist be invited to speak at any university (not Bob Jones)?
A Fundamentalist--Neo-Evangelical Detente?: Bob Jones University President Steven PettitIn the wake of the Fun...
Integrity: An Integral Part of Character and Leadership Development - TODAY, 4-4:30 in Levinoson Hall via
You all might want to look into this trend rom -- PCA, Wheaton, & creedless for a week.
“B” is for Bob Jones University:   “B” is for Bob Jones University. Bob Jones University [BJU] is a private…
Apply now to work for Bob Jones University as Services Developer in
I'm from Greenville, SC, and really enjoyed the chapter where he visited Bob Jones University.
Bob Jones University is looking for a in apply now!
Interesting choice of venue: Ted Cruz staging a rally for religious liberty at Bob Jones University.
"Ted Cruz is planning a major rally around religious liberty in November at Bob Jones University in South...
GAME DAY!! Today The Soccer Lions travel to Bob Jones University for a pivotal NCCAA match-up. Kickoff slated for 7pm!
Cruz planning religious liberty rally at Bob Jones University.
Ted Cruz sounds the ultimate dog-whistle by organizing a "religious liberty" at Bob Jones University, of all places: ht…
Bob Jones University has NEVER been a Baptist college; it is a Methodist college. Bob Jones Sr. was a great man of...
Campaigning at Red State is at least as offensive as campaigning at Bob Jones University   10% Off
If this essay doesn't get me rejected from Bob Jones University and summarily accepted to Berkeley then I'll be thoroughly disappointed
Coworker just confessed that she went to Bob Jones University for two years. We have so much to talk about now!
I don't remember any debates discussing it in the past...they discussed things like the dating policy at Bob Jones University
Join us for the 2015-2016 Concert, Opera and Drama Series at
I remembered wrong, it was Bob Jones University that used to ban interracial dating, not Liberty University. Apologies for the mistake.
So, will you be going to Bob Jones University after Liberty?
Bernie Sanders is so dead to me as a candidate he may as well give a commencement address at Bob Jones University. He's that dead.
Maybe he'll go to Bob Jones University next
Why not speak at Bob Jones University while you are at it?
is Bob Jones University on Bernie's schedule yet?
Studying at Bob Jones University? Check out our international student insurance plan just for you!
.holding Town Hall at Bob Jones University to highlight racial progress
Ben Carson and Tim Scott will appear together in November at BOB JONES UNIVERSITY:
For idea of how far Pope Francis went ABOVE a negative or even proforma job at tackling issue, see one. Bob Jones':.
why am I reading the Bob Jones University student handbook at 4 AM?
Anne enjoying music camp at Bob Jones University!
yes, a scientist. you know, a guy who got his degree at Bob Jones university. in "Biblical Science"
My Town - jackknipe: Driving on to Bob Jones University campus puts the average American citizen back to...
Even Bob Jones University has called for the confederate flag to be taken down. They banned interracial relationships until the year 2000.
Friends don't let friends go to Bob jones university
Kafkaesque in every way. When will the far left realize how much they have in common with Bob Jones university?
The missionaries were invited to Bob Jones University to visit the museum and theological seminary,…
"Mercy on the Mountain" (1 Chronicles 21) by Dr. Dan Olinger of the Bob Jones University Bible faculty
All in 3 weeks got Bob Jones University then to Simpsonville then out to South Myrtle then to North Myrtle then to Bama then Florida 🏀✈️🌴
i just graduauted from Bob Jones University CUHM
Does this new EEOC ruling mean people can sue schools like Bob Jones University if they're fired for being *** or transgender?
On the corner next to Bob Jones University...obviously a center of higher learning.
As a graduate of Bob Jones University (Class of '82), I sympathize with your disgust of the far right and the Tea Partiers.
I had a dream where Bob Jones University paid me $5.99 because I advised them to fire someone
We're excited to be hosting camp this week!
How dare you disrespect Bob Jones University like that.
Just dropped Allison off at Bob Jones University for a week of culinary camp. This mama has very mixed emotions…...
>But I don’t think Sen. Lee is crazy. In the 1983 Bob Jones University case, the court ruled that a school could...
An Island in the Lake of Fire: Bob Jones University, Fundamentalism, and the Sep
As a young lady, I visited Bob Jones University in the 1980s and got a copy of Dr. Bob Jones, Sr. chapel sayings.
.has daughter Ally on via Google Hangout from college in South Carolina where she's attending Bob Jones University.
Bob Jones University on the King James . The university requires use of the King James Version (KJV) of the Bible...
I guess there will probably be a similar case to Bob Jones University in 1983 involving this issue.
Bob Jones University held an unbiblical view for years and it may potentially end up biting all believers.
[ Religion & Spirituality ] Open Question : What is the best way to donate all my money to Bob Jones University?
watergate? Yeah you must be getting that poli sci degree at Bob Jones University
The CIU Men's soccer team will play Southern Wesleyan today at Bob Jones University! Go Rams!
can't say for sure, but more than likely. It is a person from Bob Jones University. Google it...
Still can't get over the fact that a university is named Bob Jones.
*** remember W's trip to Bob Jones University? They are unreconstructed anti-Catholics
Phenomenal Eagles game tonight against Bob Jones University! So happy that we were able to pull out…
Bob Jones University leaked some details from our tour rider. We've decided to release the whole rider for clarity.
GAME DAY...PCC Eagles take on the Bruins of Bob Jones University at 7:30 pm.
So glad Bob Jones University student leaders are able to participate in SLDC2015
Dear Friends,. As you may know, Bob Jones University is planning to host "One Voice," which is a a black history...
Find encouragement and instruction all afternoon long each weekday!. 12:00 PM - Miracles by Bob Jones University...
George W. Bush once spoke at Bob Jones University. Barack Obama launched his career in the home of a terrorist. Only one upset "journalists"
Bob Jones of the SC university was a preacher. Bob Jones of the NC klan was a traveling salesman.
Dorset split off from Bob Jones. Jones had a segregated Christian university, 1980's.
The Bob Jones University, Technology Ministry Team came to FCS today! via
A crowd favorite painting in Greenville's Bob Jones University Museum & Galleryby Gerrit van Honthorst is now on...
Just wait until you find out about the connection I found between the Haitian Revolution and Bob Jones University.
Samford University just landed the DEAL OF THE YEAR by signing Bob Jones
Lady if you think that Bob Jones University is liberal then I must know what church you go to and how strict and painful is your life?!
It's a GREAT day at Bob Jones University! The at will begin selling milkshakes this Friday! Thanks, featured in NBC s Science of Love
Report Bob Jones University Responded to Rape Claims with Woeful Ignorance of the Law Blame Victims: via
Dad: Lipscomb is a bunch of Fundies... Me: well would you rather me go to Bob Jones University???. Dad: .Lipscomb's great!
Least peeked at place on yik yak in the world: Greenville, SC right around Bob Jones University.
You'd prefer someone who earned a degree from Bob Jones university, I'll bet.
It is a shame that Moody Bible Institute and Bob Jones University permit their female students to wear pants.
I was disgusted in 2007 when Bob Jones III of Bob Jones University (BJU) endorsed Mormon leader Mitt Romney for U.S. President.
Brigham Young University! Almost as good as Bob Jones University! So much in common!
Too real?. The paper wouldn't be an auto-fail at Bob Jones University so it seemed worth mentioning.
Bob Jones University Bruises (on her face..because they promote the subservience of women to men)
Blonde hair, blue eyes, degree from Bob Jones University.
WELCOME BACK STUDENTS! Looking forward to an incredible semester at Bob Jones University.
I read a brief article about the university your parents wanted you to attend. Bob Jones was it? Yikes, What a horror show.
Last game in Orlando today at 4pm versus Bob Jones University. 🏀🏀. The link to the game:.
For those alumni planning to attend today's Bob Jones University Bruins game: Today's game at Penn State York has been moved up to 2:00.
Christian university accused of hiding sexual assault!
At the half: The Washington Adventist University Shock are up 35-29 over the Bob Jones University Bruins
Shocking: university blames rape victims for their assault
it was Bob Jones University, and they wanted everybody to take a class in witch-burning.
Men's Basketball home against Bob Jones University tonight at 7pm! Come Support!
"“Due to the central role Dr. Jones III played in the many issues outlined within this report, it is recommended…"
"it singles out the roles of Bob Jones III and James Berg, an administrator who has headed counseling programs."
"The investigators requested a meeting with Bob Jones administrators “to review a list of employees identified…"
"GRACE recommended overhauling the university’s policies on sexual assault, outsourcing victim counseling, offering…"
"But in many cases, victims said they were assaulted as children by people within their churches, and were told by…"
"The criticism of Bob Jones differs from that prompted by the sexual-assault scandals that have erupted at colleges…"
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