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Bob Iger

Robert A. Bob Iger (born February 10, 1951) is an American businessman and the current chairman and chief executive of The Walt Disney Company.

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Rupert Murdoch is said to want Bob Iger to stay at Disney if the company buys part of 21st Century Fox
Who will replace Bob Iger at Disney? Rupert Murdoch is said to want it to be Bob Iger.
Disney has signed a deal with Rian Johnson to develop a "brand new Star Wars TRILOGY" coming after 2020 says Bob Iger. htt…
Disney CEO Bob Iger says the company's streaming service will be priced 'substantially below' Netflix's cost
Chris Paul met with Disney CEO Bob Iger to get his perspective on free-agency options. Watch Chris Paul's Chapter 3 on ESPN/the…
Besides Jay-Z, Chris Paul also discussed his free agency options with Disney CEO Bob Iger
Before going to Houston, met with mentor and friend - Disney CEO Bob Iger, to discuss options. Chris Paul's Chapter 3 de…
Two white CEOs also quit your council, Elon Musk and Bob Iger. I don't recall you tearing into them li…
Bob Iger, CEO of Disney Corp resigned when Trump pulled out of Paris Agreement.
Billie Lourd wasn't able to be here, but here is Bob Iger reading her acceptance speech on Carrie Fisher's behalf
Bob Iger says there are "many, many announcements in store" for Walt Disney Parks and Resort's tomorrow!
THR 100: Disney CEO Bob Iger says to "always be humble"
Im concerned bro u putting too much faith in Jim Quinn. Remember Bob Iger? I thought he would save the d…
I'm not suggesting that Tim Cook or Bob Iger run errands.
Bob Iger's reveals his favorite Disney character & tells his plans for the company…
Disney CEO Bob Iger quits Trump advisory team as "matter of principle."
A completed first draft of EP 9 screenplay is ready for Disney CEO Bob Iger to review (starts at 10:15) /
Awesome podcast/interview with Bob Iger. Here's how Disney thinks about the media landscape.
The new "Inside the Hive" podcast is live; Bob Iger discusses running for Prez & the Star Wars 9 script on his desk! https:…
Disney CEO Bob Iger has said 'Episode VIII' is not being changed in light of the actress' death. read more
that's not a table read, that's Kathy, Bob Iger, Alan Horn etc. reading the script
jA gets his daily orders from Bob Iger
Bob Iger and his minions hard at eork
You mean they already have slate, and Bob iger (CEO of Disney) said "…
Please do. John Lasseter is screening all my calls, and Bob Iger told me I can't sleep on his front lawn anymore
Maybe from her husband ABC News producer Ian Cameron. Disney owns ABC. Bob Iger is Disney CEO. Iger…
I'll tell bob iger to put the dome up
I agree! there are many ways to bring into the parks and into
Bob Iger says no to VR in Disney Parks Here’s What will Take its Place
Rising early is essential if you want uninterrupted time for yourself. See Jocko Willink, Bob Iger, Jack Dorsey, t…
Why Disney CEO, Bob Iger, told his top 400 executives to 'have a love affair with technology'.
Attention fans! Disney CEO hints at the franchise's future & possible use in its parks!…
my professor here at Disney just said they extended Bob Iger because theres "nobody out there" like him but hello!! I'm available
Walt Disney CEO, Bob Iger, believes that augmented reality is the way of the future instead of virtual reality. .
Bob Iger says is fantastic; "a perfect chapter in the iconic Skywalker family saga."
Bob Iger: "I need ideas people, big ideas!". Cast Member: "What if we did all of our movies...…
Bob Iger extends contract at Disney via
I heared this is bob iger last year
For context on Bob Iger's contract extension, here's our story from earlier this month on why this was likely:
"I get up at 4:30 in the morning, seven days a week, no matter where I am in the world." -Bob Iger (me too)
"The riskiest thing we can do is maintain the status quo" -Bob Iger
"The heart and soul of the company is creativity and Bob Iger
1. Stand there and send pictures of bad areas to bob Iger . 2. Beg for a D…
Bob Iger says no to virtual reality headsets at Disney parks, aims for augmented reality instead
If I ever had the chance. I would sit down Kathleen Kennedy and Bob Iger of Lucasfilm and Disney. Then discuss with them why the EU matters.
Disney CEO Bob Iger doesn't think ESPN is politlcally biased.
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Bob Iger is truly a creative genius. His opinion is definitive and should not be questioned. Don't listen to any of…
Pirates, Indy, or Thunder and will literally cry. Hopefully Bob Iger is on his last leg and John Lasseter will being the new CEO!
10 hours later and I'm still dying over the fact that I transformed Bob Iger's granddaughter today.
Interview w/Clay Travis about Bob Iger and sports media's move to far left
Disney's CEO quoted the musical 'Hamilton' to defend his position on Trump's business council…
Disney is totally re-writing their various "Princess" animations. Under Bob Iger the princesses of yesteryear will beco…
Apparently there were rumors that Bob Iger, Disney's CEO was gonna run for president in 2016 and dude America really missed out
"The 5th film will be a true sequel to "Raiders" as Indy uses the lost Precinct of Amun-Re to travel back to the first f…
Disney CEO Bob Iger details Han Solo spinoff and how films will handle Carrie Fisher's death
Disney's Bob Iger gives an idea of what to expect of Carrie Fisher in Star Wars VIII
Some new information on the film from Disney CEO Bob Iger...
Bob Iger on the young Han Solo Movie:. "You’ll see him meet Chewie, get the Falcon, and how he got his name."
Bob Iger says the young Han Solo Movie will cover six years.
Newswire: Disney CEO Bob Iger drops some hints about the young Han Solo movie
Bob Iger and before him Michael Eisner, Walt Disney himself wouldn't have stood for his company promoting this stuff.
Still wil never forget when you faked Bob Iger firing me… 👍🏻
An online petition has urged CEO Bob Iger to speak out against
Now that has vacated a Trump council seat, it’s time to put pressure on & Bob Iger. $$ talks.
TWDC CEO Bob Iger is receiving criticism for participation in President Donald Trump’s Strategic and Policy forum.
Should $DIS CEO Bob Iger change his tack on Trump? Opinions vary.
When Elon Musk and Bob Iger saw the Uber CEO started snitching
"Carrie Fisher was one-of-a-kind, a true character who shared her talent and her truth with us all…" —Bob Iger
The best part of Rogue One is when Bob Iger sets fire to a pile of EU novels, stares at the camera and says "You wasted…
he appointed Bob Iger as one of his asvisors.. He's done wonders with WDW.. So we shall see what happens
Trump will bring JPMorgan's Jamie Dimon, GM's Mary Barra and Disney's Bob Iger to the White House for advice
Disney's Bob Iger named to Donald Trump's new President’s Strategic and Policy Forum
Disney CEO Bob Iger shares 7 of his favorite books
Bob Iger grew up on Long Island! I always knew I liked him. The mouse knows what good is when he sees it!
IC alumnus Bob Iger '73 is talking with a packed Ford Hall of students about the differences in branding within
Bob Iger just mentioned that he watched the rough cut of Star Wars Rouge One
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
"I saw a rough cut of Rogue One the other day... not for the first time." No big deal for Bob Iger
Bob Iger saw a rough cut of Rogue One yesterday!! "We can't wait to release it to the world"
Bryant Francis speaking tonight. David Muir and Bob Iger on Skype next week
Listening to an interesting Skype with Lexi Wallace!! Next week, Bob Iger and David Muir!! I can't wait!!!
My guess would be Bob Iger and a guy named Campbell but not in that order.
You have pretty good job you get to travel a lot on company time lol even go to Disneyland in Shanghai to inter view Bob Iger
In film there are currently three Lord and Saviors. And those 3 are Bob Iger, Kathleen Kennedy, and Kevin Feige.
That's why Kevin Feige reports directly to Bob Iger, because he's not his boss?
Bob Iger to Oprah Winfrey: The moguls' signatures deciphered
Should fans be worried about reshoots for Disney CEO Bob Iger promises it will be a "fine film"
Disney CEO Bob Iger releases statement after toddler's body recovered in Disney lagoon
Whatta group: Brie Larson, Paul Ryan, Bob Iger, Nick Denton, Jerry Seinfeld, Jen Psaki… all in our latest newsletter
Disney CEO Bob Iger strikes back at Bernie: 'How many jobs have you created?'
Bob Iger, you're asserting that Sanders can't levy criticism at a corporation's practices because he doesn't run one himself.
I wonder if will ever release a new Star Wars film on May 4th. If I was Bob Iger, that's what I'd do.
.Tell Bob Iger to invests in my ideas
Shanghai Disney was a mistake all around. It's Bob Iger's ice town
Exactly. Look @ Carson. You had a marketing visionary like Bob Iger ready to help them get here. {{-_-}}
If you got stuck in an elevator with Bob Iger for 5 minutes, what would you say to him?
I would like to host a panel featuring Bob Iger bidding to acquire other panels.
*** s) of the Year award goes to CEO Bob Iger and Lucas Films. I hope it burns when you pee.
An interesting look at the innovative quality that separates from his peers
Chairman Bob Iger reveals details of Disneyland today.
And then me and Bob Iger really will sit down and talk about National Treasure 3. Justin Bartha might not be on board. Gotta fix that.
Disney owns CBS, Disney CEO Bob Iger is a Jew. At the root of everything like this you will find regressive leftist Jew.
i couldn't pick the spurs. you jerks are TOTAL, Incompetent, Screw-ups. Bob Iger should have every one of you life losers fired
is a hard signaling *** that takes his orders from big money donors like Bob Iger from
Because they do what huge corporations tell them to do - Bob Iger signals - the runners enforce.
Since 1984, Disney has only had 2 CEOS. Who will be the next?
"Captain America: Civil War features some of the best storytelling to date."- CEO Bob Iger:.
making the pol statements his bosses want. CEO Bob Iger is one of the Dem Party's biggest donors
Already a big start for another Disney hit. I be never seen a movie company do so well. Amazing job Bob Iger. $dis
💥board's looking for an heir to Bob Iger who retires soon!💥The bd will allow you to work from DC!💥You crushed it tonight!💥
wasn't the powerful Bob Iger the reason why they were leaving to Carson? We all know how that turned out.
I'm sure Bob Iger has considered this.
What I’ve really learned over time is that optimism is a very important part of leadership — Bob Iger, CEO of Disney htt…
that's like asking bob Iger not to talk about Synergy.
"What were you going to say?" "I don't know, I started daydreaming about Bob Iger" -
You should talk to Bob Iger of $DIS about having ESPN cover the FIRST Competitions.
I will cut Bob Iger if they didn't do something for him
's Bob Iger sets the rules, & the enforcers carry out his very particular set of values- Not Christian.
. Its Bob Iger, you know who he is? Pushing his very particular set of values - and they aint Christian!
Would Bob Iger ever consider the VP slot with Hillary Clinton? That would destroy any hope for Trump.
's Bob Iger signals, and the workers enforce. .
I'M USING THIS but i'm gonna put Bob Iger Khaled on it.
she's starting to become distasteful..Does she understand that BOB IGER, The Disney CEO made this decision himself..She's tacky
That time I had an interview with Bob Iger & we showed up in matching outfits
can we talk about how Bob Iger is the Beyonce of the corporate world & Disney
were you thinking it was poor blacks or working class whites?. People Like Bob Iger signal & runners do.
I think management likes him and that's not gonna happen until they all leave. Hey, Bob Iger, clean out your Marvel house!
I hope Mel Gibson has a career resurgence.. I just don't see Bob Iger or Kevin Feige agreeing to being one of their films
I'm at the point where Disney CEO Bob Iger needs to open their checkbook and buyout Nintendo. They have no idea what they're doing anymore.
Oh! THIS is why they laid off 150 folks and gutted 2D animation. Disney's Bob Iger gets pay boost v…
- Do you have to be innovative to lead creative people? Learn more from Disney's fearless leader:
there's nothing funny about Bob Iger's wanton destruction. It's crucial we all try to remember what makes Disney great.
“Optimists tend to look at negative events as temporary, specific, and external.” — 
Yup. Although Bob 'The River Killer' Iger did get a chuckle from me.
a dream (heh) of Steve Burke is to buy all of Disney and fire Bob Iger
You deserve a PUBLIC apology from Bob Iger and Ben Sherwood and a private one from Michael Strahan.
yup. Ithaca College grad. Along with Captain Stubing, David Muir, Bob Iger, and the Ancient Aliens guy
NYT kind of, sort of implying here that Bob Iger is turning into Michael Eisner and not wanting to give up power. .
Cross Peter Chernin's name off the list of potential Bob Iger successors at Disney. Not interested.
Big news: Disney losing Tom Staggs, heir apparent to CEO Bob Iger
Tom Staggs, heir apparent to CEO Bob Iger, leaves Disney. This may be why:
The obvious answer for who should succeed Bob Iger is...Michael Eisner...right?
Update: Disney's Bob Iger declined to comment on Thomas Staggs' exit at "The Jungle Book" premiere
What did Bob Iger say to do to the back half of the rivers of America during Star Wars land construction? Dam it.
People still love a good story, and I don’t think that will change — Bob Iger
Bob Iger has opted not to use the escape clause in Disney's Sling TV deal, and report.
It's Disney, Bob Iger and the other bigshots at whom we should aim our criticism.
"If you can dream it, I can franchise it." – Bob Iger prolly.
"The heart and soul of the company is and - Bob Iger
"People don't like to follow pessimists." ~Bob Iger
My dad just told me to put Bob Iger or Mickey Mouse as a reference on an application I am so done
this statue looks more like Bob Iger than you.
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
so SB744 & S153 were all for the working American citizens? I'll bet Larry Ellison, Paul Singer, Bob Iger would be surprised
Essentially, they cut hours relentlessly, Then Bob Iger turns around and runs a spending spree.
CEO Bob Iger says Disney has 'very limited access to the consumer' & doesn't have 'any idea of who went to see Star Wars in the movies'
Chewbacca to appear in young Han Solo movie, Disney chief says via
I hear you, but these movies are being made anyway. Thanks a lot, Bob Iger.
Who controls and dictates what goes on at ESPN? Robert Allen "Bob" Iger. . Another COHENcidence? .
Memo to Bob Iger:. There's billions in you buying the Goonies rights. Films. Theme Parks. Merchandising. 80s kids w/ disposable income.
Bob Iger comments continued: ... isney franchise to the top of the water park industry
Bob Iger comments continued: Jack just had that flare. From the moment Jack sat down on that casting couch I knew he was ready to take the D
Disney CEO Bob Iger comments: Although Walt Disney would turn in his grave knowing we hired a guy with a jew fro, Jack nailed the interview
Disney CEO Bob Iger: features "some of the best Marvel storytelling to date"
According to Disney CEO Bob Iger, the Han Solo movie will be a Solo/Chewbacca origin story!
Bob Iger is going to get grilled about this at the next annual mtg .. Disney's Animal Kingdom Halts Turkey Leg Sales h…
First of many wrong facts here - Bob Iger is the CEO of Disney. Can people please research before sharing things???!
SpeedeNews Inside the NFL's L.A. vote: Jerry Jones talked 'big balls' and Bob Iger bombed
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
The best parts of ESPN’s fantastic NFL LA story — Bob Iger is Michael Scott and Jerry Jones stays insane.
I would love to see Bob Iger channel John Legere as his spirit animal on this earnings call, but alas.
Smith: "Bob Iger probably realizes that his business is going to go into a f—ing vortex"
"I think eventually ESPN becomes a business that is sold directly to the consumers"
Has anyone heard from Carmen Policy or Bob Iger???
"Content is King, but Technology is Prime Minister" - Bob Iger
Disney CEO Bob Iger co-chairs the Partnership for a New American Economy along with Rupert Murdoch.
Jerry Jones putting Disney's Bob Iger in his place was a bad omen for Carson project
Posted updated column — just before Bob Iger, Dean Spanos and Mark Davis walked into hotel restaurant for dinner:
I guess I'll say this in a better way. Davis is a non factor,Bob Iger is still a factor.And despite Iger, many owners still dont
Disney CEO Bob Iger told me his friendship with NFL commish Roger Goodell won't help Carson- "he'll do what's best for the league."
KOFI BONNER will be on board with OAKLAND. He's the black version of Bob Iger and Carmen Policy.
Carmen Failed Policy made stuff up and has been MIA since and Bob Iger didn't even move the needle
In addition to Bob Iger, Chargers announce they've acquired the crew from the TV show Extreme Makeover to handle stadium construction.
owner Mark Davis: "Adding someone the caliber of Bob Iger is a significant piece of the Los Angeles puzzle." 1…
Website Builder 728x90
The Raiders and Chargers added Disney CEO Bob Iger to their efforts to move to Carson, and Mark Davis believes...
Harrison FordDisney’s Bob Iger and Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy have ...
Remember 'boys & girls' we're not supposed to acknowledge that Bob Iger & Willow Bay are, in fact, husband & wife. $DIS
Bob Iger, CEO, is keynote, joined by director of my alma mater School of Journalism!
Will a Bob Iger action figure be available for purchase at this Toy Hall of Fame?
I bet Carl Peterson, aka King Carl , leather coat and all , was behind the scenes with Bob Iger , getting payback
in class this week we'll be skipping with Bob Iger, CEO of Disney and David Muir, news anchor. i am so excited.
Thats true, Bob Iger has done a fantastic job at keeping Disney "healthy" overall. Definitely not struggling lol
The only reason price went up was because Bob Iger joined the
I’ve heard “Gouging” and basically it’s Bob Iger hating children and puppies and happiness and sunshine.
Its almost like Bob Iger was sitting in your class via
My petition just passed 100 supporters! Lets get more signatures so SW7 can be shown in Antarctica!
Reporting Schmoofy as a possible spam account of Bob Iger.
I hope not I am Honeskly in tears someone kill bob Iger before it's too late get a CEO that matters and cares..
I would rather plan a trip to the pits of *** to meet w Bob Iger himself to *** him at the scalp than pretend that increase is justified
Robert Allen "Bob" Iger is an American businessman and (1/3)
Op-ed: Bob Iger, the chairman and CEO of Disney, would make a better president than Trump or Fiorina.
Your secret is safe with us, Rian. Bob Iger will never be the wiser.
And next week we're skyping Bob Iger and David Muir and I'm just like 😳
I refuse to sit around and not try my best to help prevent the horrors of yesterday from taking place .
"Why do we need One Man's Dream? We kept the Partners statue, after all." - Bob Iger, probably
Getting a personal email from Bob Iger thanking me for my hard work is just so satisfying /s
Bob Iger became CEO 10 yrs ago today. Terrific profile on him by from Dec, via
Fun Fact: Bob Iger's been the CEO of The Walt Disney Company for 10 years today! I know, b/c he sent me an e-mail/he sent everyone an email.
"We’ve also enthusiastically embraced technology and the change it brings, leading the industry into an era of new possibilities". -Bob Iger
Bob Iger was a freakin' lemur person with invisibility powers and many hot actors turned ugly. It was really scary.
Congratulations to Disney CEO Bob Iger on 10 years .You've done an amazing job. The future looks bright!
Thank you, Bob Iger on your ten-year anniversary today, as CEO of Disney. Spectacular job thus far! The future is indeed bright.
$twtr board needs someone like Bob Iger from Disney and maybe a washington guy like Colin Powell cc.
'83: Horizons opens . '94: Euro Disney is renamed. '99: Disney Wonder is christened. '05: Bob Iger Takes the helm
Since $jack on Disney Board maybe they can get Bob Iger on their?
I think it is important for people who are given leadership roles to assume that role immediately. Bob Iger
We're talking now as Bob Iger celebrates 10 years as CEO. What character would you be? Some great suggestions so far! $DIS
I LOVE Star Wars and am for the progression of but it honestly feels like it's progressing only to serve Bob Iger's paycheck.
As Bob Iger celebrates 10 years at the helm of the Magic Kingdom, we are asking: if you were a character, who would you be? $DIS
Less profound when you know the context: he was sent by Bob Iger to discuss utility payments…
Bob Iger isn't afraid to spend money, he isn't Eisner, I'm honestly not too worried.
Excited to Skype with and Bob Iger next week!
skyping with Bob Iger AND next week and I'm sO EXCITED :]
We're skyping Bob Iger and David Muir next week. Yeah. College.
The 54-year-old turned up unannounced to receive the honour from company CEO Bob Iger at the D23 Expo at the Anaheim Convent…
Hotel CEO Pay-For-Performance 2015 | By Keith Kefgen and Derek Walker: There is no denying that Bob Iger's $46M…
NEWS: Bob Iger announces Star Wars theme park will be biggest land expansion in Disney history...and there's TWO: Orlando …
Hoda Kotb and Regis Philbin to co-host the Hall of Fame in Oct. Bob Iger, Dr. Phil, Kathie Lee Gifford among honorees.
Moderator Todd Beilis: If you were Bob Iger or Brian Roberts, what would you do? Elite Daily CEO David Arabov: I would hire a 24 y/o CEO.
I thought Bob Iger already confirmed INDIANA JONES 5 was happening.. why is this quote from Kennedy news?
Photoset: tkeiralea: That time I ran into JJ Abrams, Kathleen Kennedy and Bob Iger on the floor of...
Maybe it's just me, but I wouldn't label this photo as Bob Iger being in the center. (via NY Times)
Sphero is the company behind in Robotic balls are their thing http:/…
Have you heard about BB-8's origins? One of my favorite things about the new and Ithaca alum Bob Iger
Will Bob Iger be getting some new shirts soon?
"what an achievement - please order more freaky Friday shows NOW" - Bob Iger
IMTheBucket "I liked a YouTube video Bob Iger Interview with - Star Wars Celebration A…
I liked a video Bob Iger Interview with - Star Wars Celebration Anaheim
or maybe I might just join the Bob iger fandom
[link removed] Bob Iger is on TIME's list of the world's most influential people [link removed] via TIMEWorld …
Make sure Bob Iger gets a copy of this effort.
what do beyonce and bob iger have in common? They have Apple Watches and you don't
"We have a unique opportunity as because it really is the only true entertainment Bob Iger
Missed opportunity. Isn't Sandberg on Disney's board? Has she learned nothing from Bob Iger?
Disney stock price is at an all time high and the content they're producing is better than ever ugh Bob Iger is the worst
And just gonna put it out there. She looks nothing like Bob Iger 💁
Why was The Clone Wars cancelled? I didn't like putting Dave on the spot. The person I REALLY want to question is Bob Iger.
“I keep telling J.J. Abrams this is a $4 billion movie,” Bob Iger on Star Wars. So, y'know, no pressure.
"People still love a good and I don't think that will change." Bob Iger
I had a nightmare that a kid completely effed up our plush room at work and I had 20min to fix it all before Bob Iger showed up it was scary
Had a dream that I say down face to face with Bob Iger. . Weird.
Never seen a more reliable slate of sure hits in my life! Bob Iger's many acquisitions are only beginning to pay off
.talks with Dan Cohen about who might be the next CEO of after Bob Iger retires!.
Cyma Zarghami wants to be Bob Iger on a shoestring budget.
to Feb. '07: Orlando live shot with Disney CEO Bob Iger at BoardWalk for Bloomberg.
1st time meeting Bob Iger was when I filmed him for Bloomberg at Disney's BoardWalk back in Feb. '07.
omg yr right Bob iger and are my parents
Join the "Bel Air Circuit" if you want movies streamed to your home theater by the studios. Bob Iger said it’s okay.
Now I found a phone number listed for Bob Iger and called goes to a Disney Co Security line
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
(Yes, I'm reading WikiLeaks under the search term "Bob Iger" because why not?)
I hope Arte Moreno is enjoying this spectacle. Arte give Bob Iger a call. He doesn't want the Angels in Tustin.
Iymi: CEO Bob Iger in 100 Most Influential. How do you rate him?:
If Forever doesn't get renewed a Season 2, Bob Iger is a dead man.
Took the ALS with at Apple. Challenge Bob Iger and
Bob Iger is really Kevin Spacey's older brother...let's be real..
Bob Iger is on list of the world's most influential people via
I'm leaving the for the Bob Iger fandom (and disney executives)
Bob Iger's surprising contribution to the Star Wars empire
Bob Iger has been a big bucket of win for Disney. He's done a fantastic job!
Bob Iger, CEO of visited our sandcrawler at http:…
Bob Iger reveals his secret trick to get directors to take creative risks
The force is definitely with Bob Iger and JJ Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy ht…
Disney CEO Bob Iger makes almost 2800 times as much as Disney's lowest paid employee.
Disney CEO Bob Iger knew Steve Jobs's cancer was back, but went through with $7.4 billion Pixar
domain names
Disney’s Bob Iger announces spin off yesterday at shareholder meeting.
Disney CEO Bob Iger describes how the Company combines story telling with cutting edge
Disney's Hollywood Studios is getting a new name, Disney CEO Bob Iger confirms at today's shareholder meeting.
A 6 year old just got Bob Iger to admit that Hollywood Studios has massive plans and a name change is in the works.
Disney's Bob Iger's advice on careers: "have patience, work hard, enjoy what you do and just go for it!" RT
Disney CEO Bob Iger gets tripped up by a kid at shareholder meeting
Steve Jobs told Disney CEO Bob Iger not to take a seat on Google's board
If you don't know who Bob Iger is can REALLY say you love all things Disney?
For Disney CEO Bob Iger, one of the toughest questions came from a six-year-old
The Force is with Disney stock and Bob Iger - |Your PR here
Bob Iger was named Disney CEO 10 years ago today. Since then, shares have tripled. (via $DIS
According to new bio of Steve Jobs, he and Bob Iger talked about buying Yahoo. Now that would have been interesting.
Steve Jobs once convinced Disney CEO Bob Iger not to join Google's board
Bob Iger must think we’re all nuts. . I mean, we’re all nuts, but we’re not all THAT nuts. . Acetone Guy and Cousin Iger…
Disney's Bob Iger just accidentally announced its Hollywood Studios theme park in Orlando will get a name change.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Bob Iger says there will be announcements at the meeting tomorrow that will please "Disney shareholders, Disney fans and…
The Lucasfilm Story Group feels the pull. Kathleen Kennedy feels the pull. Bob Iger feels the pull. All feel the pull of Waru.
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